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Periodical Literature, R.L.}


England, 1757-1818 [Romilly's Life and Correspondence] 297-8T

a Continental Power, from the Conquest to Magna Charta I28T
- A. D. 732-1201 [Roger De Hoveden's Annals] 90-10

Ancient [Froissart's Chronicles] 312-150

Affairs of Britain, to A.D. 1307 [Matthew of Westminster's

Flowers of History] lOO-iO

and Its People, First Impressions of, by Hugh Miller. 1875 8o4R
Normandy, by Palgrave, 4 vols. 1851 180-3!!



ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH Works relating to:

England and Normandy, Ecclesiastical History of, to A.u.

1141, by Odericus Vitalis, trans, by Forrester [Bonn's

Library], 4 vols. 1853-6 II3-6O

and Scotland, Relations between the Crowns of. See Freeman's Essays.

Wales, containing a Brief Review of every Town and

Place, by Gronow. 1849 IO2OM

Delineated, by Dugdale, alphabetically arranged,

maps, illustrated, 10 vols, N.D 738-47!!

[For Contents and List of Illustrations see under Dugdale.]
Anglo-Saxon Period, by Pal grave. 1831 16487

at War, Great Campaigns, by Adams, 2 vols. 1886 igS-gH

Bachelor Kings of, by Strickland. 1861 t< 14140

Bede's Ecclesiastical History and Anglo-Saxon Chronicle,

edited by Giles. 1847 l68M

by Gairdner [Early Chroniclers] 1480

Child's History of, by Dickens, illustrated !26oR

[Pocket Vol. Edition]. 1880 i8o6Z

[Household Words] I742-8J

Church Historians of, edit, by Stevenson, vols 2-5, 7 parts 277-83A

Civilisation in, by Buckle, 3 vols. 1873 i86-8O

, Conquest of, by Green. 1883 187!-!

Constitution of, by Custance IOI3F

by De Lolme, edited by Hughes. 1834 looSF

Constitutional History of [Henry VII. George II.], by

Hallam, 3 vols in i. 1841 2ioH

by Stubbs, 3 vols. 1883 2IO-I2O

Constitutional History of [1760-1860], by Yonge. 1882 2iiH

Dawn of the Nineteenth Century in, by Ashton, ill. 1886 ... 86i-2H

Descent of Saxons to A.D. 1235 [Roger of Wendover's

Chronicles], 2 vols. 1849 92-30

Domestic Manners and Sentiments in, during the Middle

Ages, by Wright, illustrated. 1862 942F

during the American and European Wars [1765-1820]. 1878 !2gZ

Engles or Englishmen [Green's Making of England] l88H

Expansion of, by Seeley. 1888 15*50

[Morley's Miscellanies] 8430 and 843Oa

Four Years at the Court of Henry VIII., by Giustinian,

translated by Brown, 2 vols. 1854 248-90

from A.D. 655 to 1096, Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of

Croyland, translated by Riley [Bohn's Library]. 1854... 1050
from the departure of the Romans to Edward I. [Florence of

Worcester's Chronicle]. 1854 1040

Year 1235 to 1273, by Matthew Paris, translated by

Giles [Bohn's Library], 3 vols. 1852-4 94-6O

Great Schools of, by Staunton, illustrated. 1865 IO54F

History of, by Creasy, vols. I and 2. 1869 I43-4H

[1713-1783], by Mahon, 7 vols. 1858 213-90

[1830-1874], by Molesworth, 3 vols. 1879 159-620

from Invasion of the Romans to Reign of Victoria, for

young persons, by Markham. 1863 2470

from James I. to the Civil War [1603-1642], by Gar-
diner, lovols. 1883 460-90

; [225]


ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH Works relating to :

England. History of, from Julius Ccesar to George II., by Hume

and Smollett, illustrated, 16 vols. 1808-11 114-291!

the Accession of James II., by Macaulay, 8 vols.

1858-62 178-850

Earliest Times to A.D. 1832, by Walters, 8 vols. 151-80

from the Fall of Wolsey to the defeat of the

Spanish Armada, by Froude, 12 vols. 1877 192-2030

in the Eighteenth Century, by Lecky, 6 vols. 1878 167-72!!

