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Clement VI. Rienzi, &c iSiQ

Vol. 8. Innocent VI. The Rival Popes. Council of Pisa. Wycliffe. The
Lollards. John Huss. Close of the Council of Constance.
Council of Florence. Dissolution of the Council of Basle, &c. . . i5aQ

Vol. 9. Survey. Belief of Latin Christianity. Latin Letters. Christian
Latin Poetry. New Languages of Europe. Teutonic Lan-
guages. Christian Architecture. Sculpture. Painting, &c. .. i53Q

Martyr of Antioch, a Dramatic Poem. 1822 443 D

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and

Poetry of England, 472!). Macmillan, v. 19, 94gJ. Poetical Works,
4820. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 18, 2628J. Peasant Properties,
2005R, &c.
Milman (R., Nephew of the above, Bishop of Calcutta, b. 1816, d.

1876), D.D., Life of Torquatto Tasso, 2 vols. 1850 994'SO

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue. .

Milne (Professor John), Earthquakes and other Earth Movements

[International Scientific Series], illustrated 395R

Milne (W. C.), Life in China. 1857 IS^R

See also Sunday at Home, v. i, 285iJ, Sc.

Milner (John), B.A., and Brierley (O. W.), Cruise of H.M.S.
Galatea, commanded by H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh in
1867-1868. 1869 ;85K

Milner (Joseph, Church Historian, b. 1744, d. 1797), M.A., His-
tory of the Church of Christ, from the Times of the Apostles
to the Rise of the Papal Apostacy. 1844 82Q

and Haweis (T.), LL.D., History of the Church of Christ

from the Days of the Apostles, by Milner, with a Continua-
tion to the Present Time by Haweis. 1834 4o8A



Milner (J. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Milner (T.), M.A., Moral, Instructional, and Social Elevation of the

People. 1846 I053F

Life and Correspondence of Dr. Watts. 1858 55oF

Turkish Empire, The Sultans, The Territory, and The People

[R.T.S.] 3570

Milnes (R. M., Lord Houghton, Poet, b. 1809). See Dana's Book of Poetry,
476D. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Harper's
Index, i64oja. Quarterly [Poems of], v. 64, ii94j, &c.

Milnor (J.), D.D., Life of, by Stone 39iF

MILTON (J., Poet, b. 1608, d. 1674), Christian Doctrine, compiled

from the Scriptures alone, trans, by Sumner, 2 vols. 1825. 461 -2 A
Complete Poetical Works, with Notes and Life of the Author,

by Stebbing. 1841 5ooZ

Paradise Lost and Life of Author, edited by Newton, 2 vols 480- iD

Paradise Regained, with Notes by Edmondston. 1854 36oQ

Poems, Life by Masson [British Poets], 3 vols. 1868 438-4OQ

Poetical Works, and Life, by Johnson, 4 vols. 1807 3O3-6Z

with the Life of the Author. 1830 5oiZ

Prose Works, 5 vols. V.D.

Vol. i. Preface. A Defence of the People of England. A second De-
fence of the People of England. Eikonoklastes. Articles on
the King's _ calling his last Parliament. Earl of Stafford's
Death. Triennial Parliament Bill. The Nineteen Propositions.
The Rebellion in Ireland. The Covenant, and various events
connected with the Wars of the Commonwealth 95T

Vol. 2. The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates. Areopagitica. A Letter
to a Friend concerning the Ruptures of the Commonwealth.
The Ready and Easy Way to establish a Free Commonwealth.
The Articles of Peace. Letters of State during the Common-
wealth. A Manifesto of the Lord Protector to the Common-
wealth of England, Ireland and Scotland. On Reformation in
England. Prelatical Episcopacy. Church Government, &c., &c. g6T

Vol. 3. How to remove Hirelings out of the Church. Animadversions
upon the Remonstrants' defence against Smectymnuis. The
Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce. Judgment of Martin Bucer
concerning Divorce. Tetrachordon. Colasterion. On Educa-
tion. Letters Patent for the Election of John the Third
King of Poland. Familiar Letters, &c g7T

Vol. 4. On the Knowledge of God. Treatise on Christian Doctrine com-
piled from the Holy Scriptures, translated by Sumner, &c g8T

Vol. 5. A Posthumous Treatise on Christian Doctrine. Of the Worship
of God. The History of Britain. History of Moscovia. Latin
Grammar ggT

by Pattison [English Men of Letters]. 1880 10780

[Bagehot's Studies] 863!!

