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Pebbles. See Hutchison's Indoor Games and Recreations [British], 1255!!.

Kingsley's Lectures [in the Street], 196911.
Peel (Sir Robert). See Walpole's Lord Russell, eog-ioF.
Peel Family, of Manchester. See Fox Bourne's English Merchants, 14960.
Peeps at the Far East, by Norman Macleod. 1871 ..................... 865K

PeisistratOS. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32oT.

Pemberton (T. E.), A Memoir of Edward Askew Sothern. 1889 392F

Pembroke (Countess of). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Penelope. See Menzies' Greek Heroines, 3231.

Pennell (Joseph) and Pennell (Elizabeth R.), Our Journey to the

Hebrides. 1890 ........................................................ I774&

Pennsylvania. See McMaster's Benjamin Franklin, 5830.
Penny Post. See Nineteenth Century [for the Empire], v. 27, 2237 J.
Pentateuch, Genuineness of the, Dissertations by Hengstenberg,

translated by Ryland [Clark's Theo. Lib.], 2 vols. 1847 ...... 787-8A

- Introduction to the, by Havernick, translated by Thomson. 1850 793A

- The Commentary, by Gerlach, translated by Dowing. 1860 ... 772A
Percival (Mrs. E. H.), Life of Sir D. Wedderburn. 1884 ........... 6oF

Percy, The House of. See Quarterly Review, v. i, 1298.7.

Perfumery, Art of, by Piesse ................................................. 959D

- See also Lady's World, 1887, R.L.

Perikles. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32iT, Pericles, &c.

Perowne (J. J. S.), D.D., Ed. t Essays, Speeches and Sermons, by

Connop Thirlwall. 1880 .............................................. 5I7D

Persia. See Nineteenth Century [of the Shah], v. 26, 22367. Thielman's
Journey, I462-3R.

Peters (Charles), Ed., Girl's Own Outdoor Book, containing Practical
Help to Girls on Matters relating to Outdoor Occupation and
Recreation [R.T.S.], illustrated .................................... 1256?!

- Home Handicrafts ......................................................... 952D

Petroleum, Nature of. See Our Home, i7^D.



Ph.iladelph.ia. See Manning's American Pictures, suB. McMaster's Benjamin

Franklin, 5830.
Philanthropy of God, Described and Illustrated in a Series of

Sermons, by Hughes. 1890 I3I2M

Philemon. See Commentaries, Epistles, New Testament, &c.

Philippians. See Epistles, Commentaries, New Testament, &c.

Philips (Katharine). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393^.

Phillips (J.), F.R.S., Treatise on Geology [Lard. Cab. Cyclo.], 2 vols 776-;T

Philosopher's Stone. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 44, N.S., 764.] .

Philosophy, Christian, &c., by Dick. 1836 !3i6M

Essays on the Spirit of the Inductive, by Powell. 1855 J 333H

of Consciousness, Metaphysics, &c., by Mansel. 1866 655!!

of a Future State, by Dick. 1836 I3I5M

Religion, by Dick. 1836 I3I7M

See also London Quarterly [Socialist], v. 71, 86iJ.

Philpot (The Venerable Benjamin, b. 1791, d. 1889). See Times' Register of Events.
Phiz. See Browne (Hablot K.).

Phonetic Journal, devoted to the Propagation of Pitman's Short-
hand (Phonography), and Phonetic Reading, Writing and

Printing, edited by Pitman, from vol. 49. 1890 3439J

Phormion. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 321!".

Photography. See Harper [Fifty Years Ago], v. 79, 16597. Knowledge

[Rapid Exposure], v. 13, 2593.}. Meteyard's Group of Englishmen

[Discovery of Photography], 42!". Peters' Girls' Own Outdoor Book,

I256H. Nature, v. 41, 27017.

Physicians. See Everett's Doctors and Doctors, 94?K.
Physics. See English Mechanic [British Association Address], v. 50, 10500.

