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Hermokrates. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32iT.

Hermopolis. See Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329^

Heroes, The, or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children, by Kingsley ... I962R

Heroines, Greek, Lives of the, by Menzies. 1 880 323T

Herrings. See Fisheries Literature [Herring Fisheries of Scotland], 975 K.

Sylvia's Family Management [Dressing of], 1770.
Herrison (M. Le Comte D'), The Black Cabinet (Le Cabinet Noir),

translated by Blackith. 1887 22iR

Herschel (SirJ. F W.), F.R. A. S., A Treatise on Astronomy, ill. 794T

See also Clark's Life of Adam Sedgwick, 396-7F.

Herschel (Caroline). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 39sF.

Herschels, The. See Century [Reminiscences of], v. 38, i888j.

Hershon (P. J.), A Rabbinical Commentary on Genesis, translated

from the Judceo-Polish, with Notes and Indices, with Intro-
ductory Preface by Ven. Archdeacon F. W. Farrar, D.D 723A

Genesis, with a Talmudical Commentary, translated by Wolken-

berg, with an Essay by Spence. 1883 722A

Hertz (Professor D. H.). See Nature, v. 39, 2699.7.
Heywood (Oliver). See London Quarterly, v. 71, 86iJ.



Hickson (S. J.), M.A., A Naturalist in North Celebes, illus. 1889 864K

Hidden Life, A, a Poem, by MacJonald l8;iZ

Hierapolis. Set; Harper [and its White Terrace], v. 79. i6.59j.

Hierarchy, The. See Kurtz's Church History, 707.^.

Hildebl and (Pope). See Noble Traits of Kingly Men, 15370.

Hill (Rev. Rowland). See Sunday at Home, v. 24, 287^.

Hill (Sir Rowland). See Time [and the Penny Postage], v. 22, I5i2j.

Himalayas, The. See Blackwood [The Hunter in the], v. 146, 2i6J.

Hindostan. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H. India, c.

Hinduism. See Religious Systems of the World [by Lyall], 934A.

HippolytllS. See Ante-Nicene Library.

Hippopotamus, The. See Baker's Wild Beasts and their Ways, 833F.

Hipwell (D.). See Notes and Queries, 7th series, v. 7, loggj.

Histology, Lectures on, by Quekett. 1852 83 2 F

Historic Phases. See Robertson's Critical Method, I956R.

Towns: Winchester, by G. W. Kitchin, D.D. 1890 i6;oR

Historical Lectures 0:1 the Life of our Lord Jesus Christ, by

Ellicott. 1861 732A

History. See Anne of Austria [France], s67-8F. Excelsior, 1926-3^. Freer' s
Henry IV. of France, 8i-2O. Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writings,
15300. Temple Bar [Romance of], v. 85, 14157, &c.

Hobbes (t.), A Brief of the Art of Rhetorick, containing in Sub-
stance all that Aristotle hath Written on that Subject. 1883 II5SH
Hocking (S. K.), F.R.H.S., Social Models, Addresses on Social

Themes. 1889 i88;Z

Hock (Dr. P. P.), Oyster Culture [Fisheries Exhibition], 1884 gSoK

Hodder (Edwin), Sir George Burns, Bart., his Times and Friends 395 F

Hoffman (Professor), Magic [Every Boy's Annual]. 1889 i3o8H

The Young Wizard [Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] 29587

Tricks with Cards, a Complete Manual of Card Conjuring, ill... 2O3OR

Hogarth (William). See Every Boy's Annual, 1888, 1307^

Hogg (James), Memorials of, edited by his Daughter 6g2F

Holdsworth (E. W. H.), F.L.S., Apparatus for Fishing [Fisheries

Exhibition]. 1884 97K

Holidays, Our Summer. See Peters' Girls Own Out-door Book, I256H.
Holker (Sir John). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376^.

