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See also Inman's Faiths, 96 K and g6Ka. Robinson's Scripture Charac
ters, isiK. Sunday Magazine [and his Friends], 2474.7, &c.
Jobbery. See Fortnightly Review [in our Public Offices], v. 44, 2140.7. Help's

Government, inoF, &c.
Jobson (F. J., IVe s ley an Minister, b. 1812, d. 1 88 1 ), America and

American Methodism, illustrated. 1857 353^1

Jocoseria, Poems by R. Browning. 1883 274Q

Joddelle (E. French Dramatist, b. 1532, d. 1573). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 473D, &c.
John (Don. of Austria). See Edinburgh Review, v. 158, si8J. Living Age,

v. 158, 3i88J.
John (.King of Abyssinia). See Nineteenth Century, v. 15. 22257. Wylde's

Soudan [Hewett's Mission to King John], 275-6H.
John (King of England, b. 1166, d. 1216). See Freeman's Norman Conquest,

2osH. Harper [a Child's History of, by Dickens], vol 4, 15847, c.
John (.King of Ethiopia). See De Cosson's Travels, 1565-611.

John Bull and his Island, by Max O'Rell, translated I25IR

the Papists, Passages in the Life of an Anglican Rector,

by Edgar. 1846 3O2M

Bull's Womankind, by Max O'Rell I252R

' [Fras

- See also Blackwood [Fragments of his History], v. 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 41,

R.L. ; v. 69, I39J ; y. 73, I43J.
John Dory, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Lil. ary, 67gQ. Fish, &c.
John Gilpin's Ride. See Cowper's Poems, 487-8Z, &c.

John Godfrey's Fortunes, a Story of American Life, by Taylor. 1865 862R
John of Barneveld (Advocate of Holland], Life and Death of, by

Motley, 2 vols. 1875 497-8O

See also Barneveld (John of",), c.

John of Gaunt (Dttke of Lancaster, son of Edivard III. , /'. 1340,^. 1399). See
All the Year Round, v. 42, 19227. Dixcn's Royal Windsor, 325-6H.
English History, &c.
John (St., The Apostle, about 31), Commentary on the Epistle of, by

Sinclair 2540*

First General Epistle Unfolded and Displayed, by Hardy. 1865. 58 A

Epistles of [Barnes' Notes] loM

Gospel of [Barnes 5 Notes] 3M

Commentary upon, by Lange 6iA

of, with Commentary, by Watkins [School Commentary] I39Q

Lectures on, by St. Augustine, tr. by Gibb and Innes, 2 vols. ... 335-6A

- Revelation of, by Hengstenberg, 2 vols. 1851 , U7-8A

in Greek and English, by Kelly. 1860 IO4K

See also Contemporary [Later School of], v 27, 2037J. Ewald's Israel,
66K. Farrar s Early Days of Christianity, vol. 2, 386A. Haweis'
Christ and Christianity [The Fisherman's Story], riSsM. Robinson's
Scripture Characters, I5.2K. Stier's Words of the Angels [Revela-
tion of] 2i8Q. T wining' s Symbols, 507M, &c.

John the Baptist (b. 6 B.C., beheaded 31 A.D.). and Elijah, Dis-
courses on, by Anderson. 1835 202 K

the Baptist's Day. See Brand's Antiquities, ioo5-7M, &c.



Johns (C. A., Botanist^ l>. 1811, d. 1874), F.L.S., British Birds in

their Haunts, illustrated. 1876 , 777F

Flowers of the Field, illustrated. 1881 556Q

Loss of the Amazon [S.P.C.K.] 17427,

Johns (J ), Works of. Sec Harper's Index, i64oja, c.

Johnson (Andrew, President, U.S., b. 1808, d. 1875). Sec Leisure Hour [with

Portrait], v. 15, 26257, &c.

Johnson (C. \V. ), F.R.S., Farmer's Encyclopaedia, illustrated. 1844 loD
Johnson (Edward), M.D., Domestic Practice of Hydropathy. 1850 9I4K
Johnson (F.), M.A., Ed., Colloquies of Erasmus, translated by

Bailey, 2 vols. 1883 1 5-6K

Johnson (F,.), M.A. Sec Exell's Monthly Interpreter, 619-22^.