See also Conway's Demonology, go7M. Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

4/6D. Jones' Poets, 66oM. Juvenile Plutarch, njiZ. Macaulay's
Essays, 15310. Mothers of Great Men and Women [Wives of], 682F.
New English Theatre. Quarterly, y. 30, n6oj ; [French Critic on],
v. 143, I273J. Stoughton's Religion in England, 92-5^!. Temple Bar
[and Wordsworth], v. 60, isgoj. Leisure Hour [Paradise Lost], v. 26,
2636J. Quarterly [Lycidas], v. 158, I288J. Saturday Review [Sonnets
of], v. 56, R.L. Sunday at Home, v. 34, 2884 J, &c.

Milwaukie (Wisconsin). See Harper v. 62, 1642 J. United States, c.
Mimicry. See Harper [in Nature], v. 59, i63gj. Nature [and Hybridization],

v. 3, 2663J ; [in Insects] v. 33, z6g^J ; [Muller on] v. 26, 2686J, &c.
Mimnermus (Greek Elegiac Poet, f, 634-600, B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of
Greece and Rome, 4740.

Mimosa and other Poems, by Cochrane. 1869 68oM



MIND and Body, by Bain 38iR

Brain as an Organ of, by Bastian 3&7R

in the Lower Animals, by Lindsay, 2 vols. 1879 7H-2F

Improvement of the, &c., by Chapone. 1827 U99Q

Inquiry into the Human Mind. 1810 584.H

Lessons on the. 1859 15252

Philosophy of the, by Brown, 4 vols. 1846 575-8H

Powers of the Human Mind, by Reid, 3 vols. 1808 581 -3!-!

The, Philosophy of the Human Mind, by Stewart, 2 vols. 1818. 573 4H

Philosophy of the Mind, by Douglas. 1839 579H

See also Bastian's Brain, c. [and Consciousness], 387!?.. Blackwood [and

Body], v. 95, i6sj. Compayre~'s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Contemporary
[and Force, Bain on], v. 8, zoiSJ. Cornhill [and Body, illness as a
Mental Stimulant], v. 39, 3197 ; [Growth and Decay of], v. 19, 299.7 ;
[Influence of, on the Body], v. 40, 32oJ. Edinburgh Review [in
lower Animals], v. 152, 5i2_J. Fortnightly [Common Errors of], v. 10,
ziooj ; [Retentive Power of], v. 10, 2iooJ. Seneca's Dialogues [Peace
of], i2oiH. Chambers [Telegraphy], v. 60, 19607. Contemporary
[and Motion], v. 48, 20587. Good Words [Trouble], v. 23, 21937.
Leisure Hour [Lessons on], v. 7, 26177. Science of Thought, 585!!, &c.
Mineral Waters of United States and Canada, by Moorman. 1867 827M

and Sea-Bathing. See Buchan's Medicine, &c., gi3K. Chambers, v. 29,

i94ij. Fraser [of Germany], v, 44, 6547. Harper's Magazine [Home
Uses of], v. 77, 16577. Quarterly [Scudamore on], v. 25, 11557. Thom-
son's Health Resorts, 938 K, &c.
Mineralogy. See Science Gossip [Mineralogical Studies], v. 22, 24227.

See Metals, &c., for general works on this subject.

Minerals, Mines, Mining. See Metals, c.
Minerva. See Inman's Ancient Faiths, 96 and g6Ka.
JVEingotti. Sec Edward's Prima Donna, 678F.

Miniatures. See Twining's Symbols, 5O7M. Leisure Hour [Painting], v. 29,
26397. English Illustrated [Collection of, at Windsor Castle], v. i,

Ministries. See Poole's Index, R.L. Routledge's Popular Progress, I034F.

Ministry. See Contemporary [Not a Priesthood], v. 15, 20257.

