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Science to Art. 1887 204oR

See also Forster's Four Great Teachers, 6390. Gentleman's Magazine

[Artist and Publisher], v. 44, N.S., 764J. Harper, v. 80, i66oj.
Russell (E. F.), M.A., Ed., Alexander H. Mackonochie, A Memoir

by E. A. T. [Mrs. Towle]. 1890 73^0



Russell (Lord John). See Blackwpod, v. 146, 2i6J. Westminster Review [Life

of], v. 132, R.L. Macmillan, v. 61, ggij.
Russell (William Clark), Horatio Nelson, and the Naval Supremacy

of England. 1890

Russia as it is, its Courts, its Government and its People, by John

Reynell Morell. 1854' IQ23Z

by Morfill [Story of the Nations]. 1890 J 556O

See also Century Magazine [and the Siberian Exiles], v. 38, i888J. Cobden's

Political Speeches, 222R. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 33sH.

Fortnightly Review [Some Truths] about], v. 52, 2i42j ; [Russian

Characteristics], v. 53, 21^3]. Harper [Social Life in], v. 79, 1659.7.

New Review [A Month in], v. i, 335iJ. Probyn's Land Tenure,

248R. Nature, v. 41, 2701.7.

Rust on Metals. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Ruth.. See Keil's Old Testament, 78iA.
Rylands (John). See All the Year Round, v. 59, iSigJ.

, The. See Gore's Lux Mundi, 937 A.

Sacrificial Worship of the Old Testament, by Kurtz, translated by

Martin [Clark's Theological Library]. 1863 747A

Sailors. See Christian World [and Fishermen, some Superstitions of], 259],

St. Andrew's. See Harper's Magazine, v. 80, i66oj.

St. George and the Dragon. See Cornhill Magazine, v. 14, 34iJ.

St. Helena. See Chambers' Journal [Glimpse of]> v. 56, 19567. Cornhill, v. 22,
302j. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335 H. Leisure Hour
[Recollections of], v. 19, 2629]. Nature [Beetles of], v. 17, 2677], c.

St. John's Ambulance Association. See Health Exhibition Literature, 958K.

St. John's River. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334H.

St. Louis to Denver. See Manning's American Pictures, 31 iB.

St. Patrick's Purgatory. See Patrick (St.).

St. Peter-Port Harbour, Guernsey, by Collenette [Guern. Mag., v. 4-7] 2384-77

Saint-Pierre (J. B. H. de, b. 1737), Works of, and Memoir of the

Author by Clarke, 2 vols. 1846 I2OT

[Studies of Nature. Paul and Virginia. Indian Cottage.]

St. Vincent. See Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, 7 86K. West Indies, &c.

Sala (G. A.), Streets of the World [Temple Bar, v. 10]

Sale (Lady), A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan, 1841-2

Salmon Fisheries, by Fryer. 1884

See also Fisheries Exhibition Lit. [Salmon Legislation in Scotland], 977 K.

Salt and other Condiments, by Manley. 1 884 954K

Salvation Army. In Darkest England and the Way Out, by Booth 14401!

See also Murray's Magazine, v. 5, 14657.

Samaria. See Manning's Palestine, 337B.

Samoa. See Century, v. 38, i888J. Sunday at Home [Past and Present], v. 36,
2886J, &c.

Samuel, Books of, Commentary by Keil and Delitzsch, translated by

Martin [Clark's Theological Library]. 1866 777A

San Francisco. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334H.

Sanitary Suggestions, or the Householders' Vade Mecum, by Samp-
son Low, Jun. 1885 944K

Sanitary Matters. See Bullock's Talks with the People, v. i, 1977. Wheeler's
Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM, &c.

Sanity and Insanity, by Mercier, illustrated. 1890

Sappho. See Atlantic Monthly, v. 65, isssJ.

Sardinia. See Chambers [and the Sardes], v. 66, I966J.



