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Swan, Divers, Guillemot, Puffins, Auks, Petrels, Terns, Gulls,

c., by Jardine 647(3

Vol. $. - Natural History of the Nectariniadce ; or Sun Birds, by Jardine. 648(5

Vols. 6-7. Humming Birds, by Jardine, 2 vols 649-50(3

Vol. 8. Game Birds. Partridges, Quails, Grouse, Ptarmigan, &c., by

Jardine 651(3

Vol. 9. Pigeons. Turtles. Doves, &c. , by Selby 652(3

Vol. lo.Pamrts. Parakeets, Cockatoos, &c., by Selby 653(5

Vol. ir. Birds of Western Africa. Falcons, Hawks, Owls, Crows,
Grakles, Finches, Weavers, the Lark, Shrikes, Babbler, Thrush,

&c. , by S wainson 654(3

Vol. 12. Birds of Western Africa, continued. Oriole, Wagtail, Tit,
Flycatcher, Night-jar, Swallow, Bee-eater, Sun Birds, Wood-
peckers, Cuckoo, Dove, Partridge, Plover, Lapwing, Water Hen,

Gull, Tern, Weaver, &c. , by Swainson 6550;

Vol. 13. Flycatchers. Black-cap, Thick-bill, Water-chats, Fantail, the

Tody, Broad-bills, c., by Swainson 656(3

Vol. 14. Gallinaceous Birds. The Turkey, Javenese Peacock, Cocks,

Pheasants, Guinea- Fowls, &c., by Jardine 65/0,


Vol. 15. Introduction to Mammalia. Bats, the Ichneumon, Lions, the
Brown Bear, the Otter, Great Anteater, Squirrel, Spinous Rat,
&c. , by Smith 6580.

\ ol. 16. Lions, Tigers, &*c. Lions, Tigers, Leopard, Panther, Cats, Lynx,

&c. , by Jardine 659(3

Vol. 17. British Quadrupeds. Bats, the Hedgehog, Shrews, the Mole,
Badger, Wea/el, Marten, Otter, Fox, Wild Cat, Seals, Walrus,
Dormouse, Rats, Mice, Hare, Deer, c., by Macgillivray 66oQ

Vol. 18. Dogs. Wolves, Dogs, Dingo, Jackals, Dog-Fox, Aguara Foxes,

&c., by Smith 66iQ

Vol. \g.Dogs, continued. Wolf Dogs, Watch Dogs, Greyhounds, The

Hounds, Cur Dogs, Mastiffs, Foxes, Hynaeas, &c., by Smith . . 662(3

Vol. 20. Horses. The Wild Horse, The Arabian Race, The English

Racehorse, Domestic Ass, Zebras, Mules, &c., by Smith 663(3

Vol. 21. Ruminating Animals. Deer, Antelopes, Camels. Dromedary,
Musks, Elk or Moose, Reindeer, Stag, Common Roebuck, &c.,
by Jardine 66 4 Q

vol. 22. Ruminating Animals, continued. Antelopes, Ibex, Goats,
Sheep, Musk Ox, Oxen, Buffaloes, Bisons, Yaks, &c., by
Jardine 665(3

Vol. 23. Thick-Skinned Quadrupeds. Elephants, Great Mastodon, Hip-
popotamus, Rhinoceros, Wild Boar, Hog, c., by Jardine 666Q

