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Frederick IV. (King of Prussia, l\ 1795, d. 1861). See Alison's Europe, 142-60.

Frederick Charles (King of Prussia, b. 1831, d. 1888), Fatal Illness

of Frederick the Noble, by Mackenzie. 1888 ..; , 14150

See also Adam's 'Campaigns, 47H. Franco-German War, &c.

Frederick. For several Emperors of Rome of this name, see Balzani's Popes
and the Hohenstaufen, 261 T, c.

Frederic (H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Frederick (Mrs.), Hints to Housewives on Several Points, particu-
larly on the Preparation of Economical and Tasteful Dishes ... 95 iM

Free Churches [1800-80] [Stoughton's Religion] , 99M

- Libraries and their Working. See Macmillan's Magazine, 973" J. Libraries, c.

: Thought. See London Quarterly [Farrar on], v. 21, 8nJ. Scribner [Educa-
tion], v. 10, i86oj. Temple Bar [Religion], v. 37, 1367.7.

Trade Movement in England, by Mongredien. 1881 95 2 Z

See also Contemporary, v. 13, 2023J ; [Economic Fallacies], v. 29,

2039J. Edinburgh Review [and Retaliation], v. 78, 43&J. Fraser, v.
5, 6isJ, and v. 6, 6i6J; v. 97, 7077. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [and
Reciprocity], v. 22, 742_f. Nineteenth Century [The True Reciprocity],
v. 5, 22isJ; [Railways], v. 7, 2217.7. Quarterly, v. 86, i2i6J, &c.

Free Judges. See Heckthorn's Secret Societies, 3760.

Free (R. W.), Lux Benigna, being the History of Orange Street

Chapel. 1888 I227M

Freedom and War, by Beecher. 1863 593R

See Alison's Europe, 119-460. May's Democracy, s8H. Contemporary

[Moral], v. 32, 2042.}, and v. 36, 2046.}. Fraser [Political], v. 60, 670.7.
Good Words [True], v. 24, 2194^. Macmillan, v. 51, 98iJ, &c.
Freedom of Contract. See William's Facts and Fallacies, 288R, &c.

Freehand, How to Draw in [96 Graduated Studies of Models] 9i6D

Freeman (E. A., Archaeologist and Historian, b. 1823), LL.D., His-
tory and Conquests of the Saracens, Six Lectures delivered
before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution. 1876 2980

of Europe [History Primers]. 1878 I2OZ

Lectures to American Audiences. 1882 H73R

The English People in its Three Homes. The Practical Bearings of Gene; al
European History.

Methods of Historical Study, Lectures read in the University of

Oxford in Michaelmas Term [1884]. 1886 537H

Origin of the English Nation [Harper's Series, English History]. I26Z

Some Impressions of the United States. 1883 I576R

The Ottoman Power in Europe. 1877 3600

The Norman Conquest in England, its Causes and Results, 6

vols. 1873 :

Vol. i. Preliminary History to the Election of Eadward the Confessor. . . . 201 H

Vol. 2. Reign of Eadward the Confessor 2O2H

Vol. 3. Harold and the Interregnum 2O3H



Freeman (E. A.), The Norman Conquest, &c. (continued.}

Vol. 4. Reign of William the Conqueror 204 H

Vol. 5. Effects of the Norman Conquest 2osH

Vol. 6. Index 2o6H

William the Conqueror [Twelve English Statesmen]. 1888 i39iO

and Hunt (W.), M.A., Historic Towns. 1887 i66c-2R

Bristol, i662R. Exeter, i66iR. London, i66oR.

