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May Day, May Pole, &c. See Queen of
the May, by Beale [G. O. A., v. 2].
Star Chamber, by Ainsworth, &c.
Mazarin. See Cardinal Mazarin [1710
Century], by Dumas. Twenty Years
After, by Dumas.
Medals. See My Peninsular Medal

[Blackwood's Magazine, v. 66].
Medici. See Caesar Borgia [Girlhood of
Catherine De Medici], by E. Robinson.
Catherine de Medici, by T. A. Trollope.
Crichton, by Ainsworth.
Meekness. See Weaver of Naumberg

[Leisure Hour, v. 5],

Melancthon (P.). See Chronicles of the
Schonberg - Cotta Family, by Mrs.

Men and Women. See Cornelius O'Dowd

[and other things in general], by Lever.

Menzikoff (Prince). See Czarina [Exile

of], by Mrs. Hofland. Crimea, &c.
Merchants. See Darien, by Warburton.
Merchant Prince, by Harwood. Diary
of a late Physician [Ruined Merchant],
by Warren. Diary of a late Physician
[Merchant's Clerk], by Warren.
Mesmerism. Sec Stranger in a Strange

Land, by Clay.
Mesopotamia, nth Century. See Alroy,

by Earl of Beaconsfield.
Methodists, The. See Humphrey Clin-
ker [i8th Century], by Smollett.
Mexico. See Eldorado, by Taylor.
Rifle Rangers [Southern], by Reid, &c.
Midlothian. See Heart of Midlothian,

by Scott. Scotland, &c.
MIDSHIPMEN. See Basil Woolcombe,
by Knight [B. O. A., v. 9]. Marmaduke
Merry, by Kingston. Paddy Finn, by
Kingston. Ralph Somerville [Adven-
ture in the Pacific Ocean], by Eden.
Three Midshipmen, by Kingston. Un-
der the Meteor Flag [Log of a Middy],
by Collingwood, &c.

Military. See Frank Hilton, by Grant.

Tales from Blackwood, v. 3, second

series. Grant, Groves, Henty, Soldiers.

Millionaires. See Paston Carew, by

Linton [T. B., v. 76]. Millionaire, by

Jennings [Black., v. 133]. Millionaire's

Cousin [Living Age, v. 164], &c.

Milton, Days of. See The Diary of

Mary Powell [ijth Century], by Miss


Mines. See Master of the Mine, by
Buchanan. Vicar's People [Cornish],

by G. M. Fenn. Deep Down, by
Ballantyne. Menhardoc, by Fenn.
Ministers. See Minister's Charge, by
Howells. Minister's Family, by Hether-
ington. Minister's Wooing, by Stowe.
Miser. See Paston Carew, by Linton

[Temple Bar, v. 76].
Misjudged. See Misjudged, by Mrs.

Missionary. See Missionary, by Miss

Owenson. Old Helmet, by Wetherell.
Mississippi. See Life on the Mississippi,

by Twain.
Misunderstood. See Misunderstood,

by Montgomery.
Modern Life. See Tolla, by About.

Strathrowan, by M. H.
Mohawks. See Mohawks, by Braddon.
Mohicans. See Last of the Mohicans, by


Money. See Half a Million of Money, by

Edwards [A. Y. R., v. 13]. Mr. Mont-

morency's Money, by Worboise.

Monks. See Father Fabian, by Worboise.

Monk, by Mrs. Sherwood. Homo Sum

[Monks, Arabia, 3rd Century], byEbers.

Monks of Thelma, by Besant and Rice.

Monmouth (Duke of). See Barony

[Monmouth's Rebellion, i7th Century],

by Miss A. M. Porter. Danvers Papers

[Monmouth's Rebellion, i7th Century],

by C. M. Yonge, &c.

Mont Blanc. See To the Top of Mont

Blanc [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9].
Mont Orgueil Castle. See Mont Orgueil
Castle [a Tale of Jersey during the
Wars of the Roses], by Corbiere. The
Fortress, Channel Islands, &c.
Mont9 Carlo. _ See Last Stake, by

Madame Foli. Zero, by Praed.
Montrose. See Legend of Montrose, by


Moods. See Moods, by Alcott.
Moon. See From the Earth to the Moon,
by Verne. Around the Moon, by
Verne. Marvellous Conquest, by Laurie
[Boys' Own Annual, v. n].
MOSCOW. See War and Peace [French

at], by Tolstoi. Russia, &c.
MOTHERS. See Home Memories
[Echoes of a Mother's Voice], by Mrs.
Brock. Home Influence, by Aguilar.
How the Home was Won Back [Story
for Mothers], by Reaney. Mother's Mis-
take, by Mrs. Ellis [Family Friend,
v. 9]. Mother's Recompense, by Aguilar.
Diary of a Late Physician [Mother and
Son], by Warren.
Mountains. See Milly and Oily [Among

the], by Ward.

