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HO2-3Z. Smith (Sydney), 949^-51 H and 2970. Smith (J.) [Temperance],
io8g. Stewart's [Philosophical], 596H. Elegant Extracts, 335-90, &c.
Essex (Robert Devereux, Earl of, Favourite ofQjtee* Elizabeth, b. 1567, beJicadcd
1601). See Aikin's Queen Elizabeth, I2I-2F. Dixon's History of Lord
Bacon, isSF. Dixon's Royal Windsor, 328H, &c.
Estes (D.), Ed. Half-Hour Recreations in Popular Science, 2 vols.,

with Articles by the following persons :

First Series. Proctor, Virchow, Schellen, Roscoe, Lockyer, Dana, Car-
penter, Winchell, Huxley, Tice, Tyler, Richardson, T. S. Hunt,
Clifford, R. Hunt, Dove and others ............................ 496R

Second Series. Tyndall, Proctor, Geikie, Stewart, Hitchcock, Gray,

Braun, Roscoe, Williamson, Levering and others .............. 49?R

Esther (Queen of Ahasuerus {Xerxes /.] King of Persia, 514 B.C.),

Book of, its Practical Lessons, &c. , by Raleigh. 1 880 ......... 44?M

See also Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.
Etching, Art of, by Robertson. 1885 ...........................

See also Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M. Home Amusements,

Eternal Hope, Sermons, by Farrar. 1878 ................................. 3I3M

See also Good the Final Goal of 111, Letters by a Layman [1883], 328M.
Ethelred, Ethelstan, &c. See Lappenberg's Anglo-Saxon England, 15180. See Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377!^. Nature, 2663 and 2687],

Nineteenth Century, 2216], Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Ure's Dic-

tionary, 70. ./Ether, &c.
- Etherization in Surgical Operations, &c. See Living Age, 3043, 3046 and

3047 J, &c.

Etheridge (J. W.), Mfeericordia : or, Contemplations on the Mercy

of God. 1842 ............................................................ 5Q



Ethics, Data of, by Spencer. 1880 592H

Lectures on, by Brown. 1846 243M

Sec also Aristotle, ii57H. Compayr^'s Pedagogy, 2Q6R. Wardlaw's Chris-

tian Ethics, 105 M, c.

Ethiopia. See De Cosson's Travels, 1565-6!?. Lepsius' Letters, isssR, &c.

EtMopic Alphabet. See Stones Crying Out, 548M, &c.

Ethnology. See Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90. Dawson's Fossil Man,
I023M. Harper's Index, i64oja. Rawlinson's Origin of Nations,
3656. Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel. Fort-
nightly [Methods and Results], v. i, 2091.7. Gentleman's Magazine
[English], v. 26, N.S., 746]. Nature [Finnic and North American], v.
21, 2681}. Man, Races, &c.

Etiquette [Habits of Good Society] I4O8Z

See also Bazar Book of Decorum, i43iZ. Girl's Indoor Book, 1257!!.
National Miscellany, 1037!!. Nichol's Social Life, I42OZ. Young
Ladies' Treasure Book, 1310. Young Woman's Companion, Q76M, &c.

Etna, a History of the Mountain and Its Eruptions, by Rodwell, ill. 49iR

Eton and Harrow, Rambles Around, by Rimmer, illustrated. 1882... 1347^.

Eton College. See Brand's Antiquities, loosM. Woodgate's Boating, I266R, &c.

Etonians, Eminent, by Creasy. 1876 14200

Etruria, Cities and Cemeteries of, by Dennis, illus., 2 vols. 1848 439-40!^
Sepulchres of, in 1839, by Gray, illustrated. 1840 I427R

Etruscans, &c. See also Rawlinson's Religions, 448M. Origin of Nations,

3650. Edinburgh Review [History and Antiquities], v. 50, 4ioJ. Fraser
[History], v. 34, 6447. Quarterly [Antiquities], v. 54, n84J, and v. 76,

I206J, &C.

Ettric (W.), M.A., Second Exodus, or Reflections on the Prophecies

of the Last Times, 2 vols. 1810 59-oK

Ettrick Shepherd. See Hogg ( J.).

