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Equator ; a Story of Nine Months' Experiences in the last
of the Soudan Provinces, with the Revision and Co-operation
of II. M. Stanley. 1890 ............................................ SjgK

See also Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. 1-2, 873-4!^.

Jeremiah, and Lamentations, translated, with a Commentary, by

Henderson. 1851 ........................................................ S86A

Jericho. See Manning's Palestine, 3378.

Jerome (St. [Hieronymus], father of the Church, b. 333, d. 420). See London
Quarterly [and his Times], v. 70, 86oJ.

Jerome (J. K.), Three Men in a Boat ............................ 2046 and 2O75R

Jerrold (Blanchard). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Jersey, A Week in, by C. W. Wood [Argosy, v. 47], illustrated ..... 47]

See also Boy*' Own Annual [Conquest of], v. 9, 2959 J. Chambers' Journal

"i [Note;

Islands, 1435^ Mill'

f~~>~i :_i ' r* ~..:l - ..:~ ~ r/~* ... r\.-i r^ M o__ ^ TT

[Anglo-French in], v. 18, igssj. Good Words [Notes on], v. 12, 2i8aJ ;
31, 22oiJ. Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Jersey ^Cattle in
" "etcalfe's Channel Islands, 14

Colonial Constitutions [Government Orders in Council, &c.], I437H.
Nature [Relics of non-historic Times], v. 2, 2662J. Once a Week
[Jottings in], v. 3, 2263J ; [An Experience of Jersey Law, Escape from
Imprisonment for Debt], v. 4, 2264J. Science Gossip [Holiday Ram-
bles in St. Ouen's Bay], v. 14, 24i7j ; [Notes on the Natural History
of], v. 17, 242oJ ; [Birds of], v. 18, 2420^ ; [A Botanical Ramble Round],
v. 20, 242iJ. Southey's British Admirals [Sir Walter Raleigh's ap-
pointment as Governor of Jersey, p. 337], 78gT. Thomson's Health
Resorts, 938K. Guernsey Masazine [a Reminiscence of, September,
1889], v. 18, 2398J. Channel fslands, &c.

Jerusalem. See Century [Round about], v. 38, i888J. Girls' Own Annual [My

Life in], v. 10, 2s6oJ. Manning's Palestine, 3376, &c.
Jervis (Sir John, afterwards Earl St. Vincent, Admiral, b. 1734, d. 1823). See

Macaulay's Wonderful Stories, 238oX.

Jessopp (A. ), D. D. , Trials of a Country Parson. 1 890 2O47R



Jesuits. Sec Blackwood [Glimpse into a Jesuit Novitiate], v. 146, 2i6J, &c.
Jesus Christ, Observations on the History and Evidences of the

Resurrection of, by West. 1749 I268M

Resurrection of, with an Examination of Strauss in his " New

Life of Jesus," by Macpherson. 1867 I267M

Words of the Lord, by Stier, translated by \V. B. Pope, 8 vols 753-oA

Sec also Harper [The Flight into Egypt], v. So, i66oj. Sunday at Home

[Journey of Our Lord], v. 31, 233iJ.

Jewitt (Llewellynn), F.S.A., EJ., Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire,
with Illustrative Notes, and Examples of the Original
Music. 1867 I422M

English Coins and Tokens, and a Chapter on Greek and Roman

Coins, by Head [Young Collector's Series]. 1888 I44R

Je\VS under Roman Rule, by Morrison, illustrated. 1890 1 557^

Sec also Keble's Papers and Reviews [Jewish Nation, and God's Dealings

with them], I203H. Religious Systems of the World [Jewish Ethics!,
934A. Sunday at Home [Modern], v. 33, 2833J ; [after the Disper-
sion], v. 32, 2882J. Westminster Review [Both Sides of Jewish
Character], v. 130, R.L., &c.

Joan of Arc. Sec Girls' Own Annual, v. 7. 2557J. Sunday Magazine, v. 15 [by
Charles], 2465]. Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F, &c.