Johnson ([.), Living in Earnest, Incidents from the Lives of the Great

and Good. 1880

Johnson (J. A., T. and V. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.
Johnson (Samuel, Lexicographer, d-v., b. 1709, d. 1784), LL.D., A

Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. 1816 369 K

Dictionary and History of the English Language. 1828 IO4B

Lives of the British Poets, completed by Hazlitt [arranged

Chronologically and with Portraits], 4 vols. 1854 .'. 788-910

Lives of the Poets [the Six Chief Lives, Milton. Dryden, Swift,

Addison, Pope, Gray] and Macaulay's Life of Johnson, edited

by Arnold. 1878 9620

Mother of [Mothers of Great Men and Women] .... 682F

- Poetical Works and Life [Bell's Poets of Great Britain], 1807... 3997,

Prayers and Meditations. 1806 632M

Select Poets of Great Britain and Ireland 41 1 D

Moore. Cawthorne. Collins. Dyer. Shenstone. Mallet. Akenside.
Gray. Littleton. Gay.

Works of, and an Essay on his Life, by Murphy, 12 vols. 1824 :

Vol. i. Life of Johnson, by Murphy, Poems . .

Vols. 2-4. The Rambler

Vol. 5. The Idler and Rasselas

Vols. 6-8. Lives of the Poets

Vol. 9. Lives of Eminent Persons, Letters, Prayers, &c gioZ

Vol. io. Philological Tracts, Prefaces, &c 91 iZ

Vol. IT. Miscellaneous Tracts, Reviews, Papers in The Adventurer, &c. gi?Z

Vol. 12. Political Tracts, Journey to Scotland 913^

Works of, with an Essay on his Life and Genius, by Murphy :

Vol.i. Essay on his Life. The Rambler. The Idler. Lives of the Poets,

&C 99 2H

Vol 2. Rasselas. Poems. Letters. Tales. Political Tracts. Dedica-
tions, &c 993H

Ed. , The Idler [British Essayists] 879!! and 39!'

- The Rambler [British Essayists] 879!! and 25-8'!'

Anecdotes of, during the Last Twenty Years of his Life, by

Piozzi. 1856 I275R

- by Stephen [English Men of Letters]. 1879 10740

- Thos. Carlyle. 1853 24iZ

Life of, by Boswell, 4 vols. 1820 737-C>

, with Notes by Malone, 5 vols. 1821 236-40^

Tour to the Hebrides, by Boswell [Nat. Illus. Lib.]. 1852 I32OR

Johnsoniana, Life, Opinions and Table Talk of Dr. Johnson,

edited by Montagu 7 74*0

Sec also Brougham's Men of Letters, 598R. Knight's Old Bookseller,
14510. Martin's Memories, 8346. Masterpieces of Fiction, 556!).
Merydew's Love Letters, vol. i, 6j6F. Poole's Index, R.L. Scott's
Novelists. ioi4Z. Stephen's Hours in a Library, uo3R. Walter's
Boswell and Johnson. i8sZ. Contemporary, v. 47, zo^-j]. Harper,
v. 12, i592j. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.


Johnson (S. W.), M.A., How Crops Gro\v, a Treatise on the
Chemical Composition, Structure, and Life of the Plant, for
all Students of Agriculture 532K

Johnston (Alex., Political Economist} , Ed., Representative Ameri-
can Orators, 3 vols. 1885 :

Vol. i. Hamilton. Washington. Jefferson. Quincy, Clay. Calhoun.

Nott. Webster, &c i 5 6oZ

Vol. 2. Phillips. Chass. Sumner. Douglas. Brooks. Burlinghame, 6tc. i56iZ
Vol. 3. Lincoln. Seward. Cox. Beecher. Schurz. Sherman. Gar-
field, Kurd, &c i 5 6 2 Z

Jolinston (Alex. Keith). See Leisure Hour [with portrait], v. 21, 2631], c.