Etty (W., Painter, b. 1787, d. 1849). See Frith's Reminiscences, 6is-6i6Fa.

Eubulus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.

Eucharist. See Twining's Symbols, 507M, &c.

Euchre. See Crawley's Handbook, ii48M.

Euclid (Alexandrian Geometer, 323-283 B.C.), Elements of Euclid,

by Law [Weale's Series], 2 vols 7 HQ

Plane Geometry, by Pryde. 1860 7i8Q

First Six Books. 1825 .' 7360

See also Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90, &c.

Euenus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Eugene Aram [Aram, (Eugene)] (A Schoolmaster, b, 1704, executed 1759), Dream

of Eugene Aram. See Hood's Poems. Lytton's Novels, &c.
Eugenie (Empress of the French, b. 1826). See Cassell's Franco-German War,

456-76. Napoleon III., &c.

Euler (L., A Swiss Mathematician, b. 1707, d. 1783), Letters on
Different Subjects in Natural Philosophy, Addressed to a
German Princess, with Life by Brewster [Harper's Family

Library], illustrated, 2 vols. 1833 873-4 and II2I-2Z

Euinenes (Greek General, b. 361, killed 317). See Plutarch's Lives, 448 F and

H33Q, &c.
Euphorion. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Euphrates, Banks of the [R.T.S.] 648Z

Sec also Ainsworth's Assyria, SSgF. Stanford's Compendium, 8$2K, &c.

Eupolis (Greek Satirical Dramatist, b. 446). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and

Rome, 4740.

Euripedes (Greek Tragic Poet, b. 480, d. 406 B.C.), by Donne

[Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1 876 IO96Q

Translated by Potter [Family Classical Library], 3 vols. i832...l!4i-3Q

See also Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

EUROPE Works relating to : (See also under Countries, e.g.,
England, France, Germany, &c.)

Europe and America [Bryant's Letters] l62oR

Byeways of, by Taylor. 1869 864R



EUROPE Works relating to: (continued.)

Europe, Civilization in, by Guizot. 1839 S 11 ^

Epitome of Alison's History, for the Use of Young Persons 15070

History of [1789-1815], by Alison, 4 vols. 1847 317-200

20 vols. 1848 H9-33O

-[1815-1852], by Alison, 8 vols. 1864 .,..139-460

by Alison, Epitome of, for Young Persons 45Za

by Freeman. 1878 i2oZ

Modern Europe, by Russell, 4 vols. 1837 43-6H

in the Middle Ages, by Hallam, 3 vols. 1837 4O-2H

Intellectual Development of, by Draper, 2 vols. 1875 76-70

Its Past and Present Condition, by Ungcwitter. 1855 1470

North-West, Notes and Sketches of an Architect, by Nar-

joux, translated by Peto. 1876 484!^

[1867-1868], Old Worldin its New Face, by Bellows. 1868 I398-9R

One Hundred Days in, by Holmes. 1887 I73 R

Poets and Poetry-of, by Longfellow. 1845... 47 2D

Prehistoric, by Geikie. 1881 865F

Recollections of, by Cooper, 2 vols in 1 48oK

Views a-foot with Knapsack and Staff, by Taylor 856R an

See also Atkinson's Art Tour, 8670. Freeman's Lectures,

Travels, 6oiB. Travellers' Library, i26o-66R. Every Boy's Annual
[Heroes], 1888, isoyH, &c.

European Butterflies, by Kane. 1885 i8gR

Eusebius Pamphilus, Ecclesiastical History of, to the year 337 A.D.,

translated by Cruse [Bohn's Library]. 1851 274M

Eustace (J. C.), Classical Tour through Italy, 3 vols. 1841... 627-9 and 1655^

A Classical Tour through Italy, 3 vols. 1841 i65$Z

EvagTius (Scholastictis, b. 536) and Tlieodpret, History of the

Church [322-594], translated [Bohn's Library]. 1854 276M

Evald (J.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473 D -
Evangelical Alliance, Amsterdam Conference [1867], edited by

