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[Aerolites and Shooting Stars], t v. 92, 12227. Science Gossip [Fluid
Cavities in Meteorites], v. 19, 24217, &c.

Meteyard (Eliza). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Method. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Grey's Self-Culture, 961 R, &c.

Method in Almsgiving, a Handbook for Helpers, by Moggridge ... 103 1 R

METHODISM Works relating to : (See also Dissent, Eccle-

siastical History, Religions, Sects, Wesleyans, &<r.).
Methodism, History of, by Stevens ..................... 81-2, 313 and 5o;A

- in America, by Jobson ................................................ 35 3M

- Ireland, History of, by Crookshank, 3 vols. 1885-88 ...669-71 A
- the Light of the Early Church, by Slater [Ferriley Lec-

ture of 1885] ........ , ................................................ 8240

- - Portraiture of, by Nightingale. 1807 .............................. I2;K



METHODISMWorks relating to '.(continued.}

Methodist New Connection Jubilee, account of its Origin and

History. 1848 looK

Preachers, Lives of, edited by Jackson, 3 vols. 1837 14IO-I2Z

Pulpit, South [a collection of Sermons]. 1859 i65K

Missions [Brown's Propagation of Christianity, vol i] 264A

Methodists' Diary, by Rowe 760

Oxford, by Tyerman. 1873 2QOA

[1800-80] Stoughton's Religion 97-9O

See also Edinburgh Review, v. '154, 514], Lecky's Eighteenth Cen-
tury, i68H. London Quarterly [and Established Church], v. (
Mahon's England, i8sH. Quarterly [in Wales], v. 85,
Southey's Life of Wesley, 1030 and 14376. Wilson's DissenteVs,

, 7g6J.


Methods of Social Reform, by Jevons. 1883 nuF

Methuen (H. H.), Life in the Wilderness, or Wanderings in South

Africa. 1846 648K

Methuselah. See Quiver, v. 20, 3290;.

Metivier (George, Guernsey Poet and Anhccologist^ d. 1881), Fan-

taisies Guernesiaises dans le Langage Du Pays. 1866 786M

See also Guernsey Magazine [Sketch of his Life], v. 9, 23897.

Metric Commission. See Nature [International at Paris], v. 6, 2666]. Scribner
[Reform], v. 18, 1868 J, &c.

Metrical Romances, by Ellis lOioM

Metropolis Water Supply. See Fraser, v. 10, 62oJ. London, &c.

Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, Sermons by Spurgeon, 1867. 1868 i66K

Metternich (Prince, Austrian Statesman, l>. 1773, d. 1859) [Napoleon

and his Detractors] 644F

r- Life of, by Malleson [Sanders' Statesmen Series]. 1888 I377O

Memoirs of [1773-1829], edited by his son, Prince Richard Met-
ternich, translated by Mrs. Napier, 4 vols. 1880-1 II3-6F

St'c also Alison's Europe, 127-460. Hayward's Statesmen, 248 F. Memoirs

of Ernest II., 674-sF. Smith's Ambassadors, 686O. Fraser, v. 29,
6397. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Meti5. Sec Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-713. Chambers [War Correspondent
at], v. 48, igsoj. Sunday at Home [Cathedral of, and its Associations],
v. 24, 2874J, &c.

MEXICO AND THE MEXICANS Works relating to:

(See also America, Travels^ 6f. ).

Mexican People, a Popular History, by Bancroft. 1888 420O

Mexico, a Trip to, from Lake Eric to Lake Tezcuco and back,

byBecher. 1880 ;...... 738K

A W r hite Umbrella in, by Smith. 1889 I745R

and Guatimalia [Conders' Modern Traveller], 2 vols. 1825 55I-2Z

the Rocky Mountains, Adventures, by Ruxton. 1849 ... 4I9T

Gulf of, and Texas. Yachting in the New World, by Mrs.

Houston, illustrated, 2 vols. 1844 i6o7-8R

History of the Conquest of, and the Life of the Conqueror

Hernando Cortes, by Prescott 524-6!! and 386-70

- Life in, by Madame Calderon. 1852

during a Residence of Two Years, by Madame DC

La Barca. 1843 737^

Los Gringos, or an Inside View of Mexico and California,
by Wise. 1850 ,



MEXICO AND THE MEXICANS Works relating to -.(continued).

