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of Europe, 4730, &c.

Leonard (Miss E. B. and E.), Works of. See Harpers Index, i64oja.
Leonard (H. C.), M.A., Half Hours with the Apostolic Fathers H95M
Leonardo Da Vinci. See Scribner's Monthly, v. 17, 1867.7. Vinci, &c.
Leonidas of Alexandria. Sec Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Peter's

Poetry of Greece and Rome, 474D, &c.

Leopard, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 659(2 . Animals, Natural
History, c.

Leopard! (Giacomo, Italian Scholar, b. 1798, d. 1837) [Gladstone's

Gleanings] S82Z

Sec also Quarterly, v. 86, 1216 J. Blackwood, v. 98, i68J. Cornhill, v. 34,

Frasei, v. 38, 648).

Leopold (C. G.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.
Leopold (King of Belgium), See Memoirs of Ernest II., 674-5**, &c.
Leopold (Prince, Fourth Sou of Queen Victoria, b. 1853, d. 1884). See

Hour [with Portrait], v. 30, 26407 . Saturday Review [Marriage of], v.

53, R.L. Blackwood, v. 135, 2osJ. Living Age, v. 161, sigij, &c.
Leopold Shakespeare, The, with Notes by Furnivall ..................... 425!}


Le Pelley (Capt. E. and P., of Guernsey). Sec Sarnia [pp. 48 and 96],
Lepidoptera. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 672-4^. Nature [in the

Sikkim Himalaya], v. 34, 2694.7. Butterflies, Insects, Moths, c.
Leprosy. See Millingen's Curiosities, 927K. Chambers [Modern], v. 28, 1934.!.

igth Century [Present and Past], v. 16, 2226J. Once a Week [The

Leper], v. 2, 2262], &c.

LepshlS (R., German Archaeologist } b. 1813, d. 1884), Letters from

Egypt, Ethiopia and the Peninsula of Sinai. 1853 ............ J533R

Le Quesne (C.), A Constitutional History of Jersey. 1856 ......... 407!!

Leroy (A. C.) and Bramston (A. R.), Historic Winchester. 1882 3010

Le Sage (A. R., French Novelist, b. 1668, d. 1747). Sec Scott's Novelists.
10132. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Leslie (C. R., Artist, b. 1794, d. 1859), R.A., Handbook for Young

Painters, illustrated. 1870 ........... v ............................. IO7SM

- - See also Art journal [and his Contemporaries], v. 12, R.L.. &c.

Leslie (Miss E.), American Girl's Book, or Occupation for Play

Hours. 1879 ........................................................... iiQoR

Leslie (G.). Sec Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.


Leslie (Sir J., Scotch Physicist ', b. 1766, d. 1832), Treatises on Various
Subjects of Natural and Chemical Philosophy, with a Bio-
graphical Memoir. 1838 462R

and others, Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Sea and

Regions, with Illustrations of their Climate, Geology and
Natural History [Harper's Family Library]. 1831 549Z

Leslie (John, Bishop of Ross). See Dixon's H.M. Tower, 32iH, &c.

Lesseps (F., Vicomte de, French Engineer, b. 1805). See igth Century [Preten-
sions Of], V. 15, 2225J, &C.

Lessing (G. E., German Poet and Critic, b. 1729, d. 1781), by

Sime, 2 vols. 1877 347-8F

See also Edinburgh Review, v. 82, 442]. Japp's German Literature, 27 zV.

Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730. Poole's Index,

R.L., &c.
Lessons for Home and School Use, by Miller and others. 1878 ... 5Q2T

from my Masters, Carlyle, Tennyson, and Ruskin, by Bayne. 1879 873H

the Animal World [S. P. C.K.j. 1851 7i8Z

Great Biography [A Life of Christ], by Hamilton. 1857... I233M

of Middle Age [by Boyd]. 1869 824R

on the Universe, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms, &c.

[S.P.C.K.]. 1844 827Z

See also Education, Schools, &c.