Sark, Sketch of, by Cachemaille [1890] .................................... !54iO

- See also Guernsey Magazine, v. 2-4, 2382-4.7.

- A Ballad of, by Swinburne [English Illustrated Magazine, v. i]... 19917

- See also Good Words, v. 31, 22oiJ. Guernsey Magazine [A Day and a

Night at], v. 18, 23987. Metcalfe's Channel Islands, 1435!!. Scott's
Blossom-land [Island of Sleep], ijj^'R, &c.

Saturn, the Planet. See Harper [Saturn's Rings], v. 79, 16597.
Saunders (Katherine). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Savage (Marmion W.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Savings Banks. See London Quarterly [Trustee], v. 70, 86oJ.
Saviour, The, Words of the Risen Saviour and Commentary on St.

James, by Stier, translated by Pope [Clark's For. Theo. Lib.] 76 1 A
Savonarola. See London Quarterly, v. 72, 862 J.
Sayce (Professor). See London Quarterly, v. 70, 86oJ.
Scandals. See Time [School Board], v. 12, 15127.
Scares. See Woman's World [Social], v. i, 1889, R.L.
Scarlet Fever. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.
Scent. See Woman's World [and Scent Bottles], v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Scepticism. See M'Cosh's Mind, 748A.

SchaafFhausen (Professor). See Biichner's Man in the Past, &c., I332H.
Schaff (Philip), D.D., Saint Augustin, Melancthon, Neander, three

biographies. 1 886 ...................................................... 1 70 1

Schellen (Dr. H.), Spectrum Analysis in its application to Ter-

restrial Substances and the Physical Constitution of the

Heavenly Bodies, translated by Lassell and edited by Abney... 6950
Schmid (C. F.), Biblical Theology of the New Testament, translated

by Venables [Clark's Foreign Theological Library]. 1870... 75lA
School Board, The New Code, 1890, edited by Cowing. 1890 ....... H24F

- See also Time [School Board Scandals], v. 22, 15127.

Schools, Conference on Education [Health Ex. Lit.], 4 vols. 1884. 963-6!^

- Healthy, by Paget [International Health Exhibition]. 1884 ......

- School-books and Schoolmasters, a Contribution to the History

of Educational Development in Great Britain, by Hazlitt. ... 2O9R

- See also Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain [Roman Catholic],

Gentleman's Magazine [Examining Scotch], v. 44, 7647. Mo/ley's
Reminiscences, 2o6j-8R. Murray's Magazine [The Evil of Scholar-
ships], v. 5, 14657. Time [School Board Scandals], v. 22, 15127. Con-
temporary Review [Free Schools and Public Management], v. 57, 206/7.
Sylvia's Book, 177!).

Schurz (C.), Life of Henry Clay [American Statesmen], 2 vols ....... 1703-40

Science and Religion. See Dick's Christian Philosopher, isi6M.

- in the Middle Ages, Popular Treatises on, by Wright. 1841 ... 1760

- Lectures for the People delivered at Manchester. 1878-9 ......... 2I27R

Circulation of the Blood, by Huxley. The Sun, by Roscoe. Aborigines
of Tasmania, by Flower. Insectivorous Plants, by Williamson. Edison
and some of his Inventions, by Barrett. Our Earliest Ancestors in
Britain, by Dawkins. Gunpowder, by Abel. Minute Forms of Life,
by Dallinger. Animal Intelligence, by Romanes.

- See also Quiver [and Christianity], v. 32, 33027. Health Exhibition Litera-

ture, 964K.

