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Mediocrity. See Chambers, v. 16, 1934!- Once a Week [Useful], v. 18, 2278.)".

Meditations and Contemplation, by Hervey, 2 vols. 1779 I92-3M

-byj. G. B. 1866 226M

Mediterranean, Jersey, France, and Italy, Notes and Remarks

made in, in 1843 and 1844, by Murdoch. 1846 I73OR

See also Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, 786-7K. Edinburgh Review [Com-
merce of], v. 6, 366J. Household Words [Coral Fishery in], v. 2, I742J.
Living Age [Deltas of], v. 132, 3i62j, &c.

Mediums, Spiritual. See All the Year Round [under other Names], y. 7, 1767.7.
Blackwood [of the Last Century], v. 125, igsJ. See also Spiritualism.

Medlicott (H. B.), M.A., Bland (W. T.)> F.R.S., and Ball (V.),

F.S.S., Geology of India, illustrations and maps, 4 vols. 1879 27-300
Meek (R.), M,A,, Time of Affliction. 1851



Meeker (N. C), Life in the West, or Stones of the Mississippi Valley. I5Q6R
Meeting Houses, Memorial Pictures of Nonconformity, by Pike 261

See also Living Age [Impressions of], v. 134, 3164.7.

Meetings and Greetings, The Salutations, &c., of Nations, by Tegg. Q24M

Meetings. See Chairman's Handbook, 562X5 &c.

Mehagan (Chev., French Historian, b. 1721, d. 1766), Universal
Modern History, from the Fall of the Roman Empire, trans-
lated by Fox, 3 vols. 1779 I3'5H

Meignan (V.), From Paris to Pekin, over Siberian Snows, edited by

Conn. 1885 8iiK

Meinhold (W.), Mary Schweidler, the Amber Witch [Trial for

Witchcraft], translated by Lady Gordon, 1846 9I2M

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Meissonier (J. L. E., French Painter, b. 1812,), by Mollett [Great

Artists]. 1882 11040

Melancholy, Anatomy of, by Burton, 2 vols. 1821 633-4!!


See also Fraser, v. 57, 667J.

Melanchthon (P., German Reformer, I. 1497, d. 1560). See Bayne's Luther,
6 94 -5F, &c.

Melanesia. See Stanford's Compendium, 853!^, &c.

Melas (General). See Alison's Europe, 124-50.

Melbourne. See Chequered Career, 773 K. Coote's Wanderings, 8roK. Mar-

tineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 44gB. Smiles' Boy's Voyage, 8340..
Willoughby's Australian Pictures, 3326. Art Journal [Exhibition of,
1881], v. 33, R.L. Chambers [Memories of), v. 32, I942J ; [Voyage to],
v. 32, I942J ; [Arrival of Mail in], v. 41, 19477. Temple Bar [Exhibi-
tion of 1869], v. 30, i36oj. Australia, Victoria, &c.

Melbourne (W. Lamb, Viscount, Prime Minister 1834, b. 1779, d.

1848), Memoirs of, by Torrens, 2 vols. 1878 385-6F

See also Alison's Europe, 142-40. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Hayward's

Statesmen, 248F. Westminster [Memoirs of], v. no, R.L. Greville
Memoirs, Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Melchisedec. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK. Quiver, v. 16, 3286J.

Meleager (Greek Epigramist, fl. 60 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and
Rome, 4740, &c.

Melina (E.), Garibaldi : Recollections of his Public and Private Life,

English Version, by Edwards. 1887 14180

Melito (Count Miot de), Memoirs of, edited by Fleischmann, trans-
lated from the French by Mrs. Cashel Hoey and J. Lillie ... 2I7-8P"

Mellen (G.). See Gris wold's Poets of America, 468D.

Mellon (Miss). See St. Albans (Duchess of).

Melloni (M., Italian Physicist, b. 1798, d. 1854). See Tyndall's Heat, sogR, c,

Melmoth (\N., Jurist, b, 1666, d. 1743), Great Importance of a Reli-
gious Life considered, &c. 1839 I222Z

(Son of above, Scholar, b. 1710, d. 1799), Letters of Pliny the

Consul, 2 vols. 1805 443-4F

Cicero's Letters, translated, 3 vols. 1 789 9OO-2H

Melrose Abbey. See Penny Magazine, v. 2, i4oB, &c.