Johnston (C.), M.R.C.S., Travels in Southern Abyssinia, through

the Country of Adal to the Kingdom of Shoa, 2 vols. 1844 598-9!^

Johnston (D. ), M.D., A General, Medical, and Statistical History

of the Present Condition of Public Charity in France. 1829 IO47F

Johnston (J. F. W., Scotch Chemist, b. 1796, d. 1855), F.R.S.j

Elements of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. 1886 ... 668D

The Chemistry of Common Life, 2 vols. 1855 4I5-6R

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Johnston (K., Junr.), F.R.G.S., Handbook of Physical Geography. 479R

Johnstone (Mrs.) See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Jolinstone (R.), D.D. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, v. 4, 622.4.

Joinery. See also Carpentry.

Joinville (Lord John De, French Historian and Crusader, b. 1224,
d. 1319), Crusade of St. Louis [Chronicles of the Crusades,
Bonn's Library]. 1848 I74-VI and 2990

Jokai (Moritz, Hungarian Novelist, b. 1825), Hungarian Sketches
in Peace and War, with Preface by Emeric Szabad [Consta-
ble's Miscellany] 986 and I293R

Joliffe (T. R.), Letters from Palestine, Descriptive of a Tour through
Galilee and Judea", with some Account of the Dead Sea and
the Actual State of Jerusalem, illustrated. 1854 554-5K

Jolly (J-, Translator}. See Miiller's Sacred Books of the East, vol. 7, 565 A.

Jolly (W.), F.G.S., Life of John Duncan, Scotch Weaver and Bo-
tanist. 1883 62iO

Joly (N.), Man Before Metals, illustrated. 1883 IOI5M

Jonah (Hebrew Prophet, 862 B.C.), Lectures upon, by King. 1864... 57 A

- Sec also Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK. Good Words [Jonah and
Paul at Sea], v. i, 2i7iJ, &c.

Jonathan (Son of Saul, King of Israel, Killed in Battle, 1056 B.C.). 6Vt'Ewald's

Israel, 63K. Milman's Jews, isgQ, &c.
Jones (Agnes E., Philanthropic Nurse, b. 1832, d. 1868), Memoirs

of, by her Sister. 1871 ..... , .......................................... 10190

- Sec also Blaikie's Philanthropy, 7620.

Jones (Col. B. H.), The Sunny Land, or Prison Prose and Poetry,

edited by Houston. 1868 ............................................. oSgl\

[A Tale of the American Rebellion.]
Jones (C. A.), The Foreign Freaks of Five Friends [a Tour on the

Continent]. 1882 ...................................................... I4O6R

Jones (E., Chartist, b. 1819, d. 1869). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry

47 6D.

Jones (Edward Burne, Artist). Sec Temple Bar [Recent Paintings by], v *-

Jones (E. T.), Science of Book-keeping of Single and Double Entry

[English Systems]. 1837-40 .......................................... 653-4]}

Jones (E. W.), Book of Psalms, Questions for Bible Classes. 1863.. 1720



Jones (G., Historical Painter ; Librarian of Hie Royal Academy, b.
1786, d. 1869), R.A., Sir Francis Chan trey, R.A., Recol-
lections of his Life, Practice and Opinions. 1849 574O

Jones (Henry, Writer on Card Games, &c.). See Cavendish.^

Jones (H., Irish Dramatist, b. 1720, d. 1770). See New English Theatre, c.

Jones (Mrs. H.), Sandringham Past and Present. 1883 I348R

Jones (H. Bence, Physician and Chemist, b. 1813, d. 1873), M.U.,

The Royal Institution, its Founder and its First Professors.

Count Rumford. Professor Garnett. Professor Young. Faradaj'. Sir

Humphrey Davy. Dr. Thomas Young.
Jones (J., b. 1800, d. 1882), Jones' Collection in South Kensington

Museum [South Kensington Handbooks]. 1883 1044^!

Jones (J. Matthew), The Naturalist in Bermuda, a Sketch of the
Geology, Zoology, and Botany of that remarkable Group of

Islands. 1859.'...' 823F

Jones (John Paul, Rear Admiral in the American Navy, b. 1747, d.

1792), Life of, illustrated. 1867 7420

See also Fitzgerald s Kings and Queens of an Hour, 8$F. Lecky's

Eighteenth Century, i7oH, &e.
Jones (J. Winter, Principal Librarian British Museum, b. 1808,

d. 1881) [Cowtan's British Museum] 894!!

