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Vol. 113, 1861. Church Expansion and Liturgical Revision. Japan and
the Japanese. Political Ballads. Ocean Telegraphy. United
Netherlands. The Alps and their Glaciers. Italy. Lord Bacon.
Political Diaries. Eton Cjllege. Essays and Reviews, &c. ... 473 J

Vol. 114, 1861. -Popular Education. Albert Diirer. Civilisation in Spain
and Scotland. Du Chaillu's Adventures. Count Cavour.
Monks of the West. Mrs. Browning's Works. American Civil
War, &c 474J

Vol. 115, 1862. Science of Language. Military Defence of the Colonies.
Mendelssohn's Letters. Wrecks, Life-Boats, and Lighthouses.
Salt Lake City. Belligerents and Neutrals. Richard III.
Buddhism. Roman History. Cotton Culture in India, &c 475J

Vol. 116, 1862. Wellington's Supplementary Dispatches. Astronomy of
the Ancients. Life of Pitt. Iron. The Papacy and the Tem-
poral Power. Solar Chemistry. St. Swithun. Edward Irving.
Hops. The American Revolution, &c 476 J

Vol. 117, 1863. India under Lord Dalhousie. Goldfields and Goldminers.
Rubens. Campaign of 1815. Modern Judaism. Invasion of
the Crimea. India under Lord Canning. The Bible and the
Church. Japan. Man's Place in Nature, 6cc 477.J

Vol. 118, 1863. Modern Styles of Architecture. French Revolution.
Sources of the Nile. The Scots in France : the French in Scot-
land. Antiquity of Man. Queensland. Mediaeval Rome.
Bolingbroke. Jurisprudence. Royal Academy. Reign of
George III., &c 4y8J

Vol. 119, 1864. Heat. Negro Race in America. Frpude's England.
Ireland. History of Highways. Human Sacrifices and Infan-
ticide in India. British North America. Rifle Ordnance in
England and France. Charles the Bold. Re"nan's Life of
Jesus, &c 479 T

Vol. 120, i864 - -Sir John Eliot. The Queen's English. History of Our
Lord in Art. English Horses. Linen Trade. Archbishop
Whately. Co-operative Societies. Man and Nature. Marshal
Saxe. Browning's Poems. The Five- Year-Old Parliament, &c. 48oJ

Vol. 121, 1865. Criminal Law Reform. Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the
Crown. Taine on English Literature. Heraldic Manuals.
The Australian Colonies. Madame Roland. Rationalism.
Tuscan Sculpture. Law of Patents, <S:c 43iJ

Vol. 122, 1865. Early Italian Art. Revision of the English Bible. Mont
Cenis Tunnel. Gothic Architecture. China. Japan. Egypt.
History of the English Government. Our Convicts. Weber.
Frost and Fire. Spiritualism in America, &c 482J

Vol. 123, 1866. Modern Fresco-Painting. Recent Changes in the Art of
War. Transylvania. Was Shakespeare a Roman Catholic ?
Corn and Cattle. Extension of the Franchise. Plato. Marie
Antoinette. The Irish Church, &c 48 jj

Vol. 124, 1866. Mahomet. Weather Forecasts and Storm Warnings.
Hamilton's Philosophy. Baker's Albert Nyanza. Precious
Stones. Charles Lamb. State of Europe. Sepoy War. Strauss,
Re"nan, and " Ecce Homo," &c 4847

Vol. 125, 1867. Foreign Policy of Sir John Lawrence. Modern Glass-
Painting. Land Tenure in Ireland. Meteoric Showers. Prus-
sian Campaign of 1866. Spontaneous Generation. Holbein.
Ritualism. Accidents in Coal Mines, &c 485 J



Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal '.(continued.)

