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See also Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, &c.

Gosse (Edmund), A History of Eighteenth Century Literature

[1660-1780]. 1889 2073R

Northern Studies. 1890 I937R

Gosse (P. H.), F.R.S., Romance of Natural History, illus. 1861... 824F

Gothenburg. Sec Wood's Under Northern Skies, I766R.

Gotthelf (Jeremiah). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Gotthold'S Emblems, or Invisible Things understood by Things

that are made, by Scrivener, translated by Menzies. 1863... I3O2M

Gould (S. Baring). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Gout- See Bridger's Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Sylvia's Family Manage-
ment [Plumbers, Rheumatic Gout], 1770.

Governess, The. See Murray's Magazine, v. 5, I465J, &c.

Government, How we are Governed, by Fonblanque, revised by

Gordon. 1889 14480

: See also London Quarterly [Local], v. 71, 86iJ. Whale's London, 327R.

Nineteenth Century [and the Tithes], v. 27, 2237J, &c.

Gowing (L. F.), Five Thousand Miles in a Sledge, a Midwinter

Journey across Siberia. 1889 I7/6R

Gowing (Richard), The New Code of Regulations of the Education

Department. 1 890 I I24F

Goya. See Hamerton's Portfolio Papers, n68M.

Gracchi, The See Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F.

Grace Darling. See Everyday Heroes, 14550. Leisure Hour, v. 32, 2642], &c.

Graham (Sir James, Statesman, b. 1792, d. 1861). See Walpole's Lord Russell,
609- loF.

Grail. See Holy Grail.

Grammar, English, including the Principles of Grammatical

Analysis, by Mason. 1876 I953R

Grammont (Count de), Memoirs of the, containing the History of
the English Court under Charles II., by Hamilton, translated
with notes by Walpole 456F

Granite. See Science Gossip [Xotes on], v. 23, 2423 J.

Grant (Tames), Constable of France and other Military Historiettes. 928X

Granville (J. M.), M.D., EJ., Care and Cure of the Insane, Reports
of the Lancet Commission [1875-6-7], republished by permis-
sion, 2 vols. 1877 94S-9K

Granville (Mary). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 39sF.

Graphoplione, The. See English Mechanic, v. 50, 10500.

Grass Land, Management of, by Roland. 1887 825F

Grass of Parnassus, Rhymes Old and New, by Lang. 1888 iSSgZ

Grattan (Henry). Sec Westminster Review, v. 130, R.L.

Grave-Stones, Christian, Remarks on, with drawings by Carter ... 9$6D

Gravel-Pit. See Kingsley's Lectures [Thoughts in a], igogR.

Gray (John). Sec Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

54 [H37]


Gray (P.), ami Woodward (B. B.), Sea-Weeds, Shells, and

Fossils [Young Collector's Series]. 1890 I42R

Great Artists. See Illustrated Biographies of Great Artists.

Great Bear, Constellation of the. See Proctor's Easy Star Lessons [its History,

Composition, Motion, &c., p. 189], 45oR.

Great Britain. See Harper's Monthly [The Standing Army of], v. 80, i66oj.
Great Explorers of the Nineteenth Century, by Verne, illus. 1881. 287F
Great Minds in Art, with an Introduction on Art and Artists, by

Tirebuck, with portraits. 1888 5510

Great Thoughts from Master Minds, 13 vols., illustrated 1884 -90... 390-990
Greater Britain, a Record of Travel in English-speaking Countries

during 1866 and 1867, by Dilke. 1869 1567]*.

Problems of, by Dilke, with maps, 2 vols. 1890 334-5!!

Greece, a History of [from the Pelagians to the reduction of Greece

to a Roman Colony], by Thirlwall, 8 vols. 1835-46 .734-4^

See aho Tovey's Wine Countries [Wines of], 2125!*.. Fortnightly [A Glance

at Contemporary Greece], v. 53, 21437.

