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Bar [Quakerism in], v. 61, 13917 &c.



Ireland (J., d. 1808) and Nichols (J.), F.S.A., Hogarth's Works,
with Life and Anecdotal Descriptions of his Pictures, illus-
trated, 3 vols. 1883 758-6oR

Ireland (W. H., Dramatist, b. 1777, </. 1835) and the Shakespeare Forgeries.
See Fitzgerald's Kings and Queens of an Hour, 8sF, &c.

Irenaeus (St.). Sec Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67oF, c.

Ireton (II., Parliamentary General, b. 1610, d. 1651), Memoirs of ...

Iron. Sec English Mechanic, v. 46 and 47, 1046-70. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Simo-
nin's Mines, 632-33. Stanford's Compendium, 849!^. Ure's Dictionary,
yU. All the Year Round [Italian], v. 12. 1772.}. Chambers [Bessemer Pro-
cess], v. 26, J939J. Cornhill [Forts, c.], v. 17, 2977. Edinburgh Re-
view [Uses and Manufactures of], v. 116,4767. Leisure Hour [Age,

the], v. 12, 26227 ; [British], v. 26, 26367. Living Age [Latest Promise
of], v. 52, 30827. Nature [Constituents of cast], v. 34. 26947. Once a
Week, v. 3, 22637. limbs' Inventions [Iron Ships], 258R. Ure's

Dictionary, gD. Metals, &c.
Iron Age. See Anderson's Scotland in Pagan Times, 864F. Donnelly s Atlantis,

ioi7M. Worsaae's Denmark, I035M, &c.
Iron-workers and Toolmakers, by Smiles [Industrial Biography] ... 7310

See also Leisure Hour Magazine, 26477, c.

Ironclads. Sec Blackwood [and Torpedoes], v. 123, 1937. Boy's Own Annual

[Why they Float], 1882, 29547. Cornhill [Our Ironclad Navy], v. 23,

3037. Temple Bar [English], v. i, I33i7> &c.
Iron Mask, Man in the. Sec Man in the Iron Mask.

Irons (W. J., Prebendary of Sf. Pants, b. 1812), D.D., The Idea of

the National Church, Replies to "Essays and Reviews" ... 663A

Irrigation [Roland's Drainage of Land]. 1887 829!'

Sec also Lansdell's Russian Central Asia, 823-gK. Temple's India, 486K.

Irvine (Dr.) and Alcock (C. W.), Football, a Popular Handbook of

the Game, illustrated !22oK.

Irving (D.), LL.D., Lives of the Scottish Poets, 2 vols. 1810 490- iF

Irving (Edward, Scotch Clergyman, b, 1792, d. 1834). See Stoughton's Religion
in England, g8M. Fraser [and his adversaries], v. 3, 6137 5 [Death of]
v. ii, 6217, &"c.
Irving (Henry, Tragedian, b. 1838), In England and America

[1838-84], by Daly. 1884 733O

Sec also Stirling's Old Drury Lane, i33gR. Fortnightly [Works of], v. 42,

21327; [as Faust], 45, 2135!. Once a Week [as Mathias], v. 26.
22867. Temple Bar [Hamlet of], v. 55, 13857, c.
Irving (W., American Writer, b. 1783, d. 1859), Abbotsford and

Newstead Abbey. 1856 i8oo7

Adventures of Captain Bonneville, or Scenes Beyond the Rocky

Mountains. 1837

Bracebridge Hall, or the Humorists. 1825 659-60 and 6;'2X

Chronicles of Wolfert's Roost and other Papers [Constable's Mis-
cellany]. 1855 I296R

Knickerbocker's History of New York, from the Beginning of the

World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty 163, 1646 and 17987

History of the Conquest of Granada. 1850 426T

Voyages of Christopher Columbus 682-3K, 760-1 and 10730

Life and Voyages of Columbus and his Companions, 3 vols 894-67

of Mahomet. 1850 ioo8Q and 1 7997

Lives of the Successors of Mahomet. 1850 18037

Mahomet and His Successors, 2 vols 900-17

Oliver Goldsmith, a Biography. 1849 6760 and 10050

The Sketch Book [Family Library], 2 vols. 1834 1666-77

Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus

7590, 775-6R and 521 and 5867



Irving, Works of, with Memoir, by his Nephew [Bonn's Library],
17 vols. 1850-59 :

