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Also Temple Bar, v. 67, I397J !

Little Duke, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 3438X

Little Schoolmaster Mark [Spiritual Romance], by Shorthouse 3436X

IjQg of the Flying Fish) a Story of Aerial and Submarine Adventure

and Peril, by Henry Collingwood 3392X

Long Exile, by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi 2O26R

Lords of Strogue [Irish Insurrection of i8o 3 ], by Lewis Wingfield ... 3 42iX

Lost and Found [Fireside Tale], by E. Garnett 2O72X

XiOSt Expedition, or the City of Skulls, a Story of Western Africa,

by David Ker [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12]
LOTHROP (Amy [Elizabeth Wetherell]), Golden Ladder
LUDLOW (Johnny). See Wood (Mrs. Henry).

LYONS (Lady), A Voice, and the Lover upon Trial 2788X

LYTTON (Edward Bulwer, Lord) :

Ill-Omened Marriage 2$oX [ Pausanias 229 & 2 3 oX



MACQUOID (K. S.), Rookstone [Leisure Hour, v. 20] 2630;

Maitland of Laurieston, by Annie S. Swan [Sunday Mag., v. 19] ... 2476]

MALAN (Rev. A. N.), Beware of the Hydrophagon ! a Story of

School and Country Life [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12] 29627

MALLOCK (W. H.), Old Order Changes 24I5X

MANNING- (Miss Anne) :

Colloquies of Edward Osborne [London Apprentices] lOtfR.

Diary of Mary Powell [Days of Milton] 342?X

Helen and Olga [Domestic Manners, Russia, iQth Century] 344oX

Household of Sir Thomas More [Times of Henry VIIL] 34i8X

Marchioness of Brinvilliers [The Poisoner in Old Paris], by

Albert Smith 3433*

Marguerite de Valois, an Historical Romance, by Dumas 4O5X

N.B. See also under Henry IV. in the General Catalogue.

MARSH (Mrs. Anne, Historical Novelist} :

Previsions of Lady Evelyn !36gX j Sealed Orders I368X

MARSH (E. M.), Saved as by Fire [Good Words, v. 29] 2199;


Crusts and Crumpets [Fireside Tale] 2O72X

Sir Christopher Crawley's Crotchets 2O72X

Under Salisbury Spire 3395^

MARTINEAU (Harriet), Hour and the Man [Toussaint 1'Ouverture,
Hayti, &c.]

Martyrs of Spain [Persecution, Spain and Portugal, i6th Century],

by Mrs. Charles 3434X

Mary Jane's Memoirs, compiled from her original MS., by George

Robert Sims 336;X

MASON (C. Welsh), Rape of the Gamp [Harper, v. 40] 16297

Master of the Magicians, a Tale of Babylon, by Phelps and Ward 3385X

MAXWELL (W. H.), Bivouac 3439X

MELVILLE (George John W T hyte, Scotch Novelist] :

Inside the Bar 823X | Uncle John [Tern. Bar, v. 39] 13697


Fair Rosamond [Third Crusade, 1189] 34ioX

Lady Jane Grey 34I2X

Royston Gower [Times of John, England] 3422X

MILLING-TON (T. S.), Wait a Year [Leisure Hour, v. 28] 26387

Miscellaneous Sketches, by William Makepeace Thackeray 3O27X

Monastery, by Sir Walter Scott 906, 954 and 993X

See also the sequel, The Abbot, 908, 956 and 996X, 6cc.

MONCREIFF (Robert Hope). See Hope (Ascott R.).

Mount Orgueil Castle, by J. E. Corbiere 395X

MULOGH (Miss Dinah Maria), Agatha's Husband 34OoX

MURRAY (Eustace Clare Grenville), Young Brown [Cornhill, v. 28] 3o8J

My Early Adventures, by Armenius Vambery [Cass. Earn. Mag., 10] 23597

NICHOLSON (J. Shield, Professor of Political Economy, Edinburgh

University), Thoth, a Romance of Athens, &c 3338X

No Place like Home, by Hesba Stretton [Sunday at Home, v. 28] ... ^8;8J

.Not by Bread Alone, by Edward Garrett [Sunday at Home v. 37] ... 28877



OLIPHANT (Mrs. Margaret, Scotch Biographer and Novelist}-.