Greek and English Lexicon of the New Testament, by Robinson,

revised by Negris and Duncan [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.] 762 A

to the New Testament, by Parkhurst and others. 1851 88iA

Roman Coins, by Head. 1888 I44R

Fairy Tales [Kingsley's Heroes] I$62R

Heroines, Lives of the, by Menzies. 1880 3 2 3T

Statesmen, Lives of the, by Cox. 1885 :

Vol. i. Solon Themistokles 320!'

Vol. 2. Ephialtes Hermokrates 32 iT

Testament, by Alford, vols. 2-4. 1855 927-3OA

Greeks and Romans, Arts, Manners, &c. [Lard. Cab. Cyclo.]. 1835 73I-2T

Green, the Colour. See Colourman's Guide, io7iM. Wilkinson's On Colour, 9480.

Green (Evelyn Everett). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Green (S. G.), D.D., Scottish Pictures, drawn with Pen and

Pencil [R.T.S.] 3136

Greenbacks. See Bryce's American Commonwealth, 5i8H.

Greene (W. T.), M.A., Birds I have kept in Years gone by, with
Original Anecdotes and full directions for keeping them
successfully, coloured plates. 1885 2I34R

Greenhill (William, Rector of Stepney, d. 1671), M.A., An Exposi-
tion of the Prophet Ezekiel, with useful Observations there-
upon. 1864 1480

Greenwich, the Palace and the Hospital, or Chronicles of Green-
wich, by L'Estrange, 2 vols. 1886 1535 6O

Gregory (St.)- See Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67o-iF. Matthew's History of
Music, 9430, &c.

Grellet (Stephen). See Sunday at Home, v. 13, 28637.

Gresham Family of London. See Fox Bourne's English Merchants, 14960, &c.

Greswell (W.'P), M.A., History of the Dominion of Canada. 1890 15390

Gretton (F. E.), B.D., Memory's Harkback through Half-a-
Century [1808-1858] 1889

Grey (Lady Jane). See Juvenile Plutarch, nyiZ. Adams' Remarkable
Women, 393 F.

Grey (Lord, second Earl). See Walpole's Lord Russell, 6ogF, &c.

Griffin (G. W.), New Zealand, her Commerce and Resources. 1884 48; II

Griffin (H. Hewitt), Cycles and Cycling, with a Chapter for Ladies,

by Miss L. C. Davidson [All England Series]. 1890 9O2T

Griffiths (A. B.), F.R.S.E., Manures and their Uses, a Handbook

for Farmers and Students. 1889 2I2OR



Grindrod (R. B.), M.D., Malvern, its Claim? as a Health Resort,
and an Exposition of the Physiological Influence of Com-
pressed Air . 937K

Grottoes. Sec Wonders of Nature and Art, isagH, &c.

Group of Englishmen [1790 to 1815], being Records of the Younger
Wedgwoods and their Friends, embracing a History of the
Discovery of Photography by Meteyard. 1871 42F

Grouse. See Cornhill [and Ptarmigan], v. 60, 3407. Watson's Sylvan Folk
[Grouse Disease], 2ii2R, e.

Grove (Archibald), Ed. See New Review, from vol. i, 3351 J.

Groves (Captain), Military Life, &c I442H

Guard, Old, by Headley 1924.2,

Guardians of the Poor. See Whale's Illustrated London, 32JR, &c.

Guernse3 r Society of Natural Science and Local Research, Report

and Transactions for 1889. 1890 2is;R

Report and Transactions [1882-1888]. 1889 201 2 R

See also Darley Dale's Black Donkey, or the Guernsey Boys, 2403X.