Our Own Times [1837-1880], by McCarthy, 4 vols. ...I93-6H

the Peace, 1816-46, by Martineau, illustrated. 1858... 4496

[Pinnock's] 2300

History of the Rebellion, by Clarendon 297-3020

in 1841, by Raumer, 2 vols. 1842 264-50

International Policy. 1866 332H

Introduction to Early English History, by Yeatrnan. 1874.. 2310

Its People, Polity and Pursuits, by Escott, 2 vols IOI7-8F

Julius Gesar to Henry II. [Henry of Huntingdon's Chronicle]. IO2O

Kings and Queens of [Dixon's H.M. Tower] 321-4?!

See also under names, e.g., Alfred the Great, Henry

VIII., Elizabeth, Victoria, &c.

Knight's Pictorial History of, 4 vols. 1837 437-oB

Landmarks of the History of, by White. 1855 I4OZ

Norman Conquest of, by Thierry, translation, 3 vols. 1825... 562-4H

Notes on, by Taine, translated by Rae. 1885 i676R

of Shakespeare, by Goadby. 1881 957Z

on the Sea, a Story of the British Navy, by Adams. 1885... 47oO

Origin of the English Nation, by Freeman. 1879 I26Z

Parliamentary Government in, by Bissett, 2 vols. 1877 2I5-6H

History of, by Raven [1832-1880]. 1885 2330

Peace of Utrecht to Peace of Aix-la-Chappelle, by Lord

Mahon, 3 vols. 1836 184-6!!

Pictorial History of England during the Reign of George III.,

by Craik and MacFarlane, 4 vols. 1841 441-43

Pictures, &c., of Remarkable Events [Julius Csesar to the

Battle of Waterloo] illustrated, 2 vols. 1835 I34-5Z

Political and Social, by Langel, trans, by Hart. 1874 226R

Popular History of [Ccesar to Victoria], by Knight, ill. I47-54H

Progress in [1660-1820], by Routledge. 1876 IO34F

Recollections of [Religious Institutions, &c.], by Tyng 5o8M

Reformation in, by Blunt. 1845 I 33 Z

Religion in, from the opening of the Long Parliament to

the end of the Eighteenth Century [A.D. 1640-1800], by

Stoughton, 6 vols. 1881 92-7M

[1800-1850], by Stoughton, 2 vols 98-9M

Rise of the People and Growth of Parliament [1215-1485],

by Rowley I25Z

Settlement of the Constitution [1689-1784], by Rowley. 1878 I24Z

Short Geography of the British Isles, by Green. 1889 1 %35Z

Six Old English Chronicles, relating to the time before the

Conquest. 1848 .. 1170

Social History of, by Creighton. 1887 298R



(contittuedt )

England, Social History of the People of the Southern Counties

in Past Centuries, by Roberts. 1856 3OiH

Stories of the Cathedral' Cities, by Marshall. 1879 I356R

Struggle against Absolute Monarchy [1603-1688], by

Corclery 1 2yZ

Summary of the History of, by Bodin, trans, by Duncan 139^

The Anglo-Saxon Home [Domestic Institutions of England],

by Thrupp. 1862 345K

to the Reign of King Stephen [William of Malmesbury's

Chronicle]. 1847 1030

under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, trans, from Lappenberg, by

Thorpe, revised by Otte, 2 vols. 1881 1517-80

under the House of Stuart, including the Commonwealth

[Library of Useful Knowledge], 2 vols. 1840 I55-6H

with Sketches of Society in the Metropolis, by J. F. Cooper,

3 vols in i. 1837 479K

England's Royal Home, Home Life of the Royal Family, &c. ,

by Bullock, illustrated 13240

English Church in other Lands, by Tucker. 1886 252T

Colonization of America in the Seventeeth Century, by Neill 688K

Counties, Chronicles of [All the Year Round] i8uj

Customs in the Middle Ages, by Holt lOigM

Eminent and Illustrious Englishmen, from Alfred the Great

to the Latest Times, with Portraits, by Cunningham ... 2I-8F

- Folk-Lore, by Dyer. 1878 894M

Government, Saxon Period to 1688, by Millar, 4 vols. 1803 223-6H

History, Continuity of [Freeman's Essays] 4i6H

Half Hours of, by Knight. 1860 973H

History, Mythical and Romantic Elements of. See Freeman's Essays.

