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Marks (L. M.1, Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Marks (T. S. ), The Great Pyramid, its History and Teachings 4O2M

MarllDOrough (John Churchill, Duke of, Celebrated General, b. 1650,
d. 1722), Life of, by Bucke [Family Library]. 1839

Life of, by Creighton. 1879 942Q

Military Life of, by Alison. 1848.. 378F

by Saintsbury [English Worthies]. 1885 12030

See also Adams' England at War, ig8H. Burton's Queen Anne, 236-8H.

Green's English People, i92H. Macmillan [Town and School], v. 52,
9827. Menzies' Political Women, &c., 9290. Merydew's Love
Letters [vol. i], 6j6F. Wentworth Papers, sssF. Blackwood [Dis-
patches of], v. 60, isoj. Quarterly, v. 23, 1043.}, c.

Marlborough (Sarah, Duchess of, wife of the above, b. 1660, d.
1744), Private Correspondence of, also of her Husband, illus-
trative of the Court and Times of Queen Anne, 2 vols. 1838 308-90

Sec also Adams' Women of Society, 10470. Temple Bar, v. 52, I382J.

Anne (Queen), &c.

Marlowe (C., Dramatist^ b. 1564, d. 1593). See Dana's Household Book of
Poetry, 4760. Fortnightly, v. 13, 2103.7, &c.

Marmalade. See Girl's Own Annual, v. 2, 2552}. All the Year Round, v. 42,
i822j. Foods, &c.

Marmion, A Tale of Flodden Field, a Poem by Scott, ill. 743-4M and 5ioZ

Marmont (A. F. de, Marshal of France, b. 1774,^. 1852). See Alison's Europe,
123-360 and 139-410, c.

Marmontel (J. F., French Poet, b. 1723, d. 1799), Memoirs of, by

Himself, 4 vols. 1805 8i8-2iO

Marmosets. See Knowledge [Pet], v. 5, 25857. Leisure Hour, v. 26, 26367.

Maronites. Sec Blackwood, v. 126, Tg6J.

Maroons, The. See Edinburgh Review [Dallas's History of], v. 2, 3627.

Marot (C., French Poet, b. 1495,^. I 544)> and other Studies, by

Morley. 1871 '. 8226

See also Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Marquesas Islands, Four Months' Residence in the, or a Peep at

Polynesian Life, by Melville 774Q and I287R

Marrett (Captain J., of Guernsey], R.N. See Sarnia [p. 76], 14160.

Marrett (Lieutenant-General T., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 102], 14160.

MARRIAGE, Works relating to : (See also Bridals, Courtship,

Love, Husbands, Wives, err.).
Marriage Ceremonies of all Nations [The Knot Tied, by Tegg] !48oZ

[Habits of Good Society] I4O8Z

How to be Happy Though Married. 1887 98iM



MARRIAGE Works relating to (continued.}

Marriage of Near Kin Considered with Respect to the Laws of
Nations, The Results of Experience in the Teachings of
Biology, by Huth. 1875 952F

Ring, a Book for the Newly Married or Those Contemplat-
ing Marriage, by Lanclel 3i6R

