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Charity, by Lisle. Doctor's Dilemma,
by Stretton. Guernsey, Channel Islands.

SAVAGE S. See Adventures of a Boston
Boy, by Hope. Settler and the Savage
[a Tale of Peace and War in South
Africa], by Ballantyne. Two Supercar-
goes, by Kingston. Africa, America,
Australia, &c.

Savonarola. See Agnes de Sorrento
[Italy, isth Century], by Stowe. Ro-
mola, by George Eliot, &c.

Savoy. See Page of the Duke of Savoy,
by Dumas.

Saxons. See Harold, the Last of the
Saxon Kings [nth Century], by Lytton.
Ivanhoe, by Scott. Lady Godiva [Saxon
England], by J. B. Marsh. Longbeard,
by Mackay. Tales from the History of
the Saxons, by Taylor, &c.

Scandinavia. See Yule-Tide Stories, by

SCHOOLS, Schoolboys, Girls, &c. See
Adrift in the Pacific [Schoolboy Crew],
by Verne. That Aggravating School
Girl [G. O. A., v. 2]. Barford Bridge
[Trials], by Adams. Fifth Form of
Saint Dominic's [B. O. A.,v. 4]. "Mar-
quis" of Torchester, by Paul Blake
[B. O. A., v. 9]. Master of the Shell,
by Reed [B. O. A., v. 10]. Parlour
Boarder, by Hope [B. O. A., v. 11].
School and the World, by Blake [B. O. A.,
v. 7]. Some of our Fellows, by Milling-
ton. Tales of Charlton School, by
Adams. Toby [B. O. A., v. 3]. The
Two Chums [B. O. A., v. 5]. When
we were Girls [Girls' Own Annual, v. 6].
Willoughby Captains [Boys' Own An-
nual, v. 6]. Tom Brown's School Days,
by Hughes. Vanity Fair, by Thackeray.
Diary of a Late Physician [Scholar's
Death Bed], by Warren. Jane Austen.
Also under Eton, Oxford. &c.

SCOTLAND and the Scots. See Andrew
Wylie of that Ilk, by Gait. Castle Dan-
gerous [Scotland, English War, isth
Century], by Scott. Days of Bruce
[Scotland, English War, i3th Century],
by Aguilar. Days of Yore [Margaret of
Scotland, isth Century], by S. ^Tytler.
De L'Orme [Scottish Guard, France,
i7th Century], by G. P. R. James. The
Fair Maid of Perth [The Clans, isth
Century], by Scott. Gowrie [ijth Cen-
tury], by G. P. R. James. Grahams of
Invermoy [Highlands], by Stirling.
Green Ray [Highlands], by Verne.
Heart of Midlothian [Porteous Riots,
1736], by Scott. Jessie Wilson [Scottish
Life] [S. at H., v. 8]. Lady Hetty
[Scottish and Australian Life]. The Le-
gend of Montrose [Covenanters, i7th
Century], by Scott. Lights and Shadows
of Scottish Life, by Wilson. Queen's
Maries [Mary, Queen of Scots], by Mel-
ville. Rob Roy [Highlands of], by
Scott. The Scottish Cavalier [Claver-
house, i7th Century], by Grant. Sir
Gibbie [A Tale of], by Macdonald.
Starling [Story of], by Macleod. Waver-
ley [i8th Century], by Scott. Scottish
Chiefs, by Porter. Also under Gibbon,
Macdonald, Scott (Sir Walter), Black
(W.), &c.

SEA and Seashore. See Afloat and Ashore,
by Cooper. Buried Treasures [Seashore]
[B. O. A., v. Q], by Malan. Homeward
Bound, by Cooper. In the Middle Watch,
by W. Clark Russell. Incidents Ashore
and Afloat [L. H., v. 12]. Inland Sea, by
Cooper. John Deane [Historic Adven-
tures by Land and], by Kingston. Lom-
bardy Court, by Millington [L. H., v.
27], Tribulations of a Chinaman [Ad-
ventures in the], by Verne. Twenty
Thousand Leagues under the Sea, by
Verne. Also under Cooper, Marryat,
Neale, Russell, Armstrong, &c.





Seasons. See Juvenile Tales for all
Seasons, by M'Intosh.

Sebastopol. See Sevastopol, by Count
Lyof N. Tolstoi. Crimea, &c.