in America, Puritan Colonies, by Doyle, 2 vols. 1887 I73-4H

Ireland in the Eighteenth Century, by Froude, 3 vols. ... 204-60

the West Indies, by Froude, illustrated. 1888 &34K

Institutions, History of [the King, People, Government, &c.]

by Smith. 1873 ., 5I7T

People [Green's Short History] 2580

People, History of the, by Green, 4 vols. 1878-80 189-921!

People in its Three Homes [Freeman's Lectures] H73^

Political Leaders 1240-20

Lord Palmerston, 12400. Sir Robert Peel, 12410. William Pitt, 12420.

Reformation [Original Letters relative to the], 2 vols. 1846-7 235-6A

Revolution of 1640, by Guizot. 1846 15080

Statesmen, Distinguished Men, &c. See Stubbs" Constitutional His-
tory, 210-120. Biography. Names, e.g., Pitt, Gladstone, &c.

Village Community, by Seebohm. 1883 363!^

Worthies, edited by Lang 1201-70

[For Names see under Lang.]


English and Scottish Ballads ,., 354Q

Antiquities, by Jewitt. 1877 ioi6M

- Composition, by Nichol [Literature Primers]. 1879 12152

Earthenware, by Church io6iM

Grammar, by Morris [Literature Primers]. 1880 I2I3Z

Exercises, by Morris and Bowen [Literary Primers]. 1879




(continued. )
English Hearts and English Hands, or the Railway and the

Trenches, by Marsh. 1859"

Humour, History of, by L'Estrange, 2 vols. 1878 IOO5-6R

Humourists, by Thackeray. 1853 IO42Q

Journalism and the Men who have made it, by Peabody. 1882 I235Z

Language and Literature, by Chambers, and American Con-
tributions, by Robbins. 1837 9<D7R

Dictionary of the, by Johnson 1046

Its Origin and History, and of the Early Literature it

Embodies, by Marsh. 1862 IO28H

Lectures on the, by Marsh. 1861 IO2QH

Past and Present, by Trench. 1855 iiigR

Literary History of England, by Mrs. Oliphant, 3 vols. 1882 IO44-6R

Literature and Popular Superstitions in the Middle Ages, by

Wright, 2 vols. 1846 78-90

History of, by Taine, trans, by Van Lawn, 2 vols. 1878 1135-61!

in the Reign of Victoria, by Morley. 1881 I223Z

Mail Coach, &c., by De Quincey. 1863 649R

Men of Letters. See under Morley. Also Biography, Books, Litera-
ture, &c.

Philosophers, v.D. :

Hamilton (Sir W.), by Monck , 12330

Shaftesbury and Hutcheson, by Fowler 12320

See also Philosophers, Biography, &c.

Poets and Poetry in the Nineteenth Century, by Griswold... 472D

Porcelain, by Church, illustrated io6oM

Proverbs and their Equivalents in French, with Indexes, by

Belcour. 1888 I239R

School of Painting, by Chesneau, trans, by Etherington. 1885 IO72M

Synonyms, by Soule. 1871 IO94R

Two Great Englishwomen [Bronte and Browning], by Bayne loioO

Writers, an Attempt towards a History of English Litera-
ture, by Morley, vols. i to 3. 1888 :

Vol. i. Old Celtic Literature i24zR

Vol. 2. From Caedmon to the Conquest I243R

Vol. 3. From the Conquest to Chaucer I244R

See also Adam's Churchmen, 68iO. Aikin's Queen Elizabeth,

I2I-2F. Alison's Europe, 119-28 and 139-50. Asgard and the Gods
[Traditions of our Northern Ancestors], 9O3F. Ashton's Social Life
in the Reign of Queen Anne, 67-8F. Brannon's Isle of Wight, 368K.
Brougham's Statesmen, sgg-iR. Browne's Geographical Evolution
of the British Isles, sssR. Burns' Parish Registers, 536H. Burton's
Queen Anne, 236-8!-!. Campbell's Chancellors, 774-830 ; Chief
Justices, 784-70 ; Lord Chancellors, 29-35 F. Cassell's Popular
Educator, 164-90. Charles' Christian Life, 456M. Colchester's
Diary [1802-17], 241-3!!. Creighton's Tudors, i3iZ. 'Dawkin's
Early Man in Britain, 8sgF. Dixon's History of Two Queens,
38-4iF ; Royal Windsor, 325-8!!. Doran'sOur Great Towns, 366K;
Queens of the Hou?e of Hanover, 36-7 F. Duchess of Marlborough's


