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Sylvia's Home Journal of Tales, Stories, Fashion and Needlework,
from January, 1 890

TACT, Push, and Principle, by Thayer. 1888 2038!*

Taff (The). See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7i3H.

Tailor, Wanderings of a Journeyman [1824-1840], through Europe

and the East, by Holthaus. 1844 7&SQ

Tales of Adventure, Mystery and Imagination, by Edgar Allen Poe 205 iR
Talleyrand (The Princesse De). See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.


Tallien (Madame). See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Talmud. See Gentleman's Magazine [Light from the], v. 44, N.S., 7647. Qur.r-

terly Review, v. 123, 12537.

Tangiers. See New Review [Sketches in], v. 2, 33527.
Tarawera. See Payton's New Zealand, 87oK.
Tasmania. See Manchester Science Lectures [Aborigines of], 2I27R. Nature,

v. 41, 27017.

Tawe (The). See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7i3H.
Taxation. See Universal Review [and Finance], v. 3, 33237. Contemporary

Review [The Betterment Tax], v. 57, 20677.

Taxidermy. See Hutchison's Indoor Games and Recreations, 1255^
Taylor (Rev. W. M.). See Quiver, v. 32, 33027.
Tea. See Chambers' [the Revolution in], v. 66, 19667.
Teachers- See Health Exhibition. Literature [Training of Teachers and Technica

Teaching, c.], 963-6^
Teak. See Ward's Timber, 2I28R.

Tees. See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7i3H.
Teeth. See Knowledge [and their Variations], v. 13, 25937.
Telegraph. See Century [Telegraphing in Battle], v. 38, 18887. Chambers'

[Early], v. 66, 19667.

Telephone, The. See English Mechanic [The New Mechanical], v. 50, losoD.
Temperance Progress, Facts and Figures for Temperance Workers IO4OF
See also Atlantic Monthly, v. 63, 1553]. Century Magazine [Temperance

Question in India], v. 38, 18887, &c.

Templer (Mrs. II.), A Labour of Love under the Red Cross during

the Late War [Franco-German War, 1870-71]. 1872 2O36R

Tenants. See Contemporary Review [The Position of the Irish], v. 56, 20667.
Teneriffe. See Nineteenth Century [Health seeking in], v. 26, 22367.
Tennant (Dorothy,). See Stanley (Mrs. Henry M.).
Tennyson (Lord). See Atlantic Monthly, v. 65, 15557- Dawson's Makers of

Modern English, 458F. Universal Review [Gallic Study of], v. 4,

3324J, &c.

Tenures. See Gentleman's Magazine [some Curious], v. 42, N.S., 7627.
Textiles. See Health Exhibition Literature, g6?K.
Thames. See Boy's Own Annual [A Week on the], v. 3, 29537. J ei "ome's Three

Men in a Boat, 2O46R. Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom,

7 i 3 H.
Thayer (William M.), From Printing Office to the Court of St. James,

The Boyhood and Manhood of Benjamin Franklin. 1890 568O

Printer Boy, or How Benjamin Franklin Made his Mark 5670

Tact, Push and Principle. 1888 2O38R

Theatres. See Chambers' [A Greek Theatre], v. 66, 19667. Murray [Theatre

Fires in 1889], v. 7, 14677.
Thebes. See Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329^

Theism, Christian, by Row. 1890 93A

[Is there a God ? Will Man Survive this Existence ?. &c.].

Witness of Reason and Nature to an All-Wise and Beneficent

Creator, by Tulloch. 1855 856A

Themistokles. See Cox's Greek Statesmen, 320!'.

Thermometer, The. See Girl's Own Annual [What does the Thermometer Say ?],

v. n, 25617.

Thermopylae. See Murray's Magazine, v. 7, 14677.

Thibet. See Contemporary Review [Philosophical Buddhism in], v. 57, 20677.
Thirlwall (Connop), D.D., Essays, Speeches and Sermons, edited by

Perowne. 1880 5i?D

Tholuck (A. F.), D.D., Translation and Commentary on the Book

of Psalms, translated by Mombert. 1856 854A

Thomas (Dudley Hardress). See Supplement to the Fiction Class List follow-
ing the General Catalogue.

