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wealth, Sc.

Cavalry. See Cavalry Life [in Barracks],,
by Winter. Grant, Groves, &c.

Cetewayo. See Hendricks the Hunter,,
by Kingston. Ula, by C. H. Eden.

Channel Islands. See Castle Cornet,
[In Days of Civil War, i7th Century],
by Hawtrey. St. George's Cross, by
Keene. Doctor's Dilemma, by Strettoiv
Toilers of the Sea, by Hugo. Guern-
sey, &c.

Character. See Failures and Successes
[Sketches of], by Miss Whately [S. at
H., v. 26]. Mayor of Casterbridge, by
Hardy. Men of Character, by Jerrold..
Tales and Sketches, by Carleton.

Charge of the Six Hundred. See One of
the Six Hundred, by Grant.

Charity. See Faith, Hope and Charity,
by Lisle.

Charlemagne. See Romance of History
[France], by Ritchie.

Charles I. See Brambletye House, by-
Horace Smith. John Inglesant, by
Shorthouse. Whitehall, by Jane Robin-
son. Children of the New Forest, by
Marryat. Puritan and his Daughter, by
Paulding. Civil War, &c.

CHARLES II. See Boscobel, or The
Royal Oak [Escape of], by Ainsworth.
Captain of the Guard [Times of], by-
Grant. Oliver Wyndham [Plague, 1665],
by Mrs. Webb. Robber [Times of], by
James. Russell [Times of], by G. P. R.
James. Whitefriars, by Robinson.

Charles VI. of France. See Isabel of
Bavaria [France, i4th Cent.], by Dumas.
Joan the Maid, by Mrs. Charles.

Charles Edward, Prince. See Red Gaunt-
let, by Scott. Waverley, by Scott.

Charles Stuart. See Waverley, by

Chartists [igth Century]- See Alton
Locke, by Kingsley. Sybil, by Beacons -

Cheshire. See Water Tower, by Ware.
Lady Godiva, by Marsh.

Cheviots. See Border Tales and Legends,
by Maxwell. In Cheviot's Glens, by

Chelsea. See Chelsea Householder, by
Anon. Chelsea Pensioners, by Gleig.

Chevalier, Young. See Charles Edward,.

Chevy Chase. See Chambers' Mis., v. 2.

[I0 4 6]




Chicago Fire. See Barriers Burned Away,

by Roe.
Chiefs. Sea Warrawarra, by Breen.

American Indians, &c.

Childhood. Sec Childhood, by Tolstoi.
Children. See Child's Influence, by

Lockyer. Spoilt Guy, by Dale [Sunday

Magazine]. Tell Me a Story, by Mrs.

Molesworth. Three Greek Children, by

Church. Ministering Children, by Mrs.

Charlesworlh. Also Boys' Own Annual,

Every Boy's Annual, Girls' Own Annual.
Chili. See Mysterious Document, by

China. See Mandarin's Daughter [Leisure

Hour, v. 23]. Tribulations of a China-
man, by Verne.
Christ. See Prince of the House of David

[Life of], by Ingraham.
Christianity. See Daybreak in Britain,

by A.L.O.E. [Sunday at Home, v. 2].

To the Lions, by Church.
Christmas. See Christmas Books, by

Dickens. Fairlight Lodge [Eve] [B. O.

A., v. 5]. Christmas Stories, by Dickens.

Christmas Tales [B. O. A., v. 4].
CHRONOLOGY, or Periods. See

Chronological Index, page 1067.

~ 2e Tithe Proctor, by

Church. Imposts. Set

Circumstantial Evidence. Sse Circum-
stantial Evidence [Guernsey Magazine,
v. 10].

Circus Life. See Peep Behind the Scenes,
by Walton. Ring and Coronet, by

City. See Lombardy Court, by Milling-
ton [Leisure Hour, v. 27].

City Arabs. See Story of a City Arab, by
Sargent. Dusty Diamonds, by Ballan-

City Life. See Reginald Cruden, by Reid
[B. O. A., v. 7]. School and the World,
by Paul Blake [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7].

City Man. See Misjudged, by Mrs.
Arnold [Leisure Hour, v. 30].