Freeman (P.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Freeman (T. B.), Journal of Two Visits to the Kingdom of Ashanti

in Western Africa. 1843 I555R

Freemasonry, Catalogue of Books on, by Gowans. 1888 5OoF

A Definition of all its Communicable Terms, Notices of its History,

Traditions, &c., by Macey, and an Appendix by Peck. 1883 499^
Freemasons, History of. See also Dellaway's Architecture in England, 2isD.
Frost's Secret Societies, 32!!. Heckthorn's Secret Societies, 376-76.
Chambers, v. 43, 19487. Macmillan, y. 38, 968], &c.
Freezing. See Tyndall's Heat, 5ogR. . Ure's Dictionary, yD, &c.
Freiligrath (F., German Poet, b. 1810, d. 1876). See Dana's Household Book 6f

Poetry, 4760. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Fremont (J. B.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.
Fremont (Capt. J. C., American 7^raveller, b. 1813), Exploring Ex-
pedition to the Rocky Mountains, &c., 1842-4, ill. 1848 ... 71 iK
Fremont (J. C.). See also Boy's Own Annual [1885], 29577.

French (G. R.), Shakspeareana Genealogica. 1869 1096!!

Contents : Identification of the Dramatis Personae in Shakespeare's His-
torical Plays, from King John to King Henry VIII. Notes on Charac-
ters in Macbeth and Hamlet. Persons and Places, belonging to
Warwickshire, alluded to in Several Plays. Shakespeare and Arden
Families, and their Connections, with Tables of Descent.
Freneau (P.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Poets of America,

468D, c.

Frere (Sir Henry Bartle, Indian Statesman, b. 1815), K.C.B. See Cox's Colenso,
62I-2F. Austral Africa, I4O2H. Temple's India, 464^ Trotter's
India, SsS-gH, &c.
Frere (J. H, Scholar, b. 1769, d. 1846). See Griswold's Poets and Poetry of

England, 4720, &c.

Fresco. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M, &c.
Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments, Confirmations of the Bible

by Discoveries in Egypt, Assyria, &c., by Sayce [R.T.S]

Freshfield (Mrs. H.), A Summer Tour in the Grissons and Italian

Valleys of Bernicia. 1862 I44OR

Fretwork [Boy's Own Annual], 1885 2957J

Frianzos (K. E.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Friar of Orders Gray. See Ballads and Metrical Tales, 334Q. &c.

Friars, Coming of the Friars and other Historic Essays, by Jessop. 15210

See also Macmillan [and Scholars in Paris], v. 30, 96oJ. Nineteenth Century

[Coming of, to England], v. 14, 22247, &c.
Friction. See Nature [at High Velocities], v. 20, 268oJ.

Friend MacDonalcl, by Max O'Rell I253R

Friend (EL), F.L.S., Flowers and Flower-lore. 1884 793-4^

- Ministry of Flowers, being some thoughts suggested by the book

of Nature, illustrated. 1885 554M

Friendly Advice to Young Men, by King. 1851 [."],"'. 6oiT

Societies. See Escott's England and Its People, ioi7F, &c.

Friends in Council, by Helps [Readings on Various Subjects, 4 vols].877-8oZ

Friends, Society of. See Society of Friends, Quakers, Religions, Sects &c.
Friendship, Celebrated Friendships, by Thomson, 2 vols. l86l ... 564-50

See also IMackwood [some aspects of], v. 119, i8gj. Chambers [Maxims of],

v. 44, I948J. Lubbock's Pleasures of Life, igoSR. Macmillan
[Quarrels of Friends], v. 18, 948J, Muller's Noble Deeds, g2Q. Mus-
ton's Recognition in the World to Come, 421 Al, Sic.
Friendship of Books and other Lectures, by Maurice, cd. by Hughes IO26R

Frikell (G.), Magician's Own Book, edited by Cremer 92~6M



Frikell (G.), The Secret Out, or One Thousand Tricks in Drawing

Room [Magic, Card Tricks, &c.J, translated by Cremer 925M

Frisbie (L.)- See Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Frisweli (J. H., Novelist and Journalist, l>. 1827), Footsteps to Fame,

a Book to open other Books, illustrated. iSSi 6520

Frith. (H.)- ^^' Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Frith (W. P., Artist, b. 1819), R.A., My Autobiography and Rem-
iniscences, 2 vols. 1887 6i5-6F

Further Reminiscences. 1888... 6i6Fa

Frobish.8r (Sir M., Navigator, b. 1536, mortally ivoiDided 1594). See Adam's
Heroes, g/SQ. Boy's Own Annual [1885], 2Q57J, &c.

