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Strabo. Nature of Alkalies. Phosphorus, Sulphur, c 374J

Vol. 15, 1809-10. Progres des Sciences, Lettres, et Arts. Professional
Education. Spain. Hesiod. Botany. Parliamentary Logic.
Asiatic Researches. Conduct of the War. Government of India.
Alfieri. Vaccination. Greek Marbles. State of Parties, &c. . 375 J

Vol. 16, 1810. Lord Erskine's Speeches. Affairs of India. Public Expendi-
ture and the Influence of the Crown. Lady of the Lake. Edu-
cation in Public Schools. Asiatic Researches. Disturbances at
Madras. Sadler's State Papers. Population, &c 376J

Vol. 17, 1810-11. Petition of Irish Roman Catholics. Me'moires du Prince
Eagene de Savoie. Education of the Poor. Independence and
Purity of Parliament. Hindu Pantheon. Spanish Colonies.
Depreciation of Paper Currency, &c 377 J

Vol. 18, 1811. Alison on Taste. Russian Army. Ford's Dramatic Works.
Vegetable Poisons. Campaigns of 1809. Bullion Question.
Superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland, &c 378J

Vol. 19, 1811-12. West Indian Slavery. Toleration. Geological Society.
Voyage aux Indes Orientales. Crisis of the Dispute with
America. Laphnd. Capital Punishments. Iceland. Byron's
Childe Harold, &c 379J

Vol.2o, 1812. John Knox. Political History of India. Catholic Question.
Parliamentary Reform. Causes, Objects, and Consequences of
the Present War. Brazil. Ireland. Rejected Addresses.
American State Papers. East India Company's Charter, c. . 38oJ

Vol. 21, 1813. Travels in Southern Africa. Trials of the Slave Traders.
Kings of Spain of the House of Bourbon. Resources of Russia.
Byron's Giaour. Algebra of the Hindus. Reflexions sur le
Suicide. Sketch of the Sikhs. William Penn, c 3 8iJ

Vol. 22, 1813-14. Rogers' Poems. Letters Written in a Mahratta Camp.
Chemical Researches on the Blood. Appeal in behalf of Poland.
General Moreau et ses derniers Moments. State of Prisons.
Cuvier's Theory of the Earth, &c 382 J

Vol. 23, 1814. Bonaparte and the Bourbons. Toussaint L'Ouverture.
Byron's Corsair and Bride of Abydos. Literary History of the
Middle Ages. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Essai sur les Probability,
par Laplace. Nelson's Letters to Lady Hamilton, &c 383 J

Vol. 24, 1814-15. Telescopes. History of Fiction. Revival of the Slave
Trade. Ancient Inhabitants of America. Waverley. Right
and Practice of Impressment. National Debt. Joanna South-
cott. Mungo Park's Travels. Effects of the Corn Laws, &c. . . . 384]

Vol. 25, 1815. Litte'rature du Midi de 1'Europe, par Sismondi. War of the
French in Spain. Savings Banks. Wraxall's Memoirs of his
Own Time. Gall and Spurzheim's Physiognomical System.
Anglo-Saxon Church. Babylon. Sinking Fund, &c 385 J

Vol. 26, 1816. Mmoires de la Marquise de Larochejaquelin. Toleration.
Dramatic Literature. Culloden Papers. Northern Antiquities.
Sir Humphry Davy on Fire-Damp. State of Agriculture.
Persia. History of the House of Commons, &c. ........ 386 J



Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal -.(continued.}

Vol. 27, 1816. Swift's Works. Coleridge's Christabel, &c Law of Libel.
Astronomic, par Humboldt et Bonpland. Byron's Poems.
Defence of Usury. Works of Surrey and Wyatt. Letters from
St. Helena. Delia Patria di Cristoforo Colombo, &c 387 J

Vol. 28, 1817. Joachim Mtirat, King of Naples. Parliamentary Reform.
Geological Society. Tales of My Landlord. Benjamin Franklin.
The Caucasus and Georgia. Byron's Manfred. Lunatic
Asylums. Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. Coleridge, &c. . 388J