Holland, Pictures from, drawn with Pen and Pencil. 1887 335B

See also Blackwood, v. 14^, 2i5J. Harper's New Monthly Magazine

[Artist Strolls in], v. 69, 1649], Macmillan, v. 60, ggoj. Probyn's

Land Tenure, 248R, &c.

Holland (John), Treatise on the Progressive Improvement and

Present State of the Manufactures in Metal, 2 vols, ill. 1831-4. 722-4T
Holland (Lord). See Macaulay's Essays, r^iO.
Holmes (P.), D.D. See Ante-Nicene Library, 367 and 379 A.
Holt (Joseph). See Time, v. 20, isioj, ttc.
Holy Grail, Studies of the Legend, by Nutt. 1888 , ij24H

See also Gentleman's Magazine, v. 42, N.S., 762J.

Holy Land. See Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329 H.

Holy Spirit, The. See Gore's Lux Mundi [and Inspiration], 937A.

Home Handicrafts, by Peters, illustrated 952D

Our Homes, and how to make them Healthy, edited by S. F.

Murphy, illustrated. 1885 I73D

Sec also Girls' Own Annual [Domestic ways since the Time of Henry

VIII.], v. 8, 2 55 8J. Lady's World [Artistic], 1887, R.L. Murray's
Magazine [Home Rule in the Nursery], v. 5, i46sj. Sylvia's Family
Management [Active Duties of], 1770, &c.

Homfray (Alfred). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Honey. See Health Exhibition Literature, 95sK.

Hong-Kong. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 33sH, &c.

Honour. See Lee's Dialogues, 1325 H, &c.


Hood (E. P.)> World of Anecdote, an Accumulation of Facts, Inci-
dents and Illustrations, Historical and Biographical. 1870 979R

Hood. (Thomas). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458 F.

Hooper (G.), Wellington [English Men of Action]. 1889 14680

Hope, Lessons of, Readings from the works of F. D. Maurice,

selected by J. L. Davies. 1889 I32OM

Hope (Ascott R. ), Stories of the Wild West [Every Boy's Annual] 1308!!

Hope(F. T. L.). See Fiction Class List following the Gene'ral Catalogue.

Hopkins (John Baker). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Hopkins (Tighe). See Fiction plass List following the General Catalogue.

Hopkinson (Arabella). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Hops. See English Illustrated Magazine [and Hop-Picking], v. 4, 19947.

Horae Mosaics, or a View of the Mosaical Records, by Faber, 2 vols. 744-5A

Horder (W. Garrett), The Poet's Bible, 2 vols. 1889 13I3-4M

[Old Testament, isisM. New Testament, 13^!].
The Hymn Lover, an Account of the Rise and Growth of

English Harmony. 1889 2O27R

Home (John), F.G.S.,and Peach (Benjamin N.), F.G.S., Chapters

on the Geology of the Orkneys and Shetland 46 iH

Homibrook (Emma E.). See Fiction Class List following the General

Horns. See Knowledge [and Antlers], v. 13, 25937.

Horrida Bella, an Impeachment of the War System. 1889 i884Z

Horsa. See Miller's Anglo-Saxons, ysO.

Horse and Man, their Mutual Dependence and Duties, by Wood, ill. 2i3iR

Horse Doctor, by Mayhew, illustrated. 1888 8550

Horses. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Our Friends the], v. 15, 23647; Cham-
bers' [Montague's Recollections of an Equestrian Manager]
I 95?7 > Wood's Dominion of Man, 2i3oR. Atlantic Monthly

bers' [Montague's Recollections of an Equestrian Manager] v. 57,
I 95?7 > Wood's Dominion of Man, 2i3oR. Atlantic Monthly [Cart
Horses], v. 65, 1555!. Time [of the Pampas], v. 12, 1512] . Encyclo-

paedia of Domestic Economy [\ A arious breeds of], 1740.
Horseback, Women on. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Hortus Indusus, Messages from the Wood to the Garden, by

Ruskin. 1887..... 2oo8O

Hosmer (J. K.), Samuel Adams [American Statesmen]. 1886 17020

Hospitals. See Girls' Own Annual [and the Benefits they Confer], v. 8, 25587.