Job, Biblical Commentary, by Delitzsch, translated by Bolton. 1 866 828A

Book of, and History of his Life, Times, Friends, &c., by Lee 89iA

by Umbreit, translated by Gray [Clark's Biblical Cabinet] 1283^!

Sec also Dawson's Origin of the World, s64R. Westminster Review [A

New Reading of the Book of], v. 132, R.L., &c.
Johll (St.), Epistles of, Commentary, &c. , by Ebrard, translated by

Pope [Clark's Theological Library]. 1860 8osA

by Liicke [Clark's Biblical Cabinet, v. 15]. 1837... I289M

Gospel of, Commentary by Hengstenberg, trans., 2 vols 796-7A

Tholuck [Clark's Theological Library]. 1863 773 A
[Lange's Commentary] 6iA

[Costa's Four Wi t nesses] ....". , 889 A

John of Gaunt. Sec All the Year Round, v. 42, i822j.

Johnson (Samuel), LL.D. See Boys' Own Annual, 1885, 2Q57J. Macaulay's
Miscellaneous Writings, 15300. L'Estrange's Palace and Hospital,

Johnson (V. E.), B.A., The Uses and Triumphs of Mathematics,
Its Beauties and Attractions popularly treated in the Lan-
guage of Everyday Life 5^2R

Johnston (H. H.), F.R.G.S., The Kilima-njaro Expedition, a
Record of Scientific Exploration in Eastern Equatorial
Africa, illustrated. 1886 8;;K

Johnstone (Alexander). See Nature, v. 39, 2699].

Joinery and Building. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i,
298iJ, &c.

Joints in Our Social Armour, by Runciman. 1890 .. 2C>5oR

Jonathan and his Continent, Rambles through American Society,

by Max O'Rell and Allyn. 1889 '. 1255^-

Jones (Professor T. V.). See Nature, v. 39, 2699J.

Jones (John Paul). See Macaulay's Stories, 3C44X.

Jordan, The. See Manning's Palestine. 337B.

Joseph (Hebrew Patriarch, d. 1635 B.C.). See Quiver, v. 16, 3286J. Sunday at
Home [Lessons from the History of], v. 5, 2855J, &c.

Joseph of Arimathea. See Null's Holy Grail, 1324^

Joshua, Commentary on, by Keil, translated by Martin. 1857 784A

Judges and Ruth, Commentary on, by Keil and Delitzsch. 1865 781 A



Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science, the Journal of the
Postal Microscopical Society and the Wesley Naturalists'

Society, edited by Allen and Spiers, from vol 3. 1890 3413!

Sacred Literature, edited by Kitto. 185264 9O5-23A

[For contents see imdcr Sacred Literature, by Kitto].

Journalism. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Western], v. 77, 1657.7.
New Review [the New], v. i, 335iJ. Time [and Journalists], v. 20,
iSioJ. All the Year Round [The Earliest Daily Paper], v. 48,

l822j, &C.

Journey through Cornwall, by Muloch [English Illustrated, v. i] ... !9QiJ

Jubbulpore. See Brassey's Last Voyage, 86aK.

Judaea. See Manning's Palestine, 3376. &c.

Judaism. See Kurtz's Church History, 7o6A.

Judd (Professor John W.), F.R.S. See Nature, v. 40, 27ooJ.

Judge Jeffreys. See All the Year Round Magazine, v. 42, i822j.

Judiciary. See Bryce's American Commonwealth [Federal], 517-9^

Juliet. See Shakespeare's Female Characters, 419!).

Jupiter, The Planet. See Chambers' Journal, v. 66, I966J.

Justice. See Nineteenth Century, v. 27. 2237^.

Justin Martyr and Athenagoras, Writings of, translated by Dods,

Pratten, c. [Ante-Nicene Library, v. 2]. 1879 376A

Juvenile Answers. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Amusing Juvenile Answers],
v. 15, i 3 6 5 J.

(M. M.), M.A., Historical and Critical Commentary on

the Old Testament, with a new Translation. V.D 93 1 -2 A

Genesis, 93iA. Exodus [Hebrew and English], 932A.

