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Guernsey. Once a Week (Visit to L'Ancresse], v. n, 2271 J. Scrib-
ner [and Sark], v. 10, i86oj. Temple Bar [Our Marketing in], v. 20,
i35oj. Carey's Journal of a Tour in France, 388K. Clarke's Com-
mon Seaweeds, 5830,. Pennington's British Zoophytes, 50 R.
Antiquary [Folk- Lore of], N.s., v. 6. Jacob's Annals, 362. Patro-
nymica Britannica Sarnia, 14160, &c. Archaeologia [Ecclesiastical
Affairs], v. 31. Dublin University Review [State and Prospects of],
v. 28. Monthly Review [Inglis on], v. 134. Duncan's History,
v. 156. Penny Cyclopaedia, 1360. Sharpe [Reception of Queen
Victoria], v. 49. Tinsley [In Midwinter] v. 2. Victoria Magazine
[Educational Movement], v. 17. Fortnightly Review [Lefevre's
Channel Islands], vol. 32, 2i22j, &c.

Guernsey Magazine, a Monthly Illustrated Journal, edited by F. J.
Clarke, from vol. I. 1872 :

Vol. i, 1872. Biography Major Gen. G. Carey, Rev. Dr. Jeremie. Mis*
cellaneous A Visit to the Channel Islands. How Three Gentle-
men Escaped from Castle Cornet in the Year 1643. Emigration in
Days of Yore. Mutiny at Fort George in 1783. Early History
of the Casket Lights. Discovery of a Murder. The Pioneer's
Daughter. The Haunted Closet. The Antiquary. Ancient
Table Customs. Grandmother's Ghost Story. Deliberations of
the States. A Moustache and what came of it. From Sarnia to
Sark. A Desperate Case. Hoaxing a Herald. The Execution
of Charles I., &c 2 3 8iJ

Vol. 2, 1873-4. Biography Rear Admiral Sausmarez Brock. Hilary O.
Carre". Charles de Jersey. Capt. T. P. Harvey. Albert Wm. Le
Messurier. Miscellaneous Historical Sketch of Sark. Huguenot
Family. Elizabeth College. Ladies' College. Mechanics' In-
stitution. Militia [History, Limit of Age, &c.]. Royal Court
[Advocates, Jersey Bill]. St. Sampson's [Harbour]. Socie"te"
Guernesiase. Enormous Halibut. Royal Visit, 1846. Ship-
ping, &c 2182 r

Vol. 3, 1 875. Biography Colonel R. Gordon. Admiral R. C. M'Crea. Mr.
Henry Tupper. Miscellaneous Guernsey Cattle. Our New
Market. Coronation of Queen Victoria, in Guernsey. A Cen-
tenarian. Guernsey Liberality. The John Lochctt Life Boat.
A Memorial Window. Military Intelligence. The Effects of a
Ghost Story, &c 238 -> J

Vol. 4, 1876. Biography John Moullin. Miscellaneous Historical Sketch
of Sark. Guernsey Birds. History of the Harbour of St. Peter
Port. Working Men's Association. Jersey Harbour Works.
Memorial to Admiral de Saumarez. St. James' Church. St.
Julian's Hall. St. Sampson's Church, New Organ. Christmas
in Guernsey, &c 2^84 T

Vol. 5, 1877. Biography Rev. J. L. V. Cachemaille. General Le 'Mes-
surier. Miscellaneous Criminal Law. Historical Manuscripts.
Extracts from Chevalier's Chronicle State Papers, &c. [This
MSS. is continued through the whole set.] History of the Har-
bour of St. Peter Port. Militia Ordinances. Parochial Church.
A Violent Storm. Change of Troops. The Militia Arsenal.
Btijon Rock. Improvement. Elizabeth College. -Dog Tax.
Parochial Elections. A Picnic at Moulin Huet. A Leaf out of
the Log of a Voyage of Life. Guernsey Rifle Association. Prison
Returns, &c 218- T

Vol. 6, -i^Z.- Biography Sir John Je><5mie. Peter le Lie'vre." ' 'Miscel-
laneous Articles of the Isles of Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey and
Sark. Report of the State of Criminal Law in the Channel Is-
lands. Invasion of Jersey by a Spanish Force in the early part of