Hosts and Guests. Sec Longman, v. 15, 9057.

Houghton (W.), F.L.S., Natural History and Cultivation of the

Sole [Fisheries Literature], 1884 98oK

Hours with the Mystics, a Contribution to the History of Religious

Opinion, by Vaughan, 2 vols. 1879... 509-ioM

House-flies. See Knowledge [and Bluebottles], v. 13, 25937.
Housekeeping. See Girls' Own Annual [How I keep House on 250 a Year],
v. 6, 25567. Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling [Housekeeper's Room],
Houses, Healthy and Unhealthy Houses in Town and Country,

by Eassie. 1884 95iK

Choice of a Dwelling, by Wheeler. 1872 94oM

See also Eassie's Healthy and Unhealthy Houses in Town and Country,

95iK. Health Exhibition Literature, gsi-sK. Blakelee's Simple
Mechanics [Construction of], 958D. Our Home [Daily Cleaning of
the], 1730. Sylvia's Family Management [Points to Notice in], i/yD.
Housewifery. See Cassell's Family Magazine [School of], v. 15, 13657-
House of Commons. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H.

Lords. See Quarterly Review [Speeches in], v. 167, 12977.

Houses. See Gardner's Sanitary Science, 94iK. Nineteenth Century [Old

Country], v. 26, 22367, &c.
How I spent my Twentieth Year, a Tour round the World, 1886-87,

by the Marchioness of Stafford, illustrated. 1889

How Men Propose, the Fateful Question and its Answer, collected by

A. Stevens. 1890 2OI4R



How to Catalogue a Library, by Wheatley. 1889 ........................

How to Help, Pen and Pencil Sketches of the East End, by Mrs.

Reaney. 1888 .......................................................... I997R

Howard (Edward), Rattlin the Reefer, edited by Capt. F. Marryat.. 797X
Howell's Novels. Sec Robertson's Critical Method, i9s6R.

Howes (G. Bond), Zoology and Food Fishes [Fisheries Exhibition]. 97iK
Howie (John), Lives of the Scottish Covenanters, with Preface and

Notes by M'Gavin. 1862 ............................................. 374^

Howitt (Mary), An Autobiography, edited by her Daughter. 1889.. 463^

- See also Murray's Magazine [Quaker and Catholic], v. 7, 14677.

Howorth (Henry H.), M.P. See Nature, v. 39, 2699.7.

Hoyle (W., of Tottingtoti). See London Quarterly, v. 69, 8597, &c.

Huggins (W.), LL.D., Spectrum Analysis in its Application to the

Heavenly Bodies [Manchester Science Lectures]. 1870 ....... 452R

See also Nature, v. 40, sjooj.

Hughenden. See Woman's World [A Visit to], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Hughes (H. P.), M.A., The Philanthropy of God, Sermons. 1890. I3I2M

Hughes (Thomas McKenny) and Clark (J. W.), Life and Letters

of the Rev. Adam Sedgvvick, 2 vols, illustrated. 1890 ....... 396-7F

Hugo (Victor). See Fortnightlj- [Toute la Lyre], v. 51, 21417.
Huguenots, Benjamin Du Plan, Deputy-General [1725-1763], by

Bonnefon ................................................................ 14640

Huguenot Pastor, or Arnold Delahaize ................................. 322T

- Their Settlements, Churches, and Industries in England and

Ireland, by Smiles. 1869 ............................................. 131 iM

- - Set also Kurtz's Church History, 707-^. Lorimer's Protestant Church

of France, 2i6T, &c.
Hullah (John) LL.D., History of Modern Music, a Course of Lec-

tures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. 1888 9420
Human Faculty, Origin of, by Romanes. 1888 ........................... I335H

Human Happiness. See Spencer's Social Statics, 586 H.