Scientific Lectures and Essays, by Kingsley. 1890 ..................... !96gR

Scotland [Folk-Lore and Legends]. 1889 ............... . .............. 93oT

- History of, from Alexander III. to the Union, by Tytler,

10 vols. 1866 ......................................................... I425-34H

the Earliest Period, by Wright, continued from 1874
and brought down to the present time, by W. Melven, il. 2 vols468-9ll

- Scottish Covenanters, Lives of the, by Howie, with Preface and

Notesby M'Gavin. 1862 ...... ........................................ 374F

- Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Green [R.T.S.] ....... 3136



Scotland. See also Blackwood [Art in], v. 146, 2i6J. Chambers [a Remnant of
Pagan Scotland], v. 66, I966J. Harper [a Corner of Scotland worth
knowing], v. 79, 1659.]. Sunday at Home [Preachers of], v. 36, 2886J.
Westminster Review [Home Rule for], v. 132, R.L. Scottish Review,
from v. i, 273iJ. Fisheries Literature [Herring Fisheries of], 975K.

Scott (Clement), Blossom-land and Fallen Leaves [Tours to the

Channel Islands and other Places]. 1890 I772R

See also under Guernsey and Sark.

Scott (E. P.), Stanley and his Heroic Relief of Emin Pasha i?65R

Scott (J., Editor of the "Champion" and the "London Magazine"}. See Knight's
Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-9F.

Scott (Sir W.), Demonology and Witchcraft IOI5Z

See also Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458F.

Scott (William Booth), Cleansing Streets and Ways in the Metropolis 957K
Scottish Review, from vol. I. 1882 2731}

Screens. See Woman's World [Ancient and Modern], v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Scripture Lands, The Negeb, or " South Country " of Scripture, by

Wilton. 1863 I304M

Scriptures. See Friswell's Silent Hour [How to Read them], i3ioM.
Sculpture. See Weekes' Lectures on Art, 95 iD.

Sea. See Murray's Magazine [Command of the], v. 5, 14657. Runciman's Joints
in our Social Armour, 205oR. Knowledge [Why is the Sea Salt?], v.

Sea Fables Explained, by Lee [Fisheries Exhibition Literature]. 1884 972K

Sea Fishes. See Fisheries Exhibition Literature, 970-83^

Sea Monsters Unmasked, by Lee [Fisheries Exhibition Lit.]. 1884 972K

Sea Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Macaulay [R.T.S.] 3 J S^

Seals, The Fish. See Fisheries Exhibition Literature [Seal Fisheries], 976K.

Seaside, The. See Peters' Girls' Own Outdoor Book, I256H.

Seaside and the Fireside Poems. See Longfellow's Poetical Works, I4I7M.

Seats. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [for Gardens and Lawns], 9580.

Sea- Weeds, Shells and Fossils, by Gray and Woodward. 1890 I42R

Sebastian (Don, King of Portugal], An Episode of Portuguese

History, 2 vols 265-6F

Second Sight. See Adam's Curiosities, g23M. Blackwood [Remarkable In-
stance of], v. 3, R.L. Conway's Demonology, gog-ioM. Once a
Week, v. 8, 2268J. Scribner [Secret of], v. 21, 1871.}, &c.

Seismology. See Nature, v. 41, 27017.

Selborne. See Murray's Magazine [Past and Present], v. 7, 1467.7.

Self-Consciousness. See Romanes' Mental Evolution, 1335^

Senior (William), Angling in Great Britain [Fisheries Ex.]. 1884... 97 J K

Senior Wranglers. See Cornhill Magazine, v. 45, 3257.

Sentimentalism. See Macmillan [The Nemesis of], v. 60, ggoj.

Sermons, Lay Sermons, &c., by Huxley. 1887 7OlA

See also Thirlwall (C.), D.D., 5170.

Serpents. See Century [the Poison of], v. 38, 1888 T.

Servants. See Lady's World [and Household Management], 1887, R.L. Woman's
World [Are Servants a Failure], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Severn, The. See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7i3H.

Sewage, Treatment of. See Our Homes, 1730.

Shaftesbury (Lord). See Cochrane's Useful Lives, 5080.

Shairp (Principal). See Good Words, v. o, 22ooJ.

Shakespeare, Plays of, illustrated edition, by Knight, 4 vols 494'7D

See also Westminster Review, v. 132, R.L. Woman's World [Mother of],

v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Sharpe (Charles Kirkpatrick). See Cornhill, v. 86, i4i6J.

