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[Illustrated by Remarks on Popular Toys and Sports.]


NATURAL PHILOSOPHY Works relating to (continued.}

Physical and Mathematical Sciences, by Powell. 1834 ... 47 iR

Forces, by Grove, Mayer, Faraday, &c., edited by You-

mans. 1881 49oR

Study of, by Herschell. 1840 46oR

the Physical Sciences, by Bird. 1839 459R

Sec also Clifford's Exact Sciences, 3Q2R. Contemporary [Teaching of],

v. 31, 2041 J. Excelsior, 1926-31!*. Fraser, v. 3, 6i3j. Huxley's Phy-
siography, 495R. Matteucci's Physical Phenomena, 34!*.. Nature
[Progress ofj, v. i, 266iJ. Papillon's Nature and Life, 642!!. Quar-
terly [Playfair's], v. 8, usSj. Reclus' Phenomena, 8o6F.
Natural Religion, The Gifford Lectures at Glasgow University,

1888, by Max Muller. 1889 , !25oM

See also Religion.

Science and Revelation, by Dawson [Present Day Tracts, vol. 8] 24oT

Science, Report and Transactions of the Guernsey Society of

Natural Science [1882-1888]. 1889 2OI2R

[Contributed to by Messrs. Guille, Derrick, Luff, Collenette and the Rev.
E. Hill.]

See also Nature [at the Royal Academy], v 2, 2662] ; [Miss Buckley's

History of], v. 73, 2673] ; [Progress of, during Twenty-Five Years],
v. 7, 2667J. Geology, Natural History, &c.

Selection. See Living Age [Wallace on], v. 106, 31367. Nature [Variability

in], v. 3, 26637. Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR. Darwin's Works, &c.

Theology, by Brougham. 1856 6o2R

Chadbourne. 1869 2$?M

Theology, by Paley, with Illustrative Notes, &c., by Brougham

and Bell, 2 vols. 1845 57-8Z

in Connection with Astronomy, &c., by Whewell. 1833 728Q

of Natural Beauty, by Tyrwhitt [S.P.C.K.] , 98Q

Outline of, by Crabbe. 1840 472A

See also Macmillan's Olive Leaf, ss8M. Prout's Chemistry, &c., 72iD

and 7ooQ. Atheism, Deism, God, Religion, &c.

Naturalisation. See Chambers [European Laws of], v. 47, 19507, c.
Naturalist. See Natural History.
Nature, an Essay, &c., by Emerson. 1852 932R

and Life, by Papillon. 1875 642!!

Revelation, by Powell. 1859 443M

the Supernatural, as together Constituting the one System of

God, by Bushnell. 1873 22K

Aspects of, in Different Lands and Climates, by Humboldt, trans-
lated by Sabine. 1849 565Qand 524-5!^

Book of, an Introduction to the Sciences, by Schoedler, ill. 747D and 7I3F

by Good. 1828 54iA

-Energy in, by Carpenter. 1883 528R

Forces of, by Guillemin. 1877 1580

Gospel in, by M'Cook. 1883 II93M

Haunts of, by \Vorsley-Benison. 1889 2IO9R

History and Scripture, Three Books of God, Sermons by Dawson 285 M

Laws of, by Beckett. 1879 694(2

Light of, by Tucker, 2 vols. 1834 620- iH

Marvels of, by Noyce, illustrated 5O4R

Ministry of, by Macmillan. 1882 93T

Miracles of, and Marvels of Art 12277,

Nature's By-Paths, Recreative Papers in Natural History, by

Taylor. 1880 \ 62R

Teachings, by Wood, illustrated 7I4F

Poetic Interpretation of, by Shairp. 1877 S^Q.

