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See also Alison's Europe, 119-250. Green's French Pictures, 334B. France, &c.

BrittOH (T. A.), Dry Rot in Timber. 1875

Broadstone of Honour, by Digby, Vol. III. Morus [Religious

History]. 1848

Brock (Mrs. Carey, Popular Authoress, ivife of the Dean of Guernsey). See

Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Brock (Mrs. Henry F.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.





Brock (Daniel De Lisle, Bailiff of Guernsey, b. 1762, d. 1842)

[Tupper's Life of Sir I. Brock, Appendix B] 5306 and 975Q

See also Stephen's Biography, R.L., &c.

Brock (Major General Sir I., born at Gtiernsey, 1769, Shot in battle

1812), K.B., Family Records, by Tupper. 1835 642F

- Life and Correspondence of, edited by Tupper. 1845. ...5300 and 975Q
Brock Family. See Tupper's Family Records, 6^Y. See also Supplement, &c.
Brock (M.), M.A., The Cross: Heathen and Christian, a Frag-
mentary Notice of its Early Pagan Existence and Subse-
quent Christian Adoption. 1879 242M

Brock (T., Rector of St. Pierre Du-Bois, and Late Commissary
of Guernsey, b. 1777, d. 1850), M.A., Memoirs of, by H.
Carey. 1851 976Q

Brockhuizen (J. V.) [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe] ... 473D

Broderip (W. J., Naturalist, b. 1787, d. 1859), F.R.S., Zoological

Recreations. 1849 ; 7I5F

Brodie (Sir B. C., Eminent Surgeon, First President General Medical
Council, b. 1783, d. 1862), Biographical Sketch of, by
Acland. 1864 53iO

Brodie (G., Scottish Historian, b. 1786, d. 1867), Constitutional
Government of the British Empire : Charles I. to the Restora-
tion, 3 vols. 1866 2I2-4H

Brodribb (W. J.), M.A., Demosthenes [An. Clas. for Eng. Read.] n62Q

Brodribb (W. J.), M.A., and Church (A. J.), M.A., Agricola and

Germany of Tacitus. 1885 796M

Annals of Tacitus. 1888 794M

- History of Tacitus. 1888 795M

Brodrick (Hon. G. C.), Local Government in England, edited by

Probyn. 1882 3O3R

Broglie (A. C. L., V. Due de, French Diplomatist, b. 1789, d. 1870),

Personal Recollections, trans, ancl edited by Beaufort, 2 vols. 645-6F
Broglie (Victor Fran9ois, Due de, b. 1718, d. 1789), King's Secret

[Secret Correspondence of Louis XV. 1752-1774], 2 vols.... 426-7H

[Senior's Conversations] 434-5H

See also Alison's Europe, 139-60, &c.

Bromfield (J.), Lower Brittany and the Bible there, its Priests and

People. 1863 i38oR

See also Hope (T).

Bromwell (W. J.), History of Emigration to the United States. 1856. 346D

Bronson (Mrs. A.). See Lawless (Hon. E.).

Bronte (Anne, [Acton Bell] Novelist, b. 1820, d. 1849). See Fiction Class List

following the General Catalogue.
Bronte (Charlotte [Currer Bell], Eminent Novelist, b. 1816, d. 1855),

A Monograph, by Reid, illustrated. 1877 532O

- Life of, by Gaskell, 2 vols. 1859 192-3Z and 1774-5^

Sec also Adam's Women of Letters, &c., 10480. Adam's Celebrated

Englishwomen, 12820. Bayne's Two Great Englishwomen, loioO.
Stephen's Hours in a Library, no4R, &c.

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Bronte (Emily [Ellis Bell], Novelist, b. 1818, d. 1848), by Robinson. 5330

See also Swinburne's Miscellanies, 13400. Fiction Class List, &c.
Bronze Age. See Donnelly's Atlantis, ioi7M. Worsaae's Denmark, io35M, &c.

and Stone Ages. See Anderson's Scotland in Pagan Times. 896F, &c.

Copper and Iron Work [Industrial Arts] 1042^!

