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Islands], v. 142, 12727. Ralston's Russian Folk-Tales, 1873, 943F.
St. Paul's [Myths and Fairy Tales], v. 9, n6gF. Science of Thought,
58sH. Scribner [Elder Myths], v. 10, i86oj. Story of the Nations,
424-0. Wagner's Asgard and the Gods, go^F. Wright's England, Mid-
dle Ages, 780.



v. 44, i94J , L.uroH selection otj, v. 52, i9$2j ;
[ 953J ', [Popular applications of], v. 62, io.62j.

England and Wales], v. 23, 303J ; [Oddities of
re], v. 45, 325 J ;_[Old English Clans], v. 44, 324 J ;

. or Life's Shadows and Sunshine, by Aveling. 1853 .. 225^!
Nabuch.odon.psor. See Nebuchadnezzar.
Nack. See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680.
Nadaillac (Marquis de), Pre-Historic America, translated by

D'Anvers, edited by Dall, illustrated. 1885

Nagpur. See Temple's India, 464^ India, &c.

Nails and Screws. See Household Words [Wonders of], v. 4, 1744!. Penny

Magazine [Manufacture of], v. 10, 1486. lire's Dictionary [Manufac-

factureof], 8D, &c.
Nails, Finger. See Hand, Physiology, &c. Personal Beauty [p. 96], I4I2Z.

NAMES, a Popular Account of Christian Names, by Moody. 1863 I2O5R

and Synonyms of British Plants, by Warburton. 1889 i888Z

Christian, by Yonge, 2 vols. 1878 II47-8R

Their Derivation and Signification, by Tegg i886Z

English Surnames, by Lower, 2 vols. 1875 1921 -2R

of Men, Nations, and Places, by Salverte, translated by Mor-

dacque, 2 vols. 1864 530-1!!

See also All the Year Round [and Nicknames], v. 49, iSogJ. Burn's His-

tory of Parish Registers, 536H. Chambers [Use and abuse of great],
v. 4, ig24j ; [and Fortunes], v. 19, IQ36J ; [Gossip about], v. 50,
*95 I ) [f r Children], v. 44, I948J ; [Droll Selection of], v. 52, 19527 ;
[Lending of], v. 53, 1953."
Cornhill [Christian in En|
Personal Nomenclature],

[Devonian], v. 46, 3267 ; Fraser [English Local], v. 95, 705}. Freeman's
Norman Conquest, sosH. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [Surnames and
Nicknames], v. 30, 75oJ. Good Words [Choosing], v. 26, 2ig6J ; [In-
fluence of], v. 2, 2i72j. Harper [Proper Derivation of], v. 28, i6o8J.
Household Words, v. 18, 17587 ; [Changes of, in the U. S.], v. 14, 1754J ;
[Family], v. 15, 1755]- Inman's Ancient Faiths, gsK and 96Kn.
Knight's Pictorial Bible, io4M. Leisure Hour [Gossip on], v. 9,
26197. Nineteenth Century [Personal, in Ancient Greece], v. u,
222iJ. Once a Week [Christian], v. 3, 2263J. Saunders' Pastime
Papers, i9g6R. Science of Thought, sSsH. Sidgwick's Fallacies,
39iR. Science Gossip [Pronunciation of Scientific], v. 13, 2416}.
Nomenclature, &c.

Nana Sahib {Leader oj Rebels in Indian Mutiny, supposed to have died 1858).
See Holmes' Indian Mutiny, 47oH. Martin's Life of the Prince Con-
sort, 95F. Trotter's India under Victoria, 538-gH, &c.

Nantes. See Harper [Week in], v. 41, i62ij. Macquoid's Brittany, 8i8Q, c.

Nanteuil (R., French Painter and Engraver, b. 1623, d. 1678). See Hamerton's
Graphic Arts, I076M.

Nantuckett. See Harper [Mass.], v. 21, i6oij, &c.

Naomi. See Quiver, v. 21, 3 2 9 iJ, &c.

