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Gnat, The. See Brown's Science for All, 6288. Insects, &c.
Gnu, The. See Penny Magazine, v. 6, 1446. Natural History, &c.
Goadby (E.), England of Shakespeare [Cassell's Library], 1881 ... 957?,
Goat, The. See Beaton's Home Pets, igsR. Boy's Own Annual [Goats and Goat

Keeping], vol. 4, 29547. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66sQ, &c.
Goby, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6790., &c.

GOD Works relating to : (See also Bible, Creator, Gospel, Je-
hovah, Lord, Religion, Theology ', &*<;. See also Poolers Index
to Periodical Literature. )

God and Modem Knowledge, by Fiske. 1885 3i?M

the Future Life, by Nordhoff. 1884 42QM

Attributes of, by Macculloch, 3 vols. 1843 4 r 5-7A

Essay on the Existence of a Supreme Creator, by Brown,

2 vols. 1816 I2-3K

Existence and Attributes of, by Charnocke. 1835 638 A

Character of, by Row [Present Day Tracts], vol 1 234T

of, &c., by Fehelon ; 1755 i8Z

[Wardlaw's Theology, vol i] 256A

God's Power, Wisdom and Goodness, by Chalmers [Bridge-

water Treatise]. 1853 26oM

Good News of God, by Kingsley. 1866 ....; 366M

Is God Knowable ? by Iverach . . ; 646M

Mercy of, by Etheridge. 1842 5Q

The Deity, an Argument on the Existence, Attributes and

Personal Distinctions of the Godhead, by Cooke. 1862.

- The Soul and a Future State, by Cooper. 1875 2I2T

See also Bushnell's Nature and the Supernatural, 22K. Compnyr^'s

Pedagogy, 2g6R. Dallinger's Creator, &c., 8230. Drew's Works,
5o-iK. Ewald's Israel, 6i-6K. Fairbairn's Philosophy, 3o8M. Hood's
Preachers, 541 M. Inman's Faiths, goK and goKa. Lecky's Morals,
384-sM. Mozley's Essays [Design, &c.], io24H. Sturm's Reflec-
tions, nosR and 66Z. Nineteenth Century [and Nature], v. 7,

22I7J, &C.

God's Acre Beautiful, or the Cemeteries of the Future, by W. Robin-
son, illustrated. 1880 ; 1146!!

Pagan. See Assyria, India, &c. Zeller's Greek Philosophy, 538-9^!, c.
Godard (J. G.), George Birkbeck, the Pioneer of Popular Educa-
tion. 1884 5i60

Goddard (Arthur). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Goddard (Julia). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Godet (F.), D.D., Commentary on the Gospel of St. Luke, translated

by Shalders and Cusin, with Notes, &c., by Hall. 1881 I9M

See also Exell's Monthly Interpreter, vol 3, 62iA, &c.

Godfrey of Bulloigne, or the Recovery of Jerusalem, by Tasso 5i6Z

Godiva [Leigh Hunt's Stories in Verse] 3I3Q



Godkin (G. S.), Life of Victor Emmanuel II., First King of Italy... 1017-80

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Godolphin (G.), The Unique, a book of its own kind, containing a
Variety of Hints for Evangelical Ministers, Churches and
Christians. 1844 35Z

Godoy (Don Manuel, Spanish Statesman, b, 1767, d. 1851.) Sec Alison's Europe,

Godwin (E. W.), F.S.A., Dress and its Relation to Health and

Climate [International Health Exhibition], illustrated. 1884 987^!

Godwin (G. N.), The Green Lanes of Hampshire, Surrey, and

Sussex 8i8K

Godwin (Mary Wollstonecraft, Authoress, Mother of Shelley^ s Wife, b.

1759, d. 1797), by E. R. Pennell[Em. Women Series]. 1885 11360

Godwin (Farke, American Journalist, b. 1816), Cyclopaedia of Bio-
graphy. 1856 5140

Godwin (W., Historian, &c., b. 1756, d. 1836), Lives of the Ne-
cromancers, 1847 8o2O

His Friends and Contemporaries, by C. Kegan Paul, 2 vols. 1876 276-7F

Sec also Temple Bar [Writings of], v. 46, 1376], &c.