- See also Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne, 67F. Bellairs' Girls and
Maidens, 984M. Brand's Antiquities, ioos-6M. Burns' History of
Parish Registers, 536H. Collins' Pen Sketches, i054R. Ewald's
Israel, 66K. Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67o-7iF. Gentleman's
Magazine [The Fleet Marriages], v. 265, 7617. Girl's Own Annual, v.
6, 25567. Gould's Germany, 3630. Gray's China, 52oK. 7 ea ff re '
son's Brides and Bridals, 983-41!. Kinnear's Principles of Legal
Reform, loosF. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M. Lecky's Morals,
384-5^. Lubbock's Primitive Man, 672B. M'Cullpch's British
Empire, 7iiH. Malthus' Population, 1093-4^. Nichol's Social
Life, i42oZ. Nordhoff's Communistic Societies, 1045F. Parkes'
Domestic Duties, &c., 954M. Raven's Parliamentary History of
England [1832-1880], 2336. Rogers' Scotland, 949 5iF. Tegg's
Marriage Customs [with a Deceased Wife's Sister], i48oZ. Thorold's
Yoke of Christ, 33Q. William's Facts and Fallacies [Married
Women], 2 88R. Winged Words, i92 3 R. All the Year Round [by
Capture], v. 50, 18107 ; [in America], v. 53, 18137. Chambers [of
Wards of Court], v. 59, 19597- Fortnightly [and Divorce], v. 43,
2I 33J ; [Falling in Love], v. 46, 21367. Gentleman's Magazine [How
the People Get Married], v. 34, 7547- Leisure Hour [Settlements],
v. 14, 26247 ; [Customs, German, Grecian and Roman], v. 30, 26407 ;
[Scandinavian Customs], v. 34, 26447. Nineteenth Century [With
a Deceased Wife's Sister], v. 20, 22307. Saturday Review [at
Funerals], v. 55. All the Year Round [Slaves of the Ring], v.
20, 17807; [Married Women's Property], v. 24, 17847. Blackwood
[in Scotl


posalsof], v. 56, 19567 ; [Customs], v. 58, 19587. Contemporary [Law
of English], v. 9, 20197. Cornhill [Settlements], v. 8, 2887. Fort-
nightly [Law of, in Scotland], v. 8, 20987 5 [Morality of Married
Life], v, 18, 21087 ; [of First Cousins, Effects of], v. 24, 21147 >
The Levirate and Polyandry], v. 27, 21177. Fraser [Letter to a
young Married Lady], v. 39, 6497 ', [and Celibacy], v. 65, 6757 ;
[Impediments to, v. 76, 6867 ', [Hon. Mrs. Norton and Married
Women], v. 97, 7077. Good Words [and a Single Life], v. 4, 21747 ;
[Married Lovers], v. n, 21817. Living Age [Engagements], v. 69,
30997 ; [Theories of, in France and in England], v. 86, 31167. Mac-
millan [Hints on Proposals], v. 2, 9327 ; [Can a Catholic Priest
contract Matrimony ?], v. 20, 9507. Penny Magazine [in Russia],
v. 4, 1426. Scribner [Marrying Titles], v. 20, 18707. Temple Bar
[Among English Aristocracy], v. 4, 13347 > [on Small Incomes], v. 9,

ase es se

ls], v. 55. All t

07; [Married Wo

n Scotland], v. 61, 1317 and v. 66, 1367. Chambers [in France], v.
, 19387 5 [in Sardinia], v. 24, 19387 ; [Law of], v. 36, 19447 \ [Mor-
anatic], v. 37, 19457 J [in China], v. 50, 19517 ! [Curious Pro-

v. 4, 1426. Scribner [Marrying Titles], v. 20, 18707. Temple Bar
[Among English Aristocracy], v. 4, 13347 '> [on Small Incomes], v. 9,
!339J 5 [Curiosities of], v. 23, 13537 ; [Supposed Abolition of Ties],
v. 25, 13557 5 Advice to Young Married People], v. 26, 13567 ; [Ad-

vice on, by a Cynic], v. 34, 1364.7 ; [Etiquette of, in France], v. 36,
13667. Westminster Review [with a Deceased Wife's Sister], v. 55,
R.L. ; [Consanguinity in] v. 80, 104, R.L. ; [Law of, in Great Britain],
v. 90, R.L. Bryce's American Commonwealth [Laws], 517!!.
Chambers [in the French Provinces], v. 3, 19237. Scribner [Free], v.
6, 18567, &c.

Marriage in Cana of Galilee, by Macmillan. 1882 92T

Marriages of the Bonapartes, by Bingham, 2 vols. 1881 330- lO

Marriott (C.). See Burgon's Twelve Good Men, 66oF.

