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Smith. 18.31 ............................................................ 868Z

- Indoor and Outdoor, by Capt. Crawley, v.D. :


i 44 M
r 45 M

i 4 6M
i 47 M
i 4 8M

Vol. i. Billiards and Bagatelle

Vol. 2. Whist, Loo and Cribbage

Vol. 3. Chess and Draughts

Vol. 4. Backgammon ,

Vol. 5. Bezique, Euchre, Ecarte", All-Fours


Vol. i. Cricket, Base-Ball and Rounders

Vol. 2. -Foot ball, Golf, Curling, Hockey, &c

Vol. 3. Swimming, Skating, Rinking, Sledging, &c

Vol. 4. Rowing, Sailing, Boating, Canoeing, &c

Vol. 5. Bicycling

Vol. 6. Croquet, Lawn Tennis, Racquet, &c -. i53M

Vol. 7. Athletics, Training, Boxing, Wrestling, c I54M

See also Boy's Holyday Book, i 4 27Z. Boy's Own Book, 15272. Cassell's

Book of Amusements, i25gH. Chambers [Garden], v. 4 o, i9 4 6J. Cham-
bers, v. 41, I947J. Chambers [Drawing Room], v. 49, i95ij. Field
Book, 931 F. Girls' Book, 1257!!. Irvine's Football, i22oR. Valen-
tine's Girl's own Book, n87R. Boy's Own Annual, v. 2 [1879-80],
2952J. Anderson's Draughts, iisSM. Cards, Chess, Cricket, Foot-
ball, Golf, Hockey, Polo, &c.
Gamgee (A.), M.D., Physiology of Digestion and the Digestive

Organs [Int. Health Ex.], illustrated. 1884 986M

Gaming Table, The. See Anspach's Thieves of Homes, 2 79 R. Gambling, &c.
Ganges, The. See Hunter's Indian Empire, 485 K. Temple's India, 4 86K.
Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [in Midwinter], v. 32, 752!. Rivers, c.

Gaol Cradle, Who Rocks it? 1876 27 4 R

Gaols. .SV^ Pike's Crime in England, 3O7-8H. Chronicles of Newgate [Gaols and
Gaolers in Early Times], v. i, 3300. Crime, Jails, Prisons, &c.

Garbett (E.), M.A., Religion in Daily Life '. IO4Q

Garbett (E. L.), Rudimentary Treatise on the Principles of Design
in Architecture as deducible from Nature [Weale Series],

illustrated. 1850 35 iT

Garcao (P. A. C.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473 D, &c. '

Garden Parties [Home Amusements] 949M

GARDEN [Church's Home Garden] 947^1

Fruit, Flower and Kitchen, by Neill. 1840 776F

Glories of a [Timbs* Works] 855Z

- Management, colored illustrations. 1871 342T

Gardener, Modern, by Price i 4 o6Z

Gardening [Breuil's Fruit Trees] i 7 8R

[Burbidge's Domestic Floriculture] SgR

Every Man his own Gardener, by Mawe and Abercrombie. 1858 IIO3M

[Facts and Hints for Everyday Life] 942R

Flower Garden 6380



Gardening, Kitchen Garden, by Jerrold 343T

Orchard and Fruit Garden, by Mclntosh ^37Q

See also All the Year Round [at Lille], v. 27, i 7 8 7 J. All the Year [Window], v.
36, i7g6J. All the Year Round [of North America], v. 41, iSoiJ. Nine-
teenth Century [Old-Fashioned], v. 7, 2217]. Chambers [of Flowers],
v. 29, i94ij. Chambers [of the Greeks], v. 41, iQ47j. Chanibers [My
Town Garden], v. 42, IQ47J. Cornhill, v. 26, 3_o6J. Fraser [ Kew], v.
40, 65oJ. Fraser [Elizabethan], v. 70, 68oJ. Good Words [Bits of], v.
4, ^i?4j. Household Words [Market], v. 7, 1747.]. Living Age, 3i4oJ.
Quarterly, v. 89, i2i9_J. Boy's Own Annual, 2951, 2957 and 2958^.
Flowers, Fruit, Greenhouses, Horticulture, &c.

Gardens and Parks of Paris, by Robinson, illustrate:!. 1878 609^

Dwellers in our, by Wood, illustrated. 1877 ii;R

Sec Lansclell's Russian Central Asia, 828-gK, &c.

