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Writers, an Attempt towards a History of English Literature :

Vol. i. Old Celtic Literature, &c I242R

Vol. 2. From Caedmon to the Conquest 1243^-

Life of Pallisy the Potter 996Q

. Burke [English Men of Letters]. 1879 10580

Morley (J., Philosopher, b. 1838), Critical Miscellanies, 3 vols. 1886 :

Vol. i. Robespierre, Carlyle, Byron, Macaulay, Emerson 8420

Vol. 2. Vauvenburgeses, Turgot, Condorcet, Joseph De Maistre 8430

Vol. 3. On Popular Culture, Death of Mr. Mill, Mill's Autobiography,
Life of George Eliot, Pattison's Memoirs, Harriet Martineau, W.

R. Gregg, France, England, Comte 843Oa

Life of Cobden, 2 vols. 1881 igo-iF

On the Study of Literature. 1887 .I226R

The Struggle for National Education. 1873 io5oF

Voltaire. 1872 549F

Ed., English Men of Letters, v.D.

Addison, by Courthorpe... 10540

Bacon, by Church IO 55O

Bentley, by Jebb 10560

Bunyan, by Froude 10570

Burke, by Morley 10580

Burns, by Principal Shairp 10590

Byron, by Nichol io6oO

Chaucer, by Ward io6iO

Coleridge, by Traill 10620

Cowper, by Smith 10630

Defoe, by Minto 10640

De Quincey, by De Masson 10650

Dickens, by Ward io66O

Dryden, by Saintsbury ... 10670

Fielding, by Dobson io68O

Gibbon, by Morison 10690

Goldsmith, by Black 10700

Gray, by Gosse 10710

Hume, by Huxley 10730

Johnson, by Stephen 10740

Keats, by Colvin i o8SO

Lamb, by Ainger 10750

Landor, by Colvin 10890

Locke, by Fowler 10760

Macaulay, by Morrison 10770

Milton, by Pattison 10780

Pope, by Stephen 10790

Scott, Sir W., by Hutton... io8cO

Shelley, by Symonds io8iO

Sheridan, by Oliphant 10900

Sidney, by Symonds 10910

Southey, by Dowden 10820

Spenser, by Church 10830

Sterne, by Traill 10840

Swift, by Stephen 10850

Thackeray, by Trollope ... io86O

Wordsworth, by Myers 10870

Hawthorne, by James, jun. 10720
See also Contemporary Review, v. 17, 2027}. Saturday Review [as a Con-
servative], v. 59, R.L. ; [as Editor of the Fortnightly], v. 54, R.L., &c.



Morley (Dr.). See Stoughton's Religion in England, 94-sM.

Morley (Samuel), Life of, by Hodder. 1887 6i8F

Morley (Thomas, Musical Composer, b. 1550, d. 1604). See Matthew's History of
Music, 9430.

MORMONISM ; An Englishwoman in Utah, by Stenhouse. 1880 i6o3R

Mysteries and Crimes of, by Beadle, illustrated. 1870 948F

by Conybeare [Reprinted from the Edinburgh Review]. 1854... I284R
Mormons, Female Life Among the, by Ward. 1855 870$ and i6ooR

or Latterday Saints [National Illustrated Library]. 1851 131 iR

See also All the Year Round [Among], v. 10, 1770.7. Century [Question of

Legal Aspects of], v. i, i873j ; v. 6, 18787. Dixon's White Con-
quest, 492!!. Faithfull's America, 794!^. Fortnightly [as they
are], v. 36, 2I26J. Greg's United States, 559H. Harper [History
of], v. 6, 15867. Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Kelly's Across the
Rocky Mountains, 428!". Leisure Hour, v. 3, 26137

, . , , .

16, 26267 ! [Life of], v. 7, 26177 '> [Amongst the], v. 25, 26357. Living
Nineteenth Century [New View of], v.
R. Saturday Review,
3, 18537 '> [Book of],
18707. Stanford's Compendium, 8soK. Temple Bar [and Country

Age [in Wales], v. 78, 31087.