Marriott (W. B., d. 1871), Testimony of the Catacombs, c., con-
cerning Questions of Doctrine, now Disputed in the
Church, illustrated. 1870 II2K

Marryat (Florence [Mrs. Ross Church], Daughter of Capt. Marry af). Sec Fic-
tion Class List following the General Catalogu



Marry at (Capt., Celebrated Writer of Naval Stories , SrV., I. 1792,

d. 1848), A Diary in America, 3 vols. 1839 IO2I-3R

Universal Code of Signals, for the Mercantile Marine, revised by

Richardson, illustrated. 1858 i;D

Life of, by Hannay. 1889 12690

~See also Chambers [Life and Letters of], v. 49, 195 ij. Cornhill [Sea Novels],

v. 27, sojj. Fraser [Novels], v. 17, 627^. Temple Bar, v. 37, 1367.}.

Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Marryat (J., d. 1876), Pottery and Porcelain, Mediaeval and

Modern. 1868 936D

Mars, the Planet [Brown's Science for All] 62gBa

See also Chambers' Journal [Life in], v. 63, 19637. Leisure Hour [Swift's

Prophecy of two Moons], v. 26, 26367. Scribner's Monthly [and his

Moons], v. 15, i86sJ. Nature [the Planet], v. 9, 26697. Astronomy, &c.

Marsden (J. B.), M.A., History of the Early Puritans, from the

Reformation to the Opening of the Civil War in 1642 ... 703 A

Later Puritans, from the Opening of the Civil War in

1642 to the Ejection of the Non-Conforming Clergy in

1662. 1852, 704A

Marsden (S., First Missionary to New Zealand, b. 1754, d. 1830),

Life and Labours of, edited by J. B. Marsden [R.T.S.] 994(5

Marseille (F. De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!).
Marseilles. See Art Journal, v. 34, R.L. Leisure Hour [Forenoon in], v. 6,
26i6J. Chambers [Aqueduct of], v. 13, I933J ; [under a War Aspect],
v. 31, I942J ; Temple Bar [La Canne"biere], y. 10, i34oj, &c.
Mar sh-Ca Ldwell (Mrs. A.). See Fiction Class List following the General


Marsh. (A. C. and G. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Marsh (Miss C, Philanthropist}, English Hearts and English

Hands, illustrated. 1859 I24T

Life of Major A. Vandeleur [A Christian Soldier]. 1862 10130

Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars [A Christian Soldier]. 1860 10140

by Alldridge [World's Workers]. 1887 1 1520

See also Darton's Famous Girls, 13260, &c.

Marsh (G. P., American Ethnologist, &c. t b. 1801, d. 1882), LL.D.

Lectures on the English Language. 1 86 1 1029!!

Man and Nature, or Physical Geography as Modified by Human

Action. 1 864 2OoD

Origin and History of the English Language, and of the Early

Literature it Embodies. 1862 IO28H

Marsh (II, M.), B.D., Tr., Introduction to New Testament, by

Michaelis, vols. 2-4. 1802 359-6iA

Marsh (J.), D.D., Temperance Recollections, Labours, Defeats,

Triumphs. 1867 8230

Marsh (J. B.) Memorials of the City Temple from its Formation by

Goodwin, Chaplain to Cromwell. 1877 4O3M

Marsh (W.), D.D., Life of, by his Daughter. 1867 37 9 F

Marshall (E.), M.A., Oxford [Diocesan Histories S.P.C.K.]. 1882 i84oZ
Marshall (Emma), History of France adapted from the French

for the Use of English Children, illustrated. 1877 31 iO

Stories of the Cathedral Cities of England. 1879 3000 and I356R

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Marshall (F.), Curiosities of Ceremonials, Titles, Decorations and

Forms, on International Vanities. 1880 , 93QF

Marshall (J.), Royal Naval Biography of all the Flag Officers,
Superannuated Rear- Admirals, Retired Captains, Post Cap-
tains and Commanders whose Names appeared on the
Admiralty List at the Commencement of 1823,6 vols in 12. 9>2oF



Marshall (Mrs. J.), Handel [Great Musicians]. 1883 12240

Marshall (W. W., Classical Master, Elizabeth College, Guernsey),
M.A., Cruces and Criticisms, or Examination of Certain
Passages in Greek and Latin Texts. 1886 11481!

Marshall (W.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Marshes. See Penny Magazine, v. 12, 1506.

Marshman (J. C.), Memoirs of Major-Gent Sir Henry Havelock. 6970

Marston Moor. See Macmillan [Visit to], v. 6, 9s6J.

