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Foreign Policy. See Poole's Index, R.L. Politics, c.

Scenes and Travelling Recreations, by Howison, 2 vols in I I644R

- Secretaries of the Nineteenth Century to 1880, by Thornton... 207 -gH
Forensic Anecdotes, or Humour and Curiosities of the Law, by

Larwood. 1882 I2O$Z

- Facts and Fallacies, by Williams. 1885 288 R

FOREST Scenes in the Wilds of North America, by Head. 1829...

Laws. See Stubbs' History, 2io-iO, &c.

Scenery, Gilpin's, edited by Heath. 1879 88R

Forests, The Forests we Clear [Suggestive Lessons] - D -

Sec also Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Hum-

Forests, The Forests we Clear [Suggestive Lessons] 1 828Z

Tlso Cooke's Woodlands, 6 22 Q. Hartwig's Tropical World, 75 8F. Hum-
boldt's Nature, 2gR. Stanley's Dark Continent, 1563X1. Temple's

India, 4 86K, &c.

Forester (Mrs). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Forester (T.), Rambles in Norway among the Fjelds and Fjords of

the Central and Western Districts [Travellers' Library] 1855 1263!*.

Forge. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, j~D, c.

Forgery. See Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H. Contemporary [Literary], v. 44,
2054J. Fraser [Punishment], v. n, 62iJ. Household Words [Bank
Notes], v. i, i74ij. Once a Week [Distinguished], v. 16, 2276.!, &c.

Forgiveness. See Mutters Noble Deeds, Q2Q, &c.

Forks. See Beckmann's Inventions, 6g8Q, &c.

Forlorn Maiden. See Ballads and Metrical Tales, 334Q, &c.

Formosa. See Bax's Voyage of the Dwarf, i52oR.

Forney (J. W.), Anecdotes of Public Men. 1875 94$R

Forrest (J., Australian Surveyor], F.R.G.S., Explorations in

Australia, illustrated. 1875 ' 779K

Forrester (T.), A.M., Ed. and Trans. See Old English Chronicles.

Fors Clavigera, Letters to Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain,

by Ruskin. 1880 844R

Forster (C), B.D., Thirty Years' Correspondence between John

Jebb, D.D., and Alexander Knox, M.R.I. A,, 2 vols. 1835 335-6F
Forster (E.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Forster (J., Historian and Critic , b. 1812, d. 1876), LL.D., Daniel

Defoe and Charles Churchill [Travellers' Library]. 1855 ... I275R

Life and Times of Oliver Goldsmith. 1876 225Z

of Charles Dickens [1812-1870], 3 vols 232^

illustrated, 2 vols 616-70

Sir J. Eliot, a Biography [1592-1632], 2 vols. 1872 628-90

The Debates on the Grand Remonstrance, November and De-

cember [1641], with an Essay on English Freedom under
Plantagenet and Tudor Sovereigns. 1860 28iO

Walter Savage Landor. 1879 339F

See also Frith's Reminiscences, 6is-6F, &c.

Forster (Right Hon. W. E., Liberal Statesman, b. 1811, d. 1886),

Life of, by Reid, 2 vols. 1888 652-3F

See also Lucy's Two Parliaments, 316-7!!. Blackwood [Forster and Ire-

land], I44-2I4J. igth Century [Forster and Ireland, by W. E. Glad-
stone], v. 24, 2234), &c.
Forster (S. A.) and Sandys (W.), F.S. A., History of the Violin. 1864 9310

Forsyth (J. II.), M.A., Memoirs of, by Wilson. 1852 258F

Fortification, Treatise on, by Lendy. 1862 igoD

See also Chambers, v. 45, 19497. Edinburgh R., v. 102, 4627. Quarterly

R.. v. 127, 12577, &c.
Fortnightly Review, The, edited by Morley, Escott and Harris,

from vol I. 1865 2<X)lJ

The serial tales and some of the principal contents will be found entered
under their proper headings in fiction, or in the general body of the
Catalogue, with the shelf-number specified. The general contents will
be found in Poole's Index (Reference Library), under such subjects as
this magazine deals \vith.