Vol. 29, 1817-18. Moore's Lalla Rookh. Conquest of Java. Identity of
Junius. Roman Catholic Claims. Power of Russia. Bentham
on Codification. Poor Laws. Geological Works. History,
Literature, and Religion of the Hindoos. Rob Roy, &c 89 J

Vol. 30, 1818. Polar Expeditions and the North- West Passage. Politico.!
Economy and Taxation. Journey in America. Recent State
Trials. Ross' Voyage to Baffin's Bay. L'Alfabet European
applique" atix Langues Asiatiques._ History _of Java, &c 390 J

Vol. 31, 1818-19. Evne"mens de la Revolution Fran^oise. Geology of the
United States. Experiments with the Pendulum. Prison Dis-
cipline. Reform in the Burghs of Scotland. Histoire dcs
Cortes d'Espagne. Travels in North America. Howell's State
Trials, &c : 391 J

Vol. 32, 1819. Napoleon at St. Helena. Polarisation of Light. Radical
Reform. L'Europe apres le Congres d'Aix-la-Chapelle. Gas
Blow-pipe. Meeting of Freeholders of the County of Durham.
Robert Owen's Plans for Relieving National Distress, c -$92]

Vol. 33, 1820. - Ivanhoe. Public Expenditure. Poor Laws. Curran.
History of Music. Rise and Progress of the City of Glasgow.
Injurious Consequences of Restrictions upon Foreign Commerce.
Plan d' Education pour les Enfans Pauvres, c 393 J

Vol. 31, 1820. France. Commutation of Tithes. Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Buckhardt's Travels in Nubia. Hogg's Jacobite Relics. Keats
Poems. Evils of Popular Ignorance. Ireland. Bernard Bar-
ton's Poems. Bibliotheques Anciennes et Modernes, &c 394 J

Vol. 35, 1821. Byron's Doge of Venice. Condition of Prisons. Campag-
nes de Frederic II. comparers a celles de Napole'on. William
Pitt. Histoire des Francais, par Sismondi. Revolution at
Naples. Effects of Machinery. Education Bill, &c 395 J

Vol. 36, 1821-2. Affairs of Scotland. Slave Trade. Bowdler's Shakes-
peare. (Euvres inddites de Madame de Stae'l. Pauperism and
the Poor Laws. Persecutions of Protestants in the South of
France. Art of Packing Juried Common Law of England, &c. 396]

Vol. 37, 1822. Walpole's George II. State of Ireland. Degraded State
of the Government Press. Entomology. LaSuissedans 1'Inte'ret
de 1'Europe. Napoleon in Exile. Europe and America in 1821.
Small-Pox. Canning. Bishop Marsh and his Clergy, c 397 J

Vol. 38, 1823. Moore and Byron. Crattan's Speeches. Cottage Economy.
Consumption of Public Wealth, by the Clergy. Negro Slavery.
The Holy Alliance versus Spain. The Periodical- Press. British
Museum. Infant Schools. Fortification, c 398J

Vol. 39, 1823-4. Game Laws. French Revolution. Tax on Foreign Wool.
Negro Improvement and Emancipation. Clarke's Travels.
Scottish Novels. Geology of the Deluge. Combinations of
Workmen. Ancient Armour. Jurisdiction of the House of
Lords, &c 39gJ

Vol. 40, 1824. Lander's Imaginary Conversations. Salvator Rosa. Law
of Enta'l. Roman Literature. Wine Trade. United States and
Canada. Character of the Russians, and History of Moscow.
Shelley's Posthumous Poems, &c .' 4 00 j

Vol. 41, 1824-5. Spirit of the Times. India. Captain Rock, the Irish
Chieftain. Evils of Impressment. East India Sugar. Camp-
bell's Poems. Ireland. Letters illustrative of English History.
Slavery in the British West India Colonies, c 4 OT J

