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for Ireland. The Scotland of Mary Stuart. Secret of Yarrow.
City of London Police. Tour upon Wheels. Verdict of the
Country. Wit, Wisdom, and Folly of the last Five Years, &c. aioj

Vol. 141, 1887. In the Heart of Afghanistan. The Douglases. Restorers
of Florence. Free Trade and Depressed Trade. Her Majesty's
Opposition in 1887. Horse Supply in India. Causes of the
Union with Ireland. Are Ironclads doomed. Pictorial Art of
Japan. Joyce, a novel. A Magnetic Mystery. The Old
Saloon. Revelations from Patmos. The Position. Russian
Soldiers and Russian Armaments. Secondary Education in
Scotland. Two Months of the Session, &c 211 J

Vol. 142, 1887. Caesar Borgia. Cardinal of Valencia. Captured Brides in
Far Cathay. Corner of Mercia. England's Strength in Case of
War. Mr. Gladstone and the Irish Question. Hannah More.
The Hittites. A Sketch from Ilfracombe. Balance of Military
Power of Europe. Montrose and the Covenant. Paul Jones.
Rabbits in Australia. Self-Government. The Session. The
War Office. In Westminster Abbey, 2ist of June, 1887, &c.. .. 2i2j

Vol. 143, 1888. Some Aspects of Australian Life. Balance of Power in
Europe. Central African Question. Cyprus under British Rule.
A Dead Man's Vengeance. The English Gentry. Fiji. Lady
Hamilton and Mr. John Cordy Jeaffreson. Hymns and
Hymnals. Mr. Kinglake's " Invasion of the Crimea." Ireland
and the Roman Catholic Church. Tonga and Samoa. Land
Population and Wealth in the Western Islands. Mary Stuart in
Scotland. Military Balance of Power in Asia. Our Naval
Policy. Old Scotland. Oyster Culture at Arcachon. A
Neglected Paradise [Madeira]. Police of the North Sea.
Shakespeare or Bacon. English Slang and French Argot. Mary
Somerville. Sunken French Fleet at Aboukir Bay. Technical
Education. Tyrolean Sonnets. Wanderings and Wild Sport
beyond the Himalayas, &c 2I3J

Vol. 144, 1888. Twenty Years' Movement in Agriculture. Impressions of
Australia. The British Museum and the People who go there.
Career of an Indian General, Sir Charles MacGregor. The
Catrail, or Pict's Work Ditch. Civil Service Reform. Pro-
fessions for Dogs. English Peasantry. Mr. Forster and Ireland.
France versus Paris. Irish Housekeeping and Irish Customs in
the Last Century. Jokai Maurice. The Lessons of the Recess.
Michael Angelo. Naval Manoeuvres ; their Objects and Results.
The Navy and the Country. Portuguese in East Africa. Robert
Elsmere and Modern Oxford. Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe.
Romance of State-Mapping. Sylt and its Associations.
Legends from the Early Home of the English. Mrs. Oliphant's
" Life of Principal Tulloch." On the Wallaboy Track, &c 2I4J

Blair (A.), History of the Waldenses, 2 vols. 1833 lO-iK

Blair (H., Scotch Minister, b. 1718, d. 1800), D.D., Lectures on

Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres. 1825 866H

Sermons, and Life of the Author by Finlayson. 1837 2i$K

Blake (Admiral, b. 1599, d. 1657), by Dixon. 1856 5I?O

by Hannay [English Worthies]. 1886 !2OiO

See also Adam's Heroes, 978Q. Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 301-20.

Yonge's British Navy, 302H.



Blake (General) [Alison's Europe] 130-20

Blake (W.) See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 47 6D.

Blanc (C), Art in Ornament and Dress, illustrated. 1877 8640

Blanc (H.), M.U., Captivity in Abyssinia, with some Account of the

Emperor Theodore and his People, illustrated. 1868 I5O2R

Blanc (Louis, French Historian^ b. 1813), History of Ten Years

[France, 1830-1840], 2 vols. 1844 4OI-2H

Blanchard (E. L.), [Stirling's Old Drury Lane] I338-QR

Blanchard (L.) See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Blandford (W. T.), F.R.S. See Medlicott (H. B.), Geology of India, 2 7 - 3 oD.