Vol. 126, 1867. George III. Agriculture and Prices in England (1259-
1400). Indian Costumes and Textile Fabrics. Lord Plunket.
Wine and the Wine Trade. Wedgwood. Correspondence of
Napoleon I. Codification. Trades Unions. Miss Edge-
worth, c 435J

Vol. 127, 1868. Tyndall's Lectures on Sound. Sir Philip Francis.
Queen's Highland Journal. Positive Philosophy. Western
China. Monks of the We^t. Technical and Scientific Educa-
tion. Hunsen's Memoirs. Irish Abroad. Disraeli Ministry, &c. 487 J

Vol. 128, 1868. The Apocryphal Gospels. Modern Russian Drama.
New Germany. The National Church. French Revolution.
Ireland. Hindoo Fairy Legends. Variation of Animals and
Plants. Agricultural Labourers, &c 4S3J

Vol. 129, 1869. Caesarian Rome. Realities of Irish Life. William Tell.
Annals of Saint Paul's. General Grant. John Bright's
Speeches. Confucius. Edible Fungi. Madame de Lafayette.
Dilke's Greater Britain. Lyndhurst and Brougham, c 4SgJ

Vol. 130, 1869. European Morals. Shakespearian Glossaries. The
Alps. Molecular Science. Norman Conquest. W. S. Landor.
Marriage Law of the Empire. The (Ecumenical Council.
Labour. Bismarck. Tree and Serpent Worship. Indian
Judges, &c 49oJ

Vol. 131, 1870. Queen Elizabeth. Geology. Colonial Policy. Sir
William Hamilton. The Pre-Christian Cross. Lish Land
Question. Taxation. Eastlake and Gibson. Renan's St. Paul.
Ballot not Secret Voting. Earl Russell's Speeches, &c 491 J

Vol. 132, 1870. Baltic Provinces of Russia. Chief Victories of Charles V.
Hereditary Genius. Ancient History. Faraday. Postal Tele-
graphs. Audubon's Adventures. Sixtus V. Aryan Mythology.
Arndt. Pre-historic Times. Campaign of August, 1870. Reign
of Anne, &c 492 J

Vol. 133, 1871. France. Business of the House of Commons. Sepoy
War. Military Forces of the Crown. Morris" Poems. The
Treaties of 1856 and 1867. Applications of Photography. Shelley.
German Empire. Studies of the Recent War, &c 493 J

Vol. 134, 1871. Military Policy of Russia. Lives of the Irish Chancellors.
Swinburne's Poems. The Vatican Council. Suppressed and
Censured Books. Letter from Earl Grey. Plato. English
Guilds. Game and Game Laws. South Africa and her Diamond
Fields. Land Tenure. Commune of Paris, &c 494J

Vol. 135, 1872. Marco Polo. Lace Making. John Wesley. Primitive
Culture. Painting in Italy. Railway Organization in the late
War. India. The Church, the Land, and the Liberals. Rome.
Royal Institution. Duke de Broglie. Disestablishment. Oceanic
Circulation. Lord Brougham. "Alabama" Claims, &c 495 J

Vol. 136, 1872. Bishop Berkeley. The Stuarts at St. Germains. Southern
States since the War. Reform in Japan. The Bennett T -

ment. Corea. New Shakespearian Interpretations. Baron
Stockmar. Terrestrial Magnetism. Figi Islands. Progress of
Medicine and Surgery. Naval Tactics, &c

Vol. 137,1873. Recovery of Jerusalem. Lord Elgin. Thackeray's Works.
The English in Ireland. English Salmon Fisheries. State
Papers, 1639-41. Church and Dissent. Geneva Arbitration.
Western China. Sleep and Dreams. General Lee. Drunken-
ness, Abstinence, and Restraint. Cost and Consumption of
Coal. Religious Movements in Germany, &c

Vol. 138, 1873. Trevelyan Papers. The Talmud. Sir Henry Lawrence.
George Grote. Recent Events in Afghanistan. The Iron Mask.
Work and Wages. Beethoven. Cuban Insurrection. Breeding
of Horses. Kew Gardens. Affairs on the Gold Coast, &c

Vol. 139, 1874. Libraries : Ancient and Modern. Sara Coleridge. John
Stuart Mill. Results of the Education Act. Eastern Toprkis-
tan. Bismarck and the Church of Rome. Science of Religion.
Hydraulics of Great Rivers. Trojan Antiquities. Past and
Future of the Whig Part}', &c



Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal : (continued.)