Mexico, Travels in, by Gillian. 1846 ....... ..........................

- - to the Interior of [1825-28], by Hardy. 1829 ............ 8o8K

- See also Bayard's Eldorado [Mexican Travel], 8528.. Brown's Coun-
tries of the World, i6iD. Burke's Snake Dance, yiyK. Coote's
Wanderings, 8ioK. Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Mexican
Notes], vol. 75, 1655]. Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Help's
Cortes, 594-56. Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Kingsley's South by West,
7i8K. Lubbock's Primitive Man, 672B. Nadaillac's Pre-historic
America, SgjF. Poole's Index, R.L. Ruxton's Adventures [Mexico],
SssQ. Stanford's Compendium, 851 K. Tegg's Funeral Rites [Ancient
Mexicans], i 4 8iZ. Fraser [Sketches of], v. 38, 6 4 8J ; [and Brazil
Trade] v. 96, 7o6J ; [Scenes in the Wilds of] v. 35, 6 4 sJ. Harper
[Scott's Battles in], v. n, 1591 J. Living Age, v. 16, 3o 4 6J. All
the Year Round, v. 12, 1772.7. Blackwood [Territory and People of],
v. 60, i3oj. Harper [Mines of Santa Eulaliae], v. 35, i6isj ; [Rail-
roads in], v. 63, i6 4 3J. Quarterly [Empire of], v. 115, i2 4 sJ, &c.

Meyer (G. H. von), Organs of Speech [Inter. Scien. Series], ill. ... 3QoR
Meyerbeer (J. G., German Musical Composer, b. 1791, d. i86 4 ). Sff"Eogfi's

Reminiscences, i3 4 8O. Naumann's Music, 9290. Tytler's Musical
Composers, 86oO. Chambers [and his Music], v. 2 4 , 19387, c.

Meyrick (F.), M.A., is Dogma a Necessity ? [Theol. Library] ......... 64iM

Mezzotint. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, IO76M, c.

Miall (Ed., Nonconformist Politician, b. 1809, d. 1881), British

Churches in relation to the British People. 1849 ............... 486A

- - Life of, by his Son, A. Miall. 1884 .................................... 3 8 9 F

- See also Harris' Radicals, uo6F, &c.

Miall (J. G.), Congregationalism in Yorkshire. 1868 ..................

^ILic&b. (Jewish Prophet, fl. 759-699, B.C.). See Smith's Prophets, 4 66M, &c.
Mice. See Beeton's Home Pets [Fancy Mice], igjR. Ingersoll's American Na-
tural History, 582(3. Penny Magazine [in Iceland], v. i, 1396. Science
Gossip, v. 8, 2 4 i3j ; [Notes on Musical], v. 21, 2 4 22j, &c.
Michael Angelo, (Italian Painter and Poet, b. 1474, d. 1564) Leo-
nardo Da Vinci and Raphael, by Clement, translated by
Cockran, illustrated. 1880 .......................................... 4880

- See also Vasari's Painters, 88gO. Poole's Index, R.L. Blackwood, v. 118,

i88J. Edinburgh Review, v. i 44 , so 4 J. Buonarotti, c.
Michaelis (Sir J. D., German Orientalist, b. 1717, d. 1791), Com-

mentaries on the Laws of Moses, trans, by Smith, 4 vols.... 550-3 A

- Introduction to the New Testament, trans, by Marsh, vols 2-4.. 359-61 A
Michaelmas. See Brand's Antiquities, ioo5M. Dyer's Popular Customs

[Michaelmas Day], I036F, &c.