Guernsey Magazine (continued. }

the Fifteenth Century. Loss of the Ship City of China. Old Cow
Lane. Old Pier Head and Lighthouse. Royal Guernsey Agri-
cultural and Horticultural Society its Work. Guernsey
Cattle. Guernsey Mechanics' Institution. Guernsey Rifle Asso-
ciation. Old Guard House. St. John's Bazaar. Soldiers'
Institute. Telegraph Cable. Tramway Cars. Want of Reform
in the Town Hospital. A Leaf out of the Log of a Voyage of
Life, &c 2386 J

Vol. 7, 1879. Biography Commander Charles Andros. Rev. H. L. Dobre'e.
Advocate T. J. B. Falla. Commander J. C. Gosselin. Dr. T.
L. Mansell. Peter Roussel, Esq. Miscellaneous The Times
on Sark Scenery. Two Guns Buried at the Top of Fountain
Street 230 Years Ago. Charlie's Courtship. A Short Guernsey
Storj'. Capture of Sark. Ancient Literature : A Survey of the
Estate of Guernzey and Jersey. Invasion of Guernsey, by Yvon
cle Galles in 1372. An Old Letter. St. Matthew's Cobo. Past
Month in Guernsey. A Ploughman's Fortunes. Re-opening of
the Castel Church. Sark Re-visited. A Storm in 1658. Charge
of Troops. Guernsey Herd Book Society. Flat Rock Beacon.
New Organ in St. Martin's Church. St. James' Church Tower,
&c 2 3 8 7 J

Vol. 8, 1880. Miscellaneous Perotine. Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady.
Scraps of Information on the Antiquities of Guernsey. Disco-
veries made in the Church of Ste. Marie-du-Castel. The Two
May Days. On the Commercial and Family Relations formerly
existing between the Town of Vitre" and the Island of Guernsey.
Awake and Asleep. Scraps of Information on the Antiquities of
Guernsey. Sunday School Centenary Fete. Tim Delaney's
Adventures. Ghernerhuia. Visit of the Bishop of Winchester.
Escape from a French Prison. The Experiences of Jemima
Jane, a Housemaid, &c 2 3 88J

Vol. 9, 1881. Biography Lieut. -Gn. Bainbrigge. Lady Carey. Rev. A.
H. Carey. Capt. Collas. Gen. Huyske. Capt. J. C. Mac Gregor.
Major-Gen. Mann. George M^tivier. John Naftel. Rev. R.

J. Ozanne. Vice- Admiral Shortt. Miscellaneous Flogging in
;ey Fifty Years Ago. Guernsey Superstitions. Herd
Books for Guernsey Stock. Legend of Le Creux Derrible,

Sark. Loss of the South Western Company's Mail Boat Cale-
donia, off Jersey. Nuptials at Sark. Sandeeling, Seventy
Years Ago. My Darling. Wreck on the Caskets, &c .........

Vol. 10, 1882. Biography- Lieut. -Col. Andros. Rev. W. T. Ceilings. Rev.
W. Manning. Miscellaneous Guernsey Superstitions as com-
pared with other Places. States of Guernsey. Berry's History of
Guernsey. The Ghost Story told to the Queen. Circumstantial
Evidence. A Guernsey Story. Election of a Sheriff. Island of
Sark. One of " Sarnia's " Sons. Bazaars. Crime in Guernsej'.
Daily Matins at the Town Church. Dissolution of the Working
Men's Association. Elim Wesleyan Chaple. Fatal Accidents
on the Tramway. The Guernsey Mechanics' Institution and the
Guille-Alles Library. Militia Clothing, Funerals and Promotions.
Mock Sun. Royal Guernsey Agricultural Society. Sale of
Herm, &c ................................................ ...

1883. Biography Mr. J. F. Hayes. Mr. Thomas Gosselin. Gen.

y. Rev. J
McCrea. Rev. O. Carey. Miscellaneous Guernsey Folk-Lore.

R. Carey. Rev. J. Giraud. Mrs. Lane Clarke. Rear-Ad. J. D.

Percussion Caps and Red Tape. Once upon a Time. Boy
Commander who became Governor of Jersey. Loss of Five
Guernsey Vessels. The Rainfall of 1882. The Population of
Sark. Guille-Alles Library and the Independent Club. A
Reminiscence of Sark. The Letter Carriers. Heavy Gale. In-
cident on which the Tragedy of "Julia " was founded. Opening
of the Intermediary School for Boys. Once upon a Time .' a
Guernsey Tale. A Sketch of the History of Wesleyan Methodism
in Guernsey. A Holiday in Sark. Lieutenant-Governors of
Jersey, Past and Present, &c. . ..... ;;....,...... ............. 2391 J



Guernsey Magazine (continued. )

