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Nicolas (Sir H., Antiquarian, b. 1799, d. 1848), K.C.M.G.,

Chronology of History [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1833 2O

History of the Royal Navy, from the Earliest Times to the

Wars of the French Revolution, 2 vols. 1847 439-50!!

Life and Times of Sir C. Hatton. 1847 3I3F

Ed., Dispatches and Letters of Vice- Admiral Lord Nelson, with

Notes, 7 vols. 1845-6 245-51!!

NiCOlay(C. G.), Oregon Territory, a Geographical and Historical

Account of that Country and Its Inhabitants. 1846 66gZ

Nicolay (J. G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Nicolini(G. B.) History of the Jesuits [Bohn's Library]. 1854 3670

Nicoll (H. J.), Great Orators. 1880 992Q

[Burke, Fox, Sheridan, Pitt.]

Scholars. 1880 99iQ

[Buchanan, Bentley, Person , Parr, &c.]

Nicoll (James), Historical and Descriptive Account of Iceland, Green-
land, &c. [Ed. Cab. Lib]. 1840 387T

Nicoll (R., Scotch Poet, b. 1814, d. 1837), Poems of. 1842 336(3

See also Good Words [and Writings], v. 16, 2i86J, &c.
NiCOll (W. R.), M.A., Ed., The Expositor [Devoted to the Exposi-
tion of the Sacred Scriptures], from Vol I. 1875 55 r j

Containing Contributions by Rev. Joseph Agar Beet, E. A. Wallis Budge,
B.A., Rev. T. K. Cheyne, D.D., Rev. Prof. S. Ives Curtiss, D.D.,
Rev. Prof. W. P. Dickson, D.D., Rev. Marcus Dods, D.D., Prof.
Henry Drummond, F.G.S., Rev. Canon T. S. Evans, D.D., Rev. Prof.
J. M. Fuller, M.A., Rev. Prof. Godet, D.D., Edmund Gosse, Rev.
John Ker, D.D.. Rev. Prof. A. F. Kirkpatrick, M.A., Right Rev. J.
B. Lightfoot, D.D., Rev. Alexander Maclaren, D.D., Rev. Joseph
Parker, D.D., Rev. Prof. S. D. F. Salmond, D.D., George Augustus
Simcox, M.A., Rev. W. H. Simcox, Rev. Prof. G. T. Stokes, M. A.,
Rev. Prof. Hermann L. Strack, D.D., Rev. Prof. B. B. Warfield, D.D.,
Rev. H. Carruthers Wilson, The Editor, &c.

NiGOls (A.), F.R.G.S., The Puzzle of Life, and how it has been put
together, a Short History of Vegetable and Animal Life upon
the Earth from the Earliest Times, illustrated. 1877 33R

Physical History of the Earth. 1880 ,

NiCOStratus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.



Niebuhr (B. G., Historian and ArcJuwlogist, b. 1776, d. 1831),
History of Rome from the First Punic War to the Death of
Constantine, 2 vols, edited by Schmitz. 1844 87-8!!

See also Blackwood, v. 71, HiJ. Edinburgh Review [Life and Letters of],

v. 96, 45 6J, &c.

Nieritz (Gustav). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Niger, an Expedition to the, by Lander [Harper's Family Library]... 547-8Z

Expedition to the, by Lander, 2 vols. 1838 666-7Z

- Tshadda, and Binu'i Exploration [Africa], Narrative of the, by

Hutchinson. 1 855 1 268R

See also Earth's Central Africa, 848K. Quarterly [Course of], v. 23, 11537.

Stanford's Compendium, 849!^. Good Words [Up the], v. 27, 2197.7, &c.
Night. See Good Words, v. 25, 2195 j, &c.
Night Side of London, by Ritchie. 1861 I246Z

unto Night, a Selection of Bible Scenes, by March 40 iM

Nightingale, The. See Buckland's Curiosities, 5Q7Q. Chambers, v. 7 and 17,

1927 and 19357. Jesse's Gleanings, 57gQ. Watson's Sylvan Folk,
2ii2R. Wood's Lane and Field, 624(3. Science Gossip, v. 2,2411];
v. 6, 24127. Birds, c.