.Shaw (Capt. Eyre M.), Fires and Fire Brigades [Int. Health Ex.]... 957K

Shawls. See Lady's World, 1887, R.L.

Shechem. See Manning's Palestine, 3376.

Sheep. See Wood's Dominion of Man, 2i3oR. Gentleman's Magazine [Moun- -
tain Sheep], v. 44, N.S., 764^

Shelley (P. B.). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458F.



Shells, Sea-Weeds and Fossils, by Gray and Woodward. [1890] ... I42R

See also Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Shell Work], 9580.

Sherry. See Tovey's Wine Countries, 2i2sR.

Shiloh. See Manning's Palestine, 3376.

Ships. See Boys' Own Annual [Figure-heads of famous War Ships], v. 12, 2062!

Chambers [Derelict Ships], v. 66, 1966;.
Shirreff (Emily), Intellectual Education and its Influence on the

Character and Happiness of Women. 1858 II23F

Shoes. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L. Harper's [A Pair of], v. 70, 1650.7.

Shooting. See Blackwood [Art of], v. 146, 2i6J.

Shopping. See Peters' Girls' Own Outdoor Book, 1256!!.

Shorthand. See Guernsey Magazine [and its Advantages], v. 18, 23987.

Woman's World [and Type-writing for Women], v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Shrews. See^ Longmans' Magazine, v. 14, 9047.
Siberia, Five Thousand Miles in a Sledge, a Mid-Winter Ride

across Siberia, by Gowing I776R

See also Century Magazine [and the Exile System], v. 38, i888J.

Sicilian Travel. See Contemporary Review, v. 56, 2o66J.
Sidney (Mary). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Siemens (Sir C.W.), Life of, by Pole. 1888 5oiF

Sierra Leone. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.

Sigourney (Mrs. L. FL), Past Meridian [Old Age, &c.]. 1854 2O45R

Sikhs, The. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.

Silent Hour, The, Essays for Sunday Reading [by J. Hain Friswell] !3ioM

Sime (William). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Simpson (Sir James Y.). See Cochrane's Useful Lives, so8O.

Simpson (J onn Palgrave, b. 1807, d. 1887). See Times' Register of Events. R.L.

Sims (George R.), Ballads and Poems !42iM

Sinai, Mount Sinai, Petra and the Desert, described and illustrated

by Withrow. 1879 647Z

Sinclair (Sir John). See Cochrane's Useful Lives, 5080.

Singapore. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.

Sirius, the Dog Star. See Proctor's Easy Star Lessons [pages 47-8], 45oR.

Situation. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Skin, The. See Health Exhibition Literature [Ethics of the Skin], 95gK.

Skinner (J.), Angling Clubs [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 gSoK

Skuse (F. A. A.), British Stalk-eyed Crustacea and Spiders. 1887.. I43R
Slang. See Chambers' [Sea Slang], v. 66, 1966 J.
Slates. See Kingsley's Lectures [on the Roof], T.g6gR.

Slave Trade. See Blackwood, v. 147, 2i7j. Contemporary Review [Slave-Driv-
ing], v. 56, 2o66J. Macmillan [Granville Sharp and the], v. 61, ggij.
Sledging, Five Thousand Miles in a Sledge, a Mid-Winter Journey

across Siberia, by Gowing 1 776R

Sleep. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K. Wheeler's Choice of a

Dwelling [Sleeping Rooms], 94oM, &c.

Smiles (S.), Duty, with Illustrations of Courage, Patience and En-
durance. 1889 14760

The Huguenots, their Settlements, Churches and Industries in

England and Ireland. 1869 !3iiM

Smith (F. Hopkinson), A W T hite Umbrella in Mexico, illus. 1889 I775R
Smith (George, of Coalville], I've been a Gipsying, or Rambles
among our Gipsies and their Children in their Tents and

Vans, illustrated. 1885 2O4iR

Smith (Goldwin), Life of Jane Austen. 1890 12710

Smith (Wm.), LL.D., A Smaller Classical Dictionary of Biography,

Mythology and Geography. 1862 IO27M

A Smaller Dictionary of the Bible for the Use of Schools and

Young Persons. 1866 I3O5M

Smithfleld. See Good Words [and its Surroundings], v. 30, 22OoJ.