Vol. 12, 1884. Biography Rev. A. F. Corbin. Commissary-Gen. Dobre"e.
Rev. Havilland Durand. Rev. A. J. Dupuy. Rev. R. E. Ozanne.
J. de H. Utermarck. Miscellaneous Natural Science in
Guernsey. Guernsey Odds and Ends. The States of Guernsey.
Dreamland in the English Channel. The Guille-Alles Scholar-
ships. Castle Vaudin. An Old Geographer on the Channel
Islands. Ozanne Memorial Hall. New Iron Safe for the Town
Church. A Terrible Adventure. Re-opening of St. Andiew's
Church. Island of Herm. Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism.
Garrison Divine Service, &c 2392 J

Vol. 13, 1885. Biography J. P. T. Ahier. Dr. L. Aikman. Adolphus Ar-
nold. Mrs. Borland. Dr. Collenette. Thos. Domaille. Dr. Lacy.
Thos. Lenfestey. I. Marquand. Rev. J. Thomas. Amos
Whicker. Miscellancoiis Adventure in the Great Cavern of
Sark. Arrival and Swearing-in of Major-Gen. Elkington,
Lieut. -Governor. Capital Punishment in the Channel Islands.
Celebrated Sark Beauty. Channel Islands Folk-Lore. Early
French Invasion. Emigration from Guernsey 90 Years ago.
Historical Sketch of the Bathing-Place. Island of Herm. Jersey
in the Olden Time. Victor Hugo's Love for Children. Walk
round Guernsey, &c 23935

Vol. 14, 1886. Biography Rev. R. Brown. Sir P. S. Carey. James Cham-
berlain. James Gallienne. Rev. H. Le Rougetel. Mrs. James
McCrea. Mrs. Ramos. Rev. W. Ross. Miscellaneous
Across the Channel with 'Arry. Caskets. Dagonet's Channel
Trip. Capture of a New Species of Butterfly. Parish Church
of Alderney. Re-opening of Town Church. St. George's
Cross. Victor Hugo and Les Miserables. Knighthood of the
Bailiff, &c 2394 J

Vol. 15, 1887. Biography Gen. Collings. Mrs. W. T. Ceilings. Dr. Chep-
mell. Gen. Grant. Mrs. A. de la C. Maingay. Mr. J. Rougier.
Canon Thurston. Miscellaneous Alarm of a French Invasion.
Albert Statue. After Conger. Channel Islands. Jubilee Flag.
Crown Rights in the Channel Islands. French Invasion of
Jersey. Guernsey Market. Lowest Tide on Record. Legend
of Hougue Bye. Our Militia made Royal. Presentation of
Colours to Town Regiment. Queen's Jubilee in Guernsey.
Sarnia. Town Church Bells, &c 2395 J

Vol. 16, 1888. Biography Thos. Carey. Mrs. P. Carey. J. De Putron.
Mrs. W. Guille. Dr. Hoskins. Rev. G. Leale. Stephen Martin.
Rev. F. H. S. Pendleton. Bishop Ryan. J. S. Sneath. Mrs.
J. Talbot. Mrs. Touzeau. Miscellaneous Autumn. Carna-
tion Island. Frightful Volcano in Guernsey [i3th Century.]
Gen. Sir I. Brock's Monument. Guernsey Theatre Royal.
Guernsey in 1753. Island of Sleep. Murder and Execution
in Guernsey. Reminiscence of Lord de Saumarez. Victor
Hugo's Home in Guernsey, &c 2396]

Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, edited by Jonathan Duncan, 5 vols,
1836-8 :

Vol. i, 1836. Address to the Public. Anglo-Norman Institutions. Domail-
lerie Cottage, a Guernsey Legend. Relative Taxation of Guernsey
and Jersey. Antiquities of Guernsey. Billet d'Etat on the Har-
bour, Guernsey. Country Hospital, Guernsey. Elizabeth Col-
lege. Proposed New Pier, Guernsey. Sentence of the Royal
Court in the Affair of the Commercial Arcade. Tax Question,
Guernsey. Chapel of La Hpugue-Bie, Jersey. Sion House
Academy, Jersey. Jersey Testimonial to the Bailiff of Guernsey.
Sarnian Melodies. Rollo, the Conqueror of Normandy. Signs
of the Weather. Tapestry of Bayeux. Tupper's Family Re-
cords, &c I284H