Thomson (J.) and Smith (E. Harris), Ulu 34MX

Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of The Dog), by Jerome K.

Jerome. 1889 , 2046 and 2O75R



Thrift. Sec Blackwood [Improvident], v. 147, 2iyJ. Health Exhibition Litera-
ture [in Schools], ^K.

Thring(Rev. Edward, b. 1821, d. 1887). See Times' Register of Events, &c., R.L.

Through Norway with Ladies, by Williams, illustrated. 1877 869K

Thudlchum (John L. W. ) Alcoholic Drinks [Int. Health Ex.]. 1884 954K

Ticllborne Claimant. See Gentleman's Magazine [Untold Incidents of], v. 8,^
N.S., 728J ; v. 12, N.S., 732J. Temple Bat, v. 85, 14157- Williams'
Leaves of a Life, 376F.

Tigers. See Chambers' [Trapping], v. 66, 1966 J.

Tiles. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Timber and some of its Diseases, by Ward [Nature Series], ill. 1889 2128$

See also Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM. Blakelee's Simple Mechanics

[and its Management], 9580.

Timoleon. See Westminster Review [The Liberator of Sicily], v. 132. R.L.

Tingry (P. F.), Painter's and Colourman's Complete Guide. 1831 107 iM

Tintyra. See Wonders of Nature and Art, 1329!!.

Tippu-Tib. See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, v. i, 873!^.

Tirebuck (W.), Great Minds in Art, with an Introduction on Art
and Artists. 1888

Tithes. See Contemporary, v. 57, 20677. New Review [Tithes Bill, how to get
it through the House of Commons], v. 2, 33527.

Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), Life and Times of, by Crowe and Caval-

caselle, 2 vols. 1881 48-9F

Title-Page, The. See Universal Review [History of the], v. 4, 33247.

Tobacco, A Counter-blaste to, written by King James I., edited by

Goldsmid. 1884 I73T

See also Barrie's Lady Nicotine, 204gR. Chambers' [as a Disinfectant], v.

66, 19667.

Todhunter (J.), M.A., William Whewell, an Account of his Writ-
ings, 2 vols. 1876 64-5F

Tolstoi (Count Leon), Boyhood, Adolescence and Youth, translated

by Popoff . 1890 5070

Tone. See Romanes' Mental Evolution, 1335!!.

Tools. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Fitting up and Using], 9580.

Toothache. See Chambers' [Toothache Charms], v. 66, ig66J.

Tovey (Charles) Wine and Wine Countries, a Record and Manual

for Wine and Wine Consumers. 1877 2I25R

Towers. See Chambers' [Leaning Towers], v. 66, 19667.

Towle (Mrs. Charles [E.A.T.]), A Memoir of Alexander Heriot

Mackonochie, edited by E. F. Russell. 1890 7360

Towns. See Mozley's Reminiscences, 2o67-8R.

Toynbee (Arnold). See Cpchrane's Useful Lives, 5080.

Toys. See Chambers [Ancient and Modern], v. 66, 19667.

Trade Unionism. See Nineteenth Century [the New], v. 26, 22367. Murray's
Magazine [New and Old], v. 7, 14677.

Trades. See Contemporary Review, v. 56, 20667.

Transpositions, Enigmas, Charades, &c. 1810 2O7iR

Traps and Trapping. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

Travel and Geography, Stanford's Compendium of, with maps and

illustrations, 6 vols. 1883-1888 849-54K

See also All the Year Round [Early Travels in England], v. 42, 18227.

Guinness' Central Africa, 876K. Hebrides, I774R. Payton's New
Zealand, 87oK. Peters' Girl's Own Out-door Book [Travelling],
I256H. Scott's Blossom-Land and Fallen Leaves, I772R. Stanley's
In Darkest Africa [Keltie's Story of Emin's Rescue], 871-2 & 8 73 - 4 K.
Walker's Eastern Life, 866- 7 K ; Roumania, 868K. Williams' Through
Norway, 86gK. Wood's Under Northern Skies, I766R. Macgregor's
Rob Roy Canoe.