Bronzes, by Fortnum, illustrated IO55-M

Brooke (Sir J., Rajah of Sarawak, b. 1803, d. 1868), K.C.B.,

Private Letters of, edited by Templer, 3 vols. 1853 334-6O



Brooke (Laurence). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Brooke (M.), History of Henry, Earl of Moreland. 1815 4o8F

Brooke (Stopford A.), M.A., English Literature [Literature Primers,

edited by Green]. 1879

Ed., Life and Letters of F. W. Robertson, 2 vols. 1882 948-90

Brookes (T.), Select Works of, edited by Bradley, 2 vols. 1824.... 140-41 M

Brooks (C. T.). See Poets of America, 4 68D, &c.

Brooks (I- G.). See Poets of America, 468D, &c.

Brooks (M.)- Sec Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Brooks (R.)j M.D., General Gazetteer and Geographical Dictionary,

edited and revised by Smith. 1876 34D

Brooks (Shirley), Russians of the South [Travellers' Library]. 1855 126511
Brooks (S.). See Frith's Reminiscences, 6i6F and 6i6Fa, &c.

Brookleigll Manor and its Penny Readings, by Doggett H55Z

Brook- Smith (J.). See Smith (J. Brook).

Broome (E. W.), Rev. Rowland Hill, Preacher and Wit, with Intro-
duction by Stoughton. 1881

Broome (W.), LL.D., Poetical Works and Life by Johnson [Bell's

Poets of Great Britain]. 1807

Brougham (II., Lord, Author and Statesman, b. 1779, d. 1868),
F.R.S., Dialogues on Instinct, with Analytical View of the

Researches on Fossil Osteology. 1845 743^

Discourse on the Objects, Advantages and Pleasures of Science,

illustrated. 1831 425T

Historical Sketches of Statesmen who Flourished in the Time of

George III., 3 vols. 1845 3O4-6T

?vlen of Letters and Science of the Time of George III. 1845 ... 353F

Works of, II vols. 1855-7 :

Vol. i. Lives of Philosophers of the Time of George III. : Black. Watt.
Priestly. Cavendish. Davy. Simson. Adam Smith. La-
voisier. Banks. D'Alembert 59?R

Vol. 2. Men of Letters of the Time of George III. : Voltaire. Rousseau.

Hume. Robertson. Johnson. Gibbon 598R

Vols. 3-5.- Statesmen of the Time of George III. and IV. : Lords Chatham,
North, Loughborough, Thurlow and Mansfield. Chief-Justice
Gibbs. Sir William Grant. Burke. Fox. Pitt. Sheridan.
Windham. Dundas. Erskine. Perceval. Lord Grenville. Grat-
tan. Wilberforce. Canning. Sir Samuel Romilly. John,
Fourth Duke of Bedford. Earl Camden. John Wilkes and
Demagogue Arts. Lord Eldon. Sir William Scott. Laurence.
Sir Philip Francis. Home Tooke. Lord Castlereagh. Lord
Liverpool. Tierney. Lords St. Vincent, Nelson, King, Home,
Ricardo, and Ellenborough. Chief-Justice Bushe. Lord Hol-
land. John Allen. Lord Abinger. Sir W. Follett. Justice
Williams. John Dunning. Lord Plunkett. Duke of Welling-
ton. Recollections of the Bar and Bench. French Revolution.
Neckar. Madame de Stae'l. Mirabeau Family. Carnot. La-
fayette. Talleyrand. Tallien. Ney. Brissot. French
Bar during the Revolution. Napoleon. Washington. Carrol.
Jefferson. Franklin. Frederick II. Gustavus III. Emperor
Joseph. Empress Catherine. Appendix : Elizabeth, and Mary

Queen of Scots 599-601 R

Vol. 6. Natural Theology : Dialogues on Instinct. Structure of the Cells

of Bees. Fossil Osteology 6o2R

Vol. 7. Dissertations and- Addresses : Eloquence of the Ancients. Rec-
torial Address at Glasgow. Contributions to Edinburgh Review.