Smoke. See Williams' Science in Short Chapters [Consumption of], 502R. Health
Exhibition Literature [Smoke Abatement], 953K. Contemporary
Review [or Sunlight], v. 57, 20677.

Smoking. See Barrie's Lady Nicotine, 204gR. New Review [Effect of, on the
Voice], v. 2, 33527.

Smyrna. See Harper [The Smyrna Fig Harvest], v. 80, 16607.

Snails. See Longman's Magazine, v. 15, 9057.

Snakes. See Murray's Magazine, v. 5, 14657. Nineteenth Century [Venomous
Snakes of India], v. 26, 2286!, &c.

Soap. See Williams' Science in Short Chapters [The origin of], 5O2R. Blakelee's
Simple Mechanics [and Soap Making], 9580. Health Exhibition
Literature, 962 K.

Social, Literary and Political, Monarchy of the Middle Classes, France,

by Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer [Baron Dalling]. 1856 3ioO

Socialism'. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335 H. Good Words, v.
31, 22017. London Quarterly [and Self Help], v. 72, 8627. Westmin-
ster Review [Practicable], v. 132, R.L. White's Problems of a Great
City, 444H. Time [in the German Reichstag and on the German
Throne], v. 12, 15127, c.

Society, Improvement of, by the Diffusion of Knowledge, by Dick... i3i8M

See also Lady's World [Society Types], 1887, R.L. New Review [Deteriora-
tion in], v. 2, 33527. Runciman's Joints in our Social Armour, 2osoR.
Bellamy's Looking Backward [Social Changes], 2078R.

Soil, The. See Kingsley's Lectures [cf the Field],
Solder and Soldering. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Soldiers. See Headley's Old Guard [of Napoleon], I924Z. Quiver [Our Soldier
Amusements], v. 32, 3302.}.

Sole, The, Natural History and Cultivation, by Houghton. 1884 ... gSoK

Solitaire. See Hutchison's Indoor Games and Recreations, I255H.

Solon. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 32oT.

Somerville (Mrs.). See Adams' Remarkable Women, 393F.

Songs and Ballads of Derbyshire, edited by Jewitt. 1867 I422M

. See also Woman's World [Romany], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Sonnets from the Channel, by Watts. See Athenaeum for 1882 [pp. 432 & 539], R.L.
Sothern (E. A., Popular Comedian, b. 1826, d. 1881), Memoir of,

by Pemberton. 1889 392F

Soiind. See English Mechanic, v. 50, 10500.

Southampton Waters. See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7isH.

Southey (Robert). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 4s8F. Knight's

Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-gF.
Spain. See Tovey's Wine Countries [Wines of], 2I25R. Fisheries Exhibition

Literature [Fisheries of], 974K.

Sparkes (John), Schools of Art, their Origin, History, Work and

Influence [International Health Exhibition]. 1880 95?K

Speaker's Power, The. See Atlantic Monthly, v. 64, 15547.

Speaking 1 , The Young Debater and Chairman's Assistant 2O/2R

Spectrum Analysis. See Nature, v. 41, 27oiJ. Sun, &c.

Speech. See Contemporary Review [and Song], v. 56, 2o66J. Romanes' Mental

Evolution, 1335 rf.
Speeches. ^SV? Thirl wall (C.), D.D., 5170. Murray's Magazine [After dinner],

v. 7, 14677.

