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Agricultural Chemistry and Geology, by Johnston and Cameron.... 668D

Agriculture [Blacklock's Treatise on Sheep] .............................. 744Z

See also Adams' Swiss Confederation, sH. Blackwood's Magazine [Twenty
Years' Movements in], v. 144, 214], Capital and Labour, insF. Grif-
fith's Manures, 2i2oR. Harper's Index, 1640 Ta. Nature, v. 39-40,

2699-07. Playfair's Social Welfare [and Fair Trade], 336R. Poole's
Index, R.L. Roland's Grass Land, 826 F. Stanford's Compendium
[in Egypt], 849!^ ; [in Australia], 853^. Westminster Review [the Pro-
gress of], v. 132, R.L. Grass, Cattle, Farming, Dairies, &c.

Anab (.King' of Israel, 918-897 B.C.). See Robinson's Scripture Characters, i5iK.
Ailment. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Your Little Ailment], v. 15, 13657.
Ainger (A.), Ed., The Letters of Charles Lamb, 2 vols. 1888 ... 1479-00
Air, Experiments and Observations, by Priestley. 1775 ................ 8190

- Ocean of, Meteorology for Beginners, by Giberne. 1890 ......... 2I23R

- See also Cassell's Family Magazine [Travels in the], v. 15, 13657.

Alabaster. See King's Decorative Stones, nsgM, &c.

Alaska. See Stanford's Compendium, 8soK, &c.

Albani (Madame, Vocalist). See Edwards' Prima Donna, 679F.

Albany. See Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K, &c.

Albatross. See Nature, v. 40, 27007. Birds, &c.

Albers (Captain). See Everyday Heroes [p. 192], 14550, &c.

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the Princess of Wales, Pro-
gress of our Times, illustrated by the Life and Work of the
Prince and Princess of Wales [1863-1889], by Burdett, with
Portraits, Autographs, &c. 1889 ................................... 1412!!

Albert Edward Nyanza. See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, 873-4K.

Albert (Prince Consort). See Memoirs of Ernest II., 6j^-^F. Walpole's Lord
Russell. 6ioF, c.

Albret (7eanne D'). See Jeanne D'Albret.

Alcock (D.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Alcohol. See Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Smith's Foods, 3808.. Gustafson's
Foundation of Death, ii22F, &c.

Alcott (Miss Louisa May), Her Life, Letters and Journals, edited by

E. D. Cheney. 1889 ................................................... 14880

Aldegrever (Heinrich). See Scott's Little Masters, 11170.

Alden (H. M.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Alderney and Guernsey Cow, its Nature and Management, by

Fowler. 1855 .......................................................... i88R

- [Babington's Primitive Florae Sarnicce] 7 ................................. i84R

- Island of, its Early History, &c., by Clarke. 1851 .................. i87oZ

- - See also Athenaeum [Lighthouse Girl, a Poem, p. 432], 1882, R.L. Black's

Channel Islands and Western Normandy, I742R. Smith's Birds of
Guernsey, igsR. Temple Bar [its Defences], v. 4, 13347. Thomson's
Health Resorts, 938K. Rooke's Guernsey and Sark, iSsgZ, &c.

Aldrich (T. B., American Journalist'), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.
Alehouses. See 7usserand's Wayfaring Life [i4th Century], 1925!*, &c.
Aleinbert (7- le R- ^ e > French Philosopher and Mathematician, b. 1717, d. 1783).

See Brougham's Philosophers, 597M, Kic.

Alexander the Great. See Rawlinson's Phoenicia, 15530, &c.
Alexander of Lycopolis. See Ante-Nicene Library, &c.
Alexander (Several Popes of Rome of this Nainc\. See Balzani's Popes and the

Hohenstaufen, 26iT, &c.
Alexandra (Princess of Wales). See Burdett's Prince, Princess and People,

I4I2H, &c.



Alford (Henry), D.D., Quebec Chapel Sermons. 1863 ............... 1293-7^!

Divine Love, I2Q3M. On Christian Practice, 1294^!. Person and Office

of Christ, i29sM. Concluding Sermons, i2g6M.
- The Greek Testament. 1855 :

Vol. 2. Acts of the Apostles, Epistles to the Romans and Corinthians - - Q2jA

Vol. 3. Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians. Colossians,

Thessalonians, Timotheus, Titus and Philemon ............... Q28A

Vol. 4, part i. Epistle to the Hebrews and the Catholic Epistles of St.