Guernsey and Jersey Magazine (continued.}

Vol. 2, 1836. Anglo-Norman Institutions. Guernsey Beeches. Harris' Ac-
count of Guernsey. Imports and Exports of Wines in Guernsey.
Laws and Customs of Guernsey. Military Government of
Guernsey. Guernsey Newspapers. Guernsey Protected against
Pressgangs. Rise and Progress of Religious Establishments in
Guernsey. Royal Court, Guernsey. Taxation of St. Peter Port.
Guernsey Merchantman and the French Freemason. Historical
Notices of the Channel Islands. Ireland and Guernsey. Mount
Orgueil Castle, Jersey. La Hougue-Bie, Jersey. Memoirof Capt.
J. Allez, Col. W. Tupper, and Lord De Sausmarez. Norman Rolls.
Owen of Wales, or The Invasion of Guernsey in 1372. Ship-
wreck at the Caskets. Roman de Rou. Subjection of the
Channel Islands to Normandy. Wace, the Jersey Poet, &c laSsH

Vol. 3,1837. Hermit's Papers. Knight's Tour in Normandy. Memoirof Dr.
John MacCulloch and Lieut. Carrd Tupper, R.N. L'Avalde St.
Pierre. Tancreds of Normandy. Abolition of Smuggling in
Guernsey and Jersey. Guernsey in 1775 and 1837. Guernsey
Auctions. Civil Jurisprudence of Guernsey. Court of Appeal,
Guernsey. Mutiny at Fort George in 1783. Notes of the Month,
Guernsey and Jersey. Commerce of Jersey. French Attacks on
Jersey, &c i 2 86H

Vol. 4, 1837.- -Summary of Treasury Orders, Acts of Paliament, &c. Regulat-
ing the Commerce of the Channel Islands. Agriculture of Guern-
sey. Constitution of Guernsey. . Erection of the New Prison.
King's Dues prepared in the Time of James I. Judicial System of
Guernsey. Laws on Wills and Collateral Successions in Guernsey.
Irish Poor Laws and Guernsey Landed Tenure. Topography,
Climate and Diseases of Jersey. Le Couteur, on Wheat. Moulin
Huet Bay. Power of the Imagination, a Tale of Jersey. Priaulx,
on Imagination. White's Sailing Directions for the English
Channel, &c. I287H

Vol. 5, 1838. Island of Alderney. Berry's History of Guernsey. J.S. Brock.
L. Carey. Tupper Carey. Charters of the Channel Islands.
Habeas Corpus in the Channel Islands. Col. De Lancey. Me-
moir of Vice-Admiral Gosselin. Chronology of Guernsey. De-
scription of Guernsey. Invasion of Guernsey in 1372. Military
Roads of Guernsey. Rectors of Guernsey. Statistics of Guernsey.
Havre Gosselin, a Sark Legend, by Miss Lane. Island of Herm.
Agricultural Survey of Jersey. Description of Jersey. Falle's
Account of Jersey. Shebeare's Narrative of Jersey. Plee's Ac-
count of Jersey. Island of Jethou. Memoir of Lieut. -General
Le Couteur. Guernsey, a Poem. Island of Sark. Admiral Lord
De Sausmarez. The Steam Boat. Col. W. Le M. Tupper.
Tupper's Proverbial Philosophy, &c I288H

Guernsey, Monthly Selections of Interesting Varieties. 1825 I289H

Containing Communications on the Early History of Guernsey, contem-
porary events, local institutions, poetry, &c., by Dr. Hoskins, George
Me'tivier, and others.

Guernsey (A. H. and C. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Guerrier (G. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Guesclin (Bertram Du). See Froissart's Chronicles, 312-150, and under Du
Guesclin, France, &c.

Guesses nt Truth, by Two Brothers [Julius and Augustus Hare] io6Q

Guest (W.), F.G.S., Stephen Grellet [Men Worth Remembering] 11630
Guhl (E.) and Roner (W.), The Life of the Greeks and Romans,

translated by Hueffer, illustrated 8;3F

Guiana. See Brown's Countries of the World, 1620. Chambers' Journal [British]
v. 55, IQ48J. Temple Bar [in the Wilds of], v. 58, I388J, &c.

Guicciola (Countess), My Recollections of Lord Byron, 2 vols. 1869 I58-9F

Guide Books. See Black, Murray. Temple Bar [Old and New], v. 5, I335J.
Under Names of Places, &c.

Guidi (A., Italian Poet, b. 1650, d, 1712). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of
Europe, 473!), &c.



Guidicdoni (G., Roman Prelate, b. 1480, d, 1541). See Longfellow's Poets and
Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Guildford (Lord). See Campbell's Chancellors, 777 O.