Ministry in Galilee, by Hanna. 1868 I58M

of Flowers, Thoughts respecting Life, suggested by the Book of

Nature, by Friend. 1885 554M

Nature, by Macmillan. 1882 ., 93T

our Lord [Harris's Great Teacher] 9iK

Minneapolis. See Century [Flour Mills in], v. 10, 18827.

Minnesingers. See Edinburgh Review [Lays of], v. 43, 4037.

Minnesota, Five Years in, by Farrar. 1880 l6oiR

See also Scribner [Field Sports in], v. 18, 18687. Harper [The Home of

Hiawatha], v. 67, 16477, & c -
Minnow, The. See 7ardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF.

Fishes, &c.

Minnow-Fishing. See Saturday Review, v. 61, R.L.
Minor Prophets, &c. See Gray's Biblical Museum, 86M, &c.
Minor Theatre, a Collection of Farces, &c. 1794 :

Vol. i. The Guardian, by Garrick. The Minor, by Foote. The Citizen,

by Murphy. The Upholsterer, by Murphy I357Z

Vol. 2. The Knights, by Foote. The Desert Island, by Murphy. Miss in

her Teens, by Garrick. Flora, or Hob in the Well, from Mr.

Dogget. The Deuce is in Him, by Coleman I35SZ

Vol. 3. The Contrivances, by Carey. Irish Widow, by Garrick. The

Lyar, by Foote. Mock Doctor, by Fielding. Lying Valet, by

Garrick I35QZ

Vol. 4. The Commissary, Lame Lover, and Taste, by Foote. Edgar and

Emmeline, by Hawkesworth. The Author, by Foote i36oZ

Vol. 5. The Mayor of Garratt. The Englishman in Paris and Returned

from Paris, The Orators, The Patron, by Foote J36iZ



Minor Theatre, a Collection of Farces, &c. (continued.}

Vol. 6. Devil upon Two Sticks, by Foote. Maid of the Oaks, by Bur-

goyne. The Maid of Bath, by Foote. The Tailors i36aZ

Vol. 7. The Bankrupt, by Foote. Cymon, by Garrick. A Trip to Calais,

The Cozeners and the Nabob, by Foote 13632

Minority. See Fortnightly Review [Representation], v. 4, 20947. Contempo-
rary [Representation], v. 45, 20557.
Minot (H. D.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Minstrel and other Poems, by Beattie, &c. 1 805 47;Z

See also Art Journal [of the Middle Ages], v. 8, R.L. Cutts' Middle Ages,

94oF. Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life, ig25R. Living Age
[Modern Scottish], v. 47, 30777, &c.

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, 3 vols. 1812 449-510

See also Harper [Negro], v. 58, 16387. Quarterly [of Scotland], v. 105, 12357.

Mint, The, Government Offices [Land we Live in] 4646

See also Chambers [Royal, of England], v. 19, 19367 ; [Year's Work at

the English], v. 62, 19627. Harper [Making Money in United States],
v. 23, 16037. Leisure Hour [The English], v. 17, 26117 '> [Visit to the
English], v. 2, 26127. Living Age [Three Great Mints of the World,]
v. 40, 30707. Poole's Index, R.L. Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.

Minto (W., Scholar and Author, b. 1845), Daniel Defoe [English Men

of Letters]. 1879 10640

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue. Encyclopaedia

Britannica. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Mintons of Stoke-upon-Trent. See Fortunes made in Business, io33Fa.
Mirabeau (H. G. R., Count de), and the Five Two Legislative

Assemblies of France, by Dumont. 1832 399F

See also Alison's Europe, 120-20. All the Year Round Magazine, v. 42,

18227. Baker's French Societj', 3330. Macaulay's Miscellaneous
Writings, 15300. Macmillan [Family], v. 40, 9707. Romilly's Cor-
respondence, 297T. Thiers' French Revolution, 376-8H.

