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of the Rhine, by Banfield. 1846 1483^

See also Alison's Europe, 119-330. Knight's England, I5I-3H. Percy Anec-
dotes, 93iZ. Smiles' Life and Labour, 13556. Smith's Wealth of
Nations, io 2 6- 7 F. All the Year Roun ' rXT ' " T "' '
wood [of the People], v. 68, i 3 8J, &c.

Nations, 1026-7 F. All the Year Round [Native], v. 32, 17927. Black-
wood [of the People], v. 68, i 3 8J, &c.
Infallibility. See Arthur's The Popes, c., 453-4 F, &c.

Infancy to Womanhood, Instruction for Young Mothers, by White. 1133!^

Infanticide in India, Suppression of, by Wilson. 1855 , io86F

Infants. See Facts and Hints for Every- Day Life, 942R. Jeaffreson's Bridals
[Espousals of], gSsH. Thomson's Sick Room, 834^!. Temple Bar
[Reflections on], v. 6, 1336J ; [Mortality of], v. 8, 1338.7. Children, &c.

Infectious Disease and its Prevention, by Murphy. 1884 99oM

Infernal Conference, or Dialogues of Devils on the Vices of the

World, by Margowan. 1841 49Z

Infern9 [Dante's Divine Comedy] 713-14*1

Infidelity : Comprising Jenyn's Internal Evidence, Leslie's Method,

c. [American Tract Society] i68oZ

Prize Essay, by Pearson. 1854. i;(^>

The Irrationalism of, a Reply to Phases of Faith. 1853 97K

See also Bungener's France, 316-70. Inman's Ancient Faiths, gsK, &c.

Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c. See Beckman's Inventions, 698Q, &c.

Influences. See Winged Words, I923R, &c.

Information for the People [Chambers'], 2 vols. 1842 ico-iB

Ingelow (Jean, Poet and Novelist, /?. 1 830), Poems 7 loM

See also Stoddard's Late English Poets, 68/M. Harper's Index, i64oja.

Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Ingemann (B. S.)- See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Ingenuity. See Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Animals, 7ii-2F. Percy Anec-
dotes, Q22Z, &C.

Ingersoll (E.), Friends worth Knowing, Glimpses of American

Natural History, illustrated. 1881" 582(>

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, c.

Ingham (S. C. J.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue. '

Inglis (II. D.), The Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney,

&c., the Result of a Two Years' Residence. 1835 i7iSR

Inglis (J.), Our Australian Cousins. 1880 ;;6K

Ingoldsby ( J., [R. H. Barbara]). See Fiction Class List following the Genera

Ingraham (J. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja. Fiction Class List
following the General Catalogue.



Ingram (J. 11., Litterateur and Lecturer, b. 1849), Haunted Homes

and Family Traditions of Great Britain. 1884 QO5-6M

Life, Letters and Opinions of Edgar Allan Poe, 2 vols. 1880... 925-60

Ed., Eminent Women Series. V.D. :

Albany, The Countess of, by Lee 1 1250

Bronte (E.), by Robinson 533^

Browning (E. B.), by Ingram 14230

Edgeworth (M.), by Zimmern II 35O

Eliot (George), by Blind 11260

Fuller (M.), by Howe 11270

Fry (E.), by Pitman II28O

Godwin (M. W.), by Pennell ,.. 11360

Lamb (M.), by Gilchrist 11290

Margaret (Queen of Navarre), by Robinson H37O

Martineau (H. ), by Miller .\ . . . 1 1300

More (Hannah), by Yonge. 1888 14220

Rachel (E. Rachel Felix], by Kennard 1 1380

Roland (Madame), by Blind H3iO

Sand (George), by Thomas , 11320

Siddons (Mrs.), by Kennard 11390

Stael (Madame de), by Duffy. 1887 14210

Wesley (S.), by Clarke .' H34O

Ingram (J. K.). Sec Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. &c.

Ingulph/S Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland [English History,

655-1091], translated by Riley [Bohn Library]. 1854 1050

Inheritance. See Maine's Early Law and Custom, joSaF. Law, &c.

