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way during the Years 1834 to 1836...., 7^3Q and I262R

Notes of a Traveller on the Social and Political State of France,

Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of Europe, during

the present Century [Travellers' Library]. 1854 i26zR

Lake District, as Interpreted in the Poems of Wordsworth, by

Knight. 1878 8i7Q

- Dwellings, Scottish, by Munro. 1882 907 F

See also Chambers [in Scotland] v. 60, 1960.]".

Lake Huron. See Lome's Canadian Pictures, 3316, - &c.

Lakes and Rivers, by Napier [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1879 623Q

of the Bible, by Tweedie, illustrated. 1864 iSgQ

See also Atkinson's Siberia, 5986. Brown's Science for All, 626 B. Cornhill
Magazine [A Coach Drive at the], vol. 58, 338]. Elton's Africa, 652K.
Harper's Index, i64oja. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Lund's Italian Lake
Land, I728R. Stanford's Compendium [New Zealand, Australia, Tas-
mania], SssK. Stanley's Dark Continent, is63R. limbs' Works,
854Z. London Quarterly [English], v. 24, n54j. Nature [Freezing of]
v. 19, 2679!, &c.

Lake (General, b. 1744, d. 1808). See Cassell's India, 22 8D, &c.

Lakeman (J. B.), Health in the Workshop [Int. Health Ex.]. 1884 991 M
Lalanne (M. L.), Ed., Last Days of the Consulate, by Fauriel. 1885 4490

Lalla Rookh, a Poem, by Moore , 5O2Z

Lamarck (J. B. P. A. De Monet, Chevalier De, French Naturalist, b. 1744, d.

1829). See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, &74Q.
Lamartine (A. De, French Poet and Historian, b. 1792, d. 1869),

'History of the French Revolution of 1848. 1849

Girondists, translated by Ryde, 3 vols. 1847 963-5Q

Pictures of the First French Revolution, being Episodes from

the History of the Girondists. 1850 18047,

Memoirs of my Youth. 1850 ioi8Q



Laniartine Twenty-five Years of my Life and Memoirs of my

Mother, translated by Lady Herbert, 2 vols. 1872 757-SO

Sec also Harper's Index, 1640 Ja. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,

4730. Blackwood, v. 56, is6J. Mothers of Great Men and Women,
682F. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
Lamb (C., Essayist and Poet, b. 1775, d. 1834), Specimens of Eng-
lish Dramatic Poets, time of Shakespeare. 1854 71 iM.

- Tales from Shakespeare, for Young Persons. 1851 iiooll

-Works of. 1842 ioo8H

Letters. Poems. Rosamond Gray. Essays of Elia.

- by Ainger [Eng. Men of Letters]. 1882 10750

Final Memoirs of, by Talfourd. 1850 759O

Mother of. See Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682 F.

Sec also Clarke's Recollections, 9390. Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

476D. Gentleman's Magazine [Letters], v. 41, N.S., ?6iJ. Griswold's
Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Macmillan's Magazine [Letters
/^n IT _Q ~oo T c...:u,, >~ M: n : ~.~r\ TI ~~.,*~ TT-: A

of], v. 58, 988J. Swinburne's Miscellanies, 13400. Thomson's Friend-
ships, 5650. Twining's Symbols, 507M. Edinburgh Review, v. 124.
Living Age, y. 90, 3i2oJ. Fortnightly [as a Humorist], v. 30, 2i2oJ.

Fraser [and his Friends], v. 105, 715]. Living Age [Letters of], v. 162,
3iQ2j. Macmillan [Five new Anecdotes of], v. 39, g6g] ; [Works of],
v. 54, 984.7. Harper's Index, i64oja.

Lamb (Mary), by Mrs. Gilchrist [Eminent Women Series]. 1883 ... 11290

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Lamballe (M. T., Princess de, Friend of Marie Antoinette, b. 1748, killed -Ljg-z).

See Thomson's Friendships, 5640.
Lambeth. See Loftie's London, 2520.