Vol. 42, 1825. Lingard's History of England. Early English Poetry.
France sous Napoleon. On the Alien Bill. Italian Novelists.
Wilhehn Meister's Apprenticeship. Bentham's Book of Fallacies.
Religious Persecutions in Switzerland, &c 4 02 J



Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal '.(continued.}

Vol. 43, 1825-6. Political Economy. Pepys' Diary. Silk Trade. Lays of
the Minnesingers. Passage of Hannibal over the Alps. Irish
Education. Game Laws. Banking. Waterton's Wanderings in
America. Timber Trade. Irish Novels. Canova. Flaxman, &c. 403)

Vol. 44, 1826. Who Wrote Eikon Basilike ? Crisis in the Money Market.
Lingard's History of England. Travels in Northern and Central
Africa. Phrenology. Surrender of Bonaparte. Madame de
Maintenon. Parliamentary History and Review, &c 4<MJ

Vol. 45, 1826-7. Life of Sheridan. Hieroglyphics. Drummond's Origines.
Modern Infidelity. Volcanoes. Dramas. Financial Situation
of the East India Company. Campaigns of the British Army at
Washington and New Orleans, 1814-15, &c 4057

Vol. 46, 1827. -Cotton Manufacture. Scotland. Coronation Oath. J.
Paul Richter. Letters illustrative of English History. Library
of Useful Knowledge. Anti-Jacobin Review. Financial Situa-
tion of Great Britain. History of Ireland. Slave Trade, &c. . . . 4o6J

Vol. 47, 1828. Dryden's Poems. National Debts and Taxes. New South
Wales. Songs of Scotland. Emigration. Travels in Africa, &c.
State Trials. Pauperism in England. Nerves of the Human
Body. Supplement to Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary, &c 47J

Vol. 48, 1828. Life of Columbus. India. Painting in Italy. Constitu-
tional History of England. Political Economy. Precious
Metals. Babylon. North Africa. Life of Burns. India.
American Tariffs. Polar Expeditions. British Wool Trade, c. 4o8J

Vol. 49, 1829. Proposals for an Improved Census. Game Laws. Planter's
Guide. Government, Jurisprudence, Liberty of the Press, Xc.
Ireland. Claims of Catholics. Peninsular War. British Painters,
Sculptors, and Architects. North America, &c 49J

Vol. 50, 1829-30. John Locke. Enquete sur les Fers. Enquete stir les
Sucres. Utilitarian Theory of Government. Vegetable Physi-
ology. Arabia. Ascent of Mont Blanc. Flaxman on Sculpture.
Mahomedanism. Monument! Estruchi. De Foe. Sugar
Duties, c 4ioJ

Vol. 51, 1830. Coal Trade. Nature and Influence of Taxation. Major-
General Sir T. Munro. Law of Population. Life of Richard
Bentley. History of Rome. Sir Stamford Raffles. Women as
they Are. President Jefferson, c 41 ij

Vol. 52, 1831. The late Revolution in France. Geologic d Society. The
Bedouins and Wahabys. Tod's Annals of Rajast'han. Novels.
Royal Prerogative. Reform. Goethe's Faust. Duke of Wel-
lington and the Whigs. East India Company, &c 4i2j

Vol. 53, 1831. Lingard's History of England. .Wages. Game Laws.
Schiller and Goethe. German Poetry. Beechey's Voyage to the
Pacific and Behring's Strait. Zoology of British America. Hon.
Mrs. Norton's Poems. Paper Duties. India, c 4i3j

Vol. 54, 1831. Life of Dr. Johnson. Distribution of Wealth. Henry
Fuseli, R.A. Traite' de Droit Penal. State of Protestantism in
Germany. Game Laws. Archbishop Cranmer. Origin and
Prospects of Man. Relations of England and Portugal, c 4I4J

Vol. 55, 1832. Mechanism of the Heavens. Bishop Ken. Precious Metals.
Waverley Novels. Colonial Slavery. Lytton's Eugene Aram.
Foreign Affairs. Poland. Life of William Cecil, Lord Burghley.
Anglo-Saxon History. Ebenezer Elliott's Poems, &c 4*5j