Human Longevity and the Amount of Life upon the Globe, by

Flourens, translated by Martel. 1855 ........................... 933K

Human Species, by Quatrefages. 1886 ....... . .............................. 34oR

Huma,nita,ria.nism. See Davies" Heterodox London, 35 K. Westminster

Review, v. 132, R.L.

Humanity. Sej Religious Systems of the World [by Harrison], 934A.
Humfoer, The. See Industrial, Rivers of the United Kingdom, 713^!.
Hume (Joseph, Scotch Politician, b. 1777, d. 1855). See Walpole's Lord Russell,


Humility. See FrisweH's Silent Hour, isioM.
Hungary, Bitter Waters of, and Austrian Health Resorts, by Rae .. 94oK

- See also Tovey's Wine Countries [Wines of], 2I25R.

Hunt (H. G. Bonavia), F.R.S.E., A Concise History of Music, from

the Commencement of the Christian Erato the Present Time. l885Z
Hunt (Leigh). See Macaulay's Essays, 15310.

Hunting. See Boys' Own Annual [Hunting Camps], v. 12, 29627.
Huntley and Palmer's Factory. See All Vear Round Magazine, v. 42, i822j.
Hurry. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Hus (John). Set The Reformers, 14670, &c.

Husband, The. See Stark's Life Stages, 1252^!. Marriage, &c.
Hutchinson (H. G.), Golf [Badminton Library Series], ill. 1890.. H39M
Hutcninson (Mary, aftenvards Wife of Wordsivortli). See Knight's Life of
Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-gF.

Hutchison (G. A.), Ed., Indoor Games and Recreations, a Popular

Encyclopaedia for Boys, by Stables and others, illustrated ..... I2 55H

Hutchison (J.), M.A., Tr., The German Universities for the last

Fifty Years, by Conrad. 1885 ....................................... HO9F



Hutton (Richard H.), Cardinal Newman. 1891 17160

Huxley (T. H.), Coral and Coral Reefs [Manchester Sci. Lee.]. 1870 452R

See also Biichner's Man, 1332!!.

Hysena, The. See Baker's Wild Beasts and their Ways, 838 F.

Hyderabad. See Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K, &c.

Hydrophobia. See Nature, v. 40, 27ooj. Lankester's Advancement of Science
' [and Pasteur], 8 3 6F, &c.

Hymn Lover, Account of English Hymnology, by Horcler. 1889... 2O27R

Hymnology. See London Quarterly [pre-WesIeyanism], v. 70, 86oJ, &c.

Hypnotism, by Albert Moll [Contemporary Science Series]. 1890.. I5O2M

See also Nineteenth Century, v. 8, 22187. Universal Review, v. 6, 3326J.

Fortnightly [The Latest Discoveries in], v. 53, 21437. Nineteenth
Century [VVas I Hypnotised], v. 27, 22377. New Review, v. 2, 33527, &c.

Hytlie. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K.


See Nature, v. 39, 26997.
- Age in North America, and its Bearings upon the Antiquity of

Man, by Wright, illustrated. 1889'. ...............................

Ice Creams. See Wells' Pastrycook, gg8M.
Ice-House. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.
Icthyolpgy. See Nature, v. 41, 27017.

gh (

Iddesleigh (Earl of, Statesman, b. 1818, a. 1887). See Northcote (Sir Stafford).

Ideal, The. See Lee's Dialogues [Value of the], i32 5 H.

Ideas. See Romanes' Mental Evolution, 1335]-!. Miiller's Science of Thought,

Ilfraeombe. See Gentleman's Magazine [and Lundy], v. 43, N.S., 7637. Thom-

son's Health Resorts, gsSK. Devonshire, &c.
Illustrated. Books of Travel : Those Holy Fields, Palestine, by

Rev. S. Manning ......................................................... 337^

Qudaea. Bethlehem to the Dead Sea. 7 er i cno a d the 7ordan to 7erusa-
lem. 7 erusa ' ern - Samaria. Galilee and Nazareth. Gennesareth, &c.]
Imagination. See Quiver [Use and Abuse of], v. 14, 32847.
Imitation of our Lord Jesus Christ, Lectures by Carter. 1863 ..... 882 A

Immigration. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-sH.