Caleb Field 1402 & I4O5X

The Wizard's Son 3394^

Zaiclee [Living Age, v. 44]... 3074}

One in a Thousand, or the Days of Henri IV., by G. P. R. James .. 68 iX
N.B. See also under Henry IV., King of France, in the General Catalogue.

Paddy at Home, by Mandat-Grancey 2373X

PARLEY (Peter), Hatchups of Me and My Schoolfellows 2238X

Passe Rose, by A. S. Hardy [Atlantic Monthly, v. 62] I55 2 J

PAYN (James, Editor of Chambers' Journal} :

Gwendoline's Harvest I95J I Woman's Vengeance [C. J.]... 1951.!

Peg Woffington [Actors, &c.], by Charles Reade 3396X

Pericles, a^Tale of Athens in the 83rd Olympiad, by C. F. Cornwallis, 141 2X
N.B. See also in the General Catalogue.

PHELPS (Elizabeth Stuart), The Master of the Magicians 3385X

Philip Augustus, King of France. See Philip Augustus, or the Brothers in
Arms, by James.

Pilgrims of New England, by Mrs. J. B. Webb 2g6gX

Pirate Island, by Anne Bowman [Every Boy's Annual, 1866] i3OiH

PIRKIS(C. L.), A Red Sister [All the Year Round, v. 67] i827j

Poineroy Abbey, by Mrs. Henry Wood I955X

PORTER (Miss A. M.), Barony [Monmouth's Rebellion, i;th

Century] 3428X

PRESTWICH (Mrs.), Enga, a Scottish Story I973X

Prince and the Page [Eighth Crusade, 1267], by Charlotte Yonge ... 341 iX

Princess of Thule, by William Black , 305 iX

Punin and Baburin, and First Love, by Turgenev, trans, by Jerrold

Red Sister, by C. L. Pirkis [All the Year Round, v. 67] iS27j

Regent's Daughter [Philip, Duke of Orleans], by Alexandre Dumas. 632X

N.B. See also under Orleans (Philip, Duke of) in the General Catalogue.
Richelieu, a Tale of France, by G. P. R. James 2665X

N.B. See also in the General Catalogue.
Rienzi, Last of the Roman Tribunes, by Lord Lytton 215, 223 268pX

N.B. See also in the General Catalogue.

RITA [Mrs. Gollan von Booth] Vivienne 2o82X

Rob Roy [Clan McGregor, Highland Freebooters, &c.], by Scott 895 & 943X

N.B. See also in the General Catalogue.

Robin Gray, a Scotch Tale, by Charles Gibbon 9*5X

Robin Hood, Story of, by W. Heaton 3OioX

N.B. See also in the General Catalogue.

ROBINSON (Jane), Ccesar Borgia [Catherine de Medici] 3424X

Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe 2254 & 2853X

N.B. See also under Selkirk (A.) in the General Catalogue.

Roderick Random, by Tobias Smollett 1051 and io63X

Royston Gower [Times of John, England], by T. Miller 3422X

St. Clair of the Isles [Hebrides and James L], by Elizabeth Helme 34i6X
SAINT-PIERRE (J. H. B. de), Paul and Virginia

556D, I20T, 2849X and i25oZ



SAINTINE (X. B.), Picciola, or the Prison Flower [Cham. Miscell.] 623R
SARGENT (G. E.), Sunday Evenings at Northcourt [S. at H.] 2865 & 2SoQj

SAVAGE (W. M.), Woman of Business [Fortnightly Review, v. 11] 2101 T
SCHKEINEK (Olive). See Iron (Ralph).

SCOTT (Michael), Tom Cringle's Log 23I2X

SCOTT (Sir Walter, Scotch Historian and Novelist} :

Kenilworth [Elizabeth, Leicester, Amy Robsart, &c.] IO5I-3Z

Tales of a Grandfather [Scottish History] iO4oZa to IO44Z

N.B. Many of Scott's Novels refer to incidents and characters in the above

SEDGWICK (Miss, American Novelist} :

