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Julamerk [Egypt and the East], by Mrs. Webb.

Sixth Century (546). Antonina [Fall of Rome], by Collins. _

Blue and Green [Constantinople, Times of Justin and Justinian], by Pottinger.

Seventh Century. Early Dawn [Christianity], by Charles.

[I06 7 ]


Eighth Century. Forest of Vazon [Guernsey Legend].

Ninth Century. Chronicles of Ethelfled [Alfred the Great], by Miss Manning.

Tenth Century. Erling the Bold [Scandinavia], by Kingston.

Little Duke [Richard the P'earless of Normandy], by Yonge.

Eleventh Century. Count Robert of Paris [Constantinople and Palestine, Second

Crusade], by Sir Walter Scott.
Harold the Last of the Saxon Kings, by Lytton.

Hereward the Wake [England under William the Conqueror], by Kingsley.

Lady Godiva [Coventry. Canute], by J. B. Marsh.

Truce of God [Henry IV. and Gregory VII. of Germany], by G. H. Miles.

Twelfth Century (1177). Fair Rosamond, by T. Miller.

(1189). Ivanhoe [Return of Richard I. from the Crusades, Barons, Robin Hood, &c.],

by Scott.

Arrah Neil [Ireland], by James.

Betrothed, by Scott.

King and the Troubadour [Third Crusade], by Julia Corner.

Lady Sybil's Choice [Third Crusade], by Holt.

Mitslav [Baltic Shores], by Milman.

Ranulph the Red [Fen Fiend].

Talisman [Third Crusade, Richard I., Saladin, &c.], by Scott.

Thirteenth Century. (1267). The Prince and the Page [Eighth Crusade], by Yonge.
Castle Dangerous [Scotland, English War], by Scott.

Castle of Ehrenstein [Robber Barons, Germany], by James.

Days of Bruce [English War], by Aguilar.

How I Won my Spurs [Barons' War], by Edgar.

Philip Augustus [France], by Ja

~ John, King of Englan

Runnymede and Lincoln Fair [Third Crusade], by J. G. Edgar.

Royston Gower [Times of John, King of England], byJMiller.

Runnymede and Lincoln Fair [Third

Scottish Chiefs [Wallace], by Porter.

Fourteenth Century (1361). Half Brothers [Spain and Portugal], by Dumas.

Castle Dangerous [Scottish Wars], by Scott.

Crecy and Poictiers [France, War in], by J. G. Edgar.

De Foix [France], by Bray.

Forest Days [Robin Hood], by James.

Isabel of Bavaria [Charles VI.], by Dumas.

Lances of Lynwood [Black Prince], by Yonge.

Lion of Flanders [France], by Conscience.

Rienzi [Roman Tribunes], by Lytton.

Robin Hood, by Heaton.

Robin Hood, by Marsh.

Romola [Italy, Savonarola, &c.], by Eliot.

The Jacquerie [France], by James.

Fifteenth Century (1492). Leila [Conquest of Granada], by Lytton.

(1492). Mercedes of Castile [The Expulsion of the Jews], by Cooper.

(1492). The Alhambra [Conquest of Granada], by Irving.

(1492). Vale of Cedars [Expulsion of Jews from Spain], by Aguilar.

Agincourt [France, War in], by James.

Agnes de Sorrento [Savonarola, Italy, &c.], by Stowe.

Anne of Geierstein [The Vehmgericht, France, Germany, &c.], by Scott.

Caged Lion [Captivity of James I., of Scotland], by Yonge.

Captain of the Guard [James II. of Scotland, Times of], by Grant.

Cloister and Hearth [Old Paris], by Reade.

Days of Yore [Margaret of Scotland], by S. Tytler.

Dove in the Eagle's Nest [Germany], by Yonge.

Fair Maid of Perth [The Clans], by Scott.

Hunchback of Notre Dame [Old Paris], by Hugo.

Joan the Maid [War in France, Joan of Arc], by Mrs. Charles.

Last of the Barons [Wars of the Roses], by Lytton.

Leonora D'Orco [French Invasion of Italy], by James.

Mary of Burgundy [France, Germany, the Netherlands, &c.], by James.

Norseman in the West [America before Columbus], by Ballantyne.

Old Margaret [the Netherlands, Ghent], by Kingsley.

Quentin Durward [France, Louis XI. 1, by Scott.



