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Puritan, Curiosities of, by Bardsley. 1880 ........................... 92oM

- What shall we name it ? A Dictionary of Baptismal Names for

Children [containing 2000 Names] ................................. I9OIZ

- See also Chambers, v. 42, 1947.7. Edinburgh Review [English Local], v.

IIT, 471 J. Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201 and 2osH. Moody's
Christian Names, i2o=R. Norman People, 438H. Salverte's Names,
53o-iH. Yonge's Christian Names, H47-8R. Names, &c.

Non- Alcoholic Home Treatment of Disease, by Ridge ..................

Non-Biblical Systems of Religion. 1887 ................................. n87M



Nonconformists. Ancient Meeting- Houses ; or, Memorial Pictures

of Nonconformity in Old London, by Pike. 1870 26 iO

. Representative Nonconformists,- by Grosart. 1879 9460

See also Contemporary [and Education], v. 22, 2032 J. Escott's England and

its People, loiyF. Fraser [Aspects of Modern], v. 98, joSJ. Green's
English People, 191-2!!. Harris" Radicals, no6F. Knight's England,
149-50!!. May's Democracy, 38-9!!. Nineteenth Century [and Church
Congress], v. 2, 9212]. Poole's Index, R.L. Routledge's Popular
Progress, I034F. Stoughton's Religion in England, 94-7M. Wilson's
Dissenters, 188-91 K. Neal's Puritans, 4C9-ioA. Dissenters, Methodists,
Puritans, VVesleyans, Quakers, Baptists, &c.

Noontide at Sychar, or the Story of Jacob's Well, by Macduff. 1882 273T
Nordenskiold (Adolf Erik, Swedish Naturalist and Explorer, b.

1832), The Arctic Voyages of [1858-1879], illustrated. 1879. 665K

Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, with a Historical

Review of Previous Journeys along the North Coast of the Old
World, translated by A. Leslie, illustrated. 1881 666-7K

See also Nature [and his Arctic Voyages], v 21, 268iJ, &c.

Nordhoff (C., l>. 1830), God and the Future Life, the Reasonable-
ness of Christianity. 1884 429M

Politics for Young Americans. 1876 525T

The Communistic Societies of the United States, illustrated. 1875 IO 45E

Economists. Shakers. The Amana. Zoarites. Oneida. Bethel. Aurora.
Icarian, and other Societies. Their Religious Creeds, Industries, &c.
Works of. See also Harper's Index, i64oja.

Nordurfari, or Rambles in Iceland, by Miles. 1854 I26R

Norfolk. See All the Year Round [Deluge in], v. 7, 17677 ; [Cruise in the
Broads and .Rivers of], v. 54, i8i4j. Blackwopd [Broads and Rivers
of], v. 126, I96J. Chambers [Broads and Rivers of], v. 61, i96ij.
Fraser [Historic Memorials of the Coast of], v. 104, 714], Jessopp's
Historic Essays [Village life Six Hundred Years ago], 15210. Jones'
Sandringham, I348R. Ritchie's East Anglia, 6230. Froude's Eng-
land, ig8-2oiO, &c.

Norfolk, Dukes of. See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 3i2-2iH, &c.

Norfolk Island, Pitcairn, by Murray. 1860 I79^Z

See also Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK, &c.

NORMAN Conquest, by Freeman, 6 vols. 1873 2OI-6H

of England, by Thierry, translated, 3 vols. 1825 562-4H

See also Chambers' Miscellany, 63oR. England, Harold, William I., &c.

- People, The, and their existing Descendants. 1874 438H

Nomenclature of Races. Danish Dominion in 879. Family of Hastings.
Descendants of the Nobility and Commonalty in England. Gothic
Origin of the Danes, Normans and Anglo-Saxons. List of Norman
Names, &c.

Sec also All the Year Round [Norman Life], 17707. Bell's Feudalism,

2320. Froissart's Chronicles, 3i2-sD. Harper's New Monthly Maga-
zine [Fisher Folk], v. 69, i6 4 9J, &c.

NORMANDY, a Summer in, with my Children, by Mrs. Ellis, ill. I376-7R

and Brittany, Pictures and Legends, by Macquoid, ill. 1879 ^SQR.