Michaud (J. F., French Historian, b. 1767, d. 1839), History of the

Crusades, translated by Robson, 3 vols. 1855 ............... 208- loM

Michelet (J., French Historian and Philosopher, b. 1789, d. 1874),

Priests, Women and Families, translated by Cocks. 1846 ... 41 iM

- The People, translated by Cocks. 1846 .............................. 232R

- The History of France, 2 vols. 1844 . ................................ 36o-iH

- Ed., Life of Luther ........................... u^i".***"-^ ............. I93D

- Life of Luther, by Himself, translated by Ilazlitt. 1846 ........ 8i2O

- See also Macmillan, v. 30, 96oJ, &c. ^^ ^K^\.^,

Michell (N.), Ruins of Many Lands/ a Poem. 1850.. ....)][ .......... IS24R

Mick Tracy, the Irish Scripture Reader, a Tal of Facts ..... .......... 10040

Microbes, Ferments and Moulds/by Trouessart ............... ... 537 and 538R

Microphone. See Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 4. 2353!. Good Words, v. 19,

2I09J, &C.


relating to the : (See also Animalcnlce, Fungi, Insects,
Water, Science, <SrV. )
Microscope and the Wonders it Reveals, by Houghton...727 and 17387

- Common Objects of the, by Wood. 1864 ........................ 6o8Q

- Descriptive Catalogue of Objects, by Clarke. 1858 ......... 107!%.

- Evenings at the, by Gosse. 1859 ................................. II2R

- Half-Hours with the, by Lankester, illustrated

- - by West, illustrated .................................... 636(3

- Practical Treatise on the, by Quekett. 1848 .................. 79iF

T The, and its Revelations, by Carpenter, illustrated. 1856... I7&5Z

- by Hogg, illustrated. 1854 .................................... 79oF

Mrs. Ward, illustrated. 1829 .............................. HiR

- - its History, &c., by Hogg, illustrated. 1883 .............. io8R

- Wonders of the ....................................... . ................. 726Za

Microscopic Objects, Figured and Described by Martin, illus. 8o8F

- their Preparation and Mounting, by Davis .................. 728Z

Science, by Mary Somerville, 2 vols., illustrated. 1869 ...... log-oR

Microscopical Manipulation for the Use of Amateurs, by

White. 1887 .................................................... .. I789Z

- See also Badcock's Invisible Life, I6/R. Deschanel's Natural Philo-

sophy, 8270. Drops of Water, 57oQ. English Mechanic, v. 46-47,
1046-70. Herrick's Wonders of Plant Life, i6sR. Timbs' Inventions,
258R. South Kensington Science Lectures, sooR. Harper [Origin
and Uses of], v. 52, 1632 J. Living Age [and its Marvels], v. 28,
3058.7. Nature, v. 2, 26627 ; [Notes on the], v. 5, 2(65.7. Science
Gossip [and Microscopic Work], v. 12, 24157 ; [and Fine Art], v. 18,

MIDDLE AGES,' Christian Life in the, by Neander. 1850 .........

- - English Wayfaring Life [i4th Century], by Jusserand, trans-

lated by Smith. 1889 ................................................ I925R

- - History of the, by Schmitz. 1871 ............................... 8oO

- Military and Religious Orders of the, by Woodhouse. 1879. 2730

- Popular Epics of the Norse, German and Carlovingian

Cycles, by Ludlow, 2 vols. 1865 ................................. I2I8-9Z

- Scenes and Characters of the, by Cutts. 1872 .................. 94oF

- Secret Societies of the [R.T.S.]. 1837 ........................... I247Z

- - See also Boutell's Arms and Armour, 3660. Didron's Christian Art,
noS-gM. Holt's English Customs, loigM. Hueffer's Troubadours,
96gH. Neander's Christian Life, lyiM. Oman's Art of War, inoM.
Rockstro's Music, 533H. Townsend's Great Schoolmen, 6830. Black-
wood [Women in], v. 102, 1727. Cornhill [Pilgrims and Superstitions
of], v. 17, 297.7; [Student Life in], v. 19, 299.7; [Warfare in], v. 14,
2947. Household Words [English Houses in], v. 4. 1744]. Macmillan
[Revival of Learning in the], y. 26, 956.7. Quarterly [Mythology of], v.
22, 1152.7. Westminster Review [Literature of], v. 51, R.L, c.

