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proper headings in Fiction, or in the general body of the catalogue,
with the catalogue number specified.

Ceramics. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Keramics. Pottery. Porcelain.
Earthenware, c,



Ceremonial^, Curiosities of, by Marshall. 1880 939F

[Bazaar Book of Decorum] I43IZ

Ceremonies and Customs [Timbs' Works] 85iZ

See also Hone's Works, 934-7F, &c.

Cervantes Saavedra (Miguel de, Spanish Novelist and Poet, b. 1547,
d. 1616), Don Quixote El Buscapie, translated by Ross, and

life of author. 1849 566O

Life and Writings of, by Roscoe [Fam. Lib.]. 1839 io67Q

1839 202Z

See also Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D, &c.

Cesspool. See Teale's Dangers to Health, Q2oK, &c.

Ceswell (H.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Cetewayo (Zulu King). See Cox's Colenso, 622 F. Zulus, &c.

Ceylon, an account of the Island, by Tennent, 2 vols. 1860 627-SK

Coffee Planter of, by Sabonadiere. 1866 8830

in 1883, by Ferguson. 1883 i678R

- Rambles in, by De Butts. 1841 !5iiR

See also Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Cruise of H.M.S.

r> . . T j.n T7- TT- _ ^ _' T ! __ 1 XIT - 1 J _ ^ O T7 1 T JT - 1 T

Bacchante, 787%-. Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Heber's Journey,
i5o6-7R. Lubbock's Primitive Man, 6726. Seward's Travels,
60 1 B, &c.

Chadbourne (P. A.), A.M., Lectures on Natural Theology. 1869 257M
Chadwick (J. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Chain of Life in Geological Time, by Dawson, illustrated 4ogR

Chairman's Handbook, Suggestions and Rules for the Conduct of

Public Meetings, &c. , by Palgrave. 1 883 562T

Chairs. See Glaister's Needlework, 962^!. Furniture, &c.

Chaldaea and Susiana, Researches in 1849-52, by Loftus, illus. 1857 546K
Chaldea to the Rise of Assyria, by Ragozin [Story of the Nations]... 43iO
Chaldean Magic, Its Origin and Development, by Lenormant, tr. 941 F
Chaldeans (The). See Ewald's Israel, 64K. Inman's Ancient Faiths, g$K.
Layard's Nineveh, ss6K. Pressense's Ancient World and Christianity,
ii94M, &c.

Chalk, a Lump of, Its Uses, &c.,by Watt. 1883 54iR

See also Hamerton's Graphic Arts, io76M. Lyell's Geology, 726-7Q. Man-

tell's Geology, 724-50;, &c.

Chalkhill (],,fl. 1648). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 47 6D, &c.
Challoner (R., Catholic Prelate, b. 1691, d. 1781), D.D., Catholic
Christian Instructed in the Sacraments, Sacrifice, Ceremonies

and Observances of the Church i6Z

Chalmers (J.), Workand Adventures in New Guinea, 1877-85, illus. i64iR
Chalmers (Thomas, Scottish Divine, b. 1780, d. 1847), D.D.,
Christian Revelation Viewed in Connection with Modern

Astronomy. 1834 467 A

Discourses on Christian Revelation in Connection with Modern

Astronomy, c. 1855

Chalmers (Thomas), D.D., Political Economy in Connection with

the Moral State and Moral Prospects of Society. 1832 icooF

Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God as manifested in the

Adaption of Eternal Nature to the Moral and Intellectual
Constitution of Men, with a biographical preface by Camming

[Bohn's Library]. 1853 26oM

Sermons at the Iron Church, Glasgow. 1834 226K

by Fraser [Men Worth Remembering]. 1881 11620

Life and Writings, by Hanna, 4 vols. 1 849 1 79-82F

Chamberlaine (C. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index 1640 Ja.

Chambers (G. F., Astronomer], F.R.A.S., Descriptive Astronomy,

illustrated. 1867.... 4 6920



Chambers (Robert, Scottish Author and Publisher, b. 1802, d. 1871),
F.S.A. , Domestic Annals of Scotland, 3 vols. 1859 :

Vols. 1-2. From the Reformation to the Revolution 344-5!!