Vol. i. Salmagundi. Knickerbocker's History of New York 77oR

Vol. 2. Sketch Book. Life of Goldsmith 7?iR

Vol. 3. Bracebridge Hall. Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey 772R

Vol. 4. Tales of the Alhambra. Tales of a Traveller 773R

Vol. 5. Conquest of Granada. Legends of the Conquest of Spain 774R

Vols. 6-7. Lives and Voyages of Columbus and his Companions 775-6R

Vol. 8. Astoria. Tour on the Prairies 777&

Vol. 9. Life of Mahomet. Lives of the Successors of Mahomet 778R

Vol. 10. Adventures of Captain Bonneville. Conquest of Florida, by

Theodore Irving . . 779R

Vols. 1 1-14. -Life of George \Vashington 780-83!*

Vol. 15. Biographies and Miscellaneous Papers : Legend of Pelayo. Ab-
derahman, Founder of the Dynasty of the Ommiades in Spain.
Chronicle of Fernan Gonzalez, Count of Castile. Chronicle- of
Fernando the Saint. Spanish Romance. Letters of Jonathan
Oldstyle. Biographical Sketches. Reviews and Miscellanies :

Sleepy Hollow, Catskill Mountains, &c 14040

Vols. 16-17. Life ar >d Letters of Washington Irving 1405-60

by Warner [American Men of Letters]. 1882 IO 38Q and 234Z

Life and Letters of, by P. M. Irving, 3 vols 897-gZ

- See also Haweis' Humorists, 4820. Masterpieces of Fiction, 556D. Fraser

[Miscellanies], v. 12, (22], Leisure Hour [at Home], v. 8, 26i8J ;
[Visit to Sunnyside], v. 14, 2624], Once a Week [Day with], v. 2, 2262J.
Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue. Poole's Index,
R.L., &c.
Is Dogma a Necessity? by Meyrick. 1883 64iM

God Knowable ? by Iverach. 1884 646M

Isaac (Jewish Patriarch, b. 1897, d. 1716 rs.c.). Sec Kwald's Israel, 6iK. Robin-
son's Scripture Characters, isiK, Sic.

Isabel De Valois. See Dixon's Royal Windsor, 326H, &c.

Isabella of Angouleme (d. 1245). Sec Strickland's Queens of England, 8ooO.

of Castile (Queen of Spain, b. 1451, d. 1504). See Vonge's Heroines, 9580.

Spain, &c.
Isaiah (Hebrew Prophet, fl. 810-760 B.C.). See Evvald's Israel, 64-5^ Gray's

Biblical Museum, 84M. Inman's Ancient Faiths, 95K. Smith's

Prophets, 4&6M, &c.

Isaure (C.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Ischia. See. Chambers [Spring Visit to], v. 56, 1956J. Knowledge [and Vesuvius],

v. 4, 2584J. Once a Week [Visit to], v. 13, 2273J, &c.

Ischudi (F. Von), Sketches of Nature in the Alps, translation [Tra-
vellers' Library]. 1856 !26oR

Ishmaelites. See Heckthorn's Secret Societies, 3760, &c.
Isingla-SS. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 7D, &c.
Isis. See Inman's Faiths, g6K, &.c.

Islam and Its Founder, by Stobart [S.P.CK.J. 1878 96Q

The Rise and Decline of, by Muir [Present Day Tracts, vol. 3].... 236T

See also Barth's Central Africa, 847-8K. All the Year Round [Personal

liberty in], v. 49, iSbgJ. Leisure Hour [and Christianity], v. 34, 2644].
Arabia, Mahomet, &c.