Ink. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, jD, &c.

InklingSof Adventure, by Willes, 2 vols in I. 1836 I9O;R

Inman (J., Mathematician, l>. 1776, d. 1859), D.D., Nautical Tables

designed for the use of British Seamen, 1830 33D

Inman (Thomas), M.D., Ancient Faiths and Modern. 1876 95-6Ka

Inner Life, c., by Upham. 1857 230(1

Innes (James), Tr. See St. Augustine's Works, ss6A.

Innes (John), The Human Muscles, as they appear on Dissection. 1804 i46iZ

Inquisition, History of the, by "Limborch. 1816 32lA

History of the, by Rule, 2 vols. 1874 3I9-2OA

of Spain, by Llorente. 1827 322A

Unmasked, by Puigblanch, 2 vols. 1816 323-4A

See also Hecthorn's Secret Societies, 3770. Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Ward's

Counter-Reformation, 2561". All the Year Round [Burning Heretics], v.
21, i78ij. Blackwood [Anecdotes of], v. i, R.L. Cornhill [Venetian
Records of], v. 23, 303.7. Fraser [in England], v. 63, 6737, &c.

Insanity. See Inman's Ancient Faiths, 9$K. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Ani-
mals, 7i2F. Maudsley's Mental Disease, 355R. Sully's Illusions,
36gR. Thomson's Sick Room, &c., 834^!. Contemporary [Legislation
for], v. 30, 204oJ. Cornhill [First Beginnings of], v. 5, 285.7 ; [Legal
tests of], v. 12, 299.7. Fraser [Strange Letter of a Lunatic], v. 2, 612] ',
[Philosophy of], v. 25, 635] ; iQth Century [Increase of], v. 5, 2215.7.
Penny Alag. [Statistics of], v. 6, 1446. Quarterly [Inquiries relative
to], v. 24, 1154.7. Temple Bar [Treatment in England], v. 5, 1335.7, &c.

Inscriptions. See Dennis's Eturia, 439-oK. Fellow's Asia Minor, 6756. Wright's
Hittites, I94K ; The Celt, the Roman and the Saxon, 15200. Con-
temporary [Latin Christian], v. 39, 2049J. Edinburgh Review [Chris-
tian and Jewish], v. 120, 480.7. Fraser [Deciphering of], v. 67, 6777.
Antiquities, Archaeology, Assyria, Egypt, Nineveh, Pompeii, &c.



INSECTS, Works relating to : (See also Ants, Bees, Beetles,
Butterflies, Coleoptera, Entomology, Lepidoptera, Natural
History, <SrY. )

Insect Architecture [Lib. Ent. Know. ]. 1 830 486T

Hunter's Companion, by Greene. 1880 72oZ

Life, by Badham. 1845 573Q

Practical Lessons by Wood. 1882 9;R

Wonders of [Half Hours in the Tiny World] 567^

Lights and Insect Sounds, by Clifford 72iZ

World, by Figuier, edited by Duncan, ill. 1872 goR

Insects Abroad, by Wood. 1874 749!''

and their Habitations [S.P.C.K.] 7237

British, by Staveley. 1871 93R

Common British, by Wood, illustrated. 1882 91 R

Economic Entomology, by Murray [South Kensington

Hand-books] IO3;M

Elementary Text-Book of Entomology, by Kirby, ill. 1885 761 F

Half Hours with, by Packard, illustrated. 1877 98!*

History of, &c.,by Swainson [Lardner's Cyclopaedia]. 1840 57/Q

How to Catch and Prepare them for the Cabinet, by

Manton. 1881 722Z

Introduction to Entomology, by Kirby and Spence, illustrated 744-7!'"