Nature, v. 41, 27017.

Physiography, Elements of, by Prince. 1 885 1 9o;Z

Physiology, Elementary, by Morgan [Manchester Science Lectures] 45iR

of Digestion and the Digestive Organs, by Gamgee. 1884 954K

See also Nature, v. 41, 27017.

Picton (Harold W.), Story of Chemistry, with a Preface by Roscoe 41 iR
Pictures and Picture Frames. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 958D.

Piesse (G. W. S.), Ph.D., Art of Perfumery 959D

Pig-Pens. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 958D.
Pilate. See Sunday at Home, v. 37, 28877.

Pilchard, The. See Fisheries Literature [and Mackerel Fisheries], 975K.
Pilgrim Sorrow, a Cycle of Tales, by Carmen Sylva [Queen Eliza-
beth of Roumania], translated by Zimmern. 1884 3447^

Pilkington (Lsetitia). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 39sF.)

Pine. See Ward's Timber, 2I28R.

Pink. See Tingry's Colourman's Guide, io7iM.

Pinnock's History of England 2300

Pitman (Isaac). See Phonetic 7ournal, 34397.

Pitts (J. L.), and Cotgreave (A.), The Guille-Alles Library,
Guernsey, a short Account of its History and Formation,

with some reference to its Contents and Catalogue I924R

Planets, The. See Boys' Own Annual [and where to find them], v. 12, 29627.

Cassell's Family Magazine [in 1890], v. 16, 23657.
Plants, Index of British, according to the London Catalogue. 1889 69iD

Poisonous, Noxious, and Suspected, by Pratt [S.P.C.K.], illus... 38D-

See also English Mechanic [How plants maintain themselves], v. 50, 10500.

Manchester Science Lectures [Insectivorous], 2I27R.

Plays of Shakespeare, edited by Wood, 14 vols. 1806 3^ 2 ~7SQ.

See also Shakespeare, Drama, &c.

Pleurisy. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.

Ploughs and Ploughing. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

Plumtree (E. H.), M.A., The Boyle Lectures for the Year 1866 .... 893A

Pneuniatology, Theory of, concerning Presentiments, Visions, and

Apparitions, by Jung-Stilling, translated by Jackson. 1834 2O79R


Poe (Edgar Allen), Talcs of Adventure, Mystery and Imagination ... 205 iR
Works of, edited by Ingram. 1875 :

Vol. i. Memoir. Tales of Mystery 2O3iR

Vol. 2. Tales of Imagination and Humour 2O32R

Vol. 3. Poems and Essays 2O33R

Vol. 4. Chapter on Autography. Literary and Biographical Criticisms, &c. 2034R

Poetry, A Popular Handbook to the Greater Poets of the Century... 458F

English Poets, by Bell [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo.], 2 vols. 1839 784^

Female Poets of Great Britain, by Rovvton 52QD

Handbook to the Works of Robert Browning, by Orr. 1890.... 2O35R

of Wales, edited by Jenkins. 1873 I42OM

Poem of The Cid, translated from the Spanish, with Notes, &c.,

by Ormsby. 1879 I423M

and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth, by Meredith. 1885 !4i6M

Poet's Bible [Old Testament], edited by Ilorcler. 1 889 I3I3M

Specimens of the Poetry of the Ancient Welsh Bards, translated

into English with notes by Evans I334H

See also Browning's Asolando, i92oZ. Excelsior, 1926-3:^. Leisure Hour

[of the Century], v. 39, 26g4j ; [Cradle of the Lake Poets], v. 37,

2647.7. Tennyson's Demeter, 19217. Timmins' Warwickshire, 1413!!.

Universal Review [and Science], v. 6, 33267. Leisure Hour [Cradle of

the Lake Poets], v. 37, 26477, & c -
Poisons. See Health Exhibition Literature [Old and Modern Poison Lore],