Naphtha. See Somerville s Microscopic Science, noR. Ure s Dictionary, 8D.

Napier (Sir Charles James, Commander -in- Chief in India, 1849, ^

1778, d. 1853), Ed., Lights and Shadows of Military Life ... 542!!

Life and Opinions of, by General Sir W. Napier, 4 vols. . 1857 861-40

Passages in his Life, and Conquest of Scinde, by W. F. P.

Napier. 1845 466!!

See also Adam's England at War, iggH. Alison's Europe, 1450. Black-
wood, v. 82, i52j. Cassell's India, 22gD. Fraser [Study of his
Character], v. 57, 6677. Holmes' Indian Mutiny, 47oH. Mothers of
Great Men and Women, 682F. Quarterly [Life and Opinions of], v.
101, 1231 J, &c.

Napier (Admiral Sir Charles John, Scotch Admiral, b. 1786, d. 1860),
The Navy, its Past and Present, edited by Sir W. Napier.

1851 274!!

Napier (C. O. G.), F.G.S., Lakes and Rivers [S. P. C.K.]. 1879 62 3Q

Napier (Lieut. -Col. E. Ellers), Excursions in Southern Africa. 1850 1549^
Napier (J.), F.R.S.E., Manufacturing Arts in Ancient Times with

Reference to Bible History. 1879 IO96M


Napier (M., Editor of the Edinburgh Review, o~Y., b. 1776, d. 1847),

Correspondence of [1814-1846]. 1879 273!!

Containing Letters from Campbell, Playfair, Scott, Hazlitt, Dugald
Stewart, Malthus, Mackintosh, McCulloch, Chalmers, Lewis, Hallam,
Carlyle, Brougham, Lytton, Allen, Moore, Lister, Brewster, Empson,
Mill, Macaulay (T. B.), Forbes, Jeffrey, Rogers, Palmerston, Dickens,
Wilson, Ford, Senior, Russell (Lord John), Procter, Mrs. Austin,
Sedgwick, Thackeray, Cockburn (Lord), Monteagle, Landsdowne,

See also Contemporary [and the Edinburgh Reviewers], v. 36, 2046 J.

Napier (Robert, Lord, o/Magdala, b. 1810). See Temple's India, 464!!, &c.
Napier (Sir W. F. P., General, Governor of Guernsey, 1842-8, .1785,
d. 1860), K.C.B., Conquest of Scinde, with some Passages

in the Life of General Sir C. J. Napier. 1845 466H

English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula. 1855 2940

History of the War in the Peninsula, 6 vols 26i-6H

Life of, edited by Bruce, 2 vols. 1864 4I3-4F

Ed., The Navy, its Past and Present, by Admiral Napier. 1851 274 H

See also Blackwood, v. 95, i6sJ. Edinburgh Review [Life of], v. 121, 48iJ.

NAPLES [S.P.C.K.] 6 2 6Z

Its Streets, People, Fetes, Pilgrimages, Environs,, &c., by Stainer 445K

Letters from a Mourning City, by Munthe. 1887 I698R

Under Spanish Dominion, Carafas of Maddaloni, by Reumont,

Trans. 1854 830

See also Alison's Europe, 121-460. All the Year Round, v. 54, i8i4j ;

he Year Round, v. 54, ioi4j ; v. 7,

1767 J. Bellow's Europe, I399R. Edinburgh Review, v. 35, 395}.
Fraser [Bay and Fish Market of], v. 44, 654J. Hare's Cities of
Southern Italy, i683-4R. Harper [Sketches of], v. 72, 1652]. Laurie's
Mediaeval Education [Naples University], 3o6R. Leisure Hour

[Fishermen of], v. 9, 26igJ. Macmillan [Prisons of], v. 8, 938J. Man-
ning's Italian Pictures, 3288. Penny Magazine [Castles of], v. 4, 1428 ;
[Macaroni-Eaters of], v. 2, 1406. Sala's Journey, 8oiK. Saturday
Review [Cruelty to Animals in], v. 59, R.L. Temple Bar [Street Life
in], v, 67, I397J. Sunday at Home [and its Protestant Schools], v. 10,