Vol. ZAf.Marsupialia or Pouched Animals. The Opossums, Kangaroos,

&c. , by Waterhouse 667(3

Vol. 25. Amphibious Carnivora. The Walrus, Seals, Sea Lions, Sea

Serpents, &c. , by Hamilton 668Q

Vol. 26. Whales, &>c. Greenland and other Whales, Spermaceti Whale,

Sea Unicorn, The Porpoise, Dolphins, &c., by Hamilton ... . . 66gQ

Vol. 27. - Monkeys. Black Orang, Orang-Outang, Gibbon, Baboons, Apes,

&c., by Jardine 670(3


Vol. 28. Introduction to Entomology, by Duncan 671(3

Vol. 29. British Butter/fits. Butterflies, Tortoise Shells, Red Admiral,

Purple Emperor, &c., by Duncan 672(3

Vol. 30. British Moths, Sphinxes, &c. Skippers, Moths, Sphinx, c.,

by Duncan 673(3

Vol. 31. Foreign Butterflies, by Duncan 674(3

Vol. 32. Exotic Moths, by Duncan 675(3

Vol. 33. Beetles, by Duncan 676(3

Vol. 34. Bees. Uses and Management of the Honey Bee of Britain and

other Countries, with descriptions of the known wild species .... 677(3



Jardine (Sir W.) Naturalists' Library (continued.')


Vol. 35. Fishes. Sun-fish, Ray, Gurnard, Common Flying Fish, Dolphin,

Sharks, Sword Fish, c., by Bushnan .' 678^

Vol. 36. British Fishes. Perches, Gurnards, Mackerel, Mullets, Wrasses,

c., by Hamilton 679Q

Vol. 37. British fishes, continued. Carp, Pike, Salmon and Trout, Her-
rings and Pilchards, Cod and Haddock, Plaice, Sole, Suckers,
Eels, Pipe-Fishes, Sturgeons, Sharks, Kays or Skates, Lamp-
reys, &c., by Hamilton 7SoOj

Vol. 38. Fishes of the Perch Family, by Jardine 68iQ

Vol. 39. Fishes of British Guiatia.lhe. Doras, Salmon, Salmon Carp,

&c., by Schomburgk 682Q

Vol. 40. Fishes of British Guiana, continued. Gar Fish, Cychlas, Try-

gons, Oronoco, &c., by Schomburgk 683(0

Vol. 41. General History of Humming Birds, by Martin [A continuation

of the 2 vols. on Humming Birds in this series] 6840

Vol. 42. Natural History of the ffuia>i Species, by Smith. Bones of
Man among Organic Remains. Abnormal Races of Men.
Woolly-Haired Tropical Type, Hyperborean, Beardless or Mon-
golic Type. Bearded, Intermediate, or Caucasian Type 6S5Q

Jarousseau (Jean), The Pastor of the Desert, by Pelletan, translated

by L'Hoste. 1872 732O

Jarvis (S. F.), D.D., Chronological Introduction to the History of

the Church. 1844 543^

Jasper. Sec Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB; Siberia, 5981$. Emanuel's
Precious Stones, n63M. King's Decorative Stones [and Jaspis],
iiSgM, &c.

Java. See Beauvoir's Voyage, I302R. Blackwood, v. 6, R.L. Fraser [by an
Anglo-Batavian], v. 63 and 64, 673-4.7. Davidson's Travels, i652R.
Forbes' Insulinde, I736R. Lond. Quarterly [Life in|, v. 23, 8i3j.
Seward's Travels, 6oiB. Stanford's Compendium, 853!^. &c.
Jay, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 645(3. Birds, &c.
Jay (W., Dissenting Minister, b. 1769, d. 1853), Sermons, 2 vols. :

Vol. i. Mistakes concerning the Number of the Righteous. Nature of
Genuine Religion. Vows called to Remembrance. Triumphs of
Patience. Sufferings of our Saviour Necessary. The Young
Admonished. Condemnation of Self-Will. The Gospel De-
mands and Deserves Attention. Progress in Religion. The
Secure Alarmed. Privileges of the Righteous. Condition of

Christians in the World gSK

Vol.2. Hope. Parable of the Two Sons. Christian Diligence. Abuse of
Divine Forbearance. Assurance. Domestic Happiness. Happi-
ness in Death. Service done for God Rewarded. Disappoint-
ments of Life. Neutrality in Religion Exposed. The Family
of Our Lord. The Saviour Honoured in His People. Value of
Life 9gK.

Jeaffreson (J. Cordy, Barrister and Novelist, l>. 1831), A Book

about Doctors 51 90

A Book about Lawyers, 2 vols in I I I56R

the Clergy 5O2-3A

Table, 2 vols. 1875 932-3!''