CI VILWar. See Blockade Runners [Ameri-
can], by Verne. Children of the New
Forest [Charles I.], by Marryat. Harry
Ogilvie [in Scotland], by Grant.
Holmby House [and Italy], by Whyte
Melville. John Inglesant [England,
i7th Century], by J. H. Shprthouse.
Leaguer of Lathom, by Ainsworth.
Ovingdean Grange, by Ainsworth.
Splendid Spur [1642-3], by Caine.
White Hoods, by Bray. Brian Fitz-
Count [England, Time of Stephen], by
Crake. Commonwealth, Revolution, &c.

Clairvoyant. See Clairvoyant [Gent.
Magazine, v. 6, N.S.].

Clarionet Player. See Confessions of a
Clarionet Player, by Erckmann-

Claverhouse. See Scottish Cavalier, by

Cleopatra. See Cleopatra, by Haggard.
The Sisters, by Ebers.

Clerks. See Three Clerks, by Trollope.
Diary of a late Physician [Merchants'
Clerk], by Warren.

Clever Young Man. See Story of a Clever
Young Man [Leisure Hour, v. 7].

Cliffs. See Cliff Climbers, by Reid.

Clive. See With Clive in India, by Henty.

Coast, The. See Lifeboat, &c., by Ballan-
tyne. Also Works by Kettle (K. M.).

Colds. See Diary of a late Physician [a
s'ight Cold], by Warren.

Colleen Bawn. See Collegians, by Griffin.

College Life. See Bertram Raven [Story
of], by Vernon [L. H., v. 24]. College
Days at Oxford, by Adams. College
Life of Maitre Nablot, by Erckmann-
Chatrian [Cassell's, v. 8].

Colonies. See Brandon, by Tiffany.
Emigrant in Search of a Colony, by
Rowcroft. Harry Treverton [Colonial
Life], by Broome. Young Colonists, by
Henty. Australia, Canada, &c.

Colonna. See Tales from Blackwood.

Columbus. See Notable Voyages, by
Kingston and Frith.

Comanche Country. See Adventures in
the Comanche Country, by Webber.

Commanders. See Three Commanders
[Naval], by Kingston. Young Com-
mander, by Armstrong.

Marvel and his Friends, by Hall. Dray-
tons and Davenants, by Mrs. Charles.
Henry Masterton [Worcester Fight], by
G. P. R. James. Life of Colonel Jack, by
Defoe. Memoirs of a Cavalier, by Defoe.
St. George and St. Michael [England,
i7th Century], by G. Macdonald. Wood-
stock [Worcester Fight, 1651], by Scott.

Commune, Paris, igth Century. See
Parisians, by Lytton.

Companions. See Mrs. Carr's Com-
panions, by Wightwick [Argosy, v. 35].

Confessors. See Confessor [Jesuit], by
Hardy. Catholics, Jesuits, &c.

Confidence. See Confidence, by James.

Confirmation. See Lady of the Manor,
by Sherwood.

Conquest. See Alhambra [of Granada],
by Irving. Through the Darkness [of
Angola], byKer[B. O. A.]. War, &c.

Conscience. See Coward Conscience, by
Robinson. Dr. Blandford's Conscience,
by Ingham. Helen Quatermaine [Q.,
v. 20], &c.

Conscript. See Beppo, by Trollope. Erck-
mann-Chatrian, &c.

Conspiracies. See Red Gauntlet [Jacob-
ite], by Scott. Rob Roy [of the Jacobites,
i8th Century], by Scott. Conspirators
[or the Chevalier d'Harmentel], by
Dumas. James I. Guy Fawkes, &c.

Constable of France. See Son of the
Constable of France, by Kingston.

Constantinople. See Blue and Green
[Times of Justin and Justinian, 6th
century], by Sir H. Pottinger.

Consumption. See Diary of a late Phy-
sician, by Warren.





Convents. See Five Years in a Convent,
by Murray [T., v. 6]. Old Convents
of Paris, by Reybaud, &c.

CONVICTS. The Convict, by James.
Fardoraugha the Miser [of Lisuamona],
by Carleton [L. A., v. 120]. The
Franklins [Story of a] [L. H./v. 12]. It
is Never too Late to Mend, by Reade.
Memoirs of Vidocq [Convict Spy].
Five Years Penal Servitude. Les Miser-
ables, by Hugo, &.c.

Coral Seas. See Wire and the Wave
by Munro [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12].

