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Index to Periodical Literature, R.L.

Flies. See Girls' Own Annual, v. 8, 25587. Knowledge [House-flies and Blue-
bottles], v. 13, 2593).

Flodden's Fatal Field. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 44, N.S., 7647.

Floors. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, Q4oM. Sylvia's Family Manage-
ment, 1770.

Flora. See Hardwicke's Science Gossip [of Guernsey], v. 26, 24253. Hickson's
Celebes, 864K. Report of Guernsey Natural Science Society, 2I37R.
Tudor's Orkneys and Shetland, 461 H.

Floral Structures through Insect Agency, by Henslow 375R

Florence. See Woman's World [Woman's Dress in], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Florida, Sunny Florida, a Compendium of Information regarding
the State of Orange Groves, for the Settler, the Investor, or
Tourist 476H

Wild Life in, by Townshend. 1875 728K

See also Murray's Magazine [Wintering in], v. 6, 14667.

Flourens (P.), On Human Longevity and the Amount of Life upon

the Globe, translated by Martel. 1855 933K

Flowers, Flowering Plants, Young Collector's Handbook of, by

Britten, illustrated I 844Z

Language of. See Sylvia's Book, 1770.

See also Atlantic Monthly [and Folks], v. 64, 15547. Boys' Own Annual

[Flower Garden], v. 10, 29607. Cassell's Family Magazine [of the
Months], v. 14, 2363! ; [Some Hints on Arranging], v. 15, 23647.
Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR. Hamilton's Riverside Naturalist, 83gF.

Flowers of the Sky [Astronomy], by Proctor, illustrated 64lQ

Flute, The. See Matthew's History of Music, 9430, &c.

Flying Dutchman. See Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, v. i [page 551], 7&6K.

Russell's Death Ship, s^X, Sc.

Fog. See Nineteenth Century [In praise of London fog] v. 26, 22367.
Fog-Signals. See Edwards' Our Seamarks, ii57M, c.
Folk-Lore and Legends, 4 vols. 1889 927-307

Germany, 927^ Ireland, 928T. Oriental, 929^ Scotland, 93oT.
Folk-Lore of Guernsey and Sark, by Clarke. 1880 l86oZ

See also Nature, v. 40, 27007. Notes and Queries, yth series, v. 7, 10997.

Timmins' Warwickshire, 1413^ &c.
Folkestone. Sue Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K.

Fonblanque (A.), How are we Governed ; a Handbook of the Con-
stitution, Government, Laws and Power of the British

Empire, revised by W. J. Gordon. 1889 328R

Foo-ChO"W. See Cumming's China, 789^ China, &c.

Food, and Cookery for Infants and Invalids, by Miss Wood. 1884... 954K

How to Detect the Adulterations of Food, illustrated. 1881 ... i844Z

Foods, by Smith [International Science Series]. 1886 38oR

See also Contemporary [Future of], v. 54, 20647. Cornhill [Strange], y. 60,

n and his Male
Sylvia's Family 1
Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy, 1740, &c.

3407. Bridger's Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Williams' Ethics of
Diet, 845M. Sylvia's Family Management [Adulteration of], 1770.


See Murray's Magazine [Union or Association], v. 7, 14677, &c.
Foot-Gear. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Curiosities of], v. 15, 2364!, c.
Footman, The. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M, &c.
For Good Consideration, by Butler. 1889 ................................. I23QM

[Social and Moral Essays].
Forbes (A. ), Havelock [English Men of Action]. 1890 ............... 14700

- William of Germany, a Succinct Biography of William the

German Emperor and King of Prussia. 1888 .................. 5 21

Forbes (Edward), History of British Starfishes, and other Animals

of the Class Echinodermata, illustrated. 1841 ................. 7i6F

Forbes (J.), M.D., A Physician's Holiday, or a Month in Switzer-

land in the Summer of 1848. 1851 . .............................

Force. See Gentleman's Magazine [and its Distribution in Man], v. 42, N.S.,

Foreign Missions. See Fortnightly [Are they a Success?], v. 51, 21417.

Foreign Reminiscences, by Lord Holland. 1851 ........................ I403H

Forests. See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. i and 2, 873-4!^.

Forrest (James), ~Ed., Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of

Civil Engineers, with other Abstracted Papers, ill. , vols 70-101 R. L.

Forster (J.), and others, Lives of Eminent British Statesmen :

Vol. i. Sir Thomas More. Cardinal Wolsey. Archbishop Cranmer.