Palace and its Associations, by J. Cave-Browne, ill. 1882 809 K

Sec also All the Year Round, v. 42, i822j. Harper's New Monthly Magazine,

vol. 67, 1647 J. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.
LambtonOJ. G., Earl of Durham, b. 1792, d. 1840).- Sec Lennox's Celebrities.

ioi6H, &c.

Lament (J.), F.G.S., Yachting in the Arctic Seas, Notes of Five
Voyages of Sport and Discovery in the Neighbourhood of
Spitzbergen and Novaya Zemlya, illustrated. 1876 ...674 and 67 5 K

Lampliere (G. N.), United States Government. 1881 lonF

La Motte Fonque (F. H. C. de). See Blackwood [Cypress Crown], v. 6, R.L.

Lamprey, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Seeley's Fishes,
8nF, &c.

Lamps. See English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Smiles' Engineers [Safety], 9840.
Leisure Hour [and Lamp Fluids], v. n, 2621]. Urbanitzky's Elec-
tricity, 68gD. lire's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D. Cham-
bers [Lamp accidents], v. 37, 1945.7.

Lancashire. See Escott's England and its People, ioi7F. Good Words [Home
Life in]; v. 23, 2I93J. Westminster [Distress of Cotton Operatives,
1863], v. 80, R.L.

Lancaster (John of Gaunt, Duke of). See John of Gaunt.

Lancelot (Dom C.), Allet and the Grande Chartreuse, &c., 2 vols.. 804-59

LAND. Landholding in England, History of, by Fisher [Humboldt

Library]. 1881 io85F

Drainage of Land, Irrigation, and Manures, by Roland. 1887 ... S2g
Sinking? of, by Peacock, 1868 86R

Sec also Alison's Europe, 139-450. Austral Africa, ij.o2H. Brown's Palaeo-

lithic Man, 9osF. Cassell's Popular Educator [Surveying], 164-90.
Chambers [Changes of Land], v. 53, igssJ ; [Story of] v. 62, i96ij ;
[Transfer of] v. 47 and 56, 1944 and I948J. Contemporary [and
Labour], v. 41, 2osiJ. Escott's England and its People [and the
Landlord], ioi7F. Fortnightly [Feudal Tenures], v. i3,2io3j ; [Trans-
fer of] v. 43, 2i33j. Froude's England, 1920. George's Progress and
Poverty, io23F. Heath's Peasant Life, I329R. Hunter's Indian Em-
pire [Settlement], 4 8 5 K. McCulloch's British Empire, 7 nH. Nineteenth
Century [Capital and Improvement of], v. 18, 2228J. Once a Week
[and Labour], v. 28, 2288J. Penny Magazine [Surveying of], v. 9,

[ 4 OI]


LAND (continued. )

1476. Pike's Crime in England, soy-SH. Rieardo's Political Economy,
&c., I004F. Reclus' Phenomena, 803*'. Roger's Work and Wages,
Tio2F. Smith's Wealth of Nations, I026-8F. Williams' Facts and
Fallacies [Land Laws and the Land Question], s88R. Fortnightly
[Public], v. 21, 2inJ. Lands, Landslips, c.

Land and the Book, by Thomson. 1879 487^!

of Khemi, by Oliphant. See Blackwood's Magazine, vol. 130, 2ooJ, &c.

Manfred, &c., by Ross. 1889 86oK

the Forum and the Vatican, by Newman Hall. 1854 62iZ

- Midnight Sun [Africa], by Du Chaillu, ill., 2 vols. 1881... 46;-8K
Morning, Japan and its People, by Dixon, illustrated. 1882 I5I3R
Land-tax. See Peto's Taxation, S:c., ioi6F. Temple's India, 486K. Laws,

Taxes, &c.