Objects, Pleasures and Advantages of Science

Vol. 8. Dissertations, Historical and Political'. Historical View of
Foreign Policy. War Measures and Balance of Power. Penal
Legislation. Revolutions. Principles of Reform. Right of
Search. Education



Brougham, Works of -.(continued.}

Vols. 9-10. Social and Political SpeccJies ' Military Flogging. Queen
Caroline. Libel on the Durham Clergy. Army Estimates.
Holy Alliance. Education Law in Ireland. Imprisonment for
Debt. Bedchamer Question. Wellington Festival. Commerce,
and Manufactures Liverpool Election and Mechanics' Institute.
Slave Trade, Case of Rev. John Smith. Negro Slavery and
Apprentices, State of the Law. Local Courts. Parliamentary
Reform. Poor Laws ........................................ 6os-6R

Vol. ii. British Constitution '. its History, Structure and Working ____ 596R
- Memoirs of, by Harwood. 1840 ......................................... I95Z

- See also Alison's Europe, 139-50. Campbell's Chancellors, 7740. Greville's

Memoirs. Harris' Radicals, uo6F. Heatons Reform, 4560. Martineau's
Thirty Years' Peace, 4496. Napier's Correspondence, 273H. Torren's
Memoirs of Viscount Melbourne, 385-6F, &c.

Broughton (Rt. Hon. Lord), G.C.B., Italy, Remarks made in

several visits from 1816 to 1854, 2 vols. 1859 .. _____ ........ 1409-ioR

Broughton (Rhoda, Novelist, b. 1840). See Fiction Class List following the
General Catalogue.

Broughton (Mrs. V. D.), Ed., Court and Private Life in the Time
of Queen Charlotte, from the Journals of Mrs. Papendick, 2
vols. 1887 ........................................ ., ..................... , 946-7F

Brown (A. G.), Sermons at Stepney Green Tabernacle. 1871 ......... 222K

Brown (C. B.) and Lidstone (W.), Fifteen Thousand Leagues on

the Amazon and its Tributaries. 1878 ............ , .............. 797K

Brown (Charles F.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Brown (F., Blind Irish Poetess, b. 1816). See Dana's Household Book of
Poetry, 4760.

Brown (G. B.), M.A., From Schola to Cathedral, a Study of Early
Christian Architecture, and its Relation to the Life of the
Church. 1886 ............................................................ I95K

Brown (Hugh Stowell, Baptist Minister, b. 1823, d. 1886), Lectures
to the Men of Liverpool. 1858 ....................................

- - Twelve Lectures to Working Men, 2 vols in I ........................ I I3T

Poor Richard's Almanac. Taking Care of Number One. The Devil s Meal
is all Bran. The Seventh Commandment. Waste Not, Want Not.
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. Tell the Truth and
Shame the Devil. Saturday Night. The Lord's Prayer. A Friend
in Need is a Friend Indeed.
Brown (James Baldwin, Independent Minister, l>. 1820), B.A., Buying

and Selling, and Getting Gain, a Pastoral for the Times 227M

- Misread Passages of Scripture. 1869 ................................. J 83Q

- The Higher Life. Sermons. 1874 ....................................... 628M

What is Man, Atheistic Life, Redemption, Pain of Progress, God's Great
World, Martyrs, Sacred Joy, Faint Yet Pursuing, Victory of Life, Keys
of Hell and of Death, Destiny of Man, &c.
- Home in its Relation to Man and to Society. 1883 ...... . ..... &34M

- Memorial of, by E. B. Brown. 1884 .................................. I52F

Brown (John, of H adding ton], Concordance to the Holy Scriptures I3Z
Brown fj., Presbyterian Minister], D.D., Discourses and Sayings of

our Lord Jesus Christ, 3 vols. 1856 .............................. 392-4A

Brown (J., Scotch Writer, l>. 1810, d. 1882), LL.D., Horre Subse-
civae. 1882 .............................................................

Cairns, Chalmers, Our Dogs, Notes on Art, Hallam, Rab and His Friends, &c.