Lord Burleigh .............................................. 75oT

Vol. 2. Sir John Eliot, Earl of Strafford .............................. 75iT

Vol. 3. John Pym. John Hampden ................................... 752T

Vol. 4. Sir Henry Vane. Henry Marten .............................. 753T

Vol. 5. Earl of Salisbury. Thomas Osborne, Earl of Danby ............ 754T

Vol. 6-7- Oliver Cromwell ............................................. 755-6T

Forster (Joseph), Four Great Teachers : John Ruskin, Thomas

Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Robert Browning. 1890 6390
Fortescue (William I.), Notes on the Flora of the Orkneys ............ 461 H

Forth. Bridge. See English Illustrated, v. 7, IQ97J. Nineteenth Century, v. 26,

22 3 6J, &C.

Forts. See Murray's Magazine [and Fleets], v. 6, I466J.

Fortune-Telling. See Oman's Indian Life, 1741!?..

Fortunes. See Chambers' Journal [and Treasures], v. 66, ig66J.

Fosbroke (Thomas D., Archaologist, b. 1770, d. 1842), and others,
Treatise on the Arts, Manufactures, &c., of the Greeks and
Romans [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], illus., 2 vols. 1833730-3^

Fosse (Jacques). See Everyday Heroes, 14550, &c.

Fossils, British, and where to Seek Them, by Williams. 1890 ...... I46R

- Shells and Sea-Weeds, by Grey and Woodward [1890] ............ I42R

- See also Wallace's Darwinism, 2121 R. Wonders of Nature and Art [Fossil

Remains], 1329!!, &c.

Foster (John). See Christian Biography, 14410.
Foul Air in Houses. See Health Exhibition Literature [by Corfield] ............ 953K.

Foundation of Death, a Study of the Drink Question, by Gustafson II22F
Four Great Teachers, by Forster. 1890 .................................... 6390

[Ruskin, Carlyle, Emerson and Browning.]
Four Kings. See Chap Books, 1321 H.
Four Witnesses, being a Harmony of the Gospels on a New Princi-

ple, translated by D. D. Scott. 1851* .......................... 88gA

Fowls. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Doyle's Poultry, 82sF.

English Illustrated Magazine, v. 5, I995J. Peter's Girls' Own Out-

door Book [How to Rear], I256H, &c.

Fownes (G.), and Watts (II.), Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 672-30
Fox (Charles James), Life of, by Wakeman [Statesmen Series]. 1890 13790
Fox (Franklin). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
France, Chapters in the Religious History of [Sun. at Home, v. 19] 286gJ

- Colonial, by Norman. 1886 ............................................. 457H



France, Monarchy of the Middle Classes : France, Social, Literary,

Political, by Sir Henry Bulvver Lytton [Baron Dalling]. 1836 3ioO

Rural Life in Peace and War [Hamerton's Round my House].... n66M

Travels in, by Edwards. 1889 ."

See also All the Year Round [Woods and Wild Beasts], v. 42, 1822.7. Dilke's
Problems of Greater Britain, 334!!. Freer's Henry IV., 8i-2O.
Headley's Old Guard [French Soldiers], 1924. Maunder's Treasury

of History, i8s6Z. Nature, v. 40, 2700.7. Occult Sciences,
Verney's Peasant Properties, 2004!?. Probyn's Land Tenure, 248R.
Tovey's Wine Countries [Wines of, Claret, Bordeaux], 2i2sR, &c.

Francis (St. [Francis Xavier], Jesuit Missionary to the Indies, b.

1506, d. 1552), Life of, by Morgan. 1826 , 277Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Francis (Sir Philip). See Temple Bar, v. 87, 1417.7.

Franco-German War, A Labour of Love under the Red Cross,

during the late War, by Mrs. H. Templer 2O3QR

Frankland (Dr.). See Gardner's Sanitary Science, 941 K.

Franklin (B.), as a Man of Letters, by McMaster. 1887 53O

From Printing Office to the Court of St. James, His Boyhood

and Manhood, by Thayer. 1890 568O

The Printer Boy, or how He made his Mark, an Example for

Youth, by Thayer 5670

Fraser (Donald), Lady M. J. Kinnaird. 1890 7720

Fraternity. See Rumanian's Joints in our Social Armour, 2osoR.

Frederick the Great. See Macaulay's Essays, 15310.