Vol. 3. From the Revolution to Rebellion of 1745 346 H.

English Language and Literature, with American contributions,

by Robins. 1837 9O7R

Life of Smollett and Selections from his Works. 1867 9640

Popular Rhymes of Scotland. 1870. 677\I

[Curwen's Booksellers] 5206

Chambers (W., Scottish Author and Publisher, b. 1800, d. 1883),

LL.D., The Scottish Church from the Earliest Times to
1881, with an Historical Sketch of St. Giles' Cathedral. 1881 262M
Chambers (W. and R.), Ancient History. 1870 449T

Cyclopaedia of English Literature, a History, Critical and

Biographical, of British and American Authors, with Speci-
mens of their Writings, 8 vols. 1876-9 :
Vol. i. From the Earliest Times to 1625, StfZ. Vol. 2. 1625-1689,

8s8Z. Vols. 3-4, 1689-1780, 859-6oZ. Vols. 5-6. 1780-1830, 86i-2Z.

Vols. 7-8. 1830-1876, 863-4Z.

Mediaeval History. 1870 45oT

Memoir and Autobiographic Reminiscences. 1872 5090

Modern History 45iT

Readings in English Literati re iO7oR

Edinburgh Journal, conducted by W. & R. Chambers, from vol. I.


The serial tales and some of the principal contents will be found under their
proper headings in fiction, or in the general body of the Catalogue, with
the Catalogue number specified. The entire contents from 1844 will be
found in Poole's Index (Reference Library) under subjects required.

Educational Course, Class Book of Science and Literature 56R

Information for the People, 2 vols. 1842 25-6D and ioo-iB

Astronomy, Architecture, Chronology, Chemistry, Cattle, Cloihing, Fisheries,
Flower Garden, Geology, Human Physiology, Horse, Inland Convey-
ance, Luht and Sound, Meteorology, Mechanics, Magnetism, Metal-
lurgy, Maritime Conveyance, Medicine, Natural Philosophy, Pigs,
Systematic Botany, Supply of Water, Vegetable Physiology, Ventilation,
Warming, Anthropology, Asia, Africa, America, Arithmetic, Constitu-
tion of Society, Christian Churches, Commerce, Drawing, Europe,
England, Education, English Grammar, Engraving, Geometry, History
of Rome, Ireland, Language, Logic, Music, Population, Poor Laws,
Practical Morality, Printing, Rhetoric, Social Statistics, Scotland, South

Miscellany of Useful and Entertaining Tracts, 20 vols. in 10 :

Vols. i-2. Life of Louis Philippe. A Tale of Norfolk Island. Story of
Colbert. Happy Families of Animals. Employer and Employed.
Time Enough. My Native Bay. Management of Infants. Pic-
ciola. Life in the Bush. William Tell and Switzerland. Two
Beggar Boys. Widow's Son. Select Poems. Grace Darling.
Volney Beckner. James Maxwell. Maurice and Genevieve.
Religious Impostors. Anecdotes of Dogs. La Rochejaquelein
and the War in La Vendee. Journal of a Poor Vicar. Blanche
Raymond. Romance of Geology. History of the Slave Trade.
Ruysdael. Chevy Chase. Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green 623}%.

Vols. 3-4. Life of Nelson. Temperance Movement. Story of Peter William-
son. _ Joan of Arc. Annals of the Poor. Slavery in America.
A Visit to Vesuvius. Pompeii and Herculaneum. Story of
Baptiste Lulli. Select Poems. Wallace and Bruce. Cases of
Circumstantial Evidence. Story of Richard Falconar. Byron's
Narrative. Goldmaker's Village. Last Earl of Derwentwater.
Heroine of Siberia. Domestic Flower Culture. Insurrection in
Lyons. Hermit of Warkworth, and other Ballads 62.}R



Chambers (W. and R.), Miscellany of Useful and Entertaining
Tracts, 20 vols in 10 (continued.)