Gardette (C. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Gardiner (B. M.). French Revolution, 1789-1795 [Epochs of Modern

History]. 1883 I55Z

Gardiner (Colonel J.,/>. 1688, killed at Preston Pans, 1745), Passages

in the Life of, by Doddridge! 1825 :

Gardiner (L.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Gardiner (S. R., b. 1829), LL.D., History of England from the
Accession of James I. to the Outbreak of the Civil War,

[1603-1642], 10 volumes. 1883-4 460-690

Gardyner (Stephen). See Campbell's Chancellors, 774-50, c.
Gareth. and Lynette and the Last Tournament, Poems, by Tenny-
son. 1872 3 IJ Q

Garfield (General, President of U.S., />. 1831, assassinated 1881),
From the Farm to the Presidential Chair, by McCabe, illus-
trated. 1880 269F

Log-Cabin to White House, or the Story of Garfield's Life, by

Thayer. 1881 666 and 6670

See also Bullock's Talks with the People, i98Z. Nineteenth Century, vol 10,

222oJ. Century [Autograph, Characteristics, Last Illness], v. i, i873j ;
[In London], v. 5, 1877^ &c.
Garibaldi (G., Italian Patriot, b. 1807, d. 1882), Life of, by Bent. 668O

Recollections of his Public and Private Life, and many of his

Letters, by Melena, Englished by Edwards. 1887 14180

Sec also Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-7!^. Martin's Prince Consort,

g6F. Victor Emmanuel, 1017-8 and 10190. Living Age, v. 154,
3I&4J. Atlantic Monthly [Close of his Career], v. 62, I552J, &c.
Garlands. See Brand's Antiquities, ioo5-6M, &c.
Garnet. See Ansted's Minerals, 62oQ. Ure's Dictionary, 70. Decorative Stones,

H59M, c.
Garnet (H., Prefect of the English Jesuits, Reign of James I., b. 1555, Executed

1606). See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 322H, c.
Gamett (R., Assistant Keeper of Printed Books, British Museum, b.

1835), LL.D., Select Letters of Shelley, 1882 i25iZ

Garnett (W.), D.C.L., Physicists [Heroes of Science, S.P.C.K.] : 7050

Boyle, Franklin, Cavendish, Rumford, Young, Faraday, Maxwell, &c.
Garrett (J. B. L. De A.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473 D, &c,
Garrett (R. and A.), Suggestions for House Decoration in Painting,

Woodwork, and Furniture [Art at Home Series], illus. 1879 966M
Garrick (D., Dramatist and Actor, /;. 1716, d. 1822), Plays of

[Lamb's Dramatic Poets, &c.]. 1854 71 iM

See also Fitzgerald's English Stage, 337-80. Inchbald's British Theatre,

&c. Stirling's Old Drury Lane, I338-9R. Thomson's Friendships,
5650. New English Theatre. Blackwood [Recollections of], v. 18,
R.L. Chambers' Journal, v. 45, i94gj. Chambers' Journal, v. 57,
J 957J' Fortnightly [as Hamlet], v. 15, 2iosJ. Gentlemen" s Maga-
zine, v. 18, 738J. Once a Week [and the Shakespere Jubilee], v. IQ,
227oJ. Quarterly, v. 125, I255J. Temple Bar [as Actor and Mana-
ger], v. IT, nnj- Temple Bar [Rivals and Associates], v. 54, 1384!,



Garrison (\V. L., American Journalist and Abolitionist, l>. 1804,

//. 1879), Story of His Life, Vols. 1-2. 1885 270- iF

Garrison (W. P.). Works of. Sec Harper's Index, i64oja.

Garrotting. Sec Cornhill [Science ofj, v. 7, 287]. Fraser [Moral Philosophy of], v,
^7> 6/7J. Leisure Hour, v. 12, 2622], &c.

Garter, Order of the. Sen Woodhouse's Orders, 2730. Once a Week, v. 26, 2286J.
Quarterly, v. 68, TigSJ.

Garth (Sir S., //. 1672, d. 1719), M.D., Poetical Works and Life, by

Johnson [Poets of Great Britain]. 1807 35oZ

Gas, Air Gas, Coal Gas. See Brown's Science for All, 6288. The Household,
I096F. Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Ure's Dictionary, jD. English Me-
chanic, v. 46-7, IQ46-7J, &c.