g62K ; [Our Domestic], gsgK.
Political Diary [1828-1830], by Edward Law, Lord Ellenborough,

edited by Lord Colchester, 2 vols. 1881 459-6oH

Economy, Logic of, &c., by De Quincey. 1863

Writings of Richard Cobden, with an Introductory Essay, by

Mallet. 1878 222R

Politics. See Gore's Lux Mundi [and Christianity], 937A. Walpole (Sir R.)
[Politics from 1676-1745], 669F. Westminster Review [Workmen and]
v. 132, R.L. Woman's World [Woman's Work in], v. 2, 1889, R.L, &c.
Pollock (Frederick) The Fishery Laws [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 97oK
Pollock (W. H.), and others, Fencing, Boxing and Wrestling. 1889 1138X1
Polykrates. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32oT.

Polymicrian Greek Lexicon to the New Testament, by Greenfield. 36Z
Ponies, Shetland. See Cornhill Magazine, v. 14, 34iJ.

Poole (R. L.), Sebastian Bach [Great Musicians]. 1882 !22iO

Poole (Stanley Lane), Life of the Right Hon. Stratford Canning,
Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, K.G., from his Memoirs and

Private and Official Papers, 2 vols. 1888 46-7F

The Barbary Corsairs [Story of the Nations]. 1890 I555O

Poor, Legal Obligations in Respect to Dwellings of the, by Duff. 1884 957K

See also Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H. Murray's Magazine

[Brotherhoods of the], v. 6, 1466.}. Fortnightly [Homes of the], v. 53,

2143.7. Health Exhibition Literature [Mansion House Council on the

Dwellings of the Poor], 952K, &c.

Poore (George Vivian), Our Duty in Relation to Health. 1884 957 K

Pope and the Council, by Janus. 1869 I266M

Population. See Bonar's Malthas, 457F. Mackay's English Poor, 337R.

Port. See Tovey's Wine Countries, 2i2sR.

Port Talbot, See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7i3H.

Portraiture. See Weekes' Lectures on Art, 95iD.

Portugal. See Frier's Don Sebastian, 26s-6F. Fortnightly [the Portuguese in

East Africa], v. 53, 2143.7.

Positivism and Christianity, by McCosh. 1871 74?A

Potato, The. See Cornhill [Place in History], v. 60, 340.7.

Potter Family of Manchester [Fox Bourne's English Merchants] 14960



Pottery and Porcelain, Handbook of, by Westropp. 1880 II74M

Poverty, Taxation and the Remedy, Free Trade, Free Labour, &c.,

by Briggs 338R

Powell (Baden), F.R.A.S., Essays on the Spirit of the Inductive
Philosophy, the Unity of Worlds and the Philosophy of
Creation. 1855 I333 1 *

PrsBterita, Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts perhaps Worthy of

Memory in my Past Life, by Ruskin, 2 vols. 1886-87 622-30

Precious Stones. See Lady's World, 1887 R.L.

Predictions. See Chambers [some Predictions and Co-incidences], v. 67, 1967] .

Prentice (Archibald). See Macmillan, v. 60, ggoj.

Presbyterians. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.

Present and Past. See Murray's Magazine, v. 7, 14677.

Presents. See Chambers', v. 66, 19667. Woman's World [Wedding, Past and
Present], 1888, R.L.

Presentiments, Visions, and Apparitions, by Jung-Stilling, trans-
lated by Jackson. 1834 2079R

Press, The. See All the Year Round [the Earliest], v. 62, 1822.7. Nineteenth
Century [the German Daily Press], v. 27, 22377.

Pressense (E. cle), D.D., The Redeemer, with Introduction by
Alexander [Clark's Theological Library]. 1864

Primitive Methodist. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H.

Primogeniture. See Probyn's Land Tenure, 248R.

Primroses. See Leisure Hour, v. 39, 26497.