Blaquiere (E.), Spanish Revolution. 1822 44QH

See also Pecchio's Spain, 45oH.

Blatherwick (C.), Personal Recollections of Peter Stonnor, illus. 9870

Blaze de Bury (Madame), Racine and the French Classical

Drama. 1 845 1 1 53Z

Blazon (T. De.) See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Blenheim, Battle of. See Adam's Battles, 2410.

Blenny, The. See Jardine's Naturalist's Library, 6790.

Blessed, Recognition of Each Other by the Blessed. See Timb's Works, 8s6Z.

Blessington (Countess of, Irish IVriter, b. 1789, d. 1849), The

Idler in Italy. 1839 437K

Blessington (Countess of). See also Adair's Women of Society, 10480. Frith's
Reminiscences, 6i6F, &c.

Blight (J. T.), Week at Land's End, illustrated. 1861 82OQ

Blind, Light for the, History of Moon's System of Reading for the

Blind, by Moon. 1873 !C>33H

Blindness [Kitto's Lost Senses] i47iZ

Blind (M.), George Eliot [Eminent Women Series]. 1883 H26O

Madame Roland [Eminent Women Series]. 1886 11310

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Bliss (G. ), Jr. and Wells (D. A. ), Eds. Annual of Scientific Discovery,
Exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements
in Mechanics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Botany,
Geology, Antiquities, &c. 1850 498R

Blisters. See Thomson's Sick Room, &c, 834!^.

Blondin's Feats. See Buckland's Curiosities, 5980..

Blood, Circulation of the, Harvey's Discovery, by Willis 3I2F

Blood (Col., d. 1680.) See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 324^ &c.

Bloomfield (Benjamin, Lord), G.C.B., Memoir of, by Lady Bloom-
field. 1884 I47F

Bloomfield (Georgiana, Baroness), Reminiscences of Court and Diplo-
matic Life, illustrated, 2 vols. 1885 239-oH

See also Wall's Good Queen's Reign, 4400.

Bloomfield (R., b. 1766, d. 1823), Farmer's Boy, a rural poem, with

a Sketch of the Author's Life. 1804 479Z

Remains of [Poems], 2 vols. 1824 654-5M

See also Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Jones' Poets.

66 3 M, & c .

Bloomsbury. See Loftie's London, 2520.
Blouet (Paul). See O'Rell (Max).

Bloxam (M. H.), Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture.... 357T
Blucher (Field Marshal Prince, b. 1742, d. 1819). See Adam's Campaigns, 47H.

Alison's Europe, 128-380, &c.

Blue Laws of New Haven, New York, Virginia, &c 41 70

Blunders, Book of; and Queer Epitaphs, edited by Macrae !2ooR

Blunt (Lady Anne), Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates, illus. 3. vols. I5I8-I9R
Blunt (I. J.), Reformation in England. 1845 , I33Z

Sketch of the Reformation in England [Harper's Family Library] Q4Z

Blunt (Mrs. J. E.) See Consul's Daughter and Wife.

Blunt (J. H., b. 1823), M. A., Key to the Knowledge and Use of

the Holy Bible. 1873 ,



Blunt (T. H.), M.A., Ed., Key to Ancient Church History. 1873 ... 75Q
Blunt (J. J., l>. 1794, d. 1855), B.D., Undesigned Coincidences in
the Writings of the Old and New Testament. An Argument

of their Veracity. 1881 234M

Blyth (A. W.), M.R.C.S., Diet in Relation to Health and Work Q86M

Boadicea (Biitish Queen, d. 61). See Britain, Roman Invasion, &c.

Boar (The). See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 666Q, &c.

Boarding-OUt System for Pauper Children, a Guide, by Grant. 1870 I5I6Z

Boating 1 , by Woodgate [Badminton Library], illustrated. 1838 I266R

Boat-Sailing [Cassell's Pastimes] I262H

Boats, Boys' Book of, by Kingston II25M

How to Rig and Sail [Boy's Annual] 1301!!

