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Cur-DogS. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66aQ, &c.

Cures for Various Accidents, &c. Sec Timbs' Works, 8ssZ. Medicine, 6cc.

Curfe\V Bell, The. See Brand's Antiquities, ioo6M, &c.

Curiosities of Animal Life, and Discoveries of the Microscope 746Z

of Civilization, by Wynter. 1860 9igM

History, by Timbs. 1858 446T

Law and Lawyers, by Croake James. 1882 !O75^

Literature, by I. Disraeli, 3 vols. 1881 68i-3R

London, by Timbs. 1855 6c>9Z

Medical Experience, by Millingen. 1839 927K

Natural History, by Buckland [First Series]. 1860 578Q

illustrated, 4 vols. 1875-8 595-8Q

Puritan Nomenclature, by Bardsley. 1880 92oM

Science, by Timbs 557Q and 8igZ

Superstition, by Adams. 1882 923M

the Search Room, a collection of Serious and Whimsical Wills,

by Mrs. Byrne. 1880 923H

- Toil, &c., by Wynter, 2 vols. 1870 H44-5R

Curlew, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 646(3, &c.

Curling. See Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Crawley's Handbook, nsoM, &c.

Burling (H. ). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
urran (Right Hon. J. P., Irish Orator, l>. 1750, d. 1817), Speeches

of, with memoir by Davis. 1845 898!!

Life of, by his son, W. H. Curran, 2 vols. 1819 ; 2O7-8F

and some of his Contemporaries, by Phillips. 1818 ... 2o6F

Currency. See Alison's Europe, 139-460. Ricardo's Political Economy, ioo4F.

Temple's India, 486K. Walker's Science of Wealth, io2sF. Money.

Current Coin [Pulpit Discourses, &c.],by Haweis. 1877

Currents, Tides, &c. See Half-Hours in the Deep, s66Q. Lament's Arctic Seas,
674 and 675K. Maury's Physical Geography, 757 H. Reclus' Phe-
nomena, 8osF. Ocean, Rivers, Sea, &c.

Currie (Sir D.). See Fortunes made in Business, io33Fa, c.
Curry (O., b. 1804, d. 1855). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680.

Curse of Kehama, a Poem, by Southey, 2 vols in 1 298Q

Curses and Evil Wishes. See Grant's Mysteries, &c.

Curtains. See Glaister's Needlework, g62M, &c.

Curteis (A. M.), M.A., Rise of the Macedonian Empire [Epochs of

Ancient History]. 1886 i8i5Z

Curtis (G. W., American Author, b. 1824), LL.D., Lotus Eating,
Sketches on the Hudson and the Rhine, illustrated. 1874...

The Howadji in Syria. 1872 I495&

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Curtis (G. W. and G. T. Curtis), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Clirwen (H.), History of Booksellers, the Old and the New, illus 5200

Curzon (Hon. Robert, Junr.), Visits to the Monasteries of the

Levant. 1865 1471 R

Gust (Sir E., Military Historian, b. 1794, d. 1828), D.C.L., Annals

of the Wars of the i8th Century, 5 vols. 1858-60 :

Vol. i. 1700-39 i 47 Z

Vol. 2.-i 7 39-59 i 4 8Z

Vol. 3. 1760-83...

Vol. 4, 1783-95
Vol. 5. 1796-99


distance (G.), Constitution of England IOI3F

Ouster (Elizabeth B.)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Custine (Marquis De, French General, b. 1740, guillotined, 1793),

Russia, abridged from the French [Travellers' Library]. 1856 I264R
Customs. See Smith's Moral Sentiments, s88H. Also under Habit, Man,

Races, &c.

and Domestic Arts. See Timbs' Works, SssZ, &c.

and Laws. See Timbs' Works, 8siZ, c.

Clubs and the Stock Exchange. See Williams' Facts and Fallacies,

2 88R, &c.

Curious. See Timbs' Knowledge for the People, i747 z > &c -

See Dew's Nations, ssH. Society, Places, e.g., England, France, &c.