Landberg (F. MA Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Landed Gentry, Abuses of the. See Arnold's Politics, 86oH, &c.
Landels (W.), D.D., The Marriage Ring, a Gift Book for the Newly

Married and for those Contemplating Marriage 3 1 6R

Young Men in the Battle of Life [Cassell's Library] 96oZ

Lander (R., African Traveller, b. 1804, d. 1834), Records of Captain

Clapperton's Last Expedition to Africa, 2 vols 1 556-7R

(and J., brother of above, b. 1807, d. 1839), Journal of an Expe-
dition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger,

2 vols , 547-8 and 666-7Z

Landless Farmer. See Atlantic Monthly, v. 51, i54ij.

Landlord and Tenant. See Leisure Hour, v. 14, 2624].

Landon (LetitiaE., Poet, b. 1802, d. 1838), Poetical Works of, ed. by

Scott 710 7i6M

Sec also Fraser's Magazine [with Portrait], vol. 8, 6i8J.

Landor (W. S., Poet, b. 1775, d. 1864), Works of, 2 vols. 1846 :

Vol. i. Imaginary Conversations. Southey and Person. Cromwell and
Noble. Elizabeth and Cecil. Demosthenes and Eubulides.
Milton and Marvel. Washington and Franklin. Johnson and
Tooke. Chesterfield and Chatham. Romilly and Perceval.
Anacreon and Polycrates. Xenophon and Cyrus. Peter the
Great and Alexis. Boccaccio, Petrarca and Chaucer. Pitt and
Canning. Diogenes and Plato. Barrow and Newton. Pennand
Lord Peterborough. Izaac Walton, Cotton and Oldways, &c. . . 43iD
Vol. 2. Imaginary Conversations. Wellington and Inglis. Mary and
Elizabeth. ^sop and Rhodope. Steele and Addison. La
Fontaine and De La Rochefoucault. Melancthon and Calvin.
Galileo, Milton, and a Dominican. Miscellaneous. Examination

of Shakespeare on Deer Stealing, Dramas, &c 432D

A Biography, by Forster. 1879 339^

- by Colvin [Morley's English Men of Letters]. 1884 io89R

Sec also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and

Poetry of England, 4720. Stephen's Hours in a Library, no4R.
Fortnightly, v. 12, 21 i2j. Contemporary, v. 18, 2028J. Macmillan,

9$oJ. Scribner, v. 6, i856J. Edinburgh Review, v. 83, 443J.
. " . . .__ ""_"_. _ :> 94J; [Reminis-

cences], v. 158, 3i88J. Century Magazine, v. 13, iSSsJ, &c.

Temple Bar, v. 13, 1343.!. Living Age, v. 64, 3094

Lands Classical and Sacred, by Nugent, 2 vols in I. 1846 I484Z

Land's End, A Londoner's Walk to, and a Trip to the Scilly Isles, by

White. 1855 I3S5K

A Week at the, by Blight, illustrated. 1861 82oQ

See also Watkin's In the Country, i7igR, &c.

Lands of the Slave and the Free, Cuba, United States and Canada, by

Murray. 1855 1584-^

Landscape. See Art Journal [French], v. 34, R.L. Ellis' Sketching from
Nature, io67M. Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M. Quarterly, v. 37,
11677 ; v. 16, H46J, &c.



Landscape Gardening. See Robinson's Gardening in Paris, 6096. Gardening, &c.
Landseer (Sir E., Celebrated Animal Painter, b. 1802, d. 1873). See Frith's

Reminiscences, 6is-6i6Fa. Living Age, v. 123, 31537, &c.
Landslides. Sec Chambers' Journal, v. 63, 19637.
Landslips. See Fortnightly [at Elm], v. 36, 2I26J. Chambers [at Nynec], v.

57, IQ57J. Penny Magazine [Near Axmouth, Devon], v. 9, i47B, &c.

Lane and Field, by Wood [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1879 62 4Q

Lane (B. I.), Mysteries of Tobacco. 1846 599T

Lane (E. W., Orientalist, b. 1801, d. 1876), Account of the Manners

and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, ill 1528-91-1 and 66o-6iZ

Lanfranc (Italian Priest, b. 1005, d. 1089). See Freeman's Norman Conquest,

202-sH, &C.