Fortnum (C. D. E.), F.S.A., Maiolica [South Kensington Hand-
books], illustrated IO54M

Bronzes [South Kensington Handbooks], illustrated IO55M

Fortresses. See Lansdell's Russian Central Asia, 82g-3oK. Stanford's Com-
pendium, 8soK. Blackwood, vols. 75 and no, 145 and i8oj, &c.

Fortunate Islands, or Archipelago of the Canaries, by Pegot-Ogier,

translated, 2 vols. 1871 77I-2K

Fortunatus (V., Bishop of Poitiers, last of the Latin Poets, b. 530, d, 600). See
Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Fortune, Way to, Essays, Anecdotes, c 52oT

Telling. See Home Amusements, 94gM. Mackay's Delusions, 904^!, &c.

Fortunes made in Business, by various writers, 3 vols, illustrated :

Vol. i. Holden. Lister. Moor Company. Mason. Bessemer. Brown
Salts. Peases of Darlington. Fisons and Forsters. Fieldens of

Todmorden I032F

Vol. 2. Fosters of Queensbury. Hornby Castle. Gladstone Family.
Bright Family. Fairbairns. Perkin. Cunard Steamship Com-
pany. Wilson & Co. Bass I033F

Vol. 3. Horrockses. Miller & Co. Mintons. Armstrong. Mitchel & Co.
The Henrys. The Crossleys. The Kitsons. The Richard-
sons. The Platts. Sir Donald Currie io33Fa

Fortune (Robert, Scotch Botanist, b. 1813,^. 1880), Residence among

the Chinese, illustrated. 1857 532K

Tea Districts of China and India, 2 vols. 1853 I5I5-I6R

Forty-five, The, Insurrection of 1745, an d Letters of Prince Charles

Stuart, by Mahon. 1853 2390

Forty Years' Recollections, Literary and Political, by Frost. 1880... 952R
Foscolo (N. U., Italian Patriot, b. 1776, d. 1827). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 473!), &c.
FOSS (Ed., Legal Historian, b. 1787, d. 1870), F.S.A., Biographical

Dictionary of the Judges of England [1066-1870]. 1870 595 E

Fossil Men and their Modern Representatives, by Dawson. 1883... IO23M

Organic Remains, by Parkinson, illustrated. 1830 734F

Osteology. See Brougham's Dialogues, &c., 743Z, &c.

Remains of Animals. Sec Book of Reptiles, 74oZ, &c.

Fossils, Common British, and where to find them, by Taylor. 1885 I25R
of Scotland. See Miller's Cruise of the Betsy, 8ooR,_c.

See also Agassiz (L.), 473-40. Buckland's Curiosities, 597Q. Dawson's
Life's Dawn, i6oR. Fraser's Seaside Naturalist, sgoQ. Heer's Primae-
val Switzerland, 732-3F. Housman's Museum, g2R. Mantell's Petri-

factions, i26R. Mantell's Wonders of Geology, 724-5(3. Nares' Polar
Sea, 672-3K, &c.

Foster (E.), Abraham Lincoln [World's Workers]. 1885 11460

Foster (F. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Foster (J., Baptist Minister, b. 1770, d. 1843), Essay on the Im-
provement of Time, edited by Ryland 95 1 R

Essays [on various authors], contributed to the Eclectic Review

[Bonn's Series], 2 vols. 1856 :
Vol. i. Travel-Writing. Memoir- Writing. Statesmen. Sir Thomas

Moore. America. Theatres. Fiction. Sanscrit. Religion.

Peninsular War, &c 949R

Vol. 2. Highland Superstitions. Grecian Architecture. Junius. Irish

Society. Nonconformists. Cathedral Antiquities. Revelation.

Chatterton, &c 95oR

Importance of Religion [American Tract Society] i685Z

Lectures delivered at Broadmead Chapel, Bristol, 2 vols. 1848-9 22I-2Q

Life and Correspondence of, edited by Ryland, with notices by

Sheppard, 2 vols. 1852 6540

See also^ Blackwood [Missions], v. 5, R.L. Chambers, v. 10, igsoj. Fraser

[Life], v. 34, 644J ; [Writings], v. 30, 640 J. Living Age, v. 10, 30407 ;
v. 14, 3044;, & c .