rrespondence, 308-90. Eddy's Travelling Party, I327R. Fair-
holt's English Costume, no6-7M. Fisher's Landholding, io8sF.
Fitxgerald's Family of George III., 74-sF. Fosses' Judges, 59sF.
Freeman's Norman Conquest, soi-6H. Gairdner's Henry VIII.,
234-5!!. Giles' Ancient Britons, 857-8F. Greville Memoirs, 297-302F.
Halliwell's Letters of the Kings, 966-7R. Harper's Index, i64oja.
Heath's Peasant Life, I32QR. Hewitt's Visits to Remarkable Places,



ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH Works relating to:

364!^. Inman's Faiths, 96 K. James's William III., 77-gF. King-
lake's Crimean War, 282-70. Kohl's Tour, 348K. Liechtenstein's
Holland House, 36o-iK. Lucy's Two Parliaments [1874-1885],
3i6-7H. Manchester's Court and Society, 65-6F. Margaret of
Anjou, Life and Times of, 370-1 F. Martineau's British Rule in
India, 462!". May's Democracy, 3gH. McCulloch's British Empire,
7ii-aH and 346-7K. Miller's Anglo-Saxons, 750. Milman's Jews,
i59Q. Motley's Netherlands, 350-30. Moulton's English Bible,
4i8M. Napier's Battles, 2940. O'Rell's John Bull and his Island,
i25iR. Pal grave's Anglo-Saxons, 740. Paston Letters 293-51.
Perry's Reformation, 25iT. Pepys' Diary, 903-60. Pike's History
of Crime, 307-8H. Poole's Index, R.L. Probyn's Local Government.
Rimmer's Ancient Streets and Homesteads, 365^ Ritchie's East
Anglia, 6230. Robert's Rival Houses of York and Lancaster, 314-5!!.
Rogers' Six Centuries of Work and Wages, uo2F. Smith's English
Jacobins, [1794], 2isZ. Stanley's Westminster Abbey, 358K. Stephen's
Criminal Law, 3O4-6H. Strickland's English Princesses, 51-8F ;
Queens, 795-8000 ; Stuart Princesses, soF. Tegg's Marriage Customs,
i48oZ. Thiers' French Revolution, 376-9^ Thompson's Great
Britain, 136-72. Wall's Good Queen's Reign, 4400. Walpole's
George II., 6g-7iF. Holt's George III., 7 2- 3 F. ^ Wright's William
IV., 82-3F. Yonge's British Navy, 3O2-3H. Boy's Own Annual, vol.

2, 2952J, &C.

fngland, New. See New England, America, &c.
nglish Illustrated Magazine from vol. I. 1883 ........................ I99JJ

The Serial Tales, and some of the principal Contents, will be found
under their proper headings in Fiction, or in the general body of
the Catalogue, with the Catalogue number specified.

English (T. D.). See Poets of America, 4680. Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.
Englishman's House, a Guide for Selecting or Building a House,

by Richardson. 1888 ................................................... II55M

Englishwoman in America, by Miss Bird. 1856 ..................... l6i4R

- Egypt, Letters from Cairo [by S. Poole], 2 volsin i. 1844... 66$Z
- Russia, by a Lady. 1855 ............................................ J459R

- Utah, Experience in Mormonism, by Stenhouse, illus. 1880 l6o3R
Engraving on Glass and Wood. See Ure's Dictionary, jD, &c.
- Metal. See Pattison's Renaissance of Art, 3280, &c.

See also Chambers' Information, 25-60. Mehagen's Universal History,

i4H. Ruskin's Works, 834!?.. Ure's Dictionary, 7D, c.

