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Century], by G. Sand.

Friendship. See First Friendship [Fras.
M., v. 661. Friends and Lovers, by
Thomas. Friends though Divided, by
Henty. Man of Many Friends, by
Hook, &c.

Frivolous Girl. See Confessions of a
Frivolous Girl, edited by Grant.

Fur Traders. See Snow Shoes and
Canoes, by Kingston. Young Fur-
Traders, &c.

Gallant Deeds. See Our Soldiers, by
Kingston Our Sailors, by Kingston.
Ballantyne, Henty, Kingston, &c.

Galloway. See Lone House, by E. Barr-
[Leisure Hour, v. 36].

Gambler. See Gambler's Wife, by Grey_

Garibaldians. See Phayre Phantom, by
Hopkins [Leisure Hour, v. 36].

Garrison Gossip. See Garrison Gossip,
by Winter.

Garry Owen. See Collegians, by Griffin.

Gaul and Italy. See Attila [sth Century],,
by James.

George I., Times of. See Captain Sin-
gleton [Buccaneers, i8th Century], by
De Foe. Father Clement, by Grace
Kennedjr. Henry Smeaton, by James..
Preston Fight, by Ainsworth, &c.





'George II., Times of. See For James or
George [Schoolboys' Tale of 1745], by
A lams [B. O. A., v. 6]. The Gipsy, by G.
P. R. James. The Lord Mayor of
London, by Ainsvvorth. The Miser's
Daughter, by Ainsworth.

"George III., Times of. See Surgeon's
Daughter, by Scott. The Tapestried
Chamber, by Scott.

George I. II. III. IV. Sea Four

Georges, by Thackeray.
Georgia. See Guy Rivers, by Simms.

GERMANY. See Rent in a Cloud, by
Lever. Also A, Y. R., v. n. Tales
from the German, by Oxenford and
Feiling. Tales from the German of
Zschokke, by Godwin. Tarantella, by
Blind. Two Pastors [Life in] [Sun-
day at Home, v. 7]. Also Goethe, Taut-
phaeus, Auerbach, &c.

Ghent. See Old Margaret [The Nether-
lands, 1 5th Century], by H. Kingsley.
Mary of Burgundy [Revolt of], by James.

Ghosts. See Four Ghost Stories, by
Molesworth. Tales from Blackwood.

Gibraltar. See Stirring Stories [Siege of],
by Macaulay.

"Gipsies. See The Gipsy, by James.
Gipsy Girl of Sorrento [S. at H., v. 25].
Lavengro, by Borrow.

Giraffes'. See Giraffe Hunters, by Reid.

OIRLS. See Little Women, by Alcott.
Only a Girl Wife, by Lamb [G. O. A.,
v. 7]. Story of a Happy Little Girl.
Studies for Stories [Girls' Lives], by
Ingelow. Sybil's Book, by Lady Barker.
Three Years of a Girl's Life [G. O. A.,
v. i]. Young Girl's Life, by Farjeon,
Also A.L.O.E., Brock, Carey, Hope,
Lamb, Strotton, Phelps, Stowe, We-
therell, Worboise, Yonge, &c.

'Glacier. See Rivers of Ice, by Ballan-
tyne. Ice, &c.

Glenaldie. See Peasant Life [Villagers
and Field Labourers in].

Godiva. See Lady Godiva [Coventry,
Canute, nth Century], by Marsh.

Gog and Magog. See Tower of London,
by Ainsworth.

Gold. See Adventures in the Comanche
Country [Mines], by Webber. Dead
Man's Secret [Valley of], by Murdoch.
Eldorado, by Taylor. Three Diggers,
by P. Clarke. California, &c.
'Good Deeds. See Two Pilgrims, by

Good People. See Tales of Good and

Great Kings, by Tytler.

'Goodwin Sands. See Floating Light of
the Goodwin Sands, by Ballantyne.

'Gordon (General). See Stirring Stories,
by Macaulay. Marvellous Conquest, by
Laurie [Boys' Own Annual, v. n].

Gordon Riots, 1780. See Barnaby Rudge,

by Dickens.
Gorilla, The. See Gorilla Hunters, by


'Gospel. See Pomponia, by Webb. Re-
ligion, Christianity, &c.

Governess. See Only the Governess, by
Miss Carey.