Hope Leslie I44OX | Irish Girl, &c 2736X

SEWELL (E. M.), Glimpses of the World 2635X

SHORTHOUSE (J. H.), Little Schoolmaster Mark [Spiritl. Rom.] 3436X

Sidonia the Sorceress, by William Meinhold 27o;X

Silas Marner, by George Eliot [Mrs. Cross] 436 and 437X

Sir Christopher Crawley's Crotchets, by Emma Marshall 2O72X

Sisters [Ptolemy, Egypt and Cleopatra, 164 B.C.], by George Ebers 3435X

SMITH (A.), Marchioness of Brinvilliers [Poisoner in Old Paris] 3433^

SMITH (Horace), Tor Hill [Times of Henry VIII.] 34IQX

Soldier Born, by Major J. Percy Groves 447X

Spanish Cavalier, a Story of Seville, by A. L. O. E. [Miss Tucker] 34o6X

Spanish Match, or Charles Stuart at Madrid, by W. H. Ainsworth... 68X
N.B. See also under Charles I. in the General Catalogue.

SPINDLER (C.), Jesuit 27 9 6X

STOCKTON (F. R.), Hundredth Man [Century Magazine, v. 11]... 1883!

Story of an African Farm, by Ralph Iron 3383X

Strange Voyage, by William Clark Russell 3228X

STRETTON (Hesba), Lord's Purse Bearers, and other Tales 2OoQ

STUART (Esme), Kestell of Greystone [All the Vear Round, v. 67] 18277
Surgeon's Daughter [Times of George III.], by Sir Walter Scott ... 1072-52

SWAN (Annie S.), Maitland of Laurieston [Sunday Magazine, v. 19] 24767

Tales of a Grandfather, by Sir W. Scott [Scottish History].. iO4oZa to 10442
N.B. Many of Scott's Novels refer to incidents and characters in the above

Tales of the First French Revolution, collected by Anne Marsh I368X

Talisman, by Sir W. Scott [Tales of the Crusaders] 926 & 974X 1074-57,
THACKERAY (Anne Isabella), Jack the Giant Killer, a Novel ... 3125]
THACKERAY (William Makepeace) :

Doctor Birch and his Young Friends 1086 and loggX

English Humorists 1084 and IO97X

Kickleburys on the Rhine 1086 and IO99X

Mrs. Perkin's Ball 1086 and loggX.

Our Street 1086 and IO99X

Rose and the Ring 1086 and IO99X

THOMAS (A.), Theo Leigh [Once a Week, v. 11] 22717

THOMAS (Dudley llardress), Eight Days, a Tale of the Indian

Mutiny [Cornhill, v. 62] 3427

48 [1041]


THOMSON (J. ), Public and Private Life of Animals 2384X

THORNBURY (G. W.), Every Man his own Trumpeter I48.3X

Thoth, a Romance of Athens, &c., by J. Shields Nicholson 333&X

Tor Hill [Times of Henry VIII.], by Horace Smith 34IQX

Travels through France and Italy, by Tobias Smollett io68X

TROLLOPE (Mrs. F. E.) :

Attractive Man 2754X | Veronica [A. Y. R., v. 22]... 1782}

TROLLOPE (T. Adolphus), Catherine de Medici 3425X

Ula [Cetewayo, Africa, &c.], by Charles H. Eden 34I4X

Veronica, by Mrs. F. E. Trollope [All the Year Round, v. 22]

Vicar of Wakefield 1305 & 2253X, 888 & u62Z

War and Peace [Retreat from Cabul, 1842], by A.L.O.E 34OQX

WARE (William) :

Julian, or Scenes in Judaea 3441 X

Letters from Palmyra, or Zenobia :

WEIR (Marion E.), Patience to Work and Wait

WETHERELL (Elizabeth, American Novelist] :

My Brother's Keeper I S62X I Wide Wide World 2862X

Also Excelsior I926-8R I

White Cockade, by James Grant 3437X

White Rose of Langley [Lollards], by Emily S. Holt 3423X

WILLIS (Nathaniel Parker), People I have Met 2764X

WILSON (J.). Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life 1362 cS: 2Q7oX

WILSON (Prof. John), Trials of Margaret Lindsay , 297oX

WINGFIELD (Hon. Lewis), Lords of Strogue [Irish Insurrection

of 1803] 342iX



Thin index does not refer to every work in Fiction, but only to suck as
appear to have some special design, or that give a fair amount of interesting
information on some popular or useful subject. Many of the works of Fiction
having no particular object or matter other than recreative, do not come within
the scope of this index, and have therefore been left out. The compiler regrets,
that the time at his disposal did not permit of such adequate treatment of this
work as he would have desired, and that many interesting references have
doubtless been omitted on this account. The number of any work required
will be found in the Fiction Class List.