(286oJ. Argosy [in Sunny Climes], v. 45, 4sJ, &c.
&.POLEON (Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, />. 1769,^. 1821),
and His Detractors, by Prince Napoleon, translated by Ledos

De Beaufort. 1888

. and Marie-Louise [1810-14], a Memoir, by Madame La Generate

Durancl. 1886 I356O

the Russian Campaign, by Tolstoi, translated by Smith......... 15270

Anecdotes of his Times, by Cunningham 26iZ

by Abbott [Harper's New Monthly Magazine] 1583.!

by Bourrienne, translated by Memes, 4 vols. 1831 867-06

Court and Camp of [Family Library]. 1831 I58Z

[Harper's Library]. 1848 II25Z

English Caricature on, edited by Ashton, 2 vols. 1884 IO7-8F

His Sayings and Doings, by Vieusseux, 2 vols. in I. 1846 262Z

History of, by Lockhart [Family Library], 2 vols.... 1056-7(3 and 875-6Z
in Exile, or a Voice from St. Helena, by O'Meara, 2 vols. 1827 865-60

Invasion of Russia [1812], by Wilson. 1860 44OH

Life of. 1840 26oZ

at St. Helena, by Las Casas. 1818 338F

by Lanfrey, 4 vols. 1871 ioi-4F

Scott, 9 vols. 1827 IOOI-9Z

-1828 io6F



Napoleon, Short History of, by Seeley. 1886 ........................... 12906

- See also Adams' Great Campaigns, 47!!. Alison's Europe, 119-460. All

the Year Round [Vicissitudes of the Napoleon Family], v. 24, 17847.

Ashton's Nineteenth Century, 86iH. Blackwood [Last days of], v.

17, R.L. ; [Russian Campaign of], v. 64, 1347 and v. 67, 137], Broglie's

Personal Recollections, 645*". Chambers [and Josephine], y. 57, 19577 ;

[in Tor Bay], v. 63, 19637. Cornhill [Veterans Meeting his Remains],

v. 36, 3t6J. Crawley's Handbook, 1148X1. Edinburgh Review, v.
26, 386J ; v. 27, 387) ; v, 42, 4027 ; [and Elba MS.] v. 30, 3QoJ ;
[Correspondence of] v. 126, 486J ; [Military Genius of] v. 127, 4877 ;
[Surrender of] v. 44, 4047.. Every Boy's Annual [1889], i
Foy's Peninsula "War, 258-60!!. Fraser [Burning of Moscow], v. 29,
6397. Gleig's Leipsic Campaign, 4591. Harper [Lctitia, M

26, 3 86J

[Surrender of] v.^44, 4fJX, Every Boy's Annual [1889], "13086.'

", v. 29,

of], v. 41, 16217. Household Words [Anecdotes of], v. 6, 17467.
7ackson's French Court, 334-50. 7 unot's Memoirs, 329-31 F. Knight's
England, 152-4^ Leisure Hour [Abdication in 1814], v. 14, 26247 ;
[at St. Helena] v. 14, 26247 ; [Letters and Despatches of] v. 34,
26447 ! [Retreat from Moscow] v. 12, 26227. Living Age [the Man
of the World], v. 72, 31027 ', [Youth of] v. 34, 30647. May's Demo-
cracy, 38H. Memoirs of Prince Metternich, H3-6F. Mothers of
Great Men and Women, 682F. Napier's Peninsula War, 261-6 H.
Penny Magazine [and his Wardrobe], v. 6, 1446. Quarterly [Appeal
to the British Nation], v. 16, 11467 ; v. 17, 11477 '> [at St. Helena]
v. 28, 11587 5 v. 82, 12127. Edinburgh Review, v. 27, 3877 ; v. 32, 3927 ;
v. 37, 3977 ; v - 38, 3987- Remusat's Letters [Napoleon and 7osephine],
221 F. Saint Amand's Empress Marie Louise, 109 F, Temple Bar
[Peninsular War], v. 44, 13747- Thier's Consulate and Empire, 303!) ;
" gH. T"

French Revolution, 376-9!!. Thornton's Foreign Secretaries, 207-8H.