Melting Pots. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Melton Mowbray. See Rimmer's Old Country Towns, I349R, &c.

Meltray, Holland. See Good Words [Reformatory of], v. 12, 2182 J.

Melvill (H., Canon of St Paul's, b. 1798, d. 1871), B.D., and

others, Hints on the Culture of Character. 1855-6 2 73^f

Bible Thoughts [American Tract Society] I685Z

See also Hood's Preachers, 54iM. Chambers [Adventures of], v. 5, 1925.7.

Melville (A., Scotch Reformer, b. 1545, d. 1622), Life of, by McCrie 387-8F

See also Taylor's Scottish Pulpit, 63sA, &c.



Melville (G. J. W., Scotch Novelist, b, 1821). See Fiction Class List following

the General Catalogue.
Melville (H.)> Narrative of a Four Months' Residence among the

Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands 774Q an( l I28;R

Oinoo, a Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas [Sequel to

the Residence in the Marquesas Islands]. 1847 775Q

Works of. Sec Harper's Index, i64oja. Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue, &c.
Members of Parliament. See Escott's England and its People, ioi7-8F. House

of Commons, Lords, Parliament, c.
Memes (J. S.)> A.M., Memoirs of Antonio Canova and his Works,

and a View of Modern Sculpture. 1825 i66F

Memoirs of the Empress Josephine [Family Library]. 1832 loyiQ

Memrum. Sec Fraser [Statue of, at Thebes], v. 42, 652],

Memoir of a Brother [George Hughes], by T. Hughes. 1873 72oO

Memoirs and Essays, illustrative of Art, Literature and Social

Morals, by Mrs. Jameson. 1846 Q85R

of a Cavalier, &c., by Defoe 64oR

Maitre d'Armes, by Dumas, translated !28iR

Working Man [by Thomas Carter]. 1845 2 54 anc ^ I 2 38Z

See also Temple Bar [Future], v. 58, 1388 J. Biography, Correspondence. &c.

Memorials of a Quiet Life, by Hare, 3 vols 692-40

Christian Life, by Neander. 1852 i;iM

the City Temple, from its Formation in 1640 by Goodwin, by

Marsh. 1877 4O3M

Memorie and Rime, Notes from an Old Journal, by Miller. 1884... 1201 R

Memories of Bethany, by Macduff. 1858 I79Q

Many Men and of some Women, by Field. 1875 6470

of Old Friends, Letters of Caroline Fox [1835-71], edited by Pym 8330

Seventy Years, by One of a Literary Family, edited by

Martin. 1883 8340

Memory, Art of, by Gouraud. 1845 ! 99 D

Diseases of, by Ribot. 1882 373 R

See also Compayre^s Pedagogy, 2Q6R. Radcliffe's Unity in Nature, 76oF.
Sully's Illusions, 369]*. All the Year Round [and Absence of Mind],
v. 26, I7&6J. Chambers [Art of], v. 42, 1947.7. Cornhill [Illusions of],

v. 41, 32iJ. Fraser, v. 29, 639}. Quarterly [Artificial], v. 9, H39J.

Temple Bar [Keys of], v. 13, I343J, &c.

Memory of the Dead. See Anspach's Sepulchres of Our Departed, I222M.
Memory's Harkback through Half-a-Century [1808-1858], by
Gretton. 1889

Memphis. See Adam's Land of the Nile, 7550.. Once a Week [Egypt], v. 7,
2267 J, &c.