Abbreviations of Magazines have been occasionally used in the Fiction
Class List and in this Index, as shown in the following List. Any others will
be understood.

All the Year Round A.Y.R.


Atlantic Monthly

Blackwood's Magazine . . .

Boys' Own Annual

Cassell's Family Magazine

Cassell's Magazine

Century Magazine

Chambers' Journal

Cornhill Magazine


, . Black.
. B.O.A.
. C.F.M.


English Illustrated Eng. 111.

Every Boy's Annual E. B. A.

Fortnightly Review Fort.

Fraser's Magazine Fras.

Gentleman's Magazine G.M.

Girls' Own Annual G.O.A.

Good Words G.W.

Guernsey Magazine ........... Guern. M.

Harper's Monthly ................ Harp.

Household Words .............. H.W.

Leisure Hour .................... L.H.

Living Age ...................... L. A.

Longman's Magazine ............ Long.

Macmillan's Magazine ............ Mac. M.

Murray's Magazine .............. Mur. M.

Once a Week .................... O. a W.

Quiver ........................ Quiv. or Q.

St. Paul's Magazine .............. St. P. M.

Scribner's Monthly .............. Scrib.

Sunday at Home ................ S. at H

Sunday Magazine ................ S.M.

Temple Bar .................... T. B.

Time ............................ Time.




Accomplishments- See Modern Ac-
complishments, by Sinclair.

Actors and Actresses. See Peep Be-
hind the Scenes, by Walton. My Sister
the Actress, by Marryat. Philosophers
and Actresses.

Admirals. See Three Admirals, by

Kingston. Our Sailors, by Kingston.
Also works by Marryat.
ADVENTURES. See Boy Captain, by
Verne. Great Mistake, by Milling-
ton. Hector Servadac, by Verne.
John Deane [Historic], by Kingston.
Kangaroo Hunters, by Bowman.





Baron Munchausen, his Original
Travels and Adventures, by Raspe.
Our Home in the Silver West. Re-
markable Adventures. _ Tales from
Blackwood, v. 3, and series. Tales of
Adventure, by Ballantyne. Wonderful
Stories of Daring Enterprise, by
Macaulay. Also under following
authors : Adams, Aimard, Ballantyne,
Kingston, Marryat, Murray, Neale, &c.

Aerial Navigation. See Clipper of the
Clouds, and Five Weeks in a Balloon,
by Verne.

Affinities. See Affinities, by Praed.

Afghanistan. See David Leslie [Afghan
Frontier]. Duke of Albany's High-
landers [And India, Nineteenth Cen-
tury], by Grant. Ilderim the Afghan,
by Ker. Tales from Blackwood~ [Af-
ghaun Fort], v. 5, 2nd series.

AFRICA. See Adventures of Herbert
Masseyin,byCommanderV. L. Cameron.
Adventures of Three Englishmen and
Three Russians in South, by Verne.
Black Ivory, by Ballantyne. Drowned
Gold [West], by Ker. Five Weeks in
a Balloon [Central], by Verne. Gorilla
Hunters, by Ballantyne. Hair-Breadth
Escapes [South], by Adams. In the
Wilds of Africa, by Kingston. Settler
and the Savage, by Ballantyne. Six
Months at the Cape [South], by Ballan-
tyne. Two Supercargoes [Adventures
in Savage], by Kingston. Ula [Cete-
wayo], by Charles H. Eden. Under an
Afric Sun, by Fenn. Vanished Dia-
mond [Tale of South Diamond Fields],
by Verne. With a Show through South-
ern Africa, by Du Val. Great African
Travellers, by Kingston and Frith. Story
of an African Farm, by Iron.

Alfred the Great. See Chronicles of
Ethelfled [qth century], by Miss Man-

Algeria. See Hector Servadac, by Verne.
Pirate City, by Ballantyne.

Alpine. See Rivers of Ice, by Ballantyne.

Amazon. See Cryptogram [Eight Hun-
dred Leagues on the], by Verne. Giant
Raft, by Verne. On the Banks of the
Amazon, by Kingston.