Nightingale (Florence, Philanthropist, b. 1820), by Alldridge

[World's Workers]. 1887 v 11520

See also Fraser [Notes on Nursing], v. 61, 67 ij. Living Age, v. 44, 3074.!.

Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, 94F. Once a Week [Latest Charity
of], v. 9, 2269J. Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 10, 23607, &c.

Nightingale (J.), Portraiture of Methodism, a View of the Rise,
Progress, Doctrines, Discipline, and Manners of the Wesleyan
Methodists. 1807 I27K

Nightmare. See Fraser [on the Rails], v. 34, 6447. Gentleman's Magazine,
N.S., v. 28, 748J. Living Age, v. 4, 30347. Millengen's Curiosities,
927K, &c.

Nihilism. See All the Year Round [a Century Ago], v. 44, 18047. Fortnightly
[in Russia], v. 10, 2100 J ; v. 28, 2ii8J ; [the European Terror], v. 39,
2i?9j. Frost's Secret Societies, 33!!. Nineteenth Century [and Pessi-
mism in Germany], v. 3, 22I3J. Robertson's Critical Method [Recent],
I956R. Saturday Review [in Russia], v. 53, R.L. Leisure Hour, v.
30, 26407, c.

Nile, Cradle of the Blue Nile, by De Cosson, illus., 2 vols. 1877 1565-6R

Land of the Nile, by Adams, illustrated. 1881 .. 755Q

"Palms and Temples," being Notes of a Four Months' Voyage

on the Nile. 1882 6ooK

Tributaries of Abyssinia, by Baker. 1868 6oiK

See also All the Year Round [and its Noble Savages], v. 10, 17707. Baker's

Albert N'yanza, 6i4-sK. Beke's Sinai in Arabia, 597B. Blackwood
[and Red Sea Canal], v. 56, I26J. Edinburgh Review [Sources of], v.
41, 40iJ ; [Sources of, and the Albert N'yanza], v. 124, 4847. Harper's
New Monthly Magazine, v. 69, 16497. Leisure Hour [Christmas on],
v. 8, 26187 ; [Valley of], v. 13, 26237 ! [Down from Nubia], v. 18,
26287. Living Age [Cairo, the Sources of], v. i, 30317 ; [Cutting the
Banks of], v. 115, 31457 '. [Life on], v. i, 30317. Macdonald's Gordon
and Khartoum, 4590. Macmillan [Abyssinian Tributaries of], v. 17,
9477. Nature [Basin of, Stone Implements and Changes of Level in
the], y. 33, 26937 ; [Height of], v. 25, 26857. Oliphant's Land of
Khemi, is62R. Speke's 7ournals, 612 and 6i3K. Stanley's Dark Con-
tinent [Sources of the], 1563!^. Scribner [Tour of], v. ii, 18617. Stan-
ford's Compendium [Blue Nile], 8^gK ; [Cataracts of the], 849^ Wil-
son's Korti to Khartoum, 2770. See also Egypt, &c.

Nilsson (Christina, Swedish Singer, b. 1844). See Edwards' Prima Donnas,
67gF. Engel's Reminiscences, 13490. Scribner [and her Maestro], v.
3i I ^537. Temple Bar, v. 74, 14047, &c.

Nimbus. See Twining's Symbols, 507M, c.

Nimrod [C. J. Apperley], The Horse and the Hound, 1843 73 iF



Nineteenth Century. See Fortnightly [Few Words about], v. 37, 2127 J. Fraser,
v. 69, 679J ; [Physical Revolution of], v. 104, 714]. Harper [Seventh
Decade of], v. 42, 1622]. Leisure Hour [Beginning and End of], v. 35,
2645.7. Rockstro's History of Music, 533H, &c.