CORNWALL. See Co-Heirs, by John
Berwick Harwood [Cass. F. M., v. 9].
Deep Down [Cornish Mines], by Ballan-
tyne. M ichael Tressider. The Gregors,
by Spettigue. Henry de Pomeroy
[Legend of], by Bray. Vicar's People
[Mines], by G. M. Fenn. Menhardoc
[Cornish Nets and Mines], by Fenn.
Three Feathers, by Black, &c.

Cossacks. See Cossacks [a Tale of
the Caucasus in the year 1852], by
TolstoY. Crimea, Russia, &c.

Cottage Homes. See Ray of Light to
Brighten Cottage Homes, by Mrs. Mac-
harness. Pictures of, by Poole [West
of England], &c.

Countries, Various. See Tales of all
Countries, by Trollope. Names, &c.

Country Life, c. See Borderland, by
Fothergill. Ursula, by Sewell. Village
Belles [English Life], by Manning.
Ladies of Bever Hollow, by Manning.

Courier of the Czar. See Michael Stro-
goff, by Verne. Czar, Russia, &c.

Court, The. See Preacher and the King,
by Bungener. Names of Kings, &c.

COURTSHIP. See Courtship in 1720
and 1860, by Smart. Harry Coverdale's
Courtship, by Smedley. Jack's Court-
ship, by Russell. Major Jones' Court-
ship. Mr. Magdale's Courtship, by
Cuming [Cham. J., v. 65]. Rachel Mau-
ger [Guernsey Magazine, v. i], &c.

Cousins. See Cousins, by L. Watford.

Covetousness, &c. See Crock of Gold,
by Tupper. Ralph Draper [Leisure
Hour, v. 9], &c.

Coxcomb. See Cecil [Adventures of a],
by Gore.

Crichton (Edward). See Crichton [The
Admirable], by Ainsworth.

Crime. See Shadow of a Crime, by Hall.

CRIMEAN War. See Jack Archer, by
Henty. Interpreter [and Hungary], by
Melville. One of the Six Hundred [Bala-
clava], by Grant. Pride of the Mess, by
Neale. Ravenshoe, by H. Kingsley. Se-
vastopol, by Tolstoi. Soldier Born, by
Groves, &c.

Criminals. See Criminal, from the Ger-
man of Schiller.

Cromwell (O.). See Cavaliers and Round-
heads, by Edgar [i/th Century]. Crom-
well, by Herbert. Oliver Cromwell, by
Wilson. Buccaneer [Days of], by Mrs.
Hall, &c.

Cruising. See Cruise of the Darittg, by
Armstrong. Cruise of the Snowbird,
by Stables [B. O. A., v. 3]. Cruise of
the Wasp [Chambers' Journal, v. 57].

CRUSADES. See Fair Rosamond [Third,
1189], by T. Miller. Ivanhoe, ly Scott.
The Prince and the Page [Eighth, 1267],
by Yonge. Tales of the Crusaders,
by Scott. The Talisman [Third, 1189],
by Scott. Winning his Spurs, by Henty.
Philip Augustus, or the Brother in Arms,
by James.

CURATES. See Curate's Home, by
Giberne. Curate in Charge, by Mrs. Oli-
phant [Mac., v. 32 ; L. A , v. 127]. Dunn
Dunnington Rectory [Adventures of
Two]. My First Curacy [L. H., v. 17].
My Uncle the Curate, by Savage. Per-
petual Curate, by Mrs. Oliphant.
Thomas Wingfold, Curate, by Mac-
donald, &c.

Custer (General). See Boots and Saddles,
by J.B. Custer.

Czars. See Michael Strogoff [Courier of
the], by Verne. Also Works by Tolstoi.
Russia, &c.

Daily Life. See Perplexities in Daily Life,
byWhately [Sunday at Home, v. 26].

Dakota. See Boots and Saddles, by

Darien Scheme, 1698. See Darien, or The
Merchant Prince, by E. Warburton.

Daring. See Wonderful Stories of Daring
Enterprise, by Macaulay. Also Aimard,
Ballantyne, Reid, Russell, &c.

D'Artagnan (Chevalier). See Constable
of France, &c., by Grant. Three Mus-
keteers and The Sequels, by Dumas.
Also under Artagnan (Chevalier d r ).

Daughters. See Home Influence, by
Aguilar. Sons and Daughters [Black.,
v. 147]. Wives and Daughters, by Gas-
kell [Corn., v. 10 ; L. A.,v. 85], &c.