Brown (J., Minister of the Church of Bunyan Meeting, Bedford],
B.A., John Bunyan, His Life and Times, illustrated by

Whymper. 1885 I56F

Brown (Captain John, American Abolitionist, b. 1800, executed 1859),

Life and Letters of, edited by Sanborn. 1 885 1 53F

Life and Letters of [Abolition of Slavery], edited by Webb. 1861 14070

Brown (J. C.), Lambeth Palace and its Associations, ill. 1882 SogK

Brown (R.)> M.A., Countries of the World ; a Popular Description
of the various Continents, Islands, Rivers, Seas and Peoples
of the Globe, illustrated, 4 vols. :

Vol. i. The World of a Thousand Years Ago. Modern Discovery. The
Arctic Regions. The Fir Countries of North America. The

Dominion of Canada. The United States i6oD

Vol. 2. The United States (continued). The Prairies. The Indian Terri-

tory. Mexico. The West Indies i6iD

Vol. 3. Central America. South America 1620

Vol. 4. Oceania. New Zealand. Australia. Tasmania. Malay Archi-
pelago. The Japanese Empire 1630

Brown (R.), M. A., Races of Mankind ; a Popular Description of the
Characteristics, Manners and Customs of the Principal Va-
rieties of the Human Family, 4 vols. in 2 :

Vols. i, 2. The Families of Men. The Americans. North Western Ame-
rican Indians. Indians of California. Indians of the Central
Plains. Pueblo Indians. Other Prairie Tribes. Indians of the
North Eastern States. Canadian Indians. Central American
Indians. South American Indians. Brazilian Indians. Patago-
nians. Peruvians. Hispano - American Life. The Oceanic
Group. The Papuans. Australians, Tasmanians and other
Papuan Races. The Malay Race. The African Stock. Egyp-
tians. Berbers and Nilotic People. The Kaffirs and Allied
Tribes. Hottentots, Bushmen and Allied Tribes. The Negro

and Negroid Races i55D

Vols. 3, 4. The Central Africans. West African Negroes. The Ffons ;
or People of Dahomey. The Egbas, and Tribes of the Bonny
River. The Gaboon Tribes. Tribes of the Fernand Vaz, and
Country to the Eastward. Kroomen, Angolese, Congoese and
Mandingoes. The Slave Trade. The Decay of Wild Races. The
Persian Group. Kurds, Beluchi, Afghans, Paropamisans, Arme-
nians. The Indian Stock. The Aboriginal Races of India. The
Hindoos. The Sinhalese. Laccadave and Maldave Islanders.
The Mongolian Family. The Sub-Himalayans. The Hill Tribes
of Assam. Burmese. Siamese. The MGn of Pegu. The Kho ;
or Kamer of Cambojia. The Anamese and Tonquinese. The
Chinese. The Turanians. The Dioscurian and European

Groups 1560

Brown (R.), M.A., Ed., Science for All, illustrated, 5 vols. :

Vol. i. The Man in the Moon. Hunger. The Light of the Future. A
Piece of Coal. Sleep. Milk. Migrations of Birds. Optical
Illusions. The Telephone. Tides. Geysers. Taking a Pho-
tograph. Iridescent Glass, &c 6266

Vol. 2. The Northern Lights. Why the Sea is Salt. Nuggets and Quartz.
Great Sea Reptiles. Shooting Stars. Teeth. Moles and Mole
Hills. Glaciers. Diamonds. Colour Blindness. Modern Ex-
plosives. Weather Telegraphy, &c 627B

Vol. 3. Corals and their Polypes. Colour of the Sea. Soap Bubbles.
Visible Sound. The Torpedo. Dew and Hoar Frost. Jupiter.
Emeralds and Beryls. Comets. Bending a Bow. Weighing

the Earth. Flowers and Insects, c 62/Ba

Vol. 4. How Plants were Distributed over the Earth. Meteoric Stones.
Earthquakes. Fogs. A Grain of Sand. Sea Anemones. Coal
Gas. Fluorescence. Wanderings of a Pebble. A Sun Dial.
Right-Handedness. Optics of a Lighthouse. Elephants, Flint, c. 6286



Brown (R.). M.A., Ed., Science for All : (continued.']