Vol. 140, 1874. Ocean Warfare. The Speaker's Bible. Physical History
of the Moon. John of Barneveld. Henry Cockburn. Cornels
and Meteors. Convocation, Parliament and the Praycr-Book.
Canon of Beauty in Greek Art, &c jooj

Vol. 141, 1875. Theism. Lord Ellenborough's Indian Administration.
Leonardo da Vinci. Agricultural Labourers of England. The
Heart of Africa and the Slave Trade. Life of the Prince Con-
sort. Geology and Races of India. State of France. William
Macready. Arctic Exploration. Supernatural Religion. Battle
of Inkerman, &c 501 J

Vol. 142, 1875. Thorvaldsen. Early Institutions. Physiological In-
fluence of Alcohol. Early Kings of Norway. Lucrezia Borgia.
England and Russia in the East. Financial Grievance of Ire-
land. Moliere. Forest Management. Progress of the Kingdom
of Italy. Municipal Government of London, &c 5 O2 J

Vol. 143, 1876. The Dalrymples. Reign of James I. Wagner and the
Modern Theory of Music. Post Office Telegraphs. Isaac
Casaubon. Iceland and its Explorers. Suez Canal. Bishop
Thirlwall. Lord Mayo's Indian Administration. Merchant
Shipping and Ancient Commerce. Lord Macaulay, &c 53j

Vol. 144, 1876. Growth of the German Naval Power. Ranke's History of
England. Michael Angelo. Rajput States of India. New
Guinea and Polynesia. Native Races of North America. Marie
Antoinette. Declaration of Paris. Sir Philip Sidney. Depre-
ciation of Silver. Bosnia and Bulgaria, &c 504 J

Vol. 145, 1877. Travels in the Caucasus. New Arctic Lands. Discoveries
at Ephesus. Lorenzo cle' Medici. Turkey and Russia. Wallace's
"Russia." Tennyson's Dramas. Charles Kingsley. Native
Policy in South Africa. Brigandage in Sicily, &c 505 J

Vol. 146, 1877. The Sibylline Books. Indian Famines. North Country
Naturalists. Venice Defended. The England of Elizabeth.
Church and State. The Russians in Asia Minor. Torpedo
Warfare. Eton College. Russian Invasion of Turkey, &c 5o6J

Vol. 147, 1878. Harvey and Cesalpino. The French in Indo-China.
Titian. Stanley's Discoveries and the Future of Africa. Mili-
tary Power of Russia. Principles and Prospects of the Liberal
Party. Democracy in Europe. The Age of Bronze. Naval
Strength of England. Lord Melbourne. Present and Future of
the East, c 5 o7j

Vol. 148, 1878. Wellesley's Indian Administration. England in the
Eighteenth Century. Origin and Wanderings of the Gyp-
sies. Primitive :Property and Modern Socialism. Russia
and Rpumania. The Constitution and the Crown. Copyright
Commission. Indian Navy. Charles I. Recent Explorations
in Palestine. Jesuit Martyrs. Cyprus, &c 5o8J

Vol. 149, 1879. Mental Physiology. Mrs. Jameson. The Road to India.
Discoveries at Olympia. The Government and the Opposition.
Electric Light. Excavations in Rome. Bastiat, an Apostle of
Free Trade. Gold and its Effects on Trade. William Cobbett.
Pessimism. South Africa, &c. . . 5ogJ

Vol. 150, 1879. Constitutional History of England. Egypt under the
Pharaohs. Intemperance and the Licensing Laws. Rembrandt.
The Scots of Buccleugh. Fallacies of Evolution. Rural Eng-
land. Germany since the Peace of Frankfort. Mozart. Philo-
sophy of Colour. Civil Engineers of Great Britain. Family of
Mirabeau. Afghanistan, &c 5ioJ