Amber Witch. See Mary Schweidler, by

AMERICA. See Blockade Runners
[American Rebellion, 1862], by Verne.
Fashion and Famine [a Tale of], by Mrs.
Stephens. Giant Raft [South], by Verne.
Linwoods, by Miss Sedgwick. Norse-
men in the West, by Ballantyne. On
the Banks of the Amazon, by Kingston.
Pocahontas [North] [L. H., v. i]. Pio-
neers, by Cooper. Seventeen-Seventy-
Six [War of Independence], by Browne
[L. H., v. 25]. Si Slocum [Trappers] [O.
a W., v. 65]. Spuytenduyvel Chronicle.
Tales and Sketches, by Stone. Through
the Desert Canon, by Rideing [B. O. A.,
v. 4]. Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Stowe.

Virginians [Eve of American War, i8th
Century], by Thackeray. White Fawn,,
by Johnson. Carleton [American Re-
volution], by Willis. Pocahontas [Lei-
sure Hour, v. i]. Afar in the Forest,
by Kingston. Also United States and
Works by Cooper, Irving, Slick, c.

American Colonies. See Brandon, by-
Tiffany. Canada, &c.

American Indians. See Prairie Chief, by
Ballantyne. Prairie, by Cooper. Also-
following authors : Aimard, Ballantyne,
Cooper, Kingston, Reid, &c.

American War of Independence. See
Spy, by Cooper. The Virginians [Eve
of the American War, i8th Century], by-
Thackeray^. White Scalper [1775-84],.
by Aimard, &c.

Amiable. See Mr. Golightly [O. a W.].

Amulets. See Hadji's Amulet, by Cox
[Boys' Own Annual, v. 8].

Anchor-watch Yarns. See Anchor-
Watch Yarns, by Downey.

Angola. See Through the Darkness [Con-
quest of], by Ker [B. O. A., v. n].

Animals. See Public and Private Life of
Animals, by Balzac. Paul Bradley
[Kindness to], by Mrs. Bray. Encoun-
ters with Wild Beasts. My Doggie and
I, by Ballantyne, &c.

Anne Boleyn. See Anne Boleyn, by
Thompson. Windsor Castle, by Ains-

Anne, Queen of England, Times of. See
John Law [England, i8th Century], by
Ainsworth. St. James [England, i8th
Century], by Ainsworth. Esmond, by
Thackeray. Devereux, by Lytton.

Antwerp. See Golden Grasshopper [Time
of Mary and Elizabeth], by Kingston.

Apparition. See Tracey, or the Appari-
tion, by Thomson.

Appearances. See Ferrol Family [Keep-
ing up] [Leisure Hour, v. o].

Apprentices. See Colloquies of Edward
Osborne [London, i6th Century], by-
Miss Manning. Seed Time, by Reuter
[Living Age, v. 108].

Arabia. See Beyond Recall, by Ser-
geant. Frank Hilton [Wars, i8th Cen-
tury], by Grant. Homo Sum [Monks,
Egypt and the East, A.D. 3], by Ebers.
Shaving of Shagpat, by Meredith. Ara-
bian Nights Entertainment, &c.

Armada, Spanish. See In the Days of
the Great Armada, by Temple [Sunday
at Home, v. 35]. Westward Ho ! [1588],.
by Kingsley, &c.

Army. See Our Soldiers, by Kingston.
Regimental Legends, by Winter, &c.

Artagnan (Chevalier d'). See Constable of
France, &c., by Grant [Captain-Lieu-
tenant of the Mousquetaires du Roi].

Artist Life. See After Dark, by Collins.

Asia. See India, Afghanistan, &c.

Askew (Anne). The Faire Gospeller
[England, i6th Century], by Mis:*





Assassination Plot. See John Deane
of Nottingham [England, xyth Century],
by W. H. G. Kingston.

Assyria. See Sarcnedon [Egypt and the
East, 2,000 B.C.], by Whyte Melville.

Athens. See Fair Athens, by Edmonds.
Pericles [in theSjrd Olympiad], byCorn-
wallis. Three Greek Children [B.C.],
by Church. Thoth, by.Nicholson, &c.

Atom. See Adventures of an Atom and
other Tales, by Smollett.

Attorney. See Power of Attorney and
other Tales, by Liardet.