- Natural History of, 2 vols. 1 830 704-5 and 725-67

Origin and Metamorphoses of, by Lubbock, illustrated. 1874 155 R

of Floral Structures through Insect Agency, &c., by

Henslow. 1888 375R

Tiny Workers, or Man's Little Rivals in the Animal World. 7247

Transformation of [Lib. Ent. Know.], illustrated. 1830 ... 6io(>

Who were the First Weavers? 1869 56SQ

See also Adams (H. G.), 56iQ. Adam's Butterflies, io4R. Bees, g6R.

Book of Nature, 39o-iB. Brown's Science for All, 6296. Buckley's
Life and Her Children, io6R. Butler's Pond Life, i4oR. Cooke's-
Woodland, 622Q. Ball's Alaska, 6o2B. Darwin's Origin of Species,
22R. Buncan's Butterflies, 5Q3Q ; Moths, gsR. Hartwig's Tropical
World, 758F. Humphrey's Insect Home, icsR. Jardine's Natu-
ralists' Library, vols. 28-34, 6/I-7Q. Kirby' s Butterflies, Moths and
Beetles, I39R. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Animals, 7ii-i2F. Lub-
bock'sBees, Ants, Wasps, c.. toiR; Scientific Lectures, 782 F ; Senses-
of Animals, 376R ; Wild Flowers, i57R. Packard's Practical Half-
Hours, g8R. Samuelson's Housefly, IO3R. Seasons of the Year,
569(2. Silver Wings and Golden Scales, 743F. Stanford's Compen-
dium [Australia, Java, New Zealand, &c.], 853K. Stanley's Bark
Continent [Africa], 1563!*.. Staveley's Spiders, 94R. Taylor's Moun-
tain and Moor, 6250;. Van Beneden's Parasites, 36iR. White's Ants-
and their Ways, looR. Lane and Field, 624(3 ; Strange Dwellings,
56R ; Moths of England, i86R. Young Lady's Book, 983^!.
Blackwood [Sensibility and Intelligence of], v. 43, R.L. Boy's Own
Annual [Insect Hunting at Christmas], 1882, 2954.}. Chambers
[Homes of] v. 41, 1947! ; [Tenacity of Life in] v. 17, IQ27J ; [Wings
of] v. 17, I935J 5 [Generation of] v. 25, I939J ', [Muscular Strength
of] v. 50, i95ij ; [At the Zoo] v. 58, I958J. Good Words [Some
Noxious], v. 21, 2191 J. Harper [Household Pests] v. 22,. i6o2_J.
[A Notable Congress] v. 25, i6osJ ; [Unwelcome Guests of] v. 37,
1617.7. Nature [Lubbock and Wallace on], v. 5, 2665] ; [An-
cestry of] v. 8, 2668J ; [Insect Foes], v. 15 and 16, 2675 and 2676^
Once a Week [Appetite of], v. 4, 2264] ; [Warfare of] v. 6, 2266J.
Benison's Nature, 2io9R. Excelsior, I928R, &c.

Inspiration and the Bible, an Enquiry, by Horton. 1889 , !22iM

Divine, by Henderson. 1852 io8M

See also Inman's Ancient Faiths, 95-6Ka.



Instinct and Reason [Jesse's Gleanings from Natural History] 579Q

Dialogues on, and Fossil Osteology, by Brougham. 1845 743^'

Indications of, A Sequel to Natural History of Creation, by Kemp I283R
Senses and Intelligence of Animals, by Lubbock. 1889 37^1v

Sec also Inman's Ancient Faiths, gsK. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Ani-
mals, 7ii-2p. Percy Anecdotes, Q22Z. Radcliflfe's Unity in Nature,
760 F. Chambers [Smee on], v. 14, 19337. Contemporary, v. 38,
2048J. Nature [Perception and Instinct in the Lower Animals], v. 7,
2667] ; v, 12, 26727; [Origin of certain Instincts], v. 7, 26677. Once
a Week, \. 4, 2264} ; v. 8, 2268 J.
Institutes of Justinian, edited by Holland. iSSi iSogZ

of the Christian Religion, by Calvin, 3 vols. 1813 2 3"5K

Institutions. See Dew's Nations, ssH. Education, Government, Law, Politics, &c.
Instruction. See Compayr^'s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Education, Government, Law,

Politics, &c.