James and St. Peter .......................................... g2gA.

Vol. 4, part 2. Epistles of St. John and St. Jude and the Revelation ..... 93oA

Alfred the Great (King of England], by Hughes. 1887 ............... 15250

__ See also Lappenberg's England, 15180. Saxons, &c.

Algeria, A Winter in Algiers, by Bridgman [Harper's Month., v. 76] 1656}

__ See also Stanford's Compendium, 849K, &c.

Alison (Sir Archibald). See Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Alkali Act, &c. See Smith's Public Health Laws, Q42K.

All-Fours. See Crawley's Handbooks, ii48M. Cards, &c.

Allan (R-), F.R.S.E. See Phillips' Mineralogy, S5 9 R, &c.

Allegnanies, Heart of the. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1647 J.

Allen (Alfred). See Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science, 34I3J.

Allen (E. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Allen (Grant). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Allen (Joseph), R.N., Battles of the British Navy, with Portraits

[Bohn's Library], 2 vols. 1853 ..................................... 1522-30

Alleyne (S. F.) and Abbott (E.), Trs., Outlines of the History of
Greek Philosophy, by Zeller. 1886 .................................

Allez (Capt. J., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 43], 14160.


Alluvial Deposits. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, go^F.

pt. J.,

Allington (W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Allison (J. W). See Notes and Queries, v. 7, 7th series, 1099 J.

Almsgiving, Method in, a Handbook for Helpers, by Moggridge 103 1 R
Alphege (St., Archbishop of Canterbury, 1006, killed 1012). See L'Estrange's

Greenwich, 15350.
Alps, Israel of the, a History of the Persecutions of the Waldenses,

by Muston. 1852 ....................................................... I3O8R

- See also Nature, v. 39, ?6ggJ.
Altdorfer (Albrecht, German Painter, b. 1488, d. 1538). See Scott's Little

Masters, 11170.

Aluminium. See English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470, &c.
Amazon River. See Stanford's Compendium, 8siK, &c.

- Naturalists on the River Amazon, by Bates, 2 vols.... 1863 2I43-4R
Amazons. See Clayton's Female Warriors, 6440, &c.
Ambassadors. See Levi's International Law, 39gR, &c.
Amber. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M.
Ambition. See Lubbock's Pleasures of Life, igoSRa. Quiver [Right and

Wrong], v. 32, 33oaJ. Temple Bar, v. 87, I4I7J, &c.
Ambrose (St., Bishop of Milan, b. 340, d. 397). See Farrar's Lives of the

Fathers, 67iF. Mathew's History of Music, 943D, Sc.
America, Baggage and Boots, or Smith's First Peep at America, ill. I75$R

- Central and South, and West Indies, 'edited by Bates. 1885.... 85 iK

- North, edited by Hoyden and Selwyn [Stanford's Compendium] S5dv
- Three Years in, by Stuart, 2 vols in i. 1833 ..................... I733R

American Commonwealth, by Bryce, 3 vols. 1888 .................... 5I7-9H

- Literature, a Century of, from Franklin to Lowell. 1889 ......... 2O28R

- Pictures drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Manning [R.T.S.] ...... 3llB

- See also Crookshank's Methodism in Ireland [in connection with America],

67O-7iA. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5^ Eggleston's
United States, 42iH. Frith's Our Kin across the Sea, 1735R.
Harper's Index [Rebellion, 1861-65], i64oja. Maunder's Treasury of
History, i8s6Z. Murray's Magazine [Some Recent Criticism of], v. 4.
I464J. Nature, v. 39-40, 26g9-oJ. Peasant Properties [Americans],
2005R. Westminster Review [Indirect Taxation in], v. 130, R.L.
Wonders of Nature and Art, i32gH.



Amethyst. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, 1163^!. King's Decorative Stones,
riSgM, &c.

Among the North Sea Trawlers. See Contemporary Review, v. 54, 20647.

Amphibians, Fishes and Reptiles, Natural History and Classifi-
cation of, by Swainson [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo.] 1838.... 778-QT

Amsterdam. See Pictures from Holland, 3556.

Amulets. See Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

Amusements, Indoor. See Boys' Own Annual, from v. i, 29517. Harper's
Index, i64oja. Jevons' Social Reform, niiF, &c.

Amusing Prose Chap Books, chiefly of Last Century, edited by

Cunningham. 1889 1321!!