Godwin (Earl of Kent, iinder Harold, b. 990, d. 1053). See Freeman's Norman

Conquest, 201-5!!. Green's Conquest of England, 187!!, &c.
GOETHE (J. W. Von, German Poet and Philosopher, b. 1749, (L

1 832), Poetical and Dramatic Works 4620

Conversations, with Eckerman and Soret, trans, by Oxenford ... 6710

Dramatic works of, translated by Sir W. Scott, Bowring, Swan-
wick and others [Bohn's Library]. 1 883 694^!

Faust, a Tragedy, translated with Notes and Preliminary Re-
marks, by Blackie. 1880 693M

translated by Anna Swanwick [Bohns Library]. 1883 692^!

Novels and Tales of [Bohn's Library]. 1 883 69oM

Elective Affinities, Sorrows of Werther, German Emigrants, The Good

Woman, &c.
Poems of, translated by Bowring [Bohn's Library]. 1883 69 iM

Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, translated by Boylan. 1883 955R

Autobiography of, translated by Oxenford, 2 vols. 1881 674-50

by Hay ward [Foreign Classics for English Readers]. 1878 222Z

[Oliphant's Foreign Classics]. 1884 ii88O

Life of, by Diintzer, translated by Lyster, illus., 2 vols. 1883 ... 672-30

Life of, by Sime [Great Writers]. 1888 ,. I268O

- Wisdom of, by Blackie. 1883 22iZ

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Japp's German Litera-
ture, 272F. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D. Master-
pieces of Foreign Literature, sssD. Fraser [with Portrait], v. 5, 6isJ.
Fraser [and his Critics], v. 36, 6467. Fiction Class List following the
General Catalogue, &c.

Goetz of Berlichingen, a Tragedy, by Scott. 1826

GOLD. See Alison's Europe, 139-60. Atkinson's Siberia [Mines], 5g8B. Bur-
ton's Brazils [Mines], 1633-4?^. Earth's Central Africa, 847-8K.
Bayard's Eldorado, 852R. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Macfie's Van-
couver's Island, c., 68iK. Prescott's Conquest of Peru, 527-8!!.
Ricardo's Political Economy [Gold and Silver], ioo4F. Smith's
Wealth of Nations [Gold and Silver], I026-7F. Sidney's Australia
[Gold Fields], 783*^. Simonin's Mines and Miners, 632-36. Stanford's
Compendium [Borneo, Australia, &c.], 849-531^. Temple's India, 486K.
Ure's Dictionary [Amalgamations, Refining, Assaying, Gold-Beating,
Quartz, &c.], 7-gD. Willoughby's Australian Pictures, 3326. Worsae's
Ancient Denmark [Ornaments], 1035. M. Art Journal [in Great Britain],
v. 22, R.L. Blackwood [in California], v. 69, i3gj. English Me-



GOLD (continued. )

chanic, v. 46-7, 1046-70. Fraser [and Emigration] v. 46, 656]. Fraser
[Future Value of] v. 59, 66gJ. Gentleman's Magazine [in India], v. 24,
744J. Harper [in Australia], v. 6, is36J. Harper [Great Conspiracy],
v. 40, i62oj. Household Words, v. 4, 1744.!. Living Age [Digging
Mania], v. 36, so66J. Quarterly [Discoveries of], v. 91, 122 ij.
Metals, &c."
Gold and Silversmith's Work, by Pollen [South. Kens. Handbooks]... iO4iM

Silver Work [Industrial Arts] IO42M

Gold-Foil, Hammered from Various Proverbs, by Timothy Titcomb

[J. G. Holland]. 1859

Gold-Headed Cane [Medical Sketches and Biography], by Munk....

Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither, by Bird. 1883 I488R

Golden Leaves from the Dramatic Poets, edited by Hows. 1867 ... 695M

Legends [Longfellow's Poems] 323(3

Thoughts from The Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos, The

Quietist. 1883 IO3Q

Goldfinch, The [Jardine's Naturalists' Library] 645Q

See also Wood's Lane and Field, 6240;. Birds, &c.
Gold-Fish.. Sec Martin's Aquarium, isoR. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF. Sowerby's

Popular History. Wood's Fresh and Salt Water Fish, &c.
GrOldoni (C., Italian Dramatist, b. 1707, d. 1793). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 473!), &c.
Goldsmith (O., Irish Author, b. 1728, d. 1774), Citizen of the

World, &c., 2 vols 1164-5 and n66-;Z

Citizen of the World [British Essayists ) 5iT

Earth and Animated Nature, illustrated, 2 vols. 1840 112-130

Essays 592D and n6$Z

Miscellaneous Works and Life, 6 vols. 1823 :

Vol. i. Life of Goldsmith. Vicar of Wakefield, &c. 888Z

Vol. 2. Present State of Polite Learning. Miscellaneous Poems, c.... 88gZ
Vol. 3. Prefaces. Letters from a Citizen of the World. She Stoops to

Conquer, &c 8goZ

Vol. 4. Letters from a Citizen of the World (continued} 8giZ

Vol.5. - The Bee 8g 2 Z

Vol. 6. On Greatness. On Education. On Deceit and Falsehood. Eng-
lish Clergy, &c 8 93 Z

- Poetical Works. 1804 f . 489^

Vicar of Wakefield, Essays and Poems 955*1 and n62Z

Poems and Life, by Macaulay [British Poets], 1868 4 2 ?Z

_ Poetical Works and Life [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807... 3980

with Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Author. 1804 48gZ

A Biography, by Irving. 1849 6760 and IOO5Q

- by Black [English Men of Letters]. 1878 10700

- Life and Times, by Forster. 1876 225Z

See also Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 26F. Dana's Household Book

of Poetry, 4760. Essays, British Essayists, soT. Inchbold's British

Theatre. Jones' Poets, 66oM. Harper's Index [Works], i64oja.

Chambers' Journal, v. 9, i92gj. Edinburgh Review, v. 88, 448J.

Fraser, v. 15, 625J. Harper, v. 14 and 48, 1594 and i628J. Fiction

Class List following the General Catalogue, c.

Golf and Shinty [Crawley's Handbooks] , i!5oM

~ See also Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Lennox's Fashion Then and Now,

Toi8-gH, &c.

Golownin (Captain, Russian Navigator, d. 1813), R.N., My Cap-
tivity in Japan during the Years iSn, 1812 and 1813, 2 vols. 538-9!^
Gomea (J. B.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Gone Before, or Consolation for the Bereaved, by Southgate. 1873 5 J Q

. to Texas, Letters from our Boys, by Hughes. 1884 i6o6R

Grongoza y Argote (Luis de, Spanish Poet, b. 1561, d. 1627). See Longfellow's

Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D.



Gonvion St. Cyr (Laurent, Marshal of France, b. 1764, d. 1830). See Alison's

Europe, 121-350, &c.

Good and Evil, Conflict of, by Maurice. 1885 547^1

The Final Goal of 111, or the better Life Beyond, Four Letters

to Farrar, by a Layman. 1883 328M

Good Breeding. Sec Etiquette, Manners, Society, 6cc.

G-OOd Faith. Sec Muller's Noble Deeds, &c, g2Q, c.

Good Friday. See Brand's Antiquities, 1005}!. Dyer's Popular Customs, io36F,&c.

Good Hope, Cape of. See Cape of Good Hope, Africa, c.

Good Looks. See Cornhill [historically considered], v. 14, 294.;. Beauty, &c.

Good Samaritans, Biographical Illustrations, by W. 1). Adams. 1883 278F

Good Templars. See Chambers' Journal, v. 54, 1954.!. Leisure Hour [Order

of], v. 28, 2638.7.
Good Words, edited by Norman and Donald Macleod, from vol.

i. 1860 2iyiJ

The serial tales and some of the principal contents will be found under their
proper headings in Fiction, or in the general body of the catalogue,
with the shelf number specified. The general contents will be found in
Poole's Index [Reference Library] under subjects required.