Vol. 56, 1832-3. Sir Isaac Newton. Political Economy. Railroads and
Inland Navigation. Public Records of Great Britain. Wycliffe.
Working and Prospects of the Reform. Machinery and Manu-
factures. New Zealand. Bank of England, &c 4i6J

Vol. 57, 1833. Illustrations of Political Economy. Liverpool and Man-
chester Railway. Jury Trial in Scotland. Goethe's Faust.
Illumination of Lighthouses. Chambers' Journal, &c. Ireland.
Dramatic Literature. CEuvres de Victor Hugo, &c 4I7J

Vo'. 58, 1833-4. National Education in England and France. State of
Manufactures, Commerce, and Shipping. Travels in Turkey,
Greece, c. The Reformed Ministry and the Reformed Parlia-
ment. Walpole's Correspondence with Sir H. Mann, c 4i8J



Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal : (continued.}

Vol. 59, 1834. Life of Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore. Fanaticism.
Pindar. Round Towers of Ireland. Commercial Relations be-
tween France and England. Poor Laws in Ireland. Babbage's
Calculating Machine. Trades Unions and Strikes, c ......... 4igJ

Vol. 60, 1834-5. Philip Van Artevelde. Lives of the Necromancers. Rail-
ways. Characteristics of Women. Admission of Dissenters to
the Universities. Mercantile Marine. Bokhara. British Asso-
ciation, &c .................................................. 420 J

Vol. 61, 1835. Theory of the Constitution. American Poets. Intellectual
Philosophy. Aristocracy. Coleridge's Table Talk. Census of
1831. Lighthouses. Revolution of 1688. Science of Morality.
Ross's Second Voyage in Search of a North West Passage, c. 42 ij
Vol. 62, 1835-6. Bolingbroke. Ethiopia. Anster's Translation of Faust.
Thirl wall's Greece. Church History. The Whigs : their Pros-
pect and Policy. Sir James Mackintosh. Cuvier. Romance
Languages. Cape of Good Hope. Orange Institutions, c ..... 422J

Vol. 63, 1836. Musical History. Arians of the Fourth Century. Joanna
Baillie's Dramas. Life of Sir Humphry Davy. Irish Church
Bill. Back's Arctic Land Expedition. Cowper. Poor Laws, c. 423J

Vol. 64, 1836-7. Sir Thomas Browne's Works. Koordistan and Nineveh.
History of the English Episcopacy. Constantinople. Manufac-
tures of Switzerland. Court and Camp of Don Carlos. Mahon's
History of Natural Theology, &c ............................. 4 2 4J

Vol. 65, 1837. Norway. Money Crisis. Joint Stock Banks. Ques-
tion des Sucres. Modern Egyptians. Goldsmith. Bacon.
Athens : its Rise and Fall. Abolition of Church Rates. Eng-
land under Seven Administrations. Criminal Law, &c ......... 4 2 5J

Vol. 66, 1837-8. Charles Lamb. Documents illustrating the History of
Scotland. Political Economy. Inductive Sciences. Welling-
ton's Dispatches. State of the Prisons of Ireland. Church
Rate:;. Expedition to the Niger. Highlanders of Scotland, c. 426J
Vol. 67, 1838. Times of George IV. Use of Torture in the Criminal Law
of England. Russian Fleet in the Baltic. Life of Wilberforce.
Lord Brougham on the Slave Trade. Cours de Philosophie
Positive, par Comte. Life of Whitfield, &c ................... 42;J

Vol. 68, 1838-9. Voyage Round the World. Dickens' Works. Sir William
Temple. D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation. Manners
and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians. Southey's Poems. Reign
of Ferdinand and Isabella. Law of Storms, &c ................. 42SJ

Vol. 69, 1839. Normandy. Admiral Lord Anson. Railways for Ireland.
Ancient Scottish Melodies. Milton. Gladstone's State and
Church. Trees and Shrubs of Britain. Voyages of Her Majesty's
Ships Adventure and Beagle, &c .............................. 42gJ