15, 22257. Rae's Westward by Rail, isggR. Saturday Review, v. 61,

R.L. Scribner [and their Religion], v. 3, 18537 > [Book of], v. 20,

of], v. 4, 13347, &c.
Mornington (Earl). See Cassell's India, 228-90, &c.

Morocco, A Winter in, by Perrier. 1873 i56iR

and Spain, Tourist in, by Roscoe. 1838 I473R

Present State of, a Chapter on Mussulman Civilisation, by Dur-

rieu. 1854 I26QR

Travels through, by Buffa. 1810 659K

See also Barth's Central Africa, 847-8K. Blackwood [Spring Trip to], v. 134,

2047. Chambers [Rohlfs], v. 51, 19527 ', [Tour in], v. 56, 19567. Corn-
hill [Sketches of], v. 54, 3347* Fraser [Some Account of], v. 60. 6707.
Fortnightly, v. 42, 21327. Hay's Western Barbary, i2giR. Nature
[and the Atlas], v. 19, 26797. Scott's Travels, is6oR. Fortnightly
Review, v. 42, 21327, &c.

Morphology. See Chambers, v. 3, 19237. Nature [What is?] v, 18, 26787.
Morris (A. J.), Words for the Heart and Life, Discourses. 1855 ... 588M
Morris (B. R.), M.D., Ed., The Naturalist, a Popular Monthly
Magazine illustrative of the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral

Kingdoms, vols 1-8. 1851-8 ..U4-2iD

Morris (C.), Ed. t Half Hours with the best American Authors

[Cavendish Library], 4 vols :
Vol. i. Irving, Agassiz, Bryant, &c
Vol. 2. Bret Harte, 7 e ff ers on, Holmes, &c

Vol. 3. Prescott, Hawthorne, Emerson, &c H93R

Vol. 4. Dana, Conway, Longfellow, &c i I94R

Morris (E.), How to get a Farm and where to find one, showing that

Homesteads may be had by those desirous of securing them.. i6i7R

Morris (F. O., Naturalisf, b. 1810), B.A., British Birds, 8 vols,
coloured plates :

Vol. i. Vulture, Erne, Eagle, Osprey, Buzzard, Kite, 7 er -Falcon, Pere-
grine, Hobby, Merlin, Kestrel, Goshawk, Hawk, Harrier, Owl,
Shrike, Woodchat, Tit, &c sioiR

Vol. 2. Flycatcher, Roller, Kingfisher, Bee-Eater, Hoopoe, Chough,
Raven, Crow, Rook, 7ackdaw, Magpie, Nutcracker, 7ay, Wax-
wing, Nuthatch, Wryneck, Creeper, Woodpecker, . Cuckoo,
Nightjar, Swift, Swallow, Martin, Wagtail, Pipit, &c 2102 R

Vol. 3. Lark, Bunting, Yellow Hammer, Ortolan, Chaffinch, Finch, Spar-
row, Siskin, Linnet, Redpole, Twite, Pine Grosbeak, Crossbill,
Pastor, Starling, Dipper, Thrush, Fieldfare, Redwing, Black-
bird, Ring Ouzel, &c 2IO3R



Morris (F. O.), British Birds, &c. (continued).