Frederick III. (German Emperor, b. 1831, d. 1888) [Roberts'

Two Royal Lives] 1 3440

Frederick III. {Elector of Saxony, Friend of Luther, b. 1463, d. 1525).. See

Bayne's Luther, 6g4F.
Frederick William IV. {King of Prussia, b. 1705; d. 1861). See Memoirs of

Ernest II., 674^.
Freeman (Edward A.), D.C.L., Growth of the English Constitution

from the Earliest Times. 1887 456II

and Hunt(\V.), M. A., Joint- Editors, Historic Towns, v.n. I663-6R

Carlisle, i666R. Cinque Ports, i665R. Colchester, i664R. Oxford, i663R.
Freemasonry, A Lexicon of, History, Tradition and Antiquities, by

Mackey, and an Appendix, compiled by Peck. 1883 499^'

and its Jurisprudence, &c., by Paton. 1872 n I4F

the Obelisk, by Weisse. 1880 nisF

Its Symbolism, Religious Nature and Law of Perfection, by

Paton. 1872 ni4F

two Great Doctrines : the Existence of God and a Future -

State, by Paton. 1878 7<x>A

Freer (Martha Walker), History of the Reign of Henry IV., King

of France and Navarre, 2 vols. 1860 8i-2O

Life of Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre, 2 vols. 1855 465-6!^

Married Life of Anne of Austria, Mother of Louis XIV. 1864... 26JJ-6F

Regency of Anne of Austria, Mother of Louis XIV., 2 vols. 1866 267-8F

Free- Thought. See Davies' Heterodox London, 35-6K.

French and English, a Comparison, by Hamerton. 1889 2O36R

The. See also Cassell's Family Magazine [Character, seen through English

Spectacles], v. 15, 2364]. Leigh's Jeux d'Esprit [French and English
Wits], I43T. France, &c.

French Literature. See the French Catalogue following the English Section.
French (R. V.), F.S.A., The History of Toasting or Drinking

of Healths in England. 1881 8i8M

Fretwork. See Peter's Home Handicrafts, 952D.



Friar Bacon. See Chap-Books, 1321!!.

Friars. Set Jusserand s English Wayfaring Life, ig25R.

Friendly Societies. See Quarterly Review, v. 166, 12967.

Friends. See Haweis' Winged Words, 1923!*. Runciman's Joints in our Social
Armour [Friendship], 205oR.

Friswell (J. Hain), The Silent Hour, Essays for Sunday Reading.... !3ioM

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Frith. (Henry). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Frith (W. S.). See London Quarterly [Autobiography], v. 69, 859.7.

From Printing Office to the Court of St. James, the Boyhood and

Manhood of Benjamin Franklin, by Thayer. 1890 568O

Frost. See Williams' Science in Short Chapters [In Water Pipes and on Build-
ings], 5O2R.

Froude (J. A.), The Two Chiefs of Dunboy, or an Irish Romance of

the Last Century. 1889 , 24iyX

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Fruits. See Smith's Foods, 38oR. Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. 2, 874!^.
Gardening, &c.

Fry (Herbert), London in 1889, illustrated by Eighteen Bird's-Eye

Views of the Principal Streets. 1889 I744R

London in 1890, illustrated by maps and views. 1890 1773^

Fry (Mrs.). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393 F.

Fryer (Charles E.), Salmon Fisheries [Health Exhibition]. 1884 ... 97 iK

Fuller (A.). See Christian Biography, 14410.

Fungi, their Nature, Influence and Uses, by Cooke. 1883 383R'

See also Phillips' Discomycetes, 3g8R.

Furley (C. Grant). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

FurniSS (Harry), Royal Academy Antics, with more than Sixty

Illustrations. 1890 954D

Furniture and Decoration, Healthy, by Edis[Int. Health Ex.]. 1884 95iK

Church P'urniture, by Barr. 1846 i86;Z

See also Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM. Blakelee's Simple Mechanics

[Fixing up], 9580. Sylvia's Family Management [Parlour], 177!).
Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy, i/4D.

Furnivall (K. J., Shakespearian Scholar, &>c., b. 1825). See Notes and
Queries, 7th series, v. 7, loggj.

Future State, Philosophy of a, by Dick. 1836 I3I5M

See also Pike's Heavenly World [Future Life], I235M, &c.


'ABBIELLI (C., Italian Singer, b. 1730, d. 1796). See Edwards' Prima

Donna, 678 F.
Gage (William L.). See Ritter's Palestine, 847-50 A.
Gainsborough (Thomas, Landscape Painter, b. 1727, d. 1788), by

Arnold [Great Artists], illustrated. 1889 H2iO

See also Juvenile Plutarch, ii7iZ, &c.