Insulators. See Urbanitzky's Electricity, 68gD. Electricity, c.
Insuiinde, Experiences of a Naturalist's Wife in the Eastern Archi-
pelago, by A. Forbes. 1887 I736R

Insurance, Marine, Lloyds, &c., by Martin. 1876 535!!

Sec also Beckmann's Inventions, 6970.. All the Year Round [and Assur-

ance], v. 13, 17737- Chambers' 7ournal [against Railway Accidents],
v. 14, 19337. Fraser [Progress of Marine Insurance in England], v
7067 ; [Mortality of Baltimore, with reference to] v. 22, 6327. ill
[Romance of], v. 19, 15997 > [Does it insure?] v. 62, 16427. Nineteenth

Century [National], v. 4, 22147 '> [House of Lords and National Insur-
ance], v. 8, 22187. Penny Magazine [Fire], v. 8, 1466. Scribner
[Nether side of], v. 14, 18647. Knowledge [How to select a Life
Insurance Office], vol. 5, 25857. Leisure Hour, v. i, 26117 5 v> 9
26197 J v. 19, 26297, &c.

Integrity. Sec Miiller's Noble Deeds, 920.. Percy Anecdotes, gzgZ, c.
Intellectual Development of Europe, by Draper. 2 vols. 1875 ... 76-70

Faculties of Man, by Mudie. 1839 4951"

Powers of Man, by Reid. 1843 58oH

by Abercrombie. 1832 1131^

See also Bain's Mind, 38iR, &c.

Progress. See Burton's Queen Anne, 238H. Education, Thought, &c.

Intelligence, by Taine, translated by Haye. 1871 651!!

Knowledge, Images, Sensations, Physical Conditions of Mental Events,
Mind, Reason, &c.

Senses and Instincts of Animals, by Lubbock. 1889 376R

See also Bastian's Brain [and brain-weight], sS/R. Compayre"s Pedagogy,

2g6R. Fortnightly [in Nature], v. 43, 21337. Nature [in Animals],
v. 30, 26907, &c.

Intemperance, Report on. 1869 926K

Sec also Guthrie's The City, its Sins and Sorrows, 34oM. Hill's Repression

of Crime, ioi5F. Blackwood [and Intolerance], v. 102, 172], Edin-
burgh Review [Drunkenness, Abstinence, Restraint], v. 137, 4977-
Fortnightly Review [Birmingham Plan of Regulating, and Municipal
Public Houses], v. 27, 21177. Macmillan [Effect on National Pros-
perity and Wages], v. 33, 9637. Drunkenness, Temperance, &c.

Interest, Tables of, by King. 1804 32D

See also George's Progress and Poverty, I023F, &c.

Intermediate State, The. Sen Timbs' Works, 856Z. Death, c.

International Congress. See Amos' Political and Legal Remedies for War,

ioo6F, &c.
Law, by Levi. 1887 399^

Policy, Essays on the Foreign Relations of England. 1866 332H

The West, by R. Congreve. England and France, by F. Harrison.
England and the Sea, by E. S. Beesley. England and India, by E.
H. Pember. England and China, by J. H. Bridges. England and
7apan, by C. A. Cookson. England and the Uncivilised Communities,
by H. D. Hutton.

International Scientific Series, illustrated, V.D. :

Vol. i. Forms of Water, Clouds, Rivers, &c., by Tyndall 35iR

Vol. 2, Physics and Politics, by Bagehot 379^-

International Scientific Series (continued. )

