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Man, Age and Origin of, geologically considered by Pattison

[Present Day Tracts, vol. 3.] 236T

an Essay on, by Pope. 1774 io63R

and Beast, Here and Hereafter, 2 vols, by Wood. 1874 719-oF

and his Maladies, or the Way to Health, a Popular Hand-

book of Physiology and Medicine, by Bridger. 1889 ... 939K

and Nature ; or Physical Geography, by Marsh. 1864 2OoD

Antiquity of, by Lyell, illustrated. 1863 SgoF

- Rawlinson [Present Day Tracts, vol. 2] 235T

before Metals, by Joly [Int. Science Series] ill. 1883 IOI5M

Constitution of, by Combe 2030 and 9I3R

His Intellectual Faculties, &c., by Mudie. 1839 495T

His Physical Structure, &c., by Mudie. 1838 494T

in his Physical and Moral Relations, by Newnham I23OZ

Natural History of, by Smith [Jardine's Naturalists' Li-

brary], coloured plates. 1884 685

by Ward, illustrated, 1851 6i2

Physiologically considered [Present Day Tracts, vol. 7]

Primitive Condition, and Civilisation of, by Lubbock. 1870 672B

Races of, by Brown, illustrated, 4 vols in 2 'SSD

by Pickering, &c. 1851 42R

Story of the Earth and Man, by Dawson, illustrated. 1880 I59R

See also Adam's Underground World [Prehistoric], 5920.. Blackwood

[Prichard's Natural History of,], v. 56, i26J ; [a Featherless Biped] v.
63, 133.7 ; [Prehistoric] v. 93, 163] ; [Descent of], v. 109, 179.7. Brown's
Palaeolithic Man, posF. Buckle's Civilisation, i860. Chambers
[Alleged Degeneration of], v. 52, 19527 ; [Fossil] v. 54, 19547. Com-
payr6's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Contemporary [in Creation], v. 8, 2oi8J ;
[Primaeval] v. n, 2021 J ; [Pedigree of] v. 37, 20477. Dawkin's Early
Man in Britain, SsgF. Darwin's Descent of Man, 2sR ; Emotions
[and Animals], 24!?. ; Origin of Species, 22R. Geikie's Ice Age [Anti-
quity of], 457R ', Prehistoric Europe, 865F. George's Progress and



MAN Works relating to '.(continued.')

Poverty, 1023?. Good Words [Antiquity of], v. 5, 2175). Humboldt's
Cosmos, 483R ; Nature, 2gR. Ionian's Faiths, g6K and g6Ka.
Lange's Materialism [and the Soul], 624!!. Nature, v. 20, 268oJ.
Leisure Hour [Antiquity of] v. 23, 2633.}. Living Age [Nature and
Development of], v. 29, 3059.}. Longman [Resemblances to, in
Lower Life], v. 2, 8927. ' Lubbock's Pleasures of Life [Destiny of],
igoSRa. Mace's History of a Bit of Bread, 4961. Macmillan
[Ascent of], v. 35, 965 J. May's Democracy [Races of], 38H. Na-
daillac's Pre-historic America, 897 F. Nature [Evidence of, in North
Wales prior to Glacial Deposits], v. 34, 26943 ; [Hamy's Fossil] v. 3,
2663} ; [and Natural Selection] v. 3, 26633 ; [Origin and Destiny of]
v. 6, 2666J ; [Lyell's Antiquity of] v. 8, 26687 ; [Haeckel on develop-
ment of] v. ii, 26717. Nicol's Puzzle of Life, 33R. Nineteenth Cen-
tury [of the Future], v. 13, 22233 > [Place of, in Nature] v. 10, 222oJ.
Once a Week [and the Horse], v. i, 226iJ. Present Day Tracts,
[not a Machine, but a responsible Free Agent], v. 5, 238T. Pressens^'s
Ancient World and Christianity, H94M. Quarterly [Natural His-
tory of], v. 86, i2i6J ; [Antiquity of] v. 114, 12447. Reclus" Pheno-
mena [and His Work], 8o6F. Reid's Intellectual Powers, s8oH ;
Odd People, 6oiZ. Scribner [Unity of the Human Race], v. 3,
18533 5 [Savage], v. 7, 18577 ; [Measuring the Human Body] v. 17
18673. Stanford's Compendium [Races of, Australia, &c.], 849-54!^..
Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT. Sunday Magazine [and Insect
Papers, on Nature], 2474}. Timbs' Works [after death], 8s6Z ;
[Antiquity of), 854^ ; [Study of Man and his Monuments] 854^.
Contemporary Keview [in Creation], v. 8, 20183. Science Gossip
[Primitive Man, his Times and his Companions], v. 14, 24177.
Science of Thought, 585^ &c.