Grace Darling. See Grace Darling, by

Grammar Schools. See The Two Chums
[Boys' Own Annual, v. 5]. Tom Brown's
Schooldays, by Hughes.

Granada, Conquest of. Sea Alhambra,
by Irving. Leila, by Lytton.

Grand Cairo. See Cornhill to Grand
Cairo, by Thackeray.

Great Armada. See In the Days of the
Great Armada [Sunday at H., v. 35].

Great Eastern Steamship. Sei Floating
City, by Verne.

Great People. See Tales of Good and
Great Kings, by Tytler.

Greece. See Glaucia [Christianity at
Athens], by E. Leslie. Three Greek
Children, by Church.

Gresham (Sir T.). See Golden Grass-
hopper, by Kingston.

Grey (Lady Jane). See Lady Jane Grey
[i6th Century], by T. Miller. The
Tower of London, by Ainsworth.

Guadaloupe. See Oliver Ellis [Capture
of, 1794], by Grant.

Guardians. See Perils of Orphanhood,
by Robertson.

Guardsmen. See Forty-Five Guards-
men, by Dumas.

GUERNSEY. See Black Donkey
[Guernsey Boys], by Dale. Charlie's
Courtship [Guerns. M., v. 7.] Circum-
stantial Evidence [Guerns. M.. v. 10].
Dan the Fisher Boy [A short Story of
Guernsey] [Guerns. M., v. 2]. Forest of
Vazon [Legend of the Eighth Century].
Guernsey Lily, by Coolidge. Mrs.
Brown's Visit to Guernsey, by Andros.
Perotine [Historical Tale] [Guerns. M.,
v. 8]. Rachel Mauger [Guerns. M., v.i].
Toilers of the Sea, by Hugo. Castle
Cornet [Civil War], by Haw trey. The
Locket [Old Guernsey], by Hoppus.
St. George's Cross, by Keene. Doctor's
Dilemma, by Stretton.

Guise, Duke of. See One in a Thousand
[Assassination of], and Henry of Guise,
by James.

Gunpowder Plot. See Father Darcy
[1605], by Mrs. Marsh. Guy Fawkes,
by Ainsworth. It Might Have Been
[Story of the], by Holt.

Gustavus Adolphus, Times of. See The
Amber Witch [Pomerania], by J. W.

Gustavus Vasa. See Tales of Good and
Great Kings, by Tytler.

Guy, Earl of Warwick. See Guy, Earl of
Warwick. [Home Treasury of Stories.]

Guy Fawkes. See Guy Fawkes, by Ains-
worth. Father Darcy, by Mrs.
Marsh. Gunpowder Plot, &c.

Hague, The. See The Black Tulip [The
Netherlands, 1672], by Dumas.




Half-Brothers. See Half-Brothers, by

Hallowe'en. See Olivia's Favour [St.

Paul's Magazine, v. 4.
Hallucination. See Diary of a late

Physician [the Turned Head], by

Hampstead. See Flower Girl of Hamp-

stead [Sunday at Home, v. 15].
Happiness. See Millicent Kendrick, by

Worboise. Happiness of being Rich,

by Conscience, c.
Harrogate. See Modern Flirtations, by

Haunted. See Story of a Haunted

House, by Lee. Ghosts, &c.
Hayti. See The Hour and the Man

[Toussaint L'Ouverture], by Martineau.
Headsman. See Headsman, by Cooper.
Heart. See Morley Ernstein, by James.

Diary of a late Physician [the Broken

Heart], by Warren.
Hebrides. See St. Clair of the Isles [and

James I., Scotland, isth Century], by

Heidelberg. See Heidelberg, by


Heiress. See Greatest Heiress in Eng-
land, by Oliphant.
Henri Quatre, King of France. See Tales

of Good and Great Kings, by Tytler.

One in a Thousand, by James.
Henry VIII., Times of. See Household

of Sir Thomas More. Three Ages, by

Martineau. Windsor Castle, by Ains-

worth. Tor Hill, by Horace Smith.

Constable of the Tower, by Ainsworth.
Henry of Guise. See Henry of Guise, by

James. One in a Thousand, by James.
Her Majesty's Mails. See Post Haste, by

Heraldry. See Romance of Heraldry,

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 3],
Heroism. See Gulab Singh, by Martin

[B. O. A., v. n]. See also works by

Ballantyne, Kingston, &c.
Highlands. See All by Himself, by

Hope. My Heart's in the Highlands.