Williams' Alps, &c., 5906. Sunday at Home [in Egypt], v. 29,

2879J, &c.
NapOlBOIl II. (.Emperor of the French, b.. 1811, d. 1832, son of above). Sec

Scribner, v. 5, 18557. Leisure Hour, v. 5, 26157, &c.
Napoleon III. (Emperor of the French, b. 1808, d. 1873), Principal

Events from 1851 to 1864 [Viel Castel's Memoirs] I75-6H

Court and Social Life in France, during the Reign of Napo-
leon III., by Whitehurst, 2 vols. 1873 no-iF

Emperor of the French, a Biography, by St. John. 1857 8710

Story of the Coup d'Etat, by Maupas, trs. by Vanclam, 2 vols. 324-50
See also Adams' Campaigns, 47H. Argosy [Two Days in his Life, August

6th, 1840 and September 26th, 1853], v. 15, isj. Cassell's Franco-
German War, 456-76. Fraser [Marriage of], v. 47, 657], Gentleman's
Magazine, N.s. [Early Days of], v. n, 73iJ. Harper [Anecdotes of],
v. 23, i6o3j. Lennox's Celebrities, ioi4H. Living Age [and Eng-
land], v. 57, 3o87J ; [and Queen Victoria] v. 47, 3O77J ; [and the Pope]
v. 64, 3094J. McCarthy's History, 1:94-5 H. Martin's Life of the
Prince Consort, 93-6F. Orsi's Recollections, 8780. Quarterly [French
Autocrat], v. 90, 12207. Scribner [at Vichy], v. 5, 18557. Westmin-
ster, v. 51, R.L. Living Age, v. 77, 31077. Greville Memoirs, &c.
Napoleon (Eugene, Prince Imperial of France, son of Napoleon III., b. 1856,
killed by the Zuhis, 1879). See Living Age [Golden Opportunity of], v.
49. 3Q79J ; v. 142, 3172), &c.

Narcotics. See Chambers, v. 54, 19547- Contemporary, v. 35, 20457. Sim-
mond's Products of the Vegetable Kingdom, 771 F. Thomson's Sick-
room, &c., 834M. Alcohol, Stimulants, &c.

Nares (Sir G. S., Captain R.N., b. 1831), F.R.S., K.C.B., Narra-
tive of a Voyage to the Polar Sea, during 1875-6, in H.M.
Ships Alert and Discovery, with Notes on the Natural His-
tory, edited by H. W. Feilden, illustrated, 2 vols. 1878 672-3!^

NargOUX (F.), Notes and Sketches of an Architect in the North-
West of Europe. 1876 484K

Narratives of Peril and Suffering, by Davenport, 2 vols. 1840 i659-oZ

State Trials in the Nineteenth Century [1801-1830], by

Browne, 2 vols. 1882 34-5O

Narrow Escapes. See All the Year Round, v. 59, 18197. Chambers, v. 60, 19607.


Naseby, Battle of. See Adams' Battles, 2410. Chambers [a tale of Naseby
Field], v. 63, 1963 J. Contemporary [Battle of, and Yorktown], v.

40, 2050J, &C.

Nash (Beau, Adventurer, b. 1674, d. 1761). See Russell's Eccentric Personages,
13070. Blackwood [Career of], v. 48, R.L. Chambers [and his little
State], v. 32, 1942.7, &c.

Nash (E.), F.R.S.A., A Lecture on Pre-Adamite London. 1879... 6740

Nash. (John). See All the Year Round Magazine, v. 42, i822j, &c.