Man-Engine. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Man-Traps and Spring-Guns. See Smith's Works, 5890 and 2970. Edinburgh
Review, v. 35, 3953, &c.

Man, Isle of. See Brand's Antiquities, ioos-7M.' Fraser [Church in], v, 21, 6317.
Harper, v. 50, 16303. Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Home Rule
in the], v. 75, 16553. Once a Week [Ballads from], v. 6, 22663. Isle
of Man, Manx. Science Gossip [In the], v. 24, 24237, c.

Man made of Money, &c., by Jerrold. 1853 794-R

Man of Business considered in his Various Relations, by Alexander

Todd, &c. 1857 !02oR

Man of Feeling and Man of the World, by Mackenzie. 1840 I22OZ

Man of War. See Cornhill [Inner Life of a], v. 7, 2877. Navy, Ships, &c.

Birds. Sec Fraser [Boobies and Noddies, v. 58, 6687.

Man with the Iron Mask. See Campan's Life of Marie Antoinette, ggF. Cham-
bers' Miscellany, 63oR. Cornhill, v. 21, 3017. Leisure Hour, v. 19,
26297, &c.

Maiiassas, Battle of. See All the Year Round v. 24, 17847.

Maiiasseh. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, i5tK, c.

Manatee, The. See Leisure Hour, v. 27, 26377.

'Manava-Dherma-Sastra, or the Institutes of Menu, edited by

Haughton, 2 vols. 1825 6j-4A

iManby (Capt. G. W., Inventor of Life-Preserving Apparatus for Shipivrecks^ l>>
1765, d. 1854), F.R.S. See Everyday Heroes, 14550.

jManchester [Land we Live In] 464!}

See a?so> Acworth's Railways [Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln], 937!).

Alison's Europe, 139-450. All the Year Round [Hard Times in], v. 42,
18027. Art Journal [Art Exhibition], v. 35, R.L. Century [Shall Sne
have a University], v. 2, 18747. Chambers [Saturday Evening in], v.
1 3, 19337 ' [Merchant's Palace], v. 29, 19417 ; [Free Libraries of], v. 33,
J 9437 '> [Warehouses of], v. 43, 19487. Cobden's Speeches, 323!^, Es-
cott's England and its People, ioi7F. Fraser [Bishopric of], v. 36,
6467 ; [by a Manchester Man], v. 47, 6577 ; [A Whit Week at], v. 53,
6637. Granville's Spas, &c. , 352K. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Leisure
Hour [Free Library], v. 3, 26137 ; [Art Palace in], v. 6, 26167 '>
[Sketches of], v. 6, 26167. Living Age [Cotton Metropolis], v. 36,
30667. Morley's Life of Richard Cobden, 190-1 F. Nature [Science
Lectures at], v. 13, 26737. Saturday Review [Annals of], v. 62, R.L.
Sunday at Home [At Whitsuntide], v. 18, 28687, &c.



Manchester Science Lectures for the People, Eighth Series, 1876-7,

by Roscoe and others, illustrated. 1877 28R

Manchester (Bishop of). See Fraser (J.)

Manchester (Duke of), Court and Society, from Elizabeth to Anne,

edited from the Papers at Kimbolton, 2 vols. 1864 65-6 F

Mandalay to Momien, a Narrative of the two Expeditions to Western

China of 1868 and 1875, by Anderson, illustrated. 1876 54oK

Sec also Chambers [City of], v. 51, 1952.7. Nature [to Momien], v. 13,

2673.}. China, Travels, c.

Mandarins. See Colquhoun's China, 541-28;, &c.
Mandat-Grancey (Baron E. de). See Fiction Class List following the General


Mandingoes. See Lubbock's Primitive Man, 672!?.