Fifteenth Century (continued). St. Clare of the Isles [Hebrides and James I., of

Talba [Spain and Portugal], by Mrs. Bray.

Woodman [Richard III.], by James.

Yellow Frigate [Scotland], by Grant.

Sixteenth Century (1521). Cortez [The Fall of Mexico], by Taylor.

(1547). Mary of Lorraine [Battle of Pinkie], by Grant.

(1572). Henry of Guise [Massacre of St. Bartholomew, France], by James.

(1588). Westward Ho ! [Spanish Armada], by Kingsley.

Abbot [Mary, Queen of Scots], by Scott.

Alone in London [Apprentices], by Stretton.

Ascanio [Jesuits, France], by Dumas.

Bothwell, Mary, Queen of Scots], by Grant.

Braes of Yarrow [ Times of James V. of Scotland], by Gibbon.

Brigand [Days of Calvin, France, &c.], by James.

Caesar Borgia [Italy], by Robinson.

Cardinal Pole [Days of Mary, Queen of England], by Ainsworth.

Catherine de Medici [Girlhood of C. de M., Italy, c.], byTrollope.

Chaplet of Pearls [Massacre of St. Bartholomew], by Yonge.

Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family [Reformation in Germany], by Mrs. Charles.

Cloister and the Hearth [the Reformation], by Reade.

Colloquies of Edward Osborne [Apprentices], by Miss Manning.

Constable De Bourbon [Huguenots, France], by Ainsworth.

Constable of the Tower [Edward VI.], by Ainsworth.

Crichton [Paris, Catherine de Medici, Marguerite de Valois, &c.], by Ainsworth.

Darnley [Wolsey], by James.

Dove in Eagle's Nest [Germany], by Ypnge.

Faire Gospeller [Anne Askew], Religious Persecution and Martyrdom], by Miss


Forty-five Guardsmen [France], by Dumas.

From Dawn to Dark in Italy.

Golden Grasshopper [Sir Thomas Gresham], by Kingston.


Household of Sir Thomas More [Henry VIII.], by Manning.

Heiress of Bruges [Spain, Struggle with the Netherlands], by Grattan.

Jane Seton [Witchcraft and Intrigue], by Grant.

Kenilworth [Elizabeth and Leicester, Amy Robsart], by Scott.

Knight of St. John [The Siege of Malta], by Miss A. M. Porter.

Lady Jane Grey, by Miller.

Lancashire Witches [Henry VIII., James I., &c.], by Ainsworth.

Leonora D'Orco [French Manners], by James.

Man-at-Arms [St. Bartholomew], by James.

Margaret De Valois [Massacre of St. Bartholomew], by Dumas.

Martyrs of Spain [Spain and Portugal], by Mrs. Charles.

Monastery [Mary, Queen of Scots], by Scott.

One in a Thousand [Assassination of the Duke of Guise, France], by James.

Owen Tudor [Romance of Paris], by Robinson.

Protestant [Days of Mary], by Bray.

Queen's Maries [Days of Mary, Queen of Scots], by Melville.

Richelieu [France], by James.

Rose d'Albret [French Manners], by James.

Sidonia the Sorceress [Manners in Pomerania], by Meinhold, &c.

Spanish Match [Charles II. in Spain, &c.], by Ainsworth.

Tower of London [Lady Jane Grey], by Ainsworth.

Windsor Castle [Henry VIII., Herne the Hunter, Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas Wyatt,

&c.], by Ainsworth.

Seventeenth Century (1605). Father Darcy [Gunpowder Plot], by Marsh.

(1627). Three Musketeers [La Rochelle], by Dumas.

(1642-3). Splendid Spur [Civil War], by Caine.

(1651). Woodstock [Worcester Fight, &c.], by Scott.

(1665). History of the Plague [Fire and Plague, England], by De Foe.

(1665). Old St. Paul's [Fire of London and Plague], by Ainsworth.

(1672). Black Tulip [The Netherlands, the Hague, &c.], by Dumas.

(1678). Peveril of the Peak, by Scott.

(1679). Old Mortality [Bothwell Bridge], by Scott.

(1689). Scottish Cavalier [Claverhouse, Battle of Killiecrankie], by Gait.

(1691). Redmond, Count O'Hanlon [Battle of the Aughrim], by Carleton.