Nineteenth Century, a Monthly Review, edited by Knowles, from
Vol. i. 1877:

Vol. i, 1877. Prefatory Poem, by Tennyson. Influence of Authority in
Matters of Opinion. Turkish Story Books. Imperial Policy of
Great Britain. Church of England. Russia. Is the Pulpit
losing its Power ? True Story of the Vatican Council. Falkland.
George Sand. The Radiometer. Ancient National Monu-
ments, &c 2211 J

Vol. 2, 1877. The future of Egypt. Impatience in Politics. George Daw-
son. Harriet Martineau. Germany and Egypt. England and
South Africa. Is Life worth Living ? by Mallock. Mr. Glad-
stone and our Empire. Cosmic Emotion. The County Franchise.
Sun Spots and Famines. Hydrophobia and Rabies. Cheap
Telegrams. Recent Science, &c 22i2j

Vol. 3, 1878. France as a Military Power, in 1870 and 1878. Life of Mid-
hat Pasha. Shakespeare in France. Is Life worth Living?
(contd.). Absolution. The Peace to Come. How the Turks rule
Armenia. Germany and Holland. England as a Military Power,
in 1854 an d in 1878. Spontaneous Generation. Can Jews be
Patriots, &c 22I3J

Vol. 4, 1878. Ironclad Field Artillery. What the Sun is made of. Jews
and Judaism, Liberty in Germany. Malta. Crown and Cabinet
in Canada. Chinese as Colonists. England's Mission. Barry
Cormuall. Three Colours of Pre-Raphaelitism. Beauty and
the Beast. Future of India. Personal Rule, &c 22I 4j

Vol. 5, 1879. Novel Reading. Shorter Parliaments. Cyprus and Mycenae.
Recent Science. Poor in France. The Drink Difficulty. The
Bankruptcy of India. Meaning of Life. Reciprocity, the true
Free Trade. Depression of Trade. East Roumelia. How shall
we retain the Colonies ? State Socialism. Greece and the Treaty
of Berlin, &c 22isJ

Vol. 6, 1879. Boy Soldiers. Education Question in France. Home Rule.
Representation of Minorities. Generic Images. Com^die Fran-
$aise. Wages' Fund. An Irish Ignis Fatuus. The British Army.
Recreation. Union of the Liberal Party. The God of Israel.
Flogging in the Army. Baptism. Cinderella. Irish Politics
and English Parties, &c

Recreation. Union of the Liberal Party. The God of Israel.
y. Baptism. Cinderella. Irish Politics

iC 22I6J

Vol. 7, 1880. Russian Nihilism. Athletics in Public Schools. Purchase
in the Church. Old-Fashioned Gardening. Paganism in Paris.
Ritualists and Anglicans. Historical Psychology. Free Trade.
Railways and the Growth of Commerce. Next Reform Bill.
Agnosticism and Women. Irish Absenteeism. Crisis in Indian

Finance, &c 22I7J

Vol. 8, 1880. Modern French Art. Story-Telling. The Palais-Royal
Theatre. Peasant Proprietors at Home. Fiction Fair, and
Foul. Creed of the Early Christians. Iceland. Representa-
tive Government in the Colonies. The Future of China.
Recent Literature. Ireland. National Insurance. Hypnotism.
The Chase. The Sabbath. Evils of Competitive Examination.
Recent Science. Explosions in Collieries. Music, and the

People. South Africa, &c 22i8J

Vol. 9, 1881. The Dawn of a Revolutionary Epoch. The High Court of
Justice. Newfoundland. A Census of Religions. Penny
Fiction. Ritualism. The Transvaal. Explosions in Collieries,
and their Cure. Fire-Damp. Philosophy of Liberalism. Irish
Emigration. Art Needlework. Smoke Prevention. Long and
Short Service. Working Men, and the Political Situation.
Business in the House of Commons. George Eliot. I Religious
Fairs in India. The New Irish Land Bill. Ernest Renan.
Pawnbroking: Abroad, and at Home. The Intelligence of
Ants, &c 2219!