MungO Park. See Great African Travel-
lers, by Kingston and Frith.
Murder. See Murder of Nick Vedden, by
Besant. Tales from Blackwood [Mur-
derer's Last Night], v. 4, ist series.
Called Back, by Conway, &c.
Musician. See In the Days of Mozart,
by Watson [Girls' Own Annual, v. 8J.
Musicians [Family Friend, v. 16.]






Mussulman. See Zulaka Bee [Sunday
at Home, v. 28].

MUTINY. See Did She Love Him, by
Grant. Ihe Dilemma [India], by Ches-
ney. Fairer Than a Fairy [India]. In
Times of Peril, by Henty. Mutineers of
the Good Intent [B. O. A., v. 5]. Mutiny
on Board the Ship Lcctnder, by Heldman.
Steam House [In India], by Verne. The'
King's Own [Mutiny of the Nore], by
Marryat. The Young Rajah [India], by
Kingston. Eight Days, a Tale of the
Indian Mutiny, by Thomas [Cornhill, v.

Mystery. See Mrs. Matthews, by Mrs.
Trollope. Tales of Mystery, by E. A.
Poe, &c.

Nabob. See Indian Nabob [L. H., v. 7].

Nana Sahib. See Steam House, by Verne.
Indian Mutiny, &c.

NAPOLEON Bonaparte. See Through
the Snowdrifts [Retreat from Moscow],
by Madame De Witt [E. B. A., 1888].
Polish Lancer [Invasion of Russia, 1812],
by Rellstab. Tales from Blackwood,
v. i, ist series. The Shadow of the
Sword [the Return from Elba], by R.
Buchanan ; also under Dumas, Erck-
mann-Chatrian, Hugo, Maxwell.

Nash. (Beau). See Fashionable Manners,
i8th Century, by Ainsworth

Naumberg. See Weaver of Naumberg
[Leisure Hour, v. 5].

NAVY. See Chums, by Severne. For
England, Home, and Beauty [Ninety
Years Ago], by Stables [B. O. A., v. 10].
Hurricane Hurry [Adventures of an Offi-
cer], by Kingston. Naval Officer, by
Marryat. Our Sailors, by Kingston.
See also works by Armstrong, Neale,
Marryat, Kingston, Clark, Russell, &c.

Necklaces. See Pearl-Shell Necklace,
by Hawthorne [G. M., v. 10, N.s.j.
Diamond Necklace, by Dumas, &c.

Needle. See Story of a Needle, by
" A. L. O. E.

Negroes. See Grateful Negro, by Edge-
worth. Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Stowe.

Neighbours. See Mr. Miggs of Dan-
bury and his Neighbours, by Bailey.
Our New Neighbour [Q., v. 23], c.

Nelson (Lord), Days of. See Ben Brace,
by Chamier.

Nephew. See Mrs. Dalrymple's Nephew,
by Mrs. Seamer [C. W., 1879].

Nestorians. See Julamerk [Egypt and
the East, 5th Century], by Mrs. Webb.

Netherlands. See The Burgomaster's
Family [Dutch Character, i8th Century],
by C. Muller. White Hoods, by Bray ;
also Works by Conscience.

New England. See Love for a Life, by
/VValworth [Family Friend].

New Forest. See Children of the New
Forest, by Marryat. Cradock Nowell,
by Blackmore, &c.

New Generation. See Coningsby, by Dis-

New Granada. See In New Granada, by

New York. See We and our Neighbours,
by Stowe [Christian World, 1874].

New Zealand. See Adventures of Three
Englishmen, c., by Verne. Tales Told
Round a New Zealand Camp Fire
[Once a Week, v. 28].

Nicholas I., of Russh. See English
Envoy at the Court of, by Corner.

Nieces. See Mrs. Farquharson's Niece,
by Galbraith [C. J., v. 65].