Aunts. See .Maiden Aunt [L. A., v. 15].

AUSTRALIA.. See Bush Luck [B.O.A.,
v. 12]. Frank Layton[L. H., v. 3]. Geo-
ffrey Hamlyn, by Kingsley. Hamiltons
[Australian Life], by Davidson. Harry
Heathcote of Gangoil [Bush Life], by
Trollope. Lady Hetty [Scottish and
Australian Life]. Martin Beck [Settlers],
by Harris. Harry Treverton, by Tim-
perley [Boys' Own Annual, v. 10], &c.

Babylon. See Tales from Blackwood, v.

ii, second series.

Bachelor. See Confirmed Bachelor [Cham-
bers' Journal, v. 9].

Bacon (Friar). See Home Treasury of Old

Story Books.

Balloons. See Five Weeks in a Balloon
[Central Africa], by Verne.

Baltic Shores, i2th Century. See Mits-
lav, by Milman.

Barons. See Last of the Barons, by
Lytton. How I Won my Spurs [War of
the, i3th Century], by J. G. Edgar. Also
Works by Scott.

Barracks. See Cavalry Life, by Winter.

Barristers. See Power of Attorney, by
Liardet. Purchase, by Liardet.

Bastille. See Dead Heart, by Gibbon.
Taking of the Bastile, by Dumas.

Battles. See The Subaltern [American
War of iSra], by Gleig. Tales from
Blackwood [Plassey, v. 5, second series].
Waterloo [1815], by Erckmann-Chai-
rian. Vanity Fair, by Thackeray. War,
Revolution, Sieges, &c.

Bayouda. See Marvellous Conquest, by
Laurie [Boys' Own Annual, v. n].

Beacons. See Tales from Blackwood.

Beau Nash. See Nash (Beau).

Beauty. See Tales from Blackwood
[Beauty Draught], v. 5, ist series.

Bedrooms. See Mrs. Barton's Best Bed-
room, by Stretton.

Benedictines. See Heidenmaur [Le-
gend of the Rhine], by Copper.

Bengal. See Hindu Life in Bengal, by
Chatterjee. India, c.

Black Dragoons. See Harry Ogilvie, by

Black Forest. See Refugees of the Black
Forest [Leisure Hour, v. 2].

Black Prince, The. See Lances of Lynwood
[England, i4th Century], by C. M.
Yon .

Blacksmith. See Village Blacksmith

[Argosy, v. 45 and 47].
Blois, States of. See Henry of Guise, by


Boats. See Three Men in a Boat, by

Bohemian Life. See Stories of an Old
Bohemian Life.

Boleyn, Anne. See Anne Boleyn, by
Thomson. Windsor Castle, by Ains-
worth. Henry VIII., &c.

Bonner (Bishop). See Cardinal Pole
[Days of William and Mary], by Ains-

; Bores. See Thoughts on Bores, by Edge-

Borgias. See Valentino, by Astor. Also
Works by Lytton.

Boston. See Lionel Lincoln [Siege of,

American War, 1775], by J. F. Cooper.
! Both well (James Hepburn, Earl of, Con-
sort of Mary Queen of Scots). See Both-
well, by Grant. Mary, Scotland, &c.

Bothwell Bridge. See Old Mortality
[Scotland, 1679], by Scott.

Bourbon (Constable de). See Constable
de Bourbon, by Ainsworth.

Bourdaloue. See Preacher and the
King, by Bungener.

Boxer. See Dead Boxer, by Carleton.

Boyhood. See Childhood, by Tolstoi.
Priscilla [Boy's Love], by Willmets.
Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood, by Mac-
donald. That Bother of a Boy [G.O.A,
v. 3]. Boys' Own Annual from v. i, &C.

Brazil. See Giant Raft, by Verne. Mar-
tin Rattler, by Ballantyne.

Bridesmaids. See Margaret and her
Bridesmaids, by Mrs. Marsh.

Brigands. See Corse de Leon, by James.

Britons. See Daybreak in Britain [An-
cient] [Sunday at Home, v. 2],

Brittany. See Brittany and La Vende'e,
by Souvestre.

Broken Heart. See Sketch Book, by
Irving. Diary of a late Physician [also
the Wife], by Warren.