Foster (J. Y.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Foster (M., Judge and Physiologist), M.D., Physiology [Science

Primers]. 1879 I43 6Z

and Balfour (F. M.), M.A., Elements of Embryology, edited

by Seclgwick and Heape. 1883 828M

Foster (Vere, Educationalist, b. 1819), Painting for Beginners, with

facsimiles by Callow, first and second stage 919-200

First Stage. Teaching the Use of One Colour, gigD. Second Stage.

Teaching the Use of Seven Colours, 9200.

Pothergill (Caroline). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Fothergill (J-)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Fothergill (J. M., Quaker Philanthropist, b. 1712, d. 1780), M.D.,

Maintenance of Health, a Medical Work for Lay Readers 824M

The Will Power, its range in action. 1885 : I228R

Foucaud (E.), Illustrious Mechanics of Europe and America, edited

by Frost, translated, illustrated. 1847 I332O

Fouch.e' (J. S., Duke of Otranto, French Statesman, b. 1763, d. 1820). See

Alison's Europe, 122-386, c.
Foundation Stones for Young Builders, by Hall [God or Mammon

Which? True Revival, &c.]. 1881 i8iQ

Foundations and Concrete, by Dobson. 1872 344T

See also Addison's Construction, Architecture, Building, &c.

Founding ; Foundry. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, yD, &c.
Foundling Hospital. See Wynter's Human Hive, 243!?.. Beckmann's In-
ventions, 6980., &c.

Fountain of Life, or Union between Christ and Believers, by

Jones. 1840 205Q

Four Centuries of Silence, or from Malachi to Christ, by Redford 543M

Last Things, Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven, by Bolton. 1835 I2Z
Fowler (E. P.), The Alderney and Guernsey Cow, its Nature and

Management. 1855 l88R

Fowler (H.), Sketches, Biographical and Descriptive, of living

American Preachers [The American Pulpit]. 1856 78K

Fowler (T.), F.S.A., Locke [English Men of Letters]. 1880 10760

- Third Earl of Shaftesbury and Hutcheson [English Phil.]. 1882. 12320
Fowler (W.), Eastern Mirror, an Illustration of Sacred Scriptures

and Oriental Customs. 1814

Fowls, Domestic, by Martin [R.T.S.]

[Tegetmeier's Poultry Book] 664!*

See also Stonehenge's Rural Sports [Wild-Fowl], 68iT. Poultry, &c.
Fownes (G., Chemist, b. 1815, </. 1849), Ph.D., Chemistry as exem-
plifying the Wisdom and Beneficence of God. 1844 494^

See also Watts' Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, 672-30.

Fox, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66o-62Q. Buckland's Curiosities,
597Q. Cecil's Records of the Chase, giyM. Stonehenge's Rural Sports
[Fox-Hunting], 68iT, '&c.
Fox (Caroline), Memories of Old Friends, Letters, &c. [1835-71],

edited by Pym. 1882 8330

[Recollections of meetings with many celebrated authors, &c.]
Fox (Rt. Hon. C. J., Orator and Statesman, b. 1749, d. 1806), Early

History of, by Trevelyan. 1880 26oF

See also Alison's Europe, 121-90. Ashton's XIX. Century, 86iH. Cun-

ningham's Eminent Englishmen, 27 F. Harris' Radicals, no6F.
Howard's Beauties of Literature, usSZ. Mahon's England, 217-90.
Nicoll's Great Orators, 9920.. Thornton's Foreign Secretaries, 2O7H.
Torren's Memoirs of Viscount Melbourne, 385-6F, &c.

Fox (George, Founder of the Quakers, b. 1624, d. 1690), Works of, 8

vols. 1831 i64-7iA

and the Early Quakers, by Bickley. 1884 262F



Fox (George), Autobiography of, by H. S. Newman. 1886 ........... 26 iF

[Stoughton's Religion in England] ....................................... 93-7^1

Fox (General Lane\ See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, go$F.