Lanfranco (Girolamo,). See History of Pottery and Porcelain, 936D.
Lanfrey (P., French Philosopher and Historian, b. 1828), Napoleon

the First, 4 vols. 1871 ior-4F

Lang (A., Poet and Author, b. 1844), Letters to Dead Authors. 1886 iiSiR

Ed., English Worthies, V.D. :

Blake (Admiral), by Hannay i2oiO

Canning (G.), by Hill 12070

Jonson (B.), by Symonds I2O2O

Marlborough, by Saintsbury 12030

Raleigh, by Gosse 12040

Shaftesbury (The First Earl), by Traill , 12050

Steele (R.), by Dobson I2O6O

. Lang (G. S.). See Brown's Paleolithic Man, go^F, &c.

Lang (J. M.), D.D., Life : Is it Worth Living? [Theol. Lib.] 1885 643 M
Langbridge (F.). -See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Lange (F. A.), History of Materialism, trans, by Thomas, 3 vols :
Vol. i. Materialism in Antiquity. Period of Transition. Seventeenth Cen-
tury, &c 622!!

Vol. 2. Eighteenth Century. Modern Philosophy, &c 623!!

Vol. 3. Natural Sciences. Man and the Soul. Morality and Religion, &c. 624!!
Lange (J. P.), D.D., Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles. 1869 II2-3A

Gospel of St. Luke, 2 vols. 1869 no-iA

Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Mark, 3 vols. 1869... II4-6A
upon the Gospel of St. John 6iA

Life of the Lord Jesus Christ, 6 vols. 1864 IO4-9A

Langhorne (J., Poet and Novelist, b. 1735, d. 1779), D.D., and

Langhorne (W.), A.M., Trs., Lives of Plutarch [Family
Classical Library], illustrated, 7 vols. 1831 1130-60

Tr. Plutarch's Lives, Grecian and Roman, 4 vols 789-92M

translated from the Original Greek, with Notes and a Life of

Plutarch, 6 vols. 1823 445-5oF

Langland. See Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life, 192511.

Langley (Prof. S. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Langton (S. , A rchbiskof of Canterbury, d. 1228). See Adam's Churchmen, 68iO.

Dixon's Roj-al Windsor. 325 H, &c.
Langtry (Mrs.). See Saturday Review [as an Actress], v. 54, R.L.

LANGUAGE, Works relating to (See also Countries, e.g.,
England, France, India, China, orY., Elocution, English,
French, Germ an Grammar, Philology, &-Y. ) :

Language and Literature, by Chambers. 1837 9O7R

Chapters on, by Farrar. 1865 945R

English, Elements of the, by Adams. 1872 I952R

English, Its Origin and History, by Marsh. 1862 1028!!

Lectures by Marsh. 1861 1029!!



LANGUAGE, Works relating to : (continue J.)

Language, Families of Speech, Four Lectures, by Farrar. 1870 944R

Lectures on, by Miiller, 2 vols. 1880 1041 -2R

Life and Growth of, by Whitney. 1885 359R

Lost Beauties of the English Language, by Mackay. 1874 IOI7R

Mastery of Languages, or the Art of Speaking Foreign

Tongues Idiomatically, by Prendergast. 1869 1032 1 1

Origin and Progress of [R.T.S.]- 1848 i226Za

Proven9al, by Craig. 1863 I2O3R

See also Bohn's Foreign and English Proverbs, 1064-5!^. Borrow's

Gypsy Language, &c., 8g6R. Boyce's Study of History, zH.
Capello's Central Africa, 83I-2K. Chambers [a Universal], v. 26,
I939J. Contemporary [Counter sense in], v. 45, 2055J. Compayre"'s
Pedagogy, 2g6R. Cornhill Magazine [The Great American], v. 58,
338J. Domenech's America [Indian Languages], 693K. Donnelly's
Atlantis, loijM. Du Chaillu's Africa, sgiK. Fortnightly [Origin
of], v. 4, 2094.7. Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201 and 2osH.
Inman's Ancient Faiths, g$K. Blackwood [Characteristics of],

