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the East River Bridge], v. 66, i646J. Leisure Hour, v. 20, 263oJ.

Brooks (N.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6_4oja.

Brooks (Shirley). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Broome (Lady F. N.). See Barker (Lady).

Brosamer (Hans). See Scott's Little Masters, 11170.

Brotherhoods. See Contemporary Review, v. 57, 2067 J.

Brougham (Lord), F.R.S. See Lyndhurst (Lord), 696 F. Paley's Natural
Theology [Introductory Discourse of Natural Theology, &c.], 57-8Z.

Brown (D.), D.D., and Fausset (A. R.), A.M., Commentary on

the New Testament [Critical Pocket Bible]. 1867 I273M

Brown (James D. ), Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, with a

Bibliography of English Writings on Music. 1886 664F

Brown (John). See Macaulay's Wonderful Stories, 238oX.

Brown (John Allen), F.R.G.S., Palaeolithic Man in North- West
Middlesex, the Evidence of his Existence and the Physical
Condition under which he lived in Baling and its Neighbour-
hood, illustrated by the condition and culture presented by
certain existing Savages, illustrated. 1887 95F

Brown (John William), Life of Leonardo Da Vinci, with a Critical

Account of his Works. 1828 554O

Brown ( William, of Liverpool] [Fox Bourne's English Merchants].... 14960

Browne (Frances). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Browne (H. J.), B.A. See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Browne (Hablot K. [Phiz]). See Fortnightly Review [and Book Illustration], v.

41, 2I3lJ.

Browne (Colonel H.). See Anderson's Expeditions, 54oK.

Browne (J. E. A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Browne (Phillis). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Browning (E. B.), by Ingram [Eminent Women Series]. 1889 14230

See also Knight's Life of Wordsworth, 2ggF. London Quarterly, v. 72, 862 J.

Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458F.

Browning (Robert, Poet, b. 1812, d. 1889), Asolando, Fancies and

Facts. 1890 I920Z

Handbook to the Works of, by Mrs. S. Orr. 1890 2O35R

See also Contemporary, v. 57, 2067.7. London Quarterly, v. 73, 863,!. Time,

v. 22 [as a Theologian], 15127. Universal Review, v. 3, 3323}. Daw-
son's Makers of Modern English, 4s8F. Forster's Four Great Teachers,



Brownrigg (H.). See Jerrold (D.).

Bruce (A. B.), Ed., The Gospel History, by Ebrard. 1863 846A

Bruce (James, Earl of Elgin). See Elgin (Earl of).

Brummel (G. Beau). See Merydew's Love Letters, v. 2, 677?.

Bruno Giordano. See Poole's Index, R.L. Westminster Review,* v. 132,
R.L., &c.

Bryant (W. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Bryce (James), American Commonwealth, 3 vols. 1888 517-9!!

Bubna (A. de), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Buchan (John Stewart, Earl of, Constable of France, b. 1380). See Grant's Con-
stable of France, g28X.

Buchan (W.), M.D., Domestic Medicine, or a Treatise on the Pre-
vention and Cure of Diseases by Regimen and Simple
Medicines. 1805

BucMieim (C. A.), Ph.D., and Wace (Henry), D.D., First Princi-
ples of the Reformation, or the Ninety-Five Theses and the
Three Primary Works of Martin Luther. 1883 7O2A

Biicliner (Dr. L.), Man in the Past, Present, and Future, a popular
Account of the Results of recent Scientific Research as
regards the Origin, Position and Prospects of the Human
Race, translated' by Dallas. 1872 I332H

Buckland (C. T.), F.Z.S. See Longmans' [Old College Days in Calcutta], v. 14,
904 J.

Buckley (W. E.). See Notes and Queries, yth series, v. 7, icggj.

Buddha, Life of the, by Rockhill. 1884 666A

Sec also Arnold's Light of Asia, 687Ma.

Buddhism. See London Quarterly [Modern], v. 72, 862J. Nineteenth Century

Magazine, v. 24, 2234.J. Religious Systems of the World [by Beal],

934A. Time [Esoteric], v. 20, i5ioj, &c.

Budgeon (Miss L. M.) [Acheta Domestica, M. E. S.], Episodes of

Insect Life, illustrated. 1849 , 834F

See also Acheta Domestica.

Building, Choice of a Dwelling, &c., by Wheeler. 1872 94oM

The Englishman's House, by Richardson. 1888

See also Capital and Labour, insF. English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470. Illus-
trated Carpenter and Builder [and Joinery], from v. i, 2g8iJ. Wonders
of Nature and Art [Principal Buildings in Europe, Asia, Africa and
America], i32qH, &c.