Vols. 5-6. Life of Captain Cook. Anecdotes of the Horse. William of
Orange and the Netherlands. Passion and Principle. Life
Assurance : a Dialogue. Excursions to the Oregon. Mrs. Macc-
larty. Scenes from the Cottagers of Glenburnie. The Little
Captive King. Children of the Wilds. Select Poems. Life of
Flora Macdonald. Cleanliness. Anecdotes of the Deaf, Dumb
and Blind. Sir Stamford Raffles and the Spice Islands. Sister
of Rembrandt. Anecdotes of the Cat. It's only a Drop. Tous-
saint L'Ouverture and the Republic of Hayti. Curiosities of
Vegetation. Ancient Mariner and other Poems, by Coleridge. . . 625R

Vols. 7-8. Life of Washington. Anecdotes of Elephants. Story of Lava-
lette. Intelligent Negroes. Visit to Madeira and Teneriffe.
Life of a Sailor Boy. Hindoo Superstitions. Story of Valentine
Duval. History of Will and Jean. Life of William Hutton.
Spectral Illusions. Prince Le Boo. The Tintoretto. History
of Poland. Scottish Adventurers. Visit to Shetland. Story of
Baron Trenck. Heir of Linne, and other Ballads 6a6R

Vols. 9-10. Life of Henry IV. of France.' Story of the Factories. Anec-
dotes of Serpents. Adventures of Robert Drury. Natural Magic.
Scottish Traditionary Stories. Story of Catherine of Russia.
Wood Engraving. Poems by Crabbe. Life of Oberlin. Anec-
dotes of Ants. Story of Silvio Pelico. Traditionary Tales of
Tweeddale. Madame Roland and the Girondins. Shipwreck of
the Medusa, Tight Lacing. Sculptor of the Black Forest.
Select Poems, by Scott 627 R

Vols. 11-12. Life of Columbus. Narrative of the Russian Campaign. Love
is Power. Story of Alexander Andrayne. Anecdotes of -Spiders.
Village Mayor. Story of Fritz. The Bird-Catcher and his
Canary. Account of the Borders. Select Poetical Pieces, by
Cowper. Life of Peter the Great. Story of De La Tude.
Moors in Spain. Montyon Prizes. Curiousities of Art Architec-
ture. Persecution in Scotland. Three Ways of Living. Child
of Elle, and other Ballads 62oR

Vols. 13-14. Life of Howard. Curiosities of Art. Mechanics. Manufac-
tures. The Camisards. Anecdotes of Shoemakers. Siory of
a French Prisoner of War in England. Rob Roy and ihe Clan
Macgregor. There is no Hurry, by Hall. Abby's Vear in
Lowell. Selections from American Poetry. Gustavus Adolphus
and the Thirty Years' War. Stranger's Visit to Edinburgh.
Mutiny of the Bounty. The Ettrick Shepherd. History of the
Plague in London. Schools of Industry. Quintin Matsys, the
Blacksmith of Antwerp. Selections from Shakespeare 62gR

Vols. 15-16. Life of William Penn. Do you think I'd Inform ? by Hall.
The Schoolmaster's Dream, by Hall. Treasures of the Earth :
I. Mineral. Man in the Iron Mask. Norman Conquest. Life
and Travels of Burckhardt. Christmas Holiday. Be Just before
you art: Generous. Selections from French and German Poetry.
Life of James Watt. Pictures of War. Stories of Aims and
Ends. Account of the Gipsies. Life of Alexander Selkirk.
Account of the Highlands. African Discovery. Select Poems
on Insects 63cR

Vols. 17-18. Life of Sir Walter Scott. Poor Joe. The Kidnapped Boy.
Conquest of Mexico. The Deserters. Present to Apprentices.
Life of a Negro Slave. Wonders of the Microscope. Selections
from the Elizabethan Poets. Lives of Sir W. Jones, Dr. Leyden,
Dr. Alexander Murray, and Alexander Wilson. History of the
Jews in England. Anecdotes of the Early Painters. Treasures
of the Earth : II. Metallic. The Magic Flute. Why the Sea
is Salt. The British Conquest of India. Story of Jacquard.
Fireside Education. Select Poems on Birds 6 j i R

