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the Georges [1714-1830], 4 vols. 1882-3 :

Vol. i. Anne and George I 443O

Vol. 2. George II 4440

Vol. 3. George III 4450

Vol. 4. George III. and George IV 4 4 6O

Famous Plays, with a Discourse on the Playhouses of the

Restoration. 1 886 1 1 96R

Congreve's Love for Love. Addison's Cato. John Gray's Beggar's Opera.
Dr. Johnson's Irene. Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer.
Sheridan's Rivals. Knowles' Virginius. Lytton's Plays.

Life and Adventures of Edmund Kean, 2 vols. 1888 1465-60

Royalty Restored, or London under Charles II., 2 vols. 1885... 259-00

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Mollusca, Invertebrate Animals having a soft fleshy body, such as

oysters and other shell fish. British Marine Testaceous. 1855 749F

Manual of the, by Woodward. 1868 i8iR

See also Buckley's Life, &c., io6R. Gosse's A Year at the Shore, s86Q.

Hartwig's The Sea and Its Living Wonders, 757 F. Lewes' Sea-side
Studies, 822F. Napier's Lakes and Rivers, 623Q. Nature [Adaptive
Coloration of], v. 5, 2665] ; [Development of], v. n, 2671 J. Sowerby's
Aquarium, 632(3. Science Gossip [Variation and Abnormal Develop-
ment of], v. 21, 2422], Sec.

Molly Maguires. See All the Year Round [in America], v. 37, T797J.

Moltke (Count, German General, b. 1800). See Cassell's Franco-German War,
456-7 B. Leisure Hour [yisit to], v. 16, 26-26]. Macmillan [Campaign
in Egypt], v. 46, 976J ; [in Russia], v. 36,.966J. Once a Week, v. 23,
2283J. Vasili's Berlin Society, I222R.

Moluccas, The. See Stanford's Compendium, 8s3K.

Momerie (A. W.), M.A., Origin of Evil and other Sermons. 1885 4I2M
Mystery of Suffering. Formation of Character. Connection between
Self-Denial and Self-Development. What is Truth. Christian Man-
liness. Science and Religion. Eternal Life, &c.



Momien. See Anderson's Western China [Mandalay to Momien], 54oK.
Mommsen (Theodor, German Historian, l>. 1817), History of

Rome, translated by Dickson, 4 vols. 1888 :
Vol. i. The Period anterior to the abolition of the Monarchy, and from

the abolition of the Monarchy to the Union of Italy 151 iQ

Vol. 2. From the Union of Italy to the Subjugation of Carthage and the

Greek States 15126

Vol. 3. The Revolution. The Gracchi. Commonwealth, &c 15130

Vol. 4. Establishment of the Military Monarchy, &c 15140

Monaco. See Leisure Hour [Visit to], v. 14, 26247. Saturday Review [Past and
Present], v. 53, R.L. Chambers, v. 45, I949J. Cornhill [History
and Description of], v. 10, 2goJ.

Monarchs of the Main, or Adventures of the Buccaneers, by Thorn-
bury, svols. 1855 , ....I305-7R

Monarchy. See Fortnightly, v. 17, 21077. Fraser [and Empire Preservation],
v. 12, 6227. Maine's Popular Government, nooF. Poole's Index,
R.L. Quarterly [and Democracy], v, 149, 12797, &c.

Monasteries of the Levant, Visits to, by Curzon, illustrated. 1865 !47iR

See also All the Year Round [Suppression of the], v. 42, 18227. Contem-
porary [Troubles of Mediaeval], v. 5, 201 5 J. Chambers [Visit to
English], v. 16, 1934.!. Fraser [Dissolution of in England], v. 55,
665 J. Froude's England, 192-70. Loftie's London, 2510. Nine-
teenth Century [Mediaeval, Daily Life in], v. 15, 2225J ; [of Austria,
Visit to], v. 20, 223oJ. Sunday at Home [Monastery of Einsiedeln],
v. i, 285iJ. Monks, &c.

Monastic System. See All the Year Round [Mysteries], v. 13, 1773.7. Chambers
[Life of the i2th Century], v. i, i92ij. Kurtz's Church History, 7o6A.
Lecky's Morals, 384^!. Monks, c.