Vol. 70, 1839-40. Life of Telford. Pitt's Correspondence. Education
Question. Life of Lord Clive. British India Societ}'. Smith's
\VealthofNations.LifeofJamesWatt. Post Office Reform, c. 43oJ
Vol. 71, 1840. Sir Walter Raleigh. British Admirals. Deer Stalking.
Naval History. Physical Theory of Another Life. British
Government in India. Persia and Afghanistan. French Revo-
lution. Shakespeare's Life and Works, &c ..................... 43 iJ

Vol. 72, 1840-41. Democracy in America. Goethe's Theory of Colours.
Biblical Criticism. African Slave Trade. Hallam's Literature
of Europe. History of the Popes. Peninsular War. Rubens.
Resources of India. Spanish Ballads, &c ..................... 432 J

Vol. 73, 1841. The Silurian System. Political Ethics. Travels in North
America. Early _ French History. Sepulchres of Etruria.
Rights and Condition of Women. Texas. Geschichte von Port-
Royal. Colman Family. Speeches on the Budget, &c ......... 433!

Vol. 74, 1841-2. Poor Law Reform.
Pepys' Diary. Warren

Works. North American Indians. Reign of William II., c.. . 434 J

Vol. 75, 1842. Etudes sur les Glaciers. Moore's Poems. Frederick the
Great and his Times. Travels in Central America. History of
Duelling. Me'moire sur la Variation de la Temperature dans les
A1 P 2S ' &C .................................................. 435J


. uge, c .........

eform. Gipsies of Spain. Sports and Sporting.
rren Hastings. Inductive Sciences. Fuller's
erican Indians. Reign of William II., c.. .


Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal '. (continued.}

Vol. 76, 1842-3. Alison's Europe. Admiral Keppel. India and the East
India Company. Madame de Se'vigne. Photogenic Drawing.
Lord Campbell's Speeches. Lectures on Modern History.
Liberte" des Cultes. Eminent Foreign Statesmen, &c ..... ..... 4367

Vol. 77, 1843. Homer. Age of Great Cities. Campaign in Afghanistan.
East India Company. International Law. Memoirs of the
Court of England. Asia Minor. Tracts for the Times and the
Tractarian School, &c ........................................ 437 J

Vol. 78, 1843. Free Trade and Retaliation. Arctic Voyages. Salmon
Fishing in the Tweed. Parisian Morals and Manners. Life in
Mexico. Addison. Harmonious Colouring and Form. Literary
Biography. Dramatic Art and Literature, c ................. 4j8J

Vol. 79, 1844. Histoire de France, par Michelet. Belcher's Voyage Round
the World. Andrew Marvell. Commercial Tariffs. Employ-
ment of Children. Debates on Irish Affairs. Russia. African
Slave Trade. Life of Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent, &c ...... 439 J

Vol. So, 1844. Selwyn and his Contemporaries. Census of 1841. Popular
Delusions. Recent Developments of Puseyism. Admiral Drake.
Nature of Thunderstorms. Bank Charter. Import Duties.
Corn Laws. Slave Trade, c ................................. 44oJ

Vol. 81, 1845. Brougham's Political Philosophy. Churchill s Poems. Pro-
gress of Scientific Agriculture. Lord Chancellor Eldon. Thomas
Arnold, D.D. Medical Reform. Shakespeare. English Univer-

sities. Jesuits. Conquest of Mexico, &c
. Ve

Vol. 82, 1845. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. Luther's
Correspondence. The Bokhara Victims. Commercial Statistics.
Hudson's Bay Company and the Oregon Question. Kings of
Norway. Remarkable Crimes in German}', c ................. 442 J

Vol. 83, 1846. Parliament and the Courts. Shakespeare in Paris. Legis-
lation for the Working Classes. European and American State
Confederacies. Prussia. Earls Grey and Spencer. Lord Chan-
cellors of England. Corn Laws of Athens and Rome, &c ....... 443J