Lester (C. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Lester (J. E.), A.M., The Atlantic to the Pacific, What to See and

how to See it, illustrated. 1873 I732R

L'Estrange (A. G.), History of English Humour, 2 vols. 1878... IOO5-6R

The Village of Palaces, or the Chronicles of Chelsea, 2 vols. 1880 302-30
Ed., Friendships of Mary Russell Mitforcl, as Recorded in her

Letters, 2vols. 1882 848-90

Life and Letters of Mary Russell Mitford, 3 vols. 1870 845-70

Letheby (H., Chemist, b. 1816, d. 1876), M.B., On Food, its Varie-
ties, &c., Four Cantor Lectures. 1870 959^

Letter- Writer, by Cooke. 1843 H52Z

Complete Art of Polite Correspondence, an Essay on Letter-writ-

ingandaSetof Complimental Cards. 1861 887R

Letter-writing, History of, from the Earliest Period to the Fifth

Century, by Roberts. 1843 1057!!

See Quarterly, v. 129, i25gj.

LETTERS and Essays on Religious Questions. V.D 1013!!

Journals of W. Stanley Jevons. 1886 CgiF

Letter Writers of the Eighteenth Century, by Williams.

1886. First series : Swift & Pope 698F

Writing [Pastime Papers] I996R

from a Citizen of the World to his Friends in the East [Gold-
smith's Works] 89O-2Z

Mourning City [Naples, 1884], by Munthe, tr. by White i698R

Mystic of the Present Day. 1883

Contents : Truth assimilated from within possesses us. God to be known
in Heart and Mind. Personality in God. Universal Hope inspires
antagonism to Evil. What is Man ? Christ-Light. The Temptation of
Adam and Eve. Corruptible and Incorruptible Seed. Creation. The
Glorified Humanity. Seed of the Woman and the Spirit of God.
Learning of the Spirit. The Christ. Belief in Jesus Christ. Vicarious
Sacrifice. _ Temptation of Jesus. Death of Self and Taking up the
Cross. Sin and Offences. Forgiveness of Sins. Judgment and Sal va-

ly Spirit.

tion. Conscious Union with God through the Holy Spirit. " I am th
Resurrection." Large Religious Meetings. London Life. Religiosit
and Spirituality. Worldly Religion. Ritual. Standing in the Trutl

\r:' /- _ Jt , T . II C-* T^ .' ^ '. 1 TT

im the

Vision sacrificed to Intellect. "Sensuous Emotion. Spiritual Emo-


LETTERS (continued. )

lion. Improving the World. Current Christian Teaching. New
Creation. Assurance. Christ is in all. Believers in Christ. Condi-
tional Immortality. Power of Hope. Disorder without, yet Peace
within. Home Sickness. Prayer. Good Shepherd. What Message
does the World need from its Prophets. Friendship. Interpretation of
Parables. Modern Miracles. Angelic Ministry. Attributes of God.
Glory of God. Name of the Lord. He that is joined to the Lord is
one Spirit, &c.
Letters from Abroad to Kindred at Home, a Tour in Europe [by Miss