Kant (Immanuel). See Miiller's Science of Thought, 58^. Tulloch's Philo-
sophy, 724A, &c.

Kaspar Hauser. See Quarterly Review, v. 166, i2g6J.
Kassandra. See Menzies' Greek Heroines, 323!'.
Kean (Edmund). See British Stage, looiO.
Keats (John). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458F. Quarterly

Review, v. 166, I2Q6J.
Kebbel (T. E.), M.A., Life of the Earl of Derby [Statesmen Series] 13780

Ke"ble (J.), M.A., Occasional Papers and Reviews. 1877 1203!!

[Scott. Sacred Poetry. Parochial Work. Lord's Supper. Solomon.

Jewish Nation, &c.]

Keene (H. G.) See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
KLeil (Carl Friedrich), D.D., Biblical Commentary on the Twelve

Minor Prophets, translated by Martin [Clark's For. Theo. Lib.] 785-6A

Commentary on the Book of Joshua, translated by Martin. 1857 784A

Books of Kings, translated by Murphy, and supple-
mented by Commentary on the Books of Chronicles, trans-
lated by Martin [Clark's Foreign Theoi. Lib.]. 1857 7&2-3A

Manual of Historico-Critical Introduction to the Canonical Scrip-

tures of the Old Testament, translated by Douglas. 18:9-70 775-6A

and Delitzsch (F.), Biblical Commentary on the Book of

Samuel, translated by Martin [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.]... 777A

Old Testament, translated by Martin. 1864-5 778-8oA

vol iv., Joshua, Judges, Ruth, translated

by Martin [Clark's Foreign Theological Library]. 1865 78 1 A

Keith. (Thomas). See ^Grant's Constable of France [Story of a Private who became

Aga of the Mamelukes and Governor of Medina], gaSX.
Keltie (J. S., Librarian to the Geographical Society], Story of Emin's

Rescue as told in Mr. Stanley's Letters. 1890 1769!^

55 [H53]


Ken (Thomas), D.D., Life of, by Plumptre, 2 vols. 1888 >jo^F

Kenilworth Castle. See Timmins' Warwickshire, 1413!!.

Kennan (G.), Russia and the Siberian Exiles [Century Mag., v. 38] ... i888J

Kensington Palace. See English Illustrated, v. 6, I9Q6J.

Kent (W. Saville), F.L.S., Marine and Freshwater Fishes of the

British Islands [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 97oK

Kentucky. See Harper [Fairs], v. 79, 1659.7.

Kenyon (John). See Temple Bar [and his Friends], v. 88, i4i8J.

Keshat), Chandra Sen and the Brahma Samaj, by Slater. 1884 559M

Kilima-Njaro Expedition, Scientific Exploration in Eastern Equa-
torial Africa, by Johnston, illustrated. 1886 8?7K

Killarney. See Lovett's Irish Pictures, 3366.

Kimon. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 321!'. Cimon, &c.

Kindergarten in Elementary Schools. See Time, v. 12, I5i2j.

King (Florence M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

King (Richard Ashe [Basil]). See Fiction Class List following the General

King and the Cobbler. See Cunningham's Chap Books, 1321!!.

Kings, Book of. See Book of Kings.

Kingsley (C.) Sanitary and Social Lectures and Essays. 1889 I968R

Scientific Lectures and Essays. 1890 igGgR

Town Geology [Good Words, v. 13] 2I ^3j

Kingsley (Rose G.), The Children of Westminster Abbey, illus 10340

[The Building of the Abbey. Princess Catherine and Prince Henry. Con-
quest of Wales. Prince Alfonso. John of Eltham, the Young Knight.
Edward the Fifth, and Richard, Duke of York. King Edward the
Sixth. Miss Elizabeth Russell, "the Child of Westminster." Prin-
cess Sophia and Mary. Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales. Lord
Francis Villiers. Princess Anne, and Henry, Duke of Gloucester.
William Henry, Duke of Gloucester.