Nasmyth (Alexander, Scotch Landscape Painter, b. 1758, d, 1840). See Art
Journal, v. 34, R.L. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Nasmyth (J., Son of the above, Scotch Engineer, b. 1808), D.D. See Smiles'
Industrial Biography, 7310, &c.

Nassau in the Bahama Islands. Sec All the Year Round, v. 43, i823j, &c.

Natal, Life with the Zulus of, by Mason. 1855 I268R

See also Argosy [Picnics in], v. 7, 7J. Chambers [Animals of], v. 62, 1962] ;

[as a place for Emigrants], v. 12, I932J ; [Life at], v. 55, igssJ ; [Perils
of the Bush], v. 31, 1942} ; [Port], v. 31, I942J. Cornhill [Sea-Side of],
v. 16, 2g6J. Cox's Colenso, 621-2!?. Fraser [Fruits and Vegetables of],
v. 93, 7Q3J. Haggard's Cetyweyo and his White Neighbours, 15240.
Leisure Hour [Glance at], v. n, 262iJ; [Port] v. 28, 2638J. Science
Gossip [Flora of], v. 14, 2417], Africa, &c.

Nathaniel. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, i52K,'_&c.

Nation-Making. See Gentleman's Magazine, N.S., v. 21, 74iJ.

National Advancement. See Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 4496, &c.

Antipathies. See Cornhill, v. 21, 301 J, &c.

Arms. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 3, 2953J. Arms, &c.

Character. See Cornhill, v. 4, 284J, &c.

Characteristics. See All the Year Round, v. 26, I786J, &c.

Church, Idea of the. See Replies to Essays and Reviews, 663A.

Convention. See Alison's Europe, 121-30, &c.

Customs. See Fraser [Illustrations of], v. 29, 639J, &c.

Debt of Great Britain. See Alison's Europe, 121-380, &c.

See Peto's Taxation, &c., ioi6F. Temple's India, 486 K, &c.

Debts and National Prosperity. See Fawcett's Essays, ioi4F. Macmillan,

v. 25, 955J, &c.
Defence. See Cassell's Magazine, v. 3, 2343J. Edinburgh Review, v. 8,

368 J ; v. 12, 372J, &c.
National Gallery and Royal Academy. See Chambers, v.

368J ; v. 12, 372J, &c.

Gallery and Royal Academy. See Chambers, v. 44, 1948 J.
London. See Girl's Own Annual, v. 5, 2555J. Macmillan, v. 42, 972J.

Penny Magazine [Pictures in], v. i, 1396.
National Guard. See Alison's Europe, 120-70.
National. In connection with this word, see also subjects, e.g., Church, Customs,

Education, &c.

National Illustrated Library. v.D. :

Buried City of the East, Nineveh, a Narrative of the Discoveries

of Mr. Layard and M. Botta at Nirnroud and Khorsabad. I3I7R
Holy Land, Egypt and Italy, a Visit to, by Madame I. Pfeiffer,

translated by H. W. Dulcken. 1852 I3MR

Iceland, Visit to, and the Scandinavian North, by Madame I.

Pfeiffer. 1852 I 3 2iR

Israel of the Alps, The, by Rev. Dr. A. Muston, a History of

the Persecutions of the Waldenses. 1852 ijoSR

Mormons, The, or Latter-Day Saints, with Memoirs of the Life

and Death of J. Smith the American Mahomet ijilR

Pictures of Travel in the South of France, by Alex. Dumas I 3 I 5^

Picturesque Sketches of London, Past and Present, by T. Miller I3I2R

Siam, Residence in, by F. A. Neale. 1852 I3I3R

Tartary, Thibet and China, Travels in during the years 1844-6,

by M. Hue, 2 vols '. I3IQR

Tour to the Hebrides with Dr. Johnson, by James Boswell, with

Introduction by R. Carruthers 1 320!*



National Illustrated Library (continued}.