Jones (L.), and Ludlow (J. M.) } Progress of the Working Class,

[1832-67]. 1867 238R

Jones (S., Printer and Journalist, b. 1763, d. 1827), New Biographical
Dictionary, a Brief Account of the Lives and Writings of the

most eminent Persons in every Age and Nation. 1822 1877

Jones (T.), Fountain of Life, or Union of Christ and Believers. 1840 2O5Q

The Divine Order, and other Sermons and Addresses, edited by

Brynmor Jones, with a short introduction by R. Browning.... 355M
Jones (T. R., Naturalist, b. 1810, d. 1880), F.R.S., Natural History

of Animals, illustrated, 2 vols. 1845 I75-6R

The Animal Kingdom, a Manual of Comparative Anatomy, ill... 722F

Jones (Sir W., Orientalist, b. 1746, d. 1794), Discourses on the Re-
ligion, Poetry, &c., of India, and an Essay on the Author l-y

Lord Teignmouth, edited by Elmes. 1824 I2OIZ

Poetical Works and Life [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807... 4OoZ

Life and Writings of, by Lord Teignmouth. 1815 3 2 8F

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Jones (W.), F.S.A., Credulities Past and Present. 1880 9O2M

Crowns and Coronations, a History of Regalia, illustrated. 1883 15260

Finger-Ring Lore, Historical, Legendary, Anecdotal, illus. 1877 928M

Jones (W., Editor of the British Critic, b. 1726, d. iSoo), M.A.,

Ed. , Works of George Home, D. D. , 2 vols. 1 846 1 88-9 A

Jones (W. H.) M. A., Salisbury [Diocesan Histories]. 1880 i6o3Z

Jones' Edition of Select British Poets, 4 vols. v.D. :

Vol. i. Milton, Cowper, Goldsmith, Thomson, Falconer, Akenside, Collins,

Gray. 66oM

Vol. 2. Kirkewhite, Burns, Beattie, Shenstone, Gay's Fables, Butler's

Hudibras, Byron 661 M

Vol. 3. More, Pope, Watts, Hayley, Mason, Prior, Grahame and Logan.. 662M
Vol. 4. Dryden, Littleton, Hammond, Richardson, Charlotte Smith, Can-
ning, Giffbrd, Bloomfield's Farmer's Boy, &c 663M

Jongh (L. J. De), M.D., Three Kinds of Cod Liver Oil : compara-
tively considered with Reference to their Chemical and Thera-
peutic Properties, translated by Carey. 1849

Jonson (Ben, Dramatist, b. 1574, d. 1637), Works of, and Memoir

by Gifford. 1854 4ioD

Every Man in His Humour. The Alchemist. The Silent Woman. The
Devil is an Ass. Magnetic Lady, &c.



Jonson, Every Man in Mis Humour, edited by Wheatley. 1877 ... I26i7

by Symonds [English Worthies]. 1886 12020

See also Buckland's Curiosities, sg8Q. Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

4760. Hamilton's Poets Laureate, 9270. Inchbald's British Theatre.

Living Age, v. 81, 3inJ. New English Theatre, &c.
Jordan, The, and Dead Sea, United States Expedition, by Lynch 548 and 84OK

See also Alison's Europe, 122-380. Bellow's Europe, 1399!*.. Conder's

Palestine, 55sK. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Leisure Hour [the Rob
Roy on], v. 19, 2629.!, &c.

Jordan (T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.
Jortin (J., Scholar, b. 1698, d. 1770), U.D., Sermons on Different

Subjects, 7 vols. 1787 246-52K

Joseph (Hebrew Patriarch, d. 1635, B.C.), History of, Letters to

Young Men, by Sprague. 1851 logSR

History of, by Smith. 1856 463 M

See also Beke's Sinai in Arabia, 597B. Ewald's Israel, 6iK. Good Words

[and Brethren], v. 21, 2igiJ. Josephus, 64H. Milman's Jews, isjQ.