Vol. 3. Foods, by Smith 38oR

Vol. 4. Mind and Body, by Bain sSiR

Vol. 5. Study of Sociology, by Spencer 352R

Vol. 6. Conservation of Energy, by Stewart 353^-

Vol. 7. Animal Locomotion, by Pettigrew 354R

Vol. 8. Responsibility in Mental Disease, by Maudsley 355R

Vol. 9. The New Chemistry, by Cooke 456R

Vol. 10. Science of Law, by Amos 356R

Vol. u. Animal Mechanism, by Marey 35?R

Vol. 12. Doctrine of Dissent and Darwinism, by Schmidt 382R

Vol. 13. History of the Conflict between Religion and Science, by Draper agSM

Vol. 14. Fungi, their Nature, Influences and Uses, by Cooke 383R

Vol. 15. Chemistry of Light and Photography, by Vogel 358R

Vol. 16. Life and Growth of Language, by Whitney 359^-

Vol. 17. Money, by Jevons 36oR

Vol. 1 8. Nature of Light, and Physical Optics, by Lommel 454^-

Vol. 19. Animal Parasites and Messmates, by Van Beneden 36iR

Vol. 20. Fermentation, by Schiitzenberger 362R

Vol. 21. Five Senses of Man, by Bernstein . , S^R

Vol. 22. Theory of Sound in its Relation to Music, by Blaserna 384R

Vol. 23. Studies in Spectrum Analysis, by Lockyer 37/R

Vol. 24. Growth of the Steam Engine, by Thurston 386R

Vol. 25. Education as a Science, by Bain 36^R

Vol. 26. Human Species, by Quatrefages 34oR

Vol. 27. Modern Chromatics, by Rood s6sR

Vol. 28. The Crayfish, by Huxley i2 3 R

Vol. 29. The Brain as an Organ of Mind, by Bastian 3&7R

Vol. 30. Atomic Theory, by Wurtz 366R

Vol. 31. Natural Conditions of Existence, by Semper 388R

Vol. 32. Muscles and Nerves, by Rosenthal 3$7R

Vol. 33. Sight, by Le Conte 3 68R

Vol. 34. Illusions, by Sully .'. 36gR

Vol. 35. Volcanoes, by Judd 4 88R

Vol. 36. Suicide, by Morselli 37oR

Vol. 37. The Brain and its Functions, by Luys 37iR

Vol. 38. Myth and Science, by Vignoli 37^R

Vol. 39. The Sun, by Young 458R

Vol. 40. Ants, Bees, and Wasps, by Lubbock loiR

Vol. 41. Animal Intelligence, by Romanes 46R

Vol. 42.- The Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics, by Stallo S^R

Vol. 43. - Diseases of Memory, by Ribot 373R

Vol. 44. Man before Metals, by Joly loisM

Vol. 45. Science of Politics, by Amos 374R

Vol. 46. Elementary Meteorology, by Scott 455R

Vol. 47. Organs of Speech, by Von Meyer 39R

Vol. 48. Fallacies, a View of Logic, by Sidgwick 39tR

Vol. 49. Origin of Cultivated Plants, by De Candolle 67R

Vol. 50. Jelly-Fish, Star- Fish, and Sea-Urchins, by Romanes i24R

Vol. 51. Common Sense of Exact Sciences, by Clifford 392R

Vol. 52. Physical Expression, by Warner 393R

Vol. 53. Anthropoid Apes, by Hartmann 378R

Vol. 54. Mammalia in their Relation to Primeval Times, by Schmidt .... S^R

Vol. 55. Comparative Literature, by Posnett 394R

Vol. 56. - Earthquakes and other Earth Movements, by Milne 395^-

Vol. 57. Microbes, P'erments and Moulds, by Trouessart 538R

Vol. 58. Geographical and Geological Distribution of Animals, by Heilprin 396R

Vol. 59. Weather, a Popular Exposition, by Abercrombie 548R

Vol. 60. Animal Magnetism, by Binet and Fere" 397R

Vol. 61. Manual of British Discomycetes, by Phillips 398R

Vol. 62. International Law, by Levi '. 399^

Vol. 63. Geological History of Plants, by Dawson '. 549R

Vol. 64. Origin of Floral Structures through Insect Agency, &c., by

Henslow 375R

Vol. 65. On the Senses, Instincts and Intelligence of Animals, by Lubbock 376R

Interoceanip Canals. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Poole's Index, &c.