MIRACLES, A Dissertation on, by Campbell, 2 vols. 1797 464 -5 A

at the Present Day, by Cairns [Present Day Tracts, vol. i] 234T

Credibility of, by Lias. 1883 e^M

Lectures on the, by Mozley [Bampton Lectures, 1865]. 1867 ... 54oA

of Nature and Marvels of Art I227Z

our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by Malan. 1881 J 783Z

Notes on the, by Trench. 1874 I78K

See also Burns' Sermons, 247^!. Contemporary [Science and Testimony], v. 27,

20377. Edinburgh Review [Belief and Expectation in], v. 52,4127; [Pre-
tended], v. 53, 4137. Ewald's Israel, 66K. Fortnightly [and Special
Providences], v. 7, 20977 t no Proofs], v. 6, 20967 ; [and Medium Craft],
v. 40, 21307. Inman's Faiths, g6K. 7ussserand's English Wayfaring Life,
IQ25R. Knowledge, v. 4, 25847. Lecky's Morals, 384^!. Macmillan's
Marriage in Cana, 92T. Nineteenth Century [Renan on], v. 10, 22207.
Owen's Another World, 43iM. Quarterly [#nd Powell on], v. 106,
12367- Replies to Essays and Reviews, 663A. Salvertes" Magic,
598-gH. Scribner's Monthly [Christ's Miracles scientifically considered],
v. 5, 18557- Stewart's Unseen Universe, 63gM. Temple Bar [Handful
of], v. 49, 13797- Nineteenth Century [Modern], v. 12, 22227. Sunday
at Home, v. 3, 28537 > [Meditations on the], v. 17, 28677. Christ, Life
of, &c.
Mirage. See Cornhill [Romance of], v. 48, 3287. Nature [What Produces], v.

28, 26887.

Mirando (Francisco de Saa de). See Longfellow'sPoets and Poetry of Europe,

Mirror, The, a Periodical Paper, in the Years 1779-80. 1824 IO22H

by Mackenzie and others [British Essayists] 40-4 iT

]VLirrors. See also Beckmann's Inventions, 6g8Q. Nature [of 7<ipan], v. 26797.
Penny Magazine [Burning and Lenses], v. 7, 1456 ; [Reflecting], v. 7,
1456. Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.



Mirrour of Justices, Written originally in the old French long before

the Conquest, with additions by Home, trans, by Hughes ... ii7oZ
Miscellaneous Prose and Verse, by Mavor. 1829 1318!!

Pamphlets. See Pamphlets.

Miscellanies, by C. Kingsley, 2 vols. 1859.... 996-7R

Raleigh, Tennyson, Byron, Shelley, Plays and Puritans, Fronde's England.

Swinburne. 1886 13400

Critical, Imaginative, and Juridical, by Warren, 2 vols. 1855 ...H3I-2K

Increase of Robbers, &c. [Fielding's works]. 1824 I796Z

Mischief. See Quarterly, v. 52, 11827, &c.

Misers, Remarkable, by Redding, 2 vols. 1863 940-10

See also Chambers [and the Good They Do], v. 40, 19467. All the Year

Round [French], v. 50, 18107, &c.
Misery. See Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Poverty, &c.
Misinterpretation. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 39iR, &c.
Mismanagement. See Anspach's Thieves of Homes, 27gR, c.
Misogynist, The. See Blackwood, v. 131, 2017, &c.
Misplaced Men. See Fraser [Thoughts on], v. 69, 6797, &c.

Missal, Ornamental and Manuscript Alphabets 9240

MISSION Sermons, by Aitkin. 1876 56i-3M

Missionaries, Master Missionaries, by Japp. 1880 77oO

Missionary and Naturalist in Central India, a Life of Stephen His-

lop, from 1844 to J 863, by Smith. 1888 656F

Bishop, a Sermon by Doane, and other Sermons. 1835 232K

Labours and Scenes in South Africa, by Moffatt, ill. ... 485 A and I544R

Travels in South Africa, by Livingstone, illustrated. 1857 607 and 6o8K

Missions, Fruits of Toil of the London Missionary Society, ill. 1877 53&A

Heroes of the Mission Field, by Walsh. 1879 7060

Heroines of the Mission Field, by Pitman. 1880 7070

London and Calcutta, compared in their Heathenism and Pros-
pects, by Mullens. 1869 2340