Gairdner (James), Henry the Seventh [Twelve English Statesmen].. 13940
Gait in Walking. See Warner's Physical Expression, 393R.
Galahad (Sir). See Nutt's Holy G'rail, 1324^ Arthur (King), &c.

Galatians, Epistle to the [Lang's Commentary] 842A

See also Epistles, New Testament Commentaries, &c.

Galilee. See Manning's Palestine, 3376, c.

Galton (Captain Douglas), Ventilation, Warming and Lighting for

Domestic Use [International Health Exhibition]. 1884. ... 95lK
Galton (Francis, Traveller, &>c., b. 1822), F.R.S. See Nature, v. 39-40, 2699-0.1.
Galvanometer. See English Mechanic [Tangent], v. 50, 10500. Urbanitzky's
Electricity, 6890, &c.



Gambetta (Leon), by Marzials [The Statesman Series]. 1890 ...... 13800

Q-ambling. See Fortnightly Review [and my Critics], v. 52, 2142.7. Nineteenth

Century [Modern Gambling and Gambling Laws], v. 26, 2236,1.

Quarterly Review, v. 166, 1298.7. Sunday at Home, v. 37, 28877.
Grame. See Quarterly Review [and Game Laws of India], v. 167, 1297^ Smith's

Foods, 38oR. Sylvia's Family Management [Seasons for Sale of],

1770, &c.
Games. See Walker's Exercises for Ladies, i88iZ. Hutchison' Indoor Games

and Recreations, i25sH. Sylvia's Family Management [Boys' Indoor],

i 77 D.
Gamgee (Professor Arthur). Digestive Ferments and Chemical Pro-

cesses of Digestion [International Health Exhibition]. 1884 956K

- Physiology of Digestion and the Digestive Organs [International

Health Exhibition]. 1884 ........................................ .. 954K

Ganot (A.), Natural Philosophy for General Readers and Young

Persons, translated and edited by Atkinson, illus. 1878 ...... 464R

Garden (Mrs.), Ed., Memorials of Tames Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd

686 and 692?

Garden, Days and Hours in a, by "E. V. B." 1890 .................. 3oR

Gardening, Encyclopaedia of, by Loudon ................................. 1720

- Villa and Cottage, by Sweet. 1889 .................................... 4;6T

- See also Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 14, 23637 ; [in September], v. 15,

2 364J. Quarterly Review [Garden Farming], v. 166, 1296.7, &c.
Gardener, The. .See Peter's Girls' Own Out-door Book, I256H.
Gardner (C. F.), Handbook of Rural Sanitary Science, edited by

Marsh. 1876 ............................................................. 94iK

Gardner's " Royal " Guide to Guernsey. 1885 ........................ R.L.

G-arfleld (General). See Holloway's Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F, &c.

G-aribaldi (Anita). See Clayton's Female Warriors, 6440.

Garnet. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M.

Garrett (Edward). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Garrick (David). See Merydew's Love Letters, v. i, 676 F.

Garrison ( W. L., A merican Journalist, b. 1804, d. 1879). See Atlantic Monthly

[The Later Years of], v. 64, 1554.7.
Gas. See Health Exhibition Literature [Domestic use of], 953K. Our Home

[Advantages and Disadvantages of using Gas], 1730.
Gas-fitters. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i, 29817.
Gastric Fever. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.
Gates. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Construction of], 9580.
Gautier (Leon), Chivalry [Every Boy's Annual]. 1889 ............... 1308!!

Gawain. See Nutt's Holy Grail, 1324^ Archur (King), &c.

Geese. See Doyle's Poultry, 825^, &c.

Gelert's Grave. See Leisure Hour [Gleanings from Old Story-tellers], v. 35,


Gelon. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32oT.
Gems. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, u63M.
Generalisation. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, sgiR.
Genesis, Book of, Commentary by Murphy [Clark's Theo. Library] 77iA

- Commentary on, by Calvin, translated by King, 2 vols. 1847 .. 807-8 A

- Historical and Critical Commentary, with New Translation by

Kalisch. 1858 ........................................................... 93iA

- [Lange's Commentary] ...................................................... 84OA

- Rabbinical Commentary on, by Hershon, translated and a Pre-

face by Farrar. 1885 ............................................... .... 723A

- "With a Talmudical Commentary by Hershon, translated by

Wolkenberg, with an Introductory Essay by Spence. 1883.. 722 A

- See also Dawson's Origin of the World, s64R, &c.