Good (J. M.), F.R.S., Philosopher, b. 1764, d. 1827), M.D., Book

of Nature 54 J A

The Book of Job literally translated from the Original Hebrew

and Restoredto its Natural Arrangement, with Notes, c. 1812. 88K

Goodell (L.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Goodman (Margaret), Sisterhoods in the Church of England, with

Notices of some Charitable Sisterhoods in the Romish Church. 32QM

Goodman (W.), Social History of Great Britain during the Reigns

of the Stuarts, illustrated, 2 vols. 1843 224-51-1

Goodrich (S. G. [Peter Parley], Writer for the Young, I). 1793, d.
1860), Peter Parley's Kaleidoscope, or Parlour Pleasure

Book, illustrated. 1858 3iD

See also Poets of America, 4680. Parley (Peter), &c.

Goods, The Goods we Carry [Suggestive Lessons] " i82gZ

Goodwin (C. W., Barrister, b. 1817), M.A., On the Mosaic Cos-
mogony [Essays and Reviews] 662A

Goodwin (II., Bishop of Carlisle, b. 1818), D.D., Walks in the

Regions of Science and Faith, a Series of Essays. 1883 ... 38R

Goodwin (J. O.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Goolden (W. T.), B.A., and Rigg (A.), M.A., Eds., Easy Intro-
duction to Chemistry, illustrated, 2 vols. 1875 4H^

GOOS3. S ee Brand's Antiquities, io:>5-6M. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6^Q, &c.

Gordon (Sir A. D.), Trans., Sketches of German Life and Scenes
from the War of Liberation in Germany, from the Memoirs
of Varnhagen Von Ense. 1847... , 79Q and 6$6Z

Gordon (A. L.), Poems and Ballads I/94Z

Gordon (General C. G., Hero of Khartoum, b. 1833, killed 1885),
Letters from the Crimea, The Danube and Armenia [1854-8],
edited by Boulger. 1884 12920

Letters to His Sister, M. A. Gordon. 1888 1364!^

Reflections in Palestine [1883]. 1884 635M

A Succinct Record of His Life, by Forbes. 1884 6770

by Swaine [World's Workers]. 1888 "53O

In China [Ever Victorious Army], by Mossman. 1875 226Z

Too Late for Gordon and Khartoum, by Macdonald. 1887 459O

See also Wilson's Korti to Khartoum, 27/0. Egypt, Soudan, &c.

Gordon Boys' Home. Sec All the Year Round, v. 42, ig-^2J.

Gordon (D. M.), B.D,, Mountain and Prairie, a journey from Vic-
toria to Winnipeg, illustrated. 1880 I592R



Gordon (Lady D.), French in Algiers. 1845 8o2Q

Sec also Macmillan, v. 20, 95oJ. Good Words, v. 16, 2i86J.

Gordon (G. M., Missionary of the Punjaub^ b. 1839, killed 1880),

M.A., History of His Life and Work, by Lewis. 1889 14170

Gordon (Lord G., b. 1750, d. 1793) [Romilly's Correspondence] 2Q7T

^ Sec also Chronicles of Newgate, v. i, 33oD. MahOh's England [Gordon

Riots], 218-90, &c.
Gordon (Mrs.). "Christopher North, "a Memoir of John Wilson. 4i8Fand875O

The Home Life of Sir D. Brewster. 1869 5250

Gore (Catharine Frances). Sec Living Age [Works of], v. 34, 30647.

Gore (G.), Electro-Deposition of Metals, taking Moulds, &c., illustrated 5O5R

Gore (J. E.), F.R.A.S., Planetary and Stellar Studies. 1888 552!*.

Q-ore (Mrs., Fashionable Novelist, b. 1709, d. 1861). See Fiction Class List follow-
ing the General Catalogue, 6ec.

Gorilla, The. See Du Chaillu's Africa, 59iK. Natural History, Zoology, Ani-
mals. All the Year Round [Our Nearest Relative], v. i, 1761].
Chambers [and Cannibals], v. 35, 1944!- . Gentleman's Magazine [and
other Apes], v. 19, 739J. Nature [Brain of], v. 15, 26757. Temple
Bar [Du Chaillu on], v. 3, 13337, &c.

Gorrie (D.), Summers and Winters in the Orkneys. 1868 1362!^.

Gortsdiakoff (Prince, Russian Commander). See Alison's Europe, 124-360.

Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB, c.

Goschen(G. I., Statesman, b. 1831). See Lucy's Parliaments, 316-7!!. Poole's
Index, R.L., &c.