Kingston (Alfred), Phonography in the Office, a Complete Short-
hand Clerk's Guide [Pitman Series]. 1888 i895Z

Kingston (William). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Kinnaird (Lady Mary Jane), by Donald Eraser. 1890 772O

Kirchoff (G.), Researches on the Solar Spectrum and the Spectra

of the Chemical Elements, translated by Roscoe, ill. 1862.. 3396

Kissing. See Chambers' Journal, v. 60, 1960 J.

Kitchen. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM. Blakelee's Simple
Mechanics [and Table Ware], 9580. Our Home, 1730.

Kitchin (G. W.), D.D., Winchester [Historic Towns]. 1890: i67oR

Kite Making. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

KittO (John), D.D., Daily Bible Illustrations. 1850 i279-8iM

[Moses and Judges, i27gM. Samuel, Saul and David, i28oM. Solomon
and the Kings, i28iM].

Pictorial History of Palestine, &c. [from the Patriarchs to Judah],

v. I. 1844 I47D

Scripture Lands, described in a Series of Historical and Geo-
graphical Sketches, illustrated with 24 maps, &c. 1850 368M

The Pictorial Bible, being the Old and New Testaments accord-
ing to the Authorised Version, illustrated with steel engrav-
ings and many hundred woodcuts, with original notes, 4 vols. 143-60

Vol. i. Genesis to Joshua, 1430. Vol. 2. Judges to Job, 1440. Vol. 3.

Psalms to Malachi, 1450. Vol. 4. Matthew to Revelation,

i 4 6D.

Ed., A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature, 2 vols., ill 894-5 A

Kleisthenes. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32oT.
Kleon. See Cox's Greek Statesman, 321'!'.
Klytemnaestra. See Menzies' Greek Heroines, 323^



Knappert (J., Pastor at Leiden], The Religion of Israel, a Manual,

translated by Armstrong. 1877 !3o8M

Knight (William), LL.D., Life of William Wordsworth. 1889 297-9*"

Knights of the Round Table. See Arthur (King).

Knights Templars. See Noble Traits of Kingly Men, 15370.

Knots. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [How to Tie], 9580.

Knowledge, Diffusion of, and Improvement of Society, by Dick. ... 1318X1
See also Miiller's Science of Thought, 585!!, &c.

Knox (John). See The Reformers, 14670.

Konig(Dr. A.). See Nature, v. 39, 26997.

Korolenko (V. Garschine and V.). See Turner's Novelists of Russia, 14910.

Kruger (President of the Boers). See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain,

Krummacher (F. W.), D.D., A Glance at the Kingdom of Grace.. 37iM
- Elijah the Tishbite. 1836

Kurtz (Professor), History of the Christian Church to the Reforma-
tion, with Emendations and Additions by Edersheim. 1860.

Old Covenant, translated, annotated, &c., by Eders-
heim and Martin [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.], 3 vols. 1859... 79O-2A

Sacrificial Worship of the Old Testament, trans, by Martin. 1863 774A


OTJCHERE (H., b. 1831), M.P. See Fortnightly, v. 53, 2i 43 J.
Labour. See Bryce's American Commonwealth, 518-9!!. Dilke's Problems of
Greater Britain, 335H. Edinburgh Review [The Wages' of], v. 171,

Century [Development of the Labour Movement], v. 27, 22377. New
Review [Labour Conference], v. 2, 3355.!, &c.
Labour of Love under the Red Cross during the Late War [Franco-

German War, 1870-71], by Mrs. H. Templer ..................... 2O39R

Labuan. See Brassey's Last Voyage, S62K. Bunyan's Memoirs of McDougall,

44 and 4sF, &c.

Lace-makers. See Woman's World [of Le Puy, The], v. i, 1889, R.L.
Ladders. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Construction of], 958D.
Ladies. See Atlantic Monthly [and Learning], v. 64, I554J. Lady's World [of

Note], 1887, R.L., &c.
La Fontaine (J. de), Fables, edited by Chauvey, with Notes by

Levigne ................................................................. I424M

- of, translated from the French by E. Wright, edited by Gibbs I4I2M

Lake District. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K.