Island Life, or The Phenomena of Faunas and Floras, by Wallace... 778F
Islands, as Illustrating the Laws of the Geographical Distribution

of Animals, by Wallace [Science Lectures].., I94R

' Sec also Stanford's Compendium, 850 and 853K. Reclus' Phenomena [and

Shores), 805 F, &c.

Isle of Man [Macculloch's Western Islands] 376-7K

See also Church Historians of England, v. 5, 283A. All the Year

Round Magazine [Chronicles of], v. 42, I922J, &c.

Isle of Thanet [Land we Live in] 464!?

Isle of W T ight, Picture of the, by Brannon 368K

See also Granville's Spas, &c., 353K.

Isles of Man, Wight, Guernsey, Jersey, &c. See also under Man, Wight,

Guernsey, &c., Isles of.



Israel, History of, by Ewald, edited by R. Martineau, tr., 6 vols. ... 6i-6K
- Set: also Bartlett's Palestine, 634!^. Beke's Sinai in Arabia [The Exodus],

597!?. Milman's Jews, I57Q. Naumann's Music, 9280. Smith's

Prophets, 466M. Jews, &c.
Israel of the Alps, The Persecution of theWaldenses, by Muston. 1852 I3O8R

a Complete History of the Waldenses and their Colo-
nies, by Muston, translated by Montgomery, 2 vols. 1875... 683-4 A
Isthmus of Panama. See Household Words, v. 6, 17467. Panama, &c.
- of Suez. See Chambers' Journal [Across] v. 23, i93ij. Macmillan [Trip

to] v. 12. 942J.

ITALY AND THE ITALIANS Works relating to : (See
also Rome, Venice, Art, Painting, Sculpture, Victor Emanuel,
Garibaldi, &c.
Italian and Classic Painting, by Poynter and Head. 1880 ...... io8oM

- . Irrigation, by Smith, 2 vols. 1852 ................................ 850-1!)

- Journeys, by Howells, 2 vols. 1883 .............................. i82O-iZ

- Lake Land, by Lund .................................................. I728K

Language. See Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90, &c.

- - and Poetry. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!-), c.

- Literature. Sec Blackwood [Decline of], vol. 10, R.L. Quarterly

Review, [History of], vol. n, 1141 J. Books, Literature, &c.