Customs, H.M. See Pascoe's Professions, 25iR. Examinations, c.

- Duties, Taxation, &c. See Temple's India, 4 86K. Smith's Wealth of

Nations, I027-8F. Peto's Taxation, ioi6F, &c.
Custom House, Government Offices [Land we Live in] 464!}

Russian. See Meignan's Siberian Snows, 8nK, &c.

Cutleries of Sheffield [Land we Live in] 464:8

Cuts, Treatment of. See Girl's Book, 1257]!.

Cutter (B. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Cutter (G. W.,,/7. 1848). See Poets of America, 468 D, &c.

Cuttle-fish. See Half Hours in the Deep, 566Q. Brown's Science for All,

6 27 Ba, &c.

Cutts (E. L.), B.A., Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages, ill. 940?
Cuvier (Baron G., French Naturalist, b. 1769, d. 1832), Essay on
the Theory of the Earth, with Geological Illustrations by

Jameson. 1827 6970

See also Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 659(3, & c -

Cycling, by Bury and Hillier [Badminton Library] illustrated. 1887. H28M
- Bicycling, its Theory and Practice, illustrated. 1878 H42M

[Richardson's Common Health] 8431x1

See also Chambers' Journal, i96ij. Knowledge, 25857. Longman's Maga-

zine, 892 and 8g3j. Nineteenth Century, 222/J. Bicycle Riding, &c.
Cyclones. See Abercromby's Seas and Skies, 843K. Temple's India, 486K.

Storms, Winds, &c.
Cyclopaedia of Literature [Chambers'], 8 vols , I857-64Z

Popular Songs 485Z

Sermons [Pulpit Cyclopaedia] 455 A

Cyclopaedias. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts, 6-gD, Dayle's Practical Hus-
bandry, 8440. Eadie's Biblical Cyclopaedia, i2M. Knight's British
Empire, 88-gB. Poole's Index, R.L. See also Dictionaries, Encyclo-
paedias, and under Subjects, c.

Cyphers [National Miscellany] 1034!!

Cyprus, as I saw it in 1870, by Baker. 1879 .- 4 6oK

British, by Dixon. 1879 ... 461 K

See also Brassey's Cruises, i68iR. Green's Bible Lands, 3286, &c.

Cyrus (The Elder, Founder of the Persian Empire, b. 592, killed 529 B.C.). See

Ewald's Israel, 65 K. Mitford's Greece, ioi-8H. Rolhn's Ancient

History, 66H. Persia, &c.
Cyrus (The Younger, Satrap of Lydia, killed ^\ B.C.), Expedition

of, by Xenophon, translated , 1179!-!

Czars. See Names, e.g., Peter the Great, Russia, &c.


AB, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Fishes, &c.
Dabney (Miss), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Dabney (R. L.), D.D., Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson.... 735O
Dace, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF.
Fishes, &c.


Dach (S., b. 1605, d. 1659) [Longfellow's Poets of Europe] ............ 473 D

Dadd (R.)- See Frith's Reminiscence?, 6i5-6Fa.

Daemonomania [Millingen's Curiosities] ............................. , ...... 927!^

Daguerrotype. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 70.

Danomey and Dahomans, by Forbes. 1851 .............................. 62QK

- People of. See Brown's Races of Mankind, 1560, &c.
Dairies. See Teale's Dangers to Health, g2oK. Farming, &c.
Dairy Farming. See Heath's Peasants' Life, isagR. Farming, &c.

Dale (H.), M.A., Ed. History of the Peloponnesian War, by Thucy-

dides [Bohn Library], 2 vols. 1853-4 ........ , .................. 1177-8!!

Dale (R. W., Independent Minister, b. 1829), M.A., Laws of Christ

for Common Life. 1884 ............................................. 637}!

- Sec also Reuss (E.).

Dale (T.), M. A., and others. Hints on the Culture of Character ... 273^!
Dale! (B.) [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe] ..................... 473^>

Dalgairns (J. D., known as Bernard, Priest of the Oratory, lorn at

Guernsey, 1818, d. 1876), M.A., Trans., St. Mark, by S.