Gas-Lighting. See. Brown's Science for All, 628!}. Timbs 1 Inventions, 258R, c.

Gases. See. Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377R. Somerville's Microscopic Science,
noR. Ure's Dictionary, gD, c.

Gasca (Pedro De La). See Prescott's Conquest of Peru, 527-8H, &c.

Gaskell (Mrs., Novelist, b. 1811, d. 1865), Life of Charlotte Bronte,

2 vols. 1859 ' 192-3 and 1774- 5Z

See also Edinburgh Review, v. 89, 449J. Harper's Index, i64oja, and Fic-

tion Class List following the General Catalogue.

Gasnault (P.) and Gamier (E.), French Pottery, illustrated, 1884 io62M
Gasparin (Count A. De, Politician, b. 1810, d. 1871), The Family :

Its Duties, Joys and Sorrows. 1853 2QoM

See also Merle D'Aubigny's Christianity, 488M, &c.

Gasparin (Countess De), Human Sadness 26Q

The Near and Heavenly Horizons. 1861 287M

See also Fiction Glass List following the General Catalogue.

Gastric Juice and Physiology of Digestion, by Beaumont. 1838 ... 840X1

Gates (C.)," Poems by. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Gatty (Mrs. A.) Parables from Nature, 2 vols. 1880 28-gZ

Red Snow, and other Parables from Nature, 3rd and 4th series,

illustrated. 1865 3oZ

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

G.T/lll. See Caesar's Commentaries, 1159^!. Freeman's Norman Conquest, soiH.

Gibbon's Roman Empire, 74-gH. Gilman's Rome, 4240, &c.
Gaussen (L. ), Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, translated

from the French. 1841 4iiA

- The World's Birth-day, a Book for the Young, illustrated. 1861 8o4Z
Gautier (T., French Journalist, b. i8ii,</. 1872), and Mirecourt (E.

De), Famous French Authors, illustrated. 1879 254F

Gautier, Girardin, George Sand, Brizenx, De Mussel, Hugo, Lamartine,
Monnier, Balzac, Beranger, Dumas, Guerin, Diderot, La Fontaine,
Sainte'-Beuve, Swetchine, Houssaye, De Rock, Gavarni, Baudelaire.

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, and Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue.
Gavarni (Sulpicc P. Chevalier, I. 1801, d. 1866). See Gautier's French Authors,

254 F, &c.

Gavazzi (A., eloquent Italian Monk, b. 1809), My Recollections of
the Last Four Popes, and of Rome in their Times, an answer

to Dr. Wiseman. 1858 3I9M

Gaveston (Perot de, Favourite of Edward /., executed 1312). See Dixon's Royal
Windsor, 325H, &c.

Gay (J. Drew), The Prince of Wales in India. 1877 I5O9R

Gay (J., Pott and Dramatist^ b. 1688, </. 1732), Poems, Life, by John-
son [British Poets], 2 vols. 1864 425-6Q

-Poetical Works and Life, by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great

Britain], 3 vols. 1807 366-8Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry. 4760. Johnson's Select Poels,
41 iD. Jones' Poels, 66iM, &c.

[2 7 0]


Gayarre (C.), History of Louisiana, 3 vols. 1866 512-4!!

Spanish Domination, 5i2H. French Domination, 513!!. American Do-
mination, 514!!.
Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary, by Brooks. 1876 34D

Parliamentary, of England and Wales. 1843 5 2 '5^

Gazetteers. Sec also Geography, Maps, c.

Gazpacho, or Summer Months in Spain, by Clark. 1850 43 iK

Gadney (C. W. ), Foreign Cage Birds ; containing full Directions for
successfully breeding, rearing and managing the various beau-
tiful aviary birds imported into this country, illustrated 5?R

Geer (Charles de, Naturalist, b. 1720, d. 1778) [Jardine's Natura-
lists' Library] 67iQ

Geese [Tegetmeier's Poultry Book] 664B

Gehring; (Dr. F.), Mozart [Great Musicians]. 1883 12260

Geikie (A., Scotch Geologist, b, 1835), F.R.S., Edinburgh, Past

and Present. 1886 422H

Geology [Science Primers], illustrated. 1878 757Z

Life of Sir Roderick T. Murchison, 2 vols. 1875 4H-2F

Physical Geography [Science Primers], illustrated. 1879 754^

Text-Book of Geology, illustrated. 1882. 682D

Geikie (A. Constable), D.D., The Human Sympathies of Christ 32oM

Geikie (Cunningham), D.D., Hours with the Bible ; or, the Scrip-
tures in the Light of Modern Discovery and Knowledge,
illustrated, 6 vols. 1881-5 :