United States Exploring Expedition, Narrative of, by C. Wilkes,

U.S.N., 2 vols. 1852 i3O9-ioR

Woman's Journey Round the World, from Vienna to Brazil,
Chili, Tahiti, China, Persia and Asia Minor, by Ida
Pfeiffer 1322!*

Miscellany, a Magazine of General Literature, 4 vols. 1853-5. ..1034-7!!

Progress, Fifty Years of, 1837-1887, by Mulhall. 1887 29;R

Wealth and Expenditure. See Contemporary, v. 40, 205oJ, c.

Nations, Origin of, by Rawlinson 856F and 3650

Story of the. See Story of the Nations.

W'ealth of, by Smith, 3 vols IO26-8F

Native Chiefs and their Offers to England. See Austral Africa, 1402!!, &c.

Natural and Divine Truth, Connection of, by Powell. 1838 r34K

Conditions of Existence, by Semper 388R

NATURAL HISTORY^- Works relating to : (See also under
Animals, Birds, Fishes, Fauna, Flora, Reptiles, &-Y., and
special names, e.g., Dog, Horse, Lion, Tiger, Eagle, Ostrich,
Herring, Salmon, Shark, &c., also under Botany, Geology,
Mineralogy, Paleontology, Zoology, erV.)

Natural History, American Friends worth Knowing, by Inger-

soll, illustrated. 1881 582Q

and Geology of Countries Visited during the Voyage of

H.M.S. Beagle, by Charles Darwin. 1845 634-5(3

and Wild Sports of the Highlands, by St. John. 1849... I292R

Boy's Own Book of, by Wood 185!*.

by Goldsmith, 2 vols. 1840 H2-I3D

Curiosities of, by Buckland, first and second series ... 578 and 594Q

illustrated, 4 vols. 1875-8 595-8Q

Essays on Ornithology, &c., by Waterton, first and second

series. 1844 . 58o-iQ

Geographical and Geological Distribution of Animals, by

Heilprin 396R

Gleanings from, by Jesse. 1856.... 579Q

Its Rise and Progress in Britain, Life and Labours of

Naturalists, by Nicholson. 1886 13120

of Animals, by Jones, illustrated, 2 vols. 1845 J75-6R

British Birds, by Morris, 8 vols 2IO1-8R

Cage Birds, by Bechstein. 1881 59R

Creation, by Kemp. 1855 I283R

Mankind, by Ward, illustrated. 1851 6i2Q

Selborne, by White. 1833 63iQ

edited by Jesse. 1851 4iR

the Bible, by M. K. M 719%

Human Species, by Smith [Jardine's Naturalists'

Library], coloured plates. 1884 685Q

. Mammalia, illustrated, 6 vols in 3. 1849 :

Vols. 1-2. Carnivora 7i2Z

Vols. 3-4. Pachydennata 713^

Vols. 5-6. - Ruminantia 714^

.. Scriptures, by Carpenter, illustrated. 1833 256M

Year, by Aikin. 1815 49iT

i. or Uncle Philip's Conversations with the Children about

Tools and Trades among Inferior Animals, illustrated ... 7o6Z


NATURAL HISTORY Works relating to- (continued.)

Natural History Rambles [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1879-80 :

In Search of Minerals, by


Lakes and Rivers, by

Mountain and Moor, by Taylor
Ponds and Ditches, by Cooke . .
The Sea-Shore, by Duncan ....