Fro3bel(F., German Schoolmaster, b. 1782, d. 1852), Life of, by

Shirreff. 1887 13610

Educational Theories [Child and Child Nature] 2SoR

Frog, The Common, by Mivart [Nature Series]. 1881 i5iR

See also Brown's Science for All, 62763. Buckley's Life's Race, i2gR.

Napier's Lakes and Rivers, 623Q. Wood's Lane and Field,
624Q. All the Year Round, N.S.,V. 32, 17Q2J. Chambers [Frog and Toad
Families], v. 13, 1933.!. Household Words, v. 14, 1754.!, &c.

Froissart (SirJ.,/>. 1337,4 1410), Ancient Chronicles, 4 vols. 1814.312-150
[England, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Brittany, and Flanders.]

adapted for Boys, by Lanier, illustrated. 1879 457O

See also Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, c.

From Log-Cabin to White House, The Story of President GarHeld's

Life, by Thayer. 1881 666 and 6670

Frondes Agrestes, Readings in Modern Painters, by Ruskin. 1880 832R

Frost (H. F.), Schubert [Great Musicians]. 1881 i2i8O

Frost (J.), LL.D., Ed., Illustrious Mechanics of Europe and

America, by Foucaud, translated, illustrated. 1847 13320

Frost (S. T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja, &c.

Frost (T.), Forty Years' Recollections, Literary and Political. 1880. 952R

Lives of the Conjurors. 1881 8030

Secret Societies of the European Revolution [1776-1876], 2 vols :

Vol. i. The Illuminati. United Irishmen. Philadelphians. Carbonari.

Associated Patriots. Communeros, &c 32H

Vol. 2. Reformed Carbonari. Hetairia. United Sclavonians. Templars.
Young Italy. The Families. Young Germany. Young Poland.
Young Switzerland. The Communists. The Fenians, Nihilists,

Omladina, &c 33 H

Frothingham (N. L.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.
Frothingham (O. B. and W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Fronde (J. A., Historian, b. 1818), M.A., Bunyan [English Men of

Letters]. 1880 10570

Calvinism, an Address delivered at St. Andrew's [March, 1871]. 79K

History of England, from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the

Spanish Armada, 12 vols, 1877 :

Vol. i. Social Condition of England in the i6th Century. Last Years of
the Administration of Wolsey. Parliament of 1529. Church and
State. Marriage of Henry and Anne Boleyn. Protestants .... 1920

Vol. 2. Last Efforts of Diplomacy. Irish Rebellion. Catholic Martyrs.
The Monasteries. Trial and Death of Anne Boleyn. Reforma-
tion in England. Pilgrimage of Grace 1930

Vol. 3. Cardinal Pole. Exeter Conspiracy. Anne of Cleves and Fall of

Cromwell. Scotland and Ireland. Solway Moss. French War 1940

Vol. 4. Peace of Crepy. The Invasion. Death of Henry VIII. Pro-
tectorate. Fall of the Protector. Reformed Administration .... 1956

Vol. 5. Execution of the Duke of Somerset. Northumberland's Con-
spiracy. Queen Jane and Queen Mary. Spanish Marriage.
Reconciliation with Rome 1960

Vol. 6. Calais. Death of Mary. Accession of Elizabeth. Reformation
in Scotland. Treaty of Leith. Return of Mary Stuart. Civil

War in France i9?O



Fronde (J. A.) History of England, &c. (continued.)