See Boy's Own Book, i^-jZ. Colquhoun's South China, 54iK. Stonehenge's

Rural Sports, 68iT, &c.

Bocage (M. M. De B. Du) [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe] 4730
Boccaccio (G., Italian Poet, b. 1313, d- 1375) [Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe] 473^

Boddam-Whetham (J. W.). See Whetham (J. W. Boddam).

Bodin (F.), Summary of the History of England, trans, by Duncan. I39Z

Bodmer (J. J., German Poet, b. 1698, d. 1783). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry

of Europe, 4730.

Body and Mind. See Clifford's Essays, 887H. Compayr^'s Pedagogy, 2g6R.
Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Physiology, &c.

Boers, The [Moffat's Travels] 4OOF

See also Cox's Colenso, 62I-2F. Gillmaits Africa, 79gK. Livingstone's South

Africa, 607 and 608 K, &c.
Bceotia. See Mitford's Greece, ioi-7H.
Bogue (D.), D.D., Divine Authority of the New Testament [A. M.S.] i684Z

and Bennett (J.), D.D., History of Dissenters, 2 vols. 1833.. 286-7Z
Bohemia-, State of [Alison's Europe] 121-350

[White's July Holiday] I47OR

Bohemianism. See Collins' Pen Sketches, I054R, &c.

Bohn (H. G., b. 1796, d. 1884), Handbook of Proverbs, Ray's Col-

lection republished, and Index. 1857 lo65R

Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs, comprising French, Italian, German,

Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish, with English Trans-
lations and a General Index. 1857 io65R

[Curwen's Booksellers] 52OO

Bohn (W. S.), and M'Devitte (W. A.), B.A., Caesar's Commentaries

(Bonn's Library). 1858 355T


Adventures of Captain Bonneville, U.S.A., in the Rocky Mountains and the

Far West, by Irving. 1850 779R

Alhambra, by Irving. 1850 773R

An Exposition of the Creed, by John Pearson. 1867 I78M

Anabasis and Memorabilia of Socrates, translated from the Greek of Xenophon,

by Watson. 1855 H79H

Annals of Roger De Hoveden. 1853 go-iO

Aristotle's Rhetoric and Poetic, translated by Buckley. 1883 iiSSH

Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprise beyond the Rocky Mountains, by

Irving. 1850 ' 777 R

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England, edited by Giles. 1847 i68M

Bracebridge Hall, or the Humorists, by Crayon. 1850 772R

Caesar's Commentaries of the Gallic and Civil Wars. 1856 "SgH

Carafas of Maddaloni. 1854 830

Christian Iconography, by Margaret Stokes. 1886 iio8-gM

Chronicle of Florence of Worcester. 1854 1040

Henry of Huntingdon, translated and edited by Thomas Forester. . . 1020

_ the Conquest of Granada, by Irving. 1850 774-R

Chronicles of the Crusades, by Joinville. 1848 , I74M

Tombs, by Pettigrew. 1864 I058R

Comedies of Aristophanes, translated by Hickie. 1853 1151-2!!



BOHN'S LIBRARY SERIES : (continued.)

Cosmos, a Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe, by A. V. Hum-

boldt. 1849, 1851, 1852, 1858 4 8 3-7 R

Critical Essays, by Foster. 1856 949-5R

Critique of Pure Reason, translated from the German of Immanuel Kant, by

I. M. D. Meiklejohn. 1882 65 4 H


Dramatic Works of Sheridan, by G. G. S. 1852

Early Ballads and Songs. 1877 .......................................... 686M

Early Travels in Palestine, edited with Notes, by Wright. 1848 ............ i5ooR

Ecclesiastical History of Socrates, comprising a History of the Church. 1853 275^!