Lake Dwellers. See Harper, v. 80, i66oj.

Lake Poets, Cradle of the. See Leisure Hour, v. 37, 26477.

Lakes. See Manning's Swiss Pictures [Swiss Italian], 3126.

Lakeman (J. B.,one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Factories}, Health

in the Workshop [International Health Exhibition]. 1884 ... 95 iK
(C.)i Letters of, edited by Ainger, 2 vols. 1888 .................. 1479-00

See also Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-gF. Temple Bar,, v. 85
[Letters of], i4isJ. Westminster Review [Letters of, edited by Ainger],
v. 130, R.L., &c.

Lamps. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Management of]j 958D.
Lancelot. See Nutt's Holy Grail, 1324!!.

Land Tenure in Various Countries, edited by Probyn. 1881 248R

See also Capital and Labour, nisF. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain,

335H. Westminster Review [How to Nationalize the], v. 132, R.L.

Quarterly Review [Landed Interests and Landed Estates], v. 166, i2g6J.



Land of Promise, a Description of Palestine, by Kitto [R.T.S.] I75OR

Land we Live in, a Pictorial and Literary Sketch Book of the British

Empire, 4 vols in 2 464-5B

Lander (W. S.). See Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, zgj-gY.
Landsborough (D., Scotch Botanist, b. 1781, d. 1854), A.L.S.,

Popular History of British Seaweeds, coloured plates. 1857 2iigl\.
Landsdowne (George Granville, Viscount, Poet and Statesman, l>.

1667, d. 1735), Works, and Life by Johnson [Bell's Poets] ...
Landsdowne (H. Petty Fitz-Maurice, Lord, Statesman, b. 1780, d. 1863). See
Walpole's Lord Russell, 609-10?.

Landseer (Sir Edwin), by Stephens [Great Artists], illus. 1881 in6O

Lane (Edward William), M.R.S.L., An Account of the Manners and

Customs of the Modern Egyptians, illustrated. 1860 959F

Lang (Andrew), M.A., Grass of Parnassus, Rhymes Old and New... iSSgZ

Letters on Literature. 1889 2CO7R

Oxford, Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes, illustrated. 1890 15380

Langlbridge (F.), Ed., Poets at Play, a Handbook of Humorous

Recitations. 1 888 1410- 1 R

Xiange (John P., German Theologian}, Commentary on the Holy

Scriptures, Critical, Doctrinal and Homiletical, translated

from the German and edited with Additions Original and

Selected, by Philip Schaff [Clark's For. Theol. Lib.], v D :


Vol. T. Introduction to the Old Testament. Genesis, by J. P. Lange 84oA

Vol. 9. The Psalms, by Carl B. Moil, with a new Version of the Psalms,

Philological JS otes by J. T. Conant 6oA

Vol. 10. The Proverbs of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, by Otto Zockler, edited
with Annotations, Dissertations on leading Ideas, together with
a New Metrical Version and an Introduction thereto by Taylor
Lewis. Song of Solomon, by O. Zockler 841 A


Vol. 3. Gospel According to St. John, by John P. Lange 6iA

Vol. 5. Epistle to the Romans, by John P. Lange and F. R. Fay 844A

Vol. C. Epistle to the Corinthians, by Christian F. Kling 843A

Vol. 7. Galatians, by Otto Schmoller. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,

by Karl Braune 842A

Vol. 8. Thessalonians, by C. A. Auberlen and C. J. Riggenbach.

Timothy, Titus, Philemon, by T. J. Van Oosterzee. Hebrews,

by Carl B. Moll , 8 39 A

Vol. 9. James, by J. P. Lange and J. J. van Oosterzee. Peter, by G. F.