Enigmas. See Cassell's Book of Amusements, i25gH. Hood's Puzzledom, i26oH.

EnniUS. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Enoch. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.

Enoch Arden, a Poem, by Tennyson 273Q and 647T

Enquire Within upon Everything. 1857 96oM

Ense (Varnhagen von) See Sketches of German Life, translated by Gordon, 6^6Z.

Enterprise. See Percy Anecdotes, gi6Z, &c.

Enthusiasm, Natural History of, by Taylor. 1829-30 483 A and I22K

Entomology. See Boy's Own Annual [at the Seaside], 1885, 2957 J. Chambers'
Journal [every day], v. 8, I928J. Living Age, v. 20, sosoj. Nature,
[in America], v. i, 266rJ ; v. 17, 2677J ; v. 19, 267gJ ; [Wallace] v.
3, 2663J. [Indian], V. 21, 2681 J. [Modern], v. 22, 2682). [January
and November] Boy's Own Annual, v. 3, 2953J ; [Localities near Lon-
don], vol. 4, 2954J. See also Insects, for the works treating of the
various species.

Elizina (J. De La). See Longfellow s Poets and Poetry of Europe. 4730, &c.

Eon (Chevalier D'). See D'Eon (Chevalier).

" E. O. S." Hungary and its Revolutions, from the Earliest Period to
the Nineteenth Century. With a Memoir of Louis Kossuth
[Bohn's Library]. 1854 870

Eothen [Travels in the East], by Kinglake I267R

Epaminondas (Athenian General ani Statesman, killed 362 B.C.). Set Mit-
ford's Greece, iosH, &c.



Epaphroditus. See Howson's Companions of St. Paul, ssoM, &c.

Ephesians and Philippians, Epistles to the [Commentary by Barry]. 25 iQ

- Philippians and Colossians, Epistles to the [Barnes 5 Notes] ;M

See also Bible, Commentaries, Epistles, &c.

Ephphatha, or the Amelioration of the World, Sermons byFarrar. 3I2M

Epic of Hades [Morris's Poetical Works] 37Q

Epics. See Ludlow's Middle Ages, 1218-gZ, &c.

Epicharmus (Dorian Comic Poet, b. 540, d. 450 B.C.) [Peters

Poetry of Greece and Rome]

Epicurus (Greek Philosopher, b. 342, d. 270 B.C.), and Epicureanism. See Lecky's
Morals, aS^M. Living Age, 3141.!. Zeller's Greek Philosophy, 119611
and 538-gZ.

Epidemic. See Malthas' Population, I093-4F.
Epinay (Madame D', French Writer, Friend of Rousseau, I. 1725, d. 1783). See

Smith's Essays, 2970, &c.

Episcomology. See Doherty's Organic Philosophy, 566H.
Episcopal Church, 1800 to 1880 [Stoughton's Religion in England].
Episcopalians and Episcopacy. See Burton's Scotland [1689-1748], 336-7!!.
Stoughton's Religion in England, gz-jM. Ecclesiastical and Church His-
tory, Religion, Sects, &c.

Episodes in a Life of Adventure, by L. Oliphant. 1887 *

in the Lives of Men, Women and Lovers, by Edith Simcox ... io86R

EPISTLES AND GOSPELS of the Church of England, a Com-
mentary, by Stanhope, 3 vols. 1741 ...,> 183-5^!

of the Apostolic Fathers, &c. , by Wesley. 1845 227Q

Paraphrastic Translation of the, by Shuttleworth. 1831 i63K

to the Seven Churches, Exposition by Plumptre. 1877 442M

See also Barnes' Notes, 4M. Kelly's Lectures, 358-9!^. Macknight's Works,

353-6A. Apostles, Bible, Commentaries, Corinthians, Hebrews, Mathew,
Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, Revelation, &c.

Epitaphiana, or Churchyard Literature, by Fairley. 1875 943 R

Epitaphs, a Select Collection of, by Pettigrew. 1864 1058!!