Forest of Vazon, 3D46X. Good Words, v. 31, 2201]. Hawtrey's
Castle Cornet, 14990. Leisure Hour [Vraic cutting in], v. 35, 26457.
Macaulay's Wonderful Stories [Escape of Prisoners from Castle
Cornet], 238oX. Metcalfe's Channel Islands, 1435!!. Report of the
Guernsey Society of Natural Science [Meteorological Observations
for 1889], 2I37R. Science Gossip [A Botanical Ramble round], v. 20,
2421 J ; [Flora of, by E. D. Marquand], v. 26, 24257. Thomson's
Health Resorts, 933K.. Fisheries Exhibition Literature Analytical
Index [celebrated "for its Red Mullet, &c.], gS^K. Mills' Colonial
Constitutions [Government Orders in Council. &c.], 1437^. Scott's
Blossom-land [Carnation Island], &c., IJ72R. Atlantic Monthly
[Sir Peter Osborne, Governor of Guernsey, 1622-46], v. 65, 18557.

Guernsey Magazine, a Monthly Illustrated Journal, edited by F. J.
Clarke :

Vol. 17, 1889. Biography Mr. George Allez. Miss Sophia Carey. Mr.
Rawlings. Dumaresq. Mr. James Gliddon. Captain O. de
B. Priaulx. Mrs. de Vic Tupper. Miscellaneous Account of
a Great Storm in Guernsey. Books, Libraries and Self Educa-
tion. By-and-Bye. Court of Chief Picas. Cross of Heather.
Death of the Lieutenant Governor. The First Astronomers.
Farming in the Channel Islands. Gone Before. Guernsey
Population in 1801. Jurat's Oath. Mount Orgueil Castle,
Jersey. Opening of the Guille-Alles Library Extension. Rocks
of Alderney and the Casquets. Spring. States of Guernsey.
Summer. Three Weeks in the Channel Islands. Town Church
Organ. The Weather and its Changes. Winter. Work at the
Post Office, &c 23977

Vol. 18, 1890. Biography Mrs. Le Marchant. Mr. William Le
Masurier. Mrs. Henry Tupper. Miss MacCulloch. General
George De Sausmarez. Miscellaneous On the Sark Cliffs.
From a Martello Tower. The Siege of Sark. Cider and
Perry in the Channel Islands. A Vanished Industry [the Silver
Mines of Little Sark]. The Channel Passage, Past, Present
and Prospective. The Hanois Lighthouse. Elizabeth Col-
lege. Our Roofs. Alderney Wrecks and Wreckers. Flora of
Guernsey. The Candie Library. Shorthand and its Advan-
tages. Wace, a Jersey Poet of the Twelfth Century. The
"Holy" Island. The Casket Lights. A Reminiscence of
Jersey, September, 1889. A Visit to Jethou. Original Letters
on the Early History of Guernsey. The Channel Islands.
Herm. A Day and a Night at Sark, June 24th and 25th, 1890.
A Year's Training with the Royal Guernsey Militia Artillery, &c. -3;3J

Guignet (A.). See Hamerton's Portfolio Papers, n68M.

Guinness (Mrs. H. Grattan), The New World of Central Africa,

with a History of the first Christian Mission on the Congo.... S/6K



Guitar, The. Sec Girls' Own Annual [How to Play the], v. 2, 2552].

Gun. Sec Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [How to Manage a Gun], g$8D.

Gunpowder. Sc^ Manchester Science Lectures [Modern History of], 2i2;R.

Gunter (A. C.). Set Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Grlirney Family of London [Fox Bourne's English Merchants] 14960

Gustafson (Axel and Zadel Barnes), The Foundation of Death, a

Study of the Drink Question. 1888 H22F

Gymnasiums. Sec Boys' Own Annual [Rev. J. G. Wood as a Gymnast], v. u,
2961.7. "Walker's Exercises for Ladies, i88iZ. Woman's World [for
Girls], v. 2, 1889, R.L. Health Education Literature [Gymnastics and
other Physical Exercises], 963!^. Hutchison's Indoor Games and
Recreations, I255H, c.

iiAABIiEM. See Lovett's Pictures from Holland, 3356.

Hackel (Professor). See Biichner's Man, I332H.

Hackwood (R. W.). See Notes and Queries, 7th series, v. 7, loggj.

Haddock, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Fishes, c.

Hail. See Nature, v. 40, 2700] .