(1698). Darien [Darien Scheme], by Warburton.

[I06 9 ]


Seventeenth. Century (continued). Agnes de Mansfeldt [Germany], by Grattan.

Amber Witch [Pomerania, Gustavus Adolphus], by Meinhold.

Arabella Stuart [Days_of James I. of England], by James.


Arrah Neil [Ireland, Time of Charles I.], by

r .v._ Rebellion], by Porter.

rince Charles], by Ainsworth.

Barony [Monmonth's Rebellion], by Porter.

Boscobel [Escape of Prince Charles], by Ains

Betrothed Lovers [Plague at Milan], by A. Manzoni.

Buccaneer [Civil War, Cromwell, c.], by Hall.

Captain Kyd [Massachusetts], by Ingraham.

Captain of the Guard [Charles II.], by Grant.

Cardinal Mazarin, by Dumas.

Ca?tle Cornet [Channel Islands in the Days of Civil War], by Hawtray.

Cavaliers of Virginia [Cromwell, United States], by Carruthers.

Children of the New Forest [Civil War], by Marryat.

Danvers Papers [Monmouth's Rebellion], by Yonge.

De L'Orme [France], by James.

Diary of Mary Powell [Days of Milton], by Miss Manning.

Draytons and Davenants [Commonwealth], by Charles.

Fate [Revolution, 1688, Cromwell, &c.], by James.

Fortunes of Nigel [Days of James I.], by James.

Harry Ogilvy [Civil War in Scotland], by Grant.

Gowrie [James I. of England], by James.

Guy Fawkes [James ist, Papist Conspiracy, Gunpowder Plot, &c.], by Ainsworth.

Heidelberg [Thirty Years' War, Germany], by James.

Henry Masterton [Commonwealth], by James.

Holmby House [Civil War], by Melville.

Huguenot [France], by James.

Huguenot Family [France], by Tytler.

James II., or, the Revolution of 1688, by Ainsworth.

John Deane of Nottingham [Assassination Plot], by Kingston.

John Inglesant [Civil War, Irish Rebellion, Charles I.], by Shorthouse.

King's Highway [William and Mary, The Fenwick Conspiracy], by James.

Leaguer of Lathom [Civil War], by Ainsworth.

Legend of Montrose [Covenanters], by Scott.

Life of Colonel Jack [Commonwealth], by Defoe.

Lorna Doone [Days of James II.], by Blackmore.

Marchioness of Brinvilliers [Poisoner in Old Paris], by Smith.

Memoirs of a Cavalier [Civil War], by Defoe.

Nanon [Mazarin], by Dumas.

Ovingdean Grange [Civil War], by Ainsworth.

Paul the Pope and Paul the Friar [Italy],, by Trollope.

Richelieu [France], by James.

Robber [Times of Charles 1 1.], by James.

Russell [Time of Charles II.], by James.

St. George and St. Michael [Commonwealth], by Mac Donald.

Scottish Cavalier [Battle of Killiecrankie, &c.], by Grant.

Star Chamber [Days of James I.], by Ainsworth.

The Phnntom Ship [Germany], by Marryat.

Twenty Years' After [Mazarin], by Dumas.

Wept of Wish-ton-Wish [United S'tates], by Cooper.

Whitefriars [Charles II., Claude Duval, Titus Dates, Colonel Blood, &c.], by Robinson.

Whitehall [Days of Charles I.], by Robinson.

Eighteenth Century (1715). Preston Fight [Insurrection of 1715], by Ainsworth.

(1720). Courtship [Courtship in], by Smart.

(1736). Heart of Midlothian [Porteous Riots], by Scott.

(1741). Roderick Random [Carthagena, Bombardment of], by Smollett.

(i74 2 )- Letty Hyde's Lovers [English Service, 1742] by Grant.

(1745). For James or George [Schoolboy's Tale], by H. C. Adams [B .O. A., v. 6.]

(1746). White Cockade [Falkirk and Culloden], by Grant.

(1750). Satanstoe [New York, Anti-Rentism, c.], by Cooper.

(1755)- Escape [Earthquakes of Lisbon], Tales from Blackwood.

(1756-60). Last of the Mohicans [Old French War], by Cooper.

(1770). Warra \varra [Carib Chief], by Breen.

( I 775-84)- Hurricane Hurry [American War of Independence], by Kingston.