Copied from the Monuments of St. Pancras, Middlesex, by

Cansick. 1869 I228M

Curious, by Andrews. 1883

Humorous and Remarkable, by Diprose

Moral and Interesting, by Henney. 1814

Witty, Grotesque, Efegant, &c., edited by Tegg. 1875 I255Z

See also Hone's Every-Day Book, 936F. Macrae's Book of Blunders, i2ooR.

Wilson's Dissenters, 1 88-91 K, &c.

Epochs of Church History, edited by Creighton, 12 vols. 1886-7 ...2SI-62T
Reformation in England, 25 iT. English Church in other Lands, 252T.
Church of the Early Fathers, 2531. Eastern Empire, 2541. Roman
Empire, 255"]". Counter-Reformation, 2s6T. Evangelical Revival,
257T. Hildebrand and his Times, 258!'. University of Cambridge,
25gT. University of Oxford, a6oT. Popes and the Hohenstanfen,
2 6iT ; Wycliffe and Reform, 2 6 2 T.

History [Crusades by Cox]

Equality. See Compayre's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Fortnightly Review, v. 29, 2119.7.
Contemporary Review, v. 40, 2050.7. St. Paul's Magazine, v. i,
n6iF, &c.
Equatorial Africa. See Africa, Travels, &c.

Zone. See Wallace's Tropical Nature, 75gF, &c.

Erasmus (Desideriua, Reviver of Classic Literature, b. 1467, d.
I 536), Colloquies of, translated by Bailey, edited by Johnson,

2 vols. 1878 5-6K

His Life and Character, &c., by Drummond, 2 vols. 1883 636-70

See also Green's English People, igoH. Hutten's Life and Times, 10250.

Moulton's English Bible, 4i8M. Froude's Short Studies, 2070, &c,



Erckmann-Chatrian (MM., two French Novelists], Outbreak of
the Great French Revolution, related by a Peasant, translated
by Hoey, 3 vols. 1871 326-80

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Erechtheus, a Tragedy, by Swinburne. 1876 745M

Erinna (Greek Poetess, Friend of Sappho, 612 B.C.), See Peter's Poetry of Greece
and Rome, 474!).

Erman (G. A., German Physicist, b. 1806), Travels in Siberia: In-
cluding Excursions Northwards to the Polar Circle, and
Southwards to the Chinese Frontier, tr. by Cooley, 2 vols. 498-9!^

Error and Vice permitted by Providence in the Interests of Truth and

Virtue [Sermons]. 1775 .; .

Erskine (Henry). See Poole's Index to Periodical Literature. R.L., &c.
Erskine (Thomas, Lord, Lord Chancellor, b, 1750, d. 1823). See Brougham's
Dissertations and Addresses, 6o3R. Campbell's Chancellors, 776-30. Camp-
bell's Chief Justices, 7 8 7 O, &c.

Erysipelas. See Teale's Dangers to Health, Q2oK. Diseases, Medicine, &c.
Esau (b. 1836 B.C.). See Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.
Escapes from Newgate. See Chronicles of Newgate, v. i, 330!), &c.

- from Peril [R.T.S.] I245Z

Eschatzel (G. W.), Works of. See Harper s Index, i64oja, &c.
Esch.enbacll(W. von, German Minnesinger, fl. 1204). & Longfellow's Poets

and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Escott (T. H. S.), England, Its People, Polity and Pursuits, 2 vols .. IOI7-8F
Escritpire, The. See Young Lady's Book, 983^!, &c.
Esmailla of Abd-el-Kader, Residence in and Travels in Morocco

and Algiers, by Scott. 1842 !56oR

Espinel (V., Spanish Poet and Novelist, b. 1540, d. 1630). See Longfellow s

Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4736, &c.

Espousals. See Jeaffreson's Bridals, gS^ti. Marriage, Weddings, &c.
Esquimaux. See Brown's Races of Mankind, 155!). Brown's Palaeolithic
Man, gosF. Koldeway's Arctic Expedition, 6o5B. Lubbock's Primi-
tive Man, 6726. Nares' Polar Sea, 672-3K. Nordenskiold's Voyage
of the Vega, 66-jK. Stanford's Compendium, 8soK, &c.