Amye Robsart and the Earl of Leicester, and a History of Kenihvorth

Castle, by Adlard. 1870 663F

Anam and Siam. See China, 15330, &c.

Analogy. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 3giR, &c.

Anatomy, Artistic, by Duval, translated by Fenton, illustrated. 1884 93 iK

Anatomy. See Nature, v. 40, 27007. Quekett's Histology, 832F, c.

Ancient Cities of Mexico. See All the Year Round, v. 42, 18227. Mexico, c.

Faiths and Modern, by Inman. 1876 96Ka

Anderson (A.), Game of Draughts Simplified, and Illustrated with

Practical Diagrams. 1878 II58M

Anderson (James S. M.), M.A., History of the Church of England
in the Colonies and Foreign Dependencies of the British
Empire, 3 vols. 1856

Anderson (John), F.L.S., Mandalay to Momien, a Narrative of the
Two Expeditions to Western China of 1868 and 1875, under
Colonel Sladen and Colonel Browne, illustrated. 1876 54oK

Anderson (Miss Mary, Atnerican Actress, b. 1859). See Woman's World, v. i,
1888, R.L.

Andes. See Stanford's Compendium, 8siK.

Andrew. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, I52K.

Andrews (E. A.), LL.D., A Copious and Critical Latin-English
Lexicon, founded on the larger Latin-German Lexicon of Dr.

W. Freund, with Additions, &c. 1853 J 49D

Andros Family of Guernsey. See 7acob's Guernsey, 3628. Sarnia, 14160, &c.
Anecdote, World of, by E. Paxton Hood. 1870 979R

See also Harper's Index, 164073. Fiction, &c.

Angelo, Michael. See Blackwood's Magazine, v. 144, 2147. Buonarotti &c.
Angels. See Occult Sciences, 1935 R. Robinson's Scripture Characters,

i52K, c.

Anger. See Seneca's Dialogues, i2oiH, &c.
Anglican Church Architecture and Ecclesiastical Furniture, by

Barr. 1846 i867Z

Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary, by Bosworth. 1888 I3I7H

Gothic Gospels in Parallel Columns, with Preface and Notes,

by Bosworth and Waring. 1888 667A

Kings. See Lappanberg's England, 1517-80, &c.

Angola. See Stanford's Compendium, 849!^., &c.
Angora Goat. See Lennep's Asia Minor, i847-8R.

Animals, Geographical and Geological Distribution of, by Heilprin 3Q6R

Habits and Instincts of, by Swainson [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo.] 79 iT

in Menageries, by Swainson [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia. 1838 77oT

Animal Lore of Shakespeare's Time, by Phipson. 1883 929^!

Animal Magnetism, by Binet and Fere 397R

Animals : Senses, Instincts and Intelligence of, by Lubbock 376R.



Animals. See also Dawson's Origin of the World, .^R. E very Hoy's Annual
[Clever], 1869, 1303!! ; [Life], isoSH. Girls' Own Annual [Bits about],
v. 10, 2s6oJ. Manchester Science Lectures [Animal Intelligence],
2I27R. New Review [the Origin of], v. 2, 3352J. Nineteenth Century
[Comparative Insensibility of, to pain], v. 26, 2236.!. Quekett's Histo-
logy, 832F. Science of Thought, 585!!. Stanford's Compendium [of
Austrafia],853K. Tower Menagerie, 8i6F. Vivisection, 932K. Wallace's
Darwinism, 2i2iR. Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329!!, &c.
Anne of Austria (Queen Regent of France, Mother of Louis XIV.},

Regency of, by Freer, 2 vols. 1866 267-8F

Married Life of; and Don Sebastian, King of Portugal, by

Freer, 2 vols. 1864 265-6!"

Anne of Cleves. See Palace and Hospital, 15350, &c.

Anne (Queen). See the Wentworth Papers, 553F.

Anointing. See Jones' Coronations, 9380.

Anson (W. S. W.), Ed., Asgard and the Gods, Traditions of our

Northern Ancestors. 1882 9O3F

Anspach (F. R.), A.M., Sepulchres of our Departed. 1859 I222M

Anstey (C, Satiric Poet, b. 1724, d. 1805), New Bath Guide, a

series of Poetical Epistles 75H.

Anthropoid Apes, by Hartmann 37&R

Anthropology, by Paul Topinard, translated by Bartley, ill. 1878 943K

Sec also English Mechanic [British Association Address], . v. 50, losoD.