Speight (T. W.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Sphinx. See Woman's World [The Great], v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Spiders. See Knowledge [Venomous], v. 13, 25937. Skuse's Crustacea, I43R.
Spiers (William), M. A., Rambles and Reveries of a Naturalist. 1890 2I47R

See also Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science, 34137.
Spires. See Quiver [Some of the most famous], v. 32, 33027.
Spiritualism. See All the Year Round [an Unhappy Medium], v. 42, 18227.

Williams' Science in Short Chapters, 5O2R.
Spoons. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Sport. See Runciman's 7oints in our Social Armour, 205oF.
Stables. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Stage, The, Memories of Fifty Years, by Wallack. 1 889 1 7;F

57 [1185]


Stage. See also Temple Bar [Stage Fright], v. 88, i4i8J. Fortnightly [The Lon-

don], v. 53, 2i43_J. Pemberlon's Life of Sothern, 3Q2F.
Stains. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [How to Remove], 9580.
Stairs (Lieut. W. G.). See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. i, 873!^.
Stammering. See Cassell's Family Magazine [and Stuttering], v 15, 23647.
Stamps. See Chambers' [Recent Sale of Postage Stamps], v. 66, ig66J.
Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel, 5 vols, illus-
trated with maps, 1883-1888 :

Africa, edited by Johnson .............................................. 84gK

America, Central, the West Indies, and South America, edited by Bates.. 8ciK
America, North, edited by Hayden and Selwyn

Asia, with Ethnological Appendix, by Keane, edited by Temple ........ S52K.

Australasia, edited by Wallace ........................................ &53^

Europe, by Rudler and Chisholm, edited by Ramsay .................. 854 K.

Stanley (A. P.), D.D., Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold,

D.D., Minerva Library, illustrated. 1890 ........................ 2O52R

Stanley (Henry M.) In Darkest Africa, or the Quest, Rescue and
Retreat of Emin, Governor of Equatoria, maps and illustra-
tions, 2 vols .................................................... 871-2 &873-4K

- and his Heroic Relief of Emin Pasha, by Scott ..................... 1765!^

- See also Keltic's Story of Emin's Rescue, ij6gR. Fortnightly [Stanley's

Expedition : a Retrospect], v. 53, 2143}. New Review, v. 2, 33527.
Stanley (Mrs. H. M., [Dorothy TennantJ), London Street Arabs.... R.L.

Starfishes, British, and other Animals of the Class Echinodermata,

by Forbes. 1841 ................................. ....................... 7i6F

Stark (Robert M.), A Popular History of British Mosses ............. 2I36R

Stars. See Good Words [Shooting Stars], v. 30, 22ooJ. Knowledge [Variable

Stars and weighing a Double Star], v. 13, 25937 ; [Variable Double

Stars], v. 13, 2593J. Nature, v. 41, 2yoiJ.
State Papers, &c. [The Black Cabinet], by D'Herisson, translated by

Blackith. 1887 ...................... , ................ ,... ............. 22iR

Statesmen. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H. Morses' American

Statesmen, 17026.

Statesmen Series :

Derby (Earl of), K.G., Life of, by Kebbel. 1890 ..................... 13780

Fox (Charles James), Life of, by Wakeman. 1890 ..................

Stead (W. T.). See Review of Reviews, 3391.!.

Steel. See English Mechanic [Hardening "and Tempering of], v. 50, losoj.

Gentleman's Magazine, v. 44, N.S., 764]. Nature, v. 41, 27017.
Steele (F. E. Marshall, Compiler and Editor'], The Encore Reciter,
Humorous, Serious and Dramatic Selections, 2nd series. 1889
Steele (Richard). See Good Words, v. 30, 22ooJ. Contemporary Review [the

Latest Life of], v. 56, 2o66J.
Steerage Passage. See Murray's Magazine, v. 5, 14657.
Stephenson (Dr.). See London Quarterly, v. 70, 86oJ.
Stewart (Professor Balfour, Scotch Physicist, b. 1828, d. 1887). See Times'

Register of Events, R.L. Vincent's Biography, R.L., c.
Stilling (J. H. Jung), Theory of Pneumatology, concerning Presen-

timents, Visions, Apparitions, &c. 1834 ........................ 2079^

Stirling. See Green's Scottish Pictures, 3136.