Vol. 84, 1846. Leibnitz. The Sahara and its Tribes. Long Parliament
and Sir Simonds D'Ewes. Borneo. Spain and the Spaniards.
Mysticism and Scepticism. Colonial Protection. Irish Poor
Law. Lives of Eminent Lawyers. British Agriculture, &C ..... 444-J

Vol. 85, 1847. David Hume. Streets of Paris. History of the United
States. Genius and Writings of Pascal. Centralization. Saints'
Lives and Miracles. Sarah Martin. Arabian Philosophy.
Canada. Primitive Political Economy of England, c ......... 445J

Vol. 86, 1847. St. Francis of Assisi. Dyce's Beaumont and Fletcher.
Robin Hood. Emancipation of the Jews. Books of Travels.
History of Old Painting. What is to be done with our Crimi-
nals? Navigation Laws. Antiquarianism in England, c ...... 446 J

Vol. 87, 1848. History of the Girondins. Thackeray's Writings. Dis-
coverer of the Composition of Water Watt or Cavendish ? The
Ministry and the New Parliament. Humboldt's Kosmos. The
Irish Crisis. Plato. Coleridge and Southey, &c ............... 44?J

Vol. 88, 1848. Provencal and Scandinavian Poetry. History of Egypt.
Revolt in Lombardy. Goldsmith. French Republic. Germanic
Empire. Mill's Political Economy. Revolution and Reform.
Ethnology. Reign of George II., &c ......................... 448J

Vol. 89, 1849. French Benedictines. Progress of Mechanical Invention.
Diplomacy of Louis XI V. and William III. Saxons in England.
Irish Distress. Lord Melbourne. Sacred and Legendary Art.
Queens of England. University Reform, &c ................... 449J

Vol. 90, 1849. Transportation. Shakespeare's Critics. Reign of Louis
XV. Etruria. Free Trade. King Arthur. Sardinia. Austria
and Hungary. Macaulay's England. Reason and Faith. Agri-
culture and Science. Tennyson, Shelley, and Keats, &c ....... 45oJ

Vol. 91, 1850. Colonization. British Mines and Mining. Orange Proces-
sions. Turkey and Christendom. Sanitary Reform. French
Revolution. 1848. Astronomical Observations at Greenwich.
Supply of Water to the Metropolis. Lander's Poetry, &c ....... 45iJ

Vol 92, 1850. Rome under the Empire. Church and State Education. Pedro
the Cruel. Goethe's Festival. Guizot on the English Revolu-
tion. Slave Trade. History of the English Language. Ancient
Greek Language and Literature, &c ........................... 452J

[20 9 ]


Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal : (continued.}

Vol. 93, 1351. English Socialism and Communistic Associations. The
Struggle of Italy. Lives of the_ Chief Justices. Kings and Popes.
Lord Clarendon's Administration. Salmon Fisheries. Southey.
Lamanism in Tartary and Thibet. Victor Cousin, c 453J

Vol. 94, 1851. Greek Text of the New Testament. Hartley Coleridge.
Tales and Traditions of Hungary. The Romans in Britain. Life
of William Penn. Modern Chemistry. Comparative Philology.
Dukes of Urbino. Expression in Architecture, c 454J

Vol. 95, 1852. Normandy and England. The Expected Reform Bill.
Nouvelles Causes Celebres. National Education. Athenian Ar-
chitecture. John Knox's Liturgy. Whig Ministry of 1830.
Nicaragua. Lord Derby's Ministry and Protection, c 455J

Vol. 96, 1852. Police System of London. Dutch Diplomacy and Indian
Piracy. English Agriculture in 1852. Our Defensive Armament.
Japan. Traits of the Irish Peasantry. Cholera and Quarantine.
Marie de Medici. Representative Reform, c 456J

Vol. 97, 1853. Hippolytus and his Age. Corfu and the Ionian Islands. St.
Paul. Hungarian Revolution. Indian Army. Montalembert.
Fall of the Derby Ministry. Marriage with a Deceased Wife's
Sister. Disraeli : his Character and Career, c 457J