Vol. 5. Hot Ice. Voice. The Genesis of a Sword. Coal Tar. Weather-
signs and Weather-changes. Anatomy of Ants. Structureless
Animals. What is under London ? A Bar of Soap. Fire-damp
and the Safety-lamp. An Iceberg. Water fleas. A Coal Field.
The Old Life of Europe, &c ................................... 629!?

Brown (Capt. T.), Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom, 2 vols .......... 642-3(5

Brown (T.), M.D., Lectures on Ethics, with a preface by Chalmers 243 M
___ the Philosophy of the Mind, with a Memoir of the author,

by U. Welsh, 4 vols. 1846 .......................................... 575-8H

Brown (Thos., the Younger, pseud.}. See Moore (Thos.).
Brown (W. L.), D.D., Essay on the Existence of a Supreme Creator,
and containing a Refutation from Reason and Revelation, of
the Objections urged against His Wisdom and Goodness ...... I2-I3K

Brown (W.), M.D., Propagation of Christianity among the Heathen

since the Reformation, 3 vols. 1854 .............................. 264-6A

Browne (A. J. Jukes), F.G.S., Building of the British Islands. 1888. 555R

- The Student's Handbook of Historical Geology, illustrated. 1886 543R
Browne (C. F.). See Ward (Artemus).

Browne (D. J.), Sylva Americana, or the Forest Trees of the United

States. 1 832 ............................................................. 5 1 D

Browne (G. L.), Life of Wellington [S. P. C.K]. 1856 .................. 9;oQ

- Life of Arthur, First Duke of Wellington. 1888 ...................... 14090

- Narratives of State Trials in the Nineteenth Century, 2 vols. 1882

Vol. i. From the Union with Ireland to the Regency. 1801-1811 ........ 3040

Vol. 2. The Regency, 1811-1820. Reign of George IV., 1820-30 .......... 3050

Browne (J. Ross). Crusoe Life. A Narrative of Adventures in the

Island of Juan Fernandez [Harper's New Monthly Magazine] I586J
Browne (M.), Practical Taxidermy, a Manual of Instruction to the
Amateur in Collecting and Setting up Natural History Speci-
mens of all kinds, illustrated .................................... . ..... 32R

Browne (Phillis), Common Sense Housekeeping, House-cleaning,Nurs-

ing, Shopping, Servants, &c ........................................... I423Z

- What Girls Can Do, a book for Mothers and Daughters ......... 98oM

Browne (R. W.), M.A., Trans., Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle,

with notes [Bonn's Library]. 1882 ........ . .................. ..... H57H

Browne (T.), LL.D., The British Cicero, or a selection of the most

admired Speeches in the English Language, 3 vols. 1813.... 882-4H

Speeches of Burke, Fox, Sheridan, Wolfe, Hume, Bromley, St. Aubyn,
Walpole, Carew, Sydenham, Pitt, Flood, Grey, Erskine, Grenville,
North, Shelburne, Shipley, Beaufoy, Thurlow, Elliot, Lansdown,
Hardinge, Curran, Mansfield, Mackintosh, Macdonald, Home
Tooke, &c.
Browne (Sir T.), Stephen's Hours in a Library ......................... HO3R

Browne (W.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Browne (W. H.), Ph.D., Art of Pyrotechny ............ . ......... ......... 86oD

Brownies. See Keighley's Fairies, loogM, &c.

Browning (C.), Domestic and Financial Condition of Great Britain,
and of the Statistics and Politics of France, Russia, Austria
and Prussia. 1834 ..................................................... lOOiF

Browning (E. B., Poetess, wife of JR. Browning, b. 1809, d. 1861),

Aurora Leigh, a Poem. 1857
R. H.

Letters to R. H. Home, edited by Mayer, 2 vols. 1877 .......... 537-8O

Poems. 1887 ................................................................. I757Z



Browning (E. B.) (continued.)