Vol. i. From Creation to the Patriarchs 32iM

Vol. 2. From Moses to the Judges 322M

Vol. 3. From Samson to Solomon 323M

Vol. 4. From Rehoboam to Hexekiah, with the Contemporary Prophets.. 324M

Vol. 5. From Manasseh to Zedekiah, with the Contemporary Prophets. . . . 325M

Vol. 6. From the Exile to Malachi, with the Contemporary Prophets .... 326M

- Life and Words of Christ. 1881 IO3A

Science of Common Life [Practical Reading Books] I4I9Z

The Holy Land and the Bible, 2 vols. 1887 64I-2A

Geikie (J.), F.G.S., Great Ice Age, and its Relation to the Antiquity

of Man [International Scientific Series], illustrated. 1874..., 45/R

Gelatine. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, yD, &c.

Gellert (C. F., German Theologian, b. 1715, d. 1769). See Longfellow's Poets
and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Gems. .SVtf Ansted's Minerals, 62oQ. King's Decorative Stones, nsgM. Simonin's
Mines, 632-38. Ure's Dictionary, 70. Diamonds, Pearls, Rubies, &c.

Genealogy. See Burke's Great Families, 9470. Royal Book of Crests, R.L. [Con-
temporary [Pedigree], v. 30, 2040). Edinburgh Review [Pedigree], v.
158, 5i8J.

Generals. See Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 2I-8F. Biography, &c.

Generation, Spontaneous. See Tyndall's Floating Matter, 507 R, c.

Generosity. See Muller's Noble Deeds, &c., 92Q.

Genesis, Book of, illustrated, by Close. 1828 i67Q

Notes on the Book of 1 28C )

See also Dawson's Earth and Man, 159 R. Gray's Biblical Museum, 77M.

Bible, Commentaries, &c.

Genesis of Evil and other Sermons, by Cox. 1880 272M

Geneva. See Bellow's Europe, 1398!*. May's Democracy, 3SH. William's Alps,
Switzerland, &c., sgoB. Quarterly [Modern], v. 157, 1287.], c.

Conference of the Evangelical Alliance [1861], edited by G. Car-

lyle. 1862 479 and 66oA

Genii. See Salverte's Magic, sggH, &c.

Genius, Men of. See Disraeli (1.) Works, 678R. Percy Anecdotes, 924Z. Smiles'
Life and Labour, 13550. Chambers, v. 52, 1952]. Fortnightly Review
[and Talent], v. 44, 2i4oJ. Eraser [and the Public], v. 18, 628J.
Temple Bar [and Method], v. 61, isgij, &c.



Genlis (Mme. De, French Author, b. 1746, d. 1830) [Kavanagh's

French Women] 66iO

See also Blackwood, v. 27, R.L. Temple Bar. v. 55, 138^. Westminster,

v. 6, R.L.,&c.
Genoa. See Atlantic [Glimpses], v. 19, R.L. Harper [Bank of St. George], v. 42,

l622j, &C.

Genoese Poem. Sec Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, c.
Gentiles, Isles of the. See Green's Bible Lands, 3288, &c.

Gentleman's Magazine, old series, from Vol. I. 1731 R.L.

New series, from Vol. I '. 1868 721}

The Serial Tales and some of the principal contents will be found under their
proper headings in fiction, or in the general body of the Catalogue, with
the shelf number specified. The general contents will be found in Poole's
Index (Reference Library) under the subjects required.
Gentleness. See Midler's Noble Deeds, 926;, &c.
Gentlewomen. See Chambers [of the Last Century], v. 20, 19367. Good

Wmxls [In difficulties], v. 20, 2190], Ladies, Women, c.
Geoffrey de Vinsauf, and Richard of Devizes, Chronicles of the

Crusades, &c. [Bohn's Library]. 1848 2990

GEOGRAPHY Works relating to : (Sec a/so Countries,
Earth, Gazetteers, Maps, TopograpJiv, Travels, &>c. )

Geographical Evolution of the British Isles, by Jukes-Browne. 5551%.