Stearne. 1868 66iA

London Conference [1846]. 1847 65gA

- Revival in the Eighteenth Century, by Overton. i886...43oM and 257T
Evangelists, Address to, by Smith. 1879 465M

and Apostles, History of, by Lardner, 3 vols, 1760 372-4M

See also Haweis 1 Christ and Christianity, n82-6M. Twining's Symbols,

507 M, &c.

Evans (Christmas), The Preacher of Wild Wales, by Hood. 1881... 6380

Evans (E. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Evans (E. J.), B.A., Ed., Pulpit Memorials of Twenty Congrega-
tional Ministers, with photos. 1878 28oK

Evans (Howard). Set Noblesse Oblige, &c.

Evans (J.), F.R.S., Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Orna-
ments of Great Britain. 1872 2140

Evans (Dr. J.). See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, gosF.

Evans (R. W., Archdeacon, b. 1789, d. 1866), M.A., The Rectory of

Valehead. 1832 126T and I568Z

Evans (T. C.), Works of. Sec Harper's Index, i64oja.

Evaporation. See Lardner's Lectures, 7570. Ure's Dictionary, jD. English
Mechanic, v. 47, I047D, &c.



Evatt (Surgeon-Major G. J. H.)> M.D., Ambulance Organization,
Equipment, and Transport [International Health Exhibition],
illustrated. 1884 988M

Eve. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, i5iK. Adam, Eden, &c.

Evelac (H.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Evelyn (C.), Ed., Table-talk on Books, Men, and Manners, from

Sidney Smith and others. 1853 IIO7R

Evelyn (J., Scholar and^Philosopher, b. 1620, d. 1706). See Pepys' Diary, 9026.
Thomson's Friendships, 5640, &c.

Evenings at Home, or the Juvenile Budget opened, by Aiken and

Barbauld, illustrated II2T

Events, Current Monthly Record of. See Harper's Index, 1640/3.

Remarkable. See Hone's Works, 934-7 F, &c.

Everett (A. H. and E.). See Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Everett (E.), Importance of Practical Education and Useful Know-
ledge. 1847 208R

Everett (J. D.), D.C.L., Ed. See Deschanel's Natural Philosophy, 7530.

Everybody's Lawyer, a General Compendium. 1888 324R

Every Boy's Annual. See under Routledge.

Every-day Duty, and Sketches of Childish Character, by Abbott. H34Z

Philosopher in Town and Country [by Boyd]. 1863 8i8R

Every Girl's Book, by Lawford. 1860 i;8T

Man his own Lawyer, by a Barrister. 1888 32iR

in his Humour, by Jonson, edited by Wheatley. 1877 !26iZ

Evictions. See Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, R.L.

Evidence, Cases of Circumstantial [Chambers' Miscellany] 624R

See also Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H. Williams' Facts and Fallacies,

2 88R, &c.
Evidences of Christianity, by Baden-Powell. See Essays and Reviews, 662A.

- Watson, Poley, &c 2$Z

the Christian Religion, by Alexander. 1836 2Z

- [Wilberforce's Practical View] i66QZ

Evil, Genesis of, and other Sermons, by Cox. 1880 272M

Origin of, and other Sermons, by Momerie. 1885 4I2M

See also Compayre's Pedagogy, 2o6R, &c.

Spirits, Existence of Evil Spirits proved, by Scott. 1853 II3M

See also Good Words, v. 20, 2190.7. Household Words, v. i, i74ij. Twin-
ing's Symbols, 507 M. Robinson's Scripture Characters, isaK, &c.

Evolution, Chapters on, by Wilson, illustrated. 1883 27R

[Clodd's Story of Creation] 547R

Contemporary, Social Changes, by Mivart. 1876 IO2QR

Lectures on, &c., by Huxley [Humboldt Library], ill. 1882 ... 78oF

The Ethics of, by Iverach [Present Day Tracts] 24iT

See also Dawson's Earth and Man, isgR. Harper's Index, 1640 Ja. English

Mechanic, v. 47, 10470, &c.

Evolutionist at Large, The, by Allen [Humboldt Library]. 1881.. 78 iF

Evolutions, Military. See Military Evolutions.

