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Moral Muscle and how to Use it : a Friendly Chat to Young Men,

by Atkins. 1890 I322M

Morality. See Collins' Synthetic Philosophy [Principles ofj, sSjH, &c.

More (Margaret). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Morell (John Reynell), Russia as it is, its Court, Government, and

People. 1854 1 923Z

Morfill (W. R.), M.A., Russia [Story of the Nations]. 1890 I556O

Morgan (Lady). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Morgan. See also De Morgan.

Morley (John), Walpole [Twelve English Statesmen]. 1889 *399O

See also New Review [and the New Radicalism], v. i, 335iJ. Quarterly

Review, v. i, I298J.
Morley (Samuel, Advocate of Nonconformity, Educational Reform, &>c., b.

1809, d. 1886). See Cochrane's Useful Lives, 5080. Mial's Life of

Richard, 424F, &c.

Mormonism. See Gentleman's Magazine [Early], v. 43, N.S., 763J.
Morphology. See Nature, v. 40, 27ooJ.
Morris (Gouverneur). See London Quarterly, v. 72, 862J.

Morris (Lewis, Modern Poet, <5rY.), M.A. , Songs of Britain. 1887 I9O5Z
Morris (William). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 4s8F.
Morrison (W. D.), The Jews under Roman Rule, illustrated. 1890 I557R
Morte d' Arthur. See English Illustrated, v. 6, I996J.
Morton (Dr. William T. G.). See Cochrane's Useful Lives, 5080.
Mosaics. See Wilkinson's On Colour, 9480.
MOSCOW. See Harper [Holy Moscow], v. 79, i6sgj.
Moses. See Faber's Horae Mosaicae, 744-sA. Robin's Egypt [Books of Moses],

88 3 A.

Mosheim (John Lawrence Von), D.D., Institutes of Ecclesiastical
History, Ancient and Modern, translated by Murdock, and
edited with additions, by Soames, 4 vols. 1845 :

Vol. i. Primitive Period 8g6A Vol. 3. The Reformation 8g8A

Vol. 2. Mediaeval Period. ... QgjA. Vol. 4. Modern Period 8ggA

Mosses, British, a Popular History, by Stark, coloured plates. 1860 2I36R

and Moss Ornaments. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9s8D.

Mossman (Samuel). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Mothers. See Cassell's Family Magazine [a Leaf out of a Young Mother's
Journal], v. 15, I365J. Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c., I254M.
Stark's Life's Stages, I252M. Temple Bar [according to English
Novelists], v. 88, i4i8J. White's From Infancy to Womanhood,
2074R. Temple Bar [According to English Novelists], v. 88, i4i8J.

Motley (J. L.). See London Quarterly [Letters of], v. 72, 862J. Quarterly
Review [Correspondence], v. 168, i2g8J.

Mount Orgueil Castle, Jersey. See Metcalfe's Channel Islands, i43sH.

Mount Sinai, Petra, and the Desert, Described and Illustrated by
Withrow, illustrated. 1 879

Mountains. See Good Words [Underground Mountains], v. 31, 22oiJ. Hick-
son's Celebes, 864K. Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329^

Mourning. See Woman's World [Clothes and Customs], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Moxon (Edward, Publisher and Poet, b. 1801, d. 1858). See Knight's Life of
Wordsworth, v. 3, 2ggF.

Muft's. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Muhammad, Half-Hours with, by WoHaston. 1886 6890

See also Mahomet.

Muirhead (James Patrick), M.A., Life of James Watt, with Selec-
tions from his Correspondence, illustrated. 1859 222F

Muller (Christine). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Miiller (J.), The Christian Doctrine of Sin, translated by Urwick ... 767-8A



Muller (Max), Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas.... 93oM
Mullins (J. D.), Free Libraries and News Rooms, their Formation

and Management 2o82R

Muloch (Miss), An Unsentimental Journey through Cornwall *99 l ]

Mumps. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.