C. Fronmtiller. Epistles of John, by Karl Braune. Jude, by G.

F. C. Fronmuller

Language (Ancient) and Dialect of Cornwall and Glossary of

Words, by Jago. 1882 2o66R

Biographies of Words, and Home of the Aryas, by Max Miiller.. 2001 R

Lectures on the Science of Language, by Max Miiller. 1880. ...2002-311

Philosophy of, and Philosophy of Life, by Schlegal, translated

by Morrison. 1847 2O2oR

See also Camden's Britain, 2O44R. Romanes" Mental Evolution, 1335 H.

Miiller's Science of Thought, 585!!.

Laodameia See Menzies* Greek Heroines, 323^

Larder. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, Q4oM.

Lardner (D.), LL.D., A Manual of Electricity, Magnetism and

Meteorology [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], illus., 2 vols... 7OI-2T

A Treatise on Geometry [Lardner's Cabinet Cycle.], illus. 1840 792T

Treatise on Arithmetic, Theoretical and Practical. 1834 767T



larynx. See Mackenzie's Frederick the Noble, 14*50. Physiology, Throat,
Voice, &c.

Lassell (Jane and Caroline), Tr., Spectrum Analysis in its Applica-
tion to Terrestrial Substances and the Physical Constitution
of the Heavenly Bodies, by Schellen, edited by Abney, illus. 6950

Xiast Voyage of Lady Brassey to India and Australia, edited by

Broome. 1889 862K

Latin-English Dictionary, by White and Riddle. 1862 i;iD

Lexicon, by Andrews. 1853. I49D

Laurie (A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Lauriston (Marquis of). See Grant's Constable of France [Grand Ver.eur of
France], 9 28X.

Lavigerie (Cardinal) and the Slave Trade, edited by Clarke. 1889 933A
Law. See Once a Week [Jersey Law of Debtor and Creditor], v. 4, 2264] . Quar-
terly 'Review [Lawlessness], v. 166, 12967. Time [and Lawyers], v. 22,
I5i2j. Williams' Forensic Facts and Fallacies, 288R. Time [and
Lawyers], v. 12, i5i2_J, &c.

Laws Concerning Public Health, edited by R. and H. Smith. 1883 942!!
Lawrence (E.), A Primer of American Literature [Half Hour Series] !2o;Z
Lawrence (Sir T.), Life and Correspondence of, by Williams. 1831 688-gF
Lawson (Sir W.), Temperance Advocate, b, 1829), M.P., Wisdom
Grave and Gay, being Select Speeches chiefly on Temperance

and Prohibition, edited by Jameson. 1889 2Oi6R

Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews, by Huxley. 1887 7<DlA

Layard (Sir H.)- See Quarterly Review [Early Adventures], v. 166, 12967.

Leamington. See Thomson's Health Resorts, gs8K.

Lear(E.). See Quarterly Review, v. 167, 12977.

Leather. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Tanning and Care of], 958D.

Leathes (Mrs. Stanley). See G. M.

Leaves of a Life, being the Reminiscences of Montagu Williams, Q.C. 376-7F

Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature, by Schlegel. 1846 2OI7-I8R

Sanitary and Social, by Kingsley. 1889 I968R

See also Miiller's Language, 2002-3R. New Review [Lecture against Lec-
turing], v. 2, 33527.

Lee (Ann, Shaker, b. 1735, d. 1784). See Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c., I254M.
Lee (Henry), F.G.S., Sea Fables Explained [Fisheries Ex.]. 1884. 972K

Sea Monsters Unmasked [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 972K

Lee (R. E., Confederate General), His Military and Personal History,

by A. L. Long, assisted by M. J. Wright,.illus. 1886 5/4D

Lee (Samuel, Self-taught^ Orientalist, b. 1783, d. 1852), D.D., The
Book of the Patriarch Job, to which is prefixed an Introduc-
tion of his History and Times, &c 891 A

Le3 (Sidney), Stratford-on Avon, from the Earliest Times to the Death

of Shakespeare. 1890 15400

Le3 (Vernon), Baldwin, being Dialogues on Views and Aspirations .. I325H

Euphorion, being Studies of the Antique and the Mediaeval in the

Renaissance, 2 vols. 1884 945-6D

Juvenilia, being a Second Series of Essays on Sundry /Esthetical

Questions, 2 vols. 1887 , 2009-ioR

Leeds. See English Illustrated, v. 6, 19967.