Protestant Foreign, their Present State, by Christlieb. 1880 ... i68Q

and Missionaries. See also Boy's Own Annual [Bishop Hannington], v. 9,

29597. Brown's Propagation of Christianity [History of], v. 2, 26sA.
Colquhoun's South China, 54I-2K. Cumming's China,

Excelsior [Church History], 1926-3^. Fortnightly [Effort, Theory of],
v. 6, 20967. Fraser [Christian], v. 4, 6147. Westminster [Foreign,
Failure of], v. 101, R.L. Girl's Own Annual [Girl's Work in the Mis-
sion Field], v. 3, 25537. Hope's Loving Work, I224R. Hunter's
Indian Empire, 485!^. Inman's Faiths, g6K and 96Ka. Kurtz Church
History, 707A. Lewis' Life of G. M. Gordon, 14170. Med-
hurst's China, I044F. Mitchell's Southern India [Stations in the Madras
Presidency], isioR. Moffat's Life, 4ooF. Nineteenth Century Maga-
zine, v. 24, 22347. Paton's Autobiography [New Hebrides], 14490.
Rivers of Water, &c., 22oT. Shipley's Studies, 46oM. Smith's Life
of William Carey, i67F. Stanley's Dark Continent [Mission Work],
i56^R. Steane's Evangelical Alliance, 66iA. Stewart's Palestine,
83gK. Temple's India, 486K. Williams (].), Memoirs of, 57gF. Wilson
(J.), Life of, 5 8oF. Wolff's Travels, 5 6o-iK. London Quarterly [Wes-
leyan Foreign], v. 64, 8547. Sunday at Home [in Turkey], v. i,
28517. Sunday Magazine [Mission Work in Shansi], v. 14, 24647.
Quiver [a Century of], v. 30, 33007. Sunday at Home [Incidents from
the South Pacific], v. 22, 28727. Christianity, Theology, Religion,
Travel, &c.

Mississippi Bubble, a Memoir of John Law, by Thiers, translated

by Fiske. 1859 76iO

Upper, from 1600 to the Present Time, by Gale. 1867 i6o2R

- Valley, Stories of the [Meeker's Life in the West] I596R

See also All the Year Round [The River], v. 12, 17727. Featherstonhaugh's

Canoe Voyage, j2^K. Harper [Pine Region of], v. 25, 16057 5
[Control and Utilization of], v. 65, 16457 '> [Reservoir System for the
Upper], v. 69, 16497. Scribner [Travels in], v. 8, 18587. Stanford's
Compendium, 8soK, &c.


Missouri. See Harper's Magazine, v. 77, 1657]. Nature [Geological Survey of],
v. 17, 2677^ Scribner, v. 8, 1858.7. Stanford's Compendium, 8soK.

Mistaken Identity. See All the Year Round, v. 23, 1783.7, &c.

Mistakes. Fraser [a Consolatory Essay], v. 104, 7147, Sc.

Mistletoe. See Brand's Antiquities, ioos-6M. Jesse's Country Life, 3gR.

Once a Week, v. 12, 2272.7. Science Gossip, v. i, 24iiJ ; [and its Asso- *
ciations], v. 12, 2415.7 ; [its Growth, .Age, &c.], v. 13, 2416] . Botany, &c.

Mistral (Frederic). See Scribner, v. 4, 1854.7.

Mitchell (D. G. and M.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Mitchell (Mrs. Murray), In Southern India, illustrated. 1885

Mitchell (O. M.), A.M., The Orbs of Heaven, a Popular Exposition
of the great Discoveries and Theories of Modern Astronomy,
illustrated. 1856 4I9R

Mitchell (Thomas), Key to Ghostism, Science and Art unlock its

Mysteries. 1880 9 1 1 M

Mites. See Harper, v. 22, i6o2j. Murray's Economic Entomology, 1037^!.
Science Gossip, v. 4, 2412.7 ; [British Freshwater], v. 18, 242oJ, c.

Mitford(Mary R.,Poet and Novelist, b. 1786, d. 1855), Country Stories 1544^

Recollections of a Literary Life, or Books, Places, and People... 684-5F

Friendships of, edited by L'Estrange, 2 vols. 1882 848-90

Life and Letters of, edited by L'Estrange, 3 vols. 1870 845-70

See also Adam's Celebrated Englishwomen, 12820. Field's

.'s Authors, 10520.