Murdoch (James), A History of Constitutional Reform in Great

Britain and Ireland. 1885 IO76F

Murphy (James G.), LL.D., A Critical and Exegetical Commentary

on the Book of Exodus [Clark's Theological Library]. 1866 7;oA
Genesis [Clark's Theol. Lib.]. 1863 7;iA

Murphy (Shirley F.), Infectious Disease and its Prevention. 1884
Murray (E. C. Grenville). See Fiction Class List following the General


Murray (J. A. H.). See Notes and Qu eries, 7th series, v. 7, 10997.
Murray's Handbooks. See Murray's Magazine [Origin and History of], v. 6,


Musnrooms. See ^Chambers [Russian], v. 44, 19487; [Culture in Japan], v. 54,

3j. Once a Week, v. 19, 22797. Time [and

I954J. Fraser, v. 59,669]

Toadstools], v. 17, 1507!. Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Culture],

958D. Philips' British Discomycetes, 3g8R.

Music. See Cassell's Family Magazine [the Guildhall School of], v. 15, 1365! ;
[What is Chamber], v. 15, 13657. Hutchison's Indoor Games and
Recreations, i25sH. Lady's World [for the American Organ], 1887,
R.L. Peter's Girls' Out-door Books [Out-door Music], i2 5 6H. Time
[Musicians and Music], v. 6, 1496.7. Universal Review [Abolition of
Music Clefs], v. 4, 33247. Health Exhibition Literature [Teaching of
Music in Schools], 963!^.

Music Halls. See Contemporary Review [the Modern], v. 56, 2o66J. Cornhill,
v. 60, 34oJ.

Mussels. See Fisheries Literature [Whelks and Molluscs used for Food or
Bait], 975K.

Musset (Alfred de). See Fortnightly [Reminiscences of], v. 51, 21417.

Mutineers of the Good Intent. See Boys' Own Annual, v. 5, 29557.

May Queen. See Boys' Own Annual, v. 9, 29597.

My Lady Nicotine [a work on Smoking], by Barrie. 1890 2O4QR

My Mistress, the Empress Eugenie, or Court Life at the Tuileries, by

Madame Carette 956F

Myddeltons and the Middletons of London [Fox Bourne's English

Merchants] 14960

Myrrh. See Quiver [What is?], v. 32, 33027.

Mysticism. See Religious Systems of the World [by Lilly], 934 A.

Mythology, Geography and Biography, smaller Classical Dictionary,

by Smith. 1862 IO27M

Myths of Ancient Science, translated and edited by Goldsmid. 1886 201 iR

See also Dawson's Origin of the World, s64R. New Review [and the Old

Testament], v. i, 33517.

IN AILS and Nailing. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Names. See Chambers [The Confusion of Proper Names], v. 66, 19667. Nomen-
clature, &c.

Napier (Lord, of Magdala). See Fortnightly, v. 53>. 2I 43J- .
Napoleon Bonaparte. See Macaulay's Stories [Abdication in 1814], 3O44X.
Napoleon III. See Walpole's Lord Russell, 6ioF.
Natal. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5^
National Debt. See White's Problems of a Great City, 444H.
.National Finances. See Quarterly Review, v. 166, 12967.


National Portrait Gallery. See Quarterly Review, v. 166, 1296.7.

Natural History, Notes on, by Pritchard, illustrated. 1844 I7R

Field and Hedgerow, by Jefteries. 1890 2I45R

Out of Doors, by Wood. 1890 2I32R

Rambles and Reveries of a Naturalist, by Spiers. 1890 2I47R

__ Study of, by Swainson [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo.]. 1834 y68T

See also Kingsley's Lectures [How to Study, &c.], 1969!*. Nature, v. 39,

2699J; v. 41, 2701 J. Woodland, Moor and Stream, 2I26R, &c.

Natural Science Society of Guernsey, Report for 1889. 1890 2I37R

Natural Selection. See London Quarterly [Prophet of], v. 70, 86oJ.
Natural Theology. See Kingsley's Lectures [of the Future], iqegR.
Naturalism. See Westminster Review, v. 132, R.L.