Vols. 19-20. Life of Count Rumford. Crusades. Women's Trials in
Humble Life. Overland Journey to India. Moral Tales from the
French. History of the Bastile. Pearls and Pearl Fisheries.
Poetical Selections. Eminent Astronomers. Hints to Work-
men. The Guerilla. Speculative Manias. Four Months in
Cape Colony. English and Scotch Proverbs. Wonders of the
Telescope. Jim Cronin. Songs of Home and Fatherland 6^5?R



Chambers' Papers for the People, 12 vols, 1850-51 :

Vol. i. Bonaparte Family. Sepulchres of Etruria. Valerie Duclos.
Education of the Citizens. The Myth, Sunken Rock, a Tale.
Popular Cultivation of Music. Ebenezer Elliott 9iiH

Vol. 2. Sanitary Movement. Washington and his Contemporaries.
Edmund Atherton, a Tale. Seventeenth Century in Britain.
Ruined Cities of Central America. Ivory Mine, a Tale. Secret
Societies of Modern Europe. Francis Jeffrey 912!!

Vol. 3. Arctic Explorations. Social Utopias. The Speculator, a Tale.
Carthage and the Carthaginians. Recent Discoveries in Astro-
nomy. White Swallow, a Tale. Mechanics' Institutions.
Thomas Campbell 9i3H

Vol 4. Bourbon Family. California. Black Pocket Book, a Tale.
Fe"nelon. Everyday Life of the Greeks. Lady Margory, of St.
Just. Science of the Sunbeam. Sir R. Peel . QijH

Vol. 5. Secret Societies of the Middle Ages. Rajah Brooke and Borneo.
Last of the Ruthvens. Education Movement. Antarctic Ex-
plorations. Queen of Spades. Jewish Life in Europe 91 sH

Vol. 6. Microscope and its Marvels. Pre-Columbian Discovery. Her-
mann, a Tale. Public Libraries. Australia and Van Dieman's
Land. Lone Star, a Tale. Religion of the Greeks. Heyne.... gi6H

Vol. 7. Water Supply of Towns. Ancient Scandinavia. The Lost Letter.
Life in an Indiaman. Law of Storms. Santillian's Choice, a
Tale. Isthmus of Panama. De Foz gi/H

Vol. 8. Ocean Routes. Cromwell and his Contemporaries. Life at
Graefenberg. Black Gondola, a Tale. Ancient Philosophic
Sects. Wonders of Human Folly. Lady Mary Montague gi3H

Vol. 9. Recent Decorative Art. Alchemy and the Alchemists. Lost
Laird, a Tale. German Poets and Poetry. Deserts of Africa.
Sigismund Temple, a Tale. Electric Communications. Fichte.. 9*gH

Vol. io. Ancient Rites and Mysteries. Siberia and the Russian Penal
Settlements. Harriette, a Tale. Childhood, or Experimental
Philosophy. Confucius. The Temptation, a Tale. Siam and
the Siamese. Thomas Moore gaoH

Vol. u. Isthmus of Suez. Animal Instincts and Intelligence. Realised
Wishes, a Tale. Troubadours and Trourves. New Zealand.
Tower of Fontenay. Industrial Investments. Lord Brougham. gsiH

Vol. 12. Railway Communications. Incas of Peru. Marfreda. What is
Philosophy? European Intercourse with Japan. The Half
Caste, a Tale. Progress of America. Duke of Wellington. ... 92aH

Chambers' Repository of Instructive and Amusing Tracts, ill. , 6 vols :
Vol. i. Helen Gray, a Tale. The Rhine. Mina Block, the Face Model.
Pilgrim Fathers. Curiosities of Criminal Law. Pits and Pit-
men. Grace Ayton, a Tale. Arnold and Andre, &c &33R

Vol. 2. Lighthouses. The Wooden Spoon, a Tale. Retreat of the Ten
Thousand. Holyrood. Old Witchcrafts. Artist's Lover, a