Second Sight. See Portent, by Mac-

Secrets. See Dead Man's Secret, by Mur-
doch. Doctor Grimshawe's Secret, by
Hawthorne. Mrs. Forrester's Secret,
by Mrs. Godfrey [T. B., v. 71], Sinless
Secret, by " Rita," c.

Self-Reliance. See What can She do ?
[Advocating], by Roe.

Seniur. See Beleaguered City, by Oli-

Sensibility. See Sense and Sensibility,
by Austen.

Sepoy Revolt, See Steam House [In-
dian Mutiny], by Verne. Mutiny, &c.

Sertorius. See Fawn of Sertorius, by

Service. See Broken Looking Glass
[Domestic Service, &c.], by Charles-

SETTLERS and Settlements. See Cedar
Creek [L. H., v. 10]. Out on the Pam-
pas, by Henty. Settler and the Savage
[A Tale of Peace and War in South
Africa], by Ballantyne. Settlers, by
Kingston. Star of the Settlement, by
Verne. Also under Cooper and Reid.
A True Hero [Pennsylvania, ijth Cen-
tury], by W. H. G. Kingston.

Severn Sea. See Bill Martock, by Bart-

Seville. See Spanish Cavalier, by
A. L. O. E.

Seymour (Thomas, Duke of Somerset).
See Constable of the Tower [Time of
Edward VI.], by Ains worth.

Shakespeare. See Tales from Black-
wood [Funeral], v. i, 2nd series. Youth
of Shakespeare, &c.

Shanties. See Cedar Creek [Leisure Hour,
v. 10]. Bush Life, &c.

Sharks and Shadows. See In the Middle
Watch, by W. Clark Russell.

Sheppard (Jack). See Jack Sheppard,
by Ainsworth.

Shetland Isles. See Oil on the Troubled
Waters [Sunday at Home, v. 31].

SHIPS. See Dutch the Diver [Sunken],
by Fenn [O. a W., v. 39]. In the Middle
Watch [Ships' Names], by W. Clark
Russell. Missing Ships, by Kingston ;
also Armstrong, Cooper, Marryat,
Russell, &c.

Sho\VS. See With a Show through Southern
Africa, by Du Val. Artemus Ward, &c.

Siberia. See Golowin's Banishments to
Siberia [L. H., v. 4], Called Back, by
Comvay, &c. Also under Tolstoi, &c.

Siege Baby. See Siege Baby, by Winter.

Sieges. See Burgomaster's Wife [of Ley-
den], by Kbers. Stirring Stories [of
Gibraltar], by Macaulay. Crimea,
War, &c.

Silver Mines. See Led-Horse Claim, by
Hallock [C. M., v. 3].

Silver West. See Our Home in the Silver
West, by Stables [Boys' Own Annual, v.
12]. America, &c.

Sin. See Tale of Sin, by Mrs. Wood.
Wages of Sin, by Braddon. Wages of
Sin, by Malet, &c.

Sioux. See Red Cloud, by Butler. In-
dians. America, &c.

Sisters. See Sister's Love [Girls' Own
Annual, v. i]. The Sisters, by Ebers.

Six Hundred. See One of the Six Hun-
dred [Charge at Balaclava], by Grant.

SkelligS. See Off the Skelligs, by Inge-

Slavery. See Against the Stream [Slave
Emancipation, i8th Century], by Mrs.

SLAVES. See Black Ivory, by Ballan-
tyne. Boy Slaves, by Reid. Clara [Slave
Life in Europe], by Hacklander. God's
Providence House [Emancipation, Eng-
land, i8th Century], by Mrs. Banks. In
the Middle Watch [Slave-ships in 1884],
by W. Clark Russell. Uncle Tom's
Cabin [Slave Life in America], by
Stowe, &c.

Smugglers. See Smuggler, by James.
Smugglers and Foresters, by Kettle.
Smuggling Adventure, by Malan [B. O.
A., v. 10]. Tales from Blackwood [Smug-
gler's Leap], v. 5, ist series, &c.

Snakes. 'See Stories of the Canadian
Forest, by Mrs. Traill.

Snow - Shoes. See Snow-shoes and
Canoes, by Kingston.

Social Philosophy. See Tales from Black-
wood, v. 6, ist series.

Social Sinners. See Social Sinners, by
Smart. Society, S:c.