Ewald (A. C.), F.S.A., Life and Times of the Hon. A. Sydney,

[1622-1683], 2 vols. 1873 523-4F

Representative Statesmen [1593-1865], 2 vols. 1879 47I-2F

Strafford, Halifax, Walpole, Chatham, Pitt, Eldon, Canning, Duke of
t Wellington, Peel, Palmerston.

Stories from the State Papers, 2 vols. 1882 934'SR

Henry V., a Love Match, Armada, &c., 934R. Guy Fawkes, Lancashire

Witches, Fire of London, &c., 935 R.

Ewald (G. H., German Orientalist, b. 1803, d. 1875), History of
Israel, edited by R. Martineau, translated by Carpenter and
Smith, 6 vols. 1869 :

Vol. i. Introduction and Preliminary History 6iK

Vol. 2, History of Moses and the Theocracy feK



Ewald (G. H.) History of Israel, &c. (continued.)

Vol. 3. Rise and Splendour of the Hebrew Monarchy 6sK

Vol. 4. From the Disruption of the Monarchy to the Fall 64K

Vol. 5. History of Ezra, and of the Hagiocracy in Israel to the Times of

Christ 6$K

Vol. 6. Life and Times of Christ 66K

Life of Jesus Christ, translated and edited by Glover. 1865 3o6M

Ewbank (Thos., U.S. Commissioner of Patents, l>. 1792), Hy-
draulic and other Machines for Raising Water, &c., illus-
trated. 1847 8 3D

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Ewing (Bp.) [Tulloch's Religious Thought] 62QM

Ewing (J. H ). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

"E.W.S," Adventures of Telemachus, a Poem, 2 yols. 1857 7490

Examinations. See tinder Education, Schools, Universities, &c.
Excelsior, Helps to Progress in Religion, Science and Literature,

6 vols. 1854-6 936-4IR

[Containing many interesting articles on Zoology, Literature, c., and
several Tales and Poems.]

Exchange [Watkin's Science of Wealth] IO25F

Excise, Government Offices [Land We Live In] 464B

. Duties. See Peto's Taxation, &c., ipi6F. Smith's Wealth of Nations,

I028F. Macmillan's Magazine Excise Laws], v. 2, 932^, &c.

Excommunication. See Rogers' Scotland, 95oF. Catholicism, Religion, &c.

Excursions in Normandy, edited by Shoberl, 2 vols. 1841 137S-9R

to Bath, by Warner. 1801 367K

Executions. See Chronicles of Newgate, v. i, ssoD.

Executive, The. See Smith's Institutions, 517!', &c.

Executors and Administrators, Williams' Law of, 2 vols. 1856 ... 25o-lD

Exell (J. S.), M.A., Neil (C.), M.A. and Spence (H. O. M.),M.A.,

Thirty Thousand Thoughts. 1885 4A

Exell (J. S.),J<t. t The Monthly Interpreter [a new Expository Maga-
zine of the Scriptures], vols. i to 4. 1885-6 6I9-22A

Contributors : Dean of Wells, Morison, Bruce, Gibson, Reynolds, Gloag,
Redford, Vallings, Thomson, Mair, Findlay, Johnson, Rawlinson,
Salmond, Barmby, Rossini, Cheyne, Douglas, Huxtable, Deane,
Whitelaw, Matheson, Sayce, Bernard, Milligan, Hutchinson, Stewart,
Godet, Lansing, Shanks, Exell, Forbes, Yonge, Smith, King, Murphy,

Exercise. See Cassell's Hints, 942R. Health, Sports, &c.

Exercises. See Young Lady's Book, gfyM, &c.

Exeter, by Freeman [Historic Towns]. 1887 i66iR

See also Freeman's Norman Conquest, 2oi-sH. Knight's Land we Live In,

4656. All the Year Round, v. 14, 1774], and v. 21, ijSiJ. Mac-
millan's Magazine, v. 28, gsSJ, &c.

Exeter (Frederick, Bishop of), Relations between Religion and
Science, Eight Lectures preached before the University of

Oxford in the year 1884 [Bampton Lectures]. 1884 I93K

Exeter Hall Lectures [1854-5] looiR

[1862-5] I002-4R

Exhibition, Centennial. See Stanford's Compendium, 8soK.