Interpretation and Logic. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 391 R. Logic, &c.
of Scripture, by Jowett. See Essays and Reviews, 662 A.

Intoxicating Liquors Question. See Arnold's Politics, 6oH. Alcohol, Drinks,
Stimulants, Intemperance, Temperance c.


Intuition. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Lecky's Morals, 384-5^!, &c.
INVENTION and Discoveries Anticipated, &c. [Timbs' Works]

851 and 856Z

of the Power Loom. See Cartwright's Memoir, 13720, c.
ors in. See Timbs' Works, 8532, &c.

Science and Art, Errors

Inventions and Inventors, edited by Bolton. 1883 .....................

Century of, by the Marquis of Worcester, with Life of Author

and Notes by Dirck. 1865 ................... ^ ..................... 6QOF

- History of, by Beckmann, 2 vols. 1846 .............................. 6Q7-8Q

Novelties, &c. 1858 ......................................................... 355T

[Smiles' Men of Invention, &c.] .......................................... n;2R

- Wonderful, by Timbs, illustrated. 1868 .............................. 258!*.

- See also Donnelly's Atlantis, loi/M. George's Progress and Poverty, 1023^".

Trevithick (R.), Life of, 537F. All Year Round [and Inventors], v. 2,
i762j ; [Anticipated] v. 24, iy84j ; [in France] v. 39, ijgg]. Knowledge
[Influence of Mechanical], v. 8, 2588 J. Leisure Hour [Birth of], v. 5,
26i5j ; [Day-dreams of] v. 33, 2643 J. Macmillan [Accidental], v. 4,
934J. Nature [Protection for], v. n, 2671 J. Penny Magazine [Dis-
appointments], v. i, 1396, &c.

Inverness. See All the Year Round, v. 50, i8ioj. Highlands, Scotland, &c ;

Iodine. See Ure's Dictionary, 70. Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR, &c.

lona, by Alexander [R.T.S.] ............................. ..................... 645Z

- See also Good Words, v. ro, 2i8oJ. Penny Magazine, v. i, 1396. Hebrides.
Ionian Islands, Memoirs on the, by Vaudoncourt. 1816 ..... . ......... 54OH

- See also Fraser [and their Government], v. 40, 650 J. Leisure Hour, v. 8

and v. 12, 2618 and 2622.7. Quarterly, v. 29, nsgj ; [Administration
of] v. 91, i22ij. Greece, Mediterranean, &c.

Iowa as it is in 1857, a Gazetteer, &c., by Parker, illustrated. 1857 15040
Ipswich. See Ritchie's East Anglia, 6230, &c.
Irby (lion. C. L.) and Mangles ([.), Travels in Egypt, Nubia,

Syria and the Holy Land, &c.j 1844 .............................. 773Q

.IRELAND & THE IRISH Works relating to : (See also
Great Britain, British Empire ', Gladstone, O'Connell,
Farnell, &~Y.)

Ireland, aLittle Tour in, by S. R. Hole, illustrated by Leech. 1859 i6g7R
- Short History of, by Deane. 1886 ...... . .................... 15160

Antiquities and Folk- Lore of, by A. B. R. and Doyle. 1473^

before and after the Union, by Martin. 1848
- before the i8th Century [Lecky's Eighteenth Century] ...... i68H

- by E. Lawless, with additions by Bronson [Story of the

Nations]. 1888 .................................................. 4350

Character, Customs and Superstitions of the Irish, by Dewar Q28F

- Dublin, Cork, O'Connell arid the Repeal, &c., by Kohl. 1843

- English in [Eighteenth Century], by Froude, 3 vols. 1881... 204-60

- from the Earliest Times to the union with Great Britain, by

Walpole. 1882 ................................................... 200H

- History of, by Taylor, with additions by Sampson, 2 vols. ... 96-77

- History of, from the Reformation to the Union, by Hassen-

camp, translated by Robinson. 1888 ........................ 277H

[Maunder's Treasury of History] ........................... 18567

- History of Methodism in, by Crookshank, 3 vols. 1885-8. ..669-7IA
- New and Popular History of [Cassell's]. 1851 ............... 452T

Presbyterian Church in, by. Reid, 3 vols. 1867 ............... 2II-3M

Primitive Inhabitants of, by Wood. 1821 ........................ 3&3K

Scotland and England, a Tour through, by Kohl. 1844 ...... 34&K

- Secret Societies. Sec Hecthorn's Secret Societies, 3770.