- Painters, Memoirs, by Jameson, 2 vols in I. 1845 ............ i6nZ

- Pictures drawn with Pen and Pencil, by Manning ............ 33oB

- Reformation, Bonnet's Aonio Paleario ........................... 2 loT

- Republics, by Sismondi .................................... 455 H and 280

- Sculpture, Handbook of, by Perkins, illust. 1883 ............ 9OQD

- Sketch Book, a Tour, by Lewald, translated. 1852 ......... 42QT

Italy and France [Senior's Journals, 1848-52]. 1871 ............ 137I-2R

-Travels through [Smollett's Works] ........................ i8o5Z

- and the Italian Islands, by Spalding, 3 vols. 1841 ......... j82T

- Brigand Life in, by Maffei .......................................... 435-6K

- by Balzani [Early Chroniclers] ....................................... !5oO

Cities of Northern and Central, by Hare, illus., 3 vols. 1883 I684-6R

- Classical Tour through, by Eustace, 3 vols ...... 627-9 anc ^

- Diary of an Idle Woman in, by Elliot, 2 vols. 1871 ......... 1687-8R

- Excursions in, by Cooper. 1838 ........................... 441 and 48 iK

- History of, by Sforzosi, translated by Greene. 1836 ......... 99Z

- Idler in, by Blessington. 1839 .................................... 437K

- Jersey, France and the Mediterranean, Notes and Remarks

made in [1843-4], by Murdoch. 1846 ........................ I73OR

- Northern, Alps and Switzerland, by Williams, illust. 1854.. 59oB

- Past and Present, by Mariotti, 2 vols. 1848 ..................... 14O7-8R

- Pictures from, by Dickens. 1846 ................................. 62oZ

Rambles in [1840-3], by Mrs. Shelley, 2 vols. 1844 ......... 14O4-5R

Remarks made [1816-1854], by Lord Broughton. 1859

Sketches on, its last Revolution, &c. 1856 ..................... 141 iR

Southern, and Sicily, Cities of, by Hare. 1883 ............... i68jR

- The Land of Manfred, &c., by Ross. 1889 ..................... 86oK

- See also^ Alison's Europe, 119-460. Butler's Year of Consolation, I42I-2R.
Continental Tourist, 456-SK. Edwards' Untrodden Peaks, 4T4K.
Fre>hfield's The Orisons, i44oR. (ribbon's Roman Empire, 79-85 H.
Laing's Notes of a Traveller, I262R. MacFarlane's Popular Sports,
14822,. May's Democracy [Republics], 38H. Machiavelli's Florence,-
850. Maunder's Treasury of History, iS^6Z. McCrie's Reforma-
tion, 393M. Miller's Notes, 438K. Milman's Jews, isgQ. Mur-

xy s Guides, 83iQ, 4i5T and 625Z. Niebuhr's History of Rome,
;H. Stanford's Compendium, 854R. Harper's Index,, i64oja.
Poole's Index, R.L. All the Year Round [Italian Stories], v. 54,

i8i4j. Atlantic [an Appenine Valley], v. 51, i54ij ; [Upper Lakes
[367] "


ITALY AND THE ITALIANS Works relating to (continued.)

of] v. 54, I544J. Blackwood [Dramas in], v. 53, R.L. ; [and Rhine-
land], v. 59, 120.7 ; [and Switzerland, 1849], v - 63, X 33J- Chambers'
Journal [Life in], v. 26, 19397 ', [Religion, Love and Marriage in],
v. 27, i94oj ; [Visit to, 1862], v. 38, 1945} ; [the Ivory Trade], v.
63, 1963}. Contemporary [Revival of Industry in], v. 41, 20517.
Edinburgh Review [Rural Population of], v. 158, 5i8J. Fraser
(Peasants in], v. 91, joij. Good Words [First Impressions of], v.
12, 2i82j ; [Pictures of], v. 14, 21847. Harper [Life and Morals in],
v. 10, isgoj. Leisure Hour [Old and Young], v. 29, 26397. Nature

(Geological Survey of], v. 25, 26857. Once a Week [Beggars in], v.
4, 22647. Quarterly [Art and Nature in], v. 91, 12217; [Tour and
Tourists in], v. 103, 12337. Temple Bar [Tour in], v. 21, 13517- Levi's

International Law, 3991-4,
Ivens (R.) and Capello (II.), from Benguella to Yacca, Central and
West Africa, in the years 1877 to 1880, translated by A.

Elwes, illustrated, 2 vols. 1882 83I-2K

Iverach (J.), M.A., Is God Knowable ? [Theological Lib.]. 1884.. 646^

Ivories, Ancient and Medieval, by Maskell, illustrated IO58M

Ivory Work [Industrial Arts] IO42M

Ivory. Sec Cameron's Africa, 602-3]$.. Stanford's Compendium, 849K. Sinv
nionds' Animal Products, io33M. Ure's Dictionary, jD. Boy's
Own Annual [Stains on Ivory, 1885], 29577. Chambers [and its Ap-
plications], v. 17, 1935!. Once a Week [Art in], v. 3,22637, c.
Ivy. See Brand's Antiquities, ioo5-;M. Robinson's Parks and Gardens of
Paris, 6ogB. Botany, &c.

JACINTH. Sec Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M. King's Decorative

Stones, nsgM, &c.
Jack and the Beanstalk. Sec Home Treasury of Old Story Books, 2853X. Once

a Week [Religious Aspect of the Myth], v. iB, 22787.

The Giant Killer. Sec Home Treasury of Old Story Books, 2863X.

Jack (W.), Unpublished Common-Place Book of R. Burns. See Macmillan's

Magazine, v. 39, 9697.