Bullock (C.), B.D., Ed., Talks with the People, by Men of Mark :

Vol.i. Earl of Shaftesbury i9?Z
Vol. 2. Abp. of Canterbury igigZ
Vol. 3. Earl of Beacons-
field i9i2Z

Vol. 4. Earl Cairns ...... i 9 i 3 Z

Vol. 5. Abp. of York .... ig^Z

Vol. 6. Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone igisZ

Vol. 7. Earl of Derby i9i6Z

Vol. 8. Bishop of Manchester .... igijZ

Vol. 9. Sir Wilfrid Lawson 2ooZ

Vol. 10. Bishop of Liverpool igiSZ

Vol. ii. President Garfield 198 & 22oZ

Bullock (H. A.), History of the Isle of Man, Past and Present State
of Society and Manners, also Biographical Anecdotes of
Eminent Persons connected with that Island. 1816 349H

Bulwer (E. L.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja. Lytton (Lord), &c.

Buns. See Wells' Pastrycook, ggSM.

Bunsen (Bardn), A Memoir of, from the Papers of his Widow, 2 vols 957-8F

See also Memoirs of Ernest II., 674-sF. The Critical School and Dr.

Williams, by Rose [Replies to Essays and Reviews], 6d^.\. Essays
and Reviews [Bunsen's Biblical Researches, by Williams], 66aA.
Bunyan (J"hn). See Brave Confessors, 14400. Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writ-
ings, 15300, &c.

Bunyon (Charles John), Memoirs of Francis Thomas McDougall,
some time Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak, and of Harriette

his wife. 1889 44-45F

Buoys. See Edwards' Our Seamarks, H57M.

[I0 9 6]


Burdett (H. C.), Prince, Princess and People ; an Account of the
Social Progress and Development of our Own Times by the
Public Life and Work of their Royal Highnesses the Prince

and Princess of Wales [1863-1889]. 1889 I4I2H

Burdett -Coutts (Baroness, Daughter of Sir F. Burdett, b. 1814)

[Darton's Famous Women] 13260

Burglaries. See Chronicles of Newgate, v. 2, 33 iD, 6tc.

Burgon (J. W.), B.D., Lives of Twelve Good Men, 2 vols. 1889... 660-6 iF
Martin Joseph Routh. Hugh James Rose. Charles Marriott. Edward

Hawkins. Samuel Wilberforce. Richard Lynch Cotton. Richard

Greswell. Henry Octavius Coxe. Henry Lonqueville Mansel.

William Jacohson. Charles Page Eden. Charles Longuet Higgins.

See also Quarterly Review, v. i, i2g8J.

Burgundy. See Tovey's Wine Countries, 2i2sR.

Burial. See Thompson's Cremation, H2/M. Wales' London [Burial Boards],

32/R. Funerals. &c.
JBurmah, Upper. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H. China

[Burmese], 1=5330. Cobden's Political Speeches [Burmese War], 222R.
Burnaby (Captain). See Poo'.e's Index, R.L., &c.
Burnard (Frank). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376F.
Burnes (Sir Alexander). See Kaye's Indian Officers, 14540.
Burnett (F. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64OJa.
Burney (Dr.). See Matthew's History of Music, 9430.
Burnnam (S. W. , an A inencan amateur A stronomer). See Century Magazine,

v. 38, i888J.
Burns. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.

Burns (Dawson), D.D., Temperance History, a Consecutive Narra-
tive of the Rise, Development and Extension of the Temper-
ance Reform, Part I. 1826-1842 ni6F

Burns (Robert). See Merydew's Love Letters, v. i, 6j6F. Dawson's Makers of
Modern English, 4s8F, c.

Burritt (E.). See Mials' Life of Richards, 424F.

Burrows (Montagu), Cinque Ports [Historic Towns]. 1888

^Burton (Sir R. F.). See London Quarterly [Early, Private and Public Life], v.
70, 86oJ.

Bury (Baroness Blaze de). See Fiction Class List following the General Cata-

Bury (Viscount), K.C.M.G. and Hillier (G. L.), -Cycling, il. 1887 U28M

Bushnell (Horace), D.D., Nature and the Supernatural, as together

constituting the one System of God. 1864 I276M

Business. See Leisure Hour [Brief Counsels concerning], v. 39, z6^g].