Fox (\V. J., Unitarian Minister, b. 1786, d. 1864), Works of. See Harper's

Index, i64oja.
Foxe (John, Reformer, b. 1517, d. 1587), Acts and Monuments of,

edited by Cattley, 8 vols. 1841 ......... ........................... I33-4OA

[Early History of the Christian Church to the Time of Queen Elizabeth.]
- Book of Martyrs, Acts and Monuments of the Church, edited by

J. Gumming, illustrated, 3 vols. 1844 ........................... 599-6oiA

Foxhound. See Youatt's The Dog, SijF.

Foy (General, French Orator, rV., b. 1775, a - i8 2 5)> War in the

Peninsula under Napoleon, 3 vols. 1827 ....................... 258-0!!

Fracastoro (G., Italian Physician, b. 1483, d. 1553). See Longfellow's Poets

and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Frampton (Mary), Journal of [1779 to 1846], by Mundy, 1885 ......... 263F

Franc (M. J.)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

FRANCE AND THE FRENCH -Works relating to : (See

also Brittany, Normandy, erY., names of Towns and Places,
e.g., Calais, Paris, Mont St. Michel; names of Kings, Em-
perors, Queens, orY. , e.g., Catherine de Medici, Louis, Marie
Antoinette, Napoleon, Gambctta, Ihigo, Thiers. See also
Franco-German War, &^c. Also under Antiquities, Art, Lan-
guage, Literature, Religion, Revolutions, Travels, War, rY.)


France, A History of, for the Use of Children, by Marshall ...... 3iiO

- Residence in, with an Excursion up the Rhine, and a

Visit to Switzerland, by Cooper, 2 vols in I ......... 389 and 482!^

- and Belgium, War in. Waterloo, &c. , by Siborne, 2 vols. 1844. 279-80!!

- - Germany, War of 1870. See Franco-German War.

- Italy, Journals from 1848 to 1852, kept by Senior. i87i.i37i-2R

Travels through [Smollett's Works] ........................ i8o5Z

- - its Littoral [by Thos. Hughes]. 1881 ........................ I373R

- Spain, Border Lands of. 1856 ................................. I446R

Switzerland, The Pedestrian in, by Barrell. 1853

- before the Revolution, or Priests, Infidels, and Huguenots,

in the Reign of Louis XV., by Bungener, 2 vols. 1854... 316-70

- by Masson [Early Chronicles] [R.T.S.] ........................... 1490

- Church of, History of the, by Jervis, 2 vols. 1872 ........... 3II-I2A

- Consulate and Empire of, by Thiers. 1875 ............ * ........ 33D

Court and Social Life under Napoleon III., by Whitehurst.. no^iF

Eastern, Holidays in, by M. B, Edwards. 1879 ............... 4O7K

French Constitution, by Flower. 1792 ........................... lOioF

Germany and Switzerland, Baths of, by Lee ..................... I4O2R

- High Life in, under the Republic, Social and Satirical Essays,

by Grenville-Murray. 1884 .................................... 96oR

- History of, by Crowe, 3 vols ........................................ 19-210

- by Michelet, translated by Kelly, 2 vols. 1844 ...... 360-61!

Yonge. 1878 ............................................. ugZ

- History of, from the Earliest Periods, by Bonnechose, trans-

lated by Robson. 1853 .......................................... 3090

in the Eighteenth Century [Morley's Miscellanies]

- - Italy, the Mediterranean and Jersey, Notes and Remarks

made in, in 1843 an( l ^44, by Murdoch. 1846 ............ I73OR

9 L 2 57J


FRANCE AND THE FRENCH Works relating to (continued.)

France, Journal of a Tour in France [1816-1817], by F. J. Carey 3SSK

- Lafayette, Louis-Phillipe and the Revolution of 1830, by

Sarrans, translated, 2 vols. 1832 3H-5O

- Lectures on the History of, by Stephens. 1852 3 2 9 D

- Mediaeval, by Gustave Masson. 1888 43 8 O

- Memoirs of a Minister of State [1840-42], by Guizot. 1864. 3Q8F

- Modern [1814-1879], by Browning. 1880 1307.