Geography, by Grove [History Primers, ed. by Green], 1877. 73^

- Biblical, by Shekleton. 1884 459M

Classical, by Tozer [Literature Primers, edited by Green] . ... 7O2Z

Descriptive, with Statistics [5th vol. of The Instructor] 7oiZ

&c., Analysis of, by Hales, 4 vols. 1830 230-3!!

Lectures on, by Strachey. 1888 556R

of Plants [R.T.S.] 8 4 iZ

the Bible [R.T.S.]. 1839 3iZ

British Islands, by Green. 1889 J 835Z

- Physical, by Ansted. 1871 478D

Geikie [Science Primers]. 1879 754^

Keith Johnston. 1870 47QR-

- Mary Somerville. 1858 48oR

- by Traill. 1838 758H

- \Vittich. 1853 688Q

[Huxley's Physiography] 495R

- Man and Nature, by Marsh. 1864 2ooL)

of the Sea, by Maury. 1857 757!! and 6QOQ

See also Timts' Works, 8 52 Z.

See also Bell's North America, 705 6K. Brown's Science for All,

626-913. Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90. Hartwig's The Sea
. and Its Living Wonders, 757F. Humboldt's Cosmos, 484R. Kitto's
Palestine, 6ioB. Keith's Globes, 723(3. Compayre"s Pedagogy,
2o6R. Wallace's Island Life [Geographical Changes], 778F.
Contemporary [and the Universities], v. 35 20457. Nature [ancient],

V. 22, 2682J, &C.

GEOLOGY, Works relating to : (See also Coal, Earth, Fossils,
Metals, Microscope, Mineralogy, Mines, Pahcontology,
Rocks, &(.}

Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man, by Lyell. 1863 SgoF

- Excursions to the Isle of Wight. 1854 4o6R

Gossip, by Ansted. 1863 733Q



GrEOLOGY Works relating to : (continued.}

Geological History of Plants, by Dawson, illustrated. 1888... 549R

Observations on the United States [Lyell's North Ameri<:a]i5So-iR
Science and Holy Scripture, by Smith. 1855 noM

. Systems, Tabular view, by Clement. 1882 6/5T

Geologists by Duncan [Heroes of Science] 7020

Geology and Agricultural Chemistry, by Johnston and Cameron. 668D
Palaeontology, by Nicols. 1880 * 5*9R

Scripture, by J. P. Smith. 1840 i66Q

British [S.P.C.K.]. 1850 811 and 8i2Z

- by Bonney [S.P.C.K. Science Manuals]. 1874 75 iZ

by Geikie [Science Primers]. 1878 757Z

[Cassell's Popular Educator] 164-90

Chain of Life in Geological Time, by Dawson 4091%.

- Cruise of the Betsy > &c., by Miller. 1858 435 and 436R

- Elementary, by Lyell. 1855 4O2R

- Elements of, by Lyell, illustrated, 2 vols. 1841 726-7Q

First Lessons in, by Mantell, ill, 2 vols. 1844 ... 628-9(3 and 404- "JR.

for All, by Lobley. 1888 55<jR

Beginners, by Richardson. 1846 4OoR

Children [Kingsley's Madam How and Lady Why]. 1873 55 8 Q

Historical, by Jukes-Browne, illustrated. 1886 543R

in its Relations to the Arts and Manufactures, by Page. 1874 68iD

- Introduction to, by Richardson, edited by Wright, ill. 1855 4O7R

Introductory, Descriptive, and Practical, by Ansted. 1844. 677-80

Manual of, with Special Reference to American Geological

History, by Dana, illustrated. 1875 68oD

Moses and Geology, The Bible and Science, by Kinns. 1882 401 R

- of England and Wales, by Woodward, illustrated. 1876 ... 679!)

India, by Medlicott, &c., illustrated, 4 vols. 1879 27-300

- Popular, Lectures by Hugh Miller. 1876 8o7R

Principles of, by Lyell, illustrated, 2 vols. 1875 683-40

- Religion of, by Hitchcock 344^1

- Testimony of the Rocks, by Miller. 1857 433 and 434 R

Text-Book of, by Geikie, illustrated. 1882 6820

- The Beginning, Its When and Its How, by Ponton. 1871. 4O7R

- The Globe, Prepared for Man, by Wright 1 737Z

Wonders of, by Mantell, illustrated, 2 vols. 1839 7 2 4'5Q

Sec also Adams' Underground World, 592(3. Agassiz (L.), 473-40.