Vol. 7. English at Havre. Shan O'Neil. Embassy of De Silva. Darnley

Marriage. Murder of Darnley. Death of O' Neil igSO

Vol. B. England on the Sea. Carberry Hill. Lochleven Castle. Flight

of Mary Stuart to England. Casket Letters . . . . !99O

Vol. p. English Parties. Rising of the North. Excommunication of

Elixabcth. Ridolfi Conspiracy 2CoO

Vol. io. - Duke of Norfolk. Massacre of St. Bartholomew. State of Ire-
land. Spanish Treaty. Proposed Alengon Marriage. Desmond
Rebellion ...... soiO

Vol. n. Jesuit Invasion. Voyage of Sir Francis Drake. _ Jesuits in

Scotland. Expulsion of Mendoxa. Bond of Association soaO

Vol. 12. Earl of Leicester in the Low Countries. Execution of Mary

Stuart. Negotiations for Peace with Spain. The Armada .... 2030

Life and Times of Thomas Becket. 1878 5ooO

Luther, a short Biography ' 8nO

Oceana, or England and Her Colonies, illustrated. 1886 8o4K

Short Studies on Great Subjects, 3 vols. 1878 :

First Series. Science of History, Times of Erasmus and Luther, Influence
of the Reformation on the Scottish Character, Philosophy of
Catholicism, Plea for the Free Discussion of Theological Difficul-
ties, Criticism and the Gospel History, Book of Job, Spinoza,
Dissolution of the Monasteries, England's Forgotten Worthies,
Homer, Lives of the Saints, Representative Men, Reynard the
Fox, Cat's Pilgrimage, Fables, Parable of the Bread- Fruit Tree,
Compensation 20- O

Second Series. Calvinism, A Bishop of the Twelfth Century, Father New-
man on the Grammar of Assent, Condition and Prospects of
Protestantism, England and her Colonies, A Fortnight in Kerry,
Reciprocal Duties of State and Subject, Merchant and his Wife,
On Progress, The Colonies Once More, Education, England's
War, Ireland since the Union, Scientific Method Applied to
History 2o8 Q

Third Series. Annals of an English Abbey, Revival of Romanism, Sea
Studies, Society in Italy in the Last Days of the Roman Republic,
Lucian, Divus Ca;sar, On the Use of a Landed Gentry, Party
Politics, Leaves from a South African Journal 2ogO

Fourth Series. Life and Times of Thomas Becket, Oxford Counter-Re-
formation, Origen and Celsus, A Cagliostro of the Second
Century, Cheneys and the House of Russell, A Siding at a
Railway Station 532H

The English in Ireland, in the Eighteenth Century, 3 vols. 1881 :

Vol. i. Insurrection of 1641. The Revolution. Penal Era. Irish Attempt
at Union. Protestant Administration. Smugglers. Irish Par-
liament. Anarchy, &c 2040

Vol. 2 Revival of the Celts. Lord Townshend's Administration. Begin-
nings of Retribution. Constitution of 1782. The Convention.
Whiteboys, &c 205 O

Vol. 3. United Irishmen. Fitzwilliam Crisis. French at Bantry. Seces-
sion of the Opposition. Eve of '98. The Rebellion. Lord Corn-
wallis and the Union, &c ; 2o6O

- The English in the West Indies ; or the Bow of Ulysses, ill. 1888. 834 K
Thomas Carlyle, First Forty Years of his Life [1795-1835], illus-
trated, 2 vols. 1882 '. I68-QF

History of his Life in London [1834-81] 2 vols. 1884 ... ijo-iF
Ed., Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, 3 vols. 1883 IJ2-^F
Mrs. Carlyle, prepared for publication by Thoma^

Carlyle. 1846 " 557 Q

Reminiscences of Carlyle, 2 vols. 1881 558-00

See also Cox's Colenso, 6 22 F. Austral Africa [Incorrect Statements], uoaH.

Frugality. See Midler's Noble Deeds, &c., 92 Q, &c.



FRUIT as Food [Health Lectures] 839*!