Harper's Index, i64oja. Nature, v. 39-40, 2699-0.7. Man, &c.
Antilles, The. See Stanford's Compendium, 8siK, &c.
Antiquities of the City of Treves, by Wyttenbach, translated, edited

by Turner. 1839 96F

Smaller Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, by Smith... IO25M

[Qesarea or J ersey] 1 409!!

See also Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel, 849-54!^. Tim-

min's Warwickshire, I4I3H, &c.

Antoinette (Marie). See Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F.
Antonines, Age of the, or Roman Empire of the Second Century,

by Capes. 1884 i8i2Z

Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius). See Capes' Stoicism, I255M. Haweis' Christ and

Christianity, n86M, &c.

AntoniUS. For several celebrated Romans of this name see Long's Roman Re-
public, 9O-4H.
Antwerp. See English Illustrated Magazine, v. 5, I995J, &c.

Apes, Anthropoid, by Hartmann

Apocrypha. See London Quarterly, v. 71, 86iJ. Quarterly Review, v. i, i2g6J.
Ante-Nicene Library [Apocryphal, Gospels, c.], 374A, &c.

Apostles, Words of the, by Stier, translated by Venables. 1869

See also Acts of the Apostles. Kurtz' Church History, 7o6A, &c.

Apostolic Epistles, a literal Translation from the original Greek,

with Notes, &c., by Macknight. 1832

Fathers, Writings of the, translated by Robertson, &c. 1879.... 375A

Apostolical Constitutions. See Ante-Nicene Library, &c.
Apparitions. See Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

Apples. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Breuil's Fruit Trees,
i78R. Science Gossip [History of the Apple Tree], v. 15, 2418.}.
Fruit, &c.
Apprentices. ' See Beeton's Everybody's Lawyer, 324R. Illustrated Carpenter

and Builder, from v. i, 298iJ, &c.

Apricot, The. See Breuil's Fruit Trees, I78R. Fruit. &c.

Aq.uarium, The. See Beeton's Home Pets, igsR. Boys' Own Annual, v. 2,
29527 ; v. 7, 2857J, &c.

"Aquarius," Easy Whist. 1884

Aquatics. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Boating, c.
Arabia. See Maunder's Treasury of History, i856Z.

Stanford's Compendium,
852K, &c.



Arabs. See Layard's Persia, &c., 1726-7!^, o.

Aran, The Isles of. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 43, N.S., 763],

Ararat, Journey of Dr. Parrot [Cooley's World Surveyed]. 1845.... 3 2 4^

Arbitration, International. See Mial's Life of Richards, 424F.

Arblay (Madame D'). See Macaulay's Essays, 15310.

ArlDUthnot (Hon. Mrs.), The Henwife, her own Experience in her

own Poultry- Yard, coloured illustrations. 1887 igSR

Archaeological Subjects, Essays on, by Wright, 2 vols. 1861 QI2-3F

Archaeology and Art, Illustrated Dictionary of Words used in, by

Mollett. 1883 9350

See also Boys' Own Annual [and Legend], v. 8, 2958.7. Harper's Index,

i64oja. Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i, 29817. Lennep's
Asia Minor, i847-8R. Nature, v. 39, 26997. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Archelaus. See Ante-Nicene Library, c.

Archery. See Boys' Own Annual, v. 7, 29577, &c.

Architecture, Church, by Barr. 1846 I86/Z

Villas and Cottages in the United States, by Vaux. 1874 955^

See also Atlantic Monthly [In the West], v. 64, I554J. Dyer's Imitative

Art, 9300. Girls' Own Annual, v. 7, 25577. Harper's Index, i64oja.
Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i, 29817. Wilkinson's On
Colour, 9480, c.

Arctic Service, Three Years of, an Account of the Lady Franklin Bay

Expedition [1881-84], by Greely, 2 vols. 1886 856-7!^

Argentine. See Stanford's Compendium, 8siK.

Argument. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 3QiR.

Argyll (Duke of)- See Motley's Correspondence, 667-8F.

Ariosto, Portrait of. See English Illustrated, v. 5, 19957-

Aristophanes. See Posnett's Literature, 394R, &c.

Aristotle. See Science of Thought, 585 H. Stallo's Modern Physics, sSgR, &c.

Arithmetic, Treatise on, by Lardner [Lardner's Cab. Cyclo.]. 1834 7o7T

See also Every Boy's Annual [Arithmetical and Mathematical Questions],

1866, i 3 oiH.