Days of Yore. See Days of Yore, by S.
Tytler ; and under Period.

Dead Men's Shoes. See Dead Men's Shoes,
by Miss Braddon.

Demons. See Hobgoblin and Demon,
by De Witt [Every Boy's Annual, 1887].

Denmark. See Stork's Nest, by Vicary.

Derry, Siege of. See Derry, by Charlotte

Desert. See In the Desert, a Story of
France before the Revolution, byAlcoclc
[Sun. M., v. 12]. Through the Desert
Canon, by Rideing[B. O/A., v. 4].

Destiny. See Destiny, by Ferrier.

DEVONSHIRE. See Chambercombe
[North] [L. H., v. 14]. Fitz of Fitz Ford
[Legend of], by Bray. -Henrjr de Pom-
eroy [Legend of], by Bray. Devon
Boys, by Fenn. Hartland Forest [North,
i8th Century], by Mrs. Bray. Red
Spicier [Devon Life Fifty Years Ago],
by S. Baring Gould. Lorna Doone [a
Romance of Exmoor], by Blackmore.
Westward Ho ! by Kingsley, &c.

[I0 4 8]




Diamonds. See Story of a Diamond, by
Whately. Six Months at the Cape
[Diamond Fields], by Ballantyne. Star
of the Settlement [Diamond Fields], by

Diamond Necklace. See Diamond Neck-
lace, by J. G. Edgar.

Dick Turpin. See Rookwood, by Ains-
Dieppe. See D<5siree Lefranc [Sunday

at Home, v. 26].

Diggers. See Three Diggers, by Clarke.
Discipline. See Beatrice Melton's Dis-
cipline, by Franc. Discipline, by Brunton.
Discovery. See Five Weeks in a Balloon
[Voyage of, in Africa], by Verne. Ad-
ventures, Travels, Voyages, &c.
Disowned. See Disowned, by Lytton.

Ivanhoe, by Scott.

Diving. See Under the Waves, by Ballan-

-Dogs. See Autobiography of a Terrier
[Gentleman's Magazine, v. 7, N.S.]. My
Doggie and I, by Ballantyne.
DOMESTIC Life, c. See Deeds, Not
Words, by Bell. Domestic Confessions
of Mrs. Chignal [O. a W., v. 36].
Domestic Stories, by Muloch. Dove in
the Eagle's Nest'fGermany, i6th Cent.],
by Yonge. Lady Bell [England, i8th
Century], by S. Tytler. Mary of Bur-
gundy [and Manners, isth Century],
by G. P. R. James. Mrs. Halliburton's
Troubles, by Wood.
Donkey. See Ups and Downs of a

Donkey's Life, by Mataux.
Doom. See Crack of Doom, by Minto

[Blackwood's Magazine, v. 138].
Dorking. See Tales from Black wood, v.

2, second series.
Drake (Sir Francis). See Under Drake's

Flag, by Henty.

Drama. See Comic Dramas, by Edge-
worth. Tales from Old Dramatists, by
'Brooks [Gent. M., v. 2]. Actors, c.
Drunkards. See Drunkard's Vow.
Danesbury House, by Wood. Tem-

Duels. See Tales from Blackwood, v. 2
and 5, first series. Diary of a late Phy-
sician [Duelling], by Warren.
Dunce. See Charlie Thornhill, by

Clarke. Schools, &c.
Dunmow. See Flitch of Bacon [Custom

of], by Ainsworth.

Dutch, The. See Burgomaster's Family
[Dutch Character], by Muller. Within
Sea Walls [Sunday at Home, v. 17].
Duval (Claude). See Whitefriars [High-
waymen], by Robinson.

Dynamite. See Dynamiter, by R. L.

Earth. See Journey into the Interior of
the Earth, by Verne.

Earthquakes. See The Escape [Earth-
quake of Lisbon, 1755]. Tales from
Blackwood, v. 12, second series.

Eavesdropper. See Eavesdropper [An
Unparalleled Experience] [Cornhill
Magazine, v. 57].

Eclipse. See Yankee at the Court of
King Arthur, by Twain. King Solo-
mon's Mines, by Haggard, c.

Edward VI. See Constable of the
Tower, by Ainsworth. The Prince and
the Pauper, by Twain.