Vol. 4. Golden Oriole, Alpine Accentor, Dunnock, Redbreast, Bluebreast,
Redstart, Blackstart, Stonechat, Whinchat, Wheatear, Warbler,
Nightingale, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Chiff Chaff, Wren, Dalma-
tian Regulus, Goldcrest, Firecrest, Pigeon, Dove, Pheasant,

Capercaillie, Grouse, Ptarmigan, Partridge, Quail, &c 2TO4R

Vol. 5. Bustard, Pratincole, Courser, Plover, Dotterel, Peewit, Turnstone,
Sanderling, Oyster-Catcher, Crane, Heron, Egret, Bittern, Stork,
Spoonbill, Ibis, Curlew, Whimbrel, Redshank, Yellowshanks,

Sandpiper, Greenshank, Avocet, Stilt, Godwit, Ruff, &c siosR

Vol. 6. Woodcock, Snipe, Sandpiper, Knot, Stint, Peep, Dunlin, Landrail,
Crake, Water-Rail, Moor-Hen, Coot, Phalarope, Goose, Hooper,

Swan, Shieldrake, Shoveler, &c 2io6R

Vol. 7. Gadwall, Pintail, Wild Duck, Garganey, Teal, Wigeon, Duck,
Scoter, Pochard, Golden Eye, Smew, Merganser, Goosander,
Grebe, Dabchick, Diver, Guillemot, Rotche, Puffin, Razor-bill,

Great Auk, &c 2I07R

Vol. 8. Cormorant, Gannet, Tern, Noddy, Gull, Kittiwake, Skua, Shear-
water, Petrel, Fulmar, &c zioSR

Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds, coloured

plates. 1870-71, 3 vols :

Vol. i. Vulture, Eagle, Osprey, Buzzard, Kite, Falcon, Sparrow-Hawk,
Owl, Raven, Jackdaw, Woodpecker, Cuckoo, Martin, Lark,

Bunting, &c 8igF

Vol. 2. Chaffinch, Sparrow, Goldfinch, Linnet, Bulfinch, Crossbill, Star-
ling, Fieldfare, Thrush, Warbler, Nightingale, Pigeon, Dove,

Pheasant, Partridge, &c 82oF

Vol. 3. Crane, Heron, Bittern, Stork, Ibis, Curlew, Sandpiper, Wood-
cock, Snipe, Land-rail, Crake, Coot, Geese, Swan, Wild Duck,

Wigeon, Grebe, Great Auk, Gull, &c 82iF

Morris (G. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Poets of America,

4 68D, &c.
Morris (G. S.), Ph.D., Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, a Critical

Exposition. 1882 666T

Morris (L.), Poetical Works, 1882 :

Vol. i. Songs of Two Worlds

Vol. 2. Epic of Hades

Vol. 3. Ode of Life. Gwen

Morris (R., Philologist, l>, 1833), LL.D., English Grammar [Litera-
ture Primers, edited by Green]. 1880

Ed. Chaucer, the Prologue, the Knighte's Tale, the Nonre

Prestes Tale from the Canterbury Tales [Clarendon Press] ...
and Bowen (II. C. ), M.A., English Grammar Exercises [Litera-
ture Primers, edited by Green]. 1879

Morris (W.), Hopes and Fears for Art. 1882

The Earthly Paradise, a Poem, 5 vols 8o4-8M

See also Contemporary [Poems], v. 25, 20357 and v. 42, 20527. Fortnightly

[Hopes and Fears for Art], v. 37, 21277. Gallon's Urbana Scripta,
3i5T. Quarterly, v. 132, 12627. Stoddard's Late English Poets,
68 7 M, &c.

Morris-Dancers. See Brand's Antiquities, icosM.
Morrison (M. G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.

Morrison (W.), Ed., Recovery of Jerusalem, by Wilson and Warren. 543-4K
Morse (C. F. and F. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a.
Morse (S. F. B., American Printer, b. 1791, d. 1872). See Harper, v. 24, 16047.
7ean's Electricians, 12850. Scribner [and the Telegraph], v. 5,
18557, &c.

Morselli (II.), D.D., Suicide, an Essay on Comparative Moral Sta-
tistics [International Scientific Series]. 1883 37oR

Mortality. See Chambers [Cheering Aspects of], v. 61, ig6iZ. Malthus' Popu-
lation, IOQ3F. McCulloch's British Empire, ynH. Nature [and the
Seasons, Relations between], v. 10, 26707 ; [in Relation to Weather], v.
12, 26727. Temple Bar [of Children], v. 8, 13387. Wynter's Curiosi-
ties [in Trades, c.], gigM, &c.