Hairdressing. See Lady's World, 1887, R.L.

Hake (Thomas St. E.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Half a Century of Music in England [1837-1887], Essays towards a

History, by Hueffer. 1889 944D

Hall. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Hall (A.). See Notes and Queries, 7th series, v. 7, zoggj.

Hall (Newman). LL.B. See Quiver [An Interview with], v. 32, 3302_J.

Ham. See Sylvia's Family Management, 1770.

Hamer ton (Philip Gilbert, Artist and Art Writer, b. 1834), French

and English, a Comparison. 1889 2O36R

Portfolio Papers [Essays on Art, Biographies of Artists, &c.] ... u68M

Biographies. Constable", 1873. Etty, 1875. Chintreuil, 1874. Guignet,
1874. Goya, 1879. Essays. Style, 1881. Soul and Matter in the
Fine Arts, 1884. Nature of the Fine Arts, 1885. Can Science help
Art? 1870. Notes on ^Esthetics, Conversations, Etching, &c.

Round My House, Notes of Rural Life in France in Peace and

War. 1876 n66M

The Intellectual Life. 1887 1957K

Hamilton (A., Statesman, b. 1757, d. 1804), by Lodge [American

Statesmen]. 1886 17050

See also Bryce's American Commonwealth, 5I7-8H.

Hamilton (Count Anthony), Memoirs of the Count de Grammont,
containing the History of the English Court under Charles
II. , translated with Notes by Walpole 456F

Hamilton (A. H. A.), Quarter Sessions from Queen Elizabeth to
Queen Anne, Illustrations of Local Government and History,
drawn from Original Records. 1878

Hamilton (Patrick, Scotch Reformer, I. 1503, d. 1527). See The Reformers,

Hamilton (Edward), F.L.S., Riverside Naturalist, Notes on the
Various forms of Life met with either in, or by, the Water,
or in its Immediate Vicinity, illustrated. 1890

Hamilton (Sir W. R.). See Quarter!}', v. 170, isooj. Knight's Wordsworth,

Hamlet. Sec Hr-rpar [a Century of], v. 79, 1659.}.
Hammocks. Sec Hutchison's Indoor Games am"
Hampstead Hill. Sec Cornhill, v. Co, 34oJ, &c.



Handel (George F). See Temple Bar, v. 86, i4i6J. Matthew's History of

Music, 9430, &c.

Handicrafts. Home Handicrafts, by Peters, illustrated 952D

See also Health Exhibition Literature, 964 K.

Hangings. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Hansa Towns, by Zimmern. 1889 J 554^

[Liibeck, Bergen, Bruges, Hamburg, Livonia, c.]
Happiness. Promotion of General Happiness, by Macmillan. 1890 23oR

See also Spencer's Social Statics, s86H. Parry's Ministry of Fine Art, c^jD.

Hardinge-Giffard (Sir [Lord Halsbury]). See Williams' Leaves of a 'Life,

37 6- 7 F.

Hardy (Thomas, Novelist, b. 1840 ). See Contemporary Review, v. 56, 2o?6J.
Hare (A. J. C), Cities of Northern and Central Italy, ill., 3 vols. .. .1684-61*.

Southern Italy and Sicily, illustrated. 1883 1683!*.

Hare (A. W., Theologian, b. 1792, d. 1834) and Hare (J. C.). See Knight's Life

of Wordsworth, v. 2 and 3, 298-9 F, &c.

Harless (Dr. G. Chr. Adolph von, German Scholar, b. iSo5), Sys-
tem of Christian Ethics, translated by Morrison. iS6S 803 A

Harness. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Management of], 958D.

Harp, The. See Matthew's History of Music, 9430, &c.

Harris (Thomas Lake). See Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c, 1254^!, &c.

Harrison (Jane E.), Ed., Manual of Ancient Sculpture, by Paris gioF

Harrogate. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 038 K.