EGYPT. See Beyond Recall [igth Cen-
tury], by Sergeant. Hassan, or the Child
of the Pyramid [iQth Century], by C. A.
Murray. Hypatia [Neo-Platonism, 5th
Century], by Kingsley. Rescued from
Egypt [Israelites], by A. L. O. E.
Strange Journey, by Rossetti.

Eldorado. See Eldorado, or Adven-
tures in the Path of Empire, by Taylor.

Electricity. See several of Verne's

ELIZABETH (Queen), Days of. See
Arrah Neil [Ireland, i2th Century], by
James. Kenilworth [and Leicester], by
Scott. Sir Ludar [Boys' Own Annual, v.
ri]. Tales from Blackwood. Westward
Ho ! by Kingsley. Constable of the
Tower, by Ainsworth. Golden Grass-
hopper, by Kingston. Sir .Ludar, by
Reed [Boys' Own Annual, v. n].

EMIGRANT. See The Emigrant, by
Head. Emigrant Boy's Story, by Hope
[E.B.A., 1888], Emigrant in Search of a
Colony, by Rowcroft. Emigrants of
Abadarra, by Carleton. Grants of Lock-
side. In the Middle Watch [Rations],
by W. Clark Russell. Pocahontas [L.
H., v. i].

Emmet. See The Lords of Strogue [In-
surrection of Ireland, i8o3],byWingfield.

Empire, The. See France.

Engaged. See Engaged Man [Chamb.
J.,v. 4]. Engaged to be Married, by
Meade [Cassell's Family Mag.,v. 15].

ENGLAND. See Dear Neighbours
[English and French], by Max O'Rell.
Drat the Boys [English and French], by
Max O'Rell. Dreamland in the English
Channel [Guern. M., v. 12]. Eng-
lish Squire [Country Life], by C.
R. Coleridge. Flitch of Bacon [English
Home], by Ainsworth. Harold the Boy
Earl [Saxons], by Hodgetts. Minster-
borough [English Life], by Sandwith.
My Novel [English Life], by Lytton.
Pictures of Cottage Life [in the West of
England] by Poole. Punch's Letters to
his Son [Sketchesof],by Jerrold. Stories
of English and Foreign Life, by Howitt.
Stories of Old England, by Sargent.
Strange Chapman, by Marshall. Village
Belles [Country Life], by Manning.
Pastor's Fireside [Spain and Vienna,
i8th Century], by Porter. Behind the
Veil [Norman Conquest], by Holt. Also
under Names of Kings and Queens, e.g.)
Charles, George, Elizabeth, Mary, &c.

Ennui. See Ennui, by Edgevvorth.

Ensign. See Only an Ensign, by Grant.
Cadet, Soldiers, &c.





Enterprise. See Wonderful Stories of

Daring Enterprise, by Macaulay.
Erin. See Heart of Erin [Ireland], by

Blackburne, also under Ireland.
Escape of Charles II. See Boscobel, by

Essays. See Miscellaneous Essays, by

Thackeray ; also by Collins.
Esquimaux. See Ungava [Tale of], by

Ballantyne; also Charles II.
Eton. See Confessions of an Etonian, by

Rpvvcroft. Reginald Warrender, by

Evangelist. See Mark Thoresby [Sunday

at Home, v. 4],
Evictions. See Valentine M'Clutchy [in

Ireland], by Carleton.
Exiles. See Exiles of Salzburg [L. H., v.

17]. From Exile, by Payn. Long Exile,

by Tolstoi.
Exmoor. See Katerfelto. by Melville.

Lorna Doone, by Blackmore.
Exodus, 1491 H.C. See Rescued from

Egypt [Israelites], by A. L. O. E.
Experience. See Experience of Life, by

Expiation. See Expiation, by Oppen-


See Exploration of the
Verne, also Voyages,


World, by
Travels, &c.

Fables. See Little Fables for Little
Folks. Moral of Many Fables, by
Martineau. ^Csop, Gray, &c.

Factory. See Sunbeam of. the Factory
[Girls' Own Annual, v. 2].

Failures. See Failures and Successes, by
Miss Whately [Sunday at Home, v. 26].

FAIRIES. See Fairy Tales, by Ander-
sen. Favourite Fairy Tales. Folk and
Fairy Tales, by Harrison. Grimm's Fairy
Tales. Summerly's Old Treasury [Fairy
Tales and Old World Stories]. Also
under following names Assollant, Car-
leton, Carroll, Hall, &c.