'Busses and 'Busmen. See Murray's Magazine, v. 7, I467J, &c.

Butler (C.), For Good Consideration [Social and Moral Essays]. 1889 I239M

Butler (W. A.). See Christian Biography, i 44 iO.

-B utter. See Beeton's Household Management, ggjM. Smith's Foods, 3SoR,&c.

Butterflies, European, by Kane. 1885

See also Every Boy's Annual, 1869 [How to Catch and Set Them], 1303^

Transactions of the Guernsey Society of Natural Science [of Guernsey],
2oi2R. Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR, &c.

^Butterfly Trick, The Japanese. See Every Boy's Annual, 1869, 1303^

-Buxton. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K.

Buxton (T. F.), Prison Discipline, c. 1818 322R

By Leafy Ways, Brief Studies from the Book of Nature, by Knight ... 2II5R

Byers (W. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

JBynner (Edwin Lassetter). See Fiction Class List following the General Cata-

33yrd (William). See Matthew's History of Music, 943D.

Byron (Lord). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 4s8F. Merydew's
Love Letters, v. n, 677 F. Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F.
Poole's Index, R.L., &c.



C-/ABBAGE See Beeton's Household Management, 997M, c.

Cabiri, Mysteries of the, or Gods of Phoenicia, Egypt, Troas, Greece,

&c., by Faber, 2 vols. 1803 742-3A

Cabs. Sec Murray [and Cabmen], v. 7, 14677, &c.

Cabul Pass. See Macaulay's Stories, 3044X.

Cachemaille (J. L. V.), Historical Sketch of Sark [1890] 15410

See also Guernsey Magazine, v. 2-4, 2382-47.

Cade (Jack, Rebel, killed 1450). See Palace and Hospital, 15350. History, &c.

Cadell (Thomas). See Knight's Old Booksellers, 14510.

Csesar. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, gosF. Long's Roman Republic, ao-4H.

Poole's Index, R.L., &c.
Cages and Hutches. See Boys' Own Annual [How to Make them], v. 5, 29557.

Caillard (E. M.), The Invisible Powers of Nature. 1888 43 iR

Caine (W. S.), M.P., A Trip round the World in 1887-8, ill. 1888

Cairns. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, gosF, &c.

Cajetan (Cardinal). See Bayne's Luther, 694F.

Calces. See Beeton's Household Management, ggjM. Wells' Pastrycook, ggSM.

Calcedony. See King's Decorative Stones, nsgM, &c.

Calciner. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gD, &c.

Calcium. See Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377R.

Calderwood (II.), LL.D., Handbook of Moral Philosophy. 1888...

Calendar, The. See Girls' Own Annual [Chats about the], v. 4, 25547.

California, Ranch Life in. 1886 18822

See also Bryce's American Commonwealth, siS-gH. Eggleston's United

States, 421 H. Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Southern], 16457.

Stanford's Compendium [Californian Chinese], 8soK. Wise's Los

Gringos, 55oK, &c.

Calisthenics. See Crawley's Handbooks, HS4M.
Caloiine (M. de). See Marryat's History of Pottery and Porcelain [Protects the

Porcelain Manufactory of Arras], 9360.

Calvin (John), A Commentary on the Psalms of David, 3 vols. 1840 809-1 1 A
Commentaries on the First Book of Moses, called Genesis, trans-
lated by King, 2 vols. 1847 8o7-8A

Commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles, 2 vols. 1844 8i3A

Epistle of St Paul to the Romans. 1844 8i2A

See also The Reformers, 14670.

Calvo (JL B.), The Republic of Costa Rica, trans, by L. de T. 1890 291?!
Cambert (Robert). See Matthew's History of Music, 9430.

Cambridge, History of the University, by Mullinger 259F

Study of Mathematics at, by Ball. 1889 56iR

See also Nature, v. 39-40, 2699-07.

Camden (C.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Camden (William), Remains concerning Britain. 1870 2O44R

Camel, The. See Earth's Central Africa, 844 K.
Cameos. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M.
Camera. See English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460, &c.

Cameron (Sir Charles A.), M.D., Elements of Agricultural Chemis-
try and Geology. 1886 66SE>

Campbell (Lady Archibald), Rainbow-Music, or the Philosophy of

Harmony in Colour-Grouping. 1886 939D*

Campbell (H.), M.A. See Ante-Nicene Library.