Thomas Aquinas [Commentary on the Four Gospels]. 1842 402 A
DalllOUSie (Earl, Governor of India). See Cassell's India, 22gD. Holme's
Indian Mutiny, 4706. Temple's India, 464!!. Trotter's India under
Victoria, ssS-gH, &c.
Dall (C. H.), My First Holiday, or Letters Home. 1881 ............ i695R

Dall (W. H.), Alaska and its Resources. 1870... ..................... 6o2B

- - Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Ed., Pre-Historic America, by Naclaillac ; tr. by D'Anvers,

illustrated. 1885 ........................................................ 897F

Dallas (M. K. ), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Dalling and Bulwer (Henry, Lord, Statesman and Author, Brother

of Lord Lytton, b. 1804, d. 1872), Sir Robert Peel, an

Historical Sketch. 1874 ........................................... >. 42iF

- - See also Cox's Colenso, 62I-2F.

Dallinger (W. H., Wesleyan Minister and Scientist, b. 1841),

LL.D., The Creator, and what we know of the Method of

Creation [Fernley Lecture, 1887]. 1887 ........................ 8230

Dalrymple (Sir J., Author, b. 1726, d. 1810). See Burton's Scotland, 336-7!!, &c.
Dalton (H.), Drawing-room Plays and Evening Amusements .......... I526Z

Daly (Frederick), Henry Irving in England and America, 1838-84... 73oO
Damagetes (b. 209 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.
Darnascenus (J., Greek Ecclesiastical Writer.d. 756). See Dana's Household

Book of Poetry, 47 6U, &c.
Damascus, Five Years in, by Porter, illustrated, 2 vols. 1855 ....... !55o-iR

and the Lebanon [Green's Bible Lands] ................................ 3286

Petra and Cairo, in 1839, by Kinnear. 1841
- See also Bellow's Europe, isggK. Ewald's Israel, 64K. Lynch's United

States' Expedition, 6156, &c.

Damask. See lire's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, jD.
Dampier (W., Buccaneer, b. 1652, d. 1710) [Adam's Heroes] ......... 9;8Q

Cavendish, and Drake [Family Library]. 1832 ..................... IO7OQ

Dana (C. A., American Author, b. 1819), Collector and Ed., The

Household Book of Poetry. 1858 ................................... 4760

Contents. Addison, Akenside, Aldrich, Allingham, Allston, Anacreon
Angelo, Anster, Antipater of Sidon, Arnold (E.), Arnold (M.), Aytoun,
Baillie, Barbauld, Barnard, Barnfield, Barton, Baxter, Bayly, Beattie,
Beaumont and Fletcher, Beddoes, Bellman, Bennett (H.), Bennett
(W. C.), Beranger, Bethune, Blanchard, Blackburn, Blake, Bonar,
Bourne, Bovvring, Bowles, Brainard, Breithaupt, Breton, Bristol,
Browning (E. B.), Browning (R.), Brown, Browne, Brooks, Bryant,
Bulwer, Burbidge, Burleigh, Burton, Burns, Butler, Byron, Byrd,
Callistratus, Campbell, Camoens, Canning, Carew, Chalkhill,
Channing, Chatterton, Chaucer, Clare, Claudius, Clough, Coleridge