Studies, byJProctor and others 447R



Nature, Studies of, by Saint-Pierre. 1846 i2iT

Unity in, by Radcliffe. 1877 , 76oF

of, by the Duke of Argyle. 1884 792F

Views of, by Humboldt. 1850 2 gR

Wonders of, by Rudolph, illustrated. 1882 , 54oR

Sec also All Year Round [Great Scourges of], v. 54, 1814.7. Atlantic [Color-
Harmonies in], v. 52,15427. Buckle's Civilization, 186-70. Century
[in England], v. 5, 1877). Chambers [at War], v. 7, 19277 ; [Dupli-
cates in], v. 40, 1946.7 ; [on the Roof], v. 61, 1961} ; [Teachers of], v. 55,
19557- Compayre's Pedagogy, 296R. Contemporary [and Mind], v.
19, 2029.7 ; [and Thought], v. 43, 20537 > [Mind and Will in], v. 20,
20307 ; [Unity of], v. 38, 20487 ; v. 39, 20497. Cornhill [Relation of
Art to], v. 14, 2947. Drops of Water, 57oQ. Edinburgh Review
[Argyle's Unity of], v. 159, 5197. Girl's Own Annual [On Sketching
from], v. 2, 25527. Good Words [and Religion], v. 16, 21867 \
[Design in], v. 19, 21897. Hooker's Child's Book, 477-9!". Humboldt's
Cosmos, 483R. Knowledge [Sir E. Beckett on the Laws of], v. t,
25817 ; v. 5, 25857. Lubbock's Pleasures of Life [Beauties of], i9o8Ra.
Macmillan [as a Guide to Art], v. 10, 9407. Nineteenth Century
[Uniformity of], v. 18, 22287. Posnett's Literature, 394R. Quarterly
[Immutability of], v. no, 12407. Science of Thought, 585!!. Sunday
Magazine [Papers on, Man and Insect], 24747 ; [Papers on the Adap-
tation of Birds to Climate], 24747. Quiver [Variety in], v. 25, 32957.
Fortnightly Review [and Books], v. 47, 21377. Girl's Own Annual [the
Romance of], v. 10, 25607, &c.

Nature, a Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science, from vol i. 1869... 2661]
The principal contents contained in this 7 ourna l will be found entered
under their proper headings in the general body of the Catalogue with
the shelf number specified. The general contents will be found in
Poole's Index (Reference Library), under such subjects as this7ournal
deals with.

Nature, Printing. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D.
Nature Series. See under Author or Subject required.
Nauman (Emil), History of Music, translated by Praeger, edited by

Ouseley, illustrated, 2 vols 928-90

Nautch. Girl. See Household Words, v. 17, 17577- India, &c.

Nautical Tables for the Use of British Seamen, by Inman. 1830 ... 330
Navagoes. See Bourke's Snake Dance, &c., 7i7K.

Navarre (Queen of]. See Sunday at Home, v. 34, 28847. Margaret of Valois, &c.

Nave (Johann), A Handy Book to the Collection of Freshwater and

Marine Algae, Diatoms, Desmids, Fungi, Lichens, Mosses,

&c., with Instructions for the Formation of an Herbarium,

translated and edited by Spicer, illustrated. 1869 5&4Q

&C. , Works relating to : (See also Names of Countries,
Battles , Wars and Sailors j also Tinder names of Celebrated
Admirals, Voyages, <2rY.)

Naval and Military Anecdotes, 2 vols. 1844

Biography, from Howard to Codrington. 1840

of Officers in 1823, by Marshall, 6 vols. in 12. 1823 ... 9-2OF

Daring, Deeds of, by Giffard. 1854 n6lZ

History of Cheat Britain, 1793-1827, by James, 6 vols 285-0?!

Naval War, Sketches of the Last, by Plunket, 2 vols. 1848 ... 292-30
Navies of the Continent, by Reed [Harper's New Monthly

Magazine, vol. 74]

Navy Battles of the British Navy, by Allen, 2 vols. 1853 1522-3

British, from the Earliest to the Present Time, by Yonge. ... 302-3!!



NAVIES, &C. Works relating to (continued.}

Navy, History of the Royal Navy, from the Earliest Times to
the Wars of the French Revolution, by Nicolas, 2 vols.