Socialist. See Unsocial Socialist, by

SOCIETY. See Introduced to Society,
by Aide. Modern Society, by Sinclair.
People I have Met, by Willis. Pity of
It, by Smith. Right Honourable, by
McCarthy and Praed. Spiders of
Society, by Marryat. Ten Thousand a
Year [English, igth Century], by War-
ren]. What will Society Say? by
Coape, &c.

SOLDIERS. See Mary Anne Welling-
ton, by Cobbold. Maurice Tiernay [of
Fortune], by Lever. A Soldier Born, by
Groves. Soldier of Fortune, by Curl-
ing. Soldier's Fortune, by Marsh.
Soldiers' Stories and Sailors' Yarns, by
Officers Naval, Military and Medical.
Soldier's Story, by Archibald [B. O. A.,
v. 9]. Our Soldiers, by Kingston ;
also Grant, Groves, Henty, &c.

Somnambulism. See Sylvestre Sound,
by Cockton.

Sons. See Fathers and Sons, by Hook.
Like father like Son, by Payn. Sons
and Daughters [Blackwood, v. 147].
Diary of a Late Physician [Mother and
Son], by Warren, &c.

Sorceress. See Sidonia the Sorceress, by
Meinhold. Amber Witch, by Meinhold.

[I06 3 ]




y after Sorrow, by Rid-
>ng Grief and Pain, by

Sorrow. See
deil. After

Soudan. See Strange Journey, by Ros-
setti. Marvellous Conquest, by Laurie
[Boys' Own Annual, v. n]. Egypt, &c.
South. Downs. See Alice Lorraine, by
Blackmore. Ovingdean Grange, by
Ainsworth. Terrible Legacy, by Ap-
pleton, &c.

Southern Hemisphere. See Island
Queen, by Ballantyne.

Southern Life. See Aunt Phillis's Cabin,
by Eastman. Here and There in the
South, by Davis [Harper's Mag., v. 75].

Southern Mexico. See Rifle Rangers,
by Reid. Mexico, &c.

SOUTHERN Seas. See Flag of Dis-
tress, by Reid. Also Chambers' J., v. 52.
My First Voyage to Southern Seas, by
Kingston. Omoo, by Melville. Philo-
sopher Jack, by Ballantyne. South Sea
Whaler, by Kingston. Three Hundred
Virgins [Once a Week, v. 35], &c.

SPAIN. See The Fawn of Sertorius [Span-
ish Wars, ist Century, B.C.], by Robert
Landpr. The Heiress of Bruges [Strug-
gle with the Netherlands, i6th Century],
by T. C. Grattan. Manuel [S. a H., v.
33]. Mercedes of Castile [The Expul-
sion of Jews, 1492], by Cooper. Paul, the
Spanish Sharper, by Stevens. The
Phantom Regiment [English Wars, i8th
Century], by Grant. Spanish Novelists,
by Roscoe. Vale of Cedars [Expulsion
of Jews from], by Aguilar, &c.

Spanish Armada, 1588. See Clare Avery
by Emily S. Holt. Westward Ho ! by
Kingsley. Sir Ludar, by Reed [Boys'
Own Annual, v. n]. Armada, &c.

Spanish Main. See Adventures on the,
by Sadler [Boys' Own Annual, v. 5].
Under Drake's Flag, by Henty, &c.

Spectres. See Diary of a Late Physician,
by Warren.

Spiritual Romance. See Little School-
master Mark, by Shorthouse. Also the
Works of Corelli.

Spiritualism. See Rapping the Ques-
tion [Tales from Blackwood, v. 9, second

Squirrels. See Stories of the Canadian
Forest, by Mrs. Traill.

Stage, The. See Peg Woffmgton [Eng-
land, i8th Century], by C. Reade.
What will Society Say ? by Coape.

Stanley. See Great African Travellers,
by Kingston and Frith.

Star Chamber. See The Star Chamber,
by Ainsworth. Also James I.

Statesmen. See Diary of a Late Physi-
cian, by Warren.

Steady. See Fast and Steady [Leisure
Hour, v. 10].

Steady Efforts. See Great Heights gained
by Steady Efforts, by Wilson.

Steamers. See Letter Bag of the Great
Western, by Halliburton. Floating City
[Great Eastern], by Verne.