Sedgwick], 2 vols in I. 1841 H5oR

Hell, by Thisted, with a Preface by George Macdonald i7i6R

High Latitudes, Voyage to Iceland, &c., 1856, by Dufferin.... 469 K

Madras, 1836-9 [by Mrs. J. C. Maitland]. 1846 ....: i 44 T

the United States, Cuba and Canada, by Murry, 2 vols. in i... i6i3R

of a Traveller in Europe and America, by Bryant. 1869 i62oR

Junius from the latest London edition, WoodfalPs edition, 2

vols in i. 1880 H39R

Pascal, translated by M'Crie. 1848 ,.. I52T

Princess Alice to the Queen and a Memoir by Princess Chris-
tian. 1885 4800

Shelley, edited by Garnett. 1882 i25iZ

the Kings of England, edited by Halliwell, 2 vols. 1846 ... 966-;R

Martyrs, published in 1564, with a Preface by Coverdale,

and Introduction by Bickersteth. 1 837 27oM

Thomas Carlyle [1826-36], edited by Morton, 2 vols. 1888 1458-90

on Literature, by Lang. 1889 2OO7R

Practical Subjects to a Daughter, by Sprague. 1851 IO97R

Practical and Consolatory, on the Nature of the Gospel, by

Russell, 2 vols. in i. 1825 i62Q

. to Dead Authors, by Lang. 1886 n8iR

the People on Health and Happiness, by Beecher. 1856 I462Z

Perplexed [in Religion], by Dobney [Reprint from Christian

World}. 1878 2Q6M

Young Men, founded on the History of Joseph, by Sprague...

Sec also All the Year Round [and Letter- Writers], v. 35 and 36, 1795-96.7.

Atterbury's Memoirs [and Correspondence], I32F. Aubrey's Eminent
Men in the lyth and i8th Centuries, i33-sF. Balzac, 2ii-2F. Bon-
net's John Calvin, i6o-iF. Bushnell, isjF. Codrington (Sir E.),
I92-3F. Colenso (Bishop), 62I-2F. Cowper (W.), 9956;. Croker
Papers, 2oo-2F. Cromwell, 203-sF. Dickens (C.), 229-31 F.
Fletcher (J. W.), s63F. Forster's Correspondence of Jebb and
Knox, 335-6F. Haydon, 3i4-sF. Holcombe's Literature in Letters,
974H. Hook (Dean), 3i8-9F. Irving (W.), %gj-qZ. Johnson's Works,
993H. Journal of Mary Frampton, 263F. Lamb's Works, ioo8H.
Leisure Hour [and Letter-Writing], v. 33, 2643]. Life of Lord Chan-
cellor Eldon, 244-6F. Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott, 486-gF.
Longmans [Written by a true Lover in 1646], v. 8, 8g8J. Lyell, ssS-gF.
Macaulay, 366-7F. Maurice (F. D.), Life of, 38i-2F. Maxwell (L. C.),
383F. Montague (Lady Mary W.), 4oi-2F. Morgan (Lady), 409-10^".
Morgan (A. De), 2igF. Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, I72-4F.
Murchison (Sir Roderick T.), 4ii-2F. Napier's Correspondence, 273H.
Pennefather (W.), 42sF. Phillips (W.), losoH. Quekett's Sayings
and Doings, 65 iF. Remusat, 22 iF. Ross's Memoirs of Lord de
Sausmarez, 224-sF. Sanborn's Life of Brown, issF. Sand (George),
479 -8iF. Scott (T.), 4 8sF. Smith's Works, 95 iH. Southey, 507 F.
Steele (Sir R.), sog-oF. Strafford (Earl of), 555-6F. Sumner (C.),
SiS-gF. Teignmouth's Life of Sir W. Jones, 328F. Temple Bar
[to Joseph], v. 17 and 18, I347-48J. Thirlwall (Bp.), 53oF. Trench
(Mrs. R.), Remains of, 536F. Trevithick (R.), Life of, ssyF. Venn
(H.), 5 4 6F. Watts (T.), Life of, ssoF. Webster (D.), 6ao-iB. Whateley
(Abp.), s6s-6F. Williams' Life of Sir T. Lawrence, 34I-2F, &c.
[ 4 I6]


Letters and Correspondence. Sec Biography, Correspondence, Memoirs, ice.

Levana, or The Doctrine of Education, by Richter. 1848 2OoR

Levant, Monasteries of, by Curzon, illustrated. 1865 I4?i^

Set: also Chambers [Letters from], v. 30,

i -iirt i i TU _ i* - T ^ .. f

Lever and Wheelwork. The. See Lardner's Lectures, 75;D.