- Pastorals of, by Wedmore. 1877 I39OR

- Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, &c., Notes of a Traveller on the

Social and Political State of, by Laing. 1854 I262R

- South West of, and the Riviera Health Haunts. 1881 8ioQ

[Cannes, Nice, Mentone, San Remo, Pau, Biarritz, Archacon and Dax.]

A Lady's Walks in [1863], by Mary Eyre. 1865 394!^

of, for Invalids, by Williams. 1867 I392R

Pictures of Travel, by Dumas, illustrated 1315 and I393R

[William's Climate] 823 M

Recollections of a Minister to France [1869-77], by Wash-

burne, illustrated, 2 vols. 1887 232-30

Reflections on the Revolution [1789-95], by Burke. 1841. I56Z

- Reformation in, by Heath, 2 vols. 1886 I2I8-9M

Religious Wars of, by Duncan. 1840 45T

Secret Correspondence of Louis XV. [1752-1774], by Due

De Broglie, 2 vols 456-7H

Social, Literary, and Political, by Lytton. 1834 3ioO

Story of the Coup d'Etat [of Louis Napoleon], by Maupas. 324-50

The [French] Revolution, by Taine, translated by Durand.. 369-0!!

- Travelling Sketches on the Sea Coasts, by Ritchie, ill. 1834 I396R

- Western, a Year in, by M. B. Edwards. 1877 I375R

French Coup D'Etat of 1851 [Bagehot's Studies] 863H

Court and Society, Reign of Louis XVI. and First Empire,

by Lady Jackson, 2 vols. 1881 334'SO

- in Algiers, translated by Lady Duff Gordon. 1845 8o2Q

- Life [Bellow's Europe] I398R

- Political Leaders, by King. 1876 6590

- Protestant Refugees, by Weiss. 1854 3MA

French Republic [Revolutionary Plutarch] 96 iQ

- Revolution [R.T.S.] H2Z

[1785] [Baker's French Society] 3330

by Carlyle, 3 vols 68-oT

[1789], by Erokmann-Chatrian, tr. by Hoey, 3 vols. 1871 326-80

[I789-I795L ty Gardiner. 1883 I55Z

[1848], by Lamartine. 1849 3 2 3O

[1789-1814], by Mignet, 2 vols. 1826 383-4!!

[1848], by St. John. 1848 I5 4 Z

by Thiers, translated by Shobel, illustrated, 4 vols. 1854 376-9!!
Church of the [1789-1802], by Pressense, tr. by Stroyan... 3290

[ r 785-i793] edited by Lockroy, trans, by Martin. 1881 3130
First, being Episodes from the History of the Girondists

and Genevieve, by Lamartine. 1850 i8o4Z

History of, by Mignet. 1846 io8O

-The, a History, by Carlyle, 3 vols, 1839 320-220

The Revolutionary Epoch, by Van Laun, 2 vols. 1878.. 362-3H



FRANCE AND THE FRENCH Works relating to.-. (continued.)

French Revolution [1785-93] [Tourzel's Memoirs] 626-/F

Sec also Brougham's Statesmen, 6oiR. Lecky's Eighteenth Cen-
tury [Causes], lyiH. Count De Melito's Memoirs, 2I7-8F. May's
Democracy, sS-gH. Mill's Discussions, 648!!, &c.

Society, from the Fronde to the Great Revolution, by

Baker, 2 vols. 1874 332-36

in the Eighteenth Century, by Lomenie, 4 vols. 1856 ... 501-40

Women of Letters, by Kavanagh, 2 vols. 1 862 660- 1


French, an Introduction to old French, by Roget. 1887 I2O2R

Language and Poetry [Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe] 473D

Language. Sec Freeman's Norman Conquest, 2osH. Language, &c.