v. 29, 2039J. Edinburgh Review [Origin and Affinities of], v. 51,
4iiJ. Fraser [Abuse of, in Science and Common Life], v. 35, 645].
Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [and Literature of the East], v. 2, 722!.
" - -'- - "-" ' - dictionary, io 4 B.

Kitto's Lost Senses [Deaf and Dumb Alphabet], 14717. Knowledge
[Origin of], v. 9, 25895. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Animals
[of Animals], 7ii-2F. Lubbock's Primitive Man, 6726. Macmillan
[Cumulation in], v. 31, g6ij ; [Divergence of], v. 8, 9385. Med-
hurst's China, 1044?. Mehagen's Universal History, I3-5H.
Nature [Philosophy of], v. 23, 26837. Palgrave's Arabia, sSsK.
Penny Magazine [Changes of], v. 2, 1406. Piezzo's Synonyms,
I236Z. Quarterly [Science of], v. 119, 12497. Smith (Adam) Es-
says, 462^1. Smith (Sidney) [Teaching Languages], 2970. Soule's
Synonymes, I094R. Spelling Bees, i23iZ. Stapfer's Palestine [Time

of Christ], 477M. Timbs' Works [and Books], 8siZ: Trench's English
Past and "

477ivi. limbs works [ana cooksj, 551^,: irencns English
Present, ingR; Proverbs, ii2oR ; Study of Words,
Whately's Synonyms, 55iT. Bastian's Brain, sSjR.
Posnett's Literature, 394R. Sidgwick's Fallacies, 39iR, &c.
Language of Flowers. See Flowers.
Lanier (S.)> Ed. t The Boy's Froissart, being Sir John Froissart's

Chronicles of Adventure, Battle, &c., illustrated. 1879 457O

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, Century [as a Poet], v 5 18777.

Lankester (E., Naturalist, b. 1814, d. 1874), M.D., Half Hours
with the Microscope, a Popular Guide to the Use of the Micro-
scope, il lustrated 729^

Ed., Haydn's Dictionary of Popular Medicine and Hygiene, illus. 91 iK

Lankester (Mrs.), Talks about Plants, or Early Lessons in Botany 82R

Wild Flowers worth Notice, a Selection of some of our Native

Plants which are most Attractive from their Beauty, Uses, or

Associations, colored plates. 1879 75K

Lanman (C.), Ad ventures in the Wilds of North America [Travellers'

Library]. 1854 !27iR

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Lannes (Jean, Duke of Montebello, French Marshal, b. 1769, /fo'// 1809). See

Alison's Europe, 123-310. France, Napoleon, &c.
Lansdell (H., Traveller}, D.D., Russian Central Asia, including

Kuldja, Bokhara, Khiva, and Merv, illustrated. 1885 828-9K

Through Central Asia, with a Map and Appendix on the Diplo-
macy and Delimitation of the Russo-Afghan Frontier, illus. 83oK

Siberia, illustrated, 2 vols. 1882 496-7K

Lansdowne (Lord), as Governor-General of Canada. See Saturday Review,
v. 55, R.L.



Lansdowne (Lord). See also Granville (G).

Lansing (G.), D.D. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, vol 3, 62iA.

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Lanzi (A. L., Italian Antiquary, l>. 1732,^. 1810), History of Paint-
ing in Italy, translated by Roscoe, 3 vols. 1847 , 1063-5^!

La Perouse (J. F. Comte de, French Navigator, b. 1741), Voyages

of [Edinburgh Cabinet Library]. 1843 937Q

Lapidary. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, &c., 8D, &c.
Laplace (Pierre Simon, Marquis de, French Astronomer^ b. 1749, d. 1827).
See Humboldt's Cosmos, 483!?.. Edinburgh Review [Essay on Proba-
bilities], v. 23, 3837. Morton's Heroes of Science, 7030, &c.