Imogen. See Shakespeare's Female Characters, 4igD.

Imperial Defence. See Murray's Magazine [Sir Charles Dilke on], v. 7, 14677.

In Darkest Africa, or the Rescue and Retreat of Emin, Governor of

Equatoria, by H. M. Stanley, 2 vols, ill. 1890. ...871-2 and 873-4!^

In Darkest England and the "Way Out, by Booth. 1890 ................. 1440!!

In the Beginning, Remarks on Modern Views of Creation, by Sandys. 1303^!
Inagaki (Manjiro), B. A., Japan and the Pacific, and a Japanese View
of the Eastern Question. 1890 ...... .................................

Incarnation, The. See Gore's Lux Mundi [and Development], 937-A..

Inchbald (Elizabeth). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Independents. See Religious Systems of the World [by White], 934 A.

Index of British Plants according to the London Catalogue. 1889... 6QiD

India before the Sepoy Mutiny. 1887 ....................................... I534O

- Indian Fish and Fishing, by Day [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884. 97 iK

- Indian Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Urwick[R.T. S.] 3MB

- Our Vice-Regal Life in [1884-8], by Lady Duffer in, 2 vo's. 1889 451-2!'"

- Peeps at the Far East, a Familiar Account of a Visit to India 865K

- See also Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain [Central], 335!!. Fortnightly

[Our True Policy in], v. 51, 21417. Nature, v. 40, 27007. Nineteenth

Century [Deadly Wild Beasts of], v. 26, 22367. Probyn's Land Tenure,
248R. Urwick's Indian Pictures, 3i4B. Nature, v. 41, 27017.
ligious Systems of the World [Indian Poetry, by Macdonald], 9
Males' Scenes through the Battle Smoke [Indian Mutiny], 1441!!.

17. Re-

], 934A.


Indian Clubs. See Hutchison's Indoor Games and Recreations, i25sH.

Indians, American. See Boys' Own Annual [Sign Language of the], v. 12, 2962] .

India-rubber Producing Trees. Sec Nature, v. 39, 26gqJ.

Indigestion. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 945X.

Indo-China. See Blackwood, v. 147, 217.!.

Indoor Games and Recreations, a Popular Encyclopaedia for Boys,

by Stables and others, edited by Hutchison [R.T.S.], illus... 1255!!

Industrial Competition and Commercial Freedom. See Playfair's Social Wel-
fare, 3 3 6R.

Industrial Exhibitions. See Argosy [The First], v. 45, 45].

Industrial Remuneration Conference, Report of the Proceedings
and Papers read in Princes Hall, Piccadilly, under the Presi-
dency of Sir Charles AY. Dilke. 1885 UI5F

Infancy to Womanhood, a book of Instruction for Young Mothers,

by Rhoda E. White. 1882 2O74R

Infants. See Food and Cookery for Infants and Invalids [Inter. Health Exhibi-
tion], 934K. Health Exhibition Literature [Rearing of Hand-fed], 956K.

Infectious Disease and its Prevention, by Murphy. 1884 95/K

Inflammation. See Bell's \Voman in Health and Sickness, Q46K. Bridger's
Man and his Maladies, 93gK.

Influence. See Girls' Own Annual, v. 7, 2557 J,

Influenza. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Colds and Whooping Cough], v. 16,
23653. English Mechanic [Horse], v. 50, 10500. Knowledge [is it
Communicable, p. 77], v. 13, 25937. Universal Review [a Symposium
and a History], v. 6, 3326J. Nature, v. 41, 2701 J. Sylvia's Family
Management, i77D, &c.