Mortars, Cements, c., by Dobson. 1872 .............................. 345T

Morte Arthur. See Metrical Romances, loioM.

Mortier (E., French Marshal, b. 1768, killed 1835). See Alison's Europe, 125-80.

Mortimer (Mrs. T.), Light in the Dwelling, A Harmony of the Four
Gospels, with Remarks, adapted to Reading at Family
Prayers. 1850 ........................................................... 39oM

Morton (E. J. C.), B. A., Astronomers [Heroes of Science, S.P.C.K.] 7030
Copernick. Tycho Brahe 1 . Kepler. Galileo. Newton. Lagrange.
Laplace. Herschell.

Morton (Thos., Dramatist, b. 1764, d. 1835). See Inchbald's British Theatre, &c.

Moraing (H. Von). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch, by the Dean of Canterbury

[Present Day Tracts, vol. 3] .......................................... 236T

- Cosmogany, by Goodwin. See Essays and Reviews, 662A.

History of the Creation, by Thos. Wood. 1831 ..................... 484A

Work [Industrial Arts].... .................................................. IO42M

Work, &c. See Argosy, v. n, nj. Chambers [Enamel Decoration in], v. 47,

T 95J > [Art of]) v. 28, i94oj. Household Words [Manufacture of], v.

7> X 747J- Twining s Symbols, 507M. lire's Dictionary, 8D, &c.
Moscheles (C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Moscheles (I., German Pianist, b. 1794, d. 1870) [Tytler's Musical

Composers] ................................................................ 86oO

Moschion. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.

Moschus (Syracnsan Poet, Jl. 250 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and

Rome, 4740.
MOSCOW. See Alison's Europe [Early History of], 123-340. Blackwood [French

Retreat from], v. 64, I34J. Good Words [and St. Petersburg], v. 18,

2i88J. Harper [A Few Days in] v. 26, i6o6J. Scribner [Elopement

in], v. 3, iSssJ. Temple Bar [Campaign of], v. 63, 1393.7. Tolstoi's

Napoleon [Burning of], 15270. Russia, &c.

Moseley (H., Mathematician, b. 1801, d. 1872), F.R.S., Lectures on

Astronomy delivered at King's College, London, ill. 1854 8o2Z

Mechanical Principles of Engineering and Architecture, 1855, ill. 833!)

- Mechanics applied to the Arts. 1834 ................................... 6g6Q

Mosen (J.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Moses {Lawgiver of Israel, b. 1571, d. 1451, B.C.), and Geology,

Harmony of the Bible with Science, by Kinns. 1882 ......... 40 iR

- - Commentaries on the Laws of, by Michaelis, 4 vols. 1814 ...... 55-3A

- Divine Legation of, by Warburton, 3 vols. 1846 .................. 433-5 A

History of, by Smith. 1862 ................................................ 464M

- See also A.L.O.E.'s Rescued from Egypt, 1640.. Beke's Sinai in Arabia,

5976. Ewald's Israel, 62K. Gallaudet's Biography, 16927. Good
Words, v. 10, 2i8oJ ; [Spiritual Development of], v. 22, 2192 J. In-

man's Ancient Faiths, 9s6K. Living Age [and Achilles], v. 60,
Milman's Jews, I57Q. Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK. Smith'
Jewish Church, 467M. Good Words [Veiling of], v. 29, 2i9gJ. Quiver,
v. 16, 3286J ; [Death of], v. 17, 3287J. Sunday at Home [Cradle of],
v. 6, 2856J, &c.

Mosheim (F. L., German Historian, b. 1694, d. 1755), D.D., Eccle-
siastical History from the Birth of Christ, translated by
Maclaine, 2 vols. 1842 ............................................... 439-4OA

Moslems. See Mahomet, &c.