GOSPEL History, Credibility of, by Lardner, 2 vols. 1847 377-8M

for the Young, by Skene, 3 vols. 1883 ii88-oM

in Nature, by McCook. 1888 II93M

Unity [Maurice's New Testament] 4ogM

Gospels [Barnes' Notes] I-2M

Commentary upon the Gospels, by Olshausen, 4 vols. 1847 122- 5 A

Four, translated from the Greek, with Dissertations and Notes,

by Campbell, 3 vols. 1813 26-8K

Gothic and Anglo-Saxon, in Parallel Columns, with the Versions

of Wycliffe and Tyndale, with Preface and Notes by

Bosworth and Waring. 1888 667A

Harmony of the Four, by Bickersteth H2Q

The Authenticity of the Four, by Wace [Present Day Tracts], vol. 3 236T

- The Parallel Gospels and Analysis, collated by Salmon. 1876... 652-3 A
See Bible Commentaries, Scriptures, New Testament, Names of Evange-
lists, e.g., Matthew, Mark^ Luke and John, Apostles, &c.

GOSSG (E.), M.A., Raleigh [English Worthies]. 1886 12040

Gosse (E. W.), Gray [English Men of Letters]. 1882 10710

Studies in the Literature of Northern Europe. 1879 .' 960!!

Gosse (P. H., Naturalist, b. 1810), F.R.S., A Year at the Shore,
coloured illustrations. 1877

Barnacles, Crabs, Fishes, Jelly Fish, Dredging, Cockles, Aquarium,
Whelks, Winkles, Diving Bell, Sub-Marine Forests, Gulf Stream, Gulls,
Limpets, Mollusca, Oysters, Shrimps, Sea Urchin, Shells,. Sea Wood-

louse, &c.

Ancient and Modern History of the Rivers of the Bible. 1850... 33oM

Assyria, her Manners and Customs, Arts and Arms, Restored

from her Monuments, illustrated. 1852 3^8O

- Evenings at the Microscope [S. P. C.K.]. 1859 , II2R

- Introduction to Zoology [S.P.C.K.], 2 vols. 1844 114-5^

. Monuments of Ancient Egypt and their relation to the Word of

God, illustrated lonM and I525R

1 he Aquarium, or Wonders of the Deep Sea, illustrated. 1854. 1278



Gosse (P. H.), The Ocean, illustrated. 1854 i2iR

[A description of the sea in various parts of the world and its inhabitants,
&c., seaweed, coral, fish, c.]

. SM also Lewes' Sea-Side Studies, 822F.

Gosselin (Gen. G., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 81], 14160, &c.

Gosselin (Lieut. J. C., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 112], 14160, c.

Gosselin (Admiral T. Le Marchant, of Guernsey). See Guernsey and Jersey
Magazine, I288H. Sarnia [p. 73], 14160, &c.

Gossip. See Argosy [Land of Gossip], v. r, ij. Fraser [Gossiping] v. 100, 7ioJ, &c.

Gossips with Girls and Maidens, Betrothed and Free, by Lady Bel-
lairs. 1887 9 8 4 M

Gostling (Major F. W., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 95], 14160, &c.

Gostwick (J.), Qerman Literature. 1854 953R

Gotham and the Gothamites [New York and the New Yorkers], by

Karlstein, translated by Valentine. 1887 !2ioR

Gothenburg. See Lovett's Norwegian Pictures, 3296, c.

Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels in Parallel Columns, with Preface
and Notes by Bosworth and Waring. 1888

Goths, The, to the End of their Dominion in Spain, by Bradley

[Story of the Nations]. 1888 433O

See also Gibbon's Roman Empire, 74-8oH, &c.

Gottschall (R.). Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja, &c.
Gough. (Sir H., b. 1779, d. 1869). See Alison's Europe, 1450.

Gough (J. B., American Temperance Advocate, b. 1817, d. 1886),

Hand of Providence Exemplified in the Life of J. B. Gough. 227Z

Platform Echoes, or Leaves from my Note-Book of Forty Years

[Temperance Notes], illustrated. 1885 13000

Sunlight and Shadow, or Gleanings from my Life Work in Tem-

perance. 1882 28oF

Autobiography and Personal Recollections of, illustrated 28 iF

Goulbum (K. M., Master of Rugby School, b. 1818), D.D., Educa-
tion of the World [Replies to Essays and Reviews] 66lA

Gould (E. S. and H. F.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja, &c.