Monastier (A.) History of the Vaudois Church from its Origin, and

of the Vaudois of Piedmont to the Present Day, tr. [R.T.S.]. 4I3M

Monck (W. H. S.), M.A., Sir William Hamilton [English Philoso-
phers], 1881 12330

Moncrief (Hon. F. C), The Wit and Wisdom of the Bench and Bar i83oZ

MONEY and How to Make it, by Reade. 1872 IO22F

the Mechanism of Exchange, by Je vons, 1 885 36oR

in Ancient Countries, from the Earliest Times to the Present, by

DelMar. 1885 898F

See a/sa Knight's England, I5I-4H. McCulloch's British Empire, 7i2H.

Ricardo's Political Economy, &c., ioo4F. Smith's Wealth of Nations,
I026-8F. Timbs' Works, 8siZ. Walker's Science of Wealth, io2sF.
All the Year .; Round [How to Make], v. 2, 17627; [Lending in the
Old Times], v. 27, 17877. Chambers [Shady Side of Borrowing], v.
61, i96ij ; [Chances of Making], v. 31, 19427 ; [How it Wears], v. 35,
19447 ; v. 56, 19567 ; [Makers], 57, 19577 ; [Mystery of], v. 16, 19347 :
[Post Office Orders], v. 57, 19577 ', [What to do with], v. 53, I95s7-
Contemporary [Use of, by Women], v. 50, 20607 ; [Rule of the Purse],
v. 37, 20477. Cornhill [Value of, and of Gold], v. 9, 2897. Edinburgh
Review [and Commerce, Wheatley on], v. 10, 3707 ', [and Exchange],
v - J 3> 373]- Girls' Own Annual [a Few Words on Money Matters],
y. 4, 25547 5 [Money Obligations], v. 7, 25577. Leisure Hour [Lend-
ing in London], v. 18, 26287 ; [Market], v. 17, 26277. Nineteenth
Century [History of], v. 6, 22167 ; [Standard of], v. u, 22217. Once
a Week [Modern Mammon], v. 24, 22847. Coins, &c.

Money-Lenders and Borrowers, Law Relating to, by Macalpin ... 257R

Mongolia. See Atkinson's Siberia, &c., 598 B.

Mongols, Among the, by Oilman, illustrated 337K

See also Edinburgh Review [from gth to igth century], v. 152, 5127. Lub-

bock's Primitive Man, 6726. Poole's Index, R.L. Quarterly [Historyof],
v. 144, 12747. Saturday Review [Among the Gilmour's], v. 56, R.L.
Sunday at Home [among the], v, 30, 28807, &c.

Mongoose, The. See Chambers, v. 54, 19547 ; v. 60, 19607. Leisure Hour \ and
Cobra, Fight between], v. 28, 26387, c.



Mongredien (A.), Free Trade Movement in England [Cassell's

Library]. 1881 952Z

Monk (General, Celebrated General, l>. 1608, d. 1670), and Washing-
ton, Historical Studies, by Guizot. 1851 28;T

See also Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, soi-zD. Stoughton's Religion
in England, 94-5]^. Albemarle, c.

Monkey, The, Monkeys and Parrots, illustrated 6oR

See also Boys' Own Annual, vol. 7, 29577. Buckland's Curiosities, 597Q.

Buckley's Life's Race, I29R. Chambers [in Confinement], v. 58, 19587 ;
[Monkey World], v. 32, 19427 ; [Poppet's Pranks], v. 54, 19547. Con-
temporary, v. 41, 20517. Good Words, v. 16, 2i86J. Gentleman's
Magazine, N.S., v. 30, 75oJ. Hartwig's Tiopical World, 758 F. Jar-
dine's Naturalists' Library, 67oQ. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower
Animals, 7ii-2F. Cassell's Magazine [a few words on], v. 4, 23447, &c.

Monkhouse (W. C), Turner [Great Artists]. 1879 11190

Monks. See Art Journal [of the Middle Ages], v. 8, R.L. Cult's Middle Ages,
94oF. Gentleman's Magazine, N.s. [of Islam], v. 37, 757 J. Gibbon's
Roman Empire, 75-82!!. Good Words [and the Heathen], v. 4, 21747.
Kurtz's Church History, 707A. Living Age [Daily Life of], v. 128,

31587. Quarterly [of the West], v. no, 12407, &c.
ith (James, Duke of). See Dixon's H J

Monmouth Games, Duke of). See Dixon's H.M. Tower, 324!!.

Monmouthsnire. See All the Year Round [Traditions of], v. 32, 17927. Black-
wood [Scrambles in], v. 58, 1287, &c.

Monochrome. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M, &c.