Arkansas. See Harper's Magazine, v. 77, 16577.
Armada, The Second. See Temple Bar Magazine, v. 83, 14137.
Armagh. See Irish Pictures,336B. Ireland, &c.

Armour in History and Romance [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7]. 1885 2Q57J
Arms, The. See Walker's Exercise for Ladies [Exercise for the Arms], i88iZ.
Armstrong (Captain T. Priaulx St. George, of Guernsey). See Sarnia, p. 91,

Armstrong (W.), Wrestling [Badminton Series]. 1889 U38M.

Armstrong (Sir William G., inventor of Ordnance Gun, &*c., b. 1810). See

Fortunes made in Business, i033Fa, &c.

Army, The. See Adams' Swiss Confederation, 3H. Dilke's Problems of Greater
Britain, 33sH. Poole's Index, R.L. Westminster Review [The
United States], v. 132, R.L., &c.
Ame (Thomas A., Mitsical Composer, b. 1710, ;/. 1778). See Mathew's History of

Music, 9430, &c.

Arnobius. Seven Books adversus Gentes. See Ante-Nicene Library, v. 19, s6gA.
Arnold (Edwin, Orientalist and Poet, b. 1831), M.A., Secret of

Death [From the Sanscrit], with some collected Poems. 1885 8nM
Arnold (F.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Arnold (G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a.
Arnold (George M. Brock), M.A., Gainsborough and Constable

[Great Artists], illustrated. 1889 U2iO

Arnold (Matthew, Poet, b. 1822). See Temple Bar [Poetry], v. 84, 14147.

Murray, v. 7, 14677. Quarterly Review, v. 167, 12977, &c.
Arnold (Mrs.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Arnold (Thomas), D.D., Life and Correspondence, by Stanley, illus. 2O52R

See also Christian Biography, 14410.

Arnot (William), Illustrations of the Book of Proverbs. 1860 I275M



Arnould (Sophie). See Edwards' Prima Donna, 678F.

Arrow Heads. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, gosF.

Art (Fine), and Archaeology, Illustrated Dictionary of Words used

in, by Mollett. 1883 935D

and Literature, Dramatic, Lectures by Schlegel. 1846

Art-Galleries and Museums, by Greenwood. 1888 IQI6R

Bewick and his Pupils, by Dobson, illustrated. 1889 14840

Concise History of Painting, by Heaton. 1888 li65M

Education of the Artist, by Chesneau, translated by Bell. 1886. H26M

Etcher's Handbook, by Hamerton. 1881 n6;M

Great Minds on Art, c., by Tirebuck. 1888 5510

Imitative, its Principles and Progress, &c., by Dyer. 1882 93oD

Lectures on, delivered at the Royal Academy, London, by

Weekes. 1880 95iD

Lectures on Painting and Design, by Haydon. 1844 94QD

Portfolio Papers, by Hamerton. 1888 and 1889 n68M

Round my House, by Hamerton. 1880 u66M

Royal Academy Antics with more than 60 illustrations, by Furniss 954D

The Artist and the Man. by C. Despart [Cas. Fam. Mag., v. 5]. 23547

The Italian Masters and Pictures in the National Gallery, by Att-

weil. 1888 373F

See also Blackwood's Magazine [in Scotland], v. 146, 2i6J. Flaxman's Sculp-
ture, gsoD. Good Words [Artists I have Known], 2199!. Lubbock's
Pleasures of Life, igoSR. Poole's Index [Art Collections], R.L. Rus-
kin's Eagle's Nest, 204oR. Time [Modern and Public Taste], v. 20,
iSioJ. Woman's World [Irish Industrial], v. 2, 1889, R.L. Church's
Chemistry of Painting, 9530, &c.

Arts (Useful), Manufactures, Manners and Institutions of the Greeks

and Romans [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], 2 vols. 1835... 73I-2T

See also Excelsior [Useful Arts], igaS-siR. Murray's Magazine [The Arts

and Crafts], v. 6, 1466], &c.
Artemus Ward. See Ward (Artemus).
Articulation. See Romanes' Mental Evolution, 1335!!.

Artistic Anatomy, by Duval, translated by Fenton, illustrated. 1884 93iK
Arthur (King). See Miller's Anglo-Saxons, 750. Nutt's Holy Grail, 1324^ &c.
Arthur (T. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Artizans' Dwellings Acts. See Smith's Public Health Laws, 942K.