Prince (John J.), Elements of Physiography, for the use of Science
Classes, &c. 1885

Printer Boy, or how Benjamin Franklin made his Mark, by Thayer. 5670

Printing. See English Mechanic [and Embossing Processes], v. 50, 10500.
Time [Revolution in], v. 12, 15127.

Prior (Matthew). See Contemporary Review, v. 57, 20677.

Prisons, Her Majesty's, their Effects and Defects, by One who has

tried Them. 1883 4550

Female Life in, by Robinson 2O5R

See also Gentleman's Magazine [and Prisoners], v. 42, N.S:, 762],

Pritchard (Andrew), M.R.S., Notes on Natural History, ill. 1844 I7R

Prize Fighting and Boxing. See Time, v. 12, 15127.

Probabilities, Essay on, by De Morgan [Lard. Cab. Cyclo.]. 1838 762T

Problems of a Great City, by White. 1886 444H

Problems of Greater Britain, byDilke, with maps, 2 vols. 1890 ... 334-5H

Probyn (J. W.), Ed., Systems of Land Tenure in Various Countries 248R

Profit-Snaring. See Contemporary, v. 57, 20677.

Property. See Nineteenth Century, v. 27, 22377.

Prophecies of Ezekiel Elucidated, by Hengstenberg. 1869 798 A

Isaiah, Biblical Commentary, by Delitzsch, 2 vols. 1867 826A

Prophets, Book of the, Twelve Minor Prophets and Commentary,

by Henderson. 1858 888A

See also Henderson's Isaiah, 885 A.

Protection. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.

Proverbs, Book of, illustrated by Arnot. 1860 I275M

for the People, by E. L. Magoon 242R

National, in the Principal Languages of Europe, by Caroline

Ward. 1862 , II74M

of Solomon [Lange's Commentary] 841 A

See also Wilde's Ancient Ireland, g6oF.

Providences. Illustrious Providences, giving an Account of many

Remarkable Events in New England, by Mather. 1890 2O42R

Prussia. See London Quarterly, v. 70, 8607. Probyn's Land Tenure, 248R.


Psalms, Biblical Commentary, by Delitzsch, trans, by Bolton. 1871 830-2 A

Commentary on, by Calvin, 3 vols. 1840 Sog-iiA

[Lange's Commentary] i6oA

Translation and Commentary on the Book of, by Tholuck, trans-
lated by Mombert. 1856 854A

See also London Quarterly [and Modern Criticism], v. 72, 862J. Quiver

[Metrical Version of], v. 32, 3302.7.

Public Health, Laws concerning, by R. and H. Smith. 1883 942H

Laboratory Work, by Cheyne and Corfield. 1884 g6oK

Publishers. See Contemporary [a Plea for the], v. 57, 20677. Murray [and

Authors], v. 7, 14677.
Pulsford (J.), Quiet Hours [Reality of the Religion of the New

Testament]. 1859 I298.M

[Religious Essays, Thoughts, &c.]. 1859 1297^!

Pumps. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Management of], 958D.
Punishment. See Fortnightly Review [the Ethics of], v. 52, 2142.7.
Punjaub. See Sunday at Home [Missions in], v. 36, 28867. Urwick's Indian

Pictures, 3148.

Punshon (William Morley). See London Quarterly, v. 69, SsgJ.
Pusey (E. B.) D.D., Daniel the Prophet, Nine Lectures delivered

at Oxford. 1864 904A

Putty and Puttying. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Pygmies, African. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 44, N.S., 7647.
Pyramids. See Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329!!.