Monod (A.), Saint Paul, Five Discourses, translated by Barrett. 1853 5iZ
Life and Letters of, by his Daughter, translated. 1885 8520

See also Christian Biography, 14410.

Monograms. See Beeton's Needlework, TT43M. Chambers, v. 46, 19497.
Marryat's Pottery [and Emblems], 9360. Twining's Symbols,
5O7M. Cassell's Family Magazine [a novel use for] v. 9, 23587, &c.

Monopolies. See Chambers, v. 17, 19357- Quarterly [Industrial], v. 131, 12617.
Smith's Wealth of Nations, 7026-8 F, &c.

Monotheistic Beliefs, The Early Prevalence of [Present Day Tracts,

Vol. II.] 235T

Monro (A. M.) See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Monro (E:), M.A.. Parochial Work. 1851 4 4 iA

Monroe (]., American Statesman, b. 1758, d. 1831). See Harper [Administration

of], v. 29, 16097.

Monserrat.], See Temple Bar Magazine [A Visit to], v. 84, 14147.
Monsoons. See Abercromby's Seas and Skies, 843!^ Wittich'b Physical Geo-
graphy, 688Q. Storms, Wind, &c.

Monsters. See All the Year Round [Imaginary], v. 49, 18097 5 [of old], v. 47,
18227. Harper, v. 64, 16447. Household Words, v. n, 17517 and v.
14, 17547. Nature [Underground], v. 17, 26777 andv. 18, 26787, c.
Mont Blanc, Its Geodesical and Geological Constitution, by Viollet-

le-Duc, illustrated. 1877 ..: 4I3K

Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of, in August, 1827, by

Auldjo. 1856 !26oR

Wanderings, by Cheever. 1846 I442R

[William's Alps, &c.] 59oB

See also Alps, Mountains, Switzerland, c.

Moilt St. Michel. See Macmillan v. 16, 9467. Temple Bar [les Eaux Mortes], v.

71, 14017.

Montagu (Lady Mary W., Traveller, <SrV., b. 1690,^. 1762), Letters
and Works of, edited by her Great Grandson, Lord Wharn-

cliffe, 2 vols. 1861 4O[-2F

See also Adam's Women of Society, 10470. Bagehot's Studies, 863H.

Blackwood [Historical Sketch of], v. 104, 1747. Merydew's Love
Letters, v. i,676F. Quarterly [Letters], v. 58, 11887, & c -

Montagu (Marquise De), Memoirs of, by De Noailles. 1870 6030

Montagu (R. W.), .</., Johnsoniana, Life, Opinions and Table Talk

of Dr. Johnson , 74 1



Montague (F. C.), Limits of Individual Liberty, an Essay. 1885 .. 1195!!
Montaigne (Michel De, French Moralist, b. 1535, d. 1592), by

Collins [Foreign Classics]. 1879 11780

See also Fraser, v. 34, 6447. Good Words, v. 3, 21737. Temple Bar Maga-

zine, v. 84, 14147.

Montalembert (Count De, Author, &v., b. 1810, d. 1870), Memoir

of, by Mrs. Oliphant, 2 vols. 1872 IOI4-5Q

See also Arthur's The Popes, &c., 45sF. Blackwood, v. 107, 177 J. Fraser

[and the Emperor of the French], v. 58, 668J. Hayward's Statesmen,
248 F. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 8, 2618 J. Senior's Conversa-
tions, 435H. Cassell's Magazine, v. i, 23417, &c.

Montalembert (M. R., French General and Tactician, b. 1714, d.

1800), Carnot and Vauban, Engineer Studies by Lloyd. 1887 594F

Montana, a Lady's Life in, by J. R. 1887 lySSZ

See also Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 77, 16577 j [Rides through],

v. 35, 16157 ; [Antelope Hunting in], v. 69, 16497, & c -

Montanus. See Farrar's Lives of the Fathers, 67oF.

Montauban (Mrs. E.), A Year and a Day in the East. 1846 I532R

Montaudon, The Monk of. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Montcalm (General L. J. Marquis de, French General, b. 1712, d, 1759). See
All the Year Round, v. 43, 18037. Wright's Life of General Wolfe,
58iF, &c.

Monte Carlo. See Health Haunts, 8ioQ. Saturday Review [Gambling at], v.
58, R.L., &c.

Monte Christo, Chateau of. See Chambers, v. 25, 14397, & c

Moilte Video. See King's Argentine Republic, 766K. Living Age [and Buenos
Ayres], v. 2, 30327, &c.