Manganates, Permanganates, Condy's Fluid. See Ure's Dictionary, 8D.
Manganese, Ores of, &c. See Ure's Dictionary, 8-gD.
MannoOd, Threshold of, A Young Man's Words to Young Men, by

Dawson. 1889 12430

See also Temple Bar [and Boyhood], v. 50, 13807.

Manila. .SV^ Wilkinson's Sunny Lands, B^jK.. Living Age [and Japan, Lady's
Visit to], v. 79, 31097. Penny Magazine [Cigar Manufacture in], v. 3,
i4iB. Milner's Earthquakes, sgsR.

Maililius. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.

Manin(D., Venetian Statesman, b. 1804, d, 1857). Sec Senior's Conversations,
434-5H, &c.

Manitoba, A Trip to, by Fitzgibbon. 1880 i628R

Its Infancy, &c., by Bryce. 1882 4580

See also All the Year Round [Lady's Life in], v. 54, 1814.!. Blackwood

[University of], v. 127, 197.}. Chambers [Recent Progress in], v. 57,
1 957J- Stanford's Compendium, 8soK. Cassell's Family Magazine,
v. 6, 2355J, &c.

Mankind, Natural History of, by Ward, illustrated. 1851 6i2Q

Races of, by Brown, illustrated, 4 vols. in 2 !55D

See also Man.

Manley (J. J.), M.A., Salt and other Condiments [Int. Health Ex.] 985^!

Manliness. See Good Words [Christian], v. 22, 2192.7.

- of Christ, by Hughes 6oQ

Mann (Colonel F. W., of Giiernscy). See Jacob's Guernsey [part 2, p. 269],

3628, &c.

Mann (Lieut. -Colonel G. F., ofGuernsey\ C.B. Sec Sarnia [p. 97], 14160, &c.
Manna. See Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Science Gossip [of the Desert] v. n,

MANNERS and Customs of India, by Acland. 1847 SigQ

Primitive, by Farrer. 1879 IOI4M

Fashion, by Spencer. 1882 929*"

Music, Personal Reminiscences and Sketches of Character,

by Beatty-Kingston, 2 vols. 1887 953-4F

Sentiments in England during the Middle Ages, by Wright... 942F

- [Habits of Good Society] I4O8Z

[Home Amenities] 945^-

See also Adams' Queen Anne, i28o-:H. All the Year Round [Company], v.

20, i78oj. Blackwood, v. 90, i6oj. Chambers [Gentle], v. 41, 1947! ;
[Good], v. 54, I954J. Chevalier's United States, io42F. Dew's
Nations, 53!!. Evelyn's Table Talk, no7R. Fraser [Fashions and

Things in General], v. 10, 62oJ ; v. 17, 6277 ; [Sliding Scale of], v. 29,
639J ; [and Morals, as Affected by Civilization], v. 64, 6747. Good
Words [Unseemly], v. 24, 21947. Knowledge [American], v. 4, 25847.

Harper's Index [and Customs], i64oja. Hone's Works [and Customs],
934-7 F. Lecky's Eighteenth Century, i-jzft. Living Age [French],
v. 113,31437 ; [Courtesy at Home], v. 137, 31677. Lytton's Caxtonia,
loisR. Malcolm's London in Eighteenth Century [and Customs],
748-9H. Mehagen's Universal History, i3-sH. Quarterly [Codes of],
v. 59, 11897. Siebold's 7apanese [and Customs], isi2R. Temple Bar
[Progress in], v. 12, 13427 ; [Modern, Falling off in], v. 34, 13647.
Society, Countries, &c.



Manners (Lord J., Postmaster General, 1885, b. 1818). See Fraser [Poetry of],

v. 35, 645J. Lucy's Parliament, 316-711, &c.
Manners (Lady John), Encouraging Experiences of Reading and

Recreation Rooms. 1886 '. I99OR

Some of the Advantages of easily accessible Reading and

Recreation Rooms and Free Libraries, with Remarks on
Starting and Maintaining them, and Suggestions for the

Selection of Books. 1885 ; 1991 R

Manning (A. ), Colloquies of Edward Osborne, Citizen and Cloth-
worker of London ie>47R

Manning (Anne). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Manning (Cardinal, Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, b. 1809). See Arthur's

The Popes, &c., 453-4^. Nineteenth Century, v. 4, i876J ; [and the

School Rates], v. 13, 2223], &c.