Poetical Works, 5 vols. 1873 :

Vol. i. Drama of Exile. Seraphim. Prometheus Bound. A Vision of
Poets. The Poet's Vow. Romaunt of Margaret. Isobel's
Child, &c 275Q

Vol. 2. Romaunt of the Page. Lay of the Brown Rosary. Rhyme of the

Duchess May. Lady Geraldine's Courtship. Sonnets, c. ... 2j6Q

Vol. 3. -Lost Bower. Lay of the Early Rose. The Dead Pan. A Child's
Grave at Florence. Catarina to Camoens. Sonnets from the
Portuguese. Casa Guidi Windows, &c 27?Q

Vol. 4. Poems before Congress. Last Poems. Translations. Essays.

Greek Christian Poets. Book of the Poets, &c 2;8Q

Vol. 5. Aurora Leigh 279Q

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4?6D. Bayne's Two Great

Englishwomen, xoioO, &c.

Browning 1 (O.), Modern France, 1814-1879 [Harper's Half-Hour

Series]. 1880 . !3oZ

Browning (R., Poet, b. 1812), Ferishtah's Fancies. 1884 , ,,. 644T

Jocoseria [Poems]. 1883 ,.,,. 274(3

Poetical Works, 6 vols. 1878 :

Vol. i. Pauline. Paracelsus. Strafford , . . . , a8oQ

Vol. 2. Sordello. Pippa Passes 2 8iQ

Vol. 3. King Victor and King Charles. Dramatic Lyrics. Return of the

Druses 28aQ

Vol. 4. A Blot in the 'Scutcheon. Colombe's Birthday. Dramatic

Romances 2 %3Q

Vol. 5. A Soul's Tragedy. Luria. Christmas-Eye and Easter-Day. Men

and Women 284(3

Vol. 6. In a Balcony. Dramatis Persona; a8sQ

Selections from the Works of. 1865 286Q

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Gallon's Urbana Scripta,

3i5T. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 472 D. Noel's Essays,

I039H, &c.

Brownists. See Wilson's Dissenters, i88K, &c.
Bruce (A. B.), D.D. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, 6i9-2aA.

Bruce (H. A.), M.P., Ed., Life of Genl. Sir W. Napier, K.C.B. ... 413^
Bruce (J., Discoverer of the Source of the Nile, />. 1730, d. 1794),

The African Traveller, by Head. 1830 ig6Z

Life of, by Head [Fam. Lib.]. 1830 I044Q

Travels through part of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia, into

Abyssinia, with a Memoir of the Author's Life. 1839 584Z

[Jardine's Naturalists' Library] , 654Q

Bruce (L. de). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Bruce (Robert, King of Scotland}. See Robert Bruce.

Brulez (G., fl. 1250) [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe] 473D

Brummel (Beau, favourite of George IV., b. 1778, d. 1840). See Fitzgerald's

Kings and Queens of an Hour, 85 F. Russell's Eccentric Personages,

13070, &c.
Brune (J. De, b. 1585, d. 1658) [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe] 473D

Bruno (G., Italian. Mathematician, b. 1550, burnt as a heretic, 1600). See Lewes

Philosophy, 57 2H, &c.
Brunswick (Duke of, Prussian General, b. 1735, d. 1806). See Alison's Europe,

I2I- 37 O, &C.

Brunton (Mary). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Brussels, Stranger in, by Crowe. 1830 639Z

BrutUS (Marcus Junius, Assassin of C&sar, b. 85, killed himself 4-2 B.C.). See

Plutarch's Lives, 4$oF and 12360.. Niebuhr's Rome, 88H. Roman

History, Caesar, &c.
Bryant (J. H., b. 1807). Set Poets of America, 4680.

4 [97]


Bryant (W. C., American Poet, b. 1794), Letters of a Traveller in

Europe and America, illustrated. 1851 326K

1869 i62oR

Poetical Works. 1880 6;sM

with Griswold's Memoir, ed. by Bayley. 1853 48lZ

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Bryce (Prof.), M.A., Manitoba, its Infancy, Growth, and Present

Condition, illustrated. 1882 458O

Brydges (Sir E., Author and Genealogist, l>. 1762, </.i837). See Griswold's Poets

and Poetry of England, 472D, &c.
Buccaneers, History of the, and Lives of Drake, &c. [Ed. Cab. Lib.]