Montefiore (A.), H.M., Stanley, the African Explorer I45OO

Montenore (Sir M., Jewish Philanthropist, b. 1784, d. 1885). See Hosner's
7ews, 4250. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 14, 26247. Sunday at
Home, v. 31, 28817.

Montemayor (7- De, Spanish Poet, b. 1520, d. 1562). See Longfellow's Poets
and Poetry of Europe, 473D.

Montenegrins and Montenegro. See Blackwood [and Dalmatia], v. 65,
I 35J > [Rambles in], v. 57, 1277 ; v. 60, 1307 ', [Visit to the Vlaclika of],
v. 60, 1307. Good Words [Ride through], v. 7, 21777 > [Visit to Capi-
tal of], v. 7, 21777. Macmillan, v. 33, 9637 ; Christmas and Ancestor
Worship in], v. 43, 973!. Once a Week, v. 5, 22657. Stanford's Com-
pendium, 854K. Turko-Russian War, 4506, &c.

Montesquieu (Baron de). See Alison's Europe, 119-210.

Montez (Lola, Dancer and Actress, b. 1820, d. 1861), Fraser [and the King of
Bavaria], v. 37, 6477. Temple Bar, v. 59, 13897.

Montezuma {Emperor of Mexico, 1466, killed 1520). See Del Mar's Precious

Metals, SggF. Help's Cortes, 594-50. Mexico, c.

o/ Leicester, b.
Paris, Matthew of Westminster, Florence of Worcester, Roger of Wen-

Montfort (Simon, Earl o/ Leicester, b^ 1206, killed 1265). _See Matthew

dover, Ordericus, Vitalis, c.
Montgomerie (A., Scotch Poet, d, 1607). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

47 6D, &c.

Montgomery (F.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Montgomery (G. M.), Illustrations of the Law of Kindness. 1844 I225Z
Montgomery (G. W.), Journey to Guatemala in Central America... 739K
Montgomery (H. R.), Life and Writings of Sir R. Steele. 1865 ... 509-0!^
Montgomery (J., Scotch Poet, l>. 1771, d. 1854), Poems, Life by

Carruthers [British Poets], 5 vols. 1860 44I-5Q

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Fraser [Memoirs of], v.

54, 6647. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Living

Age, v. n, 30417, &c.
Montgomery (R., Poet,b. 1807, d. 1855), Woman, the Angel of Life,

Poem. 1883 479^

See also Fraser [Luther], v. 25, 6357, &c.

Montgomery (Sir R., Indian Statesman, b. 1809). See Temple's India. 464^



Month. Sec Boy's Own Annual [Doings for the], vol. 7, 2957 J. Girl's Own
Annual [Notes for the], v. 8, 25587. Once a Week, v. 2-4, 2262-47.
Leisure Hour [Antiquarian Gossip on], v. 25. 26357, & c -

Monti (V.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Montlosier(Comte de). See Poole's Index, R.L.

Montpensier (Mademoiselle de, Grand-daughter of Louis XUI, b.

1627, d. 1693), Memoirs of, written by Herself, 3 vols. 1848 604-60

Montreal. See also Chambers, y. 21, 19377. Lome's Canadian Pictures, 3316.
Edinburgh Review [Victoria Bridge at], v. 113, 4737- Leisure Hour
[Antiquities of], v. 23, 23337 ; [Canada], v. 34, 26447. Stanford's
Compendium, SsoK. Temple Bar, [Notre-Dame Street], v. 15, 13457.

Montrose (7ames, Marquis of, supported Charles I., b. 1612, exectited

1650), Memoirs of, by Bishop Wishart. 1819 4O3F

See also Bayne's Puritan Revolution, 294A. Blackwood [Execution of], v. 56,

1267. Chambers, v. 55, I9557- Fraser [and his Times], v. 43, 6s37> &c.

Monumental History. See Dew's Nations, ssH.

Monuments, Ancient, by Sayce [R.T.S.] 25iM

of Ancient Egypt, by Gosse lOiiM and 1525!*

Upper Egypt, by Mariette-Bey, translated. 1877 I539R

See also Edinburgh Review [Fergusson's Rude Stones], v. 138, 4987. Har-
per's Index, i64o7a. Lukis's Works, goS-oF. Milman's St. Paul's,
32oH. Nature [Preservation of English National], v. 7, 266-77. Quar-
terly [Sepulchral, Markland on], v. 70, 12007. Squiers' Nicaragua,
764-sK. Taylor's Bible Illustrations [of Egypt], 226!'. Quiver, v. 16,
32867. Shrines, Graves.