Vol. 98, 1853. Austrian Court in the Eighteenth Century. Nations of
India and their Manners. Lord Grey's Colonial Administration.
England and China. French Navy. Church Parties. Arctic
Regions. Mahometanism. Newspaper Stamp, c 458J

Vol. 99, 1854. C. J. Fox. The Blind, their Works and Ways. Govern-
ment Education Measures. Machinery of Parliamentary Legis-
lation. Ottoman Empire. Mormonism. John Locke. French
Protestant Refugees. Thomas Moore, c 459]

Vol. 100, 1854. Eastern Question. Teetotalism and Laws "against the
Liquor Trade. Kaffir Wars and Cape Policy. Relations between
Labour and Capital. Representation of Minorities. Crimean
War. Church Rates. Memoirs of King Joseph, c 46oJ

Vol. 101, 1855. Charles V. Modern French Literature. Siege of Rhodes
in 1480. Mount Athos and its Monasteries. History of the
Puritans. Crimean War. Slavery in the United States. Travels
in Siberia. English Surnames. Juvenile Offenders, c 461 J

Vol. 102, 1855. Genius of Dryden. History and Literature. Indian
Statesmen. Modern Fortification. Rev. Sydney Smith. Sebas-
topol Committee and Vienna Conferences. Political Disturbances
in China. Plurality of Worlds. Results of the Campaign, c. .. 4^zJ

Vol. 103, 1856. The Civil Wars and Cromwell. Himalaya and Thibet.
North-West Passage. Suez Canal. Russian Campaigns in Asia.
Modern English History. Text of Shakespeare. Body and
Mind. Sir Isaac Newton. Ruskinism, &c 4^3J

Vol. 104, 1856. Credibility of Early Roman History. Samuel Rogers.
Coins of Greece. Heine. Catholic Question. Arago's Life and
Works. Sinai, Palestine, and Mecca. Alpine Travellers, c. . . 464J

Vol. 105, 1857. Phillip II. Dutch Republic. Human Longevity. History
of Convocation. Henry Cockburn. Railway Legislation. India,
Persia and Afghanistan. Arctic Explorations.! Dilettanti So-
ciety, &c 46;J

Vol. 106, 1857. Electrical Science. Social Progress of Ireland. Goethe.
Handel. Representative Reform. Bacon's Works. Napier.
The Mediterranean Sea. Chief Justices and Judges of England.
Michael Angelo. Indian Mutiny, c . 466J

Vol. 107, 1858. Prospects of the Indian Empire. Latin Christianity. Ad-
dington and Pitt Administrations. California. Eastern Church,
Consulate and the Empire. George Stephenson. Edgar Allan
Poe. Conquest of Oude. Second Derby Ministry, c 467J

Vol. 108, 1858. Hugh Miller. Canning's Literary Remains. The Celts
and the Germans. Songs of B^ranger. Henry VIII. The
Hindu Drama. Ancient Pottery. Binocular Vision. Earls of
Kildare. Gladstone's Homeric Studies, c 468J

Vol. 109, 1859. Roman Catacombs. British Museum Library. Life and
Organisation. Parliamentary Reform. Discoveries in Africa.
West Indies. Montenegro. Normandy and England. Rifled
Guns and Modern Tactics. Austria, France and Italy, c 4697



Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal : (continued.}

Vol. no, 1859. Court of George IV. Douglas Jerrold. Marie Antoinette.
Duke of Wellington. State of Europe. Psychology. Ceylon.
Frederick the Great. Pompeii. Italian Campaign of 1859. Secret
Organisation of Trades, &c 47J

Vol. in, 1860. Mortality in Trades and Professions. Herodotus. Coal
Fields of North America and Great Britain. Alison's Europe.
Lord Macaulay. Commercial Relations of England and France.
Milton. Local Nomenclature. Origin of Species, &c 47 J J

Vol. 112, 1860. Value of Gold. France and Lorraine. Revolutions in
English History. Ary Scheffer. Russia and Serf-Emancipation.
Secret Voting and Parliamentary Reform. Sanskrit Literature.
The Grand Remonstrance. &c 47 2 J

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