Lapland [Du Chaillu's Land of the Midnight SunJ 467-8K

See also Taylor's Northern Travel, 85711. Blackwood [Reindeer ride

through], v. 128, igSJ. Fortnightly [and Sweden, Licensing in], v. 26

2II6J, &C.

Laplanders. See Leisure Hour [Among the], v. 17, 2627 J. Lubbock's Primi-
tive Man, 6726, &c.

La Plata. See Nature [Resources of], v. 3, 2663J.

Lappenberg (J. M., German Historian, b. 1794, d. 1865), F.S.A.,
History of England, under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, translated

by Thorpe, revised by Otte, 2 vols. 1881 1517-80

Lapwing, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 655(3 Good Words

[Haunts of], v. 24, 2194.7. Birds, &c.
Larceny. See Saturday Review [Law of], v. 60, R.L.
Larcon.(L-), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Lardner (Dr, Irish Mathematician and Scholar, b. 1793, d- T 859),

D.C.L., Eminent British Statesmen [Cab. Cyclop.], 2 vols ... 283^

Hand-Books of Natural Philosophy, illustrated. 1855-6 :

Electricity, Magnetism, and Acoustics 467R

Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, and Heat 46gR

Mechanics 47R

Optics 468R

Hydrostatics and Pneumatics [Cabinet Cyclopaedia], ill...7oiQ and 474R

Popular Lectures on Science and Art, illustrated, 2 vols. 1846... 756-70
- Treatise on Heat [Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1883 476K

and Kater (Capt. H. ), Treatise on Mechanics 699Q and 472R

See also Fraser [with Portrait], v. 5, 6isJ.

Lardner'S Cabinet Cyclopaedia. Works by other Authors in this

series will be found under author or subject.
Lardner (N.), D.D., Credibility of Gospel History, 2 vols. 1847 ... 377-8M

History of the Apostles and Evangelists, 3 vols. 1760 :

Vol. i. Canon of the New Testament, the Four Evangelists 37aM

Vol. 2. History of St. Paul and his Epistles 373M

Vol. 3. James, Peter, Jude, and the Revelation 374M

Lark, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 654Q. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB.

Sunday Magazine [the Skylark], v. 12, 246^. Birds, &c.
La Rochefoucauld (F. de). See Living Age [and his Philosophy], v. 97,

3I27J ; [Life and Maxims of], v. 28, 3os8J.

La Bochejaquelein (Henri, Comte de, Vendean Insurgent Chief , b. 1772, killed
1794). See Alison's Europe, i2iO. France, &c.

Larwood (J.), Book of Clerical Anecdotes i76iZ

Larwood (J.), Forensic Anecdotes, or Humour and Curiosities of the

Law. 1882 I205Z

The Story of the London Parks H97R

Theatrical Anecdotes. 1882 I 4 2T

and Hotten (J. C), History of Signboards, from the Earliest

Times to the Present Day, illustrated. 1866 icooR

Larynx. See Meyer's Organs of Speech, sgoR.
Lasaulx (Amalie von). See Augustine (Sister).



Las Casas (B., Spanish Missionary, />. 1474, d. 1566), The Apostle

of the Indies, by Helps. 1873 76oO

Las Casas (E., Count &Q, French Historian, b. 1766, d. 1842), Memoirs

of, containing an account of Napoleon's Life at St. Helena ... 338F
Lassus (O., Fatuous Belgian Musician, b. 1520, d. 1594). See Naumann's Music,


Last Act, The, being the Funeral Rites of All Nations, by Tegg. 1878 i48iZ
Words. See Chambers [of Great Men], v. 37, I945J. Fraser [of Napo-
leon and Wellington], v. 47, 6577, c.