Guilds. See Green's English People, i8g-goH. Loftie's London, 2510. Pike's
Crime in England, 307!!. Stubb's History, 210-20. Edinburgh Re-
view [English], v. 134, 494J. Fortnightly [New Friendly and Trade
Societies], v. 12, 2IO2J. &c.

Guillaume (Comte de Poitou). See Longfellow's Poets of Europe, 4730, &c.


Catalogue of the Lending Department, compiled under the Direc-
tion of A. Cotgreave, 2 vols in I. 1889 1901 and igogR

English Section, by A. Cotgreave. French Section, by H. Boland.

Guille-Alles Library, a short account of its History and Forma-
tion, with some Reference to its Contents, by J. L. Pitts and
A. Cotgreave. 1889 I924R

Patois Poems of the Channel Islands, the Norman-French Text,
edited with Parallel English Translation, Historical Intro-
duction and Notes, by J. L. Pitts. 1883-4 :

First Series. Story in Brief of the Guille-Alles Library, Poems, &c 44oD

Second Series. Romance Languages, Poems, &c 44*D

Sermon on the Mount and the Parable of the Sower, translated
into the Franco-Norman Dialect of Guernsey, from the French
of Le Maistre De Sacy, by Metivier, edited with Parallel

French and English versions, by J. L. Pitts. 1883 18587

Witchcraft and Devil-Lore in Guernsey, Transcripts, c., from
the Official Records at the Guernsey Greffe, edited by J. L.

Pitts. 1886 '. 442D

Guille-Alles Portrait Committee Report[Guernsey Pamphlets], 1885 7o;D
[Account of the presentation of their Portraits to Messrs. Thomas Guille and
Frederick Mansell Alles in recognition of the benefit they had conferred
upon the Inhabitants of Guernsey as founders of the Guille-Alles
Library. ]

GUILLE Family of Guernsey (Descendants of Mangci , Archbishop of Rouen,
Uncle of William the Conqueror). See Guille of the Rohais and St.
George, in the Island of Guernsey, R.L. Jacob's Guernsey. Lower's
Patronymica Britannica, R.L. Tupper's Sarnia. Guernsey Magazine.
Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, &c.

Guillemin (A.), Applications of Physical Forces, translated by Mrs.

Lockyer and edited by J. Norman Lockyer. 1877 158 and I59D

The Heavens, an Illustrated Handbook of Popular Astronomy,

edited by Lockyer. 1866 I57D

Guillotine, The. See Quarterly, v. 73, I203J, &c.

Guilty or not Guilty. See All the Year Round, v. 6, 1766],

Guinea. See Stanford's Compendium, 849!^, &c.

Guinea-Fowl, The. See Doyle's Poultry, 82sF. Jardine's Naturalists' Library,

657Q. Tegetmeier's Poultry Book, 6646, &c.

Guinea-Pigs. See Beeton's Home Pets, IQ3R. Chambers, v. 29, IQ27J, &c.
Gtlinicelli (G., Italian Poet, d. 1276). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe, 4730, &c.

Guise, House of. See Blackwood, v. 68, isSJ, &c.
Guitar, The. See Girl's Own Book, i2 57 H. Music, &c.

Guizot (F., French Statesman, b. 1787, d. 1874), Christianity Viewed

in Relation to the Present State of Society and Opinion. 1871 33 7 M

Corneille and his Times. 1852 jpSF

History of Civilization in Europe. 1839 3iiD

the English Revolution. 1846 15080



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i 5 iB, &c.
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General Catalogue.

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Malta, 5 4 iH.
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Gymnotus, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 683Q, &c.
Gypsum. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, jD, &c.
Gypsy. See Gipsy.

JtlABBEHTOlSr (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja, &c.
Habersriam (A. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i^oja, etc.
Habington (W., Poet, b. 1605, d. 1645). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

Habit. See Grey's Self-Culture, 9 6iR, &c.

Habits and Customs, African [Stanley's Dark Continent] I563R

of the Working Classes, by a Journeyman Engineer. 1867 895 M

of Good Society I4OSZ

c - -tlso Bellairs' Girls and Maiden? ~ Q ^ T TT.I^V r-u:,,~ o,,o G^;^,,
Countries Customs, Manners,


See also Bellairs' Girls and Maidens, 984M. Eden's China, 8nQ. Society,
s, &c.


Habitation in Relation to Health, by Chaumont [S.P.C.K.]. 1879
Habitations. See also Richardson's Health, &c., 14032. Architecture, Building,

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