Campbell (John, Lord), LL.D., Lives of the Chief Justices of Eng-
land, 4 vols. 1874 :

Vol. i. Origin and Functions of the Office. Sir R. Tresilian. Sir W.
Hankford. Sir ]. Fitz 7an>es. Sir 7- Popham. Sir Edward

Coke. Sir H. Montagu, &c 7840*

Vol. 2. Sir Nicholas Hyde. Rolle. Oliver St. 7ohn. 7ohn Bradshaw.
Sir Robert Foster. Sir M. Hale. Sir F. Pemberton. Sir E.

Saunders. Sir 7. Holt, &c 7 8 5 Q

Vol. 3. -Sir 7. Holt (continued?). Sir D. Ryder. Sir ]. Wiles. Sir E.

Wilmot. Lord Mansfield, &c 7860

Vol. 4. Lord Mansfield (continued'). Lord Kenyon. Lord Ellenborough.

Lord Tenterden, &c 7870.

[I0 9 8]


Campbell (John, Lord), LL.D., Lord Chancellors and Keepers of
the Great Seal of England, 10 vols. 1868 :

Vol. i. Anglo-Saxon Chancellors, from the Conquest to Henry II.

Thomas a Becket. William of Wickham. Cardinal Beaufort.

Cardinal Wolsey, &c ......................................... 7740

Vol. 2. Sir Thomas More. Lord Paulet. Richard Rich. Bishop Good-

rich. Sir Christopher Hatton. Lord Ellesmere, c ............ 775O 1

Vol. 3. Lord Bacon. Bishop Williams. Sir Edward Littleton. Sir John

Finch. Sir Edward Herbert, &c ............................. 7760

Vol. 4. Lord Clarendon. Lord Hridgman. Lord Shaftesbury. Lord Not-

tingham. Francis North. Lord Guildford. Judge Jeffreys .... 777O
Vol.5. Lord Maynard. Lord Trevor. Lord Somers. Lord Cowper. Sir

Simon Harcourt, &c .......................................... 7780

Vol. 6. Earl of Macclesfield. Sir Peter King. Lord Talbot. Lord Hard-

wicke. Earl of Northington. Earl Camden .................. 77QO

Vol. 7. Earl Camden (continued). Right Hon. Charles Yorke. Earl

Bathurst. Edward, Lord Thurlow. Lord Loughborough ...... 7800

Vol. 8. Lord Loughborough (continued). Lord Erskine ....... ........ 78 iO

Vol. 9. Lord Erskine (continued). Lord Eldon ........................ 7820

Vol. 10. Lord Eldon (continued). Index to the whole Work ............ 7830

Campbell (Thomas). See Temple Bar, v. 85, i4isJ.

Camps. See Boys' Own Annual [Hunting Camps], v. 12, 2g62j.

Canada, History of the Dominion of, by Greswell. 1890 ............... I53QO

- See also Boys' Own Annual [Canadian or Birch-Bark Canoe], v. 5, 1882-3,

2Q55J. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5H. Harper's Maga-
zine, v. 77, i657j ; [A Winter in], i648J. Mauaulay's Stories, 3044X.
Nature, v. 40, 27ooJ. Universal Review [Future of], v. 3, 3323J.
Fisheries Literature [Fisheries of], 974!$..

Canals, The Great. See Boys' Own Annual, v. 7, zg^jj. Smith's Public Health
Laws [Canal Boat Act], g^K.

Canary, The, Its Varieties, Management and Breeding, by Smith ... 2H3R

- : - See also Boys' Own Annual [How to keep and breed Canaries], 1882, 2954],

Birds, &c.

Canary Islands, Rides and Studies in the, by Edwards, illus. 1888. I73QR
Cancer. See Bridger's Alan and his Maladies, 939]$..
Candles. See Health Exhibition Literature, 962^.

Cannibals of New Guinea, Among the, by McFarlane. 1888 ...... I756R

Cannibalism. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, go$F. Fortnightly [Ethics of], v.
51, 2i4iJ. Stanford's Compendium [of Australia], SssK.

Canning (K.t. Hon. Stratford, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe). See Stratford
de Redcliffe.

Canoes. -See Boys' Own Annual [And how to Build them], v. 7, 2957J. Brown's
Palaeolithic Man, 905^. Crawley's Handbooks [Canoeing and Scull-
ing], H52M. Every Boy's Annual [Canoeing, by Sidney Daryl], 1869,
I303H. Macgregor's Rob Roy Series [Canoe Travelling]. Hutchison's
Indoor Games and Recreations, 1255!!, &c.