Manning (S.), LL.D., Italian Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. 33oB
Manning (W. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Manny (Sir Walter, Celebrated Knight, fought wider Edward HI., d. 1372). See

Froissart's Chronicles, 3120 and 4570, &c.
Manoel Do Nasciniento (F.). Sec Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,


Manorial Customs. See Chambers, v. 50, igsij-
Manors, Laws of. See Maine's Early Law and Custom, loSaF.
Manriq.U6 (J., Spanish Poet, b. 1420, d. 1485). Sec Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Man's Renewal, or the Work of the Holy Spirit, by Phelps. 1867 ... 226Q
Mansel (H. L., Dean of St. Paul's, Philosopher, b. 1820, d. 1871),
D.D., Limits of Religious Thought examined in Eight Lec-
tures, preached before the University of Oxford in the year
1858 [Bainpton Lectures]. 1870 4OoM

and Veitch (J.), M.A., Eds., Sir William Hamilton's Works,

4 vols. 1859-60 6oo-3H

See also Eurgon's Twelve Good Men, 66iF. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Mansell Family, of Guernsey. See Sarnia, 14160. Guernsey and Jersey

Magazine, &c.

Mansfield (R. B.), School Life at Winchester College, or Remini-
scences of a Winchester Junior. 1866 ioSoR

Mansfield (W. Murray, Earl of, Scotch Judge, b. 1705, d. 1793). See Campbell's
Chief Justices, 7870, &c.

Mansie Wauch. See Chap-Books, 1321!!.

Mansions. See Gower's Reminiscences, 648 F. Architecture, &c.

Mant (R., Bishop of Down, Theologian, b. 1776, d. 1848), D.D., and

D'Oyly (G.), D.D., Holy Bible, 3 vols. 1817 99-ioiA

Mantell (G. A., Geologist, b. 1790, d. 1852), F.R.S., Geological Ex-
cursions Round the Isle of Wight and along the Adjacent
Coast of Dorsetshire, illustrated. 1854 406R

Medals of Creation, or First Lessons in Geology, illustrated

628-9Q and 4O4-5R

Petrifactions and their Teachings, a Handbook to the Organic

Remains in the British Museum. 1851 I26R

Thoughts on Animalcules ; or, A Glimpse of the Invisible World

Revealed by the Microscope, illustrated. 1846 I34R

Wonders of Geology, illustrated, 2 vols. 1839 724-5Q

Mantle (John). See Everyday Heroes, 14550.

Manton (T., Nonconformist Minister, l>. 1620, d. 1677), Commen-
tary on the General Epistle of James, edited by Macdonogh. 478A
Manton (W. P.), Field Botany, Handbook for the Collector; 1882 839Z

Insects, How to Catch and how to Prepare them for the Cabinet. 722Z

Taxidermy without a Teacher, illustrated. 1 882 747Z



Mantua. See Alison's Europe, 121-70. Hare's Cities of Southern Italy,
i683- 4 R, &c.

Manual Training. See Century [in Public Schools], v. 2, i874_J.

Manuals of Elementary Science [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. V.D. :

Astronomy, by Christie , . 7502

Chemistry, by Bernays 75 2 Z

Geology, by Bonney 75iZ

Matter and Motion, by Maxwell 759^

Spectroscope and its Work, by Proctor 755Z

Manuel (D. J.). Sec Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

MANUFACTURES, American [1608-1860], by Bishop, 2 vols. ... 888-90

and Machinery, Economy of, by Babbage. 1833 5 l $T

Chemical, by Dodd. 1844 I486Z

in Ancient Times, by Napier. 1879 '. IOQ6M

U re's Dictionary of 6-gD

See also Alison's Europe, 13(5-450. Banfield's Industries of the Rhine,

14837. Brougham's Political Speeches, 6o6R. Chambers [Noxious]
v. 61, 1961 J. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M. Lecky's Eighteenth
Century, 172!!. McCuIloch's British Empire, 711-2!!. May's Demo-
cracy, ^S-gH, Ricardo's Political Economy, ioo4F. Smith's Wealth
of Nations, IO26-8F. Stanford's Compendium of Geography, SsoK.
Stanley's Dark Continent, is63R. Nineteenth Century [English
Manufacturing Classes], v. 20, 22305. Fortnightly [Competition in],
v. 31, 2i2iJ. Penny Magazine [Domestic], v. 6, 1446. Quarterly
[English], v. 34, 1164}. Scribner [Labour and Capital in], v. 4, 18545.
Edinburgh Review [Philosophy of], v. 61, 42iJ. Industries, Names,
Countries and Places, also under Names of Manufacture, e.g., Silk,
Tobacco, Chemicals, &c.