Atlantic, v. 51, 1541.7. Harper's Index, i64oja. Macmillan,
951 J. Saturday Review [Friendships of], v. 54, R.L. Fiction
List following the General Catalogue, &c.

ring the General Catalogue, &c
Mitford (P.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Mitford (W., Historian, b. 1785, d. 1827), History of Greece, with
Memoir of the Author, by his Brother, Lord Redesdale, 8

vols. 1829 loi-SH

Vol. i. Memoir. Religion, Government, Jurisprudence, Science, Arts,
Commerce and Manners of the Early Greeks. Trojan War to the
Return of the Heraclidoc. Grecian Oracles. Olympian
Games. Grecian Colonies. Nations Politically connected

with Greece. Reign of Darius of Persia, &c loiH

Vol. 2. Invasion under Xerxes. Battles of Thermopylae and Bueotia. Per-
sian War to the Successes of Cimon. Expedition to Egypt.
Pericles. Peloponnesian Congress, &c 102 H

Vol. 3. Peloponnesian War. Sicily and the Athenian Expedition. Con-
clusion of the Sicilian Expedition and of the Peloponnesian
War,&c io 3 H

Vol. 4. Council of Thirty. Restoration of Democracy. Orators and
Philosophers of the Civil History of Athens. Philosophy and
Literature. Greeks in Asia and Thrace. War between Lace-
daemon and Persia. Peace of Antalcidas, &c IO4H

Vol. 5. Sedition of Thebes. Invasion of Arcadia. Theban Administra-
tion. Invasion of Elea. Battle of Olympia. Grecian Politics.
Hannibal. Siege of Gela. Siege of Syracuse. Treaty with
Carthage. Death of Dionysius, &c 105 H

Vol. 6. Election of the Second Dionysius. Assassination of Heraclides.
Timoleon. Macedonian Constitution and Territory. Olynthian
Confederacy. Political Eminence of Athens. Historical Me-
morials from the Orators. Demosthenes, &c io6H

Vol. 7. Sacred War. Accusation of ^Eschines. Isocrates' Letter. Aris-
totle on Government. Philip of Macedonia. Macedonia Threat-
ened. Alexander's Visit to Troy. March into Lydia. Expedi-
tion to Egypt. Monument of Sardanapalus, &c io7H

Vol. 8. Campaigns in Asia. Trials for High Treason. Constitutions of
Indian States. Return from India. Sacrificial Feast. Alex-
ander's Death. Examination of Mitford's Dates of the Cam-
paigns, from Clinton's Tasti Hellenici, &c io8H

Mithridates. Sec Josephus, 6sH. Niebuhr's History of Rome, 87-8H, &c.

Mitrailleuse or Machine Gun. See Macmillan, v. 22, 952.7. Guns, c.



Mivart (St. George, Philosopher and Naturalist, b. 1827), F.R.S.,
Contemporary Evolution, an Essay on some recent Social

Changes. 1876 IO29R

The Common Frog [Nature Series]. 1881 151!*

Mixture for Low Spirits, Witty Sayings of many People, edited by

Tegg. 1876 I257Z

Mnasalcus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Moab. See Conder's Syrian Explorations, 54QK. Contemporary [Moabite Stone],
v. 15, 20257. Ewald's Israel, 64K. Quarterly [Land of], v; 135, 1265],
Scribner's Monthly [Moabite Stone], vol. 2, 18527. Smith's Prophets,
466M. Good Words [Moabite Stone], v. n, 2i8iJ. Sunday at Home,
v. 21, 2871],

Moab'S Patriarchal Stone, by King. 1878

Moawyah II. Sec Mahomet's Successors, loojQ.

Moberly (A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Mobile (U. S.). See Once a Week, v. 7, 2267.}.

Mobs, Mob Law. See All the Year Round [and Order], v. 9, 17697. Once a
Week, v. 8, 2268J. Fortnightly Review [and Revolutions], v. 46,
2is6J, c.

Mock Auctions. See Wynter's Social Bees, nsgR, &c.

Mocking-Bird, The. See Penny Magazine, v. 2, i4oB. Birds, &c.

Model Engineers' Handybook, a Practical Manual on Model Steam

Engines, &c., by Hasluck. 1889 n62M

Model Ship. See Boy's Own Annual, 1882, 29547.