Vol. 151, 1880. Agricultural Situation. Landed Interest and Supply of
Food. Miracle Play of Hasan and Husain. Lighthouses of the
World. Sea Lights. Russia before and afler the War. Life
and Letters of the Earl of Minto. Political Studies. England.
Ritualistic Literature. Life of Benjamin Franklin. The Race-
horse. Reign of Queen Anne, &c 51 ij

Vol. 152, 1880. The English Precursors of Newton. Mind in the Lower
Animals. Naval Power in the Pacific. Sabians, and Christians
of St. John. Landlords, Tenants, and Labourers. Hodgkin s
Invaders of Italy. The Divorce of Katharine of Aragon. Annals
of Exeter College. Records of Early English Adventure. Chemis-
try of the Stars. Germany: Present and Past. The Candahar
Campaign, &c 512 J


Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal : (continued.}

Vol. 153, 1881. Prince Metternich. Navies of the World. Jacob van
Arteveld, the Brewer of Ghent. Dr. Caird on the Philosophy of
Religion. Army Reform. England and Ireland. The Oxford
School. Egypt Bound and Unbound. Public Life of Mr.
Herries. River Floods. The Pellagra in Italy. Thomas
Carlyle. Schliemann's llios. Local Debts and Government
Loans, &c S^J

Vol. 154, 1881. Methodism. Cesar's Campaigns in Britain. Sweden
under Gustavus III. The Society of Antiquaries. Japan Revo-
lutionized. The Revised Version of the New Testament. The
Storage of Electricity. Landlords and Tenants in Ireland.
Albania and Scanderbeg. The Koran. Dauphiny. The Ponti-
ficate of Leo XIII. Helmholtz and Carter on Eyesight. General
Gordon in Central Africa. Fallacies of Fair Trade, &c 514!

Vol. 155, 1882. Taine's Conquest of the Jacobins. Cossa and Carducci.
Cobden. Electro-Motive Power. Carthage and Tunis. Irish
Discontent. The Bonapartcs. Fall of the House of Stuart.
Rossetti's Poems. Empire of the Chalifs. Origins of English
History. The Panama Canal. Sir Thomas, Brassey on the
British Navy. The Haigs of Bemersyde. Lord Beaconsfield s

Speeches and Literary Works, &c S 1 5J

. Vol. 156, i832. Don Sebastian and his Personators. Siemens' Theory of
Solar Heat. Indian Administration and Finance_. Littrd, Du-
mas, Pasteur, and Taine. North Borneo. American Society in
American Fiction. Three in Norway. Gardiner's Fall of the
Monarchy of Charles I. The Ancient Architecture of India.
Mozley's Reminiscences. Inland Navigation. Shelley and
Mary. Natural Religion. The Egyptian Rebellion, c 5 T 6J

Vol. 157, 1883. Immanuel Kant and the Kantian Revival. State Trials of
the igth Century. State of Agriculture at Home and Abroad.
The Life and Works of Raphael. The Merv Oasis. Henry
Erskine and his Times. Nationalisation of the Land. Persecu-
tion of the Jews. Volcanoes and Volcanic Action. Frederic II.
and Maria Theresa. Modern Ethics. Present State of Medical
Science. Japanese Art. Life of Bishop Wilberforce. Jules
Simon on the State of France, &c 5i7J

Vol. 158, 1883. Life of Don John of Austria. The Ancient, Mediaeval, and
Modern Stage. The Rural Population of Italy. History of
English Law. The Angler's Library. Snakes. Pedigrees and
Peerages. The French in Anam and Tonquin. Copernicus.
Early Law and Custom. Russian Railways in Asia. The Scot-
tish Language. The Herefordshire Pomona. Schubert, Chopin,
Liszt. The American Civil War, c .... 5i8J