(1775-84). White Scalper [American War of Independence], by Aimard.

(1775). Lionel Lincoln [Siege of Boston], by Cooper.

(1780). Barnaby Rudge [Gordon Riots], by Dickens.

(1789). Child of the Revolution [France], by Roberts.

(1789). Taking the Bastile [The Revolution], by Dumas.



Eighteenth. Century (continued). (1790). Comtesse De Charney [Champ de Mars],
by Dumas.

(1790-. Delphine [French Revolution], by Lovell.

(1791). God's Providence House, by Mrs. Banks.

(1792). Country in Danger [French Revolution], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1792). Madame The'rese [Revolution], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1793). Ingenue, French Revolution [Death of Marat], by Dumas.

(1793)- Ninety-Three [France, La Vende'e], by Hugo.

(1793)- Atelier du Lys [French Revolution, Reign of Terror], by Roberts.

(1793). Tale of Two Cities [French Revolution], by Dickens.

(1793). Year One of the Republic [French Revolution], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1794)- Oliver Ellis [Capture of Guadaloup], by Grant.

(1794)- Citizen Bonaparte [French Revolution and Empire], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1797)- King's Own [Mutiny at the Nore], by Marryat.

0798). Irish Widow's Son [Insurrection of 1798], by Con O'Leary.

(1798). The Croppy [Irish Insurrection], by Banim.

Adventures of Rob Roy [Jacobite Conspiracies], by Grant.

Against the Stream [Slave Emancipation], by Mrs. Charles.

Alice Lorraine [Peninsular War], by Blackmore.

Ancient Regime [Louis XV., France], by James.

Beau Nash [Fashionable Manners, Times of George III.], by Ainsworth.

Ben Brace [Days of Nelson], by Chamier.

Black Dwarf [Conspiracies of the Jacobites, Scotland], by Scott.

Burgomaster's Family [Dutch Character], by C. Muller.

Cannibal Islands [Captain Cook], by Ballantyne.

Captain Singleton [George I.], by De Foe.

Castle Rackrent [Irish Characters], by Edgeworth.

Chevalier of the Maison Rouge [Red Terror, France], by Dumas.

Citizen of Prague [Maria Theresa, Germany], by H. J. Paalgrow, trans, by Howitt.

Consuelo [Germany, Frederick the Great], by Sand.

Cornet of Horse [Marlboro's Wars], by Henty.

De Vere [Political Life], by Ward.

Devereux [Time of Queen Anne], by Lytton.

Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevelyan [Whitefriars and We.sley], by Mrs. Charles.

Esmond [Queen Anne, Young Chevalier, &c.], by Thackeray.

Feats on the Fiord [Norway], by Miss Martineau.

Frank Hilton [War in Arabia], by Grant.

Gipsy [George II.], by James.

Guy Rivers, the Outlaw [Georgia], by Simms.

Hartland Forest [Devonshire], by Bray.

Henry Smeaton [George I.], by James.

Humphrey Clinker [The Methodists], by Smollett.

John Law [South Sea Bubble], by Ainsworth.

King's Own Borderers [Peninsular Campaign], by Grant.

La Vende'e [France], by Trollope.

Lady Bell [England], by Tytler.

Lord Mayor of London [George II.], by Ainsworth.

Lords of Strogue [Insurrection of Emmet, Ireland], by Wingfield.

Louise De La Valliere [Louis XIV.], by Dumas.

Lucy Arden [Times of George I.], by Grant.

Memoirs of a Physician [Death of Louis XV., France], by Dumas.

Miser's Daughter [George II.], by Ainsworth.

Near to Nature's Heart [Washington, Arnold, &c.], by Roe.

Pastor's Fireside [England, Spain and Vienna], by Porter.

Peg Woffington [The Stage], by Reade.

Phantom Regiment [War in Spain], by Grant.

Queen's Necklace [French Court], by Dumas.

Redgauntlet [Conspiracies of the Jacobites], by Scott.

Rob Roy [Conspiracies of the Jacobites], by Scott.

Rody the Rover [Ribbonism], by Carleton.

Romance of War [Peninsular Campaign], by Grant.

St. James's [Queen Anne], by Ainsworth.

Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative [Carribean Seas], by Porter.

Spy [American War, Washington], by Cooper.