Flower and Kitchen Garden, by Neill. 1840 776F

Garden and Orchard, by Mclntosh, coloured illustrations. 1839 6j7Q
-Trees, Cordon Training of, by Brehaut. 1860 1793^

Culture of, by Du Dreuil, translated by Wardle. 1872 i;8R

-Harrison. 1825 882D

See also Hartwig's Tropical World, 7s8F. Lansdell's Russian Central

Asia, 82gK. Robinson's Gardens of Paris, 6ogB. Coleman's Wood-
lands, 563Q. BaHcock's Hints, 946 M.

and Vegetables. See Colquhoun's China, 54I-2K. Facts and Hints for

Every-day Life, 942R. Gill's China and Burmah, 5I2-3K. Stanley's
Dark Continent, is63R. Walsh's Domestic Economy, 14297, &c.

Fruit between the Leaves, by Wynter, 2 vols in I. 1875..... H46R

Fry (E., Quaker Philanthropist, b. 1780,0?. 1845), by Pitman [Em.

Women Series]. 1884 II28O

Sec also Blaikie's Philanthropy, 7620. Chronicles of Newgate, v. i, 33oD, c.

Fry. (J.), B.A., Unfulfilled Prophecies, which are yet to have their

Accomplishment. 1835-. 53 1 A

Fl'yatt (Miss F. E.) Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Fudges in England, &c., Humorous Poems [by Moore]

Fuegians. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, go$F.

Fuel, The Fuel we Burn [Suggestive Lessons] i828Z

See also Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 7 and gD, &c.

Fulcher (G. W.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 47 6D, &c.

Fulke (W., Puritan Theologian, b. 1548, d. 1589), D.D., Answers

to Stapleton, Martiall and Sanders. 1848 237A

Defence of the Translation of the Bible. 1843 239A

Fuller (A., Baptist Minister, b. 1754, d. 1815), Complete Works,

and Life of, by A. G. Fuller. 1850 66A

Memoir of Rev. S. Pearce [Am. Tract. Soc.] I688Z

See also Stoughton's Religion in England, 97M, &c.

Fuller (H. W.), M.D., Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, and Sciatica. 922K

Fuller (J. G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Fuller (M., Marchesa Assoli), by Howe [Em. Women Series]. 1883 11270

. See also Russell's Eccentric Personages, 13070, &c.

Fuller (T., Theologian, b. 1608, d. 1661), D.D., Church History of

Britain, from the Birth of Christ until the Year 1648, 3 vols. :86-8M

Holy and Profane States 56oM

The Good Wife. The Good Husband. The Good Child. The Elder
Brother, &c.

An Essay on the Life and Genius of, by Rogers. 1856 I274R

The Church Historian, Life and Times of, by M. Fuller, 2 vols. 6620
See also Cattercnole's Literature of the Church, 548A. Stoughton's Religion

in England, 92-3M, &c.

Fullom (S. W.), Life of General Sir Howard Douglas. 1863 236F

Fulminating Silver. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufacturers, 7D, c.

Fun, Ancient and Modern, by Davies, 2 vols. 1878 922-3R

Jottings, or Laughs I have taken a Pen to, by Willis ... 1135 ancl I9O6R

Funeral Rites of Nations and Individuals [The Last Act, by Tegg]... i48iZ
Rites and Monuments. See Madden's Shrines, 342K, 6tc.

Funerals. Seealso Brand's Antiquities. ioo6M. Cumming's China, 789-goK. Eden's
China, 8i3Q. Gray's China, 52oK. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M.
Timbs' Works, SsiZ. Blackwood, v. 44, R.L. Chambers [Viennese],
v. 32, I942J. ' [Whimsical], v. 56, ig56J. Fraser [at Sea], v. 40, 65oJ.
Household Words [in Naples], v. 5, 1745!- Macmillan [Roman Funeral
at Sea], v. 30, 960.}. [Scotch], v. 46, 976!. Quarterly [Expenses of], v.
73, I2O3J. Leisure Hour [Funeral Expenses and Extortion], v. n

262lJ, &C.