Dana (C. A.), The Household Book of Poetry (continued.}

(H.), Coleridge (S. T.), Collins (A.), Collins (W.), Colman, Cooke, Cor-
bett, Cornwall, Cotton (C.), Cotton (N.), Cowley, Cowper, Cranch,
Crashaw, Crawford, Croly, Cunningham, Curtis, Damascenus,
Dana, Daniel, Darley, Davison, DeVere, Derzhavin, Dibdin, Dickens,
Dimond, Dobell, Doddridge, Dommett, Dowland, Downing, Drake,
Dray ton, Drummond, Dryden, Dufferin, Dunbar, Dwight, Dyer,
Eastman, Elliott, Emerson, Fenner, Ferguson, Fields, Fletcher,
(G.), Fletcher (P.), Fortunatus, Freiligrath, Freneau, Fulcher, Gay,
Gerhard, Giiman, Glazier, Glen, Goldsmith, Goethe, Gray, Grant,
Greene, Habington, Halleck, Hamilton, Hart, Harte, Heber,
Heine, Hemans, Herbert. Herrick, Heywood, Hill, Hoffman, Hogg,
Holmes, Hcelty, Hood, Horace, Howitt (M.), Howitt (W.), Howe,
Hoyt, Hugo, Hunt, Hunter, Hyslop, Ingram, Jones (E.), Jones
(SirW.), Jonson, Keats, Keble, Kemble, Kenyon, Key, Kingsley,
King, KtJrner, Lamb (C.), Lamb (M.), Landor, Leonidas of Alex-
andria, List, Logan, Longfellow, Lovelace, Lover, Lowell (J. R ),
Lowell (M. W.), Luther, Lyly, M'Carthy, Macaulay, Mackay,
Maclean, M'Master, Macniel, Maginn, Mallett, Marlowe, Marvell,
Massey, Mendoza, Mercer, Aleredith, Merrick, Messinger, Miller,
Milliken, Milman, Milnes, Milton, Moir, Montgomery (A.), Mont-
gomery (J.), Moore (C. C.), Moore (T.), More, Motherwell, Moultrie,
Mueller, Weele ; Newton, Noel, Norris, Norton, Ogilvie, O'Keefe,
Orleans, Parsons, Percival, Percy, Philostratus, Pierpont, Pinkney,
Poe, Pope, Praed, Pringle, Prout, Pruclentius, Q/uarles (F.) Quarles
(J.)> Raleigh, Ramsay, Randolph, Read, Roberts, Ronsard,
Roscoe(W. S.), Roscoe(W.), Sails, Sandys, Sappho, Schiller, Scott,
Shakspeare, Shenstone, Shelley, Shirley, Sidney, Simmons, Simonides,
Skelton, Smith (H.), Smith (C.), Smits, Southey (C. B.), Southey (R.),
Spencer, Spenser, Stanley, Sterling, Sternhold, Still, Stoddard (L.), .
Stoddard(R. H.), Stoddart, Story, St. Gregory the Great, St. Ambrose,
Suckling, Surrey, Surville, Swain, Sylvester, Tate and Brady, Tanna-
hill, Taylor(B.), Taylor (J.), Terry, Tersteegen, Tennyson, Thackeray,
Thurlow, Toplady, Trench, Tuckerman, TJnlaild, Vaughail, Very.
Vicente, Villegas, Visscher, Waller (E.), Waller (J. F.), Walton,
Warton, Wastell, Watson, Watts, Welby, Wesley, Westwood, Wilde,
Willmott, Wilson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wither, Woodworth,
Wordsworth, Whittier, White (H. K.), White (B.), Wolfe, Wotton,
Wyat, Xavier, Youl, Zedlitz.

Dana (J. D., American Mathematician and Geologist, b, 1813),
Manual of Geology, with special reference to American

Geological History, illustrated. 1875 68oD

Mineralogy, including Observations on Mines, Rocks,

&c. 1874 4ioR

Dana (R. H., junr., American Author and Barrister, b. 1815, d.

1882), Two Years Before the Mast I73IR

DanafR. H., Senr., American Poet, b. 1787, d. 1879). See Dana's Household

Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.
Danby (Thomas Osborne, Earl of, Statesman, b. 1631, d. 1712). See Stoughton's

Religion in England, 94-sM, &c.

Dancing. See Smith's Essays, 462M. Valentine's Girl's own Book, u87R.
Young Lady's Book, gSsM. English Illustrated, 1991 J. Once a Week,
228oJ. Temple Bar, 1344.!, &c.
Dandies. See Lennox's Celebrities, 1014!!, c.

Danes. See Brand's Antiquities, ioos-6M. Freeman's Norman Conquest,
2oi-5H. All the Year Round, 17737. Leisure Hour, 2622!. Den-
mark, c.