Literature, History of, by Van Laun, 2 vols. 1876-7 II32-3H

Primer, by Saintsbury. 1881 I249Z

Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Green 334^

Poets and Novelists, by H. James, Jun. 1878 6580

Pottery, by Gasnault and Gamier, illustrated. 1884 io62M

French. History, &c. Sec also Alison's Europe, 119-460. Ansted's

Scenery, Science and Art, 785 F. Ashton's Nineteenth Century,
86i-2H. Blanc's History of Ten Years [1830-1840], 2 vols, 1844,
40I-2H. Brand's Antiquities, 1005-6^!. Buckle's Civilization, 186-70.
Cable's Louisiana, 8c2K. Campan's Marie Antoinette, gg-iooF.
Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-76. Cassell's Popular Educator,
164-90. Continental Tourist, 456-8K. Fauriel's Last Days of the
Consulate, 4490. Fdlice's Protestants, 2_88M. Davenport's Bastile,
I53Z. Dennant's Mirabeau, 39gF. Froissart's Chronicles [Ancient
France], 312-50. Gardiner's History of England, 460-80. Green's
French Pictures, 3346. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Harper's Index,
i64oja. Jackson's Court of the Tuileries, o.8i-2R. Jackson's Old
Regime, 983R. Johnston's Public Charity in France, I047F. Ka-
vanagh's Woman in France, 1043-40. Lamartine's Girondists, 963-50,.
Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, 92-6F. May's Democracy, 3gH.
Men of the Third Republic, 8360. Morley's Miscellanies, 8420.
Motley's Netherlands, 350-30. Muller's Notes, 438K. Re'musat's
Memoirs, 1802-8, 6090. Renaissance of Art in, 327-80. Senior
and De Tocqueville's Correspondence, 612-30. Simon's Govern-
ment of Thiers, 432-3^ Smiles' Huguenots, 2o6M. Stae'l (Mme. de),
Memoirs, 610-16. Stanford's Compendium, 854K. Tussaud's
Memoirs. 264F. Williams' Alps, &c., sgoB. All the Year Round
Magazine' [Woods and Wild Beasts], v. 42, ig22j. Cobden's
Speeches, 323R. Maunder's Treasury of History, i856Z, &c.

Francesca, Story of Ida, edited with preface, by Ruskin. 1883 ... 13510

Franchise. See Alison's Europe, 139-60. Smith's Life of Gladstone,
27sF. Government, Political Economy, &c.

Francia's Reign of Terror. See Robertson's Paraguay, i63iR, &c.

Francillon(R. E., County Court J^ldge, b. 1841). Sec Fiction Class List follow-
ing the General Catalogue.

Francis I. (King of France, b. 1494, d. 1547). See Fronde's England, 192-70.
French History, Sic.

Francis II. (King of France, l>. 1543, d. 1560) [Duncan's Religious

Wars] ' 45 8T

Francis (D. J. T.), M.D., Change of Climate considered as a
Remedy in Dyspeptic, Pulmonary and other Chronic Affec-
tions, with an Account of the most Eligible Places of Resi-
dence for Invalids in Spain, Portugal, Algeria, &c. 1853 825M

Francis (G. W.), F.L.S., Analysis of British Ferns and their Allies,

revised and enlarged by Henfrey. 1855 76gF

Francis (P.), D.D., TV., Horace [Family Clas. Lib], 2 vols. 1831 1124-50

Francis (Sir P.), Junius. Sec Trevelyan's Life of Fox,.26oF.



Francklin (T.), D.D., 7>., Sophocles [Fam. Clas. Lib.]. 1832 ... ii4oQ
Franco of Cologne [Naumann's Music] ....................................... 928D

Franco-German War, Before and After the Battle of Worth [1870]

by Klein. 1879 ......................................................... 3 62 O

- Sec also Adam's Great Campaigns, 47!*. Washburne's Recollections,

232-30. France, Germany, Paris, &c.

Fran9ois I. Sec Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!).
Frankfort and Luther's Country. See Green's German Pictures, 3336, &c.
Frankland (B.), B.A., Ed., Recollections of my own Life and Times,

by Jackson. 1873 ...................................................... 734O

Frankland (P. F.), Ph.D., Agricultural Chemical Analysis. 1883 4i8R
Franklin (B., Anunean Philosopher and Statesman, b, 1706, d. 1790)?