Jackson (Catherine C., Lady), Court of the Tuileries, from the Re-
storation to the Flight of Louis Philippe, 2 vols. 1883 98i-2R

French Court and Society, Reign of Louis XVI. and First Fm-

pire, with portraits, 2 vols. 1881 334-5O

Old Paris, its Courts and Literary Saloons, 2 vols. 1878 1365-61-1

The Old Regime [France, Times of Louis XV.], 2 vols. 1883 .. 983-4R
Jackson (H. R.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 468D, &c.

Jackson (J. G.), Ed., Timbuctoo and Housa. 1820 643!^

Jackson (Mason), The Pictorial Press, its Origin and Progress, il-
lustrated. 1885 982!!

Jackson (Lieut. -Gen. T. J., called Stonewall, American Confederate
General, b. 1824, mortally wounded in Battle, 1863), Life and
Campaigns of, by Dabney. 1866 ; 735O

Mother of. Sec Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F.

See also Century [Last Battle of], v. 10, 18327. Scribner, v. 18, 18687.
Jackson (Thcs., Methodist Preacher, b. 1783, d. 1873), Life of

Robert Newton, D.D. 1855 8730

- Recollections of My Own Life and Times, ed. by Franklin. 1873 7340



Jackson (Thos.), Ed., Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, 3 vols. 1410-120
Vol. i. Hopper. Mitchell, Cownley, Jaco, Haime, Oliver, Wright,

Hanby, Hunter, Roberts, Payne, Mather 14100

Vol. z, Pawson, Rodda, Staniforth, Lee, Prickard, Maskew, Joyce,

Furz, Rogers, Murlin, Mason 141 lO

Vol. 3. Rankine, Story, Black, Shadford, Ashman, Robinson, Whatcoat,

Hanson, Taylor, Wilkinson, Rhodes, Tennant, Allen, Pritchard. 14120

Jackson (\V.), M.A., The Doctrine of Retribution, Eight Lectures
Preached before the University of Oxford in the year 1875

[Bampton Lectures]. 1875 665A

Jacob (Jewish Patriarch, b. 1839, d. 1689 B.C.). See Beke's Sinai in Arabia, 597B.

Ewald's Israel, 6iK. Gallaudet's Biography, logiZ. Good Words, v.

10, 2i8oJ. Inman's Ancient Faiths, 95K. Mil man's Jews, I57Q.

Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK. Josephus, 64H, &.c.
Jacob's Well. See Macduffs Noontide at Sychar, 2 73 T, &c.
Jacob (H., o/ Jersey). See Caesarea or Jersey, 1409^
Jacob (J. ), Annals of some of the British Norman Isles, Constituting

the Bailiwick of Guernsey, part I, illustrated. 1830 36iB

parts i and 2, ill. 1830. 362B

Jacobi(J. G., German Poet, b. 1740, d. 1814). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry

of Europe, 4730, &c.

Jacobins, English, implicated in 1794, by Smith. i83i 2I5Z

Jacobite Times, London in, by Doran, 2 vols. 1877 3i8-9H

Jacobites. See Alison's Europe, 120-370. Burton's History of Scotland

[1689-1748], 336-7H. Chambers' Rebellion [1745-6], 28oO. Chronicles

of Newgate, 3300. Green's English People, ig2H. Living Age, v.

10, 304oJ. Poole's Index, R.L. Thier's French Revolution, 376-8H.
Jacobson (William, Bishop of Chester, b. 1803, d. 1884). See Burgon's Twelve

Good Men, 66iF, c.

Jacquemart. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M, c.
Jacqtuemont (Victor). See Chambers' Journal, v. 57, I949J. Living Age, v. 96,

3126), &c.

Jaffa. See Lynch's U.S. Expedition, 6156, &c.
Jaguar, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6s9Q, &c.
Jail. See Inman's Ancient Faiths, gsK, &c.
Jahn (J., German Orientalist, b. 1750, d. 1816), D.D., Archcelogia

Biblica, a Manual of Biblical Antiquities, trans, by Upham. 24 5 A
Jail, Jottings from, by Horsley. 1887 I2O7R

See also Gaol, Prison, &c.