Daniel (Jewish Prophet, Jl. a!>oiit 607 B.C.). See Inman's Ancient Faiths, g^K.
Rollin, 66H. Milman's Jews, isjQ. Robinson's Scripture Char-
acters, isiK. Bible, Commentaries, Sc.
Daniel (A., Provencal Poet] [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe] 473D

Daniel (Mrs. M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue

Daniel (S., English Poet, b, 1562, d. 1619) [Dana's Household Book

of Poetry] 47 6 D



Daniels (W. H.), A.M., That Boy : Who shall have him? 1878 ... 268R

Danish. Language and Poetry. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,

4730. Fortnightly Review, 2og2j. Denmark, &c.

Dante Alighieri (Italian Poet, b. 1265, d. 1321), The Divine Comedy,
translated by Longfellow. 1867

Divine Comedy, translated by Dugdale, &c. V.D ....... 714 and 809- loM

Inferno, 714^!. Purgatorio, 8ogM. Paradiso, 8ioM.
- An Essay, by R. W. Church, and a translation of De Monar-

chia, by F. C. Church, 1878 ....................................... 6ooO

- by Oliphant [Foreign Clas. for Eng. Read.]. 1879 ............... II75O

- Life of, by Balbo, translated by Bunbury, 2 vols. 1852 ......... 599O

- See also How ell's Tuscan Cities, 6746. Humboldt's Cosmos, 484]^.

Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730. Oliphant's Makers
of Florence, 3590. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Danton (G. J., French Politician, b. 1759, guillotined 1794). See Alison's
Europe, 120-220. Baker's French Society, 3330. Thiers' French
Revolution, 376-7!!. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.
Dantonists. See Desmoulins, 228F, &c.

Danube. See Alison's Europe, 125-330. Fraser's Magazine, 632J, &c.
D'Anvers (N. [N. R. E. Bell]), Elementary History of Art, Archi-
tecture, Sculpture, Painting, with Introduction by Prof.
Smith, illustrated. 1882 ............................................. IOQ5M

Raphael [Great Artists]. 1879 .......................................... iio6O

D'Arbouville (Countess). See Fiction Class List following the General Cata-

Darby (J. N.), Works of, edited by Kelly :

Apologetic, 6i-2M. Critical, 7iM. Doctrinal, 63-6M. Ecclesiastical,
67-9M. Evangelic, 72M. Practical, 7oM. Prophetic, 73-6M. Sy-
nopsis of the Books of the Bible, s6-6oM.
Dare (Joan). See Joan of Arc.
Dardanelles. See Bellow's Europe, isggR, &c.

D' Arezzo (F. G.) See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Euope, 4730, &c.

Darien Company. See Burton's Scotland, 336-7!!, c.


ncent story, . exaner the Great, Greece, Persia, c.
Darley (G., Irish Poet, b. 1785, d. 1849). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

. and III., Kings of Persia), See Mitford's Greece, 107-8 H. Rollin's

an ., ngs o ersa, ee tors
Ancient History, 66H. Alexander the Great,

4760. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720, &c.
Darmesteter (J.), Trans. [Miiller's Sacred Books of the East, vol. 4] $62A
Darning. Sec Girls' Own Indoor Book, 1527^ Beaton's Needlework, 1143^!, &c.
Darnley (H. Stuart, Lord ; Consort of Mary, Queen of Scots, b. 1541, killed 1567).

See Froude's England, 1950. Green's English People, igoH. Strick-

land's Mary Queen of Scots, 7930. Scotland, &c.