Nineteenth Century (continued. )

Vol. 10,

38 i. The Early Life of Thomas Carlyle. New Markets for
British Produce. Second Chambers. Gossip of an Old Book-




worm. Man's Place in Nature. Isolated Free-Trade. Here-
ditary Rulers. President Garfield. The Intelligence of Ants
(continued). Women as Civil Servants. " Four Centuries of
English Letters." France, and North Africa. Ireland, and the
Land Act. Fiction Fair, and Foul {continued). Disease-
Germs. Fair-Trade, and Free-Trade. International Copyright.
Opium, and Common Sense. Dean Stanley. Vivisection, &c. .

Vol. ii, 1882. The Agnostic at Church. Canada's Highway to the
Pacific. Mythology among the Hottentots. The Babylonian
Account of the Deluge. Opium, and England's Duty. The
Channel Tunnel. Landowning as a Business. The Yellowstone
Geysers. Annexation, and South Africa. A New Theory of
the Sun. Small-pox, and Vaccination, in A.D. 1871-81. A School
of Dramatic Art. Superstitions of Modern Greece. The Goal
of Modern Thought. Town and Country Politics. Home Rule.
Thought Reading. Shakespearian Criticism. Ireland, &c

Vol. 12, 1882. Climate in Town and Country. Civil Service Examina-
tions. Electric Light and Force. With the Emigrants. Litera-
ture, and Science. Homes of the Poor in London. The Royal
Academy of Music. Comet?. The Laws of War. Parliamentary
Oaths. Parisian Newspapers. Exploration in Greece. Natural
Religion. Financial Condition of Trades Unions. The French
Educational System. Irish Revolution and English Liberals.
The Jews. Modern Miracles. England in Egypt. Farming
and Taxation, &c

Vol. 13, 1883. Our Position as a Naval Power. Russian Prisons. Modern
Miracles. The Theatrical Revival. Middle-Class Education.
Local Government in England and Wales. Religion, and the
Rates. Our Hospitals. Wagner and Wagnerism. French
Elementary Education. The Weakness of the Army. Our
National Balance-sheet. An Unsolved Historical Riddle.
England and South Africa. Cambridge University. France
and China. Social Reform. Dwellings of the Poor. The
English in Egypt, &c

Vol. 14, 1883. House-Lighting by Electricity. New Guinea. The Sirens
in Ancient Literature and Art. The German and British Armies.
Lord Byron. Painters and their Patrons. After Death.
Women and Representative Government. The Cholera and our
Water-Supply. Salmon-Fishing. The Theatre and the Mob.
Inequality in Punishment. India. The Politics of Literature.
Short Service. Mesmerism. An Academy of Literature for
Great Britain. The French Army of To-Day. Land as
Property. The Sun's Corona. Dwellings of the Poor. Out-
cast Russia. Ungrateful Ireland, by Duffy, &c

Vol. 15 1884. Religion ; a Retrospect and Prospect. Lord Melbourne.
Ungrateful Ireland (continued). Floods. Homes of the Poor. A
New View of Mormonism. The House of Lords. The State,
and the Medical Profession. "Cramming" in Elementary
Schools. Proportional Representation. The Germ-Theory of
Zymotic Diseases. Rainbows. Opening National Institutions
on Sunday. Ship Insurances, and Loss of Life at Sea. The
House of Commons. Wordsworth and Byron. Apparitions. Aus-
tralia and the Imperial Connection. The Continental Sunday.
Forgotten Bibles. Free-Trade in the Army, &c 2225J

Vol. 16, 1884. Retrogressive Religion. Visible Apparitions. The House
of Lords and the Country. Leprosy, Present and Past. A Limit
to Evolution. Technical Education. Agnostic Metaphysics.
The Darwinian Theory of Instinct. English Supremacy in the
East. Charles Reade. Our Deaf and Dumb. England as a
Market Garden. The Classification of Literature. The Art
Treasures of Prussia. Lord Beaconsfield's Irish Policy. State-
Directed Emigration. Over-Pressure. Proportional versus Ma-
jority Representation. English Songs. Conservative and Liberal
Finance, &.c 222

[535J -

222 3 J

222 4 J


Nineteenth Century (continued. )

Vol. 17, 1885, Caesarism. Will Russia Conquer India. Cycling and Cy-
clists. Religion and the Stage. Imperial Federation. Propor-
tional Representation. The Unity of the Empire. Egypt and
the Soudan. The Highland Crofters. Whispering Machines.
The Actor's Calling. An Anglo-Turkish Alliance. The Sun's
Corona. Gordon at Gravesend. Diet in Relation to Age and
Activity. Shakespeare and Stage Costume. Mr. Gladstone as
a Foreign Minister. Housing the Poor. James Russell Lowell.
The Crimes Act, &c ..........................................