Complete Works, 3 vols. 1806 :
Vol. T. Autobiography, Papers on Electricity, c ....................... 94oH

Vol. 2. Letters on Philosophical and Political Subjects, &c ............... 94iH

Vol. 3. American Subjects, Revolution, Moral Subjects, &c .............. 942H

- [Howard's Beauties of Literature]

- - Works of and Autobiography. 1824 .................................... n6oZ

- by Tomkinson [World's Workers]. 1885 ............... ............... 11420

- Memoirs written by Himself [Family Library], 2 vols. 1839 ...... 2I7-8Z

Sec also Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Franklin (Sir J., Arctic Navigator, b. 1786, supposed to have died

1847), Discovery of the Fate of, by McClintock, ill. 1859... 668K
Journey to the Polar Sea in the Years [1819-20-21-22], 2 vols.

1 824 670- 1 K

United States' Expedition in Search of, by Kane, illustrated. 1857 669K

Life of, by Beesley [New Plutarch]. 1881 6550

See also Adam's Heroes, gySQ. Belcher's Arctic Voyages, 66i-aK. Boy's

Own Annual [Our Search for, in the Arctic Regions], v. 4, 2954^ &c.

Franks and the Gauls. See Freeman's Essays, &c.

Franks (A. W., Archaeologist^ b. 1826), M.A., Japanese Pottery

[South Kensington Handbooks] IO43M

Frank's Ranche, or my Holidays in the Rockies, being a Contribu-
tion to the Inquiry into what we are to do with our Boys,
by M. E., illustrated. 1886 424T

Fraser (Mrs. Alexander). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Fraser (A. C.), LL.D., Berkeley [Phil. Clas. for Eng. Read.]. 1881 IO36Q

Fraser (D.), Thomas Chalmers [Men worth Rememberirlg]. 1881... 11620

Fraser (J.), Guide to the County of Wicklow, illustrated. 1851

Fraser (J., Second Bishop of Manchester, b. 1818, d. 1885), A Me-
moir, by Thomas Hughes, Q.C. 1887

Fraser (J. B., Scotch Traveller, I. 1783, d. 1856), Historical and
Descriptive Account of Persia [Ed. Cab. Lib.]. 1834

Mesopotamia and Assyria [Ed. Cab. Lib.]. 1842 39T

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Fraser (R. W.), Seaside Naturalist, Marine Zoology, Botany, &c., ill. 59oQ
Maritime Geology, Fossils, The Ocean,, Winds and Tides, Marine Vegeta-
tion, Zoophytes, Sea Nettles, Star Fishes, Sea Urchins, Crabs, Mol-
lusca, Whelks, Cockles, Fishes, Maritime Birds, Whales, Seals, Prawns,
Shrimps, &c.

Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, from vol. I. 1830 6nJ

The Serial Tales contained in this Magazine will be found under their proper
headings in Fiction, with the Catalogue number specified. The entire
contents will be found in Poole's Index (Reference Library), under
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Frederic I. (.Emperor of Germany and King of Italy, b. 1121, drowned 1190).

Sec Freeman's Essays, 4i6H, c.
Frederic II. (Rmperor of Germany and King of Italy, b, 1194) d. 1250); S'ev

Freeman's Essays, 4i6H, c.
Frederick the Great (King of Prussia, b. 1712, d: 1786), by Dover

[Family Library], 2 vbls. 1832 ...;... . ; ...;.. ; IO59Q

by Brackenbury [Military Biography]. 1884 ..;.....; ; 12460

Macaulay. 1855 i..;....i -. 959Q

His Court and Times, edited, with an Introduction^ by Thomas

Campbell, 2 vols. 1844 ,....,..*..,.., , 656-70

History of, by Carlyle, 10 vols. 1873 ... ; ... ; ...57-66T

See also Alison's Europe, 1 19-280. Adam's Great Names, 6820. Every

Boy's Annual [1886], 1305!!. Kugler's Illustrated Germany, 230!), &C;

Frederick William III. (.King of Prussia, b. 1770, d. 1840). See Alison's
Europe, 124-370, &c.

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