1847 349-5 H

of the United States, by Cooper, 2 vols. 1839 5 21 ^

The, Its Past and Present State, by Admiral Napier, edited

by General Napier. 1851 274H

See also Adam's Neptune's Heroes, g/SQ. Alison's Europe [British],

121-380. Blackwood's Magazine [Naval Manoeuvres], v. 144, 2I4J.
Boy's Own Annual [Interior View of a Man of War, illus.], v. 5,
2955J ; [P ast and Present] v. 5, 2955.7. Burney's British Nep-
tune [Achievements of the British Navy], goiR. Chambers [Remark-
able Naval Duels], v. 22, 19377 ; [Reserve and Naval Volunteers],
v. 54, I954J. Cornhill [Ancient and Modern], v. 8, 288J ; [Hospital
at Greenwich], v. 12, 292; ; [Life on a Man of War], v. 7, 287.7.
Edinburgh Review [American and British], v. 71, 431.) ; [Gunnery],
v. 96, 4567 ; [of the World], v. 153, 513.!; [Past and Future Naval
Tactics] v. 51, 4iiJ ; [Service], v. 47, 407.7. Eggleston's United
States, 42iH. Escott's England and its People, loiSF. Excelsior
[Naval Architecture], 1926, 1927, igsoR. Fraser [Science of Naval
Architecture], v. 97, 707.7. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [Administra-
tion], v. 8, 728.7. Harper's New Monthly Magazine [the British], v. 72,
1652.7. Harper's Index [Naval Science], i64oja. Leisure Hour [Train-
ing Ships of], v. 13, 2623.7. Longman's Magazine [The Old Naval
Songs], v. 12, 9027. McCulloch's British Empire, 7i2H. Macmillan
[of France and England], v. 2, 932 J. Nature [Modern Naval Archi-
tecture], v. 18. 2678.7. Neale's Mutiny at the Nore, gsZ. Nineteenth
Century Magazine [Naval Manoeuvres], v. 24, 22347. Pascoe's Pro-
fessions, 25iR. Pepys' Diary, 9020. Peto's Taxation, &c., ioi6F.
Poole's Index [Cost of and Naval Education], R.L. Quarterly
[British and French], v. 22, 11527 ; v. 26, .1156.7 ; [Education], v.
145, 1275.7. Thomson's Choice of a Profession, 204R. Naval Bio-
graphy, Admirals, Seamen, and under general heading, Navies,
Naval Biography, &c.

LVIGATION. See Blackwood [Laws], v. 22, R.L. ; v. 64, i 34 J 5 v. 66,
156. Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-91). Harper's Index, i64oja.
Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioi-4M. Knowledge [Finding the Way at
Sea], v. 8, 2588.7 ; [Great Circle Sailing], v. 8, 25887. London Quar-
terly [Inland], v. 66, 8567. Mehagen's Universal History, i4-sH.
Nature [Sumner's Method at Sea], v. 14, 26747. Quarterly [Modern
Methods in, and Nautical Astronomy], v. 141, 12717. Smith's Wealth
of Nations, I026-8F. Taylor's Lunar Tables, 6oD. Poole's Index,
R.L. Academy, v. 27, R.L. St. Paul's, v. 13, 1173!'', &c.
Navigators of the Eighteenth Century, by Verne, illustrated. 1880 286F

See also Harper [Old English Seamen], v. 66, 16467.

Navvies. See All Year Round, v. 31, 17917. Help's Life of Brassey, 5240.

Chambers [the Railroad-maker], v. 49, i95i7> &c.
Wavy. See Navies, Iron-clad^ Man-of-War, Sailors, Ships, &c.
Wawson (A. L.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.
Nayler (J., Quaker, b. 1616, Murdered 1660). See Brave Confessors, 14400, &c.

Nazareth, its Life and Lessons. 1872 542M

See also Bellow's Europe, i39gR. Lynch's U.S. Expedition, 6156. Sunday

at Home [Sunday at], v. 2, 28527 ; [and Loretto], v. 13, 28637 \ v - 2I >
28717. Harper's Monthly, v. 6 and 36, 1586 and 16167, c.
Neal (D., Nonconformist Minister, l>. 1678, d. 1743), A.M., History
of the Puritans or Protestant Nonconformists [1517-1688],

revised and enlarged by Choules, 2 vols. 1863 409- zoA

Weal (7-), Works of. Sec Harper's Indsx, i64oja. Poets of America, 463D, &c.

Neale (F. A.), Residence in the Kingdom of Siam [Nat. Illus. Lib.] I3I3R

Works of. See Harper's Index, 16407 a.

Neale (\V. J.), History of the Mutiny at Spithead and the Nore

[Harper's Family Library]. 1842 g$Z

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.