Tale. History of the Moon. Peasant Life in Norway, &c 634R

Vol. 3. Rural Life in Greece. Hope of Leascombe, a Tale. Commerce
of the Thames. Spirit of the Fairy Queen. Trial of Charles I.
Maw, the Sorceress, a Tale. Search for Sir John Franklin, &c. . 635R
Vol. 4. Story of the Good Knight Bayard. Mathilde, a Tale. History of
the Mormons. Rock Republic, a Tale. Louisa, Queen of
Prussia. Chivalry among the Arabs. The Ocean. Two Days

on the Welsh Border, &c 6 3 6R

Vol. 5. Fur Trade and the Hudson Bay Company. Alice Hoffmann, an
Autobiography. Shipwrecks. Madame De Stael. Lapland and
the Lapps. Allan Vaughan, a Tale. Curiosities of Burial, &c.. 63?R
Vol 6. Mont Blanc and its Glaciers. Lord Clive. Mariora, a Tale.
Three Acts in a Drama, a Tale. Moravian Brethren. Refugee's
Daughter, a Tale. The Menai Strait. Pedler's Rest, a Tale, &c. 6 3 8R
Chamier (Capt., Novelist, l>. 1796, d. 1870). See Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue.

Chamisso (L. A. von, German Poet and Traveller, b. 1781, d. 1838). See Long-
fellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730., The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66sQ.
Chamouni. See Bellow's Europe, isgSR.



Champagne Country, by Tomes. 1867 8;4Q

Champeaux (A. De), Tapestry [South Kensington Handbooks] IO32M

Champion Family of Guernsey. For Biographical Notices of, see Sarnia, 14160. (J. D.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Champney (Lizzie W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Chance and Luck, Wages, Lotteries, &c., by Proctor. 1887 I22QR

Chancellor, The. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Chancellors [Campbell's Lord Chancellors] 774-836

See also James' Curiosities of Law, lojsF. Stubbs' History, 210-120. Law-
yers, &c.

Chancery, Court of [Campbell's Chancellors] 774-830

Sec also Williams' Facts and Fallacies, s88R. Law, &c.

Chandra Sen and the Brahma Samaj, by Slater. 1884 559M

Changelings. Sec Keightley's Fairies, loogM, c.

Chaumont (F. S. B. F. De) M.D., The Habitation in Relation to

Health [S. P. C. K. Manuals of Health]. 1 879 14347,

CHANNEL ISLANDS Works relating to the. (See also

Alderney, Guernsey ', Jersey ', Sark, ^c.)
Channel Islands. A Yachting Visit, by a Country Doctor. 1885 i69oR

by Ansteacl and Latham, illustrated by Naftel. 1862 ... 410!!

This work contains much valuable information on the Botany, Geo-
logy, and General Natural History of these Islands.

Charles the Second in the Channel Islands, by Hoskins 4o8-9H

Chronicles of the [All the Year "Round, Vol. 41, N.S.,

1887, p. 486 to 490] I92IJ

Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, &c., by Inglis. 1835 !7i8R

Primitiae Florae Sarnioe, or an outline of the Flora of the

Channel Islands, by Babbington. 1839 i84R

Queen Victoria's Visit to the [Martin's Prince Consort] ... 95F

Rambles among the, by a Naturalist [S.P.C.K.] 49oT

Seaweeds of the, by Louisa Lane Clarke, colored ill 583Q

See also Alison's Europe, 140, 142 and 1450. Argosy Vols, 37-8J.

Bentham's British Flora, 8oi-2F. Book for the Sea-side, 5850.
Carey's Tour in France, 388K. Clark's Climate [pp. 188-92], 826M.
Francis's Change of Climate [pp. 29, 30], 825^!. Freeman's Norman
Conquest [pp. 126-7 an d 173], 201 H. Geikie's Prehistoric Europe
[Submarine Trees], 86sF. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 16317.
Hugo's Poems [preface and pp. 149, 151, 152, 155, 161, 163, 173, 255,
283, 293], 70/M. Cassell's Family Magazine, vol. 4 [Jethou, p.
463-5], 2353J. Kershaw's Protestants from France, 546M. Le
Quesne's Jersey, 4O7H. Leighton's Lichen-Flora, 7iR. Macdonald's
Life of Punshon, 6nF. McCulloch's British Empire, 7iiH. Miller's
Our English Shores, 1723!?.. Mill's Political Economy [pp. 167-8],
2i8R. Peacock's Sinkings of Land, 86R. Pennington's British
Zoophytes, 5oR. Penny Magazine for 1837, vol 6, 1446. Quarterly
Review, 1291 J. Stretton's Doctor's Dilemma, I466X. Tarring^s
Law Relating to the Colonies, Cases decided by Privy Council,
I074F. Telford's Life of Wesley [p. 339], 12830. The Queen's
Our Life in the Highlands, 832(3. Tupper's Castle Cornet, 15000.
Family Records, 642F. Sarnia, 14160. Alderney, Guernsey,
Jersey, &c.