Great, of 1851. See Martin's Life of the Prince Consort. Q3-6F. Timbs'

Works, 8s 4 Z, &c.

of Paris, by Arnold. 1868 I369R

Exhibitions [1849-74]. See Cole's Public Life, i^F.

Exile. See Percy's Anecdotes, 91 8Z. Lansd ell's Siberia, 496-7 K, &c.

Exodus, Notes on the Book of I29Q

of Israel, Its Difficulties Examined, by Birks. 1864 233M

Expanse of Heaven, by Proctor 445R

Expansion. See Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Ure's Dictionary, 70, &c.

Expansion of England, by Seeley. 1888 ISI5O

Sec Morley's Miscellanies, 84303, &c.



Exploration. See Willoughby's Australian Pictures, 3326. Harper's Index-,
i64oja. Mehagen's Universal History, 13-sH. Boy's Own Annual
[Famous Explorers], 1885, 2957.7, &c.

Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, &c. [1842-5], by

Fremont, illustrated. 1845 7iiK

Explosive Agents and Compounds. See Ure's Dictionary, yD, &c.

Exports of Australia. See Stanford's Compendium, 853K.

See also Alison's Europe, 139-80. McCulloch's British Empire, yn-sH.

Peto's Taxation, ioi6F, &c.

Exposition of the Creed, by Pearson, with an Analysis by Walford.. i;8M
Expositor, The [Devoted to the Exposition of the Sacred Scriptures],

edited by Samuel Cox and W. R. Nicoll, from vol. i. 1875 55 ij
N.B. For more particulars concerning this Magazine, see under Cox for

First and Second Series, and under Nicoll for Third Series.
Expression, Anatomy and Philosophy of, as connected with the

Fine Arts, by Bell. 1877 8Q2R

See also Physiognomy, &c.

Extra Work of a London Pastor, by Martin. 1 863 IO24R

Extracts from the Garrick Plays [Bonn's Library]. 1854 7iiM

Extraordinary Men, Their Boyhood, &c., by Russell. 1854 13300

Extravagant Dress and Diet [Anspach's Thieves of Homes] 279!%.

Eye, Structure and Functions of the, by Thomson. 1857 J 454Z

and Its Use [Brown's Science for All] 627Ba

The. See also Clifford's Seeing and Thinking, is8R. Tyndall's Light,

5o8R. Light, Optics, Sight, &c.

Eyes and Ears, or Notice of General Things, by Beecher. 1864 59 iR

Eyre (General, Governor of Jamaica, b. 1817). See Froude's West Indies, 834K.

Eyre (Mary), A Lady's Walks in the South of France in 1863. 1865. 394K

Over the Pyrenees into Spain. 1865 I449R

Ezekiel(//6><$;vw Prophet, 595 B.C.) 6V<rEwald's Israel, 64-sK. Commentaries, c.

Ezra ( The Priest commissioned by Artaxerxes to Rebuild the Temple, 457 B.C.).

Sec Ewald's Israel, 65K. Robinson's Scripture Characters, 151 K, &c.

to Job. See Gray's Biblical Museum, 8iM, &c.

ABER (F. W.). See Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, wzD, &c.
Faber (G. S., Master of Cherlurm Hospital, b. 1773, d. 1854), B.D.,

Dissertation on the Prophecies, 2 vols. 1814 53 2 '3A

Fabius. See Plutarch's Lives, 44 6F.

Fables of /Esop and others, translated with Instructive Applications,

byCroxall. 1831 883R

See also Cornhill, v. 2, 282]. Good Words, v. 14, 21847. Fraser, v. 45, 6557.

Fabrics, Ancient History of. 1845 2130

Fabulous and Legendary [Timbs' Works] 853Z

Fac-Similes, Autographs, &c. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Facta Non Verba. A Comparison between Good Works of Nuns

and Protestant Sisters [by Gilbert]. 1874 H57R

Factories. See Escott's England and its People, loijF, &c.