Napier ............ 623(3 The Woodlands, by Cooke

Lane and Field, by Wood 624(3 | Underground, by Taylor ...... 626Q

- = - Reason Why, by Philps. 1860 ................................. 35R

- - Romance of, by Gosse, illustrated. 1861 ..................... 82^F

- Study of, by Swainson. 1834 ................................. 48iT

- = Walks Abroad of Two Young Naturalists, from the

French of Beaugrand, by Sharp. 1888 ..................... 8i5F

Naturalist and Missionary in Central India, a Life of Stephen

Hislop, from 1844 to 1863, by Smith. 1888 ............... 656F

- Home, by Coultas ................................... . .................. ii6R

-^ in Bermuda, a Sketch of the Geology, Zoology, and Botany

of that Remarkable Group of Islands, by Jones. 1859... 823F
= - Humble Life [Cash's Where There's a Will There's a

Way]. 1873 ............... ....................................... 676T

- - Journal of a Naturalist. 1830 ..................................... 787F

- - 1831 .................................................................. 6 33 Q

- Note Book for 1868 ................................................... 786F

- Rambles Among the Channel Islands [S.P.C.K.] ............... 49oT

- of a, on the Coasts of France, Spain and Sicily, by

Quatrefages, 2 vols. 1857 ....................................... 2 1 i6-7R

- The, a Magazine Illustrative of the Animal, Vegetable and

Mineral Kingdoms, vols 'I -8, edited by Morris. 1851-8 114-210

Natural History. See also Adams' Humming Birds, 54R. Agassiz (Louis),
473-40. Art Journal [in its Relation to Art], v. 33, R. L. Belcher's
Arctic Voyage, 66i-2K. Bingley's Animal Creation, 726-8F. Black-
wood [Curiosities of], v. 83, 153!. Book of Nature, 390-16. Broder-
erip's Zoological Recreations, 7i5F. Brown's Amazon, &c., 797K ;
Anecdotes, 642-3(3 ; Taxidermy, 32 R. Butler's Pond Life, i4oR. Camp-
bell's Life in Normandy [French], i7oo-iR. Cassell's Popular Educator
[Recreative], 164-90. Chambers [Home of a Naturalist], v. 59,
J 959J ') [Nature at War], v. 7, 1927.]^ Cooper's Rural Hours, 31 R.
Ball's Alaska, 6026. Darwin (C.), Life of, 6i2- 4 F. Darwin's
Animals and Plants, 7I7-8F ; Researches, 26R. Derham's Physico-
Theology, 40-1 K. Edinburgh Review [Dictionary of]> v. 6, 366J.
Edward (Thomas), 7710. Gosse's Aquarium, i27R; The Ocean,
i2iR. Gunning's History of our Planet, 836R. Half Hours in the
Deep, 566(3. Harper [Among our Footprints], v. 64, i644j ; [Beast,
Bird and Fish], v. 39, i6igj; v. 40, i62oj. Harper's Index, i64oja.
Hartwig's Summer Migrants, s8R ; Tropical World, 8g7F. Harvey's
Sea-side Book, i868Z. Heath's Sylvan Winter, 1274^. Heer's
Primaeval World of Switzerland, 732-3F. Holder's Living Lights,
I74R ; Marvels of Animal Life, 8ooF. Hood's King's Windows,
53gR. Houghton's Wonders near Home, 73iZ. Insect Transfor-
mation, 6ioQ. Jardine's Naturalists' Library [colored plates],
644-85(3. Jesse's Country Life, 3gR. Jones' Animal Kingdom [Com-
parative Anatomy], 722F. Kingsley's Glaucus, 59iQ. Kitto's Pales-
tine, 6ioB ; Scripture Lands, 368 M. Knight's Leafy Ways, 2ii5R.
Leisure Hour, v. 21, 263iJ ; [Anecdotes in], v. 22, i632j ; v. 23,
2633J ' v - 2 4> 2 634J 5 v. 25, 2635J ; v. 35, 2645J ; [of India], v. 16,
2626J ; [Papers on], v. 18, 2628], Lessons on the Universe, 827Z.
Lewis's Studies, 47R. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Animals,
7U-2F. Figuier's Mammalia, 723F. Lubbock's Scientific Lec-
tures, 782!?; Senses, Instincts and Intelligence of Animals, 376R.
' '

eas, 72-3. ature gasszs ease tues n], v. 5,
; [Cassell's], v. 27, 2687J ; [in Schools], v. 2, 2662J ; [Museums