TT A. /TT /" \ <-_ XT ._ 1 f\. _ _ _..L '

Hartlepools, The. See Industrial Rivers of the Unite

Harwood (J. Berwick). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Hastings. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 933K.

Hastings (Warren). See Macaulay's Essays, 15310.

Hatch (E., Classical Scholar, b. 1835, d. 1889), M.A., Organization

of the Early Christian Churches [Bampton Lectures, 1880]... 7O5A

Memorials of, edited by his brother. 1890 4$iO

Hatton (Kit). See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Hauser (Kasper). See Quarterly Review, v. 166, i2g6J.

Havelock (Sir H.), Life of, by Forbes [Eng. Men of Action]. 1890 14700

Havergal (Frances Ridley). See London Quarterly [Autobiography of], v. 60, 859J.

Havernick (H. A. Ch. ), A General Historico- Critical Introduction

to the Old Testament, translated by Alexander. 1852 794A

An Historico-Critical Introduction to the Pentateuch, translated

by Thomson [Clark's Theological Library]. 1850 793^-

Hawkins Family, of Plymouth. See Fox Bourne's English Merchants, 14960.
Hawkins (Mr. justice). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 3J5-7F.
Hawkwood (Sir John, English Soldier of Fortune, d. 1394). See London

Quarterly, v. 73, 863J, &c.
Hay-fever. See Chambers' Edinburgh Journal, v. 66, I965J, &c.

Haydon (B. R.), Lectures on Painting and Design. 1844 949~D

See also Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. i and 3, 297 and 29gF, &c.

Hazlitt (W. Carew), Schools, School Books and Schoolmasters, a
Contribution to the History of Educational Development in

Great Britain. 1888 , , 209X1

Headache. See Sylvia's Family Management. 1770.

Head Dressing. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L. Hairdresslng, &c.

Head (B. V.), M.R.A.S., Greek and Roman Coins. iSSS I44R

Headley (J. T.), The Old Guard, illustrated 192^

Health and Sickness, Woman in, by Bell. 1889 946K

Health Exhibition Literature, 19 vols, illustrated. 1884:

Vol. i. Handbooks Health in the Village. Healthy Nurseries and Bed-
rooms. Healthy and Unhealthy Hoiues in Town and Country.
Healthy Furniture and Decoration. Healthy Schools. Health
in the Workshop. Ventilation, Warming, and Lighting for
Domestic Use


Health Exhibition Literature (continued.')

Vol. 2. Conferences Mansion House Council on the Dwellings of the
Poor. Royal Institute of British Architects. Social Science
Association 952K

Vol. 3. Lectures Anglo-Saxon Houses. Health}' Houses. Healthy
Town and Country Houses. Foul Air in Houses. Ventilation
in Connection with Warming and Lighting. Healthy Furni-
ture. Domestic Use of Gas. Health in the Workshop. Smoke
Abatement 9S3K


Vol. 4. Handbooks Physiology of Digestion and the Digestive Organs.
Diet in Relation to Health and Work. On the Principles of
Cooking. Food and Cookery for Infants and Invalids. Water
and Water Supplies, and Unfermented Beverages. Salt and
other Condiments. Alcoholic Drinks 954-K

Vol. 5. Conferences Central Chamber of Agriculture. Institute of

Chemistry. British Bee-keeper's Association 955K

Vol. 6. Lectures Digestive Ferments and Chemical Processes of Di-
gestion. Rearing of Hand-fed Infants. Practical Dietetics.
Chemistry of Bread-Making. Science of Cookery. Pure Milk.
The English Dairy. The Danish Dairy. Dairy Management.
Esthetic use of Wine 956K


Vol.7. Handbooks "Our Duty" in Relation to Health. Infectious
Disease and its Prevention. Accidental Injuries : their Relief
and Immediate Treatment. How to Prevent Accidents becoming
more Serious. Cleansing Streets and Ways in the Metropolis
and Large Cities. Fires and Fire Brigades. Legal Obligations
in Respect to Dwellings of the Poor. Schools of Art : Their
Origin, History, Work and Influence 95/K