Portent. Reminiscences of a Highland

Parish, by MacLeod. Rob Roy, by

Scott. Macleod of Dare and Princess

of Thule, by Black. Works by Scott,

Scotland, &c.
Hindu Life. See Hindu Life in Bengal,

by Chatterjee. India, &c.
History. See Dark Scenes of History,

by James. Romance of History, by

Ritchie. Romance of History, by

Macfarlane. Also under Names of

Countries, Kings, c.
Hobgoblin. See Hobgoblin and Demon,

by De Witt [E. B. A., 1887]. Grimm's

and Andersen's Fairy Tales.
Holiday Tramp. See Our Holiday

Tramp, by Millington [B. O. A., v. 2].
Holy Scriptures. See Women of Israel,

by Aguilar. Religion, Scriptures, &c.
Holyrood. See Queen's Maries, by Mel-
ville. Bothwell, by Grant, &c.

Home. See Our Old Home, by Haw-
thorne. We Girls, by Whitney. Home
Influence and Scenes, by Aguilar, &c.

Honest. See - Provide Things Honest
[Girls' Own Annual, v. 3].

Honour. See Barren Honour, by Law-

Hope. See Faith, Hope, and Charity, by
Lisle. Crooked Places, by Garrett
[Sunday Magazine, 1871], Your Life
and Mine [Sunday Magazine, v. 2].

Horses. See About buying a Horse, by
Burnand. Black Beauty, by Sewell.
Recollections of an Equestrian Manager,
by Montague [Chambers, v. 57]. War
Trail [Wild Horses], by Reid, &c.

House-boat. See Strange Adventures of
a House-boat, by Black.

Housekeepers. See Difficulties of a.
Young Housekeeper [and How she Over-
came them], by Hope [G. O. A., v. 2].

Houses. See Our New House, by Wor-

Hudson Eay. See Hudson Pay [Life in
the Wilds of North America], by Ballan-
tyne. Snowshoes and Canoes, by King-.

HUGUENOTS, The. See Constable
de Bourbon, by Ainsworth. Huguenot
[ France, i7th Century], by G. P. R. James.
Huguenot Family, by S. Tytler. Ja-
rousseau, by Westall [Christian World,
1886]. Memoirs of a Huguenot Family,
by Fontaine, &c.

Humour. See Mark Twain's Library of
Humour. Tales of Mystery, by Poe.
English Humourists, by Thackeray.

Hungary. See Interpreter [Miscellane-
ous, igth Century], by Whyte Melville..
Story of the Faith in Hungary [Sunday
at Home, v. 14], &c.

HUNTING. See Hendricks the Hunter
[Tale of Zululand], by Kingston.
Hunter's Feast, by Reid. Hunting
Sketches, by Trollope. In the Wilds of"
Florida [and Warfare], by Kingston.
KangaroD Hunters, by Bowman, &c.

Husbands. See Husband and Wife, by

Garrett [S. M., v. 17].
Wives, by Worboise.
Lord, by Linton, &c.

Husbands and
Under Which

Ice, Icebergs, &c. See Among the Ice-
bergs [O. a W., v. 35]. Ice Desert, by
Verne. Rivers of Ice, by Ballantyne..
Winter Amid the Ice, by Verne. World
of Ice, by Ballantyne, &c.

Imagination. See Tales of Mystery,
&c., by Poe.

Incas. See Last of the Incas, by Aimard.

Independence. See De Vere [the Man
of], by Ward.

INDIA. See Duke of Albany's Highlanders
[and Afghanistan, igth Century], by
Grant. Fire and Sword [Indian Mu-
tiny] by Gray [O. a W. , v. 39]. I Iderim the
Afghan, by Ker [B. O. A.", v. 8]. Indian
Summer, by Howells [Harp., v. 71]. In.





my Indian Garden, by Robinson. In
Times of Trouble [Mutiny of], by Henty.
Mr. Isaacs, by Crawford. Plain Tales
of the Hills, by Kipling. Soldier Born
[Indian Mutiny], by Groves. Steam
House [Indian Mutiny], by Verne. With
dive in India, by Henty. Young Rajah
[Indian Life and Mutiny], by Kingston.
Eight Days [Indian Mutiny], by Thomas
[Cornhill, v. 62}.