Lever (C. J., Irish Novelist, b. 1806, d. 1872), Cornelius O'Dowtl

upon Men, Women and other Things in General. 1865 1263-5R

Sec also Harper's Index, i64oja. Macmillan, v. 26, 956J. Once a Week

[with Portrait], v. 27, 22877. Fiction Class List following the General
Catalogue. Poole's Index, ice.
Levi (Eliphas, French Magician, b. 1809, d. 1875), The Mysteries of

Magic, with Essay by Waite. 1886 651.!

Lsvi (Leone, Italian Economist, b. 1821), F.S.A., International Law,
with Material for a Code of International Law [International
Scientific Series] 399^

Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes. 1885 1024!'"

Work and Pay, or Principles of Industrial Economy. 1877 2 3^

Levites. See Ewald's Israel, 6i-2K, &c.

Leviticus, Notes on. 1860 i7oQ

to Deuteronomy [Gray's Biblical Museum] 78 M

Lewald (F. ), Italian Sketch-Book, translated. 1852 42gT

Lewchew, Island of [M'Leod's China, Corea, &c.] 572K

Lewes, Battle of. See Adams' Battles, 2416, &c.

Lewes (G. II., Philosopher, b. 1817, d. 1878), Biographical History

of Philosophy, 4 vols in 2. 1852 :
Vols. 1-2. Ancient Philosophy. The Physiologists. The Mathematicians.

The Eleatics. The Sophists. The Stoics. Christianity, ice. .. i75->Z
Vols. 3-4. From Bacon to the Present Day. Paeon. Descartes. Spino/n.

Locke. Leibnitz. Hume. Reid. Kant. Fichte. Hegal, ice. i7jiZ

Sea Side Studies at Ilfracombe, Tenby, The Scilly Isles and

Jersey, illustrated. 1858 822!-'

Studies in Animal Life, illustrated. 1862 47 R

See also Fortnightly Review, v. 31, 2t2iJ, ice.

Lewes (M. E. [George Eliot]), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Eliot (G.)
Lewis (A., Missionary in iJie Pitnjaitb), M.A., George Maxwell Gor-
don, M.A., F.R.G.S., The Pilgrim Missionary of the Pun-
jaub, a History of his Life and Work [1839-80], ill. 1889 ... 14170

Lewis ( ), Poems. 1804 479Z

Lewis (F.), China Painting, with Sixteen original coloured plates ... 922D
Lewis (J.), A.M., History of the Translations of the Holy Bible and

New Testament into English, both MS. and Print. 1818 ... ic6K
Lexicon of Freemasonry, History, Traditions and Antiquities by

Mackay, with Appendix, compiled by Peck. 1 883 499F

Leyburn (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Leyden. Sec Pictures from Holland, 3356.

Leyden (Dr. John, Scotch Orientalist, b. 177=5, d. 1811). See Blackwood's Maga-
zine [Poetical Remains of], v. 5, R.L. Gris wold's Poets and Poetry
of England, 4720, ice.

Leyden jar. See Deschanel's Natural Philosophy, S25D.
Liardet (F.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Lias (J. J.), M.A., Are Miracles Credible ? [Theological Library] ... 644 M
Libel. See Brown's State Trials. 3040. Chambers [and Slander], v. 46, 19497.
Routledge's Popular Progress, IO34F. William's Facts and Fallacies,

Liberal Opinions, or The History of Benignus, by Pratt. 1783 1 239*82Z

Liberalism. See Nineteenth Century [Nadir of], v. 19, "229!, &c.
Liberality. See Miiller's Noble Deeds, ice., 92 Q. Scribner, v. 4, 1854;, &c.
Liberals. See Alison's Europe, 139-460. Fortnightly [and the Whigs], v. 29,
2ii9j. Harris' Radicals, no6F, ice.

'4 [417]


Liberia. -Sec Chambers, v. 10 and 15, 1930 and 1934.7.

Liberty and Power, by Tolstoi, tr. by Smith .. ..........................

- Limits of Individual, an Essay, by Montague. 1885 ...............

- On Liberty, by Mill. 1864 ................................................