Middle and Working Classes, History of, by F. Wade. 1833 ......... 52iT

- Classes in France, by Lytton ........................ .................... 3 loO

See also May's Democracy, 38-gH. Capital and Labour, msF. Society, &c.
Middlemass (Jean). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Middlesborough. See Once a Week, v. 26, 2286.7, &c.
Middlesex, N.W., Palaeolithic Man in, by Brown. 1887 ............ 9O5F

- See also Poole's Index, R.L. Quarterly, v. 150, i28oj. Temple Bar [Travels

in], v. i, i33ij. London, &c.
Middleton (J. H.), Ancient Rome in 1885 ............................... - I42OR

Midian, Land of, by Burton, 2 vols, illustrated. 1879 .................. 656K

- See also Beke's Discoveries, 5976, &c,
Midland Railway. See Acworth's Railways, 9370, c.
Midshipmen. See Once a Week [Wanted], v. 20, 2280.7, &c.
Midsummer Eve. See Dyer's Popular Customs, io36F.

[ 4 80]


Midwinter Folk Lore. See Quiver, v. 10, 32SoJ.

" Mie-mie." See Fitzgerald's Kings and Queens of an Hour, 8sF.

Mignet (A. F., French Historian, b. 1796, d. 1884), Antonio Perez

and Philip II., translated by Cocks. 1846 , 358O

French Revolution [1789-1814], 2 vols. 1826 383-4!!

. History of the French Revolution [Bohn's Library]. 1846 loSO

Mignot (Marie). See Temple Bar, v. 8, issSJ.

Migration. See Gentleman's Magazine [of Animals], v. 21, 741]. Scnbners

Monthly [of Birds], v. 22, 1872]. Once a Week [Migratory Instincts],

v. 16, 2276J.

Miguel (Don, Regent of Portugal, b. 1802, d. 1866). See Alison's Europe, 140-30.
Mikado, The. See Eden's Japan, 8r 4 Q, Reed's Japan, 336K, &c.
Milan. See Cornhill [La Scala Opera House], v. 33, 313] ; [Plague at, Episode

of], v. 16, 296J. Fraser [Patarines of], v. 89, 6g9j. Hare's Cities of

Southern Italy, 1683-411. Lund's Italian Lake Land, I728R. Temple

Bar [The CorsoSan Francisco], v. 16, I346J, &c.

Milanese Poem. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.
Milburn (William H., Blind Preacher), Works of. See Chambers, v. 33, T9 43 J.

Harper's Index, 1640 Ja, &c.
Mildew- See Cooke's Fungi, 6i8Q, &c.

Manchester. See Ure's Dictionary, 8D.

Mildness. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2 9 6R, &c.

Mile, The. See Nature [Origin of the English Mile], v. 24, 2684J, ^c.

Miles (Pliny), Nordurfari, or Rambles in Iceland [Travellers'

Library]. 1854 I263R

Miley (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

MILITARY Adventures, Reminiscences of a Veteran, 3 vols. 1861. 942-40

Biographies, v.D. :

Frederick the Great, by Brackenbury 12460

Turrenne, by Hozier 12470

Loudon (G. E. Freeherr von), by Malleson 12480

Parliamentary Generals of the Civil War, by Walford 12490

- Biography, from Alfred to Wellington. 1840 igoZ

Evolutions iSgoZ

Life, Lights and Shades of a, by Napier. 1850 54iH

Occurrences of the War between Great Britain and the United

States, by James, 2 vols. 1818 283-4!!

Operations at Cabul, 1842, by Eyre. 1843 2790

or Great Campaigns, by Adams, edited by King. 1877 47 1 1

- Religious Orders of the Middle Ages, by Woodhouse. 1879

See also All the Year Round [Law], v. 37, i897j ; [Mismanagement], v. 10,

!77J ! [Punishments], v. 14, I774J. Blackwood [Customs], y 59,
i2gj ; [Education], v. 82, i52j. Brown's Science for All [Science],
626-913. Cornhill [and Martial Law], v. 15, 2gsJ ; [Prison, Life in a],
v. 15, 29sJ. Edinburgh Review [Bridges], v. 98, 4s8J ; [Character of
European Armies], v. 5, 36$J ; [Conscription in France], v. 13, 373J.
Ferguson's Recollections [Hospitals], 256F. Fortnightly [Inventions,