Neander (A., German 71ieologian,b.i>]%9,d. 1850), Christian Life in

the Early and Middle Ages, trans. [Bohn's Library]. 1852 i7iM

Epistle of Paul to the Philippians practically Explained. 1851 ... i&QM

General History of the Christian Religion and Church, translated

by Torrey, 9 vols. 1847-55 296-30^

Life of Jesus Christ in its Historical Connection and Historical

Development [Bohn's Library]. 1851

Light in the Dark Places, Memorials of Christian Life in the

Middle Ages. 1850

Planting and Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles

[Bohn's Library], 2 vols. 1851 172-3M

See also Living Age, v. 28, 3058J ; v. 100, 3130.7. Temple Bar [Student Life

ofj, v. 36, i 3 66J, &.c.
Neapolitan Poems. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

State Prosecutions. See Gladstone's Gleanings, 884Z. Naples, c.

NearchTlS (Admiral under Alexander the Great). See Mitford's Greece,

io8H, &c.

Neaves (C., Lord, Scotch Lawyer, b. 1800, d. 1876), The Greek An-
thology [Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1877 IO 98Q

Nebo, Mount. See Sunday at Home [Visit to], v. 12, 2862].
Nebuchadnezzar (King of Babylon 588, d. 562 B.C.) See Ewald's Israel,

64K. Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK. Josephus, 65!!, &c.

Nebulae and Comets [Wonders of the Heavens]

See also Cornhill [Variability of], v. 7, 2877. Humboldt's Cosmos, 486R.

Knowledge [Nebula in Orion], v. i, 28517. Nature [Are they star

systems ?], v. i, 2661] ; [What are they ?], v. 15, 26757 ; [Photographs of

Spectrum of Nebula in Orion], v. 25, 26857 andv. 26, 2686J, c.
Necessity. See Blackwood [and Predestination], v. 10, R.L. Good Words, v.

19, 2189.7. Penny Magazine [the Mother of Invention], v. i, 139!^.

Siiver [and Luxury], v. n, 328iJ, Sic.
See Alison's Europe, 119-240. E
v. i, 36iJ. Jackson's French Court, 3340, &c.

Necker (M.). See Alison's Europe, 119-240. Edinburgh Review [Last Views],

Necromancers, Lives of the. by Godwin. 1847 ........................ 8020

- See also Edinburgh Review [Godwin's Lives of], v. 60, 42oJ. Chambers,

v. 24, IQ38J. Conjurers, Magic, &c.

Necroscopy, Manual of, a Guide to the Performance of Post-

Mortem Examinations, by Newth. 1878 ........................ I455Z

Needle-Gun. See Cornhill [of Prussia], v. 14, 294.7. Once a Week, v. 15, 22757.

Guns, &c.
Needles, Needle-making, &c. See Chambers, v. 25, 1939.}. Once a Week

[Needle-making], v. i, 2261 J. Ure's Dictionary [Manufacture], 8D.

Wynter's Social Bees [Needle-making], usgR, &c.
Needlewomen. See Good Words, v. 4, 2I74J. Once a Week [Health of], v. 3,

2263.7. Cassell's Magazine, v. i, 2350.7. Seamstresses, Sewing, &c.

Needlework, Beeton's Book of, illustrated ................................. H43M

- by Glaister. 1880 ...... ......................................... . ........... 9&2M

Encyclopaedia ofj byDillmont, illustrated .............................. 9I2D

- Illuminated Book of, by Mrs. Owen. 1847 ........................... 8840

See also All the Year Round [Ancient], v. 30, 1790.7. Edinburgh Review
[Art], v. 164, 524J. Girls' Book, 1257!!. Girls' Own Annual [Plain],
v. 61, 1641 J. Ladies' Handbook, 972^!.
2, 26327. Macmillan, v. 28, 958.7. Rees'
. Valentine's Girls' Own Book, n87R.

, . ,

v. 6, 2556.7. Harper [Art], v. 61, 1641
Leisure Hour [Ancient], v. 22,

Home Decoration, c., 94sM. , .

Young Ladies' Treasure Book, 1310. See Girl's Own Annual [Art
Needlework], v. 10, 2560.7. Sewing, &c.
Neel (J., of Jersey). See Caesarea or Jersey, 1409^ &c.
Neele (H.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.
Neelly (K. J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.
Neff (Felix, Swiss Minister, Apostle of the Alps, b. 1798, d. 1829),

Letters and Biography of, by Bost, trans, by Wyatt. 1843.. 8720


Neff, Pastor of the High Alps, by Gilly. 1833 , 2QiT

See also Penny Mag. [Gilly's Life of], v. i, 1396. Quarterly [Memoirs of] v.