Men and Books, Familiar Studies, by Stevenson. 1882 6400

Mysteries of Wall Street [The New York Stock Exchange,

&c.], by Medbery. 1870 IO27R

Famous, by Page, illustrated. 1879 13290

Famous Boys who became Great Men, illustrated 13280

of Character [Humorous Sketches], by Jerrold. 1851 ... 8350 and 79oR

Invention and Industry, by Smiles. 1884 U72R

Letters of the Time of George III., by Brougham. 1855 598R

See also Adams' Queen Anne, 1281 H. Literature, &c.

the Third Republic [France]. 1873 8360

Thiers, Macmahon, Gambetta, St. Hilaire, Roulier, Dumas, Grevy, Girar-
din, Hyacinthe, Erckmann-Chatrian, Rochefort, About, Simon,
Blanc, Hugo, Sardou, Veuillot, &c.

Representative, Seven Lectures, by Emerson. 1850 945O



Men Worth Remembering. v.D. :

Baxter (R.), by Boyle n6oO I Hall (R.), by Hood n6iO

Chalmers (Thos.), by Fraser 11620 I Knox (J.), by Taylor 11640

Grellet (S.), by Guest n6 3 O | Martyn (H.), by Bell 11650

See also Evelyn's Table Talk [and Manners], nojR. Hone's Year Book

[and Manners], QSjF. Smiles' Life and Labour, 13550. Chambers
[Types of], v. 58, 1958.7. Cornhill [Great], v. 36, 316}. Fraser [and
Coats], v. 24, 634J. Once a Week [of Letters], v. 6, 2266J. Cassell's
Family Magazine [Dress Reform for], v. 9, 2358J. Biography, History,
Travel, &c.

Mena (J. D., Spanish Poet, b. 1411, d. 1456). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry
of Europe, 4730.

Menagerie, Tower. 1829 8i6F

Menageries. See Leisure Hour [Humours of], v. 35.

Menander (Athenian Poet, b. 342, d. 292 D.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece
and Rome, 4740.

Mendelssohn (Bartholdy F., German Musical Composer, I. 1809,
d. 1847), Letters and Recollections, by Hellier, translated by
Glehn. 1874 8580

by Rockstro [Great Musicians]. 1884 12250

Hymn of Praise [Lobgesang], a Symphonia Cantata in Vocal

Score, with a separate accompaniment for the Organ or


Life of, with Sketches and Notes, by Benedict, &c., edited by

Gage. 1876 8370

See also Hosmer's Jews [Mendelssohn Family], 4250. Japp's German Lite-
rature, 272 F. Mothers of Great Men and Women [Mother of], 682F.
Naumann's Music, 9290. Rockstro's History of Music, 533H. Tytler's

Musical Composers, 86oO. Cassell's Magazine [and Goethe], v. i,

2341;, &c.
Mendoza (D. H. De, Spanish Statesman, b. 1503, d. 1575). See Longfellow's

Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!), &c.

Mendoza(L. De). See Dana's -Household Book of Poetry, 476D.
Mensuration for Schools, &c,, by Baker [Weale's Series]. 1859 ... 7o8Q

See also Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90, &c.

Mental Disease, Responsibility in, by Maudsley. 1885 355^-

Development. See Clifford's Essays, 886H, &c.

Philosophy. See Fothergill's Will Power, I228R. Philosophy, &c.

Operations. See Timbs 1 Works, 8s6Z. Mind, &c.

Physiology, Principles of. See Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Mentone. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, i648J. Health Haunts,

8ioQ, &c.

Menu, Institutes of, by Haughton, 2 vols. 1825 : 63-4A

Menus and Recipes of the Baron Brisse, translated by Mrs. Clark ... 982M

Menzies (S.), Political Women, 2 vols. 1875 928-90

Anne De Bourbon. Duchess De Longueville. Duchess De Chevreuse.

Princess Palatine. Mademoiselle De Montpensier. Madame de Mont-

bazon. Duchess of Portsmouth. Sarah Jennings. Sarah, Duchess of

Menzini (B., Italian Poet, b. 1646, d. 1704). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry

of Europe, 4730, &c.
Mercantile Marine. See Pascoe's Professions, 25iR. Thomson's Choice of a

Profession, 2O4R. Code of Signals, by Marryat, 170, &c.
Merchant Ships in War Time. See All the Year Round, vol. 42, i8 22 J.

Chambers [Service], v. 33, ig43j. Contemporary [Merchant Marine of

Great Britain], v. 44, 2054J.