Nihilism. See A Female Nihilist [Russia,
igth Century], by Lavigne.

Nordenskiold. See Notable Voyages,
by Kingston and Frith.

Nore, Mutiny at the, 1797. See The
King's Own [The Navy], by Marryat.

Norman Conquest. See Here ward the
Wake [England, nth Century], by
C. Kingsley. Behind the Veil [Sir W.
cle Percy], by Holt. Harold, byLytton.
Harold, the Boy Earl, by Hodgetts.

Normandy. See Hearts of Gold [Family
Friend, 1862].

Norsemen. See Erling the Bold and
Norsemen in the West, by Ballantyne.

North Pole. See Adventures of Captain
Hatteras, by Verne. English at the
North Pole, by Verne. Barbicane & Co.
or the Purchase of the Pole, by Verne
[Boys' Own Annual, v. 12], &c.

Northamptonshire. See Holmby
House [Old], by Melville [Living Age,
v. 61]; Eraser's Magazine, v. 59].

Norway. See Feats on the Fiord [Scan-
dinavia, i8th Century], by Miss Mar-
tineau. Strife and Peace, by Bremer.
Thelma, by Corelli. Stork's Nest, by
Vicary, &c.

Nuns. See Nun's Curse, by Riddell. Old
Convents of Paris, by Reybaud.

Nuremberg. See. Linda Tressel, by
Trollope [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 102].

Obscure Life. See Episodes in an Ob-
scure Life [Sunday Magazine, v. 6].

Oil Wells. See Raymond Frezols, by
Laurie [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12].

Oliver Cromwell. See Oliver Cromwell
and the Protectorate, by Wilson.

Opium Eater. See Tales from Black-
wood, v. i, second series.

Orinoco. See Wanderer's Adventures
in the Wilds of Trinidad, by Kingston.

Orphans. See Orphans, by Mrs. Oli-
phant. Perils of Orphanhood, by
Robertson, &c.

Otho IV. See The Castle of Ehren-
stein [Robber Barons, Germany, i3th
Century], by G. P. R. James.

Outlaw. See Guy Rivers [a Tale of
Georgia], by Simms.

Our Own Times. See Clarence, by Mrs.

Oxford. See College Days at Oxford, by
Adams. Verdant Green [Freshman], by

[I0 3 8]




Bede. Tom

Brown at Oxford, by

Pacific. See Crater, or Vulcan's Peak, by
Cooper. Ralph Somerville [Adventures
in the], by Eden.

Paladins. See Last of the Paladins, by
Deslys [Boys' Own Annual, v. 10],

Palestine. See Count Robert of Paris
[and Constantinople, Second Crusade,
nth Century], by Scott. Crusades, &c.

Palmyra. See Letters from Palmyra
[Egypt and the East, 3rd Century], by

Pampas. See Out on the Pampas, by Henty.

Papal Rome. See Jovinian [Early Days
of], by Kingston.

Pardoned. See Pardoned [C. F. M., v. 9].

PARIS. See Crichton [a Romance of, i6th
Century], by Ainsworth. Forty-five
Guardsmen, by Dumas. Lights of
Paris [S. at H., v. 29]. Marchioness
of Brinvilliers [The Poisoner in Old
Paris], by Smith. Hunchback of Notre
Dame, by Hugo. Old Convents of
Paris, by Reybaud. Owen Tudor
[France, i6th Century], by J. Rob-
inson. Slaves of Paris, by Gaboriau.
Paris Sketch Book, by Thackeray, &c.

Parr (Catherine, Queen of Henry VflL).
See Constable of the Tower, by Ains-

Parsonage. See Parsonage, by Topfer.
Parsonage of the Hartz [Sunday at
Home, v. 14]. The Rectory and The
Manor, by Mrs. Brock, &c.

Parsons. See Parsons and Widows, by
Hewlett. Parson's Daughter, by Hook.
Parson's Wife, by Clarke, &c.

Passion. See Passion in Tatters, by
Thomas. Passion and Principle, by Grey
and Shire ff. Portia, by Mrs. Argles, &c.

Patronage. See Patronage, by Edge-

Pauper. See Prince and the Pauper, by

Pausanias. See Pausanias [the Spartan],
by Lytton.

Peasant Life. SeeAdolpheRenouard, by
Ward. Genevieve. Peasant Life, &c.