Annals of Oxford, 2 vols. 1871 980- ill

Brides and Bridals, 2 vols. 1872 983-4!!

Life of Robert Stephenson, 2 vols. 1872 515 6F

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Jealousy of Lovers. See Temple Bar, v. 25, 1355.7.

Jean (Mr., of Jersey, Painter). Sec Caisarea or Jersey, i4ooH.

Jeanne D'Arc. See Joan of Arc.

Jeannette, Voyage of the, the Ship and Ice Journals of Captain De

Long, 2 vols, illustrated. 1883 676-7!;

Jeans (T.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.



Jeans (W. T.), Lives of the Electricians, Tyndal, Wheatstone, and

Morse, first series. 1887 12850

- The Creators of the Age of Steel. 1884 14190

Jebb (J.V /ritai Bishop, b. 1775, d > 1833), D.D., and Knox (A.),

M.R.I. A., Thirty Years' Correspondence between, edited by
Forster, 2 vols. 1835 335-6F

Jebb (R. C.), M.A., Bentley [English Men of Letters]. 1882 10560

Greek Literature [Literature Primers]. 1877 I2I6Z

Jeddo. See Scribner [Sights in], v. 3, 1853.7. Japan, &c.

Jefferies (R.), Amateur Poacher. 1881 786R

Gamekeeper at Home, Sketches of Natural History and Rural

Life. 1881

Hodge and his Masters [Notes on Farming, Agricultural Labour-

ers, &c.], 2 vols. 1880 784-5!*.

- Life of the Fields. 1884 ii6iR

Round about a Great Estate. 1880 788R

- Eulogy of, by Besant. 1888 14610

Sec also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Jefferson (Thos., President of the United States, b. 1743, d. 1826),

Memoirs and Correspondence of, by Randolph, 4 vols. 1829 324-F

See also Poole's Index, R.L. United States, &c.

Jeffrey (Francis, Lord, Scotch Critic, founded Edinburgh Revieiv,

b. 1773, d. 1850), Jonathan Swift [Travellers' Library]. 1853 I275R

Samuel Richardson [Travellers' Library]. 1853 I275R

See also Napier's Correspondence, 273!!.

Jeffreys (George, Lord Chancellor, known as the Hanging Judge, b. 1648,
d. 1689). ' See Campbell's Chancellors, 777-80. Dixon's H.M.'s
Tower, 324!!. Stoughton's Religion in England, Q5-6M. All the Year
Round, vol. 42, ig22j, &c.

Jehoshaphat (King of Jndah, b. 914, d. 889 B.C.). See Robinson's Scripture
Characters, isiK. Ewald's Israel, 64K. Josephus, 64!!, &c.

Jehovah. See Inman's Faiths, g6K. Smith's Prophets, 466M. God, &c.

Jehu (King of Israel, b. about 906, d. 857 B.C.). See Ewald's Israel, 64K, &c.

Jelly. See Keeton's Household Management, 997^!, &c.

Jelly-Fish, Star- Fish and Sea Urchins, by Romanes. 1883 I24R

See also Buckley's Life, &c., io6R. Duncan's Sea Shore, 6270.. Gosse's

A Year at the Shore, s86Q. Once a Week, v. 7, 2267J. Chambers'
Journal, v. 17, 1925^. Taylor's Seaside, s88Q. Wilson s Naturalist,

6390,. Marine Animals, &c.

(E. E.), M.A., I

Jenkins (E. E.), M.A., Modern Atheism, its Position and Promise

[Fernley Lecture for 1877] 8230

Jenkins (E., Political Essayist, b. 1838), M.P., Ginx's Baby [A

Social Satire] 18657.

Lord Bantam [A Social Satire]. 1872 I955K

Jenkins (R. C,), M.A., Canterbury [Diocesan Histories, S.P.C.K.].