Do they Promote Peace?], v. 15, 2iosJ ; [Position of England], v. 24,

[Expenditure, Secret C
ij, v. 74-5-0, 6S4-5-6J ; [Tactics
Course at Hythe], v. 62, 672J. Harper's Index,' 1640 Ja. Knight

2ii4j. Fraser [Expenditure, Secret Committee on], v. 57, 647] ; [Re-
form], v. 74-5-6, 6S4-5-6J ; [Tactics, Mitchell's], v. 17, 627J ; [Volunteer

Pictorial Bible [Forces, &c.], ioo-4M. Macmillan [Organisation,
Advance of Science in], v. 26, gs6J ; [Service, Compulsory or Volun-
tary], v. 38, g68J ; [Staff Systems], v. 37, 967] ; [Training in Ger-
many], y. 38, 9_68J. Nature [Engineering, School of], v. 5, 2665J.
O'Brien's Victoria Cross [Decorations], 2700. Peto's Taxation [Estab-
lishments], &c., ioi6F. Quarterly [Bridges, Douglas on], v. 18, H48J ;
[Forces of Great Britain], v. 25, ussj ; [Policy of Great Britain], v. 5,
II35J. All the Year Round [Workshops], v. 5-6, i8i6J. Gentleman's
Magazine, N.S. [Discipline and Curiosities of], v. 34, 754J ; [Reprisal?]
v - 3 1 ) 75 I J- Leisure Hour [Court Martials], v. 26, 2636] ; [Hospital
at Netley], v. 32, 2642] ; [Strategists, with Portrait of Von Moltke], v.
19, 2629 J, c.

16 [481]


Militia. See All the Year Round [English, Out with], v. 20, i78oj. Eraser
[English], v. 56, 666J ; [English and Recruiting], v. 91, 701], Harper
[Of the United States], v. 60, 16407 ; [and Army of the United States],

v. 72, 1652.7. Guernsey Mag. [Militia of the Channel Islands], fi


[, 23817. Nineteenth Century [a Militia Regiment], v. 21, 22317, &c.
Milk. See All the Year Round [Adulteration of], v. 13, 17737. Beeton's House-
hold Management, 997M. Bell's Food, io52M. Brown's Science for
All, 626B. Chambers [Adulterated], v. 2, 19227 ; [Trade of London], v.
46, 19497. Drury's Cup and Platter, 59iT. Living Age [Dangers from
the Use of], v. 144, 31747- Nature, v. 21, 26817 J [Artificial], v. 5,
26657 ; [Condensed], v. 8, 26687. Teale's Dangers to Health, 92oK.
Thomson's Sick Room, &c., 834M. Ure's Dictionary [Condensed],
8D. All the Year Round [Fair], v. 57, 18177. Chambers [Our
Milk Supplies], v. 59, 19597. Leisure Hour [French and English],
v. 12, 26227 ; [Milk Trade], v. 29, 26397. Cattle, c., 8580. Food, &c.
Mill (7ames, Scotch Historian, b. 1773, d. 1836). See Edinburgh Review [Essays

on Government], v. 49, 4097, &c.

Mill (John Stuart, Philosopher, son of above, b. 1806, d. 1873), Con-
siderations on Representative Government. 1862 649!!

Dissertations and Discussions, Political, Philosophical, and His-
torical, 3 vols. 1865 :
Vol. i. Contest in America, Right of State Interference with Corporation

and Church Property, French Revolution, Civilisation, Bentham 646H
Vol. 2. Coleridge, Tocqueville on Democracy in America, Michelet's
France, Claims of Labour, Guizot's Essays on History, Early

Grecian History and Legend ... 647H

Vol. 3. Vindication of the French Revolution of February, 1848, Enfran-
chisement of Women, Grote's Greece, Slave Power, Utili-
tarianism 648H

On Liberty. 1864 2I7R

Principles of Political Economy, 2 vols. 1852 997-8F

1880 2i8R

Subjection of Women. 1869 IO28R

A Criticism, with Personal Recollections, by Bain. 1882 8400

Autobiography of. 1873 39oF

See also Contemporary [Influence of Writings of], v. 22, 20327. Fraser, v.