Vol. 159, 1884. Government of the Indian Empire. The Spencerian Philo-
sophy. The Anarchy of Paris. The Egyptian Question..
Literary Life of Anthony Trollope. Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.
Parliamentary Reform. Lord Lyndhurst. Criminal Law of
England. Chronicle of James I. of Aragon. The Scottish Uni-
versities. Heth and Moab. The Coming Reform. Egypt, &c. sigj

Vol. 160, 1884. Lightning Conductors. The Chiefs of Grant. The Divorce
of Catharine of Aragon. Sir Edward Colebrooke's Life of Mount-
stuart Elphinstone. The Future of the Congo. Life and Opinions
of Frederick Denison Maurice. Johann Sebastian Bach. The
Works of Alexander Pope. Mountain Observatories. Klaus
Groth : his Poems and Dialect. Memoirs of the Earl of Malmes-
bury. John de Witt. Aristotle's History of Animals. The Irish
Massacres of A.D. 1641. The Reform Bill and the House of
Lords, &c 52oJ

Vol. 161, 1885. The Croker Papers. Recent Discoveries in the Roman
Forum. Spenser as a Philosophic Poet. State of the British
Army. The Migrations of Birds. Secret Papers of the Second
Empire. The Redistribution of Seats. Land Tenure in Scot-
land. Prince Bismark. The Army of India. India : what can
it teach us ? Past and Present State of the Navy. George Eliot.
Three Reform Bills, &c 521 J


Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal : (continued.}

Vol. 162, 1885. John Keats. Count Giuseppe Pasolini. The French in
North America. Harbours and Docks. Sir Henry Taylor.
The City Livery Companies. Naval Warfare. The Ports and
Trade of Corea. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Louis Pasteur.
The Faith of Iran. Frederic II., and Louis XV. The Revised
Version of the Old Testament. The Second Part of the Greville
Memoirs. Dr. Martineau's Types of Ethical Theory. Plain
Truths and Popular Fallacies, &c 522!

Vol. 163, 1886. England, Afghanistan, and Russia. Coptic Churches of
Egypt. Anne Boleyn. The French in Madagascar. Victor
Hugo. Phoenician Antiquities. Scarcity of Gold. Popular
Government. The Charges of Bishop Fraser. The Natural
History of Palestine. Memoirs of Mary II. Recent Progress of
Astronomy. Ireland under the Tudors. Modern Poetry. Princes
of the House of Conde". England's Duty to Ireland, c 5237

Vol. 164, 1886. Arabian Nights. Aurora Borealis. Architectural History
of the University of Cambridge, and of the Colleges of Cambridge
and Eton. Correspondence of Marshall Davout. General Elec-
tion. History of England from the conclusion of the Great War
in 1815. Third Invasion of France. Geology : Chemical, Physical,
and Stratigraphical. Apostolic Fathers: S. Ignatius and S.
Polycarp. Insect Ravages. Century of Irish Government.
Irish Question. Voice of Memnon. Needlework as Art. Letters
and Despatches of Lord Nelson. Ancient Marbles in Great
Britain. Prose Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Modern Trade
and the Means of Exchange. Cruise in the Western Pacific, &c. 5247

Vol. 165, 1887. Conquest of Burma. Correspondence of Marquis Gino
Capponi. Gardiner's History of the Great Civil War. House of
Douglas. Third part of the Greville Memoirs. Works of
Handel. Hobart Pasha. Thomas Hobbes. Rural Life in Italy.
Land, Law, and Labour. Literature of the Streets. Palestine.
Parliament : the late Crisis and the coming Session. Railway
Problems. Argyll's Scotland, as it was, and as it is. Seventh
Earl of Shaftesbury. Reminiscences of Count Vitzthum. Ancient
Laws of Wales, &c. 535]

Vol. 166, 1887. Art, its ministry to happiness. Political Assassination.
Brocas Family. Life and \Vorks of Giordano Bruno. Memoirs
and Correspondence of Prince Adam Czartpryski. Dundas
Family of Arniston. England under the Angevin Kings. Ettrick
Forest and the Yarrow. Condition of Politics in Europe. Europe
and the French Revolution. Rural France. English Actors in
the French Revolution. Hunting. Mr. Gladstone and the
Liberal Party. Letters of Madame de Maintenon. Cruise of
the Marchessa. A Plea for Peace. International Law of the
United States. Education of Women, c 5 2 6J