Stockholm. See Wood's Under Northern Skies, ij66R.

Stomach., The. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness. 946K.

Stone. See Wheeler's. Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM, &c.

Storms. See Fisheries Exhibition Literature [Storm Warnings], 976K.

Story of Emin's Rescue as told in Mr. Stanley's Letters, edited by

Keltic. 1890 ........................................................... 1769!^.

Story of the Nations, [Russia], by W. R. Morfill, M.A ................ I556O

Stowe (H. B.), Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. 1844 ............ 19252

Straight (Douglas). See Williams' Leaves of a Life, 376-7^.
Straits Settlements. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335H.



Stratford de Redcliffe (Rt. Hon. Stratford Ginning, Viscount),

K.G., Life of, by Poole, 2 vols. i8S8 46-71-'"

Stratford-on-Avon, from the Earliest Times to the Death of

Shakespeare, by Lee. 1890 15400

Streets of the World, by Sala [Temple Bar, v. 10] 1340;

Strozzi (Filippo, Patriot], A History of the Last Days of the Old

Italian Liberty, by T. A. Trollope. 1860 401

Stuart (A. M.), Life and Letters of Elisabeth, last Duchess of

Gordon. 1865 46oF

Suakim. See English Illustrated [Recollections of], v. 6, 1996.).

Suez Canal. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335 H.

Sugar. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 335!!.

Suicide. See Wynter's Insanity [The suicidal Act], 945 K.

Sun, The. See Good Words, v. 31, 2201 J. Manchester Science Lectures, 2127!*..
Williams' Science in Short Chapters [Fuel of the], 502 R. Contem-
porary Revie>v [Sunlight or Smoke], v. 57, 20677. Nature [Sun Spots],
v. 41, 27oiJ. Knowledge [some recent advances in Mapping the Solar
Spectrum], v. 13, 25937."

Sun-dials. See Chambers' [and Hour Glasses], v. 66, 19667. English Mechanic
[Portable], v. 50, 10500. Gentleman's Magazine, v. 43, N.S., 7637.

Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands, by H. B. Stowe. 1844 1925^

Supernatural. See Atlantic Monthly [Trial by 7ury of Things Supernatural],
v - 65, 15557-

Sure to Succeed [Advice to Young Men], by Davidson. 1889 I3O6M

Surnames. See Camden's Britain, 2044!^. Sylvia's Book, 1770.

Surrey. See English Illustrated [Surrey Farmhouses], v. 6, 19967.

Sutter <7ulie). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Swainson (Rev. Charles Anthony, b. 1819, d. 1887), D.D. See Times' Register
of Events, R.L., &c.

Swanage. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 43, N.S., 7637.

Swannery, A Wild. See Cornh'ill Magazine, v. 14, 3417.

Swaziland. See New Review [Fate of], v. 2, 33527.

Sweating System, The. See Fortnightly, v. 53, 21437. New Review [The Two
Reports], v. 2, 33527.

Sweden. See Gosse's Northern Studies, 1937R. Woods' Under Northern
Skies, I766R. Fisheries Literature [Swedish Fisheries], 974K.

Swimming, by Cobbett [All England Series], illustrated. 1890 ... 9O3T

Swinburne (Algernon Charles). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English,
45 SF.

Swiss Confederation, The, by Adams and Cunningham. 1889 3!!

Switzerland. See Manning's Swiss Pictures, 3i2B. Scott's Blossomland,
I772R. Atlantic Monthly [Government of Switzerland], v. 65, 15557.

Sylva (Carmen [Queen Elizabeth of Roumania]), Pilgrim Sorrow, a
Cycle of Tales, translated by Zimmern. 1884

See also Carmen Sylva.

Sylvia's Home Book of Family Management and Economy, ilius....

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