88, 6987. Harper's Index [Works of], 164073. Lewes' Philosophy,
571-aH. McCarthy's History, I93-6H. Morley's Miscellanies, 8420 and

. Napier's Correspondence, 273H. Quarterly [School of], v. 133,

' ies, sgiR.

23, 263
[Essays], v. 24, 26347. Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writings, 153


637 ; [Autobiography], v. 136, 12667. Sidgwick's Fallacies, sgiR.
iilloch's Religious Thought, 6zgM. Leisure Hour, v. 23, 26337 ;
ssays], v. 24, 26347. Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writings, 15300.

| OJjSbtiySJ, V. ^, 4U j<tj MA$rfM*Mljr } lTJ.l.o^v,114*ilwwn.-> < KMUgaj i^JWV^.

Science of Thought, 58sH. Fortnightly Review [Death of], v. 19,
21097, & c -

Millais (7. E., Artist, 1. 1829). See Frith's Reminiscences, 6i5-6Fa. Once a
Week, v. 26, 22867. Fortnightly [as a Painter], v. 38, 21287. Satur-
day Review [Pictures by], v. 61, R.L., &c.
Millar (J., Scotch Publicist, b. 1735, d. 1801), English Government

[Saxons to Revolution, 1688], 4 vols. 1803 223-6H

Millbank Prison, Memorials of, by Griffiths, 2 vols. 1875 332-30

Millengen (J. G.), M.D., Curiosities of Medical Experience. 1839 927!^
Millennium, The, Short Arguments, or Plain Proofs, by Young. 1867 232T

See also Trotter's Plain Papers, 5o6M, &c.

Miller (E. S.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.
Miller (F.), Ed., Wood-Carving, Practically, Theoretically, and His-
torically Considered, with Notes on Design as applied to

Carved Wood, illustrated IH3M

Miller (Mrs. F.), Harriet Martineau [Eminent Women Series]. 1884 11300

and Others, Simple Lessons for Home and School Use. 1878 .. 592T

Miller (Hugh, Scotch Geologist, b. 1802, d. 1*856), Cruise of the Betsey,
or a Summer Holiday in the Hebrides, with Rambles of a
Geologist, or Ten Thousand Miles over the Fossiliferous

Deposits of Scotland 435 and SooR



Miller (Hugh), Essays, Historical and Biographical, Political and

Social, Literary and Scientific. 1875 8o6R

First Impressions of England and its People. 1875

Footprints of the Creator, or the Asterolepis of Stromness, with

Memoir by L. Agassiz, illustrated 527 and

Headship of Christ and the Rights of the Christian People. 1875 8ioR

My Schools and Schoolmasters, or The Story of my Education

432 and 808 R
- Old Red Sandstone, or New Walks in an Old Field, ill.. ..436 and 8o2R

Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland, or The Traditional

History of Crovnarty. 1876 8o3R

Sketch Book of Popular Geology. 1876 8o7R

Tales and Sketches, edited with a Preface by Mrs. Miller. 1874 8o5R

Testimony of the Rocks, or Geology in its Bearings on the Two

Theologies, Natural and Revealed, illustrated 433-4 and 8oiR

. Sec also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue. Macmillan,

v. 12, Q42j. Leisure Hour [Day with], v. 24, 26347 ; [Early Struggles
of], v. 6, 26i6J. Good Words, v. 12, 2182 J, &c.

Miller (James), F.R.S.E,, Alcohol, its Place and Power ...835M and I44QZ
Miller (Joaquin, American Poet, b. 1841), Memorie and Rime. 1884 1201 R
Notes from an Old Journal. At Lord Byron's Tomb. Hunting for a
Publisher. What is Poetry. Old California. Girl of Long Ago. In
Oregon. In Colorado. John Brown. Joseph de Bloney, &c.

See also Fraser [Songs of the Sierras], v. 84, 6g4j. Harper's Index, &c.