Jenks (B., Theologian, b. 1646, d. 1724), Prayers and Offices of De-
votion, for Families and for Particular Persons upon most

Occasions. 1 847 43Z

Altered and Improved
by Simeon. 1853 44Z

Jenks (J. W.), M.A., Rural Poetry of the English Language. 1856 475D

Jenks (W.), Companion to the Bible. 1836 7iA

Jenner (E., Discoverer and First Experimenter in Ifaccination, b. 1749, d. 1823).
<feg&: M.D. See Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 28F, &c.

Jennings (C.), Eggs and Descriptions of British Birds, col. ill. 613 and 6i4Q

Jennings (L. J.), Ed., Correspondence and Diaries of Rt. Hon. J.

^$ W. Croker, 3 vols. 1884 2OO-2F

6Vt' also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.



Jenny Lind. See Lind (Jenny).

Jenyns (Soame, Poet and Philosopher, b. 1704, d. 1787), Poetical

Works and Life [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807 397Z

Jephson (R., Irish Dramatist, I'. 1736, d. 1803). See Inchbald's British

Theatre, &c.
Jerdan (W , Scotch Journalist, b. 1782, d. 1869). See Lennox's Celebrities,

ioi 7 H, &c.
yferemiah.(/*W/*/ called about 629 B.C.). See Ewald's Israel, 64 and 6sK, &c.

to Ezekiel [Gray's Biblical Museum]

6Yv rt/i-o IMilman's Tews, i57Q. Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.

Jeremie (J. A., of Guernsey, Dean of Lincoln, b. 1801, </. 1872), D.D. .SV* Jacob's

Guernsey [part 2, p. 229], 3626, &c.

Jeremie (Sir J., of Guernsey, Governor of Sierra Leone and Celebrated Aboli-
tionist, b. 1795, d. 1841). vSV* Jacob's Guernsey [part 2, p. 225], 3626 ;
Sarnia [p. 49], 14160. Penny Cyclopaedia, i37 B , &c.

Jeremie (P., of Guernsey, Queen's Comptroller], An Essay on the
Laws of Real Property in Guernsey, and Commentary on the
Present Laws of Inheritance and Wills, Including Notices of
Guarantee and Expropriation of Real Property, Pre-emption,
Hypothecation, and Dower, with an Appendix containing the

Report of the Court's Committee, &c. 1841

- On the Law of Real Property in Guernsey. 1866 412!!

Jericho. See Ewald's Israel, 65 K, c.

Jerome (St., Father of the Church, b. 333, d. 420). Sec Farrar's Lives of the

Fathers, 67iF. Contemporary [Letters of], v. 5, 20I5J, &c.

Jerrmann (E.), Pictures from St. Petersburg, trans, by Hard in an... 762(>
Jerrold (D., Dramatist, Journalist, orY., b. 1803, d. 1857), Men

of Character [Humorous Sketches]. 1851 8350 and 7QoR

Writings of, 8 vols. 1851-4 :

Vol. i. St. Giles and St. James 7 8 9 R

Vol. 2. Men of Character 79R

Vol. 3. Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. The Story of a Feather, and the

Sick Giant and the Doctor Dwarf 79 T R

Vol. 4. Cakes and Ale 79^

Vol. 5. Punch's Letters to his Son. Punch's Complete Letter Writer and

Sketches of the English 793 R

Vol. 6. A Man made of Money and Chronicles of Clovernook 794 R

Vol. 7. Comedies 795 R

Vol. 8. Comedies and Dramas 7g6R

See also Clarke's Recollections, 9390. Frith's Reminiscence';, 6is-6i6Fa.

Stirling's Old Drury Lane, 1338^. Living Age, v. 60, sogoj. Fic-
tion Class List following the General Catalogue. c.

Jerrold (S.), Handbook of English and Foreign Copyright. 1881 ... I222M
Jerrold (T. ), Our Kitchen Garden, the Plants we Grow and how we

Cook them. 1881 343T

Jerrold (W. JS., Journalist, crV., Son of D. Jerrold, b. 1826), Life of

George Cruikshank, illustrated, 2 vols. 1882 597-8O

Jerry Builders. See Teale's Dangers to Health, 92oK. Building, &c.
JERSEY, an Account of the Island, with an Appendix of Records,
by Falle, to which are added Notes and Illustrations, by

Durell. 1837 ... 140711

Authentic Account of the Oppressions of the Islanders of
Jersey, to which is prefixed a Succinct History of the Mili-
tary Actions, Constitution, Laws, Customs and Commerce of

that Island, 2 vols. 1871 1405-6!!