Stephen (King), Days of. See Brian

Fitz-Count, by Crake.
Straits of Magellan. See Mysterious

Document, by Verne.
Stralsund. See Siege of Stralsund, by

De Liefde [Leisure Hour, v. 24].
Strasburg. See Max Kromer [Siege of

1870], by Stretton [Leisure Hour, v. 20].
Street. See Our Street, by Thackeray.
Struggles. See Crooked Places, by Gar-

rttt [S. M., v. 2]. Life's Struggles [S.

at H., v. 8]. Our Home in the Silver

West [B. O. A., v. 12]. Your Life and

Mine [Sunday Magazine, 1871],
Stuarts. See Spanish Match [Charles

Stuart], by Ainsworth. Also Mary,

8ueen of Scots, James I. and II.,
harles I. and II., Jacobites, &c.

Submarine Telegraph. See Wire and
the Wave, by Munro [B. O. A., v. 12].

Successes. See Failures and Successes,
by Whately [Sunday at Home, v. 26].

Suitors. See Miss Hilary's Suitors [Qui-
ver, v. 32].

Supercargoes. See Adventures Afloat,
by Kingston [B. O. A., v. 3]. James
Braithwaite, by Kingston. Two Super-
cargoes, by Kingston, &c.

Surveyor's Tale. See Tales from
Blackwood, v. 4, ist series.

Susquehanna. See Pioneers, by Cooper.

Sweden. See Home [Life in], by Bremer.

Sweetheart. See Lady Silverdale's
Sweetheart, by Black. Sweetheart and
Wife, by Howard.

Table-turning. See Rapping the Ques-
tion [Tales from Blackwood, v. 9, 2nd

Tara. See Last Monarch of Tara [Ire-
land], by Eblana.

Tartars. See Red Fingered Cyril, by Ker
[Boys' Own Annual, v. 9]. Russia, &c.

Temperance. See Danesbury House,
by Mrs. Wood. Also works by Reaney,
Wray (Jackson), &c.

Temptation. See Mrs. Raven's Tempta-
tion [Arg., v. 3]. Terrible Temptation,
by Reade [Cassell's Magazine, v. 3].
Temptation and Atonement, by Gore.

Terrapin. See Uncle Remus, by Harris.

Terrier. See Leaves from the Autobio-
graphy of a Small Terrier [Gentleman's
Magazine, v. 7, new series].

Texas. See _ Tales from Blackwood,
v. 3, ist series. Virginians, by Baker
[Harp. M., v. 34]. White Scalper [Story
of the Texan War], by Aimard.

Thames. See Week on the Thames, by
Blake [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3]. Three
Men in a Boat, by Jerome.

Thieves. See Fallen Among Thieves
[Boys' Own Annual, v. 5],

Thirty Years' War, i7th Century. See
King's Service [S. at H., v. 31]. Heidel-
berg, by G. P. R. James.

Thunderstruck. See Diary of a Late

Physician [The Boxer], by Warren.

[I06 4 ]




To-day. See Tales of To-day, by Sims.
Toilet. See Diary of a Late Physician

[Death at the], by Warren.
Town. See Borderland, by Fothergill.

See also names of towns required.
Toys. See Toydonia, by Brewer [Girls'

Own Annual, v. 6]. Little Faith [Toy-
stall], by Walton [Sunday at Home, v. 26],
Traditions. See Tales and Sketches, by

Carleton. Yule-Tide Stories, by Thorpe.

Also under Folk-Lore, Legends, &c.
Transportation. See It is Never Too

Late to Mend, by Reade. Five Years'

Penal Servitude. Les Miserables, by

V. Hugo.

Transvaal War. See With a Show-
Through Southern Africa, by Du Val.
TRAVELS. See Exploration of the

World [Celebrated Travels], by Verne.

Gulliver's Travels, by Swift. Baron

Munchausen, by Raspe. See also under

Aimard, Adams, Ballantyne, Kingston,

Verne, Cameron, Reid, &c.
Treasure. See Buried Treasure [of the

Sea-Shore], by Malan. Treasure of the

Cacique, by Campbell [B.O.A., v. 10.]
Treasure Trove. See He would be a

Gentleman, by Lover.
Trials. See Katherine [Woman's Trials],

by Burbury. Sukie's Boy, by Tytler

[Sunday Magazine, v. 3].
Tribunes (Roman). See Rienzi, by

Trinidad. See Wanderer's Adventures

in the Wilds of Trinidad, by Kingston.
Tropics. See Daughter of the Tropics,

by Marryat. Africa, Travels, &c.
Troubles. See Mrs. Halliburton's

Troubles, by Mrs. Wood.
Trusteeship. See Ralph Raeburn's

Trusteeship, by Harwood [Cassell's

Family Magazine v. 8].
Truth. See Miriam, by Anley.
Tugs. See In the Middle Watch, by W.