Vol. 167, 1888. Lord Carteret. Political Clubs. Mr. Kinglake's con-
cluding volumes of the History of the Invasion of the Crimea.
Dalmatia and the Quarnero. Charles Darwin. Jean Doublet.
Campaign of 1882 in Egypt. Peace of Europe. Franco-Russian
Alliance^ The People Israel. _ Sir H. A. Layard. The Prin-
cess Helene de Ligne. Municipal Debt and Local Taxation.
Sidereal Photography, John Ruskin's Works Reviewed.
Tithes. Battle for the Union. Bowen's Translation of Virgil.
Froude's English in the West Indies, &c 527J

Vol. 168, 1888. Poems of Matthew Arnold. Rev. William Barnes. Let-
ters of Cicero. CountrA. De Falloux. Forster's Life of Mr. T.
\Vemyss Reid. French Revolution. Lord Grenville. The
HeptameYon of Queen Margaret of Navarre. Ireland under
Coercion. Poems and Letters of Michael Angelo. Naval
Defence. Dorothy Osborne. House of Percy. Study of Re-
ligion. Scotland in the Eighteenth Century. Storms. Sur-
gery and Medicine. Taxation in England. Turrettini Family

of Geneva. The Mare'chal de Villars, &c 52 J

Edinburgh Reviewers. See Stephen's Hours in a Library, no4R, &c.

Edis (R. W., Architect, b. 1839), F.S. A., Healthy Furniture and De-
coration [Int. Health Ex.], illustrated. 1884 989^1


Edkins (J.), D.D., Chinese Buddhism. 1880 .......................... 57K

Edmonds (E. M.). Sec Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

EDUCATION Works relating to : (See also Colleges, School^

Teaching, &Y.)
Education as a Science, by Bain. 1886 .............. , ............... 364!*-

- British and American, compared by Hazeltine [Harper's

Series]. 1880 ...................................................... 1 5 2 1 Z

[Conrad's German Universities]

- Doctrine of, by Richter. 1848 .................................... 20oK

- Essays on a Liberal Education, edited by Earrar. 1868 ... io5iF

- Free [Fawcett's Essays] ............................................. IOI4F

- Industrial, by Magnus. 1888 .............................. 314 and 3i8R

- National, and Board School Reforms, by Brabazon. 1887 1103!'"

- 1853 .................................................................. I049F

- [Harris's Radicals] ................................................ uo6F

of Children [Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne] .................. 67F