IcJUADRUPEDS, Natural History and Classification of, by Swain-
son 77iT

fuaker Reformation. See Religious Systems of the World [by Pollard], 934A.
uarantine. See Chambers', v. 66, 1966.7.
uarterly Review :

Vol. 170, 1890. The Modern French Novel. Buddhism. The Viking
Age. Beginning and the End of Life. St. Saviour's, South-
wark. Sophocles. The French in Italy and their Imperial
Project. Robert Browning. Parliamentary Position of Scotland.
Greater Britain. Sir William Rowan Hamilton. The Blind
and the Deaf. Alexander I. of Russia and the Poles. The
Church in Wales. Haddon Hall. Extradition. Early Christian

Biography. County Counsel. The Coming Session, &c i3ooj

Quebec. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5^

Quebec Chapel Sermons, by A 1 ford, vols 4 to 7. 1863 1293-6^!

Queensland. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5!!.
Quiet Hours, by Pulsford [Reality of the Religion of the New Testa-
ment]. 1859 i2g8M

[Religious Essays, Thoughts, &c.]. 1859 I297JM

Quin (James). See Stirling's Old Drury Lane, I339R.

Quiver of Love, a Collection of Valentines Ancient and Modern

[Poetry], by Ranking and Tully, illustrated. 1880 I922Z

Quotations, Book of, being a Collection of Popular Extracts from

the Best Authors. 1866 2O24R

iC ABIES. See New Review [by L. Pasteur], v. i, 3351!.
Babbit Cage. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Baces. See Atlantic Monthly [Trotting Races], v. 64, 1554!.



Rachel (Madame). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376F.

Ragged Schools. See Quiver [Old and New], v. 32, 3302 J.

Hallways. See Murray's Magazine [Scotch], v. 6, 14667. Nineteenth Century

[in China], v. 27, 2237.}.

Rainbow, The. See Boys' Own Annual [and how to Make it], v. 12, 29627.
Rain-pipes. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, Q4oM.
Rajputana. See Urwick's Indian Pictures, 3146.

Rambles and Reveries of a Naturalist, by Spiers. 1890 2I4;R

Ranking' (B. Montgomery) and Tully (Thomas K.), Quiver of

Love, a Collection of Valentines Ancient and Modern. 1880 1Q22Z
Raphael (Santi), His Life and Times, by Wolzogen, translated by

Bunnett. 1866 4O5F

Michelangelo and Lionardo Da Vinci, by Clement, translated

by Corkran, illustrated. 1880 223F

Rattlin the Reefer, by Edward Howard, edited by Capt. F. Marryat 79?X
Rat, The. See Cornhill Magazine, v. 61, 34iJ.

Rayner (James), Chess Problems. 1890 I47R

Razor and its Use. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

Reading. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Seeing and Thinking], v. 15, 2364.7.

Time [The Reading Public], v. 12, I5i2j.
Readings from the Works of F. D. Maurice, selected by J. L.

Davies [Lessons of Hope]. '1889 I32OM

See also Steele's Reciter, 5i6D. Recitations, &c.

Reality. See M'Cosh's Mind, 748A.

Reason. See M'Cosh's Mind, 748A.

Recamier (Madame De). See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Recitations. See Boy's Own Annual [and How to Recite], v. 12, 2962 J. Sims'

Ballads and Poems, i42iM. Westminster Review [Dramatic], v. 132,

R.L., &c.

Reciter, Encore, Humorous, Serious, &c., by Steele. 1887 5i6D

Recollections of an Equestrian Manager, by Charles W. Montague. See

Chambers' Journal, v. 57, 1957.}.
Recreations;. See Hutchison's Indoor Games and Recreations, i25sH. Peters'

Girls' Own Outdoor Book [Outdoor], I256H. Health Exhibition

Literature, 95gK.
Recruits. See Gentleman's Magazine [Are good Recruits worth Paying for], v.

15, N.S., 735J.

Red, The Colour. See Tingry's Colourman's Guide, io7iM.
Red Riding Hood. See Home Treasury of Old Story Books, 2863X.
Redcliffe (Viscount Stratford De). See Stratford de Redcliffe.

Redeemer, The, Discourses by Pressense. [Clark's Theol. Library]... 815 A
Reform. See Murdoch's Constitutional Reform, I076F.
Reformation, The, by Stebbing [Lard. Cab. Cyclo.], 2vols. 1836 78o-iT

See also Gneist's English Parliament, 43gH.