English Chronicle of William of Malmesbury, by Giles. 1847 .............. 1030

Dramatic Poets who lived about the Time of Shakspeare, by Lamb. . . 71 rM

Fasti, Tristia, Epistles of Ovid, c.. translated into English Prose, by Riley. n66H
Flowers of History collected, by Ma'thew of Westminster, translated from the

original, by C. D. Yonge. 1853 ................................ loo-iO

Geological Excursions round the Isle of Wight, by Mantell. 1854 .......... 4o6R

Geology and Paleontology, by the late G. F. Richardson. 1855 ............ 4o8R

Hand-book of Historical Geology, by Jukes Browne. 1886 ................ 543R

- Proverbs, by H. G. Bohn. 1857 ............................. .. io6sR

Herodotus, translated by Henry Gary. 1852 .............................. u6oH

Hero'ides. Armour's Art of Love translated into English Prose, by Riley. 1852 n65H

Hungary and its Revolutions, by E. O. S. 1854 ........................ 870

Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland, translated by Riley. 1854 - - io.sO

Junius, by Woodfall. 1850 ............................................. 99o-iR

Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Peninsula of Sinai, by Dr. Richard

Lepsius. 1853 ................................................ i533 R

Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson, by his Widow Lucy. 1846 ...... 7290

Miscellaneous Works and Remains of the Rev. Robert Hall, with a Memoir

of his Life, by Gregory. 1849 .................................. 96sR

Natural History of Selborne, by White. 1851 .............................. 4iR

Organon, or Logical Treatises of Aristotle, by Owen. 1882-83 .............. H54-5H

Pictorial Handbook of London,"by Jewitt. 1854 ............................ J33zR

Politics and Economics of Aristotle, translated by Gillies. .................. 788M

Popular Antiquities, by Brand. 1849 ...................................... IO5-7M

Races of Man and their Geographical Distribution, by Pickering. 1851 ..... 42R

Roger of Wendover's Flowers of History, translated from the Latin, by J. A.

Giles. 1849 ................................................... 92-30

Scripture Lands and Bible Atlas, by Kitto. 1850 .......................... 368M

Selections, chiefly Lyrical, from the Poetical Works of Victor Hugo, translated

into English by various authors, now first collected, by Williams. 7O7M

Servia, Bosnia, and the Slave Provinces, by Mrs. Alexander Kerr. 1853 .... 8gO
Sketch Book and Life of Goldsmith, by Irving. 1850
Summary and Analysis of Plato, by Day. 1870
Tragedies of ^Eschylus, translated by Buckley. 1849

Travels of Marco Polo, edited by Wright. 1854 .............. .......... , . I522R

t. 154 .............. .......... , .

from the German, by Morrison. 1847

Works of Frederick Schiller, translated from the German, by Morrison. 1847 840

- John Locke. 1854 .............................................. loio-iR

- Plato, translated by Gary and others. 1877, 1879, 1880, 1881 ...... ii6?-2H

Tacitus. Oxford Translation, Revised 1854 ...................... H75-6H

the Right Honourable Edmund Burke. 1854 .................... 6o8-i3R

Boileau (D. ), Art of Working in Pasteboard upon Scientific Prin-

ciples, illustrated. 1831 ................................................ 354-T

BojardO (M. M., Italian poet, b. 1434, d. 1494). [Longfellow's Poets

and Poetry of Europe] ............................................ , . . . 473D

Boker (G. H.). See Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Bokhara, Mission to [1843-45], by Wolff. 1852 ........................ I48QR

- See also Lansdell's Russian Asia, 82gK and 83oK. Vambe'ry's Asia, 79iK.

WolfFs Travels, 56 iK, &c.
Boland (H.), Catalogue of the Guille-Alles Lending Library [French

Section], edited by A. Cotgreave. 1889 ........................... i9<DiR

Boleyn (Anne, Queen of Henry VIII., b. 1510, beheaded 1536), His-

tory of Two Queens, by Dixon, vols. 3, 4 ........................ 4O-iF

ee also Brewer's Reign of Henry VIII. Knight's E

- See also Brewer's Reign of Henry VIII. Knight's England, I48H. Strick-

land's Queens of England, 8ooO, c.
Bolingbroke (H. St. John, Lord, statesman, I. 1678, d. 1751). See Thomson's

Friendships, 5650.