Clark Russell.
Tuileries. See Tales from Blackwood, v.

3, ist series. France, &c.
Turkey. See Baylerbay, by Cookson.

Kereban the Inflexible, by Verne [Every

Boy's Annual, 1886]. Melita, a Turkish

Love Story, by Richter.
Tyne. See Tale of the Tyne, by Mar-


Underground. See Child of the Cavern
[Strange Doings], by Verne. To the
Centre of the Earth, by Verne.

Unforseen. See No Choice, by Milling-
ton [Leisure Hour, v. 33].

Union of England and Ireland. See
Knight of Gwynne, by Lever.

UNITED States. See The Last of the
Mohicans [Old French War, 1756-60], by
F. Cooper. Ned Stafford's Experiences
in the United States, by Milford. The

Pilot [Paul Jones, War], by F. Cooper.
Ticonderoga, by James. Wept of Wish-
ton- Wish [War], by Cooper. Hurricane

Hurry [War for Independence], by
Kingston. Lionel Lincoln [Siege of
Boston], by Cooper. White Scalper
[War for Independence], by Aimard.
Also America, Indians, and works by
Aimard, Cooper, Reid, Twain, Shck,
Verne, &c.

Unsuccessful Man. See Tilbury Nogo,
by Melville.

Vassals. See Modern Vassal, by Wilmer

[Living Age, v. 23].
Vaudois. See Glorious Return, by Temple

[Sunday at Home, v. 36].
Vehmgericht, The. See Anne of Geier-

stein [France, isth Century], by Scott.
Vendee, La. See Brittany and La Vendee,

by Souvestre. France, La Vendee, Re-
volution, &c.
Venezuela. See Young Llanero, by

Ventriloquism. See Valentine Vox, by

Vicarage. See Country Vicarage, by Mrs.

Marsh. Rectory, c.
Vice. See Diary of a Late Physician [The

Destroyer, the Magdalen, &c.], by


Vienna. See Carl's Secret [S. at H., v. 20].
Viking. See Kormak the Viking, by

Hodgetts [Boys' Own Annual, v. 8].
Villages. See Life in a French Village,

by Seguin. Paul Bradley, by Mrs.

Bray. Peasant Life [in Glenaldie].
Vinegar Hill. See Stories of Vinegar

Hill, byWetherell.
Violin. See First Violin, by Fothergill.

Teacher of the Violin, by Shorthouse.
Virgin Mary. See Mary, Queen of the

House of David, by Walsh.
Virtue. See Diary of a Late Physician,

by Warren.
Volcanic. See Phantom City, by

Westall. Last Days of Pompeii, by

Voyages. See Notable Voyages, by

Kingston and , Frith. See also works of

Ballantyne, Marryat, Russell, Verne, &c.

"Wags. See Tales from Blackwood, v. 4,
ist series.

"Waif's History. See Charlie, by Wood-
ward. Owen, a Waif, and Mattie, a
Stray, by F. W. Robinson.

"Waiting. See Probation of Dorothy
. Travers [Cassell's Magazine, v. 7].

Waldenses. See Jacquerie [France, i4th
Century], by G. P. R. James. Lion of
Flanders [France, i4th Century], by H.
Conscience. Philip Augustus [France,
i3th Century], by G. P. R. James.

"Wales. See Quatrefoil [Tale of], by
Deane. Valley of a Hundred Fires, by

"Wallace (Sir W.). See Scottish Chiefs
[i^th Century], by Porter.

"WAR. See Agincourt [in France], by

[I06 5 ]




James. Blocade Runners [American
Civil War], by Verne. Deerslayer
[Indian], by Cooper. In the Wilds of
Florida [Warfare and Hunting], by
Kingston. Interpreter [Crimean], by
Melville. Mount Orgueil Castle [Jersey
during the Wars of the Roses], by Cor-
biere. Pride of the Mess [Crimean], by
Neale. Settler and the Savage [Africa],
by Ballantyne. Seventeen-Seventy-Six
[American War of Independence], by
Browne [L. H., v. 25]. Stirring Stories,
by Macaulay. Under the Meteor Flag
[French Revolutionary], by Collingwood.
Wept of Wish-ton-Wish [United States],
by Cooper. Also names of Countries.