Gould (S. Baring, Incumbent of Dalfon, I). 1834), M.A., Germany

Past and Present. 1881 3630

Lives of the Saints, 15 vols. 1872-7 4I-55M

January, 4iM. February, 42M. March, 43M. April, 44M. May, 45M.
June, 46M. July (2 vols), 47-8 M. August, 4gM. September, soM.
_October (2 vols), 5I-2M. November (2 vols), S3-4M. December, ssM.

Origin and Development of Religious Belief, 2 vols. 1878 and


Part i. Polytheism and Monotheism 228M

Part 2. Christianity

Yorkshire Oddities, Incidents, and Strange Events, 2 vols. 1874 88i-2M

assisted by Gilman (A.), M.A., Germany [Story of the Na-
tions], illustrated. 1886 '. 4290

Gounod (C., French Composer, b. 1818). See Engel's Reminiscences, 13480.
Tytler's Musical Composers, 86oO. Once a Week, v. 17, zzj-j], &c

Gouraud (F. F.), D.E.S., Art of Memory. 1845 I 99 D

Practical Cosmophonography : a System of Writing and Printing
all the Principal Languages with their exact Pronunciation,
by means of an Original Universal Phonetic Alphabet. iSso
Gourko (Genl). See Turkp-Russian War, 45 oB, &c.

Gourmands and Gormandizing. See All the Year Round, v. 20, i78oj, c.
Gournay (Barons of, A.D. 1000-1300). See Hannay's Noble Houses, 13526, &c.
Gournay (Mdme. De, French. Poet, d. 1566, d. 164=;). See Kavanagh's French

Women, 66oO.

Gout. See Fuller's Rheumatism, &c., g22K. All the Year Round [Good Quality
of J, v. i, i76ij ; All the Year Round, v. n, i77ij, &c.



Governesses. See Browne's What Girls Can Do, g8oM, Fraser [Serial Position
of], v. 37, 647!. Good Words, v. 19, 2189.!. Once a Week [Health ofj,
' J, &c.

GOVERNMENT Works relating to : (See also Countries, e.g.,
England, France, United States, &c. Also under 2\irlia-
mcnt, Politics, &c.)

Government, Civil, Principles of, by Kinnear. 1887 3O2R

- Corruption [1791!. See Curran's Speeches, 8g8H, &c.

How we are Governed, by Fonblanque 229R

Local, and Taxation of the United Kingdom, .edited by

Probyn. 1 882 : 3O3R

[Lucy's Two Parliaments, 1874-1885] 3i6-7H

of Australia. See Stanford's Compendium, 853K. Australia, New

Zealand, Sandwich Islands, &c.

United States, by Lamphere. iSSi loriF

Offices [Land we Live In], illustrated 464!^

Popular, Four Essays, by Maine. 1886 nooF

Representative, by Mill. 1862 649!!

Science of, by Young. 1860 227R

Thoughts upon, by Helps. 1872 moF

See also Bissett's Parliamentary Government, 2T5-6H. Boyce's Study

of History, 2rl. Buckle's Civilisation, i86-8O. Custance's Consti-
tution of England, ioi3F. De Lolme's Constitution of England,
ioo8F. Flower's French Constitution, icioF. Farrar's United
States' Constitution, loogF. George's Progress and Poverty, IO23F.
Hallam's Constitutional History, aioH. Medhurst's China, I044F.
Millar's Early English Government, 223-6H. Sheldon's Politics,
374R. United States' Constitution, ioi2F. Wachsmuth's Political
Institutions of Ancient Greece, 878-9^. Yonge's Constitutional
History, 2iiH. Blackwood [Conservative], v. 37, R.L. Fortnightly
[Ceremonial, Evolution of], v. 29, 2109.7. Fortnightly [and Class
Legislation], v. 20, 2iioJ. Fraser [Duties of the State], v. 85,
6g5j. Cobden's Speeches, 323]^, &c.