Indian Desert. See Tiger Slayer, by

Indian Ocean. See Man in a Million
[Cas., v. 15]. Mark Sea worth, by King-
ston, &c.

-Indians, American. See Deerslayer [Red],
by Cooper. Mark Thoresby [S. at H.,
v. 4]. Prairie Chief [American], by
Cooper. Redskins, by Cooper. Stories
of the Canadian Forest, by Mrs. Traill.
Comanche Country, by Webber. Also
Works by Aimard, Cooper, Reid, &c.

Inheritance. See Inheritance, by Fer-

Inquisition. See Catholics, Jesuits, &c.

Insurrection of 1715. See Preston
Fight, by Ainsworth.

Intellect. See Modern Accomplishments,
by Sinclair. Modern Society, by Sin-
clair, &c.

Interior of the Earth. See Journey into
the Interior of the Earth, by Verne.
Deep Down, by Ballantyne, &c.

Intriguing. See Diary of a late Phy-
sician [and Madness], by Warren.

-IRELAND and the Irish. See Black Pro-
phet, by Carleton. Castle Rackrent
Irish Character, i8th Century], by M.
Edgeworth. Confessions of Con Cregan
[Irish Gil Bias], by Lever. Croppy, The
[Insurrection of 1798], by B. Banim.
Emigrants of Abadarra [Irish Life], by
Carleton. Essay on Irish Bulls [Irish
Bulls], by Edgeworth. Granvilles, by
Talbot. Handy Andy [Irish Life], by
Lover. Heart of Erin [Story of To-
Day], by Blackburn. Ireland [Fatality,
Crime, &c.], by Martineau. Irish
Chieftain, by Maturin. Irish Girl, by
Sedgwick. Irish Sketch-Book, by
Thackeray. John Inglesant [Irish Re-

Thackeray. Jonn ingiesant urisn K.e-
beilion, Charles I.], by Shorthouse. Last
Monarch of Tara. Legends and Stories
of Ireland, by Lover. The Lords of
Strogue [Insurrection of Emmet, 1803]
by Lewis Wingfield. O'Dpnnel, by
Morgan. Paddiana [Irish Life]. Re-
becca Rioter [Killarney Life], by Dill-
wyn. Rivals, by Griffin. Sir Brooke
Fossbroke, by Lever. Tales and
Sketches [Irish Peasantry], by Carleton.
That Boy of Norcott's, by Lever. Thy
Name is Truth. Tim Cronin, by Mrs.
Hoare [Ch. M.]. Tithe Proctor [Church
Imposts], by W. Carleton. Valentine
M'Clutchy [Irish Agent, Grievances,
&c.], by Carleton. When we were Boys,
by O'Brien. Whiteboy, by Hall. Eva,
{English Conquest, i2th Century], by


Maturin. Knight of Gwynne [Legis-
lative Union, igth Century], by C.
Lever. Also following authors: Carleton,
Banim, Hall, Lever, Lover, Maxwell, &c.

Ironmaster. See Ironmaster, by Ohnet.

Isabel of Bavaria. See Isabel of Bavaria,
by Dumas.

Isle of France. See George [Planter of
the], by Dumas.

Isle of Man. See Peveril of the Peak,
by Sir Walter Scott.

Israel. See Journeying of Children of
Israel, by Brock. Rescued from Egypt,
by A Lady of England, &c.

ITALY. See Pictures from Italy, by
Dickens. Attila[and Gaul, sth Cent.], by
G. P. R. James. Betrothed, The [Plague
at Milan, i7th Century], by Manzoni.
Conquering and to Conquer [Christian-
ity, times of St. Jerome, sth Century],
by Mrs. Charles. Jovinian [Early Days,
of Papal Rome, 4th Century], by W. H.
G. Kingston. Lapsed not Lost [Early
Christianity, ist Cent.], by Mrs. Charles.
Leonora D'Orco [French Invasion of,i5th
Century], by G. P. R. James. Life
and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, by
Sterne. Pictures from Italy, by Dickens.
Pomponia [Christianity in Rome and
Britain, ist Century], by Mrs. Webb.
Rent in a Cloud, by Lever [A. Y. R.,
v. 11]. Romance of History, by Mac-
farlane. Stories from the History of
Italy, by Manning. Valentino, by
Astor. Victory of the Vanquished
[Early Christianity, ist Century], by
Mrs. Charles, &c.