Bolivia. See Brown's Countries of the World, i6aD. Gallenga's America,
75 6K, &c.

Bologna University. [Lawrie's Mediaeval Education] 3o6R

See also Bellow's Europe, isggR, c.
Bolton (E.), Ed. Books for the People. 1883 893!^.

Inventors and Inventions, Wonders of Geology and Botany, Labour and
Capital, Mysteries of the Sea, English and American Literature,
Places and People Abroad, Ancient Republics, Germany, Switzerland,
Famous Women, &c.

Bolton (R.), B.D., The Four Last Things ; also Helps to Humilia-
tion. [R.T.S.]. 1835 I2Z

Bolton (W. J.) Evidences of Christianity in the Writings of its Apolo-
gists, down to Augustine. 1853 53A

Bombay to Bushire and Bussora, the Present State of Persia, &c., by

Shepherd. 1857 I5O8R

See also Caird's India, 556H. Heber's Journey, i5o6-7R. Prinsep's India,

8i6K. Temple's India, 464 and 486!!. General Works on India, &c.

Bompas (G. C.), Life of Frank Buckland. 1885 5390

Bonaparte Family (The). [Timb's Works] 8$6Z

Bonaparte (Jerome, King of 'Westphalia, b. 1784, d. 1860), [Alison's

Europe] 127-370

Bonaparte (Joseph, King of Naples, b. 1768, d. 1844), [Alison's

Europe] 123-380

Bonaparte (Napoleon). See Napoleon Bonaparte, France, &c.

Bonapartes, Marriages of the, by Bingham, 2 vols. 1881 330-1

Bonar (A. R.), Holy Land, being Sketches of the Jews and of the

Land of Palestine. 1844 646Z

Bonar (H.), D.D., White Fields of France, the Story of Mr. M 'All's

Mission to the Working Men of Paris and Lyons. 1879 235M

Ed. A Missionary of the Apostolic School, being the Life of Dr.

A. Judson, of Burmah. 1871 743O

-See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 476!), &c. (M. de, Vendean general, b. 1759, killed 1703). See Alison's

Bond (R.), Handbook of the Telegraph. [Weale Series]. 111. 1862. 358T

Boner (C.), Transylvania, its Products and People, illustrated. 1865 423!^

Boner (U.)> See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Bonilla (A. De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

BonitO (The). See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 679(2, &c.

Bon-mots and Anecdotes, by Adams. 1 790 I23T

Bonnechose (E. De, French Historian, b. 1801, d. 1875), History
of France, from the Invasion of the Franks under Clovis to
the Accession of Louis Phillippe, trans, by Robson. 1853 ... 3090
Reformers before the Reformation. 1844 286M

Bonner (E., Bishop of London, b. 1500, d. 1569). See Milman's St. Paul's,

3 20H, &C.

Bonnet (Dr. J.). Letters of John Calvin, 2 vols. 1857 i6o-lF

Bonnet (M.), Aonio Paleario, a Chapter in the History of the Italian

Reformation. 1864 2ioT

Bonneville (Captain), U.S.A., Adventures of, beyond the Rocky

Mountains 779R and 67iX

Bonney (T. G.), F.G.S., Geology [S. P. C.K.] Science Manuals. 1874 75iZ
Booce (M. H.), Christ and the Gallows, or Reasons for the Abolition

of Capital Punishment. 1870 238M

Bookabout Doctors, by Jeaffreson 5IQO

Lawyers, by Jeaffreson, 2 vols. in i. 1867 H56R

of Blunders and Queer Epitaphs, edited by Macrae I2OOR



Book about Nature, Embracing a Condensed Display of the Animal

Kingdom, &c., illustrated, 2 vols. 1834 39O-lB

Ornithology, Conchology, Entomology, Icthyology, Botany, Amphibia,
Crustacea, Vermes, Quadrupeds, Zoophytes, Zoology, Geology, Miner-

Book of Proverbs, Commentary on the, by Stuart. 1865 i68K

Lectures on the, by Binney. 1851 nZ

Shells, &c. 1841 734^

Book-keeping and Commercial Phraseology, by Haddon [Weales'