Warkworth. See Hermit of Warkworth
[Chambers' Miscellany, v. 4].

"Warsaw. See Thacldeus of Warsaw, by

Washington (George). See Drummer
Boy [a Story of the Days of Washington],
by Rousselet. The Spy [War for], i8th
Century], by Cooper. Also America,
United States, War of Independence, c.

"Wassail. See Tales from Blackwood, v.
6, 2nd series.

"Watches. See Adventures of a Three
Guinea Watch [Boys' Own Annual, v.
3]. Maggie's Watch [Quiver, v. 31].

"Water. See Memoirs of a Water Drinker.

"Waterloo. See Waterloo, by Erckmann-
Chatrian. Stories of Waterloo, by Max-
well. Also under Napoleon, Wel-
lington, c.

"Wealth. See Race for Wealth, by Mrs.
Riddell. Richer than Wealth. '

"Wedlock. See Bond of Wedlock, by
Praed. Their Wedding Journey, by
Howells. Marriage, &c.

"Well- doing. See Working and Waiting,
by Brock.

"Welsh. See Quatrefoil, by Deane.

"Wesley (John). See Diary of Mrs. Kitty
Trevelyan [England, i8th Century], by

"Westchester County, U.S. See Satan-
stoe [1750], by F. Cooper.

Western. Pioneers. See with Axe and
Rifle, by Kingston.

Western Plains. See Silver Canon of the
Western Plains, by Fenn.

Whaling. See Harry the Whaler, by
Sargent. Red Eric, by Ballantyne.
South Sea Whaler, by Kingson. World
of Ice, by Ballantyne, &c.

Whist at our Club. See Tales from
Blackwood, v. 12, 2nd series.

Whiteboy. See Whiteboy, by Hall.
Fenians, Ireland, c.

Whitefield (G.). See Diary of Mrs.
Kitty Trevelyan [England, iSth Cen-
tury], by Scott.

Whitefriars. Sea Whitefriars, by Robin-

Widows. See Parsons and Widows, by
Hewlett. Widow, by Hook, c.

Wild Beasts. See Encounters with Wild

Wild Life. See Young Llanero [Vene-
zuela, i7th Century], by Kingston.

Wilderness. See Desert Home, by

Wild West. See Stories of the Wild West,
by Hope [E. B. A., 1889]. Through the
Deepest Canon, by Rideing [Boys' Own
Annual, v. 4], c.

William and Mary. See The King's
Highway [The Fen wick Conspiracy,
i7th Century], by G. P. R. James.

William the Conqueror. See Behind the
Veil, by Holt. Harold, by Lytton.
Hereward, by Kingsley.

Wills. See David Lloyd's Last Will, by
Stretton [also Leisure Hour, v. 18]. Mr
Meeson's Will, by Haggard. Old Man's
Will [L. H., v. 32], Ralph Hardcastle's
Will, by Giberne. Will, by Ohnet, &c.

Windsor Castle. See Windsor Castle, by

Wishes. See Thy Heart's Desire [Three
Wishes], by Doudney [S. M., v. 16].

Witches. See Lancashire Witches, by
Ainsworth. Tales and Sketches, by
Stone. Amber Witch, by Meinhold, c.

WI VE S. See Ccelebs in Search of a Wife.
Fragments from a Young Wife's Diary.
Husband and Wife [S. M., v. 17]. Hus-
bands and Wives, by Worboise. Mr.
Esholt's Young Wife, by Speight [Ch. J.,
v. 65]. Race for a Wife, by Smart
[T. B., v. 28]. Sweetheart and Wife, by
Howard. Wives and Daughters, by
Gaskell [also Corn., v. 10 ; L. A., v. 85.]
Diary of a Late Physician [The Broken-
hearted Wife], by Warren. Wives of
England, by Ellis.

Wizards. See Young Wizard [B. O. A.,
v. 8]. Wizard's Son, by Oliphant. Also
Living Age, v. 157. Macmillan's, v. 47.

WolS3y (Cardinal). See Darnley [Eng-
land, i6th Century], by G. P. R. James.
Henry VIII., c.