Ingersleben (Fran von). See Fiction Class List following the General Cata-

Ingram (J. H.), Ee/., The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, including his

Biography, 4 vols. 1874 2O3I-4R

Inks and Ink Making. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

Inquisition. See Quiver [Land of the], v. 32, 33027.

Insane, Care and Cure of, Reports on Lunatic Asylums, 2 vols. 1877 935K

The, Reports of the Lancet Commission on their Care and Cure,

1875-6-7, republished by Granville, 2 vols. 1877 948-9!^

Insanity and Sanity, by Mercier, illustrated. 1890
- Borderlands of, by Wynter, with Five New Chapters by Gran-

ville. 1877 ..................................................... ". 945 and 95oK

- See also U-iiversal Review [Care and Cure of the Insane], v. 4, 3324.7.
Insect Life, Episodes of, by Acheta Domestica. 1849 .................

- See also Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR. Hamilton's Riverside Naturalist,
8 39 F.

Insight. See Cornh'll Magazine, v. 14, 34iJ.
Inspiration. See Gore's Lux Mundi [and t

Mundi [and the Holy Spirit], Q37A.

Instinct. See Science Gossip [Darwin's Opinion on], v. 20, 2421],
Instruction. See Health Exhibition Literature [Subsidiary aids to],

Insurance Offices, &c., by De Morgan. 1838 ........................... 2o6gR

Insurance. See Fisheries Literature [Best System of Life Insurance for
Fishermen], 977!^.

Intellectual Education, and its Influence on the Character and

Happiness of Women, by Emily ShirrefT. 1858 .............. II23F

Intellectual Life, by Hamerton. 1887 .................................... I95?R

International Arbitration. See Mial's Life of Richards, 424F.
- Exhibition. See under Fisheries Exhibition, Health Exhibition, &c.
Intuitions of the Mind, inductively investigated by McCosh. 1865 748A
Invalids. See Girls' Own Annual [Occupations for], v. 2, 25527. Food and

Cookery for Infants and Invalids [Inter. Health Exhibition], Q54K.
Inventions and Discoveries. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i,

2 9 3lJ.

Inverness. See Green's Scottish Pictures, 3i3B.

Invisible Powers of Nature, by Caillard. 1888 ........................ 43iR



Iowa. See Harper [the State of], v. 79, 1659.].

Iphigeneia. See Menzies' Greek Heroines, 323T.

Ireland, Ancient Cures, Charms, and Usages of, by Lady Wilde 96oF

[Folk-Lore and Legends]. 1889 928T

History of [from 1000 B.C. to A.U. 1646], by Moore. 1835-46. ..713-16!^

Irish Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Lovett. 1888 ... 336B

Parnell Movement, by O'Connor. 1889 326R

See also Blackwood [What I learned in], v. 147, 217], Cobden's Political

Speeches, 222R. Fortnightly [Land-purchase in], v. 53, 21437. London
Quarterly [and the Celtic Church], v. 69, 8597. Nineteenth Century
[Plain Speaking on the Irish Union], v. 26, 22367 ; [The Actual and the
Political], v. 27, 22377. Probyn's Land Tenure, 248!?.. Reminiscences
of a Boyhood, 4720. Smiles' Huguenots, i3iiM. Sunday at Home
[Irish Sacred Literature and Art], v. 36, 28867, &c. Westminster Re-
view [Causes for Popular Sympathy with, Home Rule for, The Forster
Tragedy in], v. 130, R.L. ; [Irish Question], v. 132, R.L. All the
Year Round Magazine [Irish Exhibition, v. 42, 18227. Nineteenth
Century [the Actual and the Political], v. 27, 223/7. Fisheries Litera-
ture [Fisheries of], gj6K. New Review [Land Purchase for], v. 2,
335 2 J- Time [Irish Wit and Humour], v. 12, 15127, &c.

IrenSBUS (St.). See Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67oF. Ante-Nicene Library.