Robinson's Scripture Characters, i= ;iK, &c.
Joseph (King of Italy), Memoirs of. See Edinburgh Review, v. 100 and 102,

460 and 462],
Joseph II. {Emperor of Austria). See Edinburgh, v. i, 2iyiJ. Temple Bar,

v. 51, i38ij.
Josephine (Empress, Wifeof Napoleon Bonaparte, b. 1763, d. 1814),

Memoirs of, by Memes [Family Library]. 1832 10710

Sec also Alison's Europe, 123-360. Bingham's Bonaparte Marriages,

330-10. Jackson's French Court, 3350. Remusat's Letters, 22iF.

Living Age [First Court of], v. 27, 3057J. France, Napoleon, &c.
Josephus (Flavius, Jewish Historian, b. 37, d. after 97), \Vorks of,

translated by Whiston, illustrated, 2 vols. 1835 64-5! I

See also Beke's Sinai in Arabia, 5976. Ewald's Israel, 6$K. Milman's Jews,

!- 7 -8Q. Stapfer's Palestine, 477^!. Fraser [Works of], v. 25, 635J, &c.

Josh Billings [H. W. Shaw] Wit and Humour 1 8637,

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Joshua, (Successor to Moses, d. 1420 B.C.). See Ewald's Israel, 62K. Gallau-

det's Biography, 16937. Josephus, 64H. Milman's Jews, 1037. Rob-
inson's Scripture Characters, 151 K. Good Words, v. 10, 2i8oJ, &c.
Joshua to Samuel. See Gray's Biblical Museum, 7gM, &c.
Josiah (King of Judah, killed 610 B.C.), History of, by Gallaudet 16947

See also Josephus, 64H. Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.

Jottings from Jail, by Horsley. 1887 i2o;R

from the Pacific, by Gill, illustrated. 1 885 1 645 R

Joubert (B. C., French General, b. 1769, killed in Battle 1799). See Alison's

Europe, 123-50, &c.
Joubert (Joseph, French Jesuit, d. 1719). See Living Age, v. 80, sucj.

Journal of a Naturalist [by Knapp] 787F & 6330

Journalism,- English, and the Men who have made it, by Pea-
body. 1882 ,.. 12357

in the United States [1690 to 1872], by Hudson. 1873 978H

See also Escott's England and Its People, ioi8F. Frost's Recollections,

952R. Harper's Index, i64oja. Harper's Magazine [Western], v.
77> ^S?] [Journalistic London], v. 64, i644j. Chambers [Curiosities
of], v. 58, I949J. Contemporary [Future of], v. 50, 2060 J. Living Age
[Modern], y. 24, 30S4J. London Quarterly [British], y. 38, 828J.
Quarterly [in France], v. 65, ngsJ- Newspapers, Periodicals, &c.
Journey Due North. See Household Words, I754J.

- South ; Travels in Search of Sunshine, by Sala, illus. 1885 SoiK
in the Caucasus, Persia, &c., by Thielman, translated by Hene-

age, 2vols. 1875 1462 3R

Jousts. See Tournaments.

Jovellanos (G. M.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.
Jowett (B., b. 1787, d. 1855), M.A., On the Interpretation of Scrip-
ture [Essays and Reviews] , 662 A



Jowett, 7V., Republic of Plato, translated into English, with In-
troduction, Analysis, Marginal Analysis, and Index. 1888... I2ooll
Joy. See Smith's Moral Sentiments, s88H. Warner's Physical Expression, 393R,


Joyce (J., Unitarian Minister, b. 1764, d. 1816), Scientific Dialogues,
Intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young

People, illustrated 695Q & 52oR

System of Practical Arithmetic 31 iR

3\\&T\~LL.(King: of Castile, 6. 1405, d. 1454). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry
of Europe, 4730. Spain, c.

Jubilee of the Methodist New Connexion. 1848 lOoK

Singers. See Chambers, v. 55, 19487.

Judah. See Ewald's Israel, 64!*:. Smith's Prophets, 466 M, &c.
Judaism. See Contemporary [Progressive], v. 42, 20527. London Quarterly
[after the Captivity], v. 30, 8207. Contemporary [Future of], v. 32,
20427. Edinburgh Review [Modern], v. 117, 4777. 7 ews > & c -

Judas Iscariot. See De Quincey's Works, 6siR. Ewald's Israel, 66K. Robin-
son's Scripture Characters, I52K, Sc.
Judas Maccabseus (Jewish Priest and Governor, killed 160 B.C.), and

the Jewish War of Independence, by Conder [New Plutarch] IO22Q

See a/stf'Ewald's Israel, 6jK. Milman's 7ews, is8Q, &c.