Merchants of New York City, by Barrett. 1863 8770

See also Cutt's Middle Ages, 94oF. Escott's England and its People, ioi8F.

Smith's Wealth of Nations, I026-8F, &c.
Mercia. See Green's Conquest of England, 187!!.
Mercury. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8-gD. Nature

[Conductivity of], v. 6. 2666J.



Mercury, The Planet. See Cornhill, v. 37, 317^. Once a Week [Transit of], v.
19, 2279J. Penny Magazine [Transit in 1832], v. i, isgB. Astronomy,
Stars, Heavens, &c.

Mercy and Judgment, by Farrar. 1881 : 3I5M

Seat, The, Thoughts suggested by the Lord's Prayer, by Spring.. 47oM

Meredith (Mrs. C.), Notes and Sketches of New South Wales,

during a Residence from 1839 to 1844 SoQQ and I288R

Meredith (G., Novelist and Poet, b. 1828), Ballads and Poems of

Tragic Life 141 5M

Poems and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth I4I6M

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 476D. Stoddard's Late English

Poets, 687M. Fraser [Poems of], v. 44, 654J. Fiction Class List
following the General Catalogue, &c.

Meredith (O., Psettd.), Lucile, a Poem. 1864 499Z

For other works see real name, Lytton (Edward Bulwer, Lord).

Merian (Maria S., Insect Artist, b. 1647, d. 1717), Memoir of. See Duncan's

Entomology, 95R. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 673Q, c.
Meridian. See Edinburgh Review [Measurement of, in India], v. 87, 447 J.
Merighi (C. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Merimee (J. F. L., French Painter and Chemist, b. 1765, d. 1836),

Painting in Oil and in Fresco. 1839 868D

Me'rime'e (Prosper, Son of above, French Historian and Dramatist, b. 1803, d.

1870). See Black wood, v. 61, isij, &c.

Merino. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D.
Merit and Demerit. See Smith's Moral Sentiments, s88H.
Merivale (C, Historian, b. 1808, d. 1869), D.D., Four Lectures on

Early Church History. 1879 4ioM

Roman Triumvirates [Epochs of Ancient History]. 1885 i8i7Z

History of the Romans under the Empire, 8 vols. 1873-6 :

Vol. i. Rise of a Middle Class. Cicero. Cato. Death of Catalina.
Cicero retires into Exile. German Tribes in Gaul. Caesar's First
Campaign. Brutus. Death of Julia. Caesar's Fourth Campaign.
He Invades Britain. Revolt of the Gauls 630

Vol.2. Parthian Monarchy. Conquest of Gaul completed. Caesar Crosses
the Rubicon. Capitulation of the Pompeian Armies. Caesar
Created Dictator in his Absence. Surrender of Brutus. Fas-
cinations of Cleopatra. Alexandrian War. Cata commits
Suicide. Caesar's Final Campaign. Caesar's Patronage of Litera-
ture. Assassination of Caesar 646

Vol. 3. Decay of Military Discipline. Oclavius claims Caesar's Inheritance.
Death of Cicero. Cassius and Brutus kill themselves. Cleopatra
fascinates Antonius. Agrippa's grea Victory. Octavius reduces
Egypt. Dispersion of the Jews in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Herod's Devotion to Rome 650

Vol. 4. Jurisprudence of Augustus. Jubilee of the Roman People. Organi-
sation of the Provinces by Augustus. Tiberius in Germany.
Intrigues against Augustus. Consternation at Rome. Last
Days and Death of Augustus. Unity of the Roman Empire .... 66O

Vol. 5. Streets and Domestic Architecture. Life in Rome. Wild Beasts
and Gladiators. Livy. Virgil. Horace. Propertius. Tibullus.
Ovid. Tiberius Succeeds to the Empire. Eagles of Varus
Recovered. Dissipation of the Times. Savage Cruelty of Tiberius.
Effects of the Reign of Terror 670