Ainsworlh's Assyria, c., 88gF. Ansted's Scenery, Science, c.,
7&5F. Book of Nature, 390-16. Brown's Amazon, &c., jgjK..
Brown's Science for All. Buckle's Civilisation, iS6-8O. Cassell's
Pastimes, 1262!!. Cuvier's Theory of the Earth, 6970. Darwin's
Researches, 26R. Darwin's Voyage in the Beagle, 634-50.. Daw-
kin's Early Man in Britain, SsgF. Dawson's Earth and Man, isgR.
Dawson's Life Dawn, i6oR. Dick (R.), 6150. Estes' Recreations
in Science, 4g6R. Fellow's Asia Minor, 675B. P'iguier's World
before the Deluge, 686D. Eraser's Seaside Naturalist [Maritime],
59oQ. Fremont's Rocky Mountains, 7iiK. Geikie's Prehistoric
Europe, 86sF. Gunning's Life History of Our Planet, 7030. Har-
per's Index, i64oja. Hartwig's Subterranean World, 687!). Heer's
Primaeval World of Switzerland, 732-3F. Hunter's Indian Empire,
485 K. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioE. Koldewey's Arctic Expedition, 6o5B.
Lament's Arctic Seas, 674 and 675!^. Lansdell's Russian Central
Asia, 828 gK. Lyell's America, 1580^. Lyell's United States,
Canada, and Nova Scotia, isSo-iR. McCulloch's British Empire,
711 H. Miller's Schools, &c., 432R. Miller's Works, 8oo-ioR.



GEOLOGY Works relating to: (continued.)

Murray's Africa, 837(3. N ares' Polar Sea, 672-3!^. Pike's Mauritius,
74oK. Pouchet's The Universe, 721 F. Rutley's Petrology, 6j^Y.
Schoedler's Book of Nature, 713^. Stanley's Dark Continent, 1563!?..
Taylor's Byepaths, 62R. Taylor's Underground, 626Q. Timbs'
Works [Palaeontology], 8522. Timbs' Works [Progress], 8547.
Wallace's Island Life, 77 8F. Whewell's Inductive Sciences, 7 68D.
Wilson's Evolution, 2 7 R. Young Lady's Book, gS^M. Chambers'
[.Museum of Practical], v. 26, 19397. Contemporary [Animals and
Plants], v. 37, 20477. Nature [Lyell's], v. 5, 26657 ; [Juke's] v. 5,
2665! ; [Earth Sculpture] v. 9, 26697 ; [Campbell's Circular Notes] v.
T 3 -2673 I 5 [Field Penning's] v. 14, 26747 ; [Darwin's] v. 15, 26757 ;
[Geikie's Physical] v. 16. 2676!. Quarterly, v. 48, 11787. Edinburgh
, 9 7. Good Words [Relig'

of Scotland and of England, Woodward's], v. 14, 26747 '> Old Red
Sandstone of Western Europe], v. 17, 26777. Quarterly [of France,
Scrope's], v. 36, 11667. 7 ones> Bermuda, 823F, &c.

GEOMETRY, Algebraical, by Waud. 1835 7 3 iD

- [Kemp's How to Draw a .Straight LineJ i5oR

Practical, by Bradley, illustrated 740 and 9140

&c., by Hayter. 1832 9270

See also Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90. Fortnightly [Imaginary and

Truth of Axioms], v. 22, 21127. Nature [Helmholtz on], v. 4, 26647 ;
Nature [Burchett's Practical Plane], v. 13, 26737. Quarterly [Lieslie's
Elements of], v. 4, 11347. Mathematics, &c.
George I. (King of England, l>. 1660, d. 1727) [Doran's Jacobite

Times] 3i8-9H

George II. (King of England, b. 1683, d. 1760), Historical Sketches

of the Reign of, by Oliphant. 1870 2500

[Blackwood's Magazine] 173!