Judd (J. W T .), F.R.S., Volcanoes, What they Are and What they

Teach, illustrated. iSSi 4 88R

Jude (St.), Epistle of, Commentary by Mason 2547

See also Barnes' Notes, joM. Commentaries, &c.

Judeans. See Ewald's Israel, 6sK. 7 ews > &c.

Judge 7effreys. See All the Year Round, v. 42, 19227. 7 e ff revs i & c -

Judges of England [1066-1870], Biographical Dictionary of, by

Foss. 1870 , 595F

See also Campbell's Chief Justices, 784-70. 7 ames ' Curiosities of Law,
I075F. Pike's Crime in England, 307-8K. Chambers [of England],
v. 47, 19587. Quarterly [of England], v. 119, 12497. Chambers [of
the Olden Time], v. 19, 19277. Law, Lawyers, &c.
Judgment and Thesis. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 39 iR.

Future. See Trotter's Plain Papers so6M. Future State, c.

Judicial. See Chambers [Quaint Judgments], v. 63, 19527. Crime, Law, c.

Judicature. See Smith's Institutions, si^T, Sec.

Judicial Dramas, or the Romance of the French Criminal Law, by

Spicer. 1872 1114!!

Judicial Puzzles. See Chambers, v. 52, 19467.

Judson (A., American Missionary, b. 1788, d. 1854), D.D., Life of,

edited by Bonar. 1871 743O

Juggernaut. See Harper, v. 57, 16377. Idolatry, India, &c.

Jugglers. See Beckman's Inventions, 6a8Q. Chambers [Indian], v. 61, 19517.

Once a Week [in India], v. 4, 22647. Conjuring, &c.

Julian (F. C., Emperor, b. 332, killed 363). See Gibbon's Roman Empire, 76-7^
Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740. Macmillan [His view of
Christianity], v. 48, 9787. Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67oF.
Juliet. See Blackwood [Shakspere's], v. 131, 2017.
Julius. See Howson's Companions of St. Paul, 35oM.
Julius Caesar. See Lappenberg's England, 15170. See under Caesar for principal

July. See Howitt's Seasons, 572Q, &c.

Holiday in Saxony, Bohemia and Silesia, by White. 1857 I47OR

Jumping. See Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Maclaren's Physical Education,

i8o8Z. Shearman's Athletics, I259R, &c.
June. See Howitt's Seasons, 572Q, &c.
Jungfrau. See Williams' Alps, &c., 5906.

Jungle. See Chambers [Indian, Dangers of] v. 62, 19517. Leisure Hour [Race
in], v. n, 26217. Temple Bar [in Central America], v. 22, 13527. All
the Year Round [Lost in], v. 6, 17667.

JuniUS (the Assumed name of a Political Writer of the reign of
George III. [1769-72] ; probably Sir Philip Francis), Letters

of, with portraits, 2 vols. 1805 .' 985-6!!

1786 ' 7440



Junius, Letters of, edited by Wade, 2 vols. 1850 990- iR

[WoodfalPs Edition], 2 vols ii39Rand I2O2-3Z

Sec also Foster's Essays, gsoR. Stephen's Memoirs of T.ooke, 534F.

Trevelyan's Life of Fox, 26oF. Cornhill [Last phase of the Con-
troversy], v. 23, 303.7. Fraser [More about], v. 76, 686 J ; [and his
time], v. 90, 7ooJ. Living Age [was he Lord Lyttelton], v. 42, 3072J.
Cushing's Pseudonyms, R.L., &c.

Junks, Chinese. See Eden's China, Bi^Q. Woodgate's Boating, I266R.
China, &c.

Junot (A., Marshal and due d'Abrantcs, b. 1771, committed suicide 1813). 'See
Alison's Europe, 123-350. Memoirs, 329-3^. France, Napoleon, &c.

Junot (L. P., Duchesse ifAbrantes, wife of the Marshal, b. 1784,

d. 1838), Memoirs of, 3 vols. 1883 329-3^

Jupiter, The Planet. See Brown's Science for All, 6266 and 627Ba. Astronomy,
Stars, &c.