Jack Sheppard. See Jack Sheppard, by

JACOBITES. See Adventures of Rob
Roy [Conspiracies, i8th Century], by
Grant. Black Dwarf, The [Conspiracies
of the, Scotland, i8th Century], by Scott.
Henry Smeaton, by James. Old Manor
House, by Charlotte Smith. Red
Gauntlet [Conspiracies, i8th Century],
by Scott. Waverley, by Scott, &c.

Jamaica. See Captain's Story [L. H.,v. 8].

James I. of England, Days of. See Ara-
bella Stuart [i7th Century], by G. P. R.
James. Fortunes of Nigel, by Scott.
Star Chamber, by Ainsworth, &c.

James II., of England. See For James or
George [School-boy Tale of 1745], by
Adams. James II., by Ainsworth. Lorna
Doone, by Blackmore, &c.

James I. of Scotland. See The Caged
Lion [Captivity of, isth Century], by C.

M. Yonge.
James II. of Scotland, Times of. See

the Captain of the Guard [isth. Century],

by Grant.
James V., Times of. See The Braes of

Yarrow [i6th Century], by C. Gibbon.
Japan. See Curse of Koshiu, by Wing-





Jean De Bourbon. See Son of the Con-
stable of France, by Kingston.

Jersey. Se.e Mount Orgueil Castle [a
Tale during the War of the Roses], by
Corbiere. Fortress, The. Channel Is-
lands, &c.

Jerusalem. See Naomi, by Webb.

Jesuits. See Ascanio [France, i6th Cen-
tury], by Dumas. Confessor [Tale of
the Times], by Hardy. John Inglesant,
by Shorthouse. Jesuit [Policy of the
Order], by Spindler, &c.

Jesus. See Mary, Queen of the House of
David [Mother of Jesus, a Story of her
Life], by Walsh. Prince of the House
of David [Life of], by Ingraham, &c.

Jet-Hunters. See Within the Clasp, by
Harwood [Cassell's, v. 9].

Jewels. See Danvers Jewels [Temple
Bar, v. 79].

JEWS. See Adonijah [Jewish Dispersion],
by Strickland. Helon of Alexandria
[Sunday at Home, v. 30]. Prince of the
House of David, by Ingraham. Reuben
Sachs [Jews in Modern Society], by Levy.
Vale of Cedars [Expulsion of], and
Women of Israel, by Aguilar, c.

J"oan of Arc. See Joan the Maid, by

John (King- of England), Times of. See
Royston Gower [isth Century], by T.
Miller. Ivanhoe, by Scott, &c.

Joint Stock Company, &c. See Tales from
Blackwood, v. 5, 2nd series. Joint
Stock Banker, by Costello, &c.

Jokes. See Letters to Punch, by Ward
and Twain. Humour, &c.

Jones (Paul, American Privateer Cap-
tain). See Stirring Stories, byMacaulay.

Joy. See Joy after Sorrow, by Riddell.

Judaea. See Gladiators, by Melville.

Jungle. See Back to Life, by Hutchin-
son [Boys' Own Annual, v. 10]. India.

3affirland. See Jasper Lyle, by Ward.
Six Months at the Cape, by Ballantyne.

.Kaffirs. See Jess, by Haggard. Story of
an African Farm, by Iron.

^Kangaroos. See Kangaroo Hunters, by
Bowman. Australia, &c.

^Kensington. See Dingy House at Ken-
sington [Quiver, v. 15]. Old Kensing-
ton, by Thackeray [Cornhill, v. 25], &c.

Killarney Life. See Rebecca Rioter [Ire-
land], by Dillwyn. Ireland, &c.

.Kindness. See Friendly Hands and
Kindly Words. Kindness in Women,
by Bayly. Magic of Kindness, by May-
hew, &c.

Kings. See Tales of Good and Great
Kings, by Tytler. Names of Kings, &c.

Knaves. See Knaves and Fools, by Whitty.

Knights Templars. See Talisman, by
Scott. Ivanhoe, by Scott.

Lake Dwellers. See Realmah, by Helps

[Mac., v. 17].
Lancashire. See Caleb Booth's Cierk,

by Banks. Leaguer of Lathom, by

Ainsworth. That Lass o' Lowrie's, by

Burnett, &c.
La Rochelle. See Three Musketeers, by

Lake Country.