Fungi, Lichens, and Mosses, British, by Holmes and Gray, ill. 1886 i4iR



Fungi [Cooke's Woodlands] 622Q

See also Hogg's The Microscope, 7goF. Microscope, The. Ure's Dictionary,

yD. All the Year Round, v. i, i76ij. Chambers, v. 4, 19247. Good
Words [and their uses], v. 19, 21897. Nature, v. 2, -2662] ; [Cooke's],
v. 4, 26647 ; [Alternation of Generations in], v. 5, 2665]. Scribner, v.
10, i86oj.

Fur. See Edinburgh Review [Fur Trade, Canada], v. i, s6ij. Leisure Hour,
v. 19, 26297. Penny Magazine [Dressing Furs], v. 14, isaB. Simmond's
Animal Products, IO33M. Ure's Dictionary, gD, &c.

Fur Dresses. Sec Beckmann's Inventions, 6g8Q.
Fur-Hunting. Sec Robinson's Hudson's Bay, 68oK, &c.

Furnace- See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, jD. English Me-
chanic, v. 47, fee.

Furnishing a Home, by Church 94 5M

Furniss(L. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index. i64oja.

Furniture and Decoration, by Edis. 1884 989?*!

Woodwork, Ancient and Modern, by Pollen, illustrated IO56M

[Art at Home Series] 962-9^!

[Facts and Hints for Every-day Life] 942R

See also Eastlake's Hints, 86iD. Lpftie's Art in the House, g64M. Sugges-
tive Lessons, 1827^. Walsh's Domestic Economjr, I429Z. All the
Year^ Round, N.S. [Good and Bad], _v. 28, 17887. Art Journal [De-
corative], v. 30, R.L. Chambers [History of], v. 12, I932J. Cornhill
[fashion of], v. 9, 2%g] ; v. 31, 3iiJ. Fraser [Books on], v. 59, 66gJ.
Harper [Mediaeval], v. 53, 16537. Once a Week [Household], v. 29,
228gJ. Scribner, v. 10, i86oj.

Furnival (E. J., Shakespearean Scholar, d. 1889), M.A. [Malcolm's

Shakespeare, &c.] , 12487

Fusel Oil. Sec Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, -fT)., c.

Fustian. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 7!), &c.

Future Probation, a Symposium on the Question " Is Salvation

possible after Death? " by Leathes and others. 1886 I224M

Retribution, viewed in the Light of Reason and Revelation, by

Row. 1887 640A

Future State. ^See Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Pressens^'s Ancient World and
Christianity, H94M. Stewart's Unseen Universe, 63gM. Timbs"
Works, 8562. Contemporary, v. 8, 20287 ; [Purgatory], v. 22, 20327 ;
[Pusey on Future Punishment], v. 38, 20487. Fraser [Physical Theory
of], v. 14, 6247 ; [Opinions], v. 91, 701 J. Living Age, v. 153, 31837.
Nineteenth Century [the Soul], v. i, 22iiJ ; v. 14, 22247. Once a
Week [Prying into], v. 21, 22817- Temple Bar [Figuier on], v. 35,
13657. Fortnightly [Death and afterwards], v. 44, 21347, & c -

Fyffe (C. A.), M. A., History of Greece [History Primers]. 1878 ... i2iZ

VTABOBI ATI (E.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Gaddings with a Primitive People, Alpine Life and Customs, by
Grohman, 2 vols. 1878

Gage (C. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 16407.1.

Gage (W. L.), Ed., Life of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, trans-
lated. 1876 , 8370

Works of. Sec Harper's Index, i64o7a.

Gainsborough (Thos., Landscape Painter, I. 1727, d. 1784). See Frith's
f Reminiscences, 6i6F and 6i6Fa. Temple Bar, v. 5, 13357, Sic.