Genii. See Smedley's Occult Sciences,
Genius. See Runciman's Joints in our Social Armour [and Respectability], 2osoR.
Girls' Own Annual [or Perseverance], v. 4, 2554.7,



Geniuses. See Lippincott's Magazine [Married Geniuses], v. 45, 337iJ.

Gentlemen. See Quiver [Real and Amateur], v. 32, 3302.! .

Geography and Travel, Stanford's Compendium of, with maps and

illustrations, 6 vols 849-54!^

Comparative, of Palestine and the Sinaitic Peninsula, by Ritter,

translated by Gage, 4 vols. 1866 763-6 and 847-5oA

Mythology and Biography, Smaller Classical Dictionary, by

Smith. 1862 I027M

Seealso Nature, v. 39-41, 2699-1^

Geological and Geographical Distribution of Animals, by Heilprin 396R

History of Plants, by Dawson 549R

Geology, Treatise on, by Phillips [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia] ... 776-7T

See also English Mechanic [British Association Address], v. 50, 10500.

Excelsior, 1927-9!?.. Hill's Rocks of Sark, Herm and Jethou, 7070.
Kingsley's Lectures [Town Geology and Bio-Geology], 1969!?.. Nature,
v. 39-0, 2699-0.7. Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. 2, 874!^.. Timmins'
Warwickshire, 141 3H. Transactions of the Guernsey Society of
Natural Science [of Guernsey], 2oi2R. Nature, v. 41, 27OiJ. Tudor's
Orkneys and Shetland, 461 H. Clark's Life of Adam Seclgwick, 396-7?.

Geometry, Treatise on, by Lardner [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia] 792T

See also Nature, v. 40-1, 2700-17.

Gerlach (Otto Von), Commentary on the Pentateuch, translated by

Downing [Clark's Theological Library], 1860 772A

Germany [Folk-Lore and Legends]. 1889 927T

German Empire, by Dunham [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]... 7&3-5T

See also Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334!!. Nature, v. 40, 27007.

Verney's Peasant Properties, 2004R. Woman's World [Women in], v.
i,. 1888, R.L., &c.

Gerstacker (F.), Western Lands and Western Waters, ill. 1864... 7I5K
G-esta Christi. See London Quarterly, v. 70, 86oJ.
Gesture. See Romanes' Mental Evolution, 1335!!. Walker's Exercises for

Ladies, i88iZ.

Ghosts. See Mayo's Popular Superstitions, goiM.
Giant's Causeway, The See Lovett's Irish Pictures, 336 B.
Gibbons (Orlando). See Matthew's History of Music, 9430.
Gibbs (J. W. M.), Ed., The Fables of La Fontaine, translated by

Wright. 1888 I4I2R

Giberne (Agnes), Ocean of Air, Meteorology for Beginners, with a

Preface by Pritchard, illustrated. 1890 2I23R

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Gibraltar, Siege of. See Macaulay's Stories, 3044X.

Gifford Lectures. See Miiller's Natural Religion, i25oM.

Gilbert (Gabriel). See Matthew's History of Music, 943D.

Gilbert (William). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Gilds. See Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life, ig25R.

Gilman (N. P.), Profit Sharing between Employer and Employes, a

Study in the Evolution of the Wages System. 1889 334-R

Gilmore (John), M.A., Storm Warriors, or Life-Boat Work on the

Goodwin Sands. 1889 2OI5R

Ginger-Pop. See Wells' Confectioner, ggSM, &c.

Ginsburg (C. D.), 7>., Coheleth, commonly called the Book of

Ecclesiastes, with a Commentary, Historical and Critical 749 A

Song of Songs, translated with a Commentary 75oA

Ginx'S Baby [a Social Satire], by Jenkins l865Z

Gipsies, I've been a Gipsying, or Rambles among our Gipsies and

their Children in their Tents and Vans, by Smith, ill. 1885 204 iR
Giraffe, The. See Wild Beasts and their Ways, 8 3 8F.
Girling (Mary Ann). See Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c., I254M.
Girls' Clubs for Working Girls, by Maude Stanley." 1890 2O29R



Girls' Own Outdoor Book of Occupation and Recreation, edited by

Peters, illustrated [R.T.S.] 1256!!