See Beckside Boggle, by

Laurie (Annie). See Scottish Cavalier,

by Grant.
La Vende'e. See Brittany, by Souvestre.

La Vende'e, by Trollope, &c.
Lectures. See Mrs. Caudle's Curtain

Lectures, by Jerrold. Lecture at the

Egyptian Hall, by Ward, &c.
Left-handed. See Left-handed Elsa

[Living Age, v. 128].
Legacies. See Dashmarton's Legacy

[C. J., v. 13]. Lady Livingston's Legacy

[C. J., v. 50]. Miss Barkle's Legacy,

by Cuming [C. J., v. 65]. Terrible

Legacy, by Appleton, c.
Legends. See Legend of Montrose [Cove-

nanters, ijth Century], by Scott. Also

Works by Hawthorne, Lover. Carleton,

Hall, Scott, &c.
Leigh (Sir Amyas). See Westward Ho !

by Kingsley.
Leyden. See Burgomaster's Wife [Siege

of], by Ebers.
Lieutenants. See Three Lieutenants,

by Kingston. Also Naval and Military

LIFE. See Daltons [Three Roads in], by

Lever. Experience of Life, by Sewell.

Game of Life, by Ritchie. Lares and

Penates, by Mrs. Caddy. Life's

Changes, by Giberne [S. at H., v. 26].

Life's Fitful Fever, by Hopkins [C. F.

M., v. 13]. Margaret Torrington, by

Worboise, &c.

Lifeboat. See Lifeboat, by Ballantyne.
Lighthouse. See Lighthouse, by Ballan-

Lightship. See Richard Cable, the

Lightshipman, by Gould [Chambers, v.

64 ; Living Age, v. 172].
Lincolnshire. See Lincolnshire Heroine,

by Whelpton.
Lisbon. See Tales from Blackwood, v.

12, second series.
Livelihood. See How we Girls Earned

our Living [Cassell's Magazine, v. 6].
Livingstone. See Great African Travel-

lers, by Kingston and Frith.
Livonia. See Livonian Tales, by Rigby.
Logs. See Missing Ships, by Kingston.

Log of the Flying Fish, by Colling wood.
Lollards, The. See White Rose of Lang-

ley, by Emily S. Holt.
Lombardy. See Vittoria [Lombard

Campaign], by Meredith.
LONDON. See Alone in London, by
tres df Echvard Osborne
6th Century], liy Man-
don, by Hatton. Fight-
s-Hvondon Fires], by Bal-
arus in London [Poor], by
Legend, by Fenn


A 4




[O. a W., v. 38]. Martin Toutrond, by
Morier. Romance of London, by Timbs.
William Fitz-Osbert [Time of Richard
I.]. London Life, by H. James. Also
Works by Dickens, '1 imbs, Sala, &c.

Louis XI. SeeQuentin Durward [France,
i5th Century], by Scott.

Louis XIV. See Preacher and the King,
by Bungener.

Louis XV. See Memoirs of a Physician
[Death of], by Dumas.

Louis XVI. See Julian [Close of Reign],
by Hungener.

LOVE and Lovers. See Capriccio, by Carr.
Counterparts. Course of True Love, by
Reade. Cynthia [Lovers]. For Love
and Life, by Oliphant. Friends and
Lovers, by Thomas. Letty Hyde's
Lovers, by Grant. Love, by Bury.
Love and Duty, by Fern [F. F.]. Love
and Life, by Yonge. Love Match, by
Maberly. Love's a Tyrant, by Thomas
[Time M., v. 43]. Marjorie Bruce's
Lovers, by Patrick. Mr. Carrington, by
Cotton [St. P.'s M., v. 12]. Mr. Gilfil's
Love Story [L. A., v. 53]. Modern
Lover, by Moore. Old Man's Love, by
Trollope. Old Soldier's Love Story, by
Despard [Cassell's Family Magazine, v.
12]. Three Love Dreamers [Living Age,
v. 53]. Two Pilgrims, by Tolstoi', &c.

Loyalty. See March of Loyalty, by

Luther (Martin). See Chronicles of the
Schonberg-Cotta Family, by Mrs.

Maccabeean Times. See The Hammer,

by Church and Seeley.
Maccabees. See Helon of Alexandria

[Sunday at Home, v. 30].
Madagascar. See Fugitives, by Ballan-

M!adness. See Diary of a late Physician

[Intriguing and Madness], by Warren.
Madrid. See Spanish Match, by Ains-
worth. Tales from Blackwood, v. 5,

ist series.