Darrell (J.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Darton (J. M.), Famous Girls who have become Illustrious Women

of our Time, illustrated. 1880 ....................................... 13260

Heroism of Christian Women of our Own Time ..................... 1 3 loO

Darwin (Charles R., Celebrated Naturalist, l>. 1809, d. 1882),

F. R.S., Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex,
illustrated. 1874 ...................................................... 25R

Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the same Species. 1877 i8R

Effects of Cross and Self Fertilisation in the Vegetable Kingdom. 23 R

Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, illus. 1872 ... 24R
- Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms,

with Observations on their Habits, ill. 1881 ..................... 2lR

- Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of

the Countries Visited during the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle

round the World, illus. 1852 ....................................... 26R

- Natural History and Geology of Countries Visited during the

Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, 2 vols. 1845 ......................... ^34'SQ



Darwin (Charles R.), Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selec-
tion, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle
for Life. 1882 22R

Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs, ill. 1874 J 9R

Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, ill. 1868... 7i;-8F

and Darwin (F.), Power of Movement in Plants, ill. 1880 ... 2oR

Life and Letters of, including an Autobiographical Chapter,

Edited by his Son, Francis Darwin, 3 vols. 1887 6i2-4F

See also Humboldt's Cosmos, 483 and 487!^.. Kerner's Flowers, &c., S/R.

Lyell's Geology, 726-7^. Collin's Pen Sketches, ioS4R. Poole's
Index to Periodical Literature, R.L., c.

Dates, Coincidences of. See Chambers, ig53J. Leisure Hour, 2637].

See also Chronology. Haydn's Dictionary of Dates, R.L., &c.

Dates. The Date-palm. See Hartwig's Tropical World, 758*'. Earth's Central
Africa, 844 K, c.

Daubeny (C, Naturalist, b. 1795, d. 1867), F.R.S., Description of

Volcanoes. 1848 7o6D

Daughters [What Girls can Do, by Browne] pSoM

- of England, by Mrs. Ellis. 1842 ; 928R

[Mrs. Ellis's Family Monitor] i86D

See also Home Amenities, 945M. Valentine's Home Amenities, 976M, c.

Dauphie (C. J.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
D'Auvergne (P., French Poet, -L-^th Century). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 473!).
Davenant (Sir W., Dramatist, b. 1605, d. 1668) [Hamilton's Poets

Laureate] 9270

Davenport (R. A., Miscellaneous Writer, b. 1777, d. 1852), History

of the Bastile. 1838 [Family Library]

- Life of Ali Pasha of Tepeleni, Vizier of Epirus, surnamed Asian,

or the Lion. 1837 i83Z

Narratives of Peril and Suffering, 2 vols. 1840 289-QoT

[Family Library], 2 vols. 1840 i659-6oZ

Davenport (W. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

David (King of Israel, about 1048, d. 1015 B.C.). See Ewald's Israel, 63K. In-

v ___ __*__* T.I-^L/. -^ zir /r:i > T r\ i-> _ u _ >

man's Ancient Faiths, 95-6K. Milman's Jews, 157(3. Robinson':
Scripture Characters, isiK. Good Words, 2i85_f, &c.
David (L and II:, Kings of Scotland). See Freeman's Norman Conquest, 2osH.

Scotland, &c.
Davids (T. W. Rhys), Buddhism, The Life and Teachings of Gautama,

the Buddha [S.P.C.K.]. 1878 ................................... 95Q

- 7>. [Miiller's Sacred Books of the East, vol. 2]
Davidson (A.), Sermons in Blank Verse

Davidson (E. A.), Pretty Arts for Ladies. 1879 ....................... 866D

Davidson (G. F.), Trade and Travel in the Far East, Recollections

of twenty-one years in Java, Singapore, Australia, and China. i652R
Davidson (S., Irish Biblical Scholar, b. 1807), D.D., The Canon of

the Bible : its Formation, History and Fluctuations. 1877... 238Q
Davidson ( ), Tr., The Works of Virgil, with Notes and Life of the

Author. 1 85 1 ............................................................ H9iH

Davidson (T., Scotch Poet, b. 1838, d. 1870) [Japp's Labour, &c.].., 95iQ

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Davies (C. M.) D.D., Heterodox London, or Phases of Free Thought

in the Metropolis, 2 vols. 1874 .................................... 35-6K

Mystic London, Phases of Occult Life in the Metropolis. 1875... 37 K
Orthodox London, or Religious Life in the Metropolis. 1876 ... 283M
- Unorthodox London, or Phases of Religious Life in the Church

of England. 1876 ...................................................... 2 82M

Davies (Lady C.), Recollections of Society in France and England,

2 vols. 1873 ........................................................... 920-iR

[I 7 6]