49, ii79J. Quiver, v. 16, 3286J. Sunday at Home, v. 3, 28$3J ; v. 10,
286oJ, &c.

NEGROES, as Slaves, as Citizens, and as Soldiers, Historical Re-
search respecting (read before the Massachusetts Historical

Society), by Livermore. 1863 48oH

Slavery in America, by Grahame. 1842 IO38F

Sec also Alison's Europe, 143-50. All Year Round, v. 33, 1793.7. Atlantic

[in the U.S.], v. 51, 1541! ; [in the U.S., Problem of j, v. 54, I544J '.
[Free, of North Carolina], v. 57, 1547!- Brown's Races of Mankind,
i5 5 D. Campbell's White and Black, 4 9 4 H. Century [in the U.S., how
can we help them?], v. 8, i88oj. Chambers [Family Life in Negro
Town], v. 17, I935J. Cornhill [Bond and Free], v. 4, 284!. Edinburgh
Review [Character of], v. 6, 366 J ; [Negro Character Vindicated], v. 6,
' [Improvement and Emancipation of], v. 39, 399J ; [Social and

Industrial Capacities of], v. 45, 405.!. Fraser [Question], v. 40, 6soJ.
Froude's West Indies, 8 34 K. Hart wig's Tropical World , 758 F. Leisure
Hour [Negro Minstrels], v. 20, 26307. Lubbock's Primitive Man, 672B.
Macmillan [Suffrage], v. 12, 942.}. Nature [Why they are Black], v.
30, 26goJ, and v. 31, 2691!. Penny Magazine [as Estimated by our
Ancestors], v. 5, I43B. Scribner [Equality between White Man and],
v. 18, i868J. ^Stanford's Compendium, 8soK. Taylor's Eldorado [of
the White Nile], 853R. Temple Bar [American], v. 2, 13327, &c.

Neh.em.iah (Jewish Governor, about 445 B.C.). See Ewald's Israel, 6sK. Robin-
son's Scripture Characters, isiK, &c.

Neighbours. See Cornhill, v. 2, 2827. Society, &c.

Neil(C.), M.A., Exell Q. S.), M.A., and Spence (H. O. M.),

M. A., Thirty Thousand Thoughts. 1885 4 A

Neill (A). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Neill (E. D.), English Colonisation of America during the Seven-
teenth Century. 1871 688K

Neill (General). See Kaye's Indian Officers, 14540, &c.

Neilson (J, B.). See Smiles' Industrial Biography, 73iO.

Nell Gwynne. See All the Year Round Magazine [and Chelsea Hospital], v. 42,


For more complete references see under Gwynne (Nell).
NELSON (Horatio, Lord, celebrated Admiral, b. 1758, killed in battle,
1805), and Lady Hamilton, an historical Biography, by

Jeaffreson, 2 vols. 1888 13 62 '3O

- Dispatches and Letters, ed. with Notes by Nicolas, 7 vols. 1845 245-5 iH
Life of, by Duncan 265Z

Harrison, 2 vols. 1806 632-30

Pettigrew, 2 vols. 1849 4I5-6F

Southey. 1830 IO58Q and 26^Z

See also Adam's Heroes, 978Q. Alison's Europe, 122-90. Ashton's Nine-
teenth Century, 86iH. Blackwood [Despatches], v. 56, I26J. Cham-
bers' Miscellany, 624R. Edinburgh Review [Letters to Lady
Hamilton], v. 23, 3837. Hamilton [Lady], 6900. Juvenile Plutarch,

Ti7iZ. Leisure Hour [Funeral of], v. i, 2611]. Living Age [and
Lady Hamilton], v. 23, 3053!. Merydew's Love Letters, v. IT, 677F.
Penny Magazine [Monument to, at Yarmouth], v. 7, 1456. Quarterly,
v. 3, H33J. Wright's William IV., 82-3F. Yonge's British Navy,
302-3H. Boy's Own Paper [who killed Nelson], v. n, 2961 J. Edinburgh
Review, v. 164, 5247; Admirals, Navies, Trafalgar, &c.