Manures, Artificial, by Ville, illustrated. 1879 8490

- Treatise on, by Griffiths. 1889 2inR

See also Nature [Artificial], v. 20, 268oJ. Roland's Drainage of Land

[1887], 829F. _ Ure's Dictionary [Artificial, Machinery, &c.], S-gD.
Waring's Agriculture, loggM. Farming, &c.

Manuscript, Missal, and Ornamental Alphabets 9240

Manuscripts. Sec Chambers' Journal [Literary Episodes of], v. 61, i96ij ;
[Ancient], v. 45, 1949}. Edinburgh [Ancient, and Books], v. 137,
49?J- Quarterly [from Egyptian Monasteries] v. 77, 12077 ; [Illu-
minated, of the Middle Ages], v. 9, nsgj. Art Journal [Illuminated,
of the Middle Ages], v. 32, R. L. Penny Magazine [Production of], v. 2.
1406. Dyer's University of Cambridge [in the Public Library],
329!!, &c.

Manx Tailless Cats. Sec Brown's Science for All, 6286, &c.

Manx Tynwald. See Leisure Hour, v. 13, 2623], Isle of Man, &c.

Manzoili (A., Italian Patriot and Poet, b. 1784, d. 1873). See Longfellow's
Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D. Leisure Hour [Poet and Patriot],
v. 32, 2642 J. Macmillan, v. 28, 958J. Fiction Class List following the
General Catalogue, c.

Maoriland, Illustrated Handbook to New Zealand. 1884 l655K

See Froude's Oceana. 8o4K. Living Age [of New Zealand], v. 50, 3081 J.

Fortnightly [and Kanakas], v. 27, 2ii7j. Good Words [Two Years'
Experience of], v. 7, 2177], Saturday Review [Maori Mythology],
v. 54, R.L. New Zealand, &c.

Maple Tree. See Penny Magazine, v. 4, 1426 ; [Sugar Making], v. 5, 1436.

Maple (L.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Maps. Sec Bancroft's Mexican People, 42oH. Harper's Index, i64oja. Nature
[How to Colour], v. 21,2681}. Blackwood [Old and New], v. 94, i64j.
Penny Magazine [Relief], v. u, i^B. Living Age [History and Con-
struction of], v. 21, 305 1 J, &c. (See also maps in the various reading
rooms. )

Mar (Erskine, Earl of). Sec Burton's Scotland, 336-7^ Blackwood [Earldom of]

V. 131, 2OlJ.

Mara (G. E., German Singer, b. 1749, d. 1833). See Edwards' Prima Donna, 678F.
Marat (J. P-, French Revolutionist, b. 1744, assassinated 1793). See Alison's

Europe, 120-30. Baker's French Society, 3330. Fortnightly, v. 21,

siiij. Thiers' French Revolution, 376-8H, c.



Marathon. See Blackwood, v. 75, i 45 J.

Marble. See Atkinson's Siberia, sgSB. Art Journal [and Marble Mosaic], v. 36,
R.L. Century [Mining in Cararra], v. 2, 1874.7. Ure's Dictionary
of Arts and Manufactures, 8D. Penny Magazine [London, Day at
Marble Works], v. 10, 1486, &c.

Marbles in the British Museum [Bohn's Library]. 1848 '835Z

See also Chambers [Mausoleum], v. 33, I943J. Temple Bar [and Lime-
stones], v. 3, 13337, &c.

Marbles, Games of. See Cassell's Pastimes, i26aH. Saturday Review, v. 58,
R.L., &c.

Marcellus. See Plutarch's Lives, 446? and ii3iQ.

March.. See Hewitt's Seasons, 572(3. Leisure Hour [Antiquarian Gossip on], y.
2 5> 2 635j. Longman [Flowers of], v. i, 8gi], Saturday Review [in
the Country], v. 53, R.L. Fraser, v. 67, 6577, &c.