ESSAY on Conversation, &c. [Fielding's Works]. 1783 I797Z

on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting [a Satire on Society].... J4i8Z

Habitual Exercise of Love to God, by Gurney. 1844 37Z

Improvement of Time, by Foster 95 iR

Essays and Reviews 662A and I25T

Education of the World, by Temple. Bunsen's Biblical Researches, by
Williams. On the Study of the Evidences of Christianity, by Baden-
Powell. Stances Historique de Geneve. The National Church, by
Wilson. On the Mosaic Cosmogony, by Goodwin. Tendencies of Re-
ligious Thought in England [1688-1750], by Pattison. On the Interpre-
tation of Scripture, by Jowett. Note on Bunsen's Biblical Researches,
Replies to. 1862 663A

Education of the World, by Goulburn. Bunsen. Dr. Williams, &c., by
Rose. Miracles, by Heurtley. Idea of the National Church, by
Irons. Creative Week, by Rorison. Rationalism, by Haddon. Inter-
pretation of Scripture, by Wordsworth. Letters from Main, Phillips,
and Owen, &c.,

See Williams' Life and Letters, 10390, &c.

Sketches, an attempt to treat some Religious Questions in a

Scientific Spirit, by Wilson. 1887 I2O9R

from the Saturday Review. 1873 io87R

Tales, by Scott. 1829 IOI2Z

British Essayists, 3 vols :

Vol. i. The Rambler, by Johnson. The Idler, by Johnson. The Adven-
turer, by Hawkesworth. The Connoisseur 87gH

Vol. 2. The Spectator, by Addison 88oH

Vol. 3. The Taller, by Steele. The Guardian 881 H



Essays, British Essayists, to which are Prefixed Prefaces, Bio-
graphical, Historical, and Critical, by James Ferguson, 45
vols. 1819 :

Vols. 2-5. Tatler 8-nT

Vols. 6-15. Spectator ia-2iT

Vols. 16-17. Guardian 22-3?

Vols. 19-22. Rambler 25-8T

Vols. 23-25. Adventurer 29-3 iT

Vols. 26-29. World 32-5T

Vols. 30-32. Connoisseur 36-8T

Vols 34-35. Mirror 4o-iT

Vols. 36-37. Lounger 42-3!'

Vols. 38-40. Observer 44-6T

Vols. 41-43. Knox's Essays .. 47-gT
Vol. 44. Bacon's and Gold-
smith's Essays e,oT
Vol. 45. Citizen of the World 51 T

Vol. 33. Idler .............. 39T i

N.B. Vols. i and i8are wanted.

- Biographical and Critical, by Prescott. 1855 ........................ I56T

- by Bacon, Locke and Potter. 1855 .................................... IH7Z

- contributed to the Electric Review, by Foster, 2 vols. 1856 ...... 949-oR

- Critical and Historical, by Macaulay, 5 vols. 1850 ............... 176973Z

- - Imaginative, by Wilson, 4 vols. 1856 ........................... 874-;R

- Historical and Biographical, &c., by Hugh Miller. 1875 ......... 8o6R

- Literary and General, by Kingsley. 1880 .............................. 995R

- Modern, by Myers. 1883 ............................. ................... 12930

- Moral and Literary, by Knox, 3 vols. 1823 ........................... I37-9T

- of Goldsmith. 1780 ......................................................... n63Z

- on Poetry and Poets, by Noel ............................................. IO39H

- the Moral Sentiments, &c., by Smith. 1872 ..................... 4&2M

- or Counsels Civil and Moral, by Bacon, edited by Singer. 1856 67 iT
- - - [Bacon's Works] .......................................... 1070

- written in the Intervals of Business [by A. Helps]. 1858 ......... 524T

- See also Addison, 59iD. Clifford (W. F.), 886-7H. Cotton's Lacon,

I26S-9H. Emerson's Works, 929-oR. Farrar's Liberal Education,
losiF. Fawcett [Political] ioi4F. Goldsmith, 5920. Goldsmith's
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Mackintosh's Works, 6oiD. Maine [Popular Government], nooF.
Montague (F. C.) [Liberty], iigsH. Mozley (J. B.), io2 3 - 4 H. Phelp's
[My Study],_ io 5 gR. Pope [Man, a Poem], ;io6 3 R. Scott (Sir W.),

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