Nelson (J. Y.), Fifty Years on the Trail, a True Story of Western

Life, by O'Reilly, illustrated. 1889 1749^

Nelson (R., Theologian, b. 1656, d. 1715), Companion for the Fes-
tivals and Fasts of the Church of England. 1773 ,,,,.; 424M

Nelson (Thomas). See Curwen's Booksellers, 5200



Vol. i. Dawn of the Reformation. Peter the Hermit. Portrait Paint-
ing of the Red Indians. St. Bartholomew's Eve, &c i8iT

Vol. 2. Richard Cocur de Lion. Agnes Beaumont. Travels of a Bible.

Eustace the Good Negro, &c i82T

Vol. 3. Alfred the Gieat. Celebrated Women. China, its Creeds and

Customs. Gunpowder Plot. Earthquake of Genoa, c 183!'

Neolithic People. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, QosF.

Neology at Oxford and Cambridge. See Quarterly, v. 98, I228J.

Nepaul, Journey to, by L. Oliphant. 1852 782 and 8;2Q

See also Blackwood, v. 72, 142] . India, &c.

Neptune's Heroes, or the Sea Kings of England, by Adams. 1861 9?8Q

Nero (Claudius Cansar D.G., Emperor of Rome, b. 37, killed himself 68). See
Cornhill [Was he a Monster ?J, v. 8, 288J. Fraser [Picture of], v. 8,
6i8J. Good Words, v. 19, 21897. Haweis' Christ and Christianity,
n86M. Caesars, Roman History, &c.

Nero (Tiberius Claudius, Father of above). See Niebuhr's History of Rome, 88H.

Nerval (Gerard de). See Fraser, v. 87, 697 J, c.

Nerves and Muscles, by Rosenthal. 1883

See also Argosy [Apology for], v. i, ij. Brown's Science for All [or no

Nerves], 626!}. Cornhill [Exciters or Controllers ?], v. 7, 287J ; [What
are] v. 5, 285J. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [Origin of], v. 20, 74oJ.
Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Bastian's Brain [Nervous System of

Fly], 3&7R. Blackwood [Nervousness, Vapours, Fears and Tremors],
v. 105, i7sJ. Cassell's Family Magazine [How to Tn
v. 10, 23607. Chambers [Nervousness], v. 50, i95ij .

Nesbitt (A.), F.S.A., Glass [South Kensington Handbooks] IO4OM

Nesles (Sisters De). See Baker's French Society, 3320.

Nest Builders of the Seas. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 16487.

Nests and Eggs, British Birds, by Atkinson, colored illustrations. 186.7 6i6Q

of British Birds, by Morris, coloured plates, 3 vols. 1870 8i9-2iF

Familiar Birds, by Adams, illustrated. 1876 55R

See also Wood's Strange Dwellings, s6R. Science Gossip, v. 2, 24iiJ; v.

8, 24137 ; [Observation on Domed Nests], v. 20, 2421}, Leisure Hour,

v. 37, 26477. Birds, &c.

Netherlands, by Grattan. 1830 270

History of the, by Grattan. 1831 34QO

- Revolt of the, by Schiller. 1847 840

- United [1584-1609], by Motley, 4 vols. 1875 350-3O

See also Chambers [Easter Ramble in], v. 6, 19267 ; [Notes from] v. 14 and

1933 and 19347. Contemporary [Reformed Church of], v. i, 20117.
mily Library, 529Z. Gardiner's History of England, 4
od Words [and Holland], v. 3, 21737. Green's English P
igo-92H. May's Democracy, 396. Stanford's Compendium,

Family Library, 529Z. Gardiner's History of England, 461-86.
Good Words [and Holland],

cracy ^Qt
Motley's Correspondence, 667-8 F. Holland, United Netherlands, &c.

Nets, Fishing. See Harvey's Sea-Side Book, i868Z. Fishing, &c.
Netting. See Beeton's Needlework, H43M. Owen's Needlework, 8840.
Nettles. See Once a Week, v. 27, 22877. Science Gossip, v. i, 24117.

Botany, &c.
Nettleship (H., Professor of Latin Literature, b. 1839), M.A., Ed.,

Lecture on the Life and Writings of Persius, by Conington. 1199!!
Neubeck (V. W.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe : 473D.
Neuralgia. See Chambers, v. 17, I9357/ Girl's Own Annual v. i, 25517 ',

[Remedy for] v. 6, 25567. Living Age [Downing on] .v. 39, 30697.