Moody (D. L., American Revivalist, b. 1837). See London Quarterly, vol. 45,
8357, &c.

Moody (S.), What is Your Name? a Popular Account of Christian

Names. 1863 I2O5R

MOON Lore, by Harley. 1885- 8280

the, Her Motions, &c., by Proctor, illustrated. 1878 438 R

[S.P.C.K.] 8i 4 Z

See also All the Year Round [Fancies concerning], v. 58, 18187. Brand's

Antiquities, ioo6-7M. Brown's Science for All, 626B. Chambers
[Earth as seen from], v. 25, 19397 '> [Notions about], v. 50, 19517 ',
[Rotation of], v. 60, 19607. Cornhill [Is it a Dead Planet], v. 35, 3157.
Contemporary [and the Earth in the Past], v. 41, 20517. English Me-
chanic, v. 46 and 47, 1046-70. Fraser, v. 78, 6887. Gentleman's Maga-
zine, N.S. [Birth of], v. 28, 7487. Good Words [Craters in], v. 8, 21787 ;
[Uses of], v. 3, 21737. Humboldt's Cosmos,. 483 and 486R. Inman's
Faiths, 96K. Knowledge [a Lunar Illusion], v. i, 25817 ', [and the
Weather], v. i, 25817 ; [Has it an Atmosphere?], v. 2, 25827; [Lessons
on], v. 3, 25837 ', [True story of], v. i, 25817. Lardner's Lectures,
75<5D. Leisure Hour, v. 20, 26307 ', [Face of], v. 13, 26237. Living
Age Qourney to], v. 58, 30887. Nature [New Crater on], v. 18, 26787.
Once a Week [and the Weather], v. 18, 22787, Temple Bar [Teles-
copic Study of], v. 21, 13517. Sunday Magazine [from the crescent to
the full], v. 15, 24727. Webb's Celestial Objects, 64oQ. Zeller's Greek
Philosophy, ssS-gM. Science Gossip [Harvest Moon], v. 3, 24117.
Astronomy, &c.

Moon (W.), LL.D., Light for the Blind, a History of the Origin and

Success of Moon's System of Reading for the Blind. 1873... IO 33^

For works arranged in Embossed type for the blind, see Supplement.

Mooney (Miss E. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073

Moonstones. See Emanuel's Precious Stones. n63M, &c.

Moore (A. andC. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 o7a.

Moore (C. C.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets
of America, 4680, &c.

Moore (E., Poet and Dramatist, b. 1712, d. 1757), Poetical Works

and Life, by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807 .. 384Z

and Others, The World [British Essayists] 32-5T

See also Inchbald's British Theatre.

Moore (F.), Diary of the American Revolution [1775-81], 2 vols. 1863 272-30



Moore (G.) M.D., Power of the Soul over the Body considered in
Relation to Health and Morals. 1845

Moore (G., />. 1807, d. 1876), Merchant and Philanthropist, by

Smiles. 1878 4O4F

and Salt (Sir T.), by Burnley. 1885 11490

See also Blackie's Philanthropy, 7626, &c.

Moore (Sir John, Scotch General, b. 1761, killed 1809), Life of, by

his Brother, J. C. Moore, 2 vols. 1834 4O6-7F

See also Alison's Europe, 130-30. Leisure Hour, v. 12, 2622]. Quarterly

[Campaign of], v. 56, nS6J, &c.
Moore (Dr. J.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Moore (T., Irish Poet, l>. 1779, d. 1852), Lalla Rookh, an Oriental

Romance 5O2Z

Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 3OO-iT

Poetical Works. 1842 509!)

Poems and Life [British Poets], 6 vols. 1867 446-5iQ

The Fudges in England, a Sequel to the Fudge Family in Paris. 649'!'

See also Blackwood [with Portrait], v. 71, i4ij. Dana's Household Book

of Poetry, 4760. Fraser [Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence], v.

47) 657.}. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Greville

Memoirs. Johnson s Select Poets, 411 D. Living Age [Letters of], v.

38, 3o68J. Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 5, 2354], New English

Theatre, &c.