Cansick (F. T.), Interesting and Curious Epitaphs copied from the

Monuments of Saint Pancras, Middlesex .......................... I228M

Cantlie (James), F.R.C.S., Accidental Injuries; their Relief and

Immediate Treatment [Int. Health Ex.]. 1884 ............... 95?K

Capes (W. W.), Stoicism [Chief Ancient Philosophies, S.P.C.K.].... I255M

Canterbury, by Jenkins [Diocesan Histories]. 1880 .................. i836Z

- See also Boys' Own Annual [Round about], v. 12, 2g62j.

Canute {King of England, Denmark, &=c.), Sec Lappenberg's England,

15180, &c.

Canynges (of Bristol). See Fox Bourne's English Merchants, 14960.
Caoutchouc. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gD.
Cape, The. See Austral Africa [Cape Colony], I402H. Dilke's Problems of Greater

Britain [Cape Colony], 335H ; [Cape of Good Hope], 334H. Haggard's

Cetywayo [Cape of Good Hope], 15240. Quarterly [Cape of Good

Hope], v. 22, H52j, and v. 25, H55J, &c.
Capital. See Bryce's American Commonwealth, sigH. Capital and Labour,




Capital Punishments. See Chronicles of Newgate, v. 2, 331!). Fortnightly

Review [The case against], v. 52, 2142], &c.
Capri. See English Illustrated Magazine, v. 5, iggsj. Harper's Monthly

[Sketches of], v. 77, 1657].
Caractacus (British King}. See Lappenberg's England, 15170. Miller's

Anglo-Saxons, 750, &c.

Carbonic Acid. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, q~D.
Carbuncle. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M.

Card Tricks, by Hoffman. 1889 2O3OR

Cards. See under Names of Games, e.g., Ecart6, Whist, &c.

Cardboard Models. See Boys' Own Annual, v. 5, 2955}.

Carey (C. P. , Incumbent of St. John's, Guernsey}, Tr., The Book

of Job, trans, from the Hebrew; Notes, Woodcuts, &c. 1858
Carette (Madame), My Mistress, the Empress Eugenie, or Court

Life at the Tuileries

Carlisle, by Creighton [Historic Towns]. 1889 i666R

Carlyle (Jane Welsh), Early Letters of, together with a few of Later

Years, and some of Thomas Carlyle, edited by Ritchie. 1889 357F
Carlyle (Thomas), Letters of [1826-36], edited by Norton, 2 vols. ...1458-90

See also Atlantic Monthly [Letters of], v. 64, I554J. Mothers of Great Men

and Women, 682F. Poole's Index, R.L. Forster's Four Great Teachers,
6 39 O, &c.
Carmen Sylva. See Woman's World [The Poet Queen], v. i, 1888, R.L. Sylva


CarnaC. See Gentleman's Magazine [The Giant Stones of], v. 43, N.S., 763 J.
Carnelian. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M.

Carnot, Vauban and Montalembert, Engineer Studies, by Lloyd 594^

Carpentry. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i, 2g8iJ.

Carr (A.), M.A. , The Church and the Roman Empire. 1887 2 SST

Carr (Katherine). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Carriages. See Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, R.L., &c.

Carrots- See Beeton's Household Management, 997M.

Carrying Weight. See Walker's Manly Exercises, n64M.

Carson (Kit). See Boys' Own Annual, v. 7, 2957J.

Carter (Eccles J.), M.A., Remarks on Christian Gravestones, with

Working Drawings. 1857 956L 1

Carter (T. T.)', M.A., Imitation of our Lord Jesus Christ [Lectures] 882A

Carteret (Rear-Admiral, of Jersey). See Caesarea, or Jersey, i4ogH.

Carteret (Sir G., of Jersey). See Caesarea, or Jersey, 1409!!.

Carteret (Sir P., of Jersey), Bart. See Caesarea, or Jersey, 1409^

Carteret (Lord). See Quarterly Review, v. i, I296J.

Carving. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M.

Gary (Lucius, Viscount Falkland). See Falkland (Viscount).

Casati (Captain). See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. i, 873^

Caspian. See Curzon's Russia, 2I23R.

Casquettes, Les, a Poem by Swinburne. See English Illustrated, v. i, iggij.

Castings. .SV^^English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460, &c.