Vol. 18, 1885. The Khedivate of Egypt. The Work of Victor Hugo. Par-
liamentary Manners. The Armed Strength of Turkey. Mine
Inspection. Aristocracy in America. Violins. The Burden of
Ireland. An Episode of the Armada. Thibet. Vittoria Colonna.
The Question of the Land. Female Labour in Australia. Sir
Herbert Stewart's Desert March. Disestablishment in Wales.
Free Schools. Our Insular Ignorance. Insanity and Crime.
Solar Myths. Leopardi. Capital and the Improvement of Land,

&C ..........................................................

Vol. 19, 1886. Proem to Genesis. Fallacy of Imperial Federation. Federal
Union with Ireland. Home Rule in Austria-Hungary. Irish
Education. Thomas Middleton. Dawn of Creation. Air. Glad-
stone and Genesis. Shall we Desert the Loyalists. William
Cobbett. Samoa. Alternative Policies in Ireland. Evolution
of Theology. Free Trade Idolatry. Home Rule. Women's
Suffrage. The Attempts to Rule Ireland justly. A " National-
ist" Parliament. The Nadir of Liberalism. Whence come the
Comets. The Case of Galileo. Tho Factors of Organic Evolu-
tion. Government of Ireland Bill. American Home Rule. Genius
and Precocity. John Webster. Women and Politics. Mr. Glad-
stone and the Irish Bill, &c ...................................

Vol. 20, 1886. Political History of Canada. Primrose League. Revision
of the Bible. France and the New Hebrides. Recreative Evening
Schools. Pasteur and Hydrophobia. New Zealand and Mr.
Fronde. In an Indian Jungle. Letters and Letter Writers. Are
Animals Happy. Naval Defence of the Colonies. Genesis and
Science. Free Trade Argument. Visit to some Australian Mon-
asteries. How a Provincial Paper is Managed. Egyptian
Divine Myths. Our Superstition about Constantinople. Prisoners
as Witnesses. Civil Service as a Profession. What Girls Read.
Our Craftsmen. Church and Parliament. France, China and
the Vatican. Exhibitions. Sisters-in-Law. Gustave Flaubert
and George Sand. Workhouse Cruelties. Building up of a Uni-
versity. Buying Niagara. Thought-Reader's Experiences.
Visit to the United States, &c .................................

Vol. 21, 1887. Government of Ireland. Physiological Selection. Schools
as Prisons and Prisons as Schools. True Reform of the House
of Commons. Rural Life in Russia. Zenith of Conservatism.
Notes on New York. Astronomical Photograph}'. Local Govern-
ment in the Rural Districts. Revelations of the After World.
True Position of French Politics. Trials of a Country Parson.
Dulness of Museums. Twenty-four Hours in a Newspaper Office.
Science and Pseudo-Science. A " Friend of God." Athletes of
the Past and Present. England and Europe. A Militia Regi-
ment. A Glimpse of Russia. Playing at " Coercion." Mental
Difference between Men and Women. Deer Forests, Past,
Present and Future. Fallacies of the French Press. Science
falsely so-called. Are Animals Mentally Happy. South Africa
as it is. Strange Medicines, &c ..............................