Pedigree. See Tales from Blackwood, v.
2, 2nd series.

Penal Servitude. See Five Years' Penal
Servitude, by one who has endured it.

Pendle Forest. See Lancashire Witches,
by Ainsworth.

PENINSULAR War, i8th and igth
Century. See Alice Lorraine [Spain and
Portugal], by R. D. Blackmore. The
King's Own Borderers, by Grant. The
Phantom Regiment, by Grant. The Ro-
mance of War, by Grant. Subaltern
[1813], by Gleig, &c.

Pensioners. See Chelsea Pensioners, by

Percy (Sir W. de, Founder of the Hottse
of Northumberland). See Behind the
Veil [Norman Conquest], by Holt.

Peril. See Gulab Singh, by Martin

[Boys' Own An.l, v. n]. Adventure, &c.
PERIODS. Works relating to various

periods will be found in tJie Chrono-

logical^ Index, page 1067.
Perplexities. See Perplexities in Daily

Life, by Whately[Sunday at Home, v. 19].
Persecution. See The Martyrs of Spain

[Spain and Portugal, i6th Century],

by Mrs. Charles. Memoirs of a Physi-
cian [Louis XV., France, i8th Century],

by Dumas, &c.
Perseverance. See Great Heights

gained by Steady Efforts, by Wilson.
Persia. See Julamerk [Nestorians, Egypt

and the East, 5th Century], by Mrs.

\Vebb. Shaving of Shagpat, by Mere-
dith. Arabian Nights, &c.
Perth. See Fair Maid of Perth, by

Scott. Scotland, &c.

Pervert. See Overdale, by Worboise.
Phaeton. See Strange Adventures of a

Phaeton, by Black.
Phantoms. See Phantom Regiment, by

Grant. Phantom Ship, by Marryat.

Phantoms and Realities [Harper, v. 2],
Philip and Mary. See Cardinal Pole

[Days of, Marriage, &c.], by Ainsworth.
Philip Augustus. See Philip Augustus

[France, i3th Century], by James.
Philip, Duke of Orleans [1719]. See

Regent's Daughter, by Dumas.
Philosophers. See Philosophers and

Actresses, by Houssaye. Diary of a Late

Physician [the Martyr Philosopher], by

Philosopher's Pendulum. See Tales

from Blackwood [v. 10, 2nd series].
Physician. See Passages from the Diary

of a Late Physician [Early Struggles],

by Warren.

Pilot. See Pilot, by Cooper.
Pioneers. See Pioneers, by Cooper.
PIRATES. See Madman and the Pirate,

by Ballantyne. Pirate, by Scott. Pirate

and Three Cutters, by Marryat. Pirate

City, by Ballantyne. Pirate Island, by

Bowman [E. B." A. 1866]. Red Rover,

by Cooper. Water Witch, by Cooper.
Plague, Great. Sea Great Plague, by

Mrs. Webb. History of the Plague, by

De Foe. Old St. Paul's, by Ainsworth.

Oliver Wyndham, by Mrs. J. B. Webb.
Plague at Milan. See The Betrothed

Lovers [i7th Century], by A. Manzoni.
Plants. See The Plant Hunters, by Reid.
Playground. See "Marquis" of Tor-

chester, by Paul [B. O. A., v. 9].
Plebiscite. See Story of the Plebiscite,

by Erckmann-Chatrian.
Pluck. See By Sheer Pluck, by Henty.

Raymond Fre'zols, by Laurie [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 12], c.
Poacher. See Poacher, by Marryat.
Poland. See Polish Lancer [Napoleon in

Russia, 1812], by Rellstab. Thaddeus

of Warsaw, by Porter.
POLE. See Barbicane & Co., by Verne.

Giant of the North, by B.Jlantyne.





Wild Adventures Round the Pole, by
Stables [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] ; also
works by Verne, Ballantyne, &c.

Pole (Cardinal). See Cardinal Pole, by

Politics. See Adolphe Renouard [Politi-
cal Clubs], by Ward. De Vere [Political
Life, i8th Century], by R. P. Ward.
Pity of It, by Smith. The Right
Honourable, by Praed and McCarthy.

Polynesian Life. See Typee, by Mel-
ville. South Seas, &c.

Polynesian Sea. See Arab Wife [Cham-
bers' Journal, v. 53].