Refugees. See Smiles' Huguenots, 131 iM, &c.

Religion of the Incarnation [Lux Mundi]. 1890 937A

Israel, A Manual, by Knappert, translated by Armstrong. 1877 I3O8M

Philosophy of, by Dick. 1836 I3I7M

Science and Art of, by McKinney. 1888 I3OJ-M

See also_ Adams' Swiss Confederation, ^H.. Dilke's Problems of Greater

Britain, 335!!. Hughes' Philanthropy of God, i3i2M. London
Quarterly [Martineau's Study of], v. 70, 86oJ. Nineteenth Century [in
Search of a], v. 26, 2236.}. Pulsford's Quiet Hours [Reality of],
i2g8M. Quiver [on Earth and in Heaven], v. 32, 3302.7.

Religious Systems of the World, Addresses at South Place [1888-9] 934A
[By Clodd, Rawlinson, Pollock, Legge, Balfour, Lillie, Costelloe, &c.]

Thought, Limits of, by Mansel [Hampton Lectures, 1858]. 1867 I277M

Reminiscences, chiefly of Towns, Villages and Schools, by

Mozley, 2 vols. 1885 2C-67-8R

of a Boyhood, in the Early part of the Century. 1889 472O



Reminiscences of a Literary and Clerical Life, 2 vols. 1889 664-50

Kenan's Dramas. See Atlantic Monthly, v. 63, I553J.

Report of the Guernsey Society of Natural Science and Local Re-
search for 1889. 1890 2I37R

Reptiles, Fishes and Amphibians, Classification of Natural History 778-gT

See also Knowledge [Giant Land], v. 13, 2593.7.

Republics. Sec Biolley's Costa Rica and Her Future, 292!!. Calvo's Costa
Rica, 2giH. New Review [Thoughts on], v. 2, 3352.7.

Respectability and Genius. See Runciman's Joints in our Social Armour,

Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Observations on the History and

Evidences of the, by West. 1749 I268M

: with an Examination of Strauss in his New Life of

Jesus, by Macpherson. 1867 , I267M

Reuter (Fritz). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Revelation, Book of, translated by Tregelles. 1849 I299M

Divine, by Auberlen [Clark's Theological Library]. 1867 8s8A

Revelations of Russia, or the Emperor Nicholas, 2 vols. 1844 343-4O

Review of Reviews, edited by Stead, from vol. i. 1890 339iJ

Revolution, The. See Gneist's English Parliament, 43gH.

Reynolds (Sir Joshua), Literary Works of, with a Memoir of the

Author, by Beechey, 2 vols. 1846 505-60

Works of, and Life, by Malone. 1867 1204!!

See also Weekes' Lectures on Art, 95iD.

Rheumatism. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.

Rhine, The. See Manning's Swiss Pictures, 3126. Tovey's Wine Countries

[Wines of the], 2I25R.

Richardson (Dr. B. W.). See Longmans, v. 14, 9047.
Richmond Palace. See London Quarterly [Richmond and its Royal Residence],

v. 7 i, 86iJ.

Riddle (J. E.), M.A., and White (J. T.), M.A., A Latin-English '

Dictionary. 1862 !7iD

Ritchie (J. Ewing [Christopher Crayon]), An Australian Ramble, or

a Summer in Australia. 1890 I768R

Ritter (Carl), Comparative Geography of Palestine and the Sinaitic

Peninsula, translated by Gage. 4 vols. 1866 763-6 and 847-5OA

Riviera. See Nineteenth Century [Play and Players on the], v. 27, 2237.7.

Rivers, Industrial, of the United Kingdom, illustrated. 1888 7^3^

See also Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. 2, 874!^.

Road. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, Q4oM.