England, Ecclesiastical History of, to A.D. 1141, by Odericus
Vitalis, trans, by Forrester [Bonn's Library], 4 vols. 1853-6... 113-60
History of, by Palgrave, 4 vols. . 1851 i8o-3H

Dukes of, from the Time of Rollo to the Expulsion of King John,

by Duncan. 1839 8740

- Excursions in, edited by Shoberl, 2 vols. 1841 1378-9R

Life in [by J. F. Campbell], illustrated, 2 vols. 1863 1700-iR



Normandy, Western, and the Channel Islands, by Black 1J42K

- See also All the Year Round [Glimpse of], v. 24, 1784; ; [Tour in] v. 52,

1,1 i * /-i_ j__ i j__ ,j r> *.* ~\ o~~t~\ fViit-nVnat-c rf if* in I

i8i2j. Black's Guides [and Brittany], 8 33 Q. Chambers [Life in],
v 40 I946J. Green's Conquest of England, i87H ; French Pictures
[and Brittany], 33 4B. Harper [Fisher Folk of], v. 69, i6 49 J. Penny
Magazine, v. 4, 1426 ; [Wood-cutters and Forest of] v. 8, I46B ^ [Apple

and Brittany], 334 B. Harper [Fisher Folk of], v. 69, i6 49 J. Penny
Magazine, v. 4, 1426 ; [Wood-cutters and Forest of] v. 8, I46B ; [Apple
Harvest in] v. 9, i 47 B. St. Paul's [We four in], v. 7, n6 7 F ; [Land of
the Conquerer] v. 8, n68F. Scribner [Picturesque], v. 6, 1856.) ; [By
the Sea in] v. 22, i8 72 J. Wright's Louis Philippe [Queen Victoria's
Visit to, in 1843], H2F. The Guernsey Star [Normandy of the Sea],
September 6th and 8th, 1888, R.L., c.

NorriS (J. P.), M.A., Key to the Narrative of the Four Gospels.... 132^

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Norse Country. See Good Words [Holiday in], v 21757. Macmillan [Popu>
lar Tales], v. 3, 933J. Quarterly [Mirro of Men and Manners], y,
143, i27 3 J. Harper [Discoveries of Norsemen and Portuguese, in
America], v. 65, 16457. Koldewey's Arctic Expedition, 6056, &c.

North Eastern Railway. See Acworth's Railways, 9570, &c.

North Pole. See Chambers [Who owns], v. 53, i95 3 J. Cornhill [Towards], v. 34,
3T4J. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S. [About], v. 15, 735.! . _ Once a Week
[at], v. 30, 22goJ. Quarterly [Parry's intended Expedition to, 1827],
v. 37, 1167). Arctic Seas, Polar Regions, &c.

North Sea. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 69, 1649}, & c -

North (B.), B.A., Ourselves, a Picture sketched from the History of

the Children of Israel. 1868 6Q

North (Christopher [John Wilson], Scotch Philosopher and Essayist,

b. 1785, d. 1854), Memoir of, by his Daughter, Mrs. Gordon 41 8F

See also Blackwood [Critique on Tennyson's Poems], v. 31, R.L. ; [Speci-
mens of the British Critics], v. 57, 1277. Wilson (J.), &c.

North (Lord). See Creasy' s Etonians, 14200. Froude's Ireland, 205-60. Tre-
velyan's Life of Fox, 26oF, &c.

Northamptonshire. See All the Year Round [Traditions of], v. 32, 1792} ;
[Chronicles of], v. 55, iSisJ. Living Age [Words and Phrases of], v. 49,
3 O 79J- Quarterly [History and Antiquities of], v. 101, 1231 J^&c.

Northbrook (Francis Thornhill, Lord, Statesman, b. 1796, d. 1866). See
Trotter's India, 538-9^ India, &c.

Northbrook (Thomas George, Governor of India, b, 1826). See Temple's India,
464H. India, &c.

NorthGOte (J., Painter, b. 1746, d. 1831), R.A., Life of Titian ... 53I-2F

Northcote (Sir Stafford, Statesman, b. i8i8,_rf. 1887). See Fortnightly, v. 31,
2i2iJ. Lucy's Parliament, 316-711. Temple Bar, v. 70, i4ooj ;
[Eton Days of], v. 70, t4ooj.

See also Iddlesleigh (Earl of).

Northeast Passage. See Blackwood, v. 127, 197}. Leisure Hour, v. 29, 2639.}.
Nature [Nordenskiold's Expedition for], v. 21, 268iJ. Quarterly [Nor-
denskiold's Voyage], v. 58, 848J.