Brothers. See My Brother Basil [Q.,
v. 30]. My Brother's Friend, by Thorne
[G. O. A., v. 7]. My Brother's" Keeper,
by Warner. My Brother's Wife, by
Edwards, &c.

Bruce (Robert). See Days of Bruce [A.
Story of Scottish History], by Aguilar.
Scottish Chiefs, by Po ter.

Bruges. See Heiress of Bruges, by

Buccaneers. See Buccaneer, by Mrs. S.
C. Hall. Westward Ho ! by Kingsley.
Pirates, &c.

Builder. See Edward Turner, Carpenter
and Builder, by Macdonell [Quiv. v. 18],

Bulgaria. See In the Track of the Troops
[Bulgarian Atrocities], by Ballantyne.

Burgomaster. See Burgomaster's
Family [Living Age, v. 114].

Buried Alive. See Pauline, by Dumas.

Burning Island. See Alfonso and Gre-
gorio [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4].





Bush Life. See Kangaroo Hunters [Aus-
tralia], by Bowman. Bride from the
Bush [Cornhill]. Australia, &c.

Business Man. See Only a Business
Man, by Dryden [A. Y. R., v. 56].

Cabin Boys. See Paul Gerard, by King-
ston [E. B. A., 1866]. Sailors, Sea. Also
Works by Marryat, c.

Cable-Laying. See Wire and the Wave,
by Munro [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12].

Cabul, Retreat from. See War and Peace
[India, 1842], by A. L. O. E. Afghans.

Cadets. See From Cadet to Captain, by
Groves. Queen's Cadet, by Grant, and
other works by these authors, &c.

Csesar's Household. See Pomponia, by
Mrs. Webb [Sunday at Home, v. 13].

Cagliostro. See Tales from Black wood,
v. 5, first series.

Cairo. See Cornhill to Grand Cairo, by

California. See Godfrey Morgan, by
Verne. Golden Dream, by Ballantyne.

Calvin, The Days of. See The Brigand
[France, i6th Century], by G. P. R.
James. Reformation.

Cameron. See Great African Travellers,
by Kingston and Frith.

Camp Fire. See Hunter's Feast [Conver-
sations around the], by Reid. Also
Works by Cooper.

Campaigns. See Campaign in Kabylia,
by Erckman-Chatrian. War. &c.

Canada. See Cedar Creek [Canadian Life],
[L. H., v. 10], Giants of Lcckside
[Leisure Hour, v. 2s]. Silk Robed Cow
[North West], by Williams [B. O. A.,
v. 9]. Stories of Old England [Cana-
dian Forest], by Mrs. Traill, &c.

Cancer. See Diary of a late Physician,
by Warren.

Canoes. See Snowshoes and Canoes, by
Kingston. Indians, &c.

Canongate. See Chronicles of the Canon-
gate, by Scott.

Cape Cod. See Cape Cod Folks, by McClean.

Cape of Good Hope. See Six Months at
the Cape, by Ballantyne. Africa, &c.

Capital. See Men of Capital, by Gore.

Captivity, The. See Exiles in Babylon
[Egypt and the East, B.C.], by A. L.O. E.

Caravans. See Matt, by Buchanan.

Carib Chief. See Warrawarra [Tale of
1770], by Breen.

Carnival. See Story of Carnival, by

Carpenter. See Edward Turner, Car-
penter and Builder, by Macdonell
[Quiver, v. 18].

Carthage. See Lapsed but not Lost, by
Mrs. Charles.

Carthagena. See Roderick Random
[Bombardment of, 1741], by Smollett.

Castile. See Mercedes of Castile, by
Cooper. Spain, c.

Catechism. See Church Catechism, by
Mrs. Brock.

Cathay. See Mercedes of Castile, by
Cooper. Spain, &c.

Catherine de Medici. See Crichton, by
Ainsworth. Works by Dumas, c.

Catholics. See Father Clement [Romaa
Catholic Story], by Kennedy.

Cattle Plague. See Days of the Cattle-
Plague, by Prosser [S. at H., v. 15].

Caucasus in the Year 1852. See the Cos-
sacks, by Tolstoi.

Cavaliers. See Brambletye House, by
Smith. Cavaliers and Roundheads, by.
Edgar. Henry Masterton [Young Cava-
lier], by James. Charles I. Common,

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