Naturalist in North Celebes, by Hickson, illustrated. 1889 864K

on the River Amazon, 2 vols. 1863 2I43-4R

Nature and Revelation, Occasional Thoughts of an Astronomer, by

Pritchard . 1 889 1 265M

the Supernatural as Constituting the One System of God, by

Bushnell. 1864 I2;6M

Invisible Powers of, by Caillard. 1888 , 43iR

See also Gentleman's Magazine [Romance of], v. 43, N.S., 763], Cornhill

Magazine [at Night], v. 61, 341 J, &c.

Naval History of England, Lives of the British Admirals. 1833-40.. ySG-goT
See also Blackwood [Naval Manoeuvres of 1889], v. 146, 2i6J. Contem-
porary Review [Two Years of Naval Manoeuvres], v. 56, 2c66J. Fort-
nightly [What our Navy should be], v. 50, 2i4oJ, c.
Nazareth. See Manning's Palestine, 3376.
Nebulae. See English Mechanic [News from the], v. 50. xosoj. Science Gossip

[the Nebular Hypothesis], v. 26, 2424], &c.

Needlework. See Peters' Girls' Own Out-door Book [Holiday], I256H.
Woman's World [Ancient, and of the Day], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Negeb, or " South Country " of Scripture, by Wilton. 1863 1304^!

Negroes. See Century [Industrial Education for], v. 38, i888J. Dilke's Problems

of Greater Britain [Negro Education], 3356, &c.
Nelson (Captain). See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. 2, 874]^..

Nelson (Lord) and the Naval Supremacy of England, by Russell. 1890 9170
Nepaul. See Nineteenth Century [Sport in], v. 26, 22367.

Nestleton Magna, by J. Jackson Wray 3448X

Netherlands. See Fisheries Literature [Oyster Culture, &c.], 974K.

Neuralgia. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, g46K.

New England. See Manning's American Pictures, 3116. Mather's Providences,

2042R ; Mather's Wonders [Witches], 2043R, & c -
New Forest. See Gentleman's Magazine [as a National School], v. 44, 7647.

New Guinea, Among the Cannibals of, by McFarlane. 1888 I75&R

See also Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H.

New Review, edited by Grove, from vol I. 1889 335iJ

New South Wales. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334H. Fisheries

Literature [Notes on the Food, Fishes, &c., of], 974K.
New Testament, a Full Collation of the Codex Sinaiticus, &c., with

Introduction by Scrivener. 1864 !3OiM

[Alford's Greek Testament], v. 2-4. 1855 927-3OA

Biblical Theology of, by Schmidt, translated by Venables 75 1 A

Commentary by Brown and Fausset [Critical Pocket Bible] ... I273M

Gnomon of the, by Bengal, translated by Badinel, &c., 5 vols. 82I-5A

Greek and English Lexicon, by Parkhurst and others. 1851. 88iA

by Robinson, revised by Negris and Duncan 762 A

Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament, with

Vocabulary and Synonyms [R.T.S.] I274M

Introduction to, by Bleek, translated by Urwick. 1869 8i9-oA



New Testament, Introduction to, by Davidson, 3 vols. 1848 9OI-3A

Four Gospels, goiA. Acts to Thessalonians, 902 A. Timothy to Revela-
tion, go3A.

Synopsis of, Annotations by Bloomfield, 8 vols. 1826 734A

[For contents see under Bloomfield.]

with Notes on Theology, &c., by Townsend, 2 vols. 1838... 924-$A

upon the Basis of Archbishop Newcome's New Translation ... SgoA

New York. See Murray's Magazine [during the Presidential Election], v. 5,

New Zealand, Round about, being Notes from a Journal of Three

Years' Wanderings in the Antipodes, by Pay ton, illus. 1888 8;oK

See also Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334.H. Gentleman's Maga-
zine [Bush Life in], v. 42, N.S., 7627 ; v. 43, N.S., 7637, &c.

Newcastle (Duke of). See Walpole's Lord Russell, 6ioF.

Newfoxindland. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334!!. Fisheries
Literature [its Fisheries and General Resources], 974K.