- Reign of, by Walpole, 3 vols. 1846 69-71^

See also Doran's 7acobite Times, 318-9!!. Blackwood [Life and Times of],

v. 64, 1347. Cornhill [W. M. Thackeray], v. 2, 2827. Gentleman's
Magazine [His Queen and Frederick Prince of Wales], v. 18, 7387.
Poole's Index, R.L. Yonge's Life of Lord Liverpool, 35o-2p., c.
George III. (King of England, b. 1738, </. 1820), and His Family

[Percy Anecdotes] 9 1 f

the Tories [Harris' Radicals] I io6F

- Life of, by Holt, 2 vols. 1820 f 72-3*"

- Men of Letters of the Time of, by Brougham. 1845 353^

Statesmen of the time of, by Brougham, 6 vols in 3. 1845 3O4-6T

See also Alison's Europe, 121-320. Ashton's Nineteenth Century, 86r-2H.

Brougham's Works, 597-6oiR. Doran's 7 ac bite Times, 318-9!!.
Harris' Radicals, uo6F. Mrs. Papendiek's Journals, g^6-jY. All the
Year Round [Two Attempts to Assassinate], v. 17, 17777. Cornhill [W.
M. Thackeray], v. 2, 282). Edinburgh Review [Public Characters of
Reigns of], v. 68, 4287. Fortnight [Lecky on], v. 38, 21287. Leisure
Hour [Coronation of], v. 25, 26357. Living Age [Insanity of], v. 46,
3 767 ; [Secret Service under], v. 130, 31607. Quarterly [and Pitt,
Letters of], v. 36, 11667 ; [and Cabinets of], v. 92, 12227 ; [and Fox], v.
105, 12357 ; [Character of], v. 122, 12527.

George I., II. and III. [Mahon's England] 213-90

George IV. (King of England, b. 1762, d. 1830), Life of, by Croly

[Family Library]. 1831 IO55Q

Life of, by Fitzgerald, 2 vols. iSSi So-iF

Sec also Brougham's Works, 6oiR. Croker Papers, 2oo-2F. Greville Me-
moirs, 3oo-2F. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Lennox's Celebrities,
IOI4H. Fraser [Brougham's Review of], v. 18, 6287. Temple Bar, v.
66, 13967, &c.



Greorge (II., Democratic Writer on the Land Question, &v., b. 1839),
Progress and Poverty, an Inquiry into the cause of Industrial
Depressions, and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth. IO23F

George, St., Patron Saint of England. See Dixon's Royal Windsor, 325-H, &c.

St. George's Day. See Brand's Antiquities, loogM, &c.
Georgey (General). See Alison's Europe, 139-66, &c,

Georgia, State of, by White. 1855 28pD

- Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation since the War, by Leigh. 734K

See also Campbell's White and Black, 494H. Dixon's White Conquest,

493H. Oglethorpe (General), 8760. Cornhill [in Turkey], v. 28, 3o8j.
Scribner [United States], v. 8, 18587. United States, &c.

Georgian Era, Church of the [Stoughton's Religion in England] ... 97^

Gerard (Jules). See Living Age [The Lion Killer of Algeria], v. 42, 30727.

Gerhard (P.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. &c.

Germ Theory. See Brown's Science for All, 6286. Proctor's Studies, 447!*.
Contemporary [and Spontaneous Generation], v. 29, 20397. Germina-
tion, &c.

Germain (Anne, of Guernsey]. See Sarnia [p. 8], 14166, c.

GERMANY Works relating to : (See also tinder names of Kings
and Princes of Germany, e.g., Charles, Frederick, William,
Bismarck, <5?Y. y France, Prussia j also tinder Art, Litera-
ture, <S~Y.)


German Crown Prince. See Frederick Charles, King of Prussia, Harper's
New Monthly Magazine, 16477, & c -

Fatherland, Pictures drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Green 333B

Life and Literature, Biographical Studies, by Japp 2/2F

Sketches of, and Scenes from the War of Liberation in

Germany, by Gordon. 1 847 &36Z

Political Leaders. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 16467. &c.

Germans, Manners of the [Tacitus] II22Q

Germany, a Ramble in. 1827 4i8K

and Prussia in the Napoleonic Age. See Seeley's Life of Stein,

5H-3F, &c.

by Gould. 1886 4290

- England and Scotland, by D'Aubigne. 1848 443 H

France and Switzerland, Baths of, by Lee ., I4O2R

Germany (Frederick William, Emperor of) [Robert's Two

Royal Lives] I344O

See also iinder Frederick III. (Emperor of Germany).

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