Leeward Islands. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.
Lefroy. See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376F.
Left-Leggedness. See Nineteenth Century, v. 27, 22377.

Legend of the Holy Grail, Studies by Nutt. 1888 I324H

Legendary Ballads of England and Scotland, edited by Roberts, ill. !4i8M
Legends. See Household Words [Wild Legends], v. 10, 17507. Timmins' War-
wickshire, 1413!!, &c.
Legislation. See Bryce's American Commonwealth, 517-91!.



Lemonade. Set Wells' Confectioner, &c.,

Lenox (James, of New York}, and the Formation of his Library, by

Stevens. 1 886 ...................................... ...................... 1 48 1

Leo XIII. (Pope). See London Quarterly, v. 69, 859.7.

Lepers. See Blackwood [at the Cape], v. 146, 2i6J. Chambers' [in Canada], v.
77, 1967 J. Cornhill [Curiosities of Leperdom], v. 60, 34oJ. Fortnightly
Review [and Father Damien, Leprosy in India], v. 52, 2142] ; [Leprosy
and its Causes], v. 52, 214.2], Nineteenth Century [and Father
Damien], v. 25, 22357 ; [Dreadful Revival of Leprosy], v. 26, 22367.

Leslie (Emma). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Lessons of Hope, Readings from the Works of F. D. Maurice,

selected by J. L. Davies. 1889 .................................... I32OM

L'Estrange (A. G.)> M.A., Royal Winchester, Wanderings in and

about the Ancient Capital of England, illustrated. 1889 ...... 445H

The Palace and the Hospital, or Chronicles of Greenwich. 1886. 1535-60

Letters of Charles Lamb, edited by Ainger, 2 vols. 1888 ............ 1479-00

Levaillant (F., French Naturalist , b. 1753, d. 1824). See Jardine's Natura-
lists' Library, 655(3.

Leviathan. See Goldsmid's Myths. 201 iR.

Lexicon, Greek and English, of the New Testament, by Robinson... 762A

- - to the New Testament, by Parkhurst and others. 1851 88 1 A

- Latin-English, by Andrews. 1853 ....................................... I49-O

Liberalism. See Westminster Review, v. 132, R,L.

Liberty. See Runciman's Joints in our Social Armour, 2osoR.

Libraries, How to Catalogue a Library, by Wheatley. 1889 ......... I9O3Z

- Hours in a Library [Cornhill Magazine, v. 23] ........................ 33j

- See also Wale's London [Public Libraries Act], 327R. Wheeler's Choice of

a Dwelling [The Library], 94oM. Catalogues, &c.
Lick Observatory, California. See Knowledge [with Illustrations], v. 13, 25937.

Universal Review, v. 3, 33237.
Liddon (H. P., Canon of St. Paut's), M.A., Sermons preached

before the University of Oxford [1863-5] ........................... 88oA

Life, by Tolstoi, translated by Hapgood .................................... 2O2iR

- Philosophy of, and Philosophy of Language, by Schlegel, trans-

lated by Morrison. 1847 ............................................. 2O2OR

- See also Fortnightly [The Art of Prolonging Life], v. 51, 21417. Universal

Review [Essays on], v. 4, 33247. Fisheries Literature [Saving Life at
Sea], 976K. Parry's Ministry of Fine Art, 9570.

Life's Stages, Their Duties and Opportunities, by Stark. 1889 ...... I252M

Lifeboat Work on the Goodwin Sands, by Gilmore. 1889 ............ 2OI5R

- See also Quiver, v. g, 32797.
Light. See Nature, v. 39-40, 2699-07.

Light in Lands of Darkness, a Record of Missionary Labour, by

Young, illustrated. 1883 ............................................. S44M

Light of Asia, or the Great Renunciation [Life of Buddha], a Poem,

by Arnold, illustrated. 1890 .......................................... 687Ma

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