WO MAN. See Sister Louise, by Melville.
Woman against Woman, by Marryat.
Woman Hater, by Reade. Woman in
Red, by Hay ward. Woman in White, by
Collins ; [also All the Year Round v. 2].
Woman of Business, by Savage [Fort.,v.
u]. Anna Lee [Woman's Life], by Arthur.
Woman's Work [C. W. M.]. Laura Loft
[Women's Right], by Mrs. Prosser [L.
H., v. 22]. _ Nanon [Women's War], by
Dumas. Kindness in Women, by Bayly.
Woman our Angel, by Roe. Diary
of a Late Physician [The Magdalen],
by Warren. Women of England, by

by V


Woodlands. See Cripps the Carrier, by

Blackmore. Forests, &c.
Worcester Fight. See Andrew Marvel

and his Friends, by Hall. Woodstock

[Commonwealth, 1651], by Scott, &c.
"Work. See Maiden's Work, by Hope.
World. See Around the World, by Verne.

Exploration of the World, by Verne.

Moneypenny [Society], by Mathews.





School and the World, by Blake [Boys'
Own Annual, v. 7], &c.

Wrecks. See Wreck of the Grosvenor,
by Russell. Wreckers, by Kettle.
Wreck of the Strathtnore. Tales from
Black., v. 8, 2nd series. Also under Arm-
strong, Cooper, Marryat, Neale, Russell.

"Wyatt (Sir Thomas, the Younger). See
Constable of the Tower, by Aiusworth.

Yachting. See In the Middle Watch
[Yachtsman's Yarn], by W. Clark Rus-
sel. White Wings, by Black.

Yorkshire. See Edgar Akeroyd, by
Horner. Mary Anerley, by Blackmore.

Within the Clasp, by Harwood [Cassell's
Family Magazine, v. 10].

Young Chevalier, See Tales from Black-
wood [Prince Charlie's Escape], v. 10,
2nd series. Redgauntlet and Waverley,
by Scott.

Younger Son. See Adventures of a
Younger Son, by Trelawney.

Youth. See Childhood, by Tolstoi.
Memories of my Youth, by De Lamar-
tine, &c.

Zenobia. See Letters from Palmyra, by

Zululand. See Hendricks the Hunter,

by Kingston. Ula [Cetevvayo], by Eden.





Twentieth Century (2,000). Sarchedon [Assyria], by Whyte Melville.
Fifteenth Century (1491). Rescued from Egypt [Israelites, Exodus], by A. L. O. E.
Seventh Century. Exiles in Babylon [Captivity of the Israelites], by A. L. O. E.
Fifth Centnry (469). Pericles [Athens], by Cornwallis.

Second Century (164). The Sisters [Egypt, Cleopatra, &c.], by Ebers.
Charicles [Life of the Ancient Greeks], by Becker.

First Century. Fawn of Sertorius [Spanish Wars], by Landor.

(72). Two Thousand Years Ago [Rome, Sulla, Sertorius, Pompey], by Church.

Callus [Domestic Life in Rome, Time of Augustus], by Becker.


First Century. Gladiators [Rome and Fall of Jerusalem], by Melville.

Julian [Time of Christ], by Ware.

Lapsed not Lost [Early Christianity, Italy], by Mrs. Charles.

Last Days of Pompeii, by Lytton.

Naomi [Rome, &c., Fall of Jerusalem], by Mrs. Webb.

Pomponia [Christianity in Rome, and Invasion of Britain], by Webb.

Soldiers of the Cross [Herod the Great].

Victory of the Vanquished [Italy, Early Christianity], by Charles.

Zillah [The Holy City], by Horace Smith.

Second Century. Daybreak in Britain [Early Christianity], by A. L. O. E.
Third Century. Letters from Palmyra [Egypt and the East], by Ware.

Fourth Century. Homo Sum [Arabia, Monks, &c.], by Ebers.

Jovinian [Early Days of Papal Rome], by Kingston.

Fifth Century. Alroy [Mesopotamia], by Disraeli.

Alypius of Tagaste [Christianity, Time of St. Augustine], by Webb.

Attila [Italy and Gaul], by James.

Conquering and to Conquer [Christianity, Times of St. Jerome], by Mrs. Charles.

Hypatia [Egypt, Neo-platonism], by Kingsley.

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