Vol. 8. Conferences Society of Medical Officers of Health. Sanitary
Institute of Great Britain. Parkes' Museum of Hygiene. St.
John's Ambulance Association Society of Arts 958K

Vol. 9. Lectures Anglo-Saxon Dress and Food. Health, Work and
Play in Village Life. Recreation. Ambulance Organisation iu
War and Peace. Street Accidents and their Amelioration.
Prevention of Cholera. History and Results of a Dispensary
for Sick Children threatened with Chronic Disease. Our
Domestic Poisons. Thrift in its Relation to Health, or the
Right Use of Refuse 95 9 K


Vol. 10. Handbooks Athletics, or Physical Exercise and Recreation.
Dress and its Relation to Health and Climate. Fermentation.
Public Health. Laboratory Work. London Water Supply. . . .

Vol. ii. Conferences Medical Society of London and National Health
Society. Royal Meteorological Society. Association for the
Oral Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb. Society of Telegraph
Engineers and Electricians. Epi J emiological Society of London.

Vol. 12. Lectures Parasites of Meat and Food. Candles. Soap. His-
tory of English Dress. Children's Dress. Textiles Generally.
Physical Exercises for Girls. Old and Modern Poison Lore. . . .


Vol. 13. Section A : Organisation of Elementary Education, &>c. Con-
ditions of Healthy Education. Infant Training and Teaching.
Organisation of Elementary Education. Inspection and Ex-
amination of Schools. Gymnastic and other Physical Exercises.
Teaching of Music in Schools


Health Exhibition Literature (continued.}

Vol. 14. Section B : Technical Training, &-'c. Manual Training Schools.
On the Teaching of Natural Science as a Part of the Ordinary
School Course. Practical Cooking in Elementary Schools.
Teaching of Drawing and Colouring. Teaching of Agriculture.
School Farms and Farm Schools. School Museums. Thrift in
Schools. School Savings Banks 964!^

Vol. 15- Section C ; Organisation of University Education London Uni-
versity. Teaching Considered from the Modern Side. On
Science Teaching in Laboratories. Teaching of History. On
Theological Teaching in a University. Notes on Higher Educa-
tion in France. Duties of the Universities towards our Indian
Empire. University Education of Women 965^.

Vol. 16. Section D : Training of Teachers, &>c. Training of Teachers
for Public Elementary Schools. Professorships and Lectureships
on Education. The Scotch Training Colleges. Free Education
University Extension Movement. On the Curriculum of a
Modern School. On Numbers in a Class. Times of Work and
Rest. Comparative Advantages of Boarding and Day Schools. . g66K


Vol. 17. Papers on Japan, &c. Special Catalogue of the Education Divi-
sion. Catalogue of Manufactures, Decorations and Designs.
Catalogue with Explanatory Notes of the Exhibits from the
Department of Education. Empire of Japan. General Outlines
of Education in Japan g6/K

Vol. 19. Papers on China, &>c. Official Guide. Guide to the Sanitary
and Insanitary Houses. Handbook to the Aquarium and Fish
Culture Department. China. Public Health in China. Na-
tional Education in China. Diet, Dress, and Dwellings of tha
Chinese in Relation to Health g6gK

Health, Ministry of, and other Addresses, by Richardson. 1877 984!^

Public Laws concerning the, edited by R. and H. Smith. 1883 942 H

Resorts of Britain and how to Profit by them, by Thomson 93K

in Austria and the Bitter Waters of Hungary, by Rae. 1888 94oK

Work and Play, Suggestions, by Acland. 1856 i844'Z

See also Bridger's Man and his Maladies, 93oK. Gardner's Sanitary Science,

941 K. Playfair's Social Welfare, ss6R. Blyth's Diet in Relation to
Health and Work, 954 K, &c.
Heart Diseases. See Bridger's Man and his Maladies, 939K. Sylvia's Family

Management [Palpitation of the], ijjD.
Heat. See Sylvia's Family Management [Clothing, &c.], ijjD.