Castle Cornet, Lord Hatton, a Tale of Castle Cornet in Guernsey,

by the Earl of Winchilsea [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 113]...
or the Island's Troubles in Troublous Times, a Story of the

Channel Islands, by Hawtrey

See also Macaulay's Wonderful Stories [Escape of Prisoners from], 238oX.
Metcalfe's Channel Islands [and Guerns

slands [and Guernsey],
Castles. See Boys' Own Annual [of Scotland], v. 8, agsSJ. Timmins' Warwick-

shire, I4I3H.
Castro (Thomas). See Tichborne Claimant.

Catacombs at Rome, their Contents and Teachings, by B. Scott ..... I238M
Catalan! (Angelican, Kalian Singer, b. 1782, d. 1849). See Edwards' Prima

Donna, 678F, &c.

Cataloguing Books, How to Catalogue a Library, by Wheatley ... I9O3Z
See also Chambers' [the Secret of a Catalogue], v. 66, I966J. Guille-Alles

Library Catalogue [Its Aims and Characteristics], by A. Cotgreave, &c.

[1 100]


Catherine II., Empress of Russia. 1888 1307!!

See also Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, R.L., &c.

Catholicism. See Papacy, &c. Wylie's Papacy, 682A.

CatO Street Conspiracy. See Chronicles of Newgate, v. 2, 33iD, Sic.

Cattegat, The. Sec Wood's Under Northern Skies, I766R.

Cattle Rearing and Stock Keeping, by Roland. 1887 82;F

Cats, Our Cats and all about Them, by Weir, illustrated. 1889 2I2QR

See also Beeton's Home Pets, igjR. Boys' Own Annual, 1885, 29577.

English Illustrated [and Kittens], v. 7, 1997.7. Wood's Dominion of
Man, 2i3oR, &c.

Cat's Eye. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, 1163^!, &c.

Caucasus, The. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine [by Meeker], v. 74, 16547
Causality. See Science of Thought, 58sH. Sidgwick's Fallacies, 3giR, &c.
Cavalcaselle (G. B.), and Crowe (]. A.), Life and Times of Titian,

with some Account of his Family, illustrated, 2 vols. 1881... qS-gF
Caverns. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man [Caves and Cave Men], gosF. Won-
ders of Nature and Art, 1329^ &c.

Cavour (Count). See Poole's Index, R.L. Quarterly Review, v. i, 1298.), &c.
Caxton Pisistratus. See Lytton ( Lord).
Cecil (R.)- See Christian Biographer, 14410. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Celebes, North, Naturalist in, by Hickson. 1889 864K

See also Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K. Stanford's Compendium, 853K, &c.

Celery. See Beeton's Household Management, ggjM. Vegetables, &c.

Celt, Roman and Saxon, a History of the Early Inhabitants of

Britain, by Wright, illustrated. 1861 15200

See also Brown's Palaeolithic Man, 905 F.

Celtic Irish Songs and Song Writers, by Collins. 1885 8i3M

Cement. See English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470. U re's Dictionary, gD. Wheeler's

Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Cemetery Clauses Act. See Smith's Public Health Laws, 942K.
Centenarianism. See Temple Bar, v. 87, 14177.
Central Authority. See Helps' Government, uioF.
Century of Inventions, by the Marquis of Worcester, a reprint,

with Life of Author and a Commentary, by Dircks. 1865... 69OF
Century Magazine. The contents will be found in Poole's Index (Reference

Library), under subjects required.
Cetewayo and his White Neighbours, or Remarks on Recent Events

in Zululand, Natal, and the Transvaal, by Haggard. 1888... 15240
Ceylon. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 33sH. Nature, v. 39, 26997.

Urwick's Indian Pictures, 314!"!.

Chairman's Assistant and Young Debater 2O72R

Chairs. See Woman's World [Sedan], v. 2, 1889. R.L.
Chalcedony. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M.

Chaldean Account of Genesis, by Smith, illustrated. 1876 95F

Chalmers (Thomas). See Christian Biography, 14410. Religious Systems of

the World, 934A, c.
Chamberlain (Right Hon. ].). See Contemporary Review [and the Liberal

Party], v. 54, 20647. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.
Chameleons. See Goldsmid's Myths, 201 1 R, &c.
Champagne. See Tovey's Wine Countries, 2I25R.
Chance. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 39 iR.
Chance (F.). See Notes and Queries, 7th series, v. 7, 1099.7.

Channel Islands and Western Normandy, by Black. 1889 I742R

Historical and Legendary Sketches, by Metcalfe [Poetry], ill. 1435 H

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Channel Islands (continued]

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