March (C. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

March (D.) D.D., Night unto Night, a Selection of Bible Scenes ... 4OiM

The Teachings of Night. Last Night of Sodom. Abraham's Vision.
Jacob at Bethel. Jacob's Wrestling. Last Night of Israel in Egypt.
Night Passage of the Sea. Saul's Night at Endor. David's Night at
the Jordan. Elijah in the Desert. Jonah at Nineveh. Night Watch
on Mount Seir. Night of Tears. Night Feast of Belshazzar. A
Night with Jesus at Jerusalem. A Night of Prayer. A Storm on the
Sea. Peter's Temptation. Night of Agony. After the Resurrection.
Angel Visits. The Prison at Phillippi. Paul's Night in the Deep.
No Night in Heaven.

Marcian. See Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67O-7iF.

Marcian Colonna, an Italian Tale [Poem], by Cornwall. 1820 456D

Marco Polo. See Polo (Marco).

Marcus Argentarius. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Marcus Crassus. See Plutarch's Lives, 448 F, &c.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. See Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius).

Marcy (E. E.), A.M., Christianity and its Conflicts, Ancient and

Modern. 1867 2O5M

Marcy (Capt. R. B.), Prairie Traveller, a Handbook for Overland

Expeditions between the Mississippi and the Pacific, ill. 1859 4i8T

MarengO. See Cornhill [Battle and Campaign of], v. 14, 294], Temple Bar, v.
35> T 36sJ.

Marenholtz-Biilow (Baroness), Child and Child-Nature, Contribu-
tions to the Understanding of Frobel's Educational Theories,
translated by Christie. 1879 28oR

Hand Work and Head Work, their Relation to one Another, and

the Reform of Education according to the Principles of
Frobel, translated by Christie 265R

Mare's Nest, found by Materialists, Owenists, and Craniologists. See Fraser,
v. 9, 6igJ.

Marey (E. J. ), Animal Mechanism, a Treatise on Terrestrial and

Aerial Locomotion [International Scientific Series] 357R

Margaret of Angouleme or Valois (Queen of Navarre, b. 1492, d.

1549), by Robinson [Eminent Women Series]. 1886 H37O

See also Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730. Blackwood, v. 58,

I28J. France, &c.

Margaret of Anjou (Queen of England and France, b. 1429, d. 1482),

Life and Times of, by Hookham, 2 vols. 1872 370-lF

See also Clayton's Female Warriors, 6430. James' Celebrated Women,

829-00. Robert's York and Lancaster, 314-5^ Strickland's Queens of
England, 8ooO. Yonge's Heroines, 9580, &c.
Margate and Ramsgate, Isle of Thanet [Land we Live in] 4646

See also Leisure Hour, v. i, 261 ij. Macmillan [Day at], v. 45, 975J.

Argosy, v. 12, i2j. Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K, &c.'
Margins. See All the Year Round, v. 19, I779J.

Margolle and Zurcher (MM.), Volcanoes and Earthquakes, trans-
lated by Lockyer, illustrated. 1868 48gR



Maria Teresa (Empress of Austria, b. 1717, d. 1780). See Yonge's Heroines,
9580. Temple Bar, v. 49, 1379.!, &c.

Marianus Scholasticus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.

Marie- Amelie (Queen of France, .'1782, d. 1866). See Temple Bar, v. 38, 1368 J.

Marie Antoinette (Queen of France, daughter of Francis L of France,

l>. 1755, executed 1793), Life of, by Yonge, 2 vols, 815-66

Private Life of, by Campan, illustrated, 2 vols. 1883-4 ;...99-iooF

The Woman and Queen, by Tytler. 1883 8170

See also_ Baker's French Society, 3330. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [At

Trianon], v. 37, 757J. Kavanagk's Women, 10440. Leisure Hour,
v. n, 2621]. Thiers' French Revolution, 376-7^ Tourzel's Memoirs,
626-7F. Yonge's Heroines, 9580. Edinburgh Review [Life of], v.
no, 47oJ ; [Correspondence of], v. 123, i83j ; [Secret Correspondence
of], v. 144, 504.7.* Fraser [Farewell to her Son], v. 62, 672.7. Quarterly,
v. 150, i28oj. Temple Bar] and the Queen's Necklace], v. 12, 1392}.
Thomson's Friendships, 5640. France, Louis XVI, &c.