Vol. 6. Family of Herod the Great at Rome. Resistance of the Jews.
Mission of Philo the Jew. Expedition into Gaul. Invasion of
Britain. Advancing Popularity of Nero. Political State of
Britain. Defeat and Capture of Caractacus. Murder of Agrip-
pina. State of Religion. Persecution of the Christians. Seneca
and St. Paul 68O



Mei'ivale (G), History of the Romans under the Empire (continued. )

Vol. 7. Death of Nero. Vespasian Emperor. Pretended Miracles. Pacifi-
cation of Gaul. Maturity of the Jewish Nation. Revolution
and Siege of Jerusalem. Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus.
Death of Vespasian. Domitian Emperor. Agricola in Britain.
Death of Agricola. Reign of Terror. Domitian Assassinated. . 6gO

Vol. 8. Accession of Nerva. Trajan Crosses the Danube. Revival of
Judaism. Martyrdom of Ignatius. Death of Trajan. Hadrian.
Wall of Antonius in Britain. Symptoms of Decline of the
Empire. Revival of Superstitious Observances, and Persecution
of the Christians ............................................ 7oO

Merivale (H. C.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Merivale (J. H., Poet, b. 1779, d. 1844). See Griswold's Poets and Poetry of
England, 4720. Quarterly [Review on Poems], v. 64, IIQ4J, &c.

Merle D'Aubigne (J. H., Swiss Historian, b. 1794, d. 1872),

D.D., Germany, England and Scotland. 1848 .................. 443H

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century ......... 267 and 268A

translated by White, 4 vols. 1846 ...... 278-81 M

-The Protector, a Vindication. 1847 .................................... I4O4H

and others, Christianity in the Three First Centuries, historical

Lectures. 1858 ......................................................... 488M

Merlin, Prophecy of. See Duncan's Dukes of Normandy [Appendix], 8740.

Godwin's Necromancers, 8o2O. Malory's King Arthur, ii4iR. Metri-

cal Romances, loioM. Once a Week [and the White Death, a Poem],

v. 10, 227oJ. Nutt's Holy Grail, 1324!!, &c.

Merlin, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6440,. Science Gossip, v. 4,

24i?J. Birds, &c.

Mermaids. Sec Ballads and Metrical Tales, 334Q. Brand's Antiquities, ioo7M
All the Year Round, v. 29, 1789!. Once a Week [a Poem], v. 10.

2270J, &C.

Merrick (J., Poet, l>. 1720, d. 1769). See Dana's Book of Poetry, 4760.

Merry- Andrew. Sec Eraser [The Original], v. 83, 693], &c.
I Merry weather (F. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Merton(A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

iMerv Oasis, Travels East of the Caspian [1879-81], by O'Donovan... 494-sK

See Lansdell's Russia, 82gK. Russia, &c.

VIerwan and Abdallah. Sec Mahomet's Successors, 10070,, &c.
Merjdew (J. T.), Ed., Love Letters of Famous Men and Women of
' the Past and Present Century, with portraits and illustrations,

2 vols. 1888 :
Vol. i. Farquhar, Marlborough, Steele, Pope, Fielding, Swift, ,Lady

Wortley Montagu, Garrick, Johnson, Bums, Walpole, &c ..... 676F

Vol. 2. Wollstoncraft, Cowper, Nelson, Sheridan, Keats, Byron, Scott,

Brummell, Hood, Hunt, Hook, Mathews, &c ................. 677F

lerz (J. T.), Leibniz [Phil. Classics for Eng. Readers]. 1884 ......... IO27Q

leshach. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.

Mesmerism. See Black wood [Mesmeric Mountebanks], v. 60, isoj ; [What
is it?] v. 70, i4oj. Chambers, v. 15, I934J. Fraser [Idyllism, Table
Turning and Spiritualism], v. 95, 7osJ ; [Planchette and Spiritualism in
China], v. 99, 709 J. Haddock's Somnolism, c., 63sH. The Healing
Art, &c., 92gK. Mayo's Popular Superstitions, goiM. Occult
Sciences, igssR. Quarterly [and Electro Biology], v. 93, I223J.
lesny (W., Major-General), Tungking. 1884 ........................... IS^R