Sixty Years Ago. 1849 ............................................. io88R

- Society and Manners in the North of Ireland [1818], by

Gamble. 1819 .................................................. 382K



IRELAND AND THE IRISH Works relating to (continued.)
Ireland, The Ballads of, Collected and Edited, by Hayes, ill.,

2 vols ................... '. ........................................... 769-7oM

- Viceroys of [836-1509], by Gilbert. 1865 ........................ 548!'

Irish Bar, Anecdotes, Bon- Mots, &c., by O' Flanagan. 1879 ... 11631*.
Celtic Songs and Song Writers, by Collins. 1885

- Church [Smith's Life of Gladstone] ... ........................... 275F

- Essays and others, by Arnold. 1882 .............................. 886R

- Members [Lucy's Parliaments] ....................................... 31 6-7H

- People, a Short History, clown to the date of the Planta-

tion of Ulster, by Richey, edited by Kane. 1887 ......... 561!!

Question. Sec O'Connor's Parnell Movement, 326R, &c.

- Rebellion of 1798, by Teeling. 1876 ........................... 2380

[Froude's Ireland] .......................................... 2o6O

Irishmen, United, by Madden ............... ........................... 543-4*"

Irishwomen, Illustrations, by Blackburne. 1877 ................. 32iF

Irish.. Sec also Alison's Europe [1789-1852], 119-460. Brand's Antiquities,
looS'/M. Brodie's British Empire, 212-4^. Browne's Geographical
Evolution of the British Isles, sssK. Buckle's Civilixation, i86-8O.
Burn's Parish Registers, 536H. Burton's Queen Anne, 238!!.
Cobden's Speeches, 323R. Donnelly's Atlantis, loijM. Eddy's
Travelling Party. I326R. Eraser's Wicklow, Go^Z. Froude's England,
192-2010, Gardiner's History of England, 460-90. Green's English
People, 189-9211. Greville Memoirs. Harris' Radicals, no6F.
Knight's England, 147-54^ Lecky's Eighteenth Gentury, i7oH.
Lucy's Parliaments, 3i6-7H. McCarthy's History, I93-6H.
McCulloch's British Empire, 7ii-2H. Madden's United Irishmen.
543-4F. Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, 92-6F. Morley's Life
of Richard Cohden, 190-1 F. Probyn's Local Government, 3O3R.
Raven's Parliamentary History of England [1832-1880], 2330.
Routledge's Popular Progress, io34F. Smith's Life of Bright [Irish
Question], iso-iF; Life of Gladstone, 275F. Torren's Memoirs of
Viscount Melbourne, 385-6!'". Spencer's Works [State of, Time of
Kli/abeth], 413!). Wall's Good Queen's Reign, 4400 ; Life of
Bright, 5260. All the Year Round [Tour in], v. i, 17617. Black-
wood [Evils of] v. 4, R.L. ; [Government of] v. 20, R.L. ; [What will
become of] v. 21, R.L. ; [Autumnal Night's Dream in] v. 22, R.L. ;
[How should it be Governed] v. 25, R.L. ; [Municipal Corporation
Bill] v. 41, R.L. ; [Protestant Clergy of] v. 43, R.L. ; [Five Years in]
v. 51, R.L. ; [British interests in] v. 127, i97j ; [A Reproach to
England] v. 128, 1987 ; [Fate of, Britain's Warning] v. 131, 2oiJ ;
[Our expiable Wrong toward] v. 132, 2o2j ; [Touring in] v. 140,
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