Factors in Life, Health, Food, Education, by Seeley 844M

Facts and Hints for Everyday Life, a Book for the Household

[Cookery, Medicines, &c.] 942R

Faculties of Observation in the Family and the School, by Burton. 554T
Fagan (L.), Life of Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B., ill., 2 vols. 1880 4I9-20F
Faggot of French Sticks [A Visit to Paris, 1851, by Head]. 1852.. .1394^



Faidit (G., French Troubadour, patronised by Richard I. of England^ d. 1220).

See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!), &c.
Fainting. See Girl's Book, 1257!!. Thomson's Sick Room, 834^!, &c.
Fair Trade and British Labour. See Poole's Index, R.L.

Fairbairn (A. M.), D.D., City of God, A Series of Discussions in

Religion. 1883 ......................................................... 446A

- Studies in the Life of Christ. 1882 ................................... 3o;M

- Philosophy of Religion and History. 1 880 ............... 3o8M

Fail'baiin (P.), D.D., Typology of Scripture viewed in Connection

\\ith the Divine Dispensation, 2 vols ............................... 457-8A

Fairbairn (Sir W., Scotch Civil Engineer, b. 1789, d. 1874) [Smiles'

Industrial Biography] ................................................... 73 lO

. See Fortun

Fairbairns of Manchester. See Fortunes made in Business,

Fairfax (E., Poet, d. 1632), Ed., Godfrey of Bulloigne, or the Re

covery of Jerusalem, by Tasso, 2 vols in i. 1844 ............... 5i6Z

Fairfax (Thomas, Lord, Parliamentary General, b. 1611, d. 1671). See Brodie's
British Empire, 214!!. Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 297-3020.
Dixon's Royal Windsor, 328H, &c.

Fail-field (S. L.). See Poets of America, 4 68D, &c.

Fairholt (F. W., Artist and Antiquary, b. 1814, d. 1866), F.S.A.,
Costume in England, A History of Dress to the End of the
Eighteenth Century, edited by Dillon [Bohn's Library], illus-
trated, 2 vols. 1885 ................................................ no6-7M

- Homes, Haunts, and Works of Rubens, Vandyke, Rembrandt

and Cuyp ; the Dutch Genre-Painters, Michael Angelo and
Raffaelle, being Art Rambles in Belgium, Holland and Italy,
illustrated. 1 87 1 . . . ...................................................... 449K

- - Works and Shrines of English Artists, with Specimens of their

Styles. 1873 ........................................................... 362K

Rambles of an Artist, being Papers on Art, illustrated ............... 8900

Fairley (W.), F.S.S., Epitaphiana, or Curiosities of Churchyard

Literature. 1875 ........................................................ 943R

Fairs [Malcolm's London, Eighteenth Century] ........................... 748-9!!

- See also Chambers' Journal [old Provincial], v. 61, 1961 J. Good Words [India

and Russia], v. 14, 2i84_J. Harper's Magazine, v. 46, i626J, &c.
FAIRIES and Fairy Mythology [Brand's Antiquities] .................. ioo6M

Fairy Mythology, by Keighley. 1850 ....................................... IOO9M

- - [Wright's England, Middle Ages] ................................... 780

- Tales, Legends and Romances, illustrating Shakespeare and

other Writers, by Ritson. 1875 .................................... 638T

- Their Origin and Meaning, by Bunce. 1878 ..................... 899R

Fairy Mythology, Fairies, &c. See All the Year Round [Legends of Donegal], v.
48, i8o3J. Blackwood [Witches], v. 23, R.L.; [Origin], v. 28, R.L.
Chambers' Journal, v. 52, ig52j ; [Fairy Land], v. 59, igsgj ; [Fairy
Queen], v. 15, i 934 J. Cornhill [Who Were They ?], v. 43, 3 2 3 J.
Edinburgh Review [Hindu Legends], v. 128, 488]. Fraser, v. 10, 620 J ;
[Sicilian Tales] v. 93, 703J. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [Fairy Lore
of Savages], v. 21, 74iJ. Knowledge [Fairy Rings], v. 2, 2582}, Once
a Week [Where they Hide], v. 14, 22 74 J. St. Paul's [Myths and Fairy
Tales], v 9, n6gF. Fiction, &c.
Fairy Land of Science, by Buckley, illustrated. 1879 .................. 5i4R