Constitutional History of, by Le Quesne. 1856 47H

First Report of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the

State of the Criminal I -aw in the Channel Islands. 1847 .. 3593

France, Italy and the Mediterranean, Notes and Remarks made in,

in 1843 and 1844, by Murdoch. ^46 I 73



JERSEY (continued}.

Guernsey and Jersey A I ngazine, 5 vols. 1836-8 1 284-8! I

[For Contents sec under Guernsey.!

Guernsey, Herm, Sark, Alderney and Western Normandy, by

Black. 1889 I742R

- Guides and Almanacks R.L.

[Jersey's Jubilee Souvenir. Jersey Times and British Press. Royal Al-
manack. Almanack de La Nouvella Chronique.]

- Island of, and its Antiquities and Biography of its Eminent

-Men. illustrated. 1840 1409!!

[Lefevre's Channel Islands, Fortnightly Review, vol 32] 2I22J

Sec also A Yachting Visit, i69oR. All the Year Round [Historical Account of J,

vol. 41, new series, i82ij. Argosy [The Channel Islands, by Wood],
v - 37> 3?J- Babington's Primitia; Florae Sarnicaj, i 84R. Barbou's
Life of V. Hugo, 668B. Berry's Guernsey, c., 3636. Blackwood
I Sea-side Studies in], vol. 82. Book for the Sea-side, 585(3. Bowies'
Flotsam and Jetsam [page 102], i56oR. Burke' s Rise of Great
Families [pp. 191-202], 9470. Clark's Climate [pp. 188-92], 8a6M.
Clarke's Common Seaweeds, s83Q. Cock's Seaweed, sSgQ. Cooke's
Fern Book, 6ooQ. Cross (J.), Life of George Eliot [pp. 445-8], 6250.
Uicey's Guernsey, &c., 15020. Donaldson's Recollections of an
Actor, siiZ. Dugdale's Curiosities of Great Britain, 744H. Duncan's
Guernsey, &c., 4o6H. Gronow s England and Wales [p. 90], io2oM.
Guernsey and Jersey Magazine [Commerce of], I286-8H. Harper's
New Mon. Mag. [A Visit to], vol. 51, i63ij. Hoskin's Charles the
Second in the Channel Islands, 4o8-9H. Hugo's Poems [pp. 149, 151, 152,
155, 161, 163, 173,283], 707M. Inglis's Channel Islands, i7i8R. Jones'
Credulities [p. 104], 902M. Kershaw's Protestants from France, 546M.
Knight's Cyclopaedia [British Empire], 8jB. Lecky's Eighteenth Cen-
tury [French Invasion, pp. 111,^164], i7oH. Leighton's Lichen- Flora, 71 R.
William I'rynnej, 3075J. iviacmillan sjviaga:

iry renc nvasion, pp. in. 14, 170. eigton sicen-. ora,7i.
ewes' Sea-Side Studies, 822!'". Living Age [Mont Orgueil Castle and
William Prynne], 3075J. Macmillan's Magazine [A Visit to], vol. 49,
979J. Macready's Reminiscences, 363F. McCulloch's British Empire,
71 iH. Mahon's History of England, v. 6 [p. 272], 2i8O ; v. 7 [p. 93], 2190.
Malmesbury'sLife, 368F. Peacock'sSinkingsof Land, 86R. Pennington's


British Zoophytes, soR. Penny Magazine [Account of Jersey], v. 6, 1448;
(Elizabeth Castle], v. 5, 1436. Pepys' Diary [pp. 44, 161, 379], 902 and