Jallot (Desiree), Memorials of, and an Account of her Conversion

from the Romish Church. 1865 235Z

Jam. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Food, &c.
Jamaica. See Alison's Europe, 143-40. All the Year Round [Reminiscences
fl> v. 53, i8i3j. Fraser [Naturalist in], v. 45. 655J. Living Age
[Insurrection in], v. 87, 3117^. Westminster [Sugar Culture and
Slavery in 1866], v. 88, R.L. Froude's West Indies, 834K. Stanford's
Compendium, 85 iK. West Indies, &c.

James (St., Apostle, Martyred about 42), Epistle of and Commen-
tary, by Manton, edited by Macdonogh. 1844 47A

Commentary by Punchard 2 53Q

Peter, John and Jude, General Epistles of. Sec Barnes' Notes, loM, &c.

See also Robinson's Scripture Characters, 152 K. Commentaries, &c.

James I. (King of England, b. 1566, d. 1625), Memoirs of the

Court of, by Lucy Aikin, 2 vols. 1822 I22-3F

See also Brand's Antiquities, ioo6-7M. Brodie's British Empire, 2I2-3H.

Buckingham (Duke of), 10200. Campbell's Chief Justices, 7870.
Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 297-80. Disraeli (I.), Works
[Character of], 678R. Dixon's Royal Windsor, 328H. Froude's
England, 198-2030. Gardiner's History of England, 460-80. Moul-
ton's English Bible, 4i8M. Robertson's Scotland, 338-9^ Poole's
Index, R.L. All the Year Round [and his Queen], v. 59, i8igj.
Household Words, v. 13, I753J. Penny Magazine [Coronation of] v.
7, 1458. Quarterly [and his Historians], v. 139, ia6qj, &c.



James II. (A7;/^>- of England, b. 1633, d. 1701). See Burton's Scotland, 336-7!!.
Dixon's Royal Windsor, 328H. Madden's Shrines, 343K. Pepys'
Diary ^Vhile Duke of York], 9 o 2 O, &c.

James Francis Edward Stuart (Son of James II., termed the Chevalier de St.
George, b. 1687, d. 1765). Sec Doran's London in Jacobite Times,
3 i8-9H, &c.

James (Croake), Curiosities of Law and Lawyers. 1882 1075!''

Advocates, American Lawyers, Attornies, Attorney-Generals, Bishops,
Books, Brougham, Chancellors, Circuit, Client;, Counsel, Courts,
Curran, Eldon, Ellenborough, Erskine, Irish Counsel, Judges. Juries,
Kenyon, Kings and Queens, Lawyers, Libel, Loughborough, Mansfield,
Nice Points, Parliament, Peers, Prisoners, Recreations of Judges and
Lawyers, Thurlow, Witnesses.
James (F. L.), M.A., The Wild Tribes of the^ Soudan, an Account

of Travel and Sport, chiefly in the Base Country, ill. 1883. 653 K
James (G. P. R., Novelist and Historian, b. 1801, d. 1860), History

of Chivalry [Harper's Family Library]. 1831 8;2Z

the Life of Richard Cosur-de-Lion, King of England, 2

vols. 1854 1509-100

Memoirs of celebrated Women, 2 vols. 1837 829-00

Joan of Arc, Margaret of Anjou, Lady Jane Grey, Anna Comnena, 8290
Madame De Maintenon, Queen Elizabeth, Donna Maria, Pacheca,

Ed., Letters illustrative of the Reign of William III. from 1696

to 1708, addressed to the Duke of Shrewsbury by James

Yemen, Secretary of State, 3 vols. 1841 77'9F

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue, c.
James (Henry, jnn., Novelist and Essayist, b. 1843), En Province

[Atlantic Monthly] I542.T

- French Poets and Novelists. 1878 6580

De Musset. Gautier. Baudelaire. Balzac. Sand. Turgenief. Amperes.