Pomerania. See Mitslav, by Milman.
Sidonia the Sorceress [Manners in], by
J. W. Meinhold.

Pompeii. See Last Days of Pompeii, by

Pomponia. See Pomponia [Gospel in
Caesar's Household, by Mrs. Webb
[Sunday at Home, v. 13].

Poor, The. See Poor Folk [A. Y. R., v.
6iJ. Poor Man's Wife [Quiver, v. 28].
Poor Gentleman, by Mrs. Oliphant
[Leisure Hour, v. 35]. Diary of a Late
Physician [and Rich], by Warren.

Popish Plots. See Guy Fawkes [James I.,
ijth Century], by Ainsworth. Peveril of
the Peak [1678], by Scott.

Portsmouth. See By Celia's Arbour, by
Besant and Rice, and Marryat's works.

Portugal. See The Talba [Spain and
Portugal, isth Century], by Mrs. Bray.

Poverty. See Pinch of Poverty [Sunday
Magazine, v. 17].

PRAIRIES. See Borderers, by Cooper.
Dog Crusoe and His Master [Western],
by Ballantyne. Prairie, by Cooper.
Prairie Flower, by Aimard. Prairie
Chief, by Ballantyne. Red Cloud, by
Butler. Waif of the Plains [Prairie
Life], by Bret Harte, and following
authors : Aimard, Cooper, Reed, &c.

Prejudice. See Pride and Prejudice, by

President. See President's Daughter, by

Preston. See Preston Fight, by Ains-

Pride. See Pride and Prejudice, by
Austen. Proper Pride, by Croker.
Ursula's Stumbling Block, by Godclard.

Priests. See Maurice and Berghetta,
by Parnell. Under Which Lord, by

Prime Minister. See Prime Minister, by

Prince. See Prince and the Pauper, by

Principle. See Passion and Principle, by
Grey and Shireff.

Prisons. See Snatched from Prison
Doors, by Leslie [G. O. A., v. 4].
Taking of the Bastile, by Dumas. Five
Years Penal Servitude, &c.

Privateers. See Jack O'Lantern, by
Cooper, ^irke Webbe [Cham. J., v. 8].
Privateer's-Man, by Marryat, and other

Tales by Marryat, Cooper, Armstrong,
Neale, Russell, &c.

Property. See Great Van Brock Pro-
perty [Leisure Hour, v. 15].

PROTESTANTS. See The Huguenot
[French], by James. Protestant [Days
of Queen Mary, i6th Century], by Mrs.
Bray. Golden Grasshopper [Nether-
lands, Days of Mary and Elizabeth], by

Proverbs. See Proverbs for the People.

Providence. See Marvellous in our
Eyes, by Hornibrook [Quiver, v. 26].

Provincial Life. See Middlemarch, by
George Eliot. Village Belles, by C.

Psychology. See Contarini Fleming,
by Disraeli. Innocent Sinner, by Col-
lins. Lady Drusilla, by Purnell.

Ptolemy. See The Sisters [Egypt and.
Cleopatra, 164 B.C.], by Ebers.

Public School. See Sister Mary, by Hope
[B. O. A.,v. TI]. Tom Brown's School-
days, by Hughes. Schools, &c.

Publishers. See Confessions of a Pub-
lisher, by Winter.

Pugilism. See Diary of a Late Physician
[The Thunder-struck Boxer], by Warren.

Punch. See Letters to Punch, by Ward
and Twain.

Purchase. See Purchase, by Liardet.

Puritans. See Puritan and his Daughter
[Days of Charles I.], by Paulding.
Buccaneer, by Mrs. Hall. Common-
wealth, &c.

Putting Off. See To-Morrow [Popular
Tales, v. i], by Edgeworth.

Pyramid. See Hassan, by Murray.

Pyrenees. See Tales from Blackwood, v.
3, 2nd series.

Quadroons. See Quadroon, by Reid.

Queen o' the May. See Queen o' the

May, by Beale [G. O. A., v. 2].
Queens. See under name required.

Queensland. See Bush Life.

Rabbits. See Uncle Remus, by Harris.

Radical. See Felix Holt, by Eliot.

Rafts. See Cryptogram, by Verne [Boys*
Own Annual, v. 4]. Sea, Adventures,
Shipwrecks, &c.

Railroad. See Min, a Railroad Story of
the Far West [Chambers' Journal, v. 65].