Newspapers. See All the Year Round [The Earliest Daily Paper], v. 42,
i822j. Lippincott [the Newspaper and the Individual], v. 45, 337iJ.
McMaster's Benjamin Franklin, 5830. All the Year Round [The
Earliest], v. 48, 18227. Nineteenth Century [Illustrating of Books and
the Newspaper Press], v. 27, 22377.

Newt, The. See Boys' Own Annual [as a Pet], v. 12, 29627.

Niagara Falls. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335 H.

Nicoll (W. Robertson), M.A., James Macdonell, Journalist. 1890.. 483F

Nikias. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32iT.

Nineteenth Century, Great Explorers of the, by Verne, illus. 1881 28;F

Nineteenth Century, A Monthly Review :

Vol. 27, 1890. The German Daily Press. Ourselves and our Foremothers.
Future of the City Charities. Ten Years of British Art. The
Ascertainment of English. Dangers of Electric Lighting.
Natural Rights and Political Rights. Future of Russia in Asia.
The Illustration of Books and Newspapers. Play and Players
on the Riviera. The Naturalist on the Pampas. On Books and
the Housing of them. Wallace on Darwinism. On Justice.
Brain Work and Manual Work. Our Merchant Service. The
Suppression of Rabies in the United Kingdom. Continental and
English Painting. Ireland Then and Now. Prince Bismarck.
The Good Time Coming. The Newspaper Press. A Penny
Post for the Empire. Racing in 1890. New Wine in Old
Bottles. Something about Village Almshouses, &c 22377

Niobe. See Menzies' Greek Heroines, 323!'.

Nomenclature. See Camden's Britain, 2O44R. Miall's Life of Richard, 424F.
Nonconformity. See Religious Systems of the World [by Picton], 934A.
Nonsense as a Fine Art. See Quarterly Review, v. 167, I297J.

Norman (C. B.), Colonial France. 1886 45?H

Normanby (Lord). See Walpole's Lord Russell, 6og-ioF.

Normandy. See Argosy, v. 49, 49J. Chambers [Fugitive Facts from], v. 77,

1967.7. English Illustrated [Ramble through], v. 6, 19967. Murray's

Magazine [Quiet Corner of, Caudebec], v. 7, 14677.

Normans in South Europe, A Short History, by Barlow. 1886 ... 458!!
Norris (W. E.). See Quarterly Review [his Novels], v. 168, 12983.
Nortll Sea Trawlers. See Contemporary Review [Among the], v. 54, 20647.
North (Dudley, of London). See Fox Bourne's English Merchants, 14960.
Northern Studies [Norway, Sweden, Denmark, &c.], by Gosse .... I937R
Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, by Dunham [Lard. Cab. Cyclo.]... 773-5T

Through Norway with Ladies, by Williams. 1877 86gK

See also Chambers [Norwegian Folk-Lore and Superstitions], v. 66, 19667.

Nature, v. 39-40, 2699-07. Wood's Under Northern Skies, I766R.

Fisheries Literature [Notes on the Fish Supply of], 974K.
Nova Scotia. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-sH, &c.



N"ovatian (^zVs^ Anti-Pope, consecrated Bishop of Rome 251). See Ante-Nicerie

Library, v. 13, 363^.

Novelists of Russia, Modern, by Turner. 1890 14910

Novels. See London Quarterly [Two modern novels, Donovan and We Two],

v. 70, 86oJ. Longmans [The Dramatisation of], v. 14, 904,7. Mac-

millan [On the Naming of], v. 61, ggij, &c.

Numismatics. See Jewitt's English Coins and Tokens, 144!?..
Nurseries, Healthy [for Children] and Bedrooms, by Mrs. Glad-
stone [International Health Exhibition]. 1884 95 iK

Nursing. See Quiver [Home Nursing], v. 32, 330* J. Woman's World [as a

Profession for Women], v. i, 1889, R.L.
Nuts. See All the Year Round [Nutting], v. 47-8, i8o7-8J.