Marston (P. B.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Marteilhe (J. ), 7>., The Huguenot Galley Slave, an Autobiography. 72 lO

Martell (M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Marten, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66oQ, &c.

Martial Law. See Brodie's British Empire, 2T2H. Chambers [Law], v. 43,
I948J. Cornhill [and Military Law], v. 43, 323.7, &c.

Martial (French Poet, b, 1440, d. 1508.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and
Rome, 4740, &c.

Martin, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 645(3. Swallows, Birds, &c.

Martin (St.). See Brand's Antiquities, ioo5-6M. Farrar's Lives of the Fathers,
67oF, &c.

Martin (E. W.), History of the Great Riots, an Account of the
Strikes and Riots on the various Railroads of the United
States and in the Mining Regions, illustrated. 1877 5 2 2H

Martin (F.), History of Lloyd's and of Marine Insurance in Great

Britain. 1876 535H

Martin (Helena Faucit, Lady), On Some of Shakespeare's Female

Characters. 1887

[Ophelia, Portia, Desdemona, Juliet, Imogen, Rosalind, Beatrice.]

Martin (Henry). See Kaye's Indian Officers, 14530.

Martin (Mrs. Herbert), Ed., Memories of Seventy Years. 1883 ... 8346

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Martin (J.), A Legacy, being the Remains of J. Martin, by Craik,

2 vols. 1878 1305-60

Martin (J. H.) Microscopic Objects Figured and Described, ill. 1870 8o8F
and Weston (J.), Handbook to the Fernery and Aquarium, ill. !3oR

Martin (R. M., Colonial Historian, b. 1800), History of the Colo-
nies of the British Empire in the West Indies, South America,
North America, Asia, Australasia, Africa, and Europe, with
illustrations of the Charters, and Engraved Seals. 1843 472B

Contents: Area. Agriculture. Commerce. Manufactures. Shipping.
Customs Duties. Population. Education. Religion. Crime. Govern-
ment. Finances. Law. Military Defence. Cultivated and Waste
Lands. Emigration. Rates of Wages. Prices of Provisions.
Banks. Coins. Staple Products. Stock. Moveable and Immov-
able Property. Public Companies, &c.

- Ireland before and after the Union. 1848 348H

Martin (S.), Extra Work of a London Pastor. 1863 IO24R

Rain upon the Mown Grass and other Sermons. 1842-70. 1871 H3K

Spring Thoughts. Lessons of the Lillies. Little Foxes. Dwelling in
Booths. A Cedar House for God's House. Zion's Strength a Pastor's
Claim. Christ's Commission to his Apostles. Power to Preach.
Power to Heal. Christ Weeping over Jerusalem, Precious Blood of
Christ. Soul's Thirst satisfied in Jesus. Cup of Salvation. Strength
of a Saint. Fulness of God. Inheritors of the Promises. For my
Sake. A Living Sacrifice. Thirst for the glory of God. Married to
his Memory. The Widow's Gift. A Child's Accountability. Early
Piety. Duty of a Church towards its Neighbourhood. Change and
Continuance, &c.

Martin (Sir T., Scotch Scholar, b. 1816), Horace [Ancient Classics

for English Readers]. 1878 nooQ



Martin (Sir T.), Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort,
with portraits, 5 vols. 1875-80 :

Vol. i. 1819-36. Early Years of the Prince's Life. 1820-39 Birth and
Education of the Princess Victoria. Baron Stockmar. Project
of the Marriage between the Prince and Queen Victoria. 1839
Character of the Prince. 1840 Royal Marriage. Political Parties
in England. The Prince appointed Regent. 1841 Birth of the
Prince of Wales. 1842 The Queen Shot at by Bean. 1843 Re-
organisation of Royal Household undertaken by the Prince.
Birth of the Princess Alice. Efforts of the Prince to Suppress
Duelling. 1843 Royal Visit to the King of the French. 1844
Death of the Prince's Father. Visit of the King of Saxony and
the Emperor of Russia. 1844 -Birth of Prince Alfred. Visit of
the King of the French. 1844-5 Osborne Purchased by the

Prince. 1845-6 Lord John Russell's Edinburgh Letter. 1846

Helena. 1846-7 Great Dis
Death of O'Conneil. Letter to Lord John Russell. 1847-8 Great

Birth of the Princess Helena. 1846-7 Great Distress in Ireland.