Gower (Lord Ronald), F.S.A., My Reminiscences [Travels, Politics,

Art, &c.] , , 282 and 648F

Romney and Lawrence [Great Artists]. 1882 11030

The Figure Painters of Holland [Great Artists]. 1880 11230

Gowing(R.), Richard Cobden [World's Workers]. 1885 11400

Gowrie (Earl of). See Living Age [Conspiracy of], v. 51, 3081 J.

Gozzi(C., Italian Poet, b. 1712, d. 1806). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe, 473!), &c.
Grabbe (D. C.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Gracchi, Marius and Sulla, by Beesley. 1884 iSioZ

Gracclms Caius. See Plutarch's Lives, 449!" and nsgQ, c.

Grace, Throne of, by Trail [R.T.S.] 68Z

Grace Darling (Aided her Father in Rescuing- Persons Wrecked, b. 1815, d.

1842). See Chambers' Miscellany, 6238.. See also under Darling (Grace)

in Supplement to Catalogue.
Grace (W. G., Eminent Cricketer, b. 1848), and Others, Cricket, a

Popular Handbook of the Game 122 1 R

Grades of Society. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 296!*. Eden's Japan, 814(3.

Society, c.

" Graduate of Oxford." See Ruskin (John).
Grafting. See Breuil's Fruit Trees, lySR. Horticulture, c.
Graham (C.). See Crookshank's Methodism in Ireland, 67oA.

Graham ( H. G. ), Rousseau [Foreign Classics]. 1 882 1 1 S20

Graham. (Sir James). See Alison's Europe, 140-60, &c.
Graham (James). See Montrose (Marquis of), 403F



Graham (John, of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, Scotch Officer, b. 1649, killed
1689). See Burton's Scotland, 336-7^ Blackwood [and Lord Macau-
lav], v. 88, is8J, &c.

Graham (M. J.), Memoir of, by Bridges. 1834 6780

Graham ($.), A Lecture to Young Men on Chastity. 1843

Grahame (J.), History of the United States, from the Plantation of
the British Colonies till the Declaration of Independence, 4
vols. 1836 339-420

Who is to Blame ? or a Cursory Review of American Apology for

American Accession to Negro Slavery. 1842 IO38F

Grahame (James, Scotch Poet,b. 1765, d. 1811). See Jones' Poets, 662M, &c.

Grain (Corney), by Himself. 1888 I439O

Grakle. The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 654Q.

Grammar, Elements of the English Language, by Adams. 1872 I952R

English, Exercises, by Morris and Bowen [Literature Primers],

1879 12147

Including the principles of Grammatical Analysis, by Mason.

1876 I953R

by Morris [Literature Primers]. 1880 I2I3//

See also Compayre's Pedagogy, 296M. Language, Philology, &c.

Schools. See Gentleman's Magazine [English], v. i, 72iJ. Fortnightly

[Irish], v. 36, 2I26J.
Grampians, The. See Lyell's Geology, 726-7(3. Scotland, &c.

Granada, Conquest of, by Irving. 1850 774R and 426T

See also Bucke's Ancient Cities, i664Z.

Grand Remonstrance on Wrongs of the People, Reign of Charles I.,

1641, Debates, &c., by Forster. 1860 28lO

Grandfathers and Grandchildren. Sec Blackwood, v. 50, R.L.
Grandmothers. Sec Temple Bar, v. 32, 1362 J. Macmillan [In Praise of], 934J.
Granite Crags [California, &cj, by Cumming, illustrated. 1884.. ... 72oK

See Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB. Guernsey, Works on. Lyell's

Geology, 726-7(3. Ure's Dictionary, 7D. Once a Week, v. 15, 2275J.
Grant CSir A., Scotch Scholar, l>. 1826), LL.D., Aristotle [Collin's

Ancient Classics] n6oQ

Historical Sketch of the Crimea. 1855 454T

Xenophon [Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1877.. IO 99Q

Grant (C.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Grant (Col. C. W.), R.E., Practical Guide to the Boarding- Out

System for Pauper Children. 1870 !5i6Z

Grant (Sir F., Portrait Painter, b. 1804, d. 1878). See Frith's Reminiscences,

6i5-6i6Fa, c.

Grant (F. W.), Life and Immortality; the Scripture Doctrine briefly

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