Mosques. See Conder's Palestine, 5$2K. Lansdell's Russian Central Asia,
82gK. Sunday at Home, v. 7, 2857 J, &c.

Mosquito Shore [1839-41], and an Account of Truxillo, &c., by

Young. 1842 .................................................. .......... I639R

Mosquitoes. See Chambers [and Gnats], v. 8, ig28J. Girl's Own Annual [and
Gnats], v. 8, 2558J. Harper [Mosquito Family], v. 18, isgSJ. Hart-
wig's Tropical World, 7s8F. Leisure Hour [and other Pests], v. 14,
2624J. Science Gossip, v. 3, 241 ij ; [about], v. 20, 2421 J.


Mosses, Fungi and Lichens, by Holmes and Gray, illustrated. 1886 141 R

Handbook of, by BagnaU. 1886 i 3 8R

Sea, Guide to Marine Algoe, by Hervey, illustrated. 1881 i2oR

See also Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Chambers [and Lichens], v. 7, 19277.

Leisure Hour [Bit of Moss], v. 6, 26167 5 [Study of], v. 10, 26207. Na-
ture, v. 19, 2679 J ; [Notaris on], v. 3, 26637 > tf Europe], v. 15, 26757.
Sunday Magazine [Among], v. n, 24687.
Mossman (S.), General Gordon in China, the Story of the Ever

Victorious Army, illustrated. 1875 226Z

Mossman (T. W.), B.A., History of the Catholic Church of Jesus
. Christ, from the Death of St. John to the Middle of the Second

Century. 1873 3O9A

Moth, British, &c., by Duncan, illustrated 9J;R

British Moths, Sphinxes, by Duncan [Jardine's Naturalist's Lib.] 673(3

Butterflies and Beetles, British, by Kirby, illustrated, 1885 *39R

Common Moths of England, by Wood, coloured plates i86R

See also Boy's Own Annual [colored plate], v. i, 29517 ; [Typical British,

illustrations], v. 5, 29557; v. 9^29597. Chambers, v. 15, 19347.
Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Girl's Own Annual [how to Extermi-
nate], v. 6, 25567. 7ardine Naturalists' Library, 673 and 6759.
Morris's Naturalist, ugD. Nature [Newman's British], v. i, 26617.
Wood's Insects, giR and Insects Abroad, 74gF. Science Gossip [in
Clothes], v. 8, 24137, &c. See Ehianuel's Precious Stones, n63M.
Mother Shipton. See Household Words, 17547.
Moth.erh.ood. See Bellair's Girls and Maidens, g84M

Mothers, a Voice to, by Mrs. Stace. 1860 I426Z

Advice to, by Chavasse I42SZ

at Home and Maternal Duty, by Abbott. 1850 U35Z

of England, by Ellis I4O7Z

Great Men and Women, and some Wives of Great Men, by

Holloway. 1884 682F

See also Compayre"s Pedagogy, 296R. Fraser, v. 73, 6837. Home Ameni-
Id Words, v. 15, 17557 5 [and

ties, 945M. Household Words, v. 15, 17557 5 [and Step-Mother], v. i]

17517. Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Living Age [of Great Men], v. 64,

30947. Mrs. Ellis's Family Monitor [of England], i860. White's

Instructions [Young Mothers], H33R, c.
Mothers-in-Law. See Chambers, v. 30, 19417. Macmillan [Defence of], v. 3,

933J- Once a week [Custom of not looking upon], v. 19, 9497, &c.
Motherwell (W., Scotch Journalist, b. 1798, d. 1835). See Dana's Household

Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 472!).
Moths. See Moth.
Motion. See Brown's Science for All, 627Ba. Clifford's Exact Science, 392R.

Penny Magazine [Principles of], v. i, 1396. Tyndall's Heat, sogR.

Zeller's Greek Philosophy, 538-gM, &c.