Commercial Distress in England and Scotland. Birth of
Princess Louise, &c 92F

Vol. 2. 1848. State of Europe after the Fall of Louis Phillipe. State of
Ireland. Chartist Riots. Sympathy of the Prince with the
Working Classes. The Prince and Baron Stockmar. First Visit
to Balmoral. Letter to Dean Wilberforce. Activity of the
Prince. The Queen Shot at. 1849 Education of the Royal
Children. The Queen and Prince visit Ireland. Dislike of
Personal Praise. 1849-50 Speech of the Prince at the Mansion
House. 1850 Birth of Prince Arthur. Greek Claims. The Queen
struck by Lt. Pate. Queen and Prince stay at Holyrood for
first time. Lord John Russell resumes Office. 1850-1 Great
Exhibition. Speeches of the Prince. Royal Visit to Liverpool
and Manchester. Kossuth's Reception in England. 1852
Books read by the Prince in 1852. Lord Derby's Ministry.
1852-3 Lord Aberdeen's Ministry. Birth of Prince Leopold.
1853 The Eastern Question. War declared by Turkey. Letter
of the Emperor of Russia to the Queen, and Reply. The Prince
objects to a Statue of himself. Violent Attacks in the Press upon
the Prince, &c 9^F

Vol. 3. 1854-5. War in the East Inevitable. Reasons given by the Prince
why England went to War. Prince's Sketch of Plan for the
Invasion of Crimea. The Prince and the French Emperor.
Battle of the Alma. Battle of Balaclava. Prince's Plans for
Reinforcements. Miss Nightingale. Lord John Russell goes as
Plenipotentiary to Vienna. Visit of the Emperor and Empress
of the French to the Queen. Russian Losses in the Crimea.
The Queen distributes Medals to Invalids from the Crimea.
Remarkable Speech by the Prince. Lord Raglan Dies. Lord
John Russell Retires from Office. Betrothal of the Princess
Royal and Prince Frederick William of Prussia. The Prince's '
Address to the Birmingham and Midland Institute. The Guards.
Memorial to the Queen. 1856 Letter of the Queen to Lord
Clarendon on his Mother's Death. Birth of the Prince Imperial.
Allied Armies in the Crimea. Accident to the Princess
Royal, &c Q4F

Vol. 4. 1857. Philanthropy of the Prince. Sympathy with the Working
Classes. Manchester Exhibition of Fine Arts opened by the
Prince. Visit of Grand Duke Constantine. The Prince created
Prince Consort. Disastrous News from India. Transfer of
Government of India to the Crown. 1858 Suppression of Indian
Mutiny. Orsini's Attempt on the Life of the Emperor of the
French. Marriage of the Princess Royal. Letters to her by the
Prince Consort. State of France. Fall of Lucknow. The Queen
and Prince visit Lord and Lady Leigh at Stoneleigh Abbey and
open Aston Park at Birmingham. Royal Visit to Germany.
Royal Visit to Leeds. Opinions of the Prince on Kingsley's and
George Eliot's Novels. Christmas at Windsor Castle. 1859


Martin (Sir T.) Life of Prince Consort, &c. (contimied.)

Princess Royal delivered of a Son at Berlin. Royal Visit to the
Channel Islands [p. 480]. The Prince Founds a Military
Library at Aldershot. The Victoria Soldiers' Libraries. Illness
of the Duchess of Kent. Princess Royal Visits England. Letter
by the Queen to Lord John Russell. Letter by Prince Consort
to Crown Princess, &c 95F

Vol. 5. 1860. England and France. Prince Consort's Letter to Prince
Regent of Prussia. Reform Bill introduced by Lord John
Russell. Speech of the Prince Consort at the Clothworkers'
Hall. Prince Consort's Admiration of Tennyson's " Idylls of the
King." Letter to Mr. Tennyson. Garabaldi and Count Cavour.
Court at Osborne. Multifarious Nature of the Prince Consort's
Occupations. Letters of Prince Consort on Naval Reserves. .