Heath (F. G.), Tree Gossip. 1885 2I46R

Heathenism. See Kurtz's Church History, 7o5A.

Heatley (G. S.), M.R.C.S., Practical Veterinary Remedies, a

useful Hand-book on Medicine for Animals. 1885 9&5K

Hebrides, Our Journey to the, by Joseph Pennell and Elizabeth R.

Pennell. 1890 I774R

Sec also Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 77, i657j. Longman [Cruise
among the], v. 14, 904J, &c.

Hebron. See Manning's Palestine, 337B.

Hector (Berlioz). See Atlantic Monthly, v. 63, 1553 J.

Helene. See Menzies' Greek Heroines, 323^

Heligoland. See Quiver [Sunday under the Shadow of] v. 32, 3302J. Guernsey
Magazine, v. 18, 23g8J.

Henderson (E.), D.D., Book of Isaiah, translated with a Com-
mentary and a Dissertation on the Life of the Prophet. 1857 885A

Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, with a Commentary, Critical,

Philological and Exegetical. 1855 SS/A

Jeremiah and that of Lamentations, translated with

a Commentary. 1851 , 886A



Henderson (E.), TV., Twelve Minor Prophets, with a Commentary 888A
Hen gist (Sa.wn Chief, d. 488). See Miller's Anglo-Saxons, 750, &c.
HengStenberg (E. W.), Christology of the Old Testament and a

Commentary on the Messianic Predictions, trans, by Meyer 79Q-8O2A

Commentary on the Gospel of St. John, translated, 2 vols. 1865 796-7 A.

Dissertations on the Genuineness of ihe Pentateuch, translated -

by Ryland [Clark's Foreign Theological Lib.], 2 vols. 1847 78y-8A
Daniel and the Integrity of Zechariah, translated

by Pratten, and a Dissertation on the History and Prophecies 795 A
The Prophecies of the Prophet Ezekiel elucidated, translated by

Murphy [Clark's Theological Library]. 1 848 798 A

TV., Egypt and the Book of Moses, by Kobbins. 1845 883 A

Henry IV. (King of France and Navarre}, Reign of, by Freer 8i-2O

Henry V. (King of England, b. 1388, d. 1422). Sec L'Estrange's Palace and

Hospital, 15350, c.

Henry VI. See L'Estrange's Palace and Hospital, 15350.

Henry VII., by Gairdner [Twelve English Statesmen]. 1889 I394O

See also L'Estrange's Palace and Hospital; 15350.

Henry VIII. See L'Estrange's Palace and Hospital, 15350.

Henry of Guise. See Eaird's Huguenots and Henry of Navarre, 414-5^

Henslow (Prof. G.). See Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR.

Henslow (J. S.), F.L.S., Principles of Descriptive and Physio-
logical Botany [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], illus. 1835 7^9T

Her Majesty's Prisons, their Effects and Defects, by one who has

tried Them. 1883 4550

Heraldry, Manual of, being a concise Description, of the several
Terms used, and containing a Dictionary of every Designation
in the Science, illustrated 1 92;Z

See also Girls' Own Annual [Historically and Practically considered], v. 8,

2558J. Notes and Queries, 7th series, v. 7, logpj, &c.
Heredity. See Nature, v. 40, 27ooJ. Lankester's Advancement of Science [A

Theory of], 8 3 6F, &c.
Heresies. ^5V<? Ante-Nicene Library [Refutation of]. Kurtz's Church History,

706 A, &c.

Hering ( Jeanie). Se^ Fiction Class List following the General Cat alogue.
Heriot (George, of RdinburgJt). See Fox Bourne's English Mercha nts, 14960.
Herm. See Report of the Gaernsey So:iety of Natural Science [History of],

2I 37 R.

Hermeneutics, Sacred, by Davidson. 1843 9OoA

Hermit of Warkworth. See Chambers' Miscellany, 624R.

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