Faith. See Faith, Hope, and Charity, by
Lisle. Faith and Unfaith, by Argles.
Story of the Faith in Hungary [Religious
Faith] [Sunday at Home, v. 14].

Faithfulness. See Faithful Heart [Q.,
v. 30]. Faithful Lover, by Macquoid.
Faithful and Unfaithful, by Lee. Great
Height gained by Steady Efforts, by

False Step. See One False Step, by

Fame. See for Name and Fame [Afghan-
istan War], by Henty. Struggle for
Fame, by Riddell.

FAMILY. See Family Feud, by Horn-
brook. Family History, by Martineau
[O. a W., v. 12]. Family Honour, by
Balfour [Q., v. 9]. Family Romance,
by Burke. Family Secret, by Gibbon
[Cham.]. For the Good of the Family,
by Eyre [Cas., v. 14]. Home Sunshine

[ Family ^ Life], by Bell. Mr. Scar-
borough's Family, by Trollope. Tale*
from Blackwood [Family Feud, v. n,
2nd Series]. Barbara Street [Family-
Story] [Quiver, v. 18].

Famine. See Black Prophet, by Carleton.
Castle Daly [of 1847, Ireland], by Miss.
Keary. Castle Richmond [Irish], by A.
Trollope. Fashion and Famine, by Mrs..

Farm. See Raynham Farm, by Jarvis-
[Sunday at Home, v.].

Far West. See Golden Dream, by Ballan-
tyne. Tales from Blackwood [v. 12, 2nd.
Series]. America, California, &c.

Fashion. See Fashion and Famine, by-
Mrs. Stephens. Leah, a Woman of
Fashion, by Edwards.

Fashionable Life. See Absentee, The,
by Edgeworth. Almeria and Vivian, by
Edgeworth. Confessions of a Frivolous.
Girl, edited by Grant. Tales of Fashion-
able Life, by Edgeworth. Beau Nash
[Manners, i8th Century], by Ainsworth.

Fast Life. See Fast and Steady [L. H.,.
v. 10]. Too Fast to Last, by Mills, &c.

Fathers. See Like Father Like Son, by
Payn. Fathers and Sons, by Hook, c..

Faustus. See Tales from Blackwood.

Female Prison Life. See Prodigal?
Daughter, by Hope.

Fenians. See Tales from Blackwood, v.
10, 2nd Series]. When We were Boys,
by O'Brien. Whiteboy [Ireland, 1822],,
by Mrs. Hall. Ireland, &c.

Fenshire. See Witness my Hand [Cas-
sell's Magazine, v. 9].

Fern Islands. See Grace Darling, by Rey-

Field Labourers. See- Peasant Life [in

Field of the Cloth of Gold. See Darnley,
by James. Henry VIII. , &c.

Fife. See Daughter of Fife, by Barr.

Figure-Heads. See In the Middle
Watch, by W. Clark Russell.

Fingal's Cave. See Green Ray, by Verne.

Fires. See Old St. Paul's [Fire of Lon-
don], by Ainsworth. Fighting the
Flames, by Ballantyne. History of the
Plague [Fire and Plague, England,
1665], by Defoe, &c.

Fishermen. See Fisherman of Ange.
[St. P. M., v. 6]. Fisherman's Daughters.
[Sunday at Home, v. 15]. Jack the
Fisherman, by Phelps, c.

Flanders. See Lion of Flanders, by Con-
science. Tales of Flemish Life, by Con-
science. Tales of Old Flanders, by
Conscience. Veva, by Conscience, &c.

Fleet Prison. See Chaplain of the Fleet,,
by Besant and Rice;

Flirtations. See Modern Flirtations, by

Florida. See Jack Tier [Reefs], by Cooper.
Stephen Mitchell, by Robbins (L. H.,
v. 27]. Tales from Blackwood [Pirates].

Flower- Girls. See Flower-Girl of
Hampstead [Sunday at Home, v. 15]^





Folk-Lore. See Folk and Fairy Tales,
by Harrison.

Fools. See Fool's Errand, by Tourgee.
Fool's Task [Corn., v. 59], Knaves and
Fools, by Whitty, &c.

Foreign Lands. See Sunny Memories of
Foreign Lands, by Stowe. Travels.

Foreign and English Life. See Stories
of English and Foreign Life, by Howitt.