Series]. 1854 76Q

byHenderson. 1841 2Q5R

by Jones, 2 vols. 1837-40 653-4B

[Beckman's Inventions] 6Q7Q

[Cassell's Popular Educator] 164-90

BOOKS and Authors, Anecdotes of. 1836 H27Z

Men, Familiar Studies, by Stevenson. 1882 6400

Book-Censors [Beckman's Inventions] 6g8Q

Book Collectors [All the Year Round] iSioJ

Book Hunter [Blackwood's Magazine] 159-00

Chats about Books, Poets and Novelists, by Hazeltine. 1883 ... 977R

Choice of, by Harrison. 1886 n8oR

Richardson. 1881 1 59T

Famous, by Adams 88aR

Friendship of, &c., by Maurice, edited by Hughes. 1874 IO26R

Love of, by Mangin. 1814 I22IZ

Reading of, by Thwing. 1883 1 1 14R

which have Influenced Me [statements of celebrated men]. 1887 I227R

Gladstone (Right Hon. W. E.). Stevenson (R. L.). Besant (W.). Stead
(W. T.). Ruskin (J.) LL.D. Hamerton (P. G.). Haggard (H. R.).
Blackie (Prof. J. S.), LL.D. Farrar (Archdeacon), D.D. Smith (Rev.
W. C.), D.D. Dods (Rev. M.), D.D. Parker (Rev. J.), D.D.

Books. See also Bellair's Girls and Maidens, g84M. Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R.
Evelyn's Table Talk, nojR. Lansdell's Asia, SsoK. Loftus' Art in the
House, 964M. M'Culloch's British Empire, 71 iH. Rogers' Scotland,
949-5iF. Saunders' Works, 262 and 263!!. Timbs' Works, 8$iZ, Litera-
ture, &c.
Books for Boys and Girls. Sec Juvenile Literature.

Booksellers, History of, by Curwen, illustrated. 1873 52oO

Booth (Mrs. E. M. J. G. von). See Rita.

Booth (Mary L. ), History of the City of New York. 1859 343l>

Boothby (J.), Statistical Sketch of South Australia for 1879. l8 79 76oH

Borderland of Science, by Proctor. 1882 446R

Bordighera. See Health Haunts, 8ioQ, &c.

Borger (E. A.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Borja y Esquilache (F. de). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,

473 D, &c.

Born (B. de). Sec Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Borneil (G. de). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, .&c.
Borneo. See Humboldt's Cosmos, 487R, &c.
Borrow (G., Traveller and Linguist, b. 1803, d. 1881), Bible in

Spain, Adventures of an Englishman. 1849 236M

Lavengro, The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest, 3 vols. 1851 i2i6-i8R

Romano Lavo-Lil, Word -Book of the Romany, or English Gypsy

Language. 1874 ' 896R

The Zincali. or an Account of the Gypsies of Spain. 1846...'.

BorthwickQ. D.), Three Years in California, illustrated. 1857 ...
Bosanquet (E.), Plain and Easy Account of the British Ferns, ill.... 599Q

Bose (R. C.), Truth of the Christian Religion 237*!

Bosnia, Insurrection in [Ranke's Servia, &c.] 890

Bossuet(J. B., French Bishop, b. 1627, d. 1704), Universal History,

translated by Mrs. Jenkins for the Use of Schools. 1820 ... 7oQ


Bost (M.)> Life and Letters of Felix Neff, Missionary in Switzerland,

translated by Wyatt. 1843 8720

Boston (England). See Rimmer's Old Country Towns, I349R, &c.

Boston (U.S.). See Austin's Massachusetts, 51 iH. Bate's Great Republic,

I72 4 R, &C.

Boston Painters and Paintings, by F. Downes [Atlantic Monthly] ... I552J
Boswell (J., Scotch Biographer, b, 1740, d. 1795), Life of Samuel

Johnson, 4 vols. 1820 737-oO

Life of Samuel Johnson, 5 vols. 1821 236-4OZ

- Tour to the Hebrides, with Dr. Johnson (Nat. 111. Library]. 1852 !32oR
Boswell and Johnson, Their Companions and Contemporaries, by

Walter. 1881 iS5Z

BOTANY. Works relating to: (See also tinder Alga, Ferns,

Flowers, Microscope, Natural History, Palaeontology, Trees,

Travels, Names of Countries or Places, e.g. , Africa, England,

Guernsey, &c.}.