- Sec also All the Year Round [Equality, Fraternity], v. 57, 18177. Com-

payre"s Pedagogy, 296!*. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [and Libel], v.
9, 7297. May's Democracy [Civil and Religious], 38H. Wilson's Dis-
senters, 1 88-91 K, c.

Librarians. See Pagan's Life of Pani/zi [Librarians of the British Museum],
419*"., c.

LIBRARIES, Free Public, their Organisation, Uses and Manage-

ment, by Greenwood, illustrated. 1886 ........................... 19141-1

- - Free Libraries and News Rooms, by Mullins ..................... ... 1 999 R

- Some of the advantages of Reading Rooms and Free Libraries,

by Lady John Manners. 1885 ....................................... iSgiR

- The Guille-Alles Library, Guernsey, a Short Account of its His-

tory and Formation, with some reference to its Contents, by

Pitts and Cotgrcave. 1889 .......................................... 19241*

- Free and Public. See Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne, 68 F. Beke's Dis-
coveries [of Alexandria], 8gjP>. Blackwood [Family], v. 26, R.L.
Century [Philadelphia Library], v. 4, 1876]. Chambers [Foreign],
v. 9, 1929} ; [Statistics of, in 1848], v. 10, 1930 J ; [for the People], v.
T 5> J 934J 5 [How we formed our Village Library], v. 20, 19367 ;
[Free Lending], v. 52, 19527. Chambers' Papers for the People,
9i6H. Church's Home Amenities [the Library], 945 M. Contem-
porary [Possible Public Culture through], v. 40, 2050) . Cotgreave's
Library Indicators versus Book-keeping, igisR. Cowtan's British
Museum, 8g4H. Eden's Japan, 8i4Q. Edinburgh Review [Ancient
and Modern], v. 139, 4997 ; [Catalogues of British Museum Com-
mission] v. 92, 452 J. Encyclopaedia Britannica, R.L. Fraser [of
Celebrated Literary Men], v. 3, 6i3j ; [Burning of the Alexandrian
Library], v. 29, 639}. Guernsey Magazine, v. 17, 23977. Harris' Radi-
cals, iio6F. Harper [in United States], v. 54, 16347. Household Words,
v - 3. > X 743J- Knowledge [of Babylonia and Assyria], v. 2 and 3, 2582-37.
Leisure Hour [Free], v. 35, 26457. Medici (Lorenzo De'), 2isF. Gentle-
man's Magazine, N.S., v. 28, 7487. Homer's Florence [Laurentian]
14123!?.. Jevons' Social Reform [Rationale of Free Libraries], miF.
Living Age [Literature of Sunday School and Lending], v. 129, 31597.
Martin's Prince Consort [Soldiers' Victoria Library], g^F. Moon's
System [Free Lending Libraries of Books for the Blind], IO33H. .Na-
tional Miscellany [Public], I034H. National Review [Cotgreave on
Free Libraries]. Once a Week [Historical Sketch of], v. 25, 22857.
Panizzi (Sir A.), K.C.B., 4i9-2oF. Penny Magazine [for Working
Men], v. 2, i4oB ; [Mode of forming], v. i, 1396. Putnam's American
Facts, IO46F. Quarterly [Catalogues of], v. 72, 12027. Quiver Maga-
zine [An East End Free Library], 33017. Ragozin's Chaldea [Nineva],
43iO. Richardson's Choice of Books [Public], 159!". Saturday
Review [of Glasgow], v. 6r, R.L. St. Paul's Magazine [Public], H72F.
Temple Bar [Evening in a Private Library], vols. 33 and 35, 1363 and
13657. Time, v. 9, 14997. Whale's Greater London, 327]^. Century
Magazine [Father of American], v. 4, 18767. Scribner's Monthly
[Boston Public _ Library], v. 3, 18537. Chambers' Papers for the
People [Public Libraries] v. 6, gi6H. Edinburgh Review [Ancient and
Modern], v. 139, 4997. Fraser [Burgundian Library at Brussels] v. 47,
6577- Westminster Review [Imperial Library at Paris] v.'93, R.L., &c.
Library Catalogue, Liverpool Free Library, by Muggins and Cowell. R.L
- - Brooklyn Library, Analytical and classed Catalogue, by

Noyes, 1881 ............................................................... R.L

The Catalogues of many Libraries will be found in the Reference Library.