Railway Journey. See Tales from Black-
wood, v. 6, second series.

Rapping. See Tales from Blackwood
[Spirit-Rapping], v. 9, second series.

Readings and Recitations. See Illustrated
Penny Readings. Cassell's Penny Read-
ings, edited by Hood.

Rebellion. See Blockade Runners [Ameri-
can, 1862], by Verne. Mandarin's
Daughter [Great Chinese], by Moss-
man [Leisure Hour, v. 23],

Receipts. See Tales of a Barrister, by





Recruits. See Three Recruits and the
Girls they Left behind them, by Hatton.

Hector. See Rector of Oxburg, by Bay-

Rectory. See Dunn Dunnington Rec-
tory, by the Author of " Marriage a la
Mode." Rectory and the Manor, by
Mrs. Carey Brock. Rectory Children,
by Mrs. Molesworth. Rectory Guest,
by Mrs. Grey. Rector's Home, by
Giberne, &c.

Red River. See Red Man's Revenge, by

Redskins. See Ravensnest, by Cooper.
Redskins, or Indian and Ingin, by
Cooper. Indians, America, &c.

REFORMATION. See Chronicles of
the Schonberg-Cotta Family [Germany,
i6th Century], by Mrs. Charles. From
Dawn to Dark in Italy [in the i6th
Century] [S. a H., v. 9], Margareta
Colburg [Sunday at Home, v. 35], &c.

Regency. See A bigel Rowe [Beau Brum-
mel, &c., by Wingfield.

Reign of Terror. See Chevalier de
Maison Rouge, by Dumas. In the
Reign of Terror [French Revolution,
1793], by Henty. France, &c.

Relatives. See Myself and my Rela-
tives [Chambers', v. 36].

RELIGrlOJXT. See John Inglesant [Re-
ligious Doubt], by Shorthouse. Robert
Falconer {Religious Belief], by Mac-
donald. Golden Grasshopper [Religious
Persecutions in the Netherlands, i6th
Century], by Kingston. Two Pastors
[S. a H., y. 7]. What can she Do? by
Roe. Christianity, Reformation, &c.

Repentance. See Sister Louise, by Mel-

Republics. See Veva [French], by Con-
science. Year One of the Republic, by
Erckmann-Chatrian. America, &c.

Rescues. See YoungTrawler, by Ballan-
tyne, and under many Tales of Adven-
ture, by Aimard, Ballantyne, Reid, &c.

Resurrectionists. See Diary of a Late
Physician [Grave Doings], by Warren.

Retired Life. See Occupations of a Re-
tired Life, by Garrett [S. M., v. 4].

Revenge. See Red Man's Revenge, by
Ballantyne. Maiwa's Revenge, by Hag-

REyo'liUTIOJSTS, America. See

Lionel Lincoln and The Spy, by Cooper ;
also several other works by this Author.
Carleton, by Willis. England. See
Fate, by G. P. R. James. Outlaw, by
Mrs. S. C. Hall. James II. [1688], by
Ainsworth. France. See Atelier du
Lys, by Miss Roberts. Blockade, by
Erckmann-Chatrian. Chevalier of Mai-
son Rouge [Red Terror, i8th Century],
by Dumas. Child of the Revolution,
by Roberts. Citizen Buonaparte, by
Erckmann-Chatrian. Comtesse de
Charney [Champs de Mars, 1790],
hy Dumas. Country in Danger, by
Erckmann-Chatrian. Docteur Noir, by

Lovell. Exile's Trust [L. H., v. 16].
Ingenue, or the Death of Marat, by
Dumas. La Vende'e, by A. Trollope.
Limoelan, by Marsh. Madame Threse,
by Erckmann - Chatrian. Maurice
Tierney, by Lever. Six Years Later
[Taking the Bastile], by Dumas. Tale
of Two Cities, by Dickens. Year One
of the Republic, by Erckmann-Chat-
rian. Spain. See Spanish Cavalier
[igth Century], by A. L. O. E., &c.

Rewards. See Sukie's Boy, by Tytler
[Sunday Magazine, v. 3].

Rhine. See Heidenmaur [Legend of the],
by Cooper. Kickleburys on the Rhine,
by Thackeray. Schinderhannes, by

Ribbonism. See Rody the Rover [Ire-
land, igth Century], by W. Carleton.