Subaltern [Battle of New Orleans], by Glegg.

Subaltern [Peninsular Campaign], by Gleig.

Surgeon's Daughter [Times of George III.], by Scott.

Tales of Flemish Life, by Conscience.

The Pilot [American War, Paul Jones], by Cooper.

Ticonderoga [French War in America, Defeat of Abercromby], by James.



Eighteenth. Century (continued). Unc'e Tom's Cabin [American Slavery], by Stcnve.

Valentine McClutchy [Irish Grievances], by Carleton.

Virginians [Eve of American War of Independence], by Thackeray.

Waverley [the '"45"]. ky Scott.

Whiteboy [Secret Societies, Ireland], by Hall.

Nineteenth Century (1801). Knight of Gwynne [Legislative Union of England and
Irealnd], by Lever.

(1803). Lords of Strogue [Insurrection of Emmet], by Wingfield.

(1804). Twin Captains [the Empire, Napoleon, France], by Dumas.

(1806). Aide-de-Camp [Campaign of Maida], by Grant.

(1812). Kenneth [French in Russia], by Yonge.

(1812). Polish Lancer [Napoleon in Russia], by Rellstab.

Romance of War [Peninsular War, Spain], by Grant.

(1812). Subaltern [American War], by Gleig.

(1813). Conscript [French Empire], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1814). Invasion of France [Russian Invasion], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1815). Citizen Bonaparte [French Revolution and Empire], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1815). Les Misdrables [French Empire], by Victor Hugo.

(1815). Waterloo [Battle of], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

(1842). War and Peace [Cabul,' Retreat from], by A. L. O. E.

(1847). Castle Daly [Irish Home], by Keary.

(1847). Castle Richmond [Irish Famine], by Trollope.

(1852). Cossacks [Caucasus in the Year 1852], by Tolstoi.

(1860). Courtship in, by Smart.

(1862). Blockade Runners [American Rebellion], by Verne.

(1884). In the Middle Watch [Slave Ships in 1884], by Russell.

(1887). Hobgoblin and Demon [Demons], byDe Witt.

(1888). Through the Snowdrifts [Retreat from Moscow], by Madame De Witt,

Alice Lorraine [Peninsular War], by Blackmore.

Alton Locke [Chartists], by Kingsley.

Ben Brace [French Empire, Naval War], by Chamier.

Beyond Recall [Egypt, Bombardment of Alexandria], by Sergeant.

Bivouac [France, Peninsular War], by Maxwell.

Duke of Albany's Highlanders [India and Afghanistan], by Grant.

Female Nihilist [Nihilism], by Lavigne.

Hassan, or the Child of the Pyramid [Egypt], by Murray.

Helen and Olga [Domestic Manners, Russia], by Manning.

Hour and the Man [Hayti, Toussaint L'Ouverture], by Martineau.

In Times of Peril [Indian Mutiny], by Henty.

Interpreter [Crimean War and Hungary], by Whyte Melville.

Lady Wedderburn's Wish [Crimean War], by Grant.

Laura Everingharn [Crimean War], by Grant.

Margaret Muller [Franco-German War], by Mme. Berster.

Mary Barton [Manufacturing Districts], by Mrs. Gaskell.

Max Cromer [Franco-German War, Siege of Strasburg], by Stretton.

North and South [Manufacturing Districts], by Mrs. Gaskell.

One of the Six Hundred [Balaclava], by Grant.

Parisians [Commune, Paris], by Lytton.

Ravenshoe [Crimean War], by Kingsley.

Rody the Rover [Ireland], by W. Carleton.

Shadow of the Sword [Escape of Napoleon from Elba], by Buchanan.

Story of the Plebiscite [Franco-German War], by Erckmann-Chatrian.

Sybil [Chartists], by Disraeli.

Ten Thousand a Year, by Warren.

Thaddeus of Warsaw [Poland], by Porter.

Tolla [Modern Rome], by About.

Ula [Zulus, Cetewayo], by Eden.

Wayside Cross [Spain and Portugal], by Milman.

When we were Boys [Irish Life, Insurrection, &c.], by O'Brien.

Young Franc-Tireurs [Franco-German War], by Henty.

Young Llanero [War in Venezuela], by Kingston.

Young Rajah [Indian Mutiny], by Kingston.

[I0 7 2]

Supplement to the General Catalogue.


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