Jupiter {Mythological God of Heaven of the Ancient Greeks and Romans').
See Conway's Demonology, gog-ioM. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Homer's
Iliad, Smith's Classical Dictionary, c.

Jurien De La G-raviere (Captain E.), Sketches of the Last

Naval War, translated by Plunkett, 2 vols. 1848 292-30

Jurisdiction. See Pike's Crime in England, soyH. Law, &c.

Jurisprudence. See London Quarterly [Codification of the Law], v. 24, 8i4j.
Government, Law, &c.

Jury. See Pike's Crime in England, 307-8!!. Routledge's Popular Pro-
gress [Trial by], IO34F. Hill's Repression of Crime, roisF. Black-
wood [in civil cases], v. 27, R.L. Century [Is it a Failure], v. 3, 1875 J.
Chambers [Curiosities of], v. 50, igsij.

Jusserand (J. J.) English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages [I4th

Century], translated by Smith. 1889 I925R

Justice. See Percy Anecdotes, Q2iZ. Smith's Moral Sentiments, sSSH.
Contemporary [Cheap], v. 35, 2045J. Law, &c.

Justification. See Good Words [and its Preacher], v. 7, 21777.

Justin Martyr {Philosopher and Martyr, b. 103, killed about 166). See Donald-
son's Christian Literature, &c., 47K. Farrar's Lives of the Fathers,
67oF. Haweis' Christ and Christianity [and the Apologists],
n86M, &c. *

Justinian, Institutes of, edited by Holland. 1881 iSogZ

- with English translation and Notes, by Sanders. 1865.... 1097!"

See also Gibbon's Roman Empire, 8o-8iH. Contemporary [law-reforming

days of], v. 39, 2049.7.

Jute Fibre. See Temple's India, 486K. lire's Dictionary, 8D, &c.
Juvenal (Roman Satirist, d. about 100), The Satires of, translated
with Explanatory and Classical Notes, relating to the Laws

and Customs of the Greeks and Romans. 1789 n82H

by Walford [Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1876 JO97Q

translated by Badham [Family Classical Library]. 1831 II26Q

See also Peters Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740. Edinburgh Review

[Hodgson's Translation of], v. 12, 3727, &c.

Juvenile Delinquents in United States, by Peirce. 1869

See also Edinburgh Review, v. 94, 454.7, &c.

JUVENILE LITERATURE (Works of Interest, Amusement
and Instruction suitable for young persons of both sexes.
When only Authors are given Reference must be made to tJie
General Alphabet or the Fiction Class List. In the references
to Authors, those most suitable for Girls are in italics} :

Boy's Own Annual, from Vol. i. 1879

[This serial contains most interesting and valuable Articles on all Sub-
jects interesting to Boys, also numerous Stories of Adventure and
Travel, by well-known Authors.]

Girl's Own Annual, from Vol. I. 1880 ,

[This serial contains most interesting and valuable Articles on all Sub-
jects interesting to Girls, also numerous Stories by well-known

'3 [385]



Home Treasury of Old Story Books 2863X

Plutarch, Accounts of Celebrated Children ii7iZ

Bacon, Black Prince, Edward VI., Crichton, Lady Jane Grey, Pope,
Nelson, Milton, Gainsborough, &c.

Routledge's Every Boy's Annual I30IF

[Containing interesting Historical and other Tales, Articles on Sport, &c.]
Suggestive Lessons in Practical Life, being Reading Books for
School and Home, Designed to Train the Young to
Thoughtfulness and Intelligence, 4 vols. 1888 :

First Series. The Food We Eat i8a6Z

Second Series. The Clothes we Wear. The Houses we Build. The

Rooms we Furnish ifejZ

Third Series. The Fuel we Burn. The Metals we Smelt. The Forests

we Clear iSaSZ

Fourth Series. The Cities we found. The Goods we Carry. The Speech

we Utter. The Books we Read. The Triumphs we Await iSagZ

See also Abbot (J. and S. C.). Adams (H. C.). Adams (H. G. and W. H.

D.). Aimard (G.). Aikin's Evenings at Home, 112!'. Ainsworth
(W. H.). Akott(L. M.). Aldrich(T. B.). A. L. O. E. American

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