- Hours in a, by Stephen, 3 vols. 1874 .............................. HO2-4R

Indicators. See Cassell's Magazine [Cotgreave's Indicator], v. 8, 23577.
Cotgreave's Library Indicators -versus Book Keeping, 1913!?.. En-
Jevo' '

, &c.

[ 4 I8]

, .

cyclopaedia Britannica, R.L. Jevons' Social Reform [Cotgreave's
and Elliot's Indicators], uuF, &c.


Library of Entertaining Knowledge (For IVorks in this series see
under Authors or Siibjects.}

Libyan Desert. See St. John's Levantine Family, 651 K.

Lice. See Murray's Economic Entomology in Birds, Animals, &c., 1037^!.

Lichen-Flora of Great Britain and the Channel Islands, by Leighton. 7iR

Lichens, Mosses and Fungi, by Holmes and Gray, illustrated. 1886 141 R

See also Once a Week, v. 16. Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR, &c.

Lichfield, by Beresforcl [Diocesan Histories] 18397.

See also Penny Magazine [Cathedral of], v. 2, 1406, &c.

Liechtenstein (U. von, German Minnesinger, fl. i^th Century}. See Long-
fellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Lick Observatory of California. See Century Magazine, v. 10, i88sj. Harper s
New Monthly Magazine, v. 70, i6soj, &c.

Liddon (II. P., Eminent Preacher, b. 1829), M.A., Divinity of Our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Eight Lectures [Bampton
Lectures, 1866]. 1868 585^!

See also Living Age, v. 144. Temple Bar [in the Pulpit], v. 72, 1402.7, &c.

Lidstone (W.), C.E., and Brown (C. B.), Fifteen Thousand

Leagues on the Amazon, &c., illustrated. 1878 79?K

Lie"ber(F., Prussian Political Writer, b. 1800, d. 1872), Life and

Letters of, edited by Perry. 1882 575D

See also Harper's New Monthly Magazine [and Niebuhr], v. 48, i628J, &c.

Liebig (J. von., German Chemist, b. 1803, d. 1873), M.D.,

Chemistry in Relation to Agriculture and Physiology. 1843 727 D

Researches on the Chemistry of Food. 1847 726D

See also Nature [Life-Work ofj, v. 15, 26757, &c.

Liechtenstein (Piincess), Holland House, illustrated, 2 vols. 1874 360- iK

Liefde(J. De), Romance of Charity. 1867 loo;!*

Lies. See Inman's Faiths, g6Ka, &c.

Liesching (L. F.), Through Peril to Fortune I552R

Lieven (Princess). See Greville Memoirs.

LIFE and Immortality considered in Relation to the Errors of Anni-

hilationists, by Grant. 1871 33 iM

Labour, or Characteristics of Men of Industry, &c., by

Smiles. 1887 I355O

Liberty in America, a Tour in 1857-8, by Mackay. 1859. ...1569-oR

Society in America, by Day, 2 vols. 1880 6g8-$K

Here and There, or Sketches of Society and Adventure, by

Willis. 1854 I904R

History of Our Planet, by Gunning, illustrated. 1879 53&R

Human Longevity and the amount of Life upon the Globe, by

Flourens. 1855 933K

In Earnest, Lectures by Hamilton. 1845 39^

the West, or Stories of the Mississippi Valley, by Meeker .... I596R

Is it Worth Living ? by Lang. 1885 6^M

Life's Dawn on Earth, Fossil Remains, by Dawson, illustrated... i6oR
of the Fields, by Jefferies. 1884 ii6iR

on the Earth, its Origin and Succession, by Phillips, illus. 1860 i6il\

Pleasures of, by Lubbock, 2 series. 1887 I9O8R and igoSRa

Saving Service, The American. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 16447.