Trawling. See Fisheries Exhibition Literature, 976K.

Treasures. See Chambers' 7ournal [and Fortunes], v. 66, 19667.

Tree Gossip, by Heath. 1885 2I46R



Trench (Archbishop). See London Quarterly, v. 71, 86 ij.

Trials of a Country Parson, by Jessopp. 1890 2047 R '

Trollope (T. Adolphus), A Decade of Italian Women, 2 vols. 1859. 1032-30

Fillippo Strozzi, a History of the Last Days of the Old Italian

Liberty. 1860 401

Paul the Pope and Paul the Friar [Paul V.], a Story of an Inter-
dict. 1861 9830

Trotting Horses. See Atlantic Monthly, v. 63, 1553].

Trustees. See Contemporary Review [Perils of], v. 57, 20677.

Truth. See Universal Review [and Delusion], v. 3, 33237.

Tuck (Robert), B.A., A Handbook of Biblical Difficulties. 1886.... 853A
Tulloch (John), D.D., Theism, the Witness of Reason and Nature

to an All- Wise and Beneficent Creator. 1855 856A

See also London Quarterly, v. 71, 86iJ.

Tulloch (W. W.), The Story of the Life of the Emperor William,

told for Boys and Girls all over the World. 1888 14030

Tully (Thomas K.), and Ranking (B. Montgomerie), Quiver of

Love, a Collection of Valentines, Ancient and Modern

[Poetry], illustrated. 1880 19222

Tupper (Martin F., b. 1810, d. 1889). See Times' Register of Events, R.L.
Turf, The. See New Review [Turf Reform], v. 2, 33527. Runciman's Joints in

our Social Armour [the Ethics of], 2osoR.
Turkey. See Contemporary Review [Christians and Kurds in Eastern Turkey],

v.s6, 2o66J. Lusignan's Abdul Hamid, 4140.

Turks, Domestic Manners of the [Pardoe's City of the Sultan]. 1854 176711.
Turpentine. See Tingry's Colourman's Guide, 1071 M.
Twain (Mark [S. L. Clemens]), Life of. See Twain's Choice Humorous Works,

i 49 6X.

Twining (Thomas). See London Quarterly, v. 69, 8597.
Tyne, The. See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 713!!.
Tyrol. See Month at Gastain, i77iR.

U LCEBS. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness. 94 6K.
Ultramarine. See Tingry's Colourman's Guide, 1071 M.

Ulu, by Thomson and Harris-Smith 34I4X

Umbrella, The. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Under Northern Skies, by Wood, illustrated. 1886 I766R

Unemployed, The. See White's Problems of a Great City, 444H.

Unionist Fusion. See Contemporary Review, v. 57, 20677.

United States. See Westminster Review [Army], v. 132, R.L. Atlantic Monthly

[Pension Office], v. 65, 1555!. Fisheries Exhibition Literature [Fishery

Industries], 974K.
Universities. See Health Exhibition Literature [Organisation of University

Education], g6$K.

Untrodden Paths in Roumania, by Mrs. Walker. 1888 868 K

Urwick (W.), M.A., Indian Pictures drawn with Pen and Pencil ... 3146:
Usages, Customs, &c. See Wilde's Ireland [Ancient], 96oF.
Usk. See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 7i3H.

V ACCUSATION. See English Mechanic, v. 50, 10500.
Vagrants. See London Quarterly, v. 69, 85gJ.
Valentine's Day. See Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Varnish, and Varnishing. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Vasa (Gustavus). See Macaulay's Stories, 3044X



Vaux (Calvert), Villas and Cottages, a Series of Designs prepared

for Execution in the United States, illustrated. 1874 ......... 955^>

Veils. See Woman's World [Bridal], v. 2, 1889, R.L.

Venice. See Murray's Magazine [Old Venice], v. 6, 14667.

Venetia. See Harper [Vezietian Boats], v. 80, i66oj.

Ventilation, Wanning, and Lighting for Domestic Use, by Gallon. 95 iK

- See also Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling:, 94oM.

Venus, the Planet. See Chambers' Journal, v. 66, 19667.