Iron. See Chambers [in its Relation to Life], v. 66, 19667.

Irving (Edward). See Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c., I254M.

Irving (Henry). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376F.

Irving' (Washington), Tales and Sketches of, in the Corresponding
Style of Phonography, with key [Pitman Series]. 1884

Isaiah, Book of the Prophet, translated, with a Commentary by

Henderson. 1857 885 A

Prophecies of, Biblical Commentary by Delitzsch, translated

by Martin [Clark's Theological Library], 2 vols. 1867 826A

Isle of Man, History of, with Biographical Notes of Eminent Persons,

by Bullock. 1816 349 H

Isolation, or Survival of the Unfittest. See Nineteenth Century, v. 25, 22357.

Israel, The Religion of, a Manual by Knappert, translated by Arm-
strong. 1877 i3o8M

See also Sunday at Home [Route of the Israelites], v. 3, 28537.

Italian Masters, with special Reference to Pictures in the National

Gallery, by Attwell. 1888 373?

Italian Women, a Decade of, by T. A. Trollope, 2 vols. 1859 1032-30

Italy, History of the Waldenses of, by Comba. 1889 85iA

North, Our Tour in [Girls' Own Annual], v. 8 2 55SJ

See also All the Year Round Magazine, v. 42, 18227. Nature, v. 33-40,

2699-07. Nineteenth Century [in 1888-9], v. 25, 22357. Tcvey's Wine

Countries [Wines of], 2i2sR.
Ithaca. See Nineteenth Century [Phoenician Affinities of], v. 26, 22367.

J ACK Cade. See Cade Qack). L Estrange's Palace and Hospital, 15350.
Jack the Giant-Killer. See Cunningham's Chap-Books, 132 iH, &c.
Jacob (fewis/i Patriarcfi). See_ Quiver, v. 16, 32867.

Jacobinism, French and English. See Quarterly Review, v. 168, 12987.
Jaffa. See Manning's Palestine, 3376, &c.

Jag-O (F. W. P.), M.B., The Ancient Language, and the Dialect ot

Cornwall, with a Glossary of Provincial Works, &c. 1882...

Jam. See Girls' Own Annual [Home-made], v. 4, 2554!. Wells' Pastrycook,

99 8M, &c.
Jamaica. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 33sH. Harper [Xew and

Old], v. 80 16607.



James (St.), Epistle of. See Stier's Commentary, j6iA. Lange's Commentary,

845A, &c.
James I. (King of England], A Counter-blaste to Tobacco, edited

byGoldsmid. 1884 .................................................. I73 T

James I. and II. See L'Estrange's Palace and Hospital, 15360.

James II. of England. See Smiles' Huguenots, i3iiM. Doyle's Micah

Clarke, 344gX

James (Sir Henry). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376^.
Jameson (James S.). See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. i, 873]^.
"Janus, "the Pope and the Council. 1869 ................................ iz66M

Japan and the Pacific, a Japanese View of the Eastern Question, by
Inagaki, with maps. 1890 .............................................

- See also Century [an American Artist in], v. 38, i888J. Nature, v. 39,

26997. Religious Systems of the World, by Pfoundes, 934A. Scribner's

Monthly, v. n, i86ij. Universal Review [a Trip to], v. 6, 33267.

Woman's World [a Chat about Japanese Dress], v. 2, 1880, R.L.

Atlantic Monthly [Japanese Constitution], v. 65, isssj. Fisheries

Exhibition Literature [Sketch of the Fisheries of], 974K. Health

Exhibition Literature [General Outlines of Education in, &c.], 967!^..

Nature, v. 41, 27oiJ, &c.
Japp (Alexander Hay). See Page (H. A.).
Jaundice. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K. Bridger's Man

and his Maladies, 93gK.
Java. See Nineteenth Century [English Conquest of], v. 27, 22377.

Jeanne D'Albret, Queen of Navarre, Life of, by Freer, 2 vols. 1855 465-6F
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