Latham (R. G., Philologist, b. 1812), M.A., and Ansted (D. T.),

F.R.S., The Channel Islands. 1852 , 410!!

[A review of this work appears in the Quarterly Review, vol. 161, 1291 J.]

Elements of Comparative Philology. 1862 1020! I

Outlines of General or Developmental Philology. 1878 903 R

Lathe, The, Turning Lathes, a Manual for Technical Schools, by

Lukin. 1888 H56M

See also Boy's Annual [How to use it], I302H. Eccentric Turning, I22D.

English Mechanic, vols 46-7, 1046-70. Carpentry, &c.

Lathom House, Siege of, and Life of Colonel Hutchinson. 1846 ... 7290
Lathrop (G. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.
Latimer (Hugh, Bishop of Worcester, l>. 1490, burnt 1555), Sermons 2I2A

Sermons and Remains of. 1845 22iA

- See also Adams' Churchmen, 68iO. Brave Confessors, 14406. Cooke's
Great Lives, 10030. Froude's England, 192-60. Green's English
People, igoH. _ Temple Bar [English History in Sermons of], v. 50,
i38oj. Ecclesiastical History, &c.

Latin. See Cassell'? Popular Educator, 164-90. Compayre"s Pedagogy [Study of],

'um Sive Symbola Critica,

2g6R. Crombie's Gymnasium Sive Symbola Critica, 888-gH.
snail's Cruces and Criticisms [texts], ii48H. Quarterly [Dictionaries
of], v. 97, I227J.

and Teutonic Nations [1494 to 1514], by Ranke, translated by

Ashworth. 1887 IO24R

Latitudes and Longitudes. See Lardner's Lectures. 7560. Geography, &c.

La Trappe. See Fraser [Monks of], v. 85, 695.7.

Latrielle (P. A., French Naturalist, b, 1726, d. 1833). See Jardine s Naturalists
Library, 675Q.

Latter-day Pamphlets, by Carlyle 7iT

Latto (T. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Laud (W., Archbishop of Canterbury, b. 1573, executed 1645;. See Adams'
Churchmen, 68iO. Brodie's British Empire, 2i2-^ti. Cattermole's
Literature of the Church, vol. i, 548A. Clarendon's History of the
Rebellion, 297-3000. Dixon's H. M. Tower, 323H. Fraser, v. 89,
fggj. Gardiner's History of England, 462-90. Green's English Peo-
ple, 190-91 H. Mozley's Essays, 1023^ Stoughton's Religion in
England, 92-3M. Wilson's Dissenters, iSS-giK, &c.

Lauderdale (Lord). ^Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, R.L.

Laugel (A.), England, Political and Social, tr. by Hart. 1874 226R

Laughing Madness. See Temple Bar, v. 44, 13747.

Laughter. See Chambers [Philosophy of], v. 17, 1935.!. Leisure Hour [Logical
and Defective Power of], v. 31, 26417. Vasey's Philosophy, H24R, &c.

Laun (H. Van), The French Revolutionary Epoch : First French

Revolution to end of second Empire, 2 vols. 1878 362-3! I

Laundry. See Beaton's Household Management, 997M. Browne's What Girls
Can Do, g8oM. Cassell's Family Magazine [Hours in my], 23637, c.

Laurence (Miss H.), London in the Olden Time. 1825 I335R

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French Society, 3326. Louis XIV., French History, &c.
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translated by Holcroft, and a Memoir of the Author ............

- Lifeof [R.T.S.] ............................................................... J66Z

- - See also Chambers, v. 37, 1945.7.

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LAW Works relating to : (See also Crime, Legislation, Juris-

prudence, erV.)
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, b

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- Customs and Privileges in the Island of Jersey and Notices

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- Early Law and Custom, by Maine. 1883 ........................ io82F

- Elements of, considered with Reference to Principles of

General Jurisprudence, by Markby. 1885 .................. no8F

- Everybody's Lawyer : A Practical Compendium of the

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