Verne (Jules). See Boys' Own Annual, v. 2, 2952}.

Versailles. Sec Good Words [A Glance at], v. 31, 22oiJ.

Veterinary Remedies, a useful Handbook on Medicines for Animals,

by Heatley. 1885 ...................................................... 9851^

Vidocq (F. J.), Memoirs of, as a Convict, Spy, and Agent of the

French Police ............................................................ iSoiX

Vikings, The. See Scottish Review, January, 1890.

Villages. See Mozley's Reminiscences, 2o67-8R. Knowledge [Village Commu-
nities], v. 13, 2593J. Acland's Health in the Village, 95iK. Health


Exhibition Literature [Health, Work, and Play in Village Life],
Villas and Cottages, a Series of Designs prepared for Execution in

the United States, by Vaux. 1874 ................................. 955D

- See also Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, Q4oM.

Vincent (Bishop). See Cochrane's Useful Lives, 5080.

Vinci (Leonardo Da), Life of, with an Account of his Works, by

Brown. 1828 ........................................................... 554O

Michelangelo and Raphael, by Clement, translated by Corkran, ill. 22^Y
Violin and Flute. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.
Visions, Apparitions, and Presentiments, by Jung-Stilling, translated

byjackson. 1834 ...................................................... 2O7QR

Vogt (Carl). See Buchner's Man in the Past, Present and Future, I332H.
Volcanoes. See Nature, v. 41, 27oiJ.

Vorinan (W. II.), Davos, its Local, Physical and Medical Aspects. 475T
Voyage alone in the Yawl Rob Roy, by Macgregor. 1881 ............ 877K

Voyages. See Blackwood [some Eventful], v. 147, 2IJJ.

AAf AGNEB (R.). See London Quarterly, v. 70, 86oJ.

"Wagons and their Management. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

Wakeman (H. O.), M.A., Life of Charles James Fox. 1890 I379O

Waldenses of Italy, History of the, from their Origin to the Re-
formation, by Comba, translated by T. E. Comba. 1889 851 A

Wales, Poetry of, edited by Jenkins. 1873 I42OM

Specimens of the Poetry of the Ancient Welsh Bards, translated

into English with Notes by Evans !33iH

See also Quarterly Review [The Church in], v. 170, i3ooj.

Walford (Edward), Speeches of Thomas, Lord Erskine, with a

Memoir of his Life. 1880 5iSD

Wallack (Lester), Memories of Fifty Years, illustrated. 1889 375F

"Walls. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling. 94oM.

Walpole (Horace), Letters of, edited by C. D. Yonge, with portraits

and illustrations, 2 vols. 1890 ^6i-2F

Sec also Temple Bar, v. 88, i4i8J.

Walpole (Sir Robert), A Political Biography [1676-1745], by Ewald. 669F

Walpole (His Excel. Spencer), British Fish Trade [Fisheries Ex.]... 97oK

Walton (Izaak). ^Atlantic Monthly, v. 65, I555J.

"V\Tar. See Runciman's Joints in Our Social Armour, 2O5oR.


Ward (Caroline), National Proverbs in the Principal Languages of

Europe. 1 842 I Q26Z

"Warner (Charles Dudley)- See Good Words, v. 30, 22ooJ.

Warre (Edraond) and others, Athletics, or Physical Exercise and

Recreation [International Health Exhibition]. 1884 95oK

Warren (S.)> Intellectual and Moral Development of the Present

Age 1509, 1510 and i854X

Washington. See Manning's American Pictures, 3iiI3.

Water and Water Supplies and Unfermented Beverages, by Attfield. 954K

- Organic Analysis of Potable Waters, by Blair. 1890 545 R

Water- Service. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, g-pM.

"Waterloo, Battle of. See Headley's Old Guard, ig2^Z.

Wealth. See Universal Review [The Gospel of], v. 6, 33267.

"Wear, The. See Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom, 713!!.

Weasels. See Wood's Dominion of Man, 2i3oR.

Weather, The. See Chambers', v. 66, ig66J. Lippincott [Weather Prophets],
v- 45, 33?iJ- Murray [Weather Forecasting], v. 7, 14677. Times'
Register of Events [Daily Charts and Monthly Reports] from 1877, R.L.