NATURAL HISTORY- Works relating iv (continued.}

of], v. 2, 2662] ; v. 3, 26637 ; [Societies], v. 2, 2662] ; v. 3, 2663J.
Nicol's Puzzle of Life, 33R. Orr's Sciences, 736-7?. Parrots and
Monkeys, 6oR. Penny Magazine [Curiosities of British], v. 12,
1506 ; v. 13, isiB. Pettigrew's Animal Locomotion, 354!?..
Pouchet's The Universe, 721 F. Pratt's Sea-Coast, 587(3. Quarterly
[Systems of], v. 41, ii7ij. Roberts' Wild Animals, 6nQ. Robin-
son's Noah's Ark, i6R. Romaines' Animal Intelligence, 46R. Rout-
ledge's Science, sisR. Sanderson's Wild Beasts of India, 724?.
Seasons of the Year, 56gQ. Shaw's Madagascar, I445R.
Shuckard's Bees, 2ii8R. Slack's Pond Life, i3sR. Taxidermy,

Wallace's Distribution of Animals, ig4R ; Tropical Nature, 759?.
Wilson's Evolution, 27R. Wood's Anecdotes, 48R ; Dwellers in our
Gardens, U7R ; Man and Beast, 719-0? ; Nature's Teachings, 714? ;
Strange Dwellings, s6R. Wright's Mammalia, 5iR. Boy's Own
Annual. Darwin's Works. Science Gossip [in Winter], v. 17,
242oJ. Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR, &c.

Natural Law in the Spiritual World, by Drummond. 1883 I2O8R

Magic, Letters on, by Brewster, illustrated. 1832 865Z

See also Chambers' Miscellany, 6?.-j~R. Penny Magazine [Credulity

respecting], v. i, 1396. Leisure Hour, y. 27, 26377. Magic, &c.
; Phenomena. See Timbs' Works [Erroneous views of], 8537.

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY- Works relating to : (See also
Acoustics and Sound, Atoms and Molecules, Electricity,
<SrV., Galvanism and Magnetism, Heat, Light, and
Optics, Spectrum Analysis, Statics, Dynamics, Hydro-
statics and Pnetimatics, Physics, <2rV. ).
Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, first book of, by Norton... 557R

and Chemical Philosophy, by Leslie. 1838 4O2R

[Lardner's Cyclopaedia]. 1831 722Q and 473R

Compendium of, by Wesley, 2 vols. 1836 i66i-2Z

Elementary Treatise on, by Deschanel, translated and

edited by Everett, illustrated, 4 parts. 1878-88 753 and 825-70
for Young Persons, &c., edited and translated by Atkin-
son, illustrated. 1878 464R

Handbook of, by Lardner, Electricity, Magnetism and

Acoustics. 1 856 467 R

Heat, by Lardner. 1833 476R

History of, by Baden Powell. 1842 7 2I Q

Hydrostatics and Pneumatics, by Lardner. 1831 474R

Letters of Euler on, with Life, by Brewster, illus., 2 vols. 873-4Z
with Notes, &c., by Brewster. 1846 H2I-2Z

Library of Useful Knowledge, 4 vols. 1829 :

Vol. i. Pleasures of Science. Mechanics. Hydrostatics. Hydraulics.
Pneumatics. Heat. Optics. Double Refraction and Polari-
sation of Light 749^

Vol. 2. Natural Philosophy. Newton's Optics. Optical Instruments.
Thermometer and Pyrometer. Electricity. Galvanism.
Magnetism. Klectro-Magnetism 75^T)

Vol. 3. Astronomy. History of Astronomy. Mathematical Geo-
graphy. Physical Geography, and Navigation 75*D

Vol. 4. Chemistry. Botany. Animal Physiology. Animal Me-
chanics 752D

- Mechanics, by Kater and Lardner. 1830 472R

Philosophy in Sport made Science in Earnest, 2 vols. 1828... 823-4Z

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