Gairdner (J., Assistant Keeper of Public Records, b. 1828), England

[Early Chroniclers]" [R.T.S.] 1480



Gairdner (J.), Ed., Reign of Henry VIIL, by Brewer 234-5H

- The Fasten Letters [1422-1509, A.D.], 3 vols. 1872-5 :

Vol. i. Henry VI., 1422-61, A.D ^g^T

Vol. 2. Edward IV., 1461-71, A.D 294"!

Vol. 3. Edward IV., Henry VII., 1471-1509, A.D .-. . . 295!"

" Galatea," H.M.S., Cruise of, under the Command of H.R.H. the
Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., in 1867-8, by Milner and Brierley

Galatians, Epistle to the, Commentary, by Sanday 2516;

See also Bible Commentaries, St. Paul, &c.

Galba (Servius Sulpicius, Emperor of Rome, l\ 3, killed 69). See Plutarch's Lives,

45oF and H36Q, &c.

Gale (George), Upper Mississippi, or Sketches of the Mound Builders
and Indian Tribes of the North-West, from 1600 to the

Present Time. 1867 l6o2R

Gale (J. T.), F.S.S., The Local Parliament Handbook. 1883 28gR

Gales and Hurrican2s. See Spectator, v. 57, R.L. Storms, Winds, &c.

Galiciaand Portugal, by the Earl of Carnarvon. 1848 I448R

Galilee. See Ewald's Israel, 6sK. Stanford's Compendium, 852K, &c.
Galileo (Astronomer and Physicist, b. 1564, d. 1642). See Brewster's Martyrs of
Science, 8270. Humboldt's Cosmos, 484R. Morton's Heroes of Science,
7030. Routledge's Science, 5i5R. Argosy, v. n, nj, &c.
Gall (F. J., German Physiologist, b. 1758, d. 1828) [Lewes' Philo-
sophy] 572H

Gallagher (W. D.). See Poets of America, 468D, &c.

Gallaudet (T. H., American Instructor of the- Deaf and Dumb, b.

1787, d. 1851), History of Josiah [Am. Tract. Soc.] \fy\L

Scripture Biography for the Young [Am. Tract. Soc.], 3 vols. 1691-3%

The Youth's Book of Natural Theology [Am. Tract. Soc.] 16947,

Galleys. See Chambers [Fifteen years in], v. 39, 15467.

Galilean Church, History of the, by Jervis, 2 vols. 1872 3II-I2A

Gall-Nuts. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, ?D, &c.

Galloway (R. L.), The Steam Engine and its Inventors. iSSi ii6oR

Gallus ; or Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus, by Becker,

translated by Metcalfe. 1880 IOO2M

Galt.Q., Scotch Novelist, b. 1779,-^. 1839), Life and Studies of

Benjamin West, President of the Royal Academy. 1817 ... 564F

Life of Lord Byron [Fam. Lib.]. 1830 .... IO72Q

See also Leisure Hour, v. 14, 26247. Westminster [Autobiography], v. 16,

R.L., and Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Galton (A.), Urbana Scripta, Studies of Five Living Poets and

other Essays. 1885 , 3I5T

[Arnold, Brtnvning, Morris, Swinburne, Tennyson.]

Gallon (Capt. D., Inspector of Railways], F.R.S., On Ventilation,
Warming, and Lighting for Domestic Use [Int. Health Ex.]

illustrated. 1884 1

Galvanised Iron. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 70. Every

Boy's Annual [by H. E. Postlethwaite], 1869, I303H, &c.
Galvanism. See Davy (Sir H.), 654^. Higgins' Philosopher, 72oQ. Lard-

ner's Lectures, 756D. Whewell's Inductive Sciences, 768D. &c.
Galvanometer. See Deschanel's Natural Philosophy, 8260, &c.
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GAMES, Festivals and Amusements, Ancient and Modern, by .

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