Aryas, Home of the, and Biographies of Words, by Muller,..93oM & 2OOiR

See also Muller's Biographies of Words, 93oM.

Asgard and the Gods, Tales and Traditions of our Northern Ances-
tors, by Wagner, adapted by Macdowall and edited by

Anson, illustrated. 1882 9O3F

Ashantees. See Stanford's Compendium, 84gK.
Ashburton (Lord). See Dunning (John).

Ashton (John), Eighteenth Century Waifs. 1887 !95iR

Modern Street' Ballads, illustrated. 1888 I4O6M

The Fleet, its River, Prison and Marriages, illustrated. 1889 ... go^F

Asia, edited by Temple [Stanford's Compendium]. 1886 852K

Travels in Little-known Parts of Asia Minor, by Lennep, 2

vols, illustrated. 1870 1747-8R

See also Dilke s Problems of Great Britain, 33sH. Good Words [Travel-
ling in Central], v. 30, 22ooJ. Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329^

Asoland, Fancies and Facts, Poems by Browning. 1890 I920Z

Ass, The. See Wood's Dominion of Man, ?i3oR.
Assertion. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, sgiR, &c.
Association Football. See Boys' Own Annual, v. s, 2955.7.
Assumptions. See Sidgwick's Fallacies sgiR, &c.



Assyrians. See Religious Systems of the World, by Rawlinson, 934A, &c.
Asteroids. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M, &c.
Asthma. See Man and his Maladies, 939 K. Medicine, &c.
Astrology. See Century Magazine [Divination and Coincidences], v. 13, i88sj.
London Quarterly [Elizabethan], v. 72, 862], Occult Sciences,
I935R, c.
Astronomy and Natural Philosophy, First Book of, by Morton. 1866 557R

Astronomer's Thoughts on Nature and Revelation, by Pritchard. I265M

by Herschel [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1833 794-T

with an Opera Glass, by Serviss. 1889 6900

See also English Mechanic [Progress of, in 1889], v. 50, 10500. Excelsior,

1926-1928 and 193 [R. Guernsey Magazine [the First Astronomers], v.
17, 23977. Harley's Moon Lore, 828 1). Harper's Index, i64oja.
Nature, v. 40, 27ooJ. Proctor's Flowers of the Sky, 6410.. Peter's
Girls' Own Out-door Book, I256H, &c.
Asylums. See Wale's London, 327 R, &c.

At Last, a Christmas in the West Indies, by Kingsley. 1889 !96yR

Athanasius (St.). See Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 670-71^, &c.

Atheism, a Refutation of, by Voysey. 1878 68oA

Attienagorus and Justin Martyr, Writings of, translated by Dods

and others [Ante-Nicene Library]. 1879 376A

Athletics. See Boys' Own Annual [Athletic Training], v. 2, 29527 ; v. 7, 29577.

Crawley's Handbooks, H54M, &c.

Atkinson (J. A.), M.A., Ed., Life of Wesley and the Rise and Pro-
gress of Methodism, by Southey. 1889 I437O

Atlantic to the Pacific, by Lester, illustrated. 1873 I732R

Sce^aho Nature [North Atlantic], v. 40, 27007.

Atlantic Monthly, a Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Poli-
tics, from v. 51. 1883 I54U

[The Serial Tales and some of the principal contents will be found under
their proper headings in Fiction, or in the general body of the Cata-
logue, with the shelf number specified. The entire contents will be
found in Poole's Index (Reference Library) under subjects required.]
Atonement, The. See Gore's Lux Mundi, 937A.
Atterbury (Francis, Bishop of Rochester, b. 1662, d. 1732). See Macaulay's

Miscellaneous Writings, 15300.

Attitude. See Walker's Exercises for Ladies [Principles of], iSSiZ, &c.
Attributes. See Miiller's Science of Thought, sS^H, &c.
Attwell (H.), Italian Masters, with Special Reference to Pictures

in the National Gallery. 1888 373F

Auberlen (Carl A.), Ph.D., The Divine Revelation, an Essay in
Defence of the Faith, to which is prefixed a Brief Memoir of
the Author, translated by Paton [Clark's Theo. Lib.]. 1867 838 A
Auckland. See Payton's New Zealand, 87oK. New Zealand, &c.
Auctions. See Beeton's Everybody's Lawyer, 324R, &c.
Augury- See Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

Augustine (St.). See Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67iF. Mothers of Great
Men and Women [Mother of], 682 F, c.

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