Models. See Century [Artists in New York], v. 3, 18757.

Modern Ballads : Birth of St. George, Red Cross Knight, John Gil-
pin's Ride, The Mermaid, Rime of the Ancient Mariner,
Sir Delaval, &c ;68M

Christian Biography 14410

History [Chambers' Educational Course] 45 1 T

Painters, by Ruskin, 5 vols. 1880-1 35-9^

Science in Bible Lands, by Dawson, illustrated. 1888 I2I2M

Street Ballads, by Ashton. 1888 I4O6M

Theories in Philosophy and Religion, by Tulloch. 1884 7 2 4-A-

Traveller. See Conder (J.).

Modesty. See Midler's Noble Deeds, &c., 920..

Modjeska (Helena B., Countess). See Scribner, v. 17, 18677. Temple Bar, v.
66, 13967.

Moffat (R., Scotch Missionary, b. 1790, d, 1833), Missionary Labours

and Scenes in Southern Africa 485 A and 1 544R

(and Mary) Lives of, by their Son, J. S. Moffat, illustrated 4OoF

See also 7 a PP >s Missionaries, 7700. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 32,

26427. Rivers of Water [Missionary Labours], 22oT. Sunday Maga-
zine [Mary Moffat], v. 14, 24647. Sunday at Home, v. 30, 28807, &c.

Mogridge (George). Sec Parley (Peter).

Moguls. See Freeman's Saracens, 2980, &c.

Mohair. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Mohawks. See Sunday at Home [among the], v. 18, 28687.

Mohocks. See Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne, 68F, &c.

Moir (D. M., Scotch Poet, b. 1798, d. 1851), Poetical Works, edited

by Aird, 2 vols. 1860 346-7Q

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and

Poetry of England, 472!}, &c.

Moira (Lord, Marquis of Hastings, b. 1754, d, 1826). See Froucle's Ireland,

Moldavia. See Blackwood [Convents of], v. 95, 1657 J [Society and Politics in],
v. 96, 1667.

Moldwarp (M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Mole, The. See Benison's Nature, 2iogR. Brown's Science for All [and Mole-
hills], 627B. Chambers [a Plea for], v. 60, 19607. Every Boy's Annual,
1869, I303H. 7 af dine's Naturalists' Library, 66oQ. 7 esse ' s Gleanings,
579Q. Longman [at Home], v. 3, 8937, &c.



Molecular and Microscopic Science, by Mary Somerville, 2 vols... log-oR

Molecules. See Chambers, v. 58, igsSJ. Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377!?..
Nature [In Motion], v. 8, 2668J, &c.

Molesworth (W. N., Historian, l>. 1816), M.A., History of Eng-
land [1830-1874], 3 vols. 1879 159-620

History of the Church of England, from 1600. 1882 2I4M

Molesworth. (Mrs. Ennis Graham). See Fiction Class List following the Gene-
ral Catalogue.

Moliere (J. B. P. De., French Dramatist, b. 1622, d. 1673), Dramatic
Works of, translated by H. Van Laun, illustrated by Vernet,
Desenne, &c., 3 vols. 1880 428-300

by OUphant and Tarver [Foreign Classics]. 1879 11770

See also Edinburgh Review [Life and Writings of], v. 82, 442 J. Fraser, v.

95 7O5J. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!), &c.

Moliere-Characters, by Clarke. 1865 9ioR

Molinos (M., ThcQuietist, b. 1627, d. 1696), Golden Thoughts from

The Spiritual Guide, with Preface by Shorthouse. 1883 IO3Q

See also Michelet's Priests, &c., 4 nM, &c.

Moll (C. B.), D.D., The Psalms, translated from the German by

Briggs, &c., together with a new version, by Conant [Lange's

Commentary], 1872 6oA

Mollett (J. W.), B.A., an Illustrated Dictionary of Words used in

Art and Archaeology. 1883 935D

Meissonier [Great Artists]. 1882 11040

Rembrandt [Great Artists]. 1879 11070

Sir D. Wilkie [Great Artists]. 1881 11140

- Watteau [Great Artists]. 1883

Molloy (J. Fitzgerald), Court Life Below Stairs, or London under the

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