Rich. See Curse of the Village [Happi-
ness of being Rich], by Conscience.
Rich Woman [Quiver, v. 22]. Diary of
a Late Physician [and Poor], by Warren.

Richard Cceur De Lion. See Talisman,
by Scott. William Fitz-Osbert [Family
Friend, 1866]. Ivanhoe, by Scott.

Richard III., Days of. See Woodman,
by James.

Richelieu. See Richelieu [a Tale of
France], by James.

Ride for Life. See Tales from Blackwood,
v. ii, 2nd Series.

Rivals. See Rivals, by Griffin.

Robber. See Robber, by James. Schin-
derhannes, by Ritchie. Outlaws, &c.

Robin Hood. See Forest Days, by James.
Ivanhoe, by Scott. Robin Hood, by
Heaton ; also by Marsh.

Robinson Crusoe. See Life and Adven-
tures of Robinson Crusoe, by Defoe.

Rocky Mountains. See In the Rocky
Mountains, by Kingston. Candalaria
[G. O. A., v. 5]. Wild Man of the West,
by Ballantyne. Trapper's Daughter, by
Aimard. Canada, &c.

Rolling Stone. See Moss from a Rolling
Stone, by Mrs. Oliphant [Black., v. 139].

ROME. See Antonina [The Fall of, 546],
by Wilkie Collins. Gladiators [Fall
of Jerusalem], by Whyte Melville.
Helena's Household [in the First Cen-
tury], by Charles. Lapsed, but not
Lost, by Mrs. Charles. Naomi [Fall
of Jerusalem, ist Century], by Mrs.
Webb. Rienzi [Roman Tribunes], by
Lytton. Tolla, by About. Two Thou-
sand Years Ago [Roman Boy], by
Church. Zenon [Roman Martyr], by
Cobbold. Jovinian, by Kingston. Zeno-
bia ; or, the Fall of Palmyra [Early
Rome], by Ware. Rienzi [Last of the
Roman Tribunes], by Lytton. Zenon,
the Roman Martyr [Early Christians] by

Rosamond. See Queeh Eleanor, by
Oliphant [Corn. M., v. 53]. Home Trea-
sury of Old Story Books.

Roses, Wars of the. See Last of the
Barons [Earl of Warwick], by Lytton.





Boumania. See Fairy Tales and Legends
of Roumania.

Boundheads. See Bramblelye House,
by Smith. Cavaliers and Roundheads,
by Edgar. Commonwealth, Cromwell.

Buined Family. See Delaware, by
Tames. Diary of a Late Physician
[Ruined Merchant], by Warren.

BUSSIA. See Fred Markham in Russia,
by Kingston. Ivan and Vasilesa [S. at
H.,v. 10]. Ivan Ilyitch and other Stories,
by Tolstoi'. In the Track of the Troops
[Russo-Turco War], by Ballantyne.
Michael Strogoff [Tartar Rebellion],
by Verne. Narka [Russian Life], by
O'Meara [Harper's Monthly, v. 74].
Anna Kare"nina, by Tolstoi. Clemence
D'Oryille [High Life] [L. A., v. 5].
Englishman in Russia [L. H., v. 5].
Kereban the Inflexible, by Verne.

Sacrifice. See Moloch, by Mrs. Praed.

SAILORS. See Harry Lawton's Adven-
tures [Wanderings]. In the Middle
Watch [Food], by W. Clark Russell. Old
Sailor's Story, by Sargent. Our Sailors,
by Kingston. Over the Sea with the
Sailor, by Besant and Rice. Freaks on
the Fells [Why I did not Become a], by
Ballantyne. See also under Cooper,
Marryat, Neale, Russell, &c.

St. Bartholomew, Massacie of. See
Chaplet of Pearls [France, 1572], by C.
M. Yonge. Henry of Guise, and Man
at Arms, by James. Marguerite de
Valois, by Dumas.

St. Paul's. See Old St. Paul's, by Ains-

St. Petersburg. See Memoirs of a
Maitre d'Armes, by Dumas. Russia, &c.

Saladin. See Talisman, by Scott. Crusades.

Salt Lake. See Shepherd of the Salt Lake
[All the Year Round, v. 40].

Salt Marshes. See Mehalah, by Gould.

San Francisco. See Eldorado, by Taylor.

Sark. See Nuptials at Sark [Guernsey
Magazine, v. 9]. Faith, Hope and

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