3-50. Flue's British Ferns, i87R. The Queen's Life in the High-
ids, 378K and 832Q. Ross's Memoirs of Lord De Sausmarez, 225F.
St. Paul's Magazine [A Visit to], n69F. Stoughton's Religion in Eng-
land [Charles II. 's Visit to Jersey], p. 24, 93M. Tarring' s Law in
Colonies [Cases Decided by Privy Council], 1074 F. Tupper's Chroni-
cles of Castle Cornet, &c., 15006 ; Guernsey, c., 4osH. Wilberforce
(Bishop), 578F. Chambers [Night-Job in], v. 24, 1932}. Fraser [Affairs
in], v. 92, 702 J. Macmillan's Magazine, v. 49, 979}. Scribner [Island
of], v. 10, i86oj. Excelsior [The Ormer Shell], I928R. Channel Is-
lands, Guernsey, &c.

Jersey, New. .Sec New Jersey, &c.

JERUSALEM, Ancient and Modern, by Kitto i6i/

by Tweedie. 1873 , 649^

- Destruction of, a Proof of Christianity. 1830 22Z

- Historical and Topographical Notices of, by Williams, ill. 1845 65A

- Recovery of, Exploration, by Wilson and \Varren, edited by

Morrison, 2 vols. 1871 543-4K

Underground, by Warren. 1876 88jrF

Sec also Bellow's Europe, I399R. Bucke's Ancient Cities, i664Z.. Ewald's

Israel, 64 and 6sK. Gibbon's Roman Empire, 77-84!!. Inman's
Faiths, g6K. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB ; Scripture Lands, 368 M.
Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioi-4M. Lynch's U.S. Expedition, 6156.
Milman's Jews, 157- gQ. Fraser [City of Peace], v. 67, 677J. Good
Words, v. 6, 2I76J. Harper, v. 14, 2I74J ; [Church of], v. 40, i6aoj ;
[Discoveries at], v. 43, i623j, &c.
Jervis (W. II.), M.A., History of the Church of France, from the

Concordat of Bologna, A.D. 1516, to the Revolution, 2 vols... 3II-2A
Jesse (E., Naturalist, b. 1780, d. 1868), Gleanings from Natural

History. 1856 5790



Jesse (E.), Scenes and Tales of Country Life, with Recollections of

Natural History, illustrated. 1844 39lv

Ed.* Natural History of Selborne, by White. 1851 41 Iv

Jessica's First Prayer, The Lord's Pursebearers, &c., Tales by

Stretton .' 2000

Jessop (A.), D.D., Norwich [Diocesan Histories]. 1884 i6oiZ

- The Coming of the Friars, and other Historic Essays. 1889 J52iO

JESUITS at Rome, by Seymour. 1849 458M

- History of the, by Griesinger, trans, by Scott. 1885 5 2 9H

in the i8th Century, by Saint-Priest, translated. 1845.. 559!'
- Their Origin, &c., by Nicolini. 1854 3670

The, An Historical Sketch [R.T.S.] iSiZ

Travels of the, by Lockman, 2 vols. 1762 824-5!^

See a'so Alison's Europe, 139-50. Buckle's Civilisation, iSjO. Com-

payrd's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Dublin Review [History of], v. 36, R.L. ;
[Curiosities of the Crusade against], v. 41, R.L. Epochs of Church
H istoiy, _2s6T. _Fraser [Expulsion of, from Germany], v. 87, 697].


Green's English People, igo-gsH. Hunter's Indian Empire, ^
Living Age [and the Civil Power], v. 145, 3175!- Michelet's Priests,
&c., 4iiM. Schlosscr's Eighteenth Century, 26-3oH, &c.

JESUS CHRIST (Most Works relating to our Lord will be found
under Christ} :

Jesus, Discourses and Sayings of our Lord, by Brown, 3 vols... 392-4A

Lessons from the Great Biography, by Hamilton. 1857 I233\I

Life and Work of [Ecce Homo]. 1866 453-^

of, by Fleetwood. 1841 3A

Christ, by Farrar 406-7 A

Looking unto, a View of the Everlasting Gospel, by

Ambrose. 1815 iK

Miracles of our Lord and Saviour, by Malan. 1881 i783/>

the Messiah, Life and Times of, by Edersheim, 2 vols. 1883 390-1 A

See also Sunday Magazine [in the Footsteps of], 2474}. Robinson's

Scripture Characters, I52K. Christ, Lord. Saviour, Messiah, &c.