Wedderburn (Sir D.), M.P., Life of, compiled from his Journals

and Writings, by his Sister, Mrs. Percival. 1884 6oF

"Weddings. See Chambers' [Peculiar], v. 66, 19667.

Wedgwoods, A Group of Englishmen (179510 1815), being Records
of the Younger Wedgwoods and their Friends, embracing
the History of the Discovery of Photography, by Mete-
yard . 1871 42F

Weir (H.), F.R.H.S., Our Cats' and all about their Varieties, Habits

and Management, illustrate;!. 1889 2i2gR

Wellesley (Richard Cowley, Marquess, Brother of tJie Duke of

IVeUinoton, b. 1760, d. 1842), K.G., Life of, by Malleson ... 6iF

Wellington. See Payton's New Zea'and, 87oK.

Wells. See Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Westminster Abbey, The Children of, by Rose G. Kingsley. 1886 10340

[See under author for contents.]

Westmoreland. See Reminiscences of a Boyhood. 4720.
Westropp (Hodder M.), Handbook of Pottery and Porcelain, or

History of those Arts from the Earliest Period, illus. 1880 II74M
Wheelbarrows. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, gsSD.
Wheeldon (J. P.), Angling Clubs and Preservation Societies of

London and the Provinces [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 9/2K

Practical Lessons in the Gentle Craft [Fisheries Exhibition]. 1884 972K
Whelks. See Fisheries Literature [Molluscs, &c., used for Food or Bait], 97sK.
Whewell (W., Master of Trinity College, Cambridge], D.D., an

Account of his Writings, &c., by Todhunter, 2 vols. 1876... 64-5F
WhigS. See Macmillan [and Imperial Federation], v. 61, cgij.

White (Arnold), The Problems of a Great City. 1886 444!!

White (Rhoda E.), From Infancy to Womanhood, a Book of In-
struction for Young Mothers. 1882 2O74R

White Umbrella in Mexico, by F. H. Smith, illustrated. 1889 I775R

Whitewashing. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics, 9580.

Wilde (Lady), Ancient Cures, Charms and Usages of Ireland. 1890 9boF

Willett (E. H.), F.D.A., and Anson (Corn. C. V.), R.N., Oyster

Culture [Fisheries Exhibition Literature]. 1884 98oK

William I. {German Emperor and King of Prussia), a Succinct

Biography, by Forbes. 1888 , 52iO

Williams (Jos. W.), British Fossils and where to Find Them. 1890 I46R
Williams (Montagu), Q.C., Leaves of a Life, Reminiscences. 1890 376-7F



Wilson (Daniel, Antiquarian, b. 1816), F. S.A.Scot., Oliver

Cromwell and the Protectorate. 1848 2440

Winchester, by Kitchen [Historic Towns]. 1890 i6;oR

Royal, The Ancient Capital of England, by L'Estrangc. 1889... 44$H

See also Bunyan's Memoirs of McDougall, 44 & 4sF.

"Windows. See Chambers, v. 66, io66J. Wheeler's Choice of a Dwelling, 94oM.

Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [Management of], 958D.
Wine. See Health Exhibition Literature [/Esthetic Use of], 956K.
"Winter. See Good Words [Wonders of], v. 30, 22ooJ.
Wire Fences. See Blakelee's Simple Mechanics [How to Build], 9580.
Wisby. See Wood's Under Northern Skies, 1766!*.

Witches in New England, by Mathers. 1862 2O43R

Wizards, The Young Wizard, by Hoffmann [Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] 2958}
Wolfe (General). See Boys' Own Annual, v. 12, 2962,). Grant's Constable of

France, 6cc. [a Memoir of], 928X.
Woman in Health and Sickness, or what She ought to Know for the

Exigencies of Daily Life, by Bell. 1889 946 K

Womanhood, From Infancy to, a book of Instruction for Young

Mothers, by White. 1882 2O74R

"Women, Child-Life and Girlhood of Remarkable Women, by Adams 393F
Intellectual Education and its Influence on the Character and

Happiness of Women, by Emily Shirreff. 1858 H23F

Italian, by T. A. Trollope, 2 vols. 1859 1032-30

See also Christian World [Woman's Work], 25gJ.