Channel Tunnel. See All Year Round, iSogJ. Contemporary Review, 2051
and 2053J. Good Words, 2192 J. Macmillan, 975J. Nineteenth
Century Review, 2219 and 2221], &c.

Channing (W. E., American Unitarian Divine^ b. 1780, d. 1842),
D.D., Correspondence with Lucy Aiken, 1826-1842, edited
by Le Breton. 1874 57oO

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Selected from the most Authentic

Sources. 1840 26oZ

People's Edition of the Entire Works, 2 vols. 1843 9I-2D


Charming (W. E.), Works of (6 vols in 3). 1856:

Vols. 1-2. Milton. Napoleon I. Fenelon. Moral Argument against

Calvinism. National Literature. Associations. The Union.

Education. Slavery. Annexation of Texas. Catholicism.

Creeds. Temperance. Self-culture

Vols. 3-4. Discourses 8g6H

Vols. 5-6. Slavery Question. War. Elevation of the Labouring Classes.

Discourses, Miscellanies, c. Emancipation. Dr. Tuckerman.

Present Age. Duty of the Free States. The Church. &c Sg/H

1840 422A

Memoirs of, 2 vols , 57I-2O

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4y6D. Harper's Index, i64oja,


Chantrey (Sir F., English Sculptor, b. 1782, d. 1841), R.A., Re-
collections of, by Jones. 1849 574-O

Ch.anzy. See Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-713.

Chapel and Church, Sermons on the Church of England and Dissent,

edited by Haddon. 1881 342M

Chapin (E. H.), Humanity in the City. 1854 233R

Chapin(J. R-)> Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Chapman's Guide to New Zealand. 1881 i656R

Chapone (Hester, Moralist ^ b. 1727, d. 1801), On the Improvement

of the Mind, &c. 1827 II99Z

Chapters on Every Day Things [R.T.S.] 26oR

Sugar, Coffee, Cotton, Coal, Chopsticks, Knives, Dew, Coins, Humming-
birds, Glass, Money, The Mouth, The Muscles, Pearls, Pottery, Salt,
Silk, Skin, Tea, &c.

Character Formation [Abbott's Wallace] 1 542Z

[Stowe's Our Charlie] 1543^

Hints on the Cultivation of, by Croly, Villiers, Dale, and Melvill 273M

of African Races [Stanley's Dark Continent] I $03!$

See also Fuller's Holy and Profane States, s6oM. Lindsay's Mind in the

Lower Animals, /n-zF. Harper's Index, i64oja. Biography for Lives

of Eminent People. Lavater. Physiognomy. Theophrastus, &c.

Charades [Casseli's Book of Amusements] 1259!!

See also Dalton's Evening Amusements, 15267. Hood's Puzzledom, i26oH.

Girls' Own Indoor Book, I257H, &c.

Charcoal. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M. Ure's Dictionary, 6D, c.
Cliarette (Frangois, Vendcan General, b. 1763, executed 1796). See Alison's

Europe, 121-30, &c.
Charicles or Illustrations of the Private Life of the Ancient Greeks,

translated by Metcalf. 1882 lOOlM

Chariots. See Knight's Pictorial Bible, loo-iM, &c.

Charity in France, History of the Present Condition of Public

Charity, by Johnston. 1829 1047!"

Romance of, by Liefde. 1867 IOO7R

Sermons, by Rogers and others. 1 729 284!^

See Browne's What Girls Can Do, gSoM. Fawcett's Essays, ioi4F. Lecky's

Morals, 384^!. Malthus' Population, IO93-4F. Muller's Noble Deeds,

Q2Q, &C.