Garibaldi Invades Naples. Journey of the Queen and Prince to
Coburg. Visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada and the United
States. Betrothal of the Princess Alice. Various Letters of the
Prince Consort. 1861 Death of the King of Prussia. Great
Exhibition. Illness and Death of the Duchess of Kent. Mr.
Gladstone's Speech introducing the Budget. Civil War in
America. Prince of Wales visits Germany. Illness of the Prince
Consort. The Last Draft prepared by the Prince. His Death.
Concluding Remarks o6F

Life of the Prince Consort [People's Edition]. 1882 327:8 and 32;Ba

Life of Lord Lyndhurst, from Letters and Papers in Possession

of his Family. 1883

See also Leisure House [with Portrait], v. 32, 2642],

Martin (T. C), Franz Liszt. 1886 2442

Martin (W. A. P.), LL.D., The Chinese, their Education, Philo-
sophy and Letters. 1881 I52IR

Martin (W. C. L.). See Humming Birds [Supplement], Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 684Q.

Our Domestic Fowls [R.T.S.] 739Z

Martin (W. H. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Martindale (M.), Dictionary of the Holy Bible, 2 vols. 1818 43K

Martineau (H., Authoress, l>. 1802, d. 1876), Eastern Life, Present

and Past, 3 vols. 1848 1536-8R

History of British Rule in India. 1857 462T

the Peace [1816-46], Pictorial History of England during

the Thirty Years' Peace. 1858 449B

- Society in America, 2 vols. 1837 694-5X1

- Autobiography, with Memorials by Chapman, illustrated, 3 vols. 824-60

- by Miller [Eminent Women Series]. 1884 11300

See also Adam's Celebrated Englishwomen, 12820 ; Women of Letters, &c.,
10480. Cornhill [Conversations with, after Death], v. 48, 328J ; [Re-
collections of], v. 49, 3297. Harper's Index [Works of], i64bja. Mor-
ley's Miscellanies, 8426 and 84303. Contemporary, v. 29, 203gJ.
Quarterly [Autobiography], v. 143, 1273,1. Temple Bar [Memorials of],
v - 53> isSsJ. Poole's Index, R.L. Fiction Class List following the
General Catalogue.

Martineau (J., BrotJier of the above, Unitarian Minister, b. 1805),

D.D., A Study of Religion, its Sources and Contents. 1888. 636-7 A

A Study of Spinoza. 1882 9760

Hours of Thought on Sacred Things, 2 vols. 1879 44-5M

Martineau (R.), Ed., History of Israel, by Ewald, translated. 1869 6i-6K
Martinez de la Rosa(F., Spanish Statesman, b. 1789, d. 1862). See Long-
fellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Martini (G., French Musician, b. 1706, d, 1784). See Naumann's Music, 9280.
Martyn (H., Orientalist, b. 1781, d. 1812), B.D., by Bell [Men Worth

Remembering]. 1880 , 11650



Martyn (H.), Memoir of. 1819 .............................................

- - by Sargent] American Tract Society] ........................... i6;5Z

- See also Christian Biography, 14410. Good Words [Life ofj, v. 6, 21767.

Living Age, v. 151, 3i8rJ. Quarterly [Memoirs of], v. 25, 1155}.
Sunday at Home, v. 2, 28527, &c.
Martyr-Graves of Scotland, by Thomson, 2 vols. 1875 ............ I67-8T

Martyr of Antioch, a Dramatic Poem, by Milman. 1822 ............... 443^

Martyrs, Book of, by Fox, edited by Gumming, illustrated. 1844 599-601 A
- Letters of the, published in 1564, with a Preface by Coverdale and

Introduction by Bickersteth. 1837 ................................. 27oM

- See also Gibbon's Roman Empire, 75-8H. Haweis' Christ and Christianity

[of Lyons], u86M. Fraser [Fox's Book of], v. 15, 625], Ecclesiasti-
cal History. Sunday at Home [of Paris], v. 3, 2853). Quiver [Spanish]
v. 14, 32847. Sunday at Home, v. 34, 28847, & c -

Marveil (A. De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Marvell (A., Poet and Satirist, b. 1620, d. 1678), Poems and Life

[British Poets]. 1857 .............................. ................... 437Q

See also Brave Confessors, 14400. Dana's Household Book of Poetry,
476D. Cornhill [and his Wr' '
R.L., &c.