Motley (John Lothrop, American Historian^ l>. 1814, d. 1877),

D.C.L., Correspondence of, edited by Curtis, 2 vols. 1889... 667-8F

History of the United Netherlands, from the Death of William

the Silent to the Twelve Years' Truce, 1609, 4 vols. 1875... 350-30

Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of Holland, with

a View of the Primary Causes and Movements of the Thirty
Years' War, 2 vols. 1875 497-SO

Rise of the Dutch Republic, 3 vols 354-60

A Memoir, by Holmes. 1878 8570

See also Harper [Waifs from], v. 35, 16357 > Harper's Index, 164073, &c.

Mottoes for the Million, or Evenings with my Working Men, by

Maguire I226Z

See also Chambers, v. 9, 19297 ; [Collection of], v. 27, 19407. Cornhill
[Tyrolese House], v. 28, 308}. National Miscellany [and Devices],
I037H. Sunday at Home [Morals of], v. 18, 2868 J, &c.



Moubray (B.), A Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing, and Fat-
tening all kinds of Domestic Poultry, &c., coloured plates ... I73R

Mould. See Cooke's Fungi, 6i8Q.

Moulds, Metal. Sec Gore's Electro Deposition, 505!?..

Moulin Huet Bay, An Ode. See Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, 1287*!, &c.

Moulton (L. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Moulton (W. F., Classical Scholar, b. 1835), D.D., Commentary on

the Epistle to the Hebrews [Ellicott's School Commentary]... 2$3Q

History of the English Bible. 1878 4i8M

Moultrie (J., Poet, b. 1799, d. 1874). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

476D. Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.
Mound Builders. See Donnelly's Atlantis, loijM, &c.

Mounsey (A. H.) F.R.G.S., The Satsuma Rebellion, an Episode of

Japanese History. 1879 37oO

Mount of Olives and other Lectures on Prayer, by Hamilton. 1846 4oZ
Mount Orgueil Castle, Jersey. See ^Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, 1285!!.

Living Age [and William Prynne], 3075 J, &c.

MOUNTAIN and Moor, by Taylor [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1879. 625Q

Prairie, a Journey from Victoria to Winnipeg, by Gordon, ill. I592R

History of a, by Reclus 45iO

Meadow, and Mere, Sketches of Sport, &c., by Davies. 1874... I345R
Mountains of Scripture. 1857 59Q

Ararat. Carmel. Calvary. Lebanon. Sinai. Zion, &c.

the Bible, by Ferguson. 1861 3i6M

their Scenes and Lessons, by M'Farlane. 1849 logK

Sinai, Petra, and the Desert. 1879 647Z

See also Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB ; Siberia, 5986. Chambers

[Flora and Fauna on High], v. 50, igsij. Cornhill [Birth of], v. 52,
332J. Edward's Untrodden Peaks, &c., 4I4K. Elton's Africa, 652K.
Fraser [Mountain Beauty], v. 71, 68iJ. Harper's Index, i64oja. Good
Words [Giant], v. 27, 2I97J. Humboldt's Nature, 2gR. Kitto's
Palestine, 6ipB. Lansdell's Russian Central Asia, 82S-9K. Living
Age [Mountaineering], v. 67, 3O97J. McCulloch's British Empire, 7iiH.
Miracles of Nature [in the Moon], iz-z-jZ. Nature [Formation of], v.
19, 26 79 J; [Sickness], v. 26, 2686J. Once a Week [Age of], v. 6, 22 66J,
Stanford's Compendium, 8soK ; [of Australia], 853!^. Stanley's Dark
Continent, isSsR. Temple Bar [Mountain Views], v. 9, 1339}. Wil-
liams' Alps, sgoB. Cassell's Family Magazine [Pleasures of Moun-
taineering], v. it, 2361 J. Good Words [our Highland, and their
Origin], v. 27, ?.igj]. Science Gossip [the highest], v. 4, 2412] \ [Our,
and how we came by them], v. 16, 2419], &c.