Wonders of the Invisible World, Tryals of" Several Witches in New

England, by Mather. 1862 2O43R

Wood (Sir Andrew, of Largo). See Grant's Constable of France [Captain of the
Yellow Frigate and Admiral of James III.], g28X.

Wood (Rev. J. G.), M.A., Out of Doors. 1890 2I32R

See also Boys' Own Annual [as a Gymnast], v. u, 2961.7.

Wood (Miss), Food and Cookery for Infants and Invalids. 1884... 954K

Wood- Char coal. See Chambers', v. 66, ig66J.

Woodward (B. B.), and Grey (P.), Sea- Weeds, Shells and Fossils I42R

Word Portraits of Famous Writers, by Wotton. 1887 2O37R

Words, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas, by

Miiller. 1888 93M

Wordsworth (Christopher, Bishop of Lincoln, b. 1807, d. 1885), by

T. H. Overton and Elizabeth Wordsworth, with portraits 63F

Wordsworth (William). See Dawson's Makers of Modern English, 458 F.

W~ork. See Blyth's Diet in Relation to Health and Work, 954K. Nineteenth
Century [Brain Work and Manual Work], v. 27, 2237J.

Worlds, Unity of, Essays, by Powell. 1855 I333H

Worms. See Bell's Woman in Health and Sickness, 946K.

Wray (J. Jackson), Nestleton Magna 3448X

"Wrecks. See Every Day Heroes [Foundering of the Dal/iousie], 14550.

Wrestling, Fencing, and Boxing, by Pollock, Mitchell, and Arm-
strong [Badminton Library]. 1889 II38M

Wright (G. F.), D.D., The Ice Age in North America, and its
Bearings upon the Antiquity of Man, illustrated. 1889

Wright (Marcus J.). See Lee (R. E., Confederate General).

Wright (Thomas), M.A., St. Patrick's Purgatory, an Essay on the
Legends of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise, current during the
Middle Ages. '1844 877F

Wynter (Andrew), M.D., Borderlands of Insanity and other Papers,
with additions by ]" M. Granville. 1877 , 945


YELLOWSTONE. See Manning's American Pictures, 31 iB.

"Yew. See Ward's Timber, 2I28R.

Yonge (C. D.), M.A., Letters of Horace Walpole, with portraits and

illustrations, 2 vols. 1890 46i-2p

Yosemite. See Manning's American Pictures, 3iiB.

Young 1 Debater and Chairman's Assistant 2O72R

See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, 8 73 - 4 K.
Zoology. See Stanley's In Darkest Africa, 873-4K. Nature, v. 41, 2jorJ.



Or Authors who have changed their Names.

Italics signify original proper names (not Pseudonyms) which have been
changed by Marriage, &*c.





Adeler (Max)

A. F. T

A. G

A. K. H. B

Alexander (Mrs.)...
Alice (Cousin)

Allen (F. M.)

Allen (Grant)

Allendale (Alfred) ... .

A.L.O.E. [A Lady of England].
Amateur Casual ...

A. M. B

Amelia (Annie)

Amelia (Ellen)

Amicus Cur ice
Anglo-Catholicus. . .

Anglus (Phil)

Ann of Swansea ...



Armytage (Dudley)
Armytage (Ernest)

Augusta Louisa ...
'Aunt Judy
Austin (A.)


Brierley (Ben).

Clarke (Charles Heber).

Tytler (Anne Eraser.

Giberne (Agnes).

Boyd (Rev. Andrew K. H.).

Hector (Mrs. Annie F.).

Tabor (Miss E.).


Wilson (J. A.).

Hook (Theodore E.).

Tucker (Miss C. M.).

Greenwood (James).

Browne (Montagu).

Garrett (Annie Amelia).

Garrett (Ellen Amelia).

Collier (John Payne).

Drummond (H.).*

Manners (Lord James).

Penn (William).

Kemble (Frances Ann).

Guthrie (F. Anstey).

Willes (Irwin).

Irving (Rev. E.).