?6D. Cornhill [and his Writings], v. 20, 3007. Westminster, v. 18,

Marvels of Art and Miracles of Nature I227Z

Creation, Earth and Sea [W. H. D. Adams] 82oZ

Nature [by Noyce], illustrated 5O4K

the Heavens, by FJammarion. 1872 544^

Marvin (C.), The Region of the Eternal Fire, an Account of a Jour-
ney to the Petroleum Region of the Caspian in 1883, ill. 1884 8o5K
Russians at the Gates of Herat II58R

Marx (Karl). See Leisure Hour [and the International], v. 27, 26377. Fortnightly
[and German Socialism], v. 23, 21137, & c -

Mary, The Virgin. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, I52K. Contemporary
[Rise and Progress of, the Worship of], v. 4, 20147. Quarterly [Im-
maculate Conception of], v. 97, 12277, &c.

Mary ~L,(Queen of England, b. 1516, d. 1558). See Burk's Historical Portraits,
541 F. Dixon's Royal Windsor, 327^ Fraser [Love Match of Princess
Mary, daughter of Henry VIII.], v. 102, 7127. Harper, v. 52, 16327.

Mary II. (Queen of England, b. 1662, d. 1694). See Stoughton's Religion in Eng-
land, g6M. Living Age [Memoirs of], v. 169, 31997.

Mary Beatrice (of Modena^ Queen of Jajtws //., b, 1658, d. 1718). See
Strickland's Queens of England, 8ooO. Living Age, v. 13, 30437, &c.

Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots] b. 1542, executed iffi), In Captivity,

by Leader. 1880 347H

Life and Times of, by Cunningham 2 5jZ

of, by Bell [Family Library], 2 vols. 1831 1076-7(3

Strickland, 2 vols. 1873 793'4O

See also Aikin's Queen Elizabeth, I2I-2F. Blackwood's Magazine [in Scot-
land], v. 144, 2147. Clayton's Female Warriors, 6430. Dixon's H.M.
Tower, 32iH. Fortnightly [Character of], v. 37, 21277. Froude's Eng-
land, 194-2020. Green's English People, igoH. Leisure Hour [Relic
" v. 21, 26317 5 [and David Rizzio], v. 22, 26327 ; [and Bpthwell], v.
26427. Longfellow's Poets of Europe, 4730. M'Cries' Life of

of], v. 21, 26317 5 [and David Rizzio], v. 22, 26327 ; [and Bpthwell], v.
32, 26427. Longfellow's Poets of Europe, 4730. M'Cries' Life of
Knox, 7560. Robertson's Scotland, 338-9^ Swinburne 's Miscel-

lanies, 13400. All the Year Round [Last Moments of], v. 32, 18927.
Fraser [Trial of], v. 84, 6947. Living Age [History of], v. 35, 30657.
Once a Week [Last Prison of], v. 25, 22857. Penny Magazine [Execu-
tion of], v. 2, i4oB. Quarterly, v. 67, 11977 5 [Letters of], v. 77, 120'' T.
Temple Bar [and Queen Elizabeth], v. 10, 1340}. Palace and Hospital,
I 535O' Stuart, Scotland, &c.

Mary Tudor. Sec Living Age [and Duke of Suffolk], v. 89, 31197.

Maryland. See Century [Invasion of, 1863], v. 10, 18827. Leisure Hour [Life
in], v. 12, 2622}. Contemporary [Toleration in], y. 28, 20387 ', Harper
[Eastern Shore of], v. 43, 16237 ', [Canadian Peninsula], v. 59, 16397.
Scribner [Old Maryland Manners], v. 17, 18677, &c.


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