Foresters. See Foresters, by Wilson.

Forests. See Afar in the Forest, by
Kingston. Forest Exiles, by Reid.
Martin Rattler, by Ballantyne. Forest
of Vazon [Guernsey]. Dick Sands, and
the Giant Raft [American Forests], by
Verne. New Forest, &c.

Forgery. See Forgery, or Best Inten-
tions, by James. Forged Will [Leisure
Hour, v. n]. Diary of a late Physician,
by Warren, &c.

Forgiveness. See David Fleming's For-
giveness [Sunday at Home, v. 25].

Fortune. See Fanny's Fortune, by Craig-
Knox [Q., v. 17]. Fickle Fortune, by
Werner. Fight with Fortune, by Col-
lins. Phantom Fortune, by Miss Brad-
don, &c.

Foster Brothers. See Collegians, by Griffin.
Foster Brothers of Doon [L. H., v. 13].
Hector O'Halloran, by Maxwell.

Foxes. Reynard the Fox, by Roscoe.
Uncle Remus, by Harris, c.

FRANCE. See Adventures in the French
War [Cham., v. 51]. Agincourt [isth
Century], by G. P. R. James. Atelier
du Lys [French Revolution, 1793], by
Roberts. Ben Brace [French Empire,
Sea, French War,] by Chamier. The Con-
script [French Empire, 1813], by Erck-
mann Chatiran. Constable of France,
by Grant. Crecy and Poictiers [i4th
Century], by J. G. Edgar. Dear Neigh-
bours [French and English], by Max
O'Rell. Delphine [French Revolution,
1790], by Stael-Holstein. Docteur Noir
[French Revolution], by Lovell. Drat
the Boys [French and English], by
Max O'Rell. Exile's Trust [French
Revolution] [L. H., v. 16]. The Hugue-
not [French Protestants], by James.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame [Old
Paris], by Victor Hugo. In the
Desert [Before the Revolution], by Al-
cock [S. M., v. 12]. The Invasion of
France [Russian Invasion, 1814], by
Erckmann-Chatrian. Joan the Maid
[War in, Joan of Arc, isth Century],
by Mrs. Charles. Kenneth [the Rus
Campaign, 1812]. Life and Opinions
of Tristram Shandy, by Sterne. Life
in a French Village. Martin Toutrond,
by Morier. Memoirs of Vidocq [French
Police]. Les Miserables [French Em-
pire, 1815], by Victor Hugo. Monsieur
at Home, by Rhodes. The Pierrotts
[French Life] [Leisure Hour, v. 4].
Pickwick Abroad, by Reynolds. The
Queen's Necklace [French Court,
i8th Century], by Dumas. Richelieu

[Tale of the i6th and i7th Century],
by James. Romance of History, by
Ritchie. The Polish Lancer [French
Empire, the, Rus Campaign, 1812], by
S. Rellstab. Sealed Orders [First French
Revolution], by Marsh. The Shadow
of the Sword [Napoleon's Return from
Elba], by R. Buchanan. Soldier's For-
tune [French Revolution], by Marsh.
Stories of Waterloo [French Empire,..
1815], by W. H. Maxwell. Sydonie's
Dowry, by Miss Roberts. Tale of Two-
Cities [French Revolution, 1793], by
Dickens. That Little Frenchman [O.
a W., v. 29]. Ticonderoga [French War
in America, i8th Century], by James.
The Twin Captains [French Empire,
1804], by Dumas. Veva [French Repub-
lic], by Conscience. Viva [French
Society], by Forrester. War and Peaca
[at Moscow], by Tolstoi. Waterloo, by
Erckmann-Chatrian. Winnie's History.
Tales of the First Revolution, collected
by Marsh. Also under About, Dumas,.
Hugo, Sic., and places, e.g., Paris, &c.

Franco- German War. See Max Cro-
mer [Siege of Strasburg, igth Cen-
tury], by Hesba Stretton. Sinless
Secret, by Rita. Story of the Ple-
biscite, by Erckmann-Chatrian. Young
Franc-Tireurs, by G. A. Henty.
; Frederick II., King of Prussia. See

Moral Tales, v. i, by Edgeworth.
; Frederic of Saxony. See Chronicles of
the Schonberg-Cotta Family, by Mrs.

Frederick the Great. See Consuelo [i8th,

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