Vol. 22, 1887. Catholic Church and Biblical Criticism. Mr. Gladstone,
and the Income Tax. A Regiment of Infantry. A First Visit
to India. The Coming Anarchy. Europe Revisited. Dogs in
Germany. English and the American Press. Alemorials of the
Dead. Creatures we Breathe. North Borneo. Professional
Ignorance in the Army. Recent Criticism on Raphael. East
End as represented by Mr. Besant. Church-going. Positivism



N ineteenth Century (continued. )

in Christianity. New Afghan Frontier. Letters on Phantasms.
Literature for the Little Ones. Science and the Bishops. Anti-
quity of Man in North America. Medical Women. British
Missions and Missionaries in Africa. Mohammedanism in Africa.
The Time it takes to Think. Belief and Doubt, &c 22327

Vol. 23, 1888. Progress of Cremation. Shelley. Home Rule in Norway.
Decline of Art. American Statesmen. Dethroning Tennyson.
Leo the Thirteenth and the Civil Power. Struggle for Exist-
ence. More Air for London. Panama Canal and its Prospects.
How to Live on ,700 a Year. Chatter, or Business. Constitution
of the United States. The Swarming of Men. Is Japanese Art
Extinct ? Long Life and how to Attain it. Poor Men's Gardens.
Invasion of Pauper Foreigners. Local Government. Life on a
Guinea a Week. Breakdown of our Industrial System. Girls'
Schools Past and Present. One Day's Sport in India. Ben
Jonson. The Defencelessness of London. The Disenchantment
of France. In the Bahamas. Clergy and the Land. "Robert
Elsmere " and the Battle of Belief. Our Actual Military Strength.
The Coming Reign of Plenty. Pasteur. Free Greece. A
Woman's College in the United States. Local Government and
County Councils in France, &c 22337

Vo'. 24, 1888. Elizabethan Settlement of Religion. Our Missionaries.
A Story of our Lighthouses. Liberating the Slaves in Brazil.
Buddhism. Who owns the Churches? East London Labour.
The New Cure for Growing too Fat. Democracy and Partj^.
Workers' Songs. American Statesmen. What is Left of Chris-
tianity. Socialism through American Spectacles. An Armada
Relic. Miners of Scotland.- Homiculture. Slavery in East
Central Africa. Mr. Foster and Ireland. Sins of Belief and Sins
of Unbelief. Future of English Tobacco. Sacrifice of Education
to Examination. Frederick the Third and the New Germany.
Public Buildings in London. German Conduct in Samoa.
Queen Elizabeth and the Church of England. What St. John
saw on Patmos. Soldiers' Rations. Autumn Visit to Japan.
Selecting Colonial Governors, &c 223^

Vol. 25, 1889. The British Fleet and the State of Europe. Isolation, or
the Survival of the Unfittest. A Thousand more Mouths every
Day. Clubs for Working Girls. A Brahmin School Girl. Daniel
O'Connell. Agnosticism, by Huxley and Reply by Dr. Wace,
&c. Noticeable Books. Is Examination a Failure ? The Sacri-
fice of Education to Examination. Westminster Abbey and its
Monuments. The Work of a London County Council. Monte
Carlo. A Suggestion for Emigrants. With Father Damien and
the Lepers. Society and Democracy in Europe. Six Generations
of Czars. Italy in 1888-89. A few more Words on the Hawaii-
ans and Father Damien. Sardinia and and its Wild Sheep. &c. 22357

Vol.. 26, 1889. The New Liberalism. On Change of Air. Wanted, a
Gospel for the Century. The Deadly Wild Beasts of India.
The Art of Conversation. The French in Germany. Noticeable
Books. The Appeal against Female Suffrage. Diseases caught
from Butcher's Meat. Criticism as a Trade. A Few Words to
Fresh Workers. \Vhat next in Egypt ? In Search of a Religion.
The New Liberalism. The Grievances of High Church. An
Eight-Hour Law. Parliamentary Misrule of our War Services.
Rome in 1889. The Comparative Insensibility of Animals to
Pain. Mental and Physical Training of Children. Lady Toad.
Water Poachers. The Middle Class and the New Liberalism.
The New Trades-Unionism. The New Tories. The New
National Party. Australia fifty years Ago. Women of to-day.
History of a Star. Roman Catholicism in America. Criticism as
a Trade ; a Reply. Modern Gambling and Gambling Laws.
The English Church under Henry the Eighth, &c 22367

Nineveli and its Remains, by Layard, illustrated, 2 vols. 1850 556K

The Buried City of the East, Discoveries of Layard, &c. [Nat.