Girls [Caddy's Household] ....................................... 952M

- of the Artist, by Chesneau, translated by Bell. 1886 ....... II26M

- World, by Temple [Essays and Reviews] ............... 662A

[Replies to Essays and Reviews] ...... .............. 663A

on its Constituents, Objects, and Issues, by McCombie. 1857 274R

- Physical, by Maclaren [Athletics, c.]. 1885 ................. i8o8Z

- Popular, by Randall. 1869 ...................... . ............... 2O2R

- Lectures and Addresses in Aid of, by the Earl of Car-

lisle. 1856 ......................................................... I284R

- Practical, and Useful Knowledge, by Everett. 1847 ......... 2o8R

- by Leland. 1888 ................................................ 3ooR

- Struggle for National, by Morley. 1873 ........................ io5oF

- The Home, Kindergarten, and the Primary School, by

Peabody. 1887 .................................................. 299!^

See also Abbot's Home Teaching, 2i2R. Alison's Europe, 13^-60.
An Old Man's Thoughts about Many Things, ijgT. Ashton's XIX.
Century, 862H. Bellair's Girls and Maidens, g84M. Brougham's
Political Speeches, 6osR. Butler's Woman's Culture, &c., io88F.
Carpenter (Mary), Life and Work, 5620. Child and Child Nature,
28oR. Compayre"s Pedagogy, 296R. Escott's England and Its
People, loiyF. Fitche's Cambridge Lectures on Teaching, 28sR.
Froude's Studies, 2o8O. Gould's Germany, 3630. Girls' Book,
I257H. Grey's Self-Culture, gGiR. Harper's Index, i64oja.
Heath's Peasants' Life, 1329!^.. Hunter's Indian Empire, 485^.
Kay's England, 228R. Knight's England, 151-4^ Laurie's Train-
ing of Teachers, 286R. Laurie's Universities, 3o6R. Macleod's
Home School, i6Q. Malthus' Population, iog4F. Martineau's
' ' '

cracy, 38-gH. McCullpch's British Empire, JI2H. Pike's Crime
in England, soj-SH. Richardson's Common Health, 8^M. Seeley's
Factors in Life, 844M. Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1026 and io28F.
Staunton's Great Schools of England, I054F. Teachers' Cabinet,
iSioZ. Temple's India, 464H and 486K. Thomson's Choice of a
Profession, 204R. i;th Century, v. 24, 2234.}. Cassell's Popular
Educator, c.
Education of the Heart, Woman's Best Work, by Ellis. 1869 ...... 2I4T

Edward (.The Black Prince, son of Edward ///., b. 1330, d. 1376.) See Adam's
Great Names, 6820. Every Boy's Annual, 1886, 130511. Froissart's
Chronicles, 312!), &c.

Edward (The Confessor, Saxon King of England, b. ico4, d. 1066.) See Free-
man's Norman Conquest, soi-sH. Green's Con jucst of England, i87H.
Adam's Great Names, 6820. Lappenberg's England, 15180, &c.

Edward IV. (King of England, b. 1441, d. 1483) "[Fasten Letters]... 294^
Edward V. (King of England, son of Edward IV-, b, 1470, mm tiered 1483).
See Strickland's Bachelor Kings, 14140.



Edward VI. (King of England, son of Henry /'///., /'. 1537,

Strickland's Bachelor Kings, 14140.

Edward (Thomas, Scotch Naturalist, b. 1814, d. 1886), Life of, by
Smiles. 1877

Sec also Japp's Labour, 95iQ, &c.

Edwards (A, B., Novelist, b. 1831), Untrodden Peaks and Unfre-
quented Valleys, illustrated. 1873..... .

See also Frith's Reminiscences, 6i6Fa. Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue, &c.

Edwai'ds (A. M.), Works of. Sec Harper's Index, i64oja.

Eiwards (B. B.), Encyclopaedia of Religious Knowledge, or Dic-
tionary of the Bible. 1835 72A

Edwards (E. C. Hope), Eau-de-nil [Sketches of the Country of the

Nile]. 1882 I564R

Edwards (H. S., Miscellaneous Writer, b, 1828), Rossini and his

School [Great Musicians]. 1881 12190

Edwards (Jonathan, American Theologian, b. 1703, d. 1758), A.M.,

History of the Work of Redemption [American Tract Society], 16767

- Life of Rev. David Brainerd [R.T.S.] i88Z

Revivals in Religion. 1832 58K

- The Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin Defended. 1766... 303^!

Treatise Concerning Religious Affections i5oM and 16707

[Stephen's Hours in a Library] IIO3R

Edwards (J. P.), Ed., The Public Good, devoted to the Advocacy

of Great Principles, Advancement of Useful Institutions and

the Elevation of Man, vols i and 2 io67-8R

Edwards (M. B., Novelist, b. 1836), A'Year in Western France. 1877 I 375R
Holidays in Eastern France. 1879 4O7K

Holiday Letters from Athens, Cairo, and Weimar. 1873 1472!%.

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Edwards (T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Edwardes (Airs. A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Eel, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF, &c.

Egerton (F. L. G., Earl of Ellesmere.). See Ellesmere (Earl of).

Eggeling 1 (J.), Trans. Miiller's Sacred Books of the East, vol. 12 ... 57oA

Eggleston (G. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

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