Moorish. Ballads. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.
Moorman (J. J.), M.D., Mineral Waters of the United States and

Canada, illustrated. 1867 S27M

Moors in Spain, by Poole. 1887 43oO

- Sec also Morell's Algeria, 658K. Stanford's Compendium [in Algeria, &c.],

8 4 oK, &c.
Moose. See Chambers [Chase in Maine], v. 20, IQ36J. Living Age [Hunting in

Canada], v. 142, 3172], Scribner [Hunting], v. 15, i865J, c.
Moral and Historical Works of Lord Bacon, by Devey. 1852 1070

and Mental Excellence and How to Attain it [Memorials of

Hessell], by Priestley. 1861 7iiO

Physical Law, by Arthur. 1883 8230

Deportment. See Young Lady's Book, gS^M.

Excellence [Gray's Self-Culture] 961 R

Feelings, Philosophy of the, by Abercrombie 66jT and I422Z

MORAL PHILOSOPHY, Elementary Sketches, by Smith. 1850 589!!

Handbook of, by Calderwood. .1888 i25iM

or the Duties of Man, by Combe. 1840 266R

[Combe's Constitution of Man] 2030

See also Kaufmann's Christian Socialism, i2osM. Quinet (E.), ^6gY.

Tolstoi's My Confession, &c., i24sM. Philosophy, &c.

Moral Sentiments, Theory of, by Smith. 1849 58811

c<) by Smith. 1872 462M

Science. See Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90.

Wastes and how to Reclaim them, by Wilson 1 74T

Morality, Principles of, by Dymond. 1842 188!)

Morals, Christian, by Hannah More, 2 vols, 1813 12I6-7M

European, from Augustus to Charlemagne, by Lecky, 2 vols ...384^!
See also Bailey's Questions, 22oR. Clifford's Essays [Scientific Basis of]>

887H. Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Contemporary [Has Science
yet found a new Basis for?], v. 41, 2051 J. Fortnightly [and Materialism],
v. 46, 2i3_6J ; [and Science], v. 46, 2I36J ; [Statistics of], v. 46, 2I36J. Gui-
xot's Christianity, 33?M. Inman's Faiths, g6K.and g6Ka. Kurtz' Church
History, 7o6A. Lange's Materialism [and Religion], 624^ Mehagen's
Universal History, I3-5H. Musket's Symbols, 42oM. Pike's Crime
in England, 307-8H. Smith's Moral Sentiments, s88H. Spencer's
Data of Ethics [Principles of] 592 H, &c.



Morant (Rev. P., of Jersey). See Caesarea or Jersey, 1409!!, &c.

Moratin (L. Z.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Moratin(N. F. De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473^), &c.

Moravian Brethren [Zinzendorf (Count)] 10536

Moravians, Missions, &c. See Brown's Propagation of Christianity, v. i,
264A. Living Age, v. 44, 30747. Stoughton's Religion [Moravians
1800-80], g8M. Wilson's Dissenters, igoK. Sunday at Home, v. 29,
2879;, & c -

Moray (J. Stuart, Earl of). See Strickland's Mary Queen of Scots, 793-40.

Morayshire. See Fraser [Natural History and Sport in], v. 70, 68oJ.

MordacCLUe (L. H.), M.A., Trans. , Names of Men, Nations, and

Places, by Salverte, 2 vols. 1864 530-1!!

Mordecai. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, i5iK, c.

More About our Coffee Room, by Cotton. 1878

Worlds than One, the Creed of the Philosopher and Hope of the

Christian, by Brewster. 1876 239^!

Moro (Hannah, Moral Novelist and Essayist, b. 1745, d. 1833), Chris-
tian Morals, 2 vols. 1813 I2I6-7M

Practical Piety, Influence of the Religion of the Heart on the

Conduct of Life, 2 vols. 1814 4i6-7M

Sacred Dramas for Young Persons 52 and I755Z

by Yonge [Eminent Women Series]. 1888 14220

Life and Correspondence of, by Roberts, 4 vols. 1834 853-60

of, by Roberts. 1838 255Z

See also Argosy, v. 40, 4oJ. Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.
Words, v. 15, 2i85j. Jones' Poets, 662M. Quarterly, v.

Good Words, v. 15, 2185.7. Jones' Poets, 662M. Quarterly, y. 52
n82j. Quiver, v. 25, 3295J. Sunday at Home, v. 12, 2862 J. Fiction
Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

More (Sir T., Statesman, b. 1480, executed 15$$), Life of, Vy Mackin-
tosh. 1844 288T

See also Cooke's Great Lives, 10030. English Illustrated, v. 3, iggsJ.

Froude's England, 192-30. Good Words [and Erasmus], v. 19, 2i8oJ,
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