Mesopotamia and Assyria, by Fraser. 1842 .............................. 39oT

See also Heifer's Travels, 5io-iK and I492-3R. Penny Magazine [Adven-

tures in], v. 4, 1426, &c.
Messengers. See Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life [Royal and other],

I92 5 R.
Hessian, Scripture Testimony to the, by Smith, 2 vols. 1847 . ..... 526-7A

- The, a Poem, from the German of Klopstock, by Collyer and

Meek, 2 vols. 1811 ................................................... 47-8Z



Messiah, The, by Klopstock 2090

See also Ewald's Israel, 64K. Fraser [of History], v. 91, 701 J. Milman's

Jews, i57p_. Pressensd's Ancient World and Christianity, 1194^!.

Jesus Christ, Saviour, &c.
Messinger (R. H.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4 7 6D; Poets of

America, 4680, &c.

MANUFACTURES, &c. Works relating to : (See
also Geology, Chemistry, Precious Stones, Gems, Gold, Silver,
r, Lead, Mines and Mining, Manufactures, Science,

Metal Manufactures, Iron and Steel [Lardner's Cycle.], 2 vols 348-9T

Metal- Workers' Assistant, by Byrne. 1864 84oD

Metallic Deposits and their Formations [Adam's Underground

World] 592Q

Mines [Simonin's Mines and Miners] , 632-3B

Metals, History of the Precious Metals, by Delmar. 1880 ...... 899*'

Precious Metals and Pottery, by Wheatley. 1886 932D

The Metals We Smelt [Suggestive Lessons] i8a8Z

Mineralogy, Elementary, by Phillips, augmented by Allan. 1837 559R

Manual of, by Dana. 1874 4ioR

Minerals, in Search of, by Ansted [S.P.C.K.]. 1880 62oQ

Mines and Mining 8i7Z

by Simonin, translated and edited by Bristow, illus-
trated, 3 parts. 1868 632-36

Mining Industry of the Rocky Mountains, by Raymond, ill. ... 350

and Metals. See also Metals Alison's Europe [Precious],

139-460. Art Journal [and their Alloys], v. 4, R.L. Beckmann's
Inventions [Chemical names of], 698(3. Brown's Science for All,
6286. Cassell's Pastimes [Working in], I262H. English Mechanic,
v. 47. Every 6oy's Annual [the Chemistry of], 1303^ Fraser [New],
v. 52, 762] . Gore's Electro- Deposition [Metal Work], sosR. Knight's
Pictorial 6ible, lopM. Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377R. Nature
[Physical Properties of], v. 18, 2678) ; [Elements of Metallurgy] vol.
n, 267^ ; [Progress of Metallurgy] vol. 12, 2672J. Penny Magazine
[Diseases of Metal Workers], v. 5, 1436 ; [Colored and Variegated], v.
13, 1516. Ruskin's Works [Engraving], 834R. Timbs' Works [Mining
and Working in], 854Z. Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Urbaniuky's Elec-
tricity, 6890. Ure's Dictionary, 8-gD. Mineralogy 6ook of
Nature, 390-16. Brown's Science for all. 628-96. Cassell's Popular
Educator, 164-90. Chambers [Gossip on], v. n, i93ij. Dawkin's
Early Man in Britain, BsgF. Edinburgh Review [Dolomien's], v. 4,
364] ', [American], v. 17, 377J ; [Systems of], v. 39, 3997. Emanuel's
Precious Stones, ii63M. Excelsior, 1927-911. Kitto's Palestine, 6106.
Morris' Naturalist. 114-210. Murray's Africa, &37Q. Nature [of New
South Wales], v. '13, 2673J ; [Optical Characters of], v, 18, 2678J.