UAK. See Ward's Timber, 2 i 2 8R.

Oberlin (J. F., Pastor of Waldbach\ Memoirs of. 1829 46;F

Ocean of Air, Meteorology for Beginners, by Giberne. 1890 2I23R

Ochre. See Tingry's Colourman's Guide, ip7iM.

O'Connell (Daniel). See Quarterly Review, v. 167, 12977. Walpole's Lord

Russell, 6ogF.

Oddities, Book of, by Andrews. 1882 2o;oR

Odontology. See Nature, v. 41, 27017.

Ohnet (Georges). See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Oils. See Tingry's Colourman's Guide, lojiM.

Old Covenant, History of the, by Kurtz, trans, by Edersheim. 1859. 79O-2A

Old Friends, Essays in Epistolary Parody, by Lang. 1890 2O48R

Old Guard [of Napoleon], by J. T. Headley I924Z

Old Testament, Biblical Commentary, The Pentateuch, by Keil and

Delitzsch, translated by Martin [Clark's Theological Library] 778-8oA
Old Testament, Commentary on Exodus [Hebrew and Eng.], by Kalisch 932A

Commentary on Genesis, by Kalisch. 1858 93 J A

Commentary on the Twelve Minor Prophets, by Keil 785-6A

Historico-Critical Introduction, by Keil, tr. by Douglas 775-6A

Introduction to the, by Havernick, trans, by Alexander 794^.

See also Contemporary Review [and the Critics], v. 57, 20677.

Ontario. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334!!.

Opera, The. See Gentleman's Magazine [the English Opera of the Future], v.

42, N.S., 7627.

Optics. See Nature, v. 39-40, 2699-07.
Orange River Free State. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain. 334H.

Organic Analysis of Potable Waters, by Blain. 1890 545R

Organs, Church. See English Mechanic [Brindley's Improvements in, &c.], v.

50, 10500.

Oriental Folk-Lore and Legends. 1889

Origen (Greek Father and Mystic, b, 186, d. 254). See Ante-Nicene Library, v.

10, s64A.
Origin of the World, according to Revelation and Science, by

Dawson. 1888 564R

Ormsby (J.), Tr., The Poem of the Cid, with Introduction and Notes I423M
Ornithology. See Adams' Favourite Song Birds, 2I33R ; Smaller British

Birds, 390. Dixon's Our Rarer Birds, 833F ; Rural Bird Life, 2i3sR.

Green's Birds I have Kept, 2I34R. Nature, v. 39-41, 2699-17. Stan-
ley's In Darkest Africa, v. 2, 874!^.

Orr (Mrs. Sutherland), Handbook to the Works of Robert Brown-
ing. 1890 2035R

Orton (Arthur). See Tichborne Claimant.



Osborne (Dorothy, Daughter of Sir PeterOsborne, Deputy-Governor of Guernsey).

See Atlantic Monthly, v. 62, i552j. London Quarterly, v. 71, 86 ij.
Osb orne (Sir Peter, Deputy-Governor of Guernsey from 1622-46). See Atlantic

Monthly, v. 65, iSssJ.

Ostrich., The. See Wood's Dominion of Man, 2i3oR.

O'Sullivan (W. H., b. 1827, d. 1887). See Times' Register, p. xxxvii, 1887, R.L.
Ottoman Empire. See Fortnightly Review [The Last Days of the], v. 52, 2142.}.
Our Journey to the Hebrides, by Joseph Pennell and Elizabeth 1\.

Pennell. 1890 1774^

Ouroussov (Princess Mary), Education from the Cradle [for Young

Women], translated by Mrs. E. Fielding. 1890 24 iR

Out of Doors, Articles on Practical Natural History, by Wood. 1890 2I32R
Overcrowding. See White's Problems of a Great City, 444H.

Overton (J. H.), M.A., Life in the English Church [1660-1714]. 1885 43!'-

and Wordsworth. (Elizabeth), Christopher Wordsworth,

Bishop of Lincoln [18071885]. 1888 6$F

Owen (J. A.), Ed., Woodland, Moor and Stream, being the Notes of

a Naturalist. 1889 2I26R

Ox, The. See Wood's Dominion of Man, 2isoR.