Miller (J. W., b. 1802, d. 1829). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.
Miller (R. E.), Lessons in Shorthand, on Gurney's System, improved

by Miller. 1884 I24IR

Miller (Thomas, Self- Taught Poet and Novelist, b. 1808, </. 1874),
History of the Anglo-Saxons, from the Earliest Periods to

the Saxon Conquest, illustrated. 1852 750

Rural Sketches. 1 839 !O3oR

Sketches of London, Past and Present [Nat. Illus. Lib.]. 1852 I3I2R

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Fiction Class List follow-
ing the General Catalogue, &c.

Miller (W.), F.R.S.E., Our English Shores, Watering Places on the

Coasts of England, illustrated . 1 888 1 723R

The Heavenly Bodies, their Nature and Habitability. 1883 55iR

Millet (Jean F., French Landscape Painter, b. 1815, d. 1875). See Temple Bar,

v - 43> J 373J' Cornhill [Early Life of], v. 45, 325J. Leisure Hour

[Painter], v. 31, 264^, &c.
Millevoye fC. H., French Poet, b, 1782, d. 1816). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Milligan(W.), D.D. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, 6ig-22A.
Milliken (R. A.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.
Millinery. See Chambers [for the Million], v. 28, i94oj. Dress, &c.
Mills. See Beckman's Inventions, 6976;. Roger's Scotland, 949 and 951 F.
Mills (A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Mills (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Fiction Class List following

the General Catalogue, &c.

Mills (T.), Sure of Heaven, a Book for the Doubting and Anxious 2i8T
Mollusca, Shells, and Shell Fish. See Adam's Beautiful Shells, n8R. Hart-
wig's Sea and its Living Wonders, 757F. Conchology, Fishes,
Shells, &c.
MilHian (H. H., Dean of St. Pants, 1849, Poet and Historian, l>.

1791, d. 1868), D.D., Annals of St. Paul's Cathedral. 1868 32oH

Belshazzar, a Dramatic Poem. 1822 ; 445^

Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic Poem. 1831 444D



Milman (II. II.), History of Christianity, from the Birth of Christ to
the Abolition of Paganism in the Roman Empire, 3 vols. 1875 :

Vol. i. Pagan Religion and Philosophy. Life of Christ. Belief in the
Messiah. Public Life of Jesus. The Crucifixion. The Re-
surrection 1 54Q

Vol. 2. Christianity to the Close of the First Century. Christian Churches.
Christianity and Marcus Aurelius and his Successors. Persecu-
tion. Constantine. Julian I55Q

Vol. 3. Valentinian and Valeus. Theodosius. Abolition of Paganism.
Triumph of Unitarianism. Great Prelates of the East and West.
Jerome. The Monastic System. Roman Empire under
Christianity i 5 6Q

History of the Jews from the Earliest Period to the Present

Time, 3 vols 157-9(5 and 103-5%

Latin Christianity, including that of the Popes to the Pontificate

of Nicolas V., 9 vols. 1872 :

Vol. i. Beginning of Roman Christianity. Pelagianism. Nestorianism.
Monophysitism. Conversion of the Teutonic Races. Theodoric,

the Ostrogoth. Justinian, c 145Q

Vol. 2. Christian Jurisprudence. Western Monasticism. Gregory the
Great. Mohammed. Conversion of England. Bede. Ico-

noclasm. Severance of Greek and Latin Christianity, &c I46Q

Vol. 3. Pepin, King of France. Charlemagne. Saracens in Italy. An-
archy of the Empire and Papacy. Conversion of Bulgaria.

Alfred. Tusculan Popes. German Popes, c 147Q

Vol. 4. Hildebrand. Strife with Henry IV. Urban II. The Crusades.
Calixtus II. Intellectual Movement. Arnold of Brescia.

Hadrian IV., &c i 4 8Q

Vol. 5. Alexander III. Thomas-a-Beckett. Innocent III. Rome and
Italy. Innocent and England. Spain. Innocent and the Anti-

Sacerdotalists, &c *49Q

Vol. 6. St. Dominic. St. Francis. Honorius III. and England. Fre-
derick II. and Gregory IX. Frederick and Innocent IV. St.

Louis. Charles of Anjou. Sicilian Vespers, c i5oQ

Vol.j. Boniface VIII. England and France. The Popes in Avignon.
Council of Vienne. End of Du Molay. Louis of Bavaria.

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