Charlemagne (Caro/tts Magnus^ King of France, Emperor of the

West, b. 742, d. 814), Life of. [R.T.S.] I75Z

Sec also Adams' Great Names, 6820. Draper's Intellectual Development,
760. Gibbon's Roman Empire, 82^. Laurie's Rise of Universities,
3o6R. Pool's Moors in Spain, 4300. French History, c.
'Charles I. (King of England, b. 1600, beheaded \^} [EikonBasilike]. 6240

Trials of, and of some of the Regicides. 1832 1649^

See Bayne's Puritan Revolution, 294.^. Bisset's Parliamentary Government,

2I5-6H. Brodie's British Empire, 212-4!!. Buckingham (Duke of),
io2oO. Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 297-3020. Dixon's



Charles I. (continued.)

Royal Windsor, 328H. Forster's Grand Remonstrance, s8iO. Gardi-
ner's History of England, 464-900. Green's English People, 191 H.
Guizot's English Revolution of 1640, 15080. May's Democracy, 3gH.
Stoughtun's Religion in England, 92-3^!. Strafford (Earl of), 55S-6F, &c.

Charles II. (King of England, b. 1630, d. 1685), in the Channel

Islands, by Hoskins, 2 vols. 1854 .................. ............... 408-9!!

- See also Brodie's British Empire, 2i4H. Buckle's Civilization, i86-8O.

Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 301-20. Dixon's H.M. Tower,
324H. Menzies' Political Women, &c., 9290. Molloy's London tinder
Charles II., 259-600. Pepys' Diary, goaO. Reresby's Memoirs, 4yoF.
Stoughton's Religion in England. 93-sM. English History', &c.
Charles V. (Emperor of Germany, b. 1500, d. 1558), Reign of, by

Robertson [Students' Edition]. 1840 ................... ........... I38Z

- History of, by Robertson, 4vols. 1777 ................. ... .......... 34O-3H

Charles IX. (King of France, b. 1550, d. 1574). See Duncan's Religious Wars

of France, 458 T, &c.
Charles X. (King of France, b. 1757, d. 1836). See Alison's Europe, 141-30.

Broglie's Personal Recollections. 646F, &c
Charles-Edward (Prince, The Voting Chevalier, b. 1720, d. 1788)

[Doran's Jacobite Times] ............................................. 31 S-gH

Charles-John (Prince Royal of Sweden], Memoirs of, by Philippart... H7F

Charles of Orleans. See Stevenson's Men and Books, 6400, c.

Charles (Prince of Wales). See Gardiner's History of England, 462-90, &c.

Charles the Bold. See Freeman's Essays.

Charles (Mrs.), Christian Life in England in Olden Times. 1872 ... 456M

- See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Charles (Thomas) [Short Biographies] ...................................... 632F

Charleston. See Dixon's White Conquest, 493H. Hardy's Down South, 735 K.

United States, &c.

Charlestown. See Austin's Massachusetts, 5iiH, &c.
Charlesworth (Mrs., b. 1819, d. 1880). See Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue.

Charlotte Augusta (Princess of Wales, daughter of George IV., b.
1796,^. 1817), Memoirs of, by Huish. 1818 .....................

a brief Memoir, by Lady Weigall. 1874 ..............................

- See also Lennox's Celebrities, ioi6H, &c.

Charlotte (Queen, Wife of George III., b. 1744, d. 1818), Court and

Private Life in the Time of, from the Journals of Mrs. Papen-

diek, edited by Mrs. Broughton, 2 vols. 1887 ................. 946-7F

Charines (G.), Five Months at Cairo and in Lower Egypt, translated

by Conn .................................................. .' ....... 1534 and i658R

Charms and Amulets. See Brand's Antiquities, xoojM. Grant's Mysteries,

894F. Jones' Credulities, go^M, c.
Charnock (S., Puritan Theologian, b. 1628, d. 1680), B.D., Dis-

courses on Christ's Death, Exaltation and Intercession [R.T.S.] igZ
- upon the Existence and Attributes of God. 1835 ............... 638 A

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