Davies (E.), American Scenes and Christian Slavery. 1849 7o8K

Davies (G. C.), Mountain, Meadow, and Mere, a Series of Outdoor
Sketches of Sport, Scenery, Adventures, and Natural History,
illustrated. 1874 1345^

Davies ([.), M.A., Catullus, Tibullus and Propertius[Collin's Ancient

Classics for English Readers]. 1880 n6iQ

Hesiod and Theognis [Collins' Ancient Classics for English

Readers]. 1873 IO98Q

Davies ([. H.), B. A., Life of Baxter. 1887 592*'

Davies (Dr. M.), Fun Ancient and Modern. 1878 - 922-3!%.

Davies (N.), F.R.G.S., Carthage and Her Remains, illustrated. 1861 876F

Davies (T.), Preparation and Mounting of Microscopic Objects 728Z

Davis (C., Queen Victoria's Huntsman} [Lennox's Celebrities] IOI7H

Davis (Christian). See Clayton's Female Warriors, 6440.

Davis (Jefferson, President of Confederate States, b. 1808). See Pollard's Lost
Cause, 2710. Boutwell's Rebellion, 4020. Peyton's American Crisis,
399-4000. United States, History, &c.

Davis (J. F., Commissioner 1o China, b. 1795), F.R.S., The Chinese,
a General Description of China and its Inhabitants, il ustrated,

4 vols in 2. 1845-51 654-5Z

the Empire of China and its Inhabitants
[Library of Entertaining Knowledge], illustrated, 2 vols. 1836 656-7^

Davis (Mrs. J. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Davis (R. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Davis (Thomas), Ed. Speeches of Curran and a Memoir. 1845 898!!

Davis (T. R.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Davison (A. B. ), A Thousand Thoughts from various Authors selected

and arranged. 1880 HljR

Davison (F.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4/6D.

Davitt (Michael, Irish Leader, b. 1846), Leaves from a Prison Diary,

or Lectures to a Solitary Audience, 2 vols. 1885 H77-8R

Davoust (L. N., French Marshal, b. 1770, d. 1823). See Alison's Europe, 121-380.
French History, Napoleon, Sic.

Davy (Sir H., Chemist and Physicist, b. 1778, d. 1829), LL.D., Con-
solations in Travel, or the Last Days of a Philosopher. 1838 II7T
Life of, by Paris, 2 vols. 1831 209-10 and 654-5F

See also Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Brougham's Philoso-
phers, 597R. Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Living Age, 3034 and 3o8gJ, &c.

Dawes (R., Dean of Hereford, b. 1792, d. 1867), A.M., Suggestive
Hints towards Improved Secular Instruction for the Use of
Teachers. 1851 1 5 1 3-4Z

Dawes (R., b. 1803). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

DawkillS (W. Boyd, Geologist, b. 1838), F.R.S., Early Man in Britain

and His Place in the Tertiary Period, illustrated. 1880 859F

Dawnings of Genius, Eminent Persons of the Last Century, by Pratt. 2O5Z

Dawson (E. C.), M.A., Life and Work of James Hannington. 1887 6910

Dawson (G., Preacher and Politician, b. 1821, d. 1876), M.A., Three
Books of God Nature, History and Scripture, edited by St.
Clair. 1882... 2 8sM

Dawson (H. B.), The Federalist, a Collection of Essays written on

the Constitution of the United States. 1864 IO2IF

Dawson (Sir J. W., Geologist, b. 1820), LL.D., Egypt and Syria,
their Physical Features in Relation to Bible History [R.T.S.],
illustrated. 1 885 252M

Fossil Men and their Modern Representatives, an Attempt to

Illustrate the Characters and Condition of Pre-historic Men
in Europe, by those of the American Races, illustrated. 1883 IO23M


Dawson (Sir J. W.) Life's Dawn on Earth, being the History of

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