Oxford, by Lang, Brief, Historical and Descriptive Notes. 1890 15380

See also Contemporary Review [Professors and Tutors], v. 56, 2o66J.

Woman's World [The Women Benefactors of], v. i, 1889, R.L. Con-
temporary [Professors and Tutors of], v. 57, 2067 J. Macmillan [Demo-
cratic and Popular], v. 6r, ggij.

Oxley (William), Modern Messiahs and Wonder Workers, a History
of the various Messianic Claimants to Special Divine Preroga-
tives, and of the Sects that have arisen thereon in Recent

Times. 1889 I254M

Oyster Culture, by Anson, Willet, and Hoek. 1884 98oK

See also Christian World Magazine [and Oyster Eating], 258.7. Good Words

[Oyster Culture], v. 31, 22oiJ. Fisheries Literature [Oyster Culture,
c., in the Netherlands], 974K.

PACIFIC, Japan and the, by Inagaki, with maps. 1890
South. Sec Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-sH.

Padua. See Hare's Cities of Southern Italy, 1683^. Italy, &c.

Paez (Don R.), Travels and Adventures in South and Central

America. 1868 1694!*.

Paganism. See Time [Decay of Pagan Thought], v. 22, 15127. Woman's

World [Fall of the], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Paget (Charles E.). Healthy Schools [Int. Health Exhibition]. 1884. 95lK
Pain. See Gore's Lux Mundi [The Problem of], 937A.

Painting and Design, Lectures on, by Haydon. 1844 949D

Paints and Painting, Chemistry of, by Church. 1890 953 D

See also Peters' Home Handicrafts [Painting]. 9520. Williams' Science in

Short Chapters [Luminous Paint], 502R. Blakelee's Simple Mechanics

[and Painting], 9580.
Palaces. See Wonders of Nature and Art [Principal Palaces in Europe, Asia,

Africa and America], 1329^
Palaeontology. See Nature, v. 39-0, 2699-oJ. Williams' British Fossils,

Palestine and the Sinailic Peninsula, Comparative Geography of, by

Ritter, trans, by Gage [Clark's Theo. Lib.], 4 vols. 763-6 & 84'7-SoA


Palestine, by Conder. 1889 I757R

- Pictorial History of, vol. I [from the Patriarchs to Juclah], by

Kitto. 1844 I4/D

Those Holy Fields, by Manning, illustrated [R.T.S.] 33;B

See also London Quarterly [Recent Explorations in], v. 69, 859],

Palmerston (Lord). See Walpole's Lord Russell, 6og-ioF.
Palmistry. See Universal Review [as a Fine Art], v. 4, 33247.
Pampas. See Nineteenth Century [a Naturalist on the], v. 27, 22377.
Panmixia. See Nature, v. 41, 27017.

Pantheism, History of, from the Earliest Times to the Age of

Spinoza, 2 vols. 1878 935-6 A

Pantomime. See Gentleman's Magazine [One Hundred and Fifty Years Ago], v.
42, N.S., 7627. Gentleman's Magazine [in the Far West], v. 44, 7647.

Papacy, The. .5V*? Contemporary Review, v. 56, 20667.

Papal Infallibility. See Pope and Council, iz66M. Catholicism, Roman
Catholics, Popes, &c.

Pape-Carpantier (Madame). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 3Q3F.

Paper. See Chambers' [Watermarks on], v. 66, 19667.

Paraffin. See Williams' Science in Short Chapters [The Social Benefits of], 502R.

Parasites. See Health Exhibition Literature [of Meat and Food], g62K. Know-
ledge [Harmless Parasites and other Uninvited Companions], v. 13,25937.

Pardoe (Miss), City of the Sultan, and Domestic Manners of the

Turks, with a Steam Voyage up the Danube. 1854 I76/R

Paris. See Atlantic Monthly [Loitering through the Exposition], v. 65, 15557.
Fortnightly Review [The Fortress of], v. 52, 21427. Nature, v. 39,
26997 ; [Exhibition of, &c.], v. 40, 27007. Sunday at Home [at the
Time of the Reformation], v. 35, 28857.