Andrews (M. P.).

Axon (William E.).

Axon (W. E. A.).

Blake (W.).

Lyons (Lady).

Gatty (Mrs.).

W 7 ilson (Prof. J.)





B (Lord)


Baldwin (Edward)

Balfour (Clara)

Barebones (Caustic)
Barker, Lady
Barrister-at-Law ...


Beatrice ...

Bede (Cuthbert)

Bell (Acton)

Bell (Currer)

Bell (Ellis)

Bellamy (Thomas)
Beranger (Paul) ...

Berwick (E. L. A.)

Biblicus ...

Bickerstaff (Isaac)

Biglow (Hosea) ...
Billings (Josh)

Bird (Isabella*)

Blackburne (E. Owens)

Blinkingsop (Viceshnus), LL.D.

Bobbin (Tim)

Bon Gaultier
Bon Gaultier
Bounce (Benjamin)
Bouverie (B.)


.Braddon (Miss M. E. )

Breitmann (Hans)

Brightwell (Richarde)

Brown (Mrs.)

Brown (Thomas [the Younger])..,

Brownngg (H.) ...

Buck (Ruth)

Burton (Robert) ...

Butt (B. Mary)


Carr (Comyns) ...
Carre (Thomas) ... '...
Carroll (Lewis) ...
Caxton (Pisistratus)

C. A. W

C. C



C. E. M

Chamier (Captain)
Charlotte Elizabeth


Brougham (Lord).

Gilbert (W. S.).

Godwin (William).

Hemans (Mrs.).

Bridges (Thomas).

Broome (Lady F. N.).

Eardley (Sir J. E.).

King (Richard Ashe).

Manning (Anne).

Bradley (Rev. Edward).

Bronte (Agnes).

Bronte (Charlotte).

Bronte (Emily).

Janson (Sir Henry).

Collin (J. G. D.)

Reynolds (James).

Tulloch (Alexander), D.D.

Steele (Sir Richard).

Lowell (James Russell).

Shaw (A. W.).

Bishop (Mrs.).

Casey (Elizabeth).

Hook (Theodore).

Collier (John).

Aytoun (William E. ).

Martin (Theodore).

Poe (Edgar Allan).

Carew (Henry).

Gladstone (Right Hon. W. E.).

Dickens (Charles).

Maxwell (Mrs. John).

Leland (C. G.).

Frith (John).

Rose (George).

Moore (Thomas).

Jerrold (Douglas).

Lamb (Mrs. Joseph).

Crouch (Nathaniel).

Hutt (Mrs. W.).

Anstey (Christopher).

Williams (Josh.).

Pinckney (Miles).

Dodgson (Rev. C. Lutwidge).

Jones (Henry).

Lytton (Edward Bulwer, Lord).

W T heeler (C. A.).

Clark (Charles).

Tongue (Cornelius).

Owen (Robert).

Mudie ( ).

Jones (William).

Tonna (Mrs. C. E.).



Chevalier (The) Ramsay (A. M.).

Chilly Charley Clark (Charles).

Cicero (Marcus Tullius) .. ... Melmoth (William).

Clarence (Fitzroy) Thackeray (W. M.).

Claribel Barnard (Mrs.).

Clark (Rev. T.) Gait (John).

Clarke (Rev. Mr.) Gait (John).

Cleishbotham (Jedediah) ... Scott (Sir Walter).

Clifford (Charles) Ireland (William Henry).

Clinton (Walter) Adams (W. H. Davenport).

Clyde (Alton) Jeffreys (Mrs. A.).

Coffin (Joshua) Longfellow (H. W.).

Collet (Stephen), A.M Byerley (John S.).

Com us ... ... ... ... Ballantyne (Robert Michael).

Contrasts Gilbert (William).

Conway (Hugh) ... ... ... Fargus (Frederick John).

Comvay (H. Derwent) ... ... Inglis (Henry W.).

Coolidge (Susan) Woolsey (Miss).

Cornwall (Barry) Proctor (Bryan Waller).

Cotton (Robert Turner) Collins (Mortimer).

Country Parson, A Boyd (Rev. A. K. H.).

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