?uarterly [Analytical], v. i, H3ij. Schoedler's Book of Nature, 713^.
aylor's Bye-paths, 62R. Ure's Dictionary [Mineral Oils], 8D ;
[Mineral Oils Industry], gD ; [Statistics of the United Kingdom], gD.
Whevvell's Inductive Sciences, 7680. Young Lady's Book, 983 M.
Mines and Mining Adam's Underground World [Tin, Lead and
Iron], 592Q. Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB. 6oy's Own
Annual [Great Mining Disasters], v. 9, 2gsgJ ; v. 10, 296oJ. Bur-
ton's Brazils, 1633-4^. Byam's Western Republics [Chili], 707K.
Chambers [Ladders and Man-Machines], v. 20, I936J ; [and Miners],
v. 47, i95oj ; Colquhoun's China, 54I-2K. Edinburgh Review [Dis-
tricts of South America], v. 46, 4o6J. Escott's England and its
People [Mining Population], ioi7F. Featherstonhaugh's [Canoe Voy-
age], 726-7K. Good Words [in Cornwall, and its Traditions], v. 8,
2I78J ; [German], v. 12, 2i82j. Harper's Index, i64oja. Hunter's
Indian Empire [Mines and Minerals], 485^ Lansdell's Siberia,
496-7K. Nature [Rules of in the i7th Century], v. 8, 2668J ; [Explo-



METALS AND MINERALS : Works relating to (continued.}

sions in], v. 17, 2677]. Nineteenth Century Magazine [Miners of Scot-
land], v. 24, 22347. Once a Week [Women in], v. u, 227iJ. Penny
Magazine [Economy of Mining Labour], v. 12, 1506. Quarterly [Cor-
nish Miners in America], v. 36, n66J. Scribner [and Caves], v. 3,
iSssJ. Smith's Wealth of Nations [and Metals], IO26-8F. Stanford's
Compendium, 8soK. Temple Bar [District of Staffordshire], v. 3,
I 333J- Ure's Dictionary, 6-g~D. Wills' Brazil, 8i3-4K. Mines,
Money, c.

Metaphor. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 3QiR. Science of Thought, 585!!, &c.

Metaphysics. See Aristotle, iissH. Bailey's Questions, 22oR. Bain's Essays,
26iR. Buckle's Civilization, 186-70. Dzillinger's Creation, 8230.
Fothergill's Will Power, I228R. Hamilton's Lectures, 6oo-iH. Kant's
Reason, 666T. Lewes' Philosophy, 571-2 H. Smith's Essays, 462M.
Tulloch's Philosophy, 724.^. Philosophy, &c.

Metastasio (P., Italian Poet, b. 1698, d. 1782). See Longfellow's Poets and
Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Metcalfe (Sir Charles, Governor of India 1835-6, b. 1785, d, 1846). See Kaye's
Indian Officers, 14530. India, &c.

Metcalfe (F.), M.A., The Oxonian in Iceland in 1860. 1861 ...... 1482!}.

- - - Norway, or Notes of Excursions in 1854-5, 2 vols ....... 1465-6!^

- - Thelemarken, or Notes of Travel in South Western

Norway in 1856-7, 2 vols. 1858 ................................. I46;-8R

Trans. Charicles, or Illustrations of the Private Life of the An-

cient Greeks, by Becker, illustrated. 1882 .................... lOOiM

- Trans. Gallus, or Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus, by

Becker, illustrated. 1880 ......................................... IOO2M

- See also Smiles' Engineers, 8390.

Meteoric Stones and Shooting Stars [Lardner's Lectures] ............... 756D

- See also Brown's Science for all, 6286. Excelsior, igsoR. Nature

[Meteorites and Comets], v. 19, 2679.].
See also Meteors, &c.

Meteorological Phenomena. See Timbs' Work,

Meteorology, Elementary, by Scott, illustrated. 1883 ............... 455^

- Weather, by Abercrombie. 1888 ....................................... 548R

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Continent, I563R. Science Gossip [Hints to Local Observers], v. 17,
24207. Weather. See also the set of Charts published by the Aleteor-
ological Society Office, London, framed from daily weather reports.
and extending over the whole of Western Europe. R.L.

Meteors. See Century Magazine [and Comets], vol. 11,18837. Edinburgh Re-
view [and Comets], v. 140, 5007. Guillemin's Physical Forces [Atmo-
spheric], is8D. Macmillan [of November], v. 15, 9457. Quarterly

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