Illus. Lib.] 1851 ,. I 3 I 7 R



Nineveh.. See also Blackwood [and Babylon],v. 76, 1467. Bucke's Ancient Cities,

i66sZ. Evvald's Israel, 64K. Fraser [Last from, 1863], v. 68, 678.).

Leisure Hour [Day in], v. i, 261 ij. Madden's Shrines, 342K. Quiver

[Fall of, and its Testimony to the Faith], v. 25, 3295}, &c.
Nisbet (J.)- See Curvven's Booksellers, 5206.
Nithsdale (W. M., Earl of, Jacobite, d. 1744). See Blackwood [Dream of], v.

53, R.L. ; v. 115, i8sJ. Dixon's H. M. Tower [and his Countess], 324^

Quarterly, v. 137, 1267}, &c.

Nitre. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gD.
Nitric- Acid, Nitro-Glycerine and Dynamite. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts

and Manufactures, 8-gD.
Nitrogen. See Nature [in the Soil], v. 33, 2693.). Somerville's Microscopic

Science, noR. Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.
Nixies. See Keighley's Fairies, &c., loogM. Fairies, c.
No. See Temple Bar [Importance of Saying], v. 44, 1374.!, &c.
Noah. (Patriarch, b. about 2948 B.C.). See Robinson's Scripture Characters,

i5iK. Sunday at Home [Faith and Courage of], v. 6, 28s6J. Quiver,

v. 16, 3286J, &c.
Noah's Ark. See AH the Year Round, v. 13, 1773!. Fraser [Journal of the Ark],

v. 9, 6i9j. Smith's Assyria, 888F, &c.

Noah's Ark, or Mornings in the Zoo, by Phil Robinson. 1882 i6R

Noailles (Baroness De), Memoirs of the Marquise De Montagu. 6030

Nobility, Our Old Nobility, by " Noblesse Oblige." 1879 885-60

[An account of Abuse of Patronage, State Grants, c., connected with the


- See also Alison's Europe, 119-230 and 139-460. Blackwood, v. 18, R.L.

Chambers [Cheap], v. 58, igsSJ. Gould's Germany, 3630. Stubbs'
History, 2ip-iO. Temple Bar [Paupers Among the English], v. 32,
13627. Living Age, v. 81, 3inJ, &c.

Noble Deeds of Woman, by Starling. 1850 ..............................

- Traits of Kingly Men ; or, Pictures and Anecdotes of European

History, with a Bird's-eye View of the Grander Movements

and their Leaders, illustrated .......................................... I537O

- Words and Deeds, by Muller, translated by Leigh, illus. 1877... Q2Q
Noble (L. L.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Noble (Capt. William), F.R.A.S., Hours with a Three-Inch Tele-

scope, illustrated. 1886 ................................................ 422R

" Noblesse Oblige" [Howard Evans], Our Old Nobility. 1879 ..... 885-60

Noctes Ambrosianoe, by Wilson, 4 vols. 1855 .......................... 8;o-4R

- See also Blackwood, vols n to 37, R.L., &c.

Noel (Lady A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Noel (Hon. R. ), Essays on Poetry and Poets. 1886 ..................... IO39H

[Chatterton. Byron. Shelley. Wordsworth. Keats. Hugo. Tenny-
son, &c.]

- Corsica [Eraser's Magazine, v. 19, N.s.]. 1879 ............. ....... 79j

Noel (T.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, c.

Noel-Fearn (H.). See Christmas, H.

Nohl (L.), Beethoven, depicted by his Contemporaries. 1880 ...... 5O9O

- Life of Mozart, translated by Lady Wallace, 2 vols. 1877 ...... 858-90

Noise. See All the Year Round [Noises], v. 27, 1787.7. Good Words, v. 21,

2191 J. Meyer's Organs of Speech, 3goR, c.
Nomenclature, English Surnames, by Lower, 2 vols. 1875 ......... 192I-2R

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