Man and his Maladies, 939K. Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 4, 2353}.

Haydn's Medicine, 91 iK. Toothache, c.
Nevada, See Harper [Reese River Country], v. 33, 16137 ; [Walker River

Country] v. 31, 16117 ', [Wheeler Survey in] v. 55, 16357, &c.

Nevin (J, A.), D.D., Manual of Biblical Antiquities !57oZ

Nevins"(W.), D.D., Practical Thoughts [American Tract Society]. I679Z
New Bath Guide, or Memoirs of the B r d Family, in a series of

Poetical Epistles [by C, Anstey] 75H



New Brighton. See Granville's Spas, &c., 352K. Thomson's Health Resorts,

938K. Good Words, v. 5, 2175], & c -

New Britain, Wanderings in a Wild Country, by Powell, ill. 1883... 782K
New Brunswick, by Buckingham ............................................. 67/K

See also Murray's British America, 4oo-2T. Chambers, Y. Q, 1929!, &c.
New Caledonia. See Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK. All the Year Round, v. 43,

i8o 3 J.

New England, from 1630 to 1649, b 7 Winthrop, 2 vols. 1853 ...... 509-10!!

- - See also Austin's Massachusetts, 51 iH. Contemporary [Village
Life in], v. 38, 2O48J. Doyle's English in America, 173-4!!. Edin-
burgh Review [Fathers of], v. 102, 4627. Greg's United States, 558H.
Harper [Adventures of Early Settlers of], v. 15, i595j ; [Churches of]
v. 50, 16307. Scribner [and her Church], v. 9, 1859.7. Good Words
[Founders of], v. 21, 2igiJ, &.C.

New English Theatre, containing the most Valuable Plays which have
been Acted on the London Stage, 14 vols. v.D. :

Vol. i. Busy Body, and a Bold Stroke for a Wife, by Mrs. Centlivre.
Conscious Lovers, by Sir R. Steele. The Miser, by H. Fielding.
Suspicious Husband, by Dr. Hoadly .......................... 12627

Vol. 2. Orphan : or, the Unhappy Marriage, by Mr. Otway. Fair Peni-
tent, by N. Rowe. Tancred aud Sigismunda, by James Thom-
son. Phsedra and Hippolitus, by Edmund Smith. The Revenge,
by E. Young ............................................... 12632

Vol. 3. Spanish Fryar : or, The Double Discovery, by Mr. Dryden.
Rule a Wife and have a Wife, altered from Beaumont and

Fletcher, by D. Garrick. Old Bachelor, by Mr. Congreve.
Recruiting Officer, by Mr. Farquhar. Provok'd Wife, by Sir
John Vanbrugh .............................................. I264Z

Vol. 4. Merope, by Aaron Hill. Mourning Bride, by Mr. Congreve.
Jane Shore, by Mr. Rowe. Rival Queens ; or, Alexander the
Great, by Nathan Lee. The Gamester, by Mr. Moore ........ 12652

Vol. 5. Way of the World, by Mr. Congreve. The Committee ; or the
Faithful Irishman, by Sir Robert Howard. Every Man in his
Humour, by Ben Johnson. Love for Love, by Mr. Congreve.
Beaux' Strategem, by Mr. Farquhar .......................... I266Z

Vol. 6. Oroonoko, by Thomas Southern. London Merchant ; 'or, The
History of George Barnwell, by Mr. Lillo. Venice Preserved ;
or, A Plot Discovered, by Mr. Otway. Tamerlane, by N. Rowe.
Distrest Mother, by Mr. Amb. Phillips ...................... 12672

Vol. 7. Provoked Husband ; or, A Journey to London, by Sir John Van-
burgh. Love makes a Man ; or, the Fop's Fortune, by C.
Gibber. The Drummer ; or, The Haunted House, by Mr.
Addison. Careless Husband, by Colley Gibber. The Funeral ;
or, Grief a-la-Mode, by Sir R. Steele .......................... I268Z

Vol. 8. Earl of Essex, by Mr. Henry Jones. Barbarossa : A Tragedj'.
Mahomet the Impostor : a Tragedy. All for Love : or the World
well Lost, by Mr. Dryden. Tragedy of the Lady Jane Grey, by
N. Rowe .................................................... 12692

Vol. 9. Amphitryon ; or, The Two Sosias, by Mr. Woodward. Double

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