See also Macfarlane's Robbers, 12242. Thornbury's Monarchs of the Main,

1305-7^ &c.
Buchanan (G., Preceptor of James I., b. 1506, d. 1582) [Nicoll's

Great Scholars] 99iQ

See also Rogers' Scotland, 949-51 F, &c.

Buchanan (C., Missionary, l>. 1766, d. 1815), D.D., Christian Re-
searches in Asia, with Notices of the Translation of the Scrip-
tures into the Oriental Language. 1819 I4K and 244M

Life of, by Pearson. 1834 '. 9^8Q

Memoir of, by Pearson [American Tract Society] 1682^

Buchanan (J.), D.D., Comfort in Affliction, a Series of Meditations. 620

Improvement of Affliction, a Sequel to Comfort in Affliction. 1848 6lQ

Buchanan (R., Scotch Poet, b. 1841), Ballads of Life, Love, and

Humour. 1882 6;sM

Idylls and Legends of Inverburn. 1882 335Q

London Poems. 1867 ,. 6.74M

The Heb'rid Isles, Wanderings in the Land of Lome and the

Outer Hebrides. 1883 I363R

See also Noel's Essays, 1039!!. Stoddart's Late English Poets, 6BjM. Fiction

Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Buck (C., Theologian, b. 1771, d. 1815), A Theological Dictionary... I5K
Bucke (C., Dramatist, b. 1781, d. 1846), Life of Marlborough [Fam.

Lib.]. 1839 10659

Ruins of Ancient Cities [Family Library], 2 vols. 1840 1664-5%

Buckingham [Dugdale's England 'and Wales] 739H

Buckingham and Chandos (Duke of, Statesman, b. 1823),

Courts and Cabinets of William IV. and Victoria, 2 vols SS-gF

Buckingham (Duke of, Favourite ofjamss I., b. 1592, assassinated

1628) [Brodie's British Empire] 2I2H

See also Gardiner's History of England, 464-50, &c.

Buckingham (George Villiers, Duke of, b. 1627, d. 1688), Life and

Times of, by Mrs. Thomson, 3 vols. 1860 IO2OO

- See also Pepys' Diary, 9026, Charles II., &c.

Buckingham (J. S., Traveller, b. 1786, d. 1855), Canada, Nova
Scotia, New Brunswick, and the other British Provinces in

North America, illustrated. 1848 677 K

Buckland (Anna), Story of English Literature . 1 882 898!*.

Buckland (F. T.), M.A., Curiosities of Natural History, 4 vols,

illustrated. 1875-8 :
ist Series. A Hunt in a Horse Pond, Rats, The Cobra Di Capello, Fish

and Fishing, My Monkey Jacko, &c 578 aad 59sQ

and Series. A Geological Auction, The Gamekeeper's Museum, In Me-

moriam, A Hunt on the Sea-Shore, &c 594 and 596Q

3rd Series. Mr. J. Brice, The French Giant, Chang, The tall man of Fy-
chow, The Sea Bear, Performing Fleas, Diving for Pearls,
Talking Fish, &c 59 7 Q



Buckland (F. T.), M.A., Curiosities of Natural History (continued.}
4th Series. Robinson Crusoe at Portsmouth, A Roman Racecourse, A
Zoological Auction, Performing Lions, Bird Catchers, A Happy
Family, &c t 59 SQ

Log-Book of a Fisherman and Zoologist I28K

Natural History of British Fishes, '1 heir Structure, Economic

Uses, and Capture by Net and Rod, &c. [S.P.C.K.], illus.... 13 iR

Life of, by Bom pas. 1885 539O

Buckle (H. T., Historian, b. 1822, d. 1862), Civilization in England,

3 vols. 1873 , I86-8O

Life and Writings of, by Huth, 2 vols. 1880 !54-5F

Buckley (A. B., b. 1840), Fairy Land of Science, illustrated. 1879. 5I3R

Sunbeams. Aerial Ocean. Drop of Water. A Primrose, c.

Life and Her Children [Zoology, Invertebrates], illustrated io6R

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