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [Physical Training for], v. 15, 2364],

Girls' Own Annual [Cricket Club], v. 10, 25607 ; [Studies ot], v. 4,
2554J ; [Tour in Brittany], v. 10, 2560.7. Health Exhibition Literature
[Physical Exercises for], g6zK.

irton. See Woman's World [Life at], v. 2, 1889, R.L.
ladstone (John, of Liverpool). See Fox Bourne's English Merchants, 14960.
ladstone (W. E.). See Contemporary Review [the Candour of], v. 56, 20667.
Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, sssH. Fortnightly Review [and
the Civilised World], v. 52, 21427. Life of Faraday, i86F. Lyndhurst,
6g6F. Macaulay's Essays, 15310. Mial's Life of Richards, 424F.
Quarterly Review, v. 166, 12967. Walpole's Lord Russell, 6ioF.
Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376-7F, &c.

Gladstone (Mrs.), Healthy Nurseries and Bedrooms [International

Health Exhibition]. 1884 95tK

Gladys [Rosetta R. Rowswell]. For various poems by this author, see the Guernsey

Advertiser since April, 1888, and the Guernsey Magazine since 1889.
Glasgow. See Greene's Scottish Pictures, 3136.

Glass. See Harper [A Piece of], v. 79, 16597. Wilkinson's On Colour, Q48D, &c.
Gleanings from God's Acre, being a Collection of Epitaphs. 1883 i86iZ

Gleanings from Old St. Paul's, by Simpson. 1889 197!!

Gloucester (Duke of)- See L'Estrange's Palace and Hospital, 15350.
Gloves. See Christian World Magazine, 2587. Woman's World [Old and

New], v. 2, 1889, R.L., &c.

Gluck (7- C-> German Musical Composer, b. 1714, d. 1787). See Matthew's His-
tory of Music, 9430.

Glue and Glueing. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Gnat, The. See Benison's Nature, 2io9R. Insects, &c.
Gneist (Dr. Rudolf), The English Parliament in its Transformations

through a Thousand Years, translated by Shee. 1886 439^

Gnomon of the New Testament, by Bengel, translated by Badinel,

&c. [Clark's Theological Library], 5 vols. 1857-8 82I-5A

Goa. See Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K, &c.

Goat, The. See Lennep's Asia [Angora], i847-8R. Wood's Dominion of Man,

Go-ban. See Hutchison's Indoor Games and Recreations, I255H.

God, Philanthropy of God, by Hughes. 1890 I3I2M

See also Tulloch's Philosophy, 724A.

Goddard (7ulia). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Godfrey (Mrs. G. W.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Godolphin (Lord). See Quarterly Review, v. 166, 12987.

Godolphin (Mrs.). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Godwin (E. W.), F.S.A., Dress and its Relation to Health and

Climate [International Health Exhibition]. 1884 96oK

Goethe. See Holloway's Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F. Quarterly

Review [The Old Age of], v. 166, 12987, &c.

Gold. See Gentleman's Magazine [The Quest of], v. 42, N.S., 7627.
Golden Legend, a Poem. See Longfellow's Poetical Works, i4i7M.
Goldsmid (E.), F.R.H.S., Un-natural History, or Myths of Ancient

Science, 4 vols in I. 1886 , 2OliR

Goldsmith (Oliver). See Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writings, 15300.
Goldsmith (Richard). See Everyday Heroes, 14550.

Golf, by Hutchinson [Badminton Library], illustrated. 1890 II39M

Goncharoff (Ivan A.)- See Turner's Novelists of Russia, 14910.

Good Breeding. See Etiquette.

Good Company. See Runciman's 7oints in Our Social Armour, 205oR.

Goodness. See New Review [The Evolution of], v. 2, 33527.

Goods Traffic. See Ackworth's Railways, 9370.

Goodwin (H.), M.A., Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew... !27oM

Goodwin Sands [Gilmore's Life-Boat Work] 2OI5R

Gordon Boys' Home. See All the Year Round, v. 42, 18227.



Gordon (General. Sec Macaulay's Stories, 3O44X. Stanley's In Darkest Africa
[and the Slave Trade], v. i, 873^. London Quarterly [and Garibaldi],
v. 70, 86oJ. Contemporary Review [Recollections of a Voyage with],
v. 57, 2o67j. Jephson's Emin Pasha, 879!^..

Gordon (Elizabeth, last Duchess of), Life and Letters of, by Stuart... 46oF

Gordon (W. J.). See Fonblanque's How are we Governed, 14480.

Gore (Charles), M.A., Ed., Lux Muncli, a Series of Studies in the

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