Sabran. Me"rime"e.
Hawthorne [English Men of Letters]. 1879 10720

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
James (J. A., Dissenting Minister, b. 1785, d. 1859), D.D., An

Earnest Ministry the want of the Times. 1848 2 3 2 Q

Young Man's Friend and Guide through Life to Immortality. 1851 230()

James (M. E.), How to Decorate our Ceilings, Walls and Floors, ill. 366!'
James (W., Historian, d. 1827), Military Occurrences in the late

War between Great Britain and America, 2 vols. 1818 283-4!!

Naval History of Great Britain [1793-1827], 6 vols 285-0!!

Jameson (Mrs. Anna, Irish Art Historian and Essayist, b. 1797, d.

1860), Diary of an Ennuyee. 1826 H52R

Legends of The Madonna, as Represented in the Fine Arts. 1872 944F

Memoirs and Essays, Illustrative of Art, Literature and Social

Morals. 1846 985!^

of Celebrated Female Sovereigns [Family Library], 1832 2I3-4Z

Short Account of a few of the most Remarkable Trees and Plants ;

to which are added Miscellaneous Poems. 1808 843Z

Sketches in Canada and Rambles among the Red Men. 79iQ and I27IR

Ed., Peter Paul Rubens, by W r aagen, translated by Noel. 1840... 95oO

Life of, by Gerarcline Macpherson. 1878 323F

Jameson (Prof., Scotch Mineralogist, b. 1774, d. 1854) and others,

Discovery and Adventure in Africa, with Illustrations of the

Geology, Mineralogy and Zoology [Harper's Family Library].

1831 , 922Q and 544Z



Jameson (Prof.), Ed,, American Ornithology, by Wilson and

Bonaparte [Constable's Miscellany], 4 vols. 1831 7o;-loZ

Jarnyn(A., French Poet, b. 1530, d, 1585). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry

of Europe, 4730, &c.
Jane Seymour (Queen of Henry VIII., d. I537)- See Strickland s Queens of

England, 8ooO. Henry VIII., &c.

Janet (P.), Final Causes, translated by Affleck. 1878 652!!

January. See Howitt's Seasons, 572(3. Leisure Hour [Antiquarian Gossip], v.

25, 26357, &c.
Janvier (C. A.), Practical Keramics for Students. 1880 II22M

JAPAN AND THE JAPANESE Works relating to :

(See also China, Art, Civilisation, Travel, &c.)

Japan, Art and Art Industries in, by Alcock. 1878 863D

Historical and Descriptive, by Eden, illustrated. 1877 8i4Q

Its History, Traditions, &c., and Account of a Visit in 1879,

by Reed, illustrated, 2 vols. 1880 335' 6K

Japanese Life, Love and Legend, from Dubard, by Conn... 1737^

Manners and Customs of, in the iQth Century, by Siebold.... I5I2R

My Captivity [1811-1813], by Golownin, 2 vols. 1818 538-pK

Pottery of, by Franks [South Kensington Handbooks] IO43M

Satsuma Rebellion, by Mounsey. 1879 37O

Sketches of Life in, by Knollys, illustrated. 1887 838K

Unbeaten Tracks in, by Bird, illustrated, 2 vols. 1881 533'4K

See also Abercromby's Seas and Skies, 843!^. All the Year Round

[Marriage in], v. 31, i79ij. Bax's Voyage of the Dwarf, issoR.
Brown's Countries of the World, 1630. Chambers' Journal [and the
Japanese], v. 36, 1938 J ; [Civilisation in] v. 49, I945J ; [Wrestlers]
v. 54, I947J. Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, 787!^. Coote's Wan-
derings, 8ioK. Edinburgh Review [and China in 1865], v. 122,
482J. Harper's Index, i64oja. Leisure Hour [Life in], v. 17, 2627J ;
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Vol. 2. Birds of Great Britain and Ireland, continued. Thrushes,
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Jardine (Sir \V.) Naturalists' Library (continued.)

Vol. 3. Birds of Great Britain and Ireland, continued. Doves, Grouse,
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c., by Jardine 646(5

Vol.4. Birds of Great Britain and Ireland, continued. Geese, the

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