Botany, Animals and Plants under Domestication, by Darwin,

2 vols., illustrated. 1868 7I7-8F

- Botanists' Companion, by Balfour 8i3F

[Book of Nature] 39-i^

- British Flora, by Bentham, illustrated, 2 vols. 1865 8oi-2F

by Hooker [Science Primers]. 1879 8387

Elements of Botany, by Balfour. 1884 i84R

- Field, by Manton. 1882 839Z

First Book of, for Children, by Youmans. 1872 7oR

Geography of Plants [R.T.S.] 84iZ

- Introduction to Pakeontological Botany, by Balfour 8i2F

[Kew Gardens] 575Q

Letters on the Elements of, by Rousseau, 2 vols. 1787 764-5F

Manual of Botany, Structure, Physiology, and Classification

of Plants, by Balfour 8ioF

Marine. See Marine- Algae, Sea- weeds, Aquariums, &c.

Plant Life, illustrated. ' 1881 8oR

Popular Field Botany of the British Isles, by Catlow. 1860 837Z

System of, by Keith, illustrated, 2 vols. 1816 762-3F

The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the same

$pecies, by Darwin, illustrated. 1877 8R

Effects of Cross and Self-Fertilisation in the Vegetable
Kingdom, by Darwin. 1876 23R

Power of Movement in Plants, by Darwin. 1880 2oR

Science which Treats of the Structure and Classification

of Plants.

Vegetable World, by Figuier, illustrated 78R

Wild Flowers, by Pratt Stf-jZ

of the Year[R.T.S] 842Z

- Wonders of the Vegetable World. 1877 844Z

See also Adam's Wild Flowers, s6iQ. Allen's Flowers and their

Pedigrees, i63R. Bagnall's Mosses, is8R. Bell's North America,
705-6K. Bosanquet's British Ferns, 599Q. B reuil's Fruit Trees, I78R.
Browne's Sylva Americana, 5iD. Brown's Science for all, 626-gB.
Buckle's Civilization, 1870. Candolle's Origin of Plants. 67!*. Cassell's
Popular Educator, 164-90. Coleman's Woodlands, &c., 5630.. Col-
quhoun's South China, 54I-2K. Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Cooper's
Rural Hours, 31 R. Ball's Alaska, 6026. Duncan's Heroes of Science
[Botanists], 7020. Fellow's Asia Minor, 6758. Fremont's Rocky
Mountains, 7iiK. Friend's Flowers and Flower Lore, 793-4F. Gil-
pin's Forest Scenery, 88R. Gill's China and Burmah, 5I2-3K. Gill's



BOTANY, Works relating to -.(continued.)

Pacific, i64sR. Hassard's Floral Decorations, 77R. Heath's Au-
tumnal Leaves, 83R. Heath's Fern Paradise, 767F. Heath's Trees
and Ferns, 6oiQ. Heer's Primaeval World of Switzerland, 732-3^.
Henslow's Floral Structures, 37sR. Herrick's Wonders of Plant Life,
i6sR. Hibberd's Fern Garden, 84R. Hibberd's Field Flowers, -jgR.
Holmes' Fungi, c., i4iR. Hooker's Flora, 63oQ. Jameson's Trees
and Plants, 8432. John's Flowers of the Field, 5560.. Jolly's Life
of Duncan, 62iO. Journal of a Naturalist, -)%j~F. Kerner's Flowers,
Sc., 87R. Koldewey's Arctic Expedition, 6osB. Lankester's Wild
Flowers, 7$R. Lankester's Plants, 82R. Leighton's Lichen Flora,
&c., 7iR. Lubbock's Wild Flowers, c., i57R. M'Culloch's British

Empire, 7 TT " - < - ~ -

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