FAITH, Ancient and Modern, by Inman. 1876 ........................ 95-6Ka

- Basis of Faith, by Conder. 1881 ....................................... 266M

Correspondences of, and Views of Madame Guyon, by Cheever. u8iM
- Foundations of, by Wace, 1880 ....................................... 442A

Freedom of, by Munzer, 1883 .......................................... 63oM

- Power of, by Binney. 1844 .................................... ..... .... 2O

-. - Reality of, by Smyth. 1888 ................... ., ......... ...,.,. ..... . 120718


FAITH Saving, by Morison. 1871 .......................................... 53Z

See also Godwin's Science and Faith, 38 R. Contemporary Review, v. 40, 2050.]".
Edinburgh Review, v. 90, 450). Good Words, v. 16, 2i86J. Nineteenth
Century, v. 4, 22i4_J, &c.

Faith-Healing as a Medical Treatment. See igth Century, v. 24, 2234].
Faithful to the End ; the Story of Emile Cook's Life, translated by

Houghton. 1882 592O

Faitllfull (Emily, Promoter of Employment for Women, b. 1835),

Three Visits to America. 1884 794^

Falcon, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 644 and 654(3, & c -

Falconer (W., Scotch Poet, l>. 1730, d. 1769), The Shipwreck, a

Poem. 1811 353Q

Poems and Life, edited by Mitford [Brit. Poets]. 1863 424(3

Poetical Works and Life, by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great

Britain]. 1807 395Z

See also Jones' Poets, 6ooM.

Falconry. See Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT. Cornhill [Modern], v. ir,
2giJ. English Illustrated [Modern], v. 3, 1993.1. Gentleman's Maga-
zine [Revival of], v. 22, 7427. Living Age, 30677. Macmillan, v. 45,
37Sj- Once a Week, v. 9, 2269.7. Quarterly, v. 139, 12697, &c.

Falkland Islands. See Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, 786K, &c.

Falkland. (Lucius Gary, Viscount, b. 1610, killed 1743). See Thomson's Friend-
ships, 5650.

Falkland (Viscountess), Chow-Chow, a Journal kept in India, Egypt

and Syria, 2 vols. 1857 ." 524-5K

Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic Poem, by Milman. 1831 444D

Falla (Lieutenant T., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 16], 14160, &c.

Fallacies, Popular. Sec Lardner's Lectures, 7570, &c.

Familiar Quotations, by Bartlett. 1881 "55R

Studies of Men and Books, by Stevenson. 1882 6400

Family, The, Its Duties, Joys and Sorrows, by Gasparin, 1853 2QoM

See also Compayr's Pedagogy, c.

Family Prayers, by Bickersteth. 1859 53Q

[Mortimer's Light in the Dwelling] 39oM

See also Prayer, &c.

Family Records. See Tapper's Family Records [Guernsey], 255?.

Family Save-all, a System of Cookery and Economy in Household

Management. 1861 95oM

Family Classical Library (Translations) :

Works in this Series will be found under ^Eschylus, Cjesar, Cicero, Demos-
thenes, Euripides, Herodotus, Hesiod, Sappho and Musaeus, Homer,
Horace, Ovid, Pindar, Plutarch, Sallust, Sophocles, Tacitus, Theo-
phrastus, Thucydides, Virgil, Xenophon, &c., also under Classics.
Family Economist [containing many Interesting Tales for Young

People] 686-92R

Expositor, by Doddridge, 6 vols. 1761-2 5O-5A

- 1839 I92A

Friend [containing Interesting Tales, Receipts and General In-
formation] [1849-1865], 34 vols 693-726R

[Enlarged Series, 1866-7], 3 vols 93-5D

Library. For works in this set see under Author or Subject required.

Tour through South Holland, up the Rhine, &c. 1831 638Z

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