Mountrose (Earl). See Clarendon, 297-3020. Montrose, &c.

Mourant (Mrs., of Guernsey). See Jacob's Guernsey [part 2], 3626.

Mouravief (A. N.), History of the Church of Russia, translated by

Blackmore. 1842 !2oK

Mourne Mountains, The. See Irish Pictures, 3366, &c.

Mourner. See Fraser [and Comforter], v. 31, 64iJ.

g. See All the Year Round [Why Black is?], v. 30, i79oj.
nightly [Death Laments of Savages], v. 13, 2io3J. Leisure Hour [Cus

toms], v. 4, 26i4j. Maclden's Shrines [Mourning Customs], 342K.

Penny Magazine [Women of the East], v. 7, 1456. Funerals, &c.

Mourning City, Letters from a, by Oxel Munthe. 1887 I698R

Mouse, The. See Beeton's Home Pets, igsR. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66oQ.

Knowledge [White footed or Deer- Mouse], v. 2, 2582], Once a

Week [Harvest], v. 5, 2265]. Natural History, c.
Mouth. See Chambers [Pranks with], v. 56, I956J. Meyer's Organs of Speech,

39oR. Physiology, &c.

Mowbray Family. See Dixon's Royal Windsor, 326H, &c.
Mowing. See Rural Affairs, 5740.. Agriculture, Farming, &c.
Moxley (T.), M.A., Reminiscences, chiefly of Oriel College and the

Oxford Movement, 2 vols. 1882 1039-oR

Moxon (E). See Curwen's Booksellers, 5200. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of

England, 4720, &c



Mozart (W. A., German Composer and Pianist, b. 1756, d. 1791),

to Mario, Reminiscences of Half a Century, by Engel, 2 voK 13/18.90

by Gehring [Great Musicians]. 1883 I226O

Life of, translated from the German work of Nohl, by Lady

Wallace. 1877 858-90

Rockstro's History of Music 533H

See also Blackwood, v. 131, 2oiJ. Edinburgh Review, v. 150, sioj. Fort-
nightly, v. 41, 2i3iJ. Leisure Hour [with portrait], v. 15, 2625] .
Naumann's Music, 9290. Temple Bar, v. 76, i4o6J. Tytler's Musical
Composers, 86oO. Fortnightly Review, v. 41, 2131], &c.

Mozley (J. B., Theologian, b. 1813, d. 1878), B.D., Eight Lectures
on Miracles, preached before the University of Oxford [Bamp-
ton Lectures, 1865]. 1867 54oA

Essays Historical and Theological, 2 vols. 1878 1023-4!!

"M. R. M.," Natural History of the Bible. 1880..... 7igZ

Mr. Chamberlain and the Liberal Party. See Contemporary, v. 54, 2064.7.

Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures, &c., by Jerrold. 1852 ,. 791 R

Mud Volcanoes of California. See All the Year Round, v. 55, iSisJ.

Mudie (C. E., Foiinded the Select Circulating Library 1842, b. 1818). See Cur-
wen's Booksellers, 5200. Leisure Hour [Mudie's Library], v. 10, 2620 J
and v. 35, 2645.7. Wynter's Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers [Circu-
lating Library], 26gR, &c.

Mudie (R., Scotch Naturalist, b. 1777, d. 1842), Man in his Intel-
lectual Faculties and Adaptations. 1839 495T

Physical Structure and Adaptations. 1838 494T

Mueller (W.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Mughal Empire, The. See Hunter's Indian Empire, 485K, &c.

Muhammad. See Mahomet.

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Mule, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 663(3. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower

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Mules. See All the Year Round [May-Day among the], v. 35, 1795.]". Scribner

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Sec also Hunter's Indian Empire, 485!^., &c.



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Vol. i. The Uphanishads, part i, translated by Max Miiller ............ 559A

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