Marie Louise, Empress of France, daughter of Francis /. of Austria,

l>. 1791, d. 1849, Memoirs of, by Saint Amand, tr. 1886 ... IO9F

and Napoleon, by Madame La Generate Durancl. 1886 I356O

See also Alison's Europe, 124-360. Jackson's French Court, 3350.

Quarterly, v. 12, 10327. France, Napoleon, &c.
Marie Stuart. See Mary Stuart, Stuart, &c.
Marie (C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Marine Algae, or Seaweeds of Great Britain, by Grattann, ill. 752F and I32R

See also Hervey's Sea Mosses, i2oR. Eraser's Seaside Naturalist

[Vegetation], sgoQ. Chambers [Life], v. 2, 19227 ; [Flora], v. 48,
iy5oj. Algae, Aquarium, Seaweeds, &c.

Animals. See Agassiz (E. C. and A.), Seaside Studies [of Massachusetts

Bay], 783F. Harvey's Sea-side Book, i868Z. Kingsley's Glaucus,
59iQ. Chambers [Strange], v. 51, 1952.7. Natural History, &c.

Chronometer. See Chronometer.

Insurance, Lloyd's, &c., by Martin. 1876 535H

Phenomena. See Chambers, v. n, 1931 J.

Signals [Marryat's Code] ; I7D

Zoology, Botany, Geology, &c. See Sea Shore, Ocean, Fish, Zoology,

Natural History, &c.

Marine Stores. See Fraser, v. 45, 655 J, and v. 46, 656 J.

Mariner Newman, A Voyage in the Good Ship Glad Tidings, to the

Promised Land, by Macgregor. 1878 5oZ

Mariner (W.), and Martin (J.), M.D., Account of the Natives of

the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, 2 vols. 1827 683^

Mariners. See Sailors, Seamen, Ships, &c.

Mariners' Compass, The. See Brown's Science for All, 6276. Donnelly's
Atlantis, ioi7M. Timbs' Inventions, 258R. Compass, &c.

Marines. See Chambers [Royal], v. 46, 1949.!. Fraser [and Bluejackets of Royal
Navy], v. 92, 702.7.

Marini (G., Italian Poet, b. 1569, d. 1625). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of
Europe, 4730.

Mario (G., Famous Italian Tenor Singer, b. 1808, d. 1883). See Engel's Remin-
iscences, 13490. Temple Bar [the Great Tenor], v. 70, 1400.7.

Marion (F.), Wonderful Balloon Ascents, translated 113811

Mariotti (L.), Italy, Pastand Present, 2 vols. 1848 14O7-8R

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Maritime and Inland Discovery [by W. D. Cooley], 3 vols. 1830 4O9-iT
See also Hartwig's The Sea and its Living Wonders, 757F. Frnser [High-
way of Nations], v. 69, 6797 ; [Romances and Parliamentary Novels],
v. 4, 6i4j.

Marius (Caius, Roman General, b. 157, d. 86 B.C.). See Oilman's Rome, 4240.

Niebuhr's History of Rome, S^H. Plutarch's Lives, 447F and ii32Q.

Mark (St.) and Matthew (St.), Commentary on the Gospels of, by

Lange, 3 vols. 1869 I I4-6A



Mark (St.), Gospel of, with Commentary by Plumptre [School Com-
mittee] I37Q

[Barnes 5 Notes] iM

See also Gray's Biblical Museum, 8/M. Haweis' Christ and Christianity

[The Citizen's Story], n8 3 M, &c.

Mark Twain. See Twain (Mark).

Markby (W., Rector of Duxford), D.C.L., Elements of Law, con-
sidered with Reference to Principles of General Juris-
prudence. 1885 iioSP

Market Drayton. Sec Rimmer's Old Country Towns, i34gR.

Market-Gardens. See Robinson's Gardens of Paris, 6096. Gardens, &;c.

Marketing. Sec Leisure Hour [Poor People's], v. 19, 26297. All the Year
Round [the Best], v. 46, i8o6J. Chambers [The Poor Man at], v. 25,
I939J ; [A Cheap], v. 46, 19497.

Markham (W. O.), M.D., Diseases of the Heart ; their Pathology,
Diagnosis and Treatment. 1860

Markham (Mrs.), History of England from the First Invasion by

the Romans, for the use of Young Persons, illustrated. 1863 2470

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