Theory of, by Coleridge, edited by Watson. 1848 640! I

Thoughts, by Beecher. 1858 59oR

View of, by Walters. 1873 236R

and Duty, Essays on. See Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90.



Life. See also Compayre"'s Pedagogy, 296!%.. Contemporary [at High Pressure], v.
25, 20357. Cornhill [Lower, Study of], v. 36, 3i6J. Fortnightly [and
Death], v. 41, 21317. Good Words [and Death], v. 8, 2178], Girl's
Own Annual, v. 6, 2556.7. Health Lectures [Long Life], 14387.
Hufeland's Art of Prolonging Life, 14697. Inman's Faiths, g6Ka.
Knowledge [and Work], v. 3, 2583}; [Beginning of], v. 7, 25877;
[Duration of], v. i, 25817. Living Age [Extinct Miseries of], v. 159,
31897. Longman's Magazine [The Storage of, as a Sanitary Study],
v. 12, 9027. Lubbock's Pleasures of Life [Troubles of], igoSRa.
Malthas' Population, logsF. Reclus' Phenomena, 8o6F. Scribner
[Beginnings of], v. 13, 18637. Seneca's Dialogues [Happy, &c.],
1201^.. Timbs' Works [and Health], 8 5 sZ ; [and Time], 8 5 6Z ; ]HeaIth
and Death], 8547 ; [School of], 8547. Westminster [and Immortality],
v. 56, R.L.

of Jesus Christ in its Historical Connexion and Historical

Development, by Neander. 1851 !7oM

our Lord, for the Young, by Macduff, illustrated. 1882 39?M

See also Christ, 7esus, Lord, c.

Insurance. See Insurance.

Lifeboats. See Boy's Own Annual, vol. 4, 29547. Chambers' 7 ou al [North
Sea], v. 62, 19627. English Illustrated [and Life-boat Men], v. 3, 19937.
Timbs' Inventions, 2s8R. English Illustrated Magaxine [and Life-
boatmen] vol. 3, 19937) &c.

LIGHT and Photography, Chemistry of, by Yogel. 1888 :. 358 R

[Deschanel's Natural Philosophy], illustrated. 1888 82;D

Experiments, &c., by Mayer and Barnard, illustrated. 1878 ... J54R

Nature of General Optics, by Sommel, illustrated. 1880 :... 454R

Polarisation of, by Spottiswoode. 1879 I52'R

Six Lectures on, by Tyndall. 1882 776D and 508 R

Sec also Brown's Science for All, 626!). Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Cham-
bers [for the Night], v. 18, 19357 ; [Influence of], v. 3, 19237 ; [Question
of], v. 29, 19417 ! [on Vessels at Sea], v. 51, 19527. Deschanel's
Natural Philosophy [and Sound, Velocity of], 8270. Guillemin's
Applications of Physical Forces, isgD ; Forces of Nature, 1580. Her-
chel's Familiar Lectures, 68gQ. Humboldt's Cosmos, 485 and 486R.

Knowledge [Absorption of, by Air], v. 3, 25837. Living Age [and
[Darkness], v. 28, 30587. Lockyer's Spectroscope, i53R; Spectrum
Analysis, 377R. Nature [Velocity of], v. 8, 26687; [Wave-Theory
f], v - 3 1 , 26917. Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR. Timbs'
Works [and Sound], 8527. Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Ure's Dictionary,
8D. Electric Light, Optics, c.

Light and Shade, Pictures of London Life [a Sequel to the Bitter

Cry of Outcast London]. 1885 552M

Light from the Cross. See Thullock's Sermons, 486M.

Light in the Dwelling, by Mrs. Mortimer. 1850 39oM

Light of the Ages [Christ and Christianity in Asia, Africa and

Europe], by Haweis, 1887 n82.M

Light Science for Leisure Hours, by Proctor. 1880 44 iR

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