Paris (P.), Manual of Ancient Sculpture, edited by Harrison. 1890 gioF

Parke (Surgeon T. H.). See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. i and 2, 873-4]^.

Parkes (Sir H., Premier of New South Wales, b, 1815). See Dilke's Problems of
Greater Britain, 334H.

Parkes (Dr.), [Marsh's Sanitary Science] 941 K

Parklmrst (John, Hebraist and Hellenist, b. 1728, d. 1797), M.A.,
and others, A Greek and English Lexicon to the New Testa-
ment. 1851 88iA

Parks. See Cornhill [Some Royal], v. 60, 3407.

Parliament, A short History of the English Parliament, by Bisset... 2C>3R

The English Parliament in its Transformations through a

Thousand Years, by Gneist, translated by Shee. 1886 439H

See also Fortnightly [Transit of Parliamentary Power], v. 9, 20997.

Parody, Epistolary. See Lang's Old Friends, 2048R.

Parrot (F.), Journey to Ararat [Cooley's World Surveyed]. 1845... 3 2 4^

Parry (Sergeant). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376-7F.

Parry (T. Gambier), Ministry of Fine Art to the Happiness of Life,

Essays on Various Arts. 1886 957D-

Parsi Religion. See Religious Systems of the World [by Naoroji], 934A.
Parsonage, The. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Parsons, Trials of a Country Parson, by Jessopp. 1890 2O47R

Party Government. See Murray's Magazine, v. 5, 14657.

Pascoe (C. E.), London of To-Day, an Illustrated Handbook for

the Season. 1890 i77oR

Passengers, Steerage. See Murray's Magazine, v. 5, 14657.

Passion Play on the Italian Lakes. See Macmillan, v. 60, 99oj. Murray's

Magazine [Passion Players at Home, or Ober-Ammergau in Winter], v.

7, 1467]-

Past Meridian [Concerning Age], by Mrs, Sigourney. 1854 2O45R

Paste. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [How to Make], 9580.

Pasteur (L.). See Gentleman's Magazine [at Home], v. 44, 7647. Murray's

Magazine [a Visit to the Pasteur Institute], v. 6, 14667.

Pastoral Epistles, Commentary on, by Ellicott. 1861 731 A

Paterson (Arthur). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue,


Paterson (William), of Dumfries [Fox Bourne's Eng. Merchants].... 14960

Patience. See Cornhill, v. 60, 34oJ. Smiles' Duty, 14760.

Patrick (St. ), St. Patrick's Purgatory, an Essay on the Legends of
Purgatory, Hell, and Paradise, current during the Middle
Ages, by Wright. 1844 ..............................................

- See also London Quarterly [and Early Irish Art], v. 72, 862], Wilde's
Ancient Ireland, 960 F.

Paul (St.), Epistle to Ephesians, Commentary by Ellicott. 1859 .. 728 A
- - the Galatians, with Commentary and Translation, by

Ellicott. 1863 ............................................................ 727A

- Epistle to the Romans, Commentary upon, by Calvin, edited by

Beveridge [Clark's Foreign Theological Library]. 1844 ...... Si2A

- - - Exposition of, by Tholuck, translated by Menzies I285-6M

[The Greek Text with English Notes], by Vaughan 892A
- - Thessalonians, Commentary by Ellicott. 1858 ............. 729A

- St. Paul's Epistles to the Philippians, Colossians and to Phile-

mon, translated with a Commentary, by Ellicott. 1857 ....... 73A

- See also Quiver [his Character and Mission], v. 32, 3302 J.

Paul the Pope, and Paul the Friar [Paul V., Pope of Rome], by T. A.

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Pay ton (E. W.), Round about New Zealand, being Notes from a

Journal of Three Years' Wanderings in the Antipodes. 1888 87oK
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Peace (Charles). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376F.

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