"Rot) Roy" Canoe on the Jordan, &c., by Macgregor. 1886 876Q

on the Baltic, a Canoe Cruise through Norway, Sweden, Den-

mark, the North Sea, &c., by Macgregor, illustrated &75Q

Roberts (John S.), Ed., Legendary Ballads of England and Scot-
land [Chandos Poets], illus. 1868 i4i8M

Roberts (W.), Earlier History of English Bookselling. 1889 2O65R

Robin Hood. See Gentleman's Magazine [Who was?], v. 44, N.S., 7647.

Robinson (Ed.), D.D., A Greek and English Lexicon of the New

Testament [Clark's Theological Library]. 1857 762A

Robinson (F. W.), Female Life in Prison 2O5R

Robinson (Henry C.). See Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-9*".

Robinson (Sir Hercules). $ee Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334H.

Robinson (Phil), Fishes of Fancy : their Place in Myth, Fable,

Fairy-tale and Folk-Lore [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 972K

Rocks. See Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329^

Roger (Sir). See Tichborne Claimant.



Rogers (James E. Thorold), First Nine Years of the Bank of Eng-
land, An Inquiry into a Weekly Record of the Price of Bank
Stock from August 17, 1694, to August 17, 1703. 1887 IO48F

Rogers (S.), and His Contemporaries, by Clayden, 2 vols. 1889 ...I497-8O

See also Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, zgy-gF.

Roland (Madame). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 39sF.

Roman and Greek Coins, by Head. 1888 I44R

Empire, Fall of the, by Sismondi [Lardner's Cab. Cycloj. 1834 760- iT

Rule, The Jews under, by Morrison, illustrated. 1890

Roman Catholic Church. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5!!.

Catholicism. See Nineteenth Century [in America], v. 26, 22367.

Romanes (George John), F.R.S., Mental Evolution in Man, Origin

of Human Faculty. 1888 I335H

Romans, Epistle to the [Lange's Commentary] 844A

and Greeks, Arts, Manners, &c. [Lardner's Cab. Cyclo]. 1835. 73I-2T

Rome, History of [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1834 728-gT

See also Nineteenth Century [in 1889], v. 26, 2236J.

Roof. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Rooks. See Murray's Magazine [and Farmers], v. 6, I466J.

Rossetti (Dante Gabriel). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458?.
Every Boy's Annual, 1888, 1307!!. Universal Review [and Sicily], v.
4i 33 2 4J ; [Reminiscence of], v. 6, 3326J.

Roth.SCh.ild (Nathan Meyer, of London). See Fox Bourne's English Mer-
chants, 14960.

Rotterdam. See Contemporary Review [and Dutch Workers], v. 57, 2o67j.

Roumania, Untrodden Paths in, by Mrs. Walker. 1888 868K

See also Walker's Eastern Life, 866-7K.

Row (C. A.), M.A., Christian Theism, a Brief and Popular Survey of
the Evidence upon which it rests, and the Objections urged
against it Considered and Refuted. 1890 93&A

ROWS (Elizabeth). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 3Q3F.

Rowswell (Basil T.). See Guernsey Magazine [A Year's Training with the
Royal Guernsey Artillery], v. 18, 23g8J ; [Account of a Great Storm at
Guernsey], v. 17, 2397J ; [Autumn], v. 16, 23967 ; [Books, Libraries,
and Self-Education], v. 17, 23977 ; [A Day and a Night at Sark, June
24-25, 1890], v. 18, 23987 ; [The first Astronomers], v. 17, 23977 '>
[Shorthand and its Advantages], v. 18, 23987 ; [Spring], v. 17, 23977;
[Summer], v. 17, 23977 ', [The Weather], v. 17, 23977 '> [Visit to 7 e ''sey,
September, 1889], v. 18, 23987 ; [Winter], v. 17, 23977 ', [The Wintry
Weather of November 25th to December ist, 1890], v. 19, 23997, &c.

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See also Nature, v. 41, 27017.

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