Jet. See Ansted's Minerals, 62oQ. Emanuel's Precious Stones, u63M. Lire's
Dictionary, 8D, c.

JetllOU, by Oxenford [Cassell's Family Magazine, pp. 463-5], vol. 4.. 2353}

See also Black's Channel Islands, I742R. Guernsey and Jersey Magazine,

I288H. Hills, Rocks, &c., 7070. Jacob's Annals of Guernsey, 361
and 3628. Knight's Cyclopaedia [Guernsey], 88 B. Smith's Birds of
Guernsey, igsR. Tuppcrs Guernsey, 405H. Channel Islands,
Guernsey, &c.

JeilX D'Esprit, by French and English Wits, edited by Leigh 143!'

Jevons (W. S., Political Economist, b. 1835, drowned 1882), F.R.S.,

Letters and Journal of, Edited by His Wife. 1886 691 V

- Logic [Science Primers]. 1876 1521^

- Methods of Social Reform and other Papers 1 1 1 1 F

Amusements. Free Public Libraries. Library Indicators. Museums.
Trade Societies. Industrial Partnerships. Economic Science. Cruelty
to Animals. Drink Traffic. Post Office. Railways. &c.

Money and the Mechanism of Exchange [International Scientific

Series]. 1885 36oR

Political Economy [Science Primers], 1875 I5I2Z

Science Lectures 45I-2R

See also Saturday Review [Letters and Journal of], v. 62, R.L. Sidgwick's

Fallacies, 391 R, c.
J OW, The Wandering. See Hosmer's Jews, 4250. Wandering Jew, &c.



Jewel (J., Bishop of Salisbury, b. 1522, d. 1571), Works of, 4
vols. 1848-50 :

Vol. i. A Sermon Preached at Paul's Cross. Correspondence with Dr.
Cole. Reply to Harding's Answer. Private Mass. Real
Presence, &c 5A

Vol. 2. Dividing the Sacrament. Adoration of Images. Reading the

Scriptures. Exposition upon Epistles to Thessalonians. Sermons, &c. 6A

Vol. 3. Apology of the Church o(' England. Defence of the Apology, &c. 7 A

Vol. 4. Epistle to Scipio. View of a Seditious Bull. Treatise on the

Holy Scriptures. Letters. Miscellaneous Pieces, &c 8A

Jewelry. See Art Journal [French, in 1882], v. 35, R.L. Chambers [Artificial],
v. 61, ig5ij. Gold and Silver Work, Precious Stones, Gems. Poole's
Index. Ure's Dictionary, Encyclopaedias, Art Journal, c.
Jewett (C. F.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Jewitt(L.), F.S.A., Half Hours among some English Antiquities,

illustrated. 1877 ioi6M

JEWS Works relating to the : (See also Hebrews, Israelites,

Jerusalem, erY.)

Jews, Criminal Code of the, according to the Talmud, by

Benny. 1880 927}!

History of the, by Josephus, trans, by Whiston, ill., 2 vols. 64-5 II

Milman, 3 vols I57-9Q and 103 5Z

Jewish Artisan Life in the Time of our Lord, by Delitzch,

translated. 1877 4I4M

Church, Lectures on the, by Stanley, 3 vols. 1863-76... 248-oA

History between the Periods of the Old and New Testa-
ments, by Riddle. 1868 56(5

Manners and Customs of the Jews in the Century which pre-
ceded the Advent of our Saviour [S.P.C.K.]

Old Testament in the Jewish Church, by Smith. 1881

Scripture History, by Giles. 1856 539A

The, Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern, by Hosmer. 1886 ... 4250

See also All the Round [in Russia], v. 49, i8ogj. Blackwood [Re-
formed], v. 106, IJ6J. Carlyle's Evangelical Alliance [Missions], 66oA.
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