Magellan Straits. See Mysterious Docu-
ment, by Verne.
Magician. See Magician, by Ritchie.

Tales from Blackwood, v. 7, 2nd series.

Stories of the Magicians, by Church.
Maida, Italy. See The Aide-de-Camp

[Campaigns of, 1806], by Grant.
Maids. See Mistress and Maid, by Miss

Muloch. Maiden's Work, by Hope.

Susan Hopley [Maid Servant], by Mrs.

Crowe. Girls, &c.
Mails, Her Majesty's. See Post Haste, by

Maine. See Pearl of Orr's Island, by Mrs.

Maitre d'Armes. See Memoirs of a Maitre

d'Armes, by Dumas.
IVEajuba Hill. See Macaulay's Stories.

[Boer War, South Africa.]
Malice. See Leaven of Malice, by Evelac.

Malta. See The Knight of St. John [The
Siege of, &c., i6th Century], by Miss A.
M. Porter.

Mammon. See Seven Sons of Mammon,
by Sala [Tern. Bar, v. i|.

Man about Town. See Diary of a late
Physician, by Warren.

Manchester. See Manchester Strike, by
Martineau. Mary Barton, by Mrs.
Gaskell. Pilgrim Street [a Story of
Manchester Life], by Stretton. Man-
chester Man, by Mrs. Banks.

Mandarin. See Mandarin's Daughter
[Leisure Hour, v. 23].

MANNERS. See Right Honourable, by
McCarthy and Praed. Beau Nash
[Fashionable, England, i8th Century],
by Ainsworth. Leonora D'Orco [France,
i6th Century], by James. Rose d'Albret
[France, i6th Century], by James.
Richelieu [France], ijth Century], by
James. Sidonia the Sorceress [Pome-
rania, i6th Century], by J. W. Mein-
hold, &c.

Manoeuvring. See Manoeuvring, by

Man-o'-War's Bell. See Autobiography,
by Low [Every Boy's Annual, 1874].

Manufacturers. See The Manufacturers,
by Edgeworth.

Manufacturing Districts. See Manches-
ter Strike, by Miss Martineau. Mary
Barton, by Mrs. Gaskell. North and
South, by Mrs. Gaskell, &c.

Manuscript. See Manuscript Man.
[Sunday at Home, v. 15],

Maoris. See Adventures of Three Eng-
lishmen, &c., by Verne.

Margaret of Scotland. See Days of Yore
[i5th Century], by S. Tytler.

Marguerite de Valois. See Marguerite
de Valois, by Dumas.

Maria Therese. See the Citizen of
Prague [Germany, i8th Century], by H..
J. Paalgow [trans, by Mary Howitt].

Mariners. See Further Adventures or
Joshua Hawespipe, by Low [Every
Boy's Annual, 1869],

Marlborough Wars. See Cornet of
Horse, by Henty.

MARRIAGE. See Compulsory Marri-
age, by Maillard. Ill-Omened Marriage,
.by Lytton. Marriage, by Miss Ferrier.
Marrying and Giving in Marriage, by
Mrs. Molesworth. Story of a Strange
Marriage, by Falconer, &c.

Married Life. See Two Tales of Married
Life, by Craik and Stirling. Married
Life, by Worboise.

Martyrs. See Vale of Cedars, by
Aguilar. Anne Askew, by Manning,
Cardinal Pole [Days of William and
Mary], by Ainsworth, c.

Mary (The Virgin). See Mary the Queen
of the House of David [Story of her
Life], by Walsh.

Mary, Queen of England, Days of. See
Cardinal Pole [i6th Century], by Ains-
worth. Protestant, by Bray. Golden





Grasshopper, by Kingston. Constable
of the Tower, by Ainsworth. Protestant
[Daysof i6th Century], by Mrs. Bray,&c.
Mary of Burgundy. See Mary of Bur-
gundy, by James.

Mary, Queen of Scots. See Abbot [Scot-
land, i6th Century], by Scott. Both-
well, by Grant. Crichton, by Ains-
worth. Monastery, by Scott. Queen's
Maries [Days of, i6th Century], by Mel-
ville, &c.
Massachusetts. See Lionel Lincoln

[Siege of], by Cooper.

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