Northern Travel, Sweden, Denmark and Lapland, by Taylor. 1869 857R

Northmen. See Blackwood [Heathen and Christian], v. 105, i7sJ. Chambers

[Sea Kings at Home], v. 46, i94gj. Fraser [in Britain], v. 46, 656], &c.
.berland. See Blackwood, v. 119, i8gj. Brand's Antiquities, ioos-6M.
Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201 -5 H. Leisure Hour, v. 34, 2644],

Tk TV T rT>-_ - - -n ' . .T> . rC - - J TT- ' ' -\

Penny Magazine [Peasantry of], v. 6, 1446 ; [Sunday Hirings in], v. 7,
1456. Temple Bar [Walk through], v. 24, 1354.!, &c.
Northumberland, Dukes and Earls of. See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower,

32I-2H, &C.

Northumbria. See Green's Conquest of England, i8;H.

Northwest Passage. See Chambers [by Land], v. 42, 1947.7. _ Edinburgh Re-
view [Discovery of], v. 103, 463^ Harper [Who Discovered ?], v. 9,
^SgJ- Quarterly, v. i8and2i, 1148 and usij ; [Parry's Second Voy-
age], v. 30, n6oj. Arctic Voyages, &c.

Northwich. Sec Rimmer's Old Country Towns, i34gR. Cheshire, &c.

Northwick (Lord). See P'rith's Reminiscences, 6isF, &.c.

Norton (A., b. 1786, d. 1853). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, c.

Norton (Hon. Mrs., Poet and Novelist, b. 1808, d. 1877), Tales and

Sketches. 1850 !9i8R



Norton (Hon. Mrs.), Residence of a Lady at Sierra Leone 79oQ and I286R

Ed., Letters of Carlyle [1826-36], 2vols. 1888

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Fraser [with Portrait],

v - 3) 6137 ! [and Married Women], v. 97, 7077. Griswold's Poets and
Poetry of England, 4720. Temple Bar [and her Writings], v. 52, 13827.
Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Norton (F. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a.

Norton (W. A., Civil Engineer, l>. 1810), M.A., First Cook of Na-
tural Philosophy and Astronomy. 1 866

NORWAY, a Month in, by Holway. 1853 4I3T

About Norway, by Wood [Argosy, vol 29] 29]

and Sweden, a Long Vacation Ramble, by X and Y. 1857 146911

Early Kings of, &c., by Carlyle. 1875 7 T

Norwegian Pictures, by Lovett, illustrated. 1885 32gB

Our Tour in, the Diary of Two London Girls [Girl's Own An-

nual, vol. 6] 2 556J

Oxonian in [1854-5], by Metcalf, 2 vols. 1856 I465R

Rambles in, by Forester. 1855 " 1263!^

Residence in [1834-6], by Laing 763Q and I262R

Unprotected Females in, or the Pleasantest Way of Travelling

there, passing through Denmark and Sweden, with Scandi-
navian Sketches. 1857 I464R

Norway. See also Alison's Europe, 132-70. Argosy, v. 29, 297. Blackwood
[Sonnets], v. 129, 1997. Cassell's Family Magazine [a Glimpse of], v.
9> 2 359J- Chambers [Summer Holiday in], v. 54, 19547 ', [Under the
Snow], v. 59, 19597 j [Farms and Farmers in], v. 62, 19627. Cornhill
[Glacier Expedition in], v. 50, 3307. JJu Chaillu's Land of the Mid-
night Sun, 467-8K. Edinburgh Review [Laing's Chronicle of the
Kings of], v. 82, 4427 ; [Three in], v. 156, 5167. Excelsior [Notes on],
1927 and i93oR. Fortnightly [Fishing in], v. 2, 20927 ; [Sport and
Travel in], v. 42, 21327. Fraser [and the Norwegians], v. 23, 6337 ;
[Fishers], v. 40, 6507 ; Journey across the Fjeld], v. 60, 6707 ; [Early
Kings of], v. 91, 7017 ; [Constitution of], v. 98, 7087. Girl's Own An-
nual [Norwegian Girls], v. 7, 25577. 9 ood Words [Pictures of], v. 25,
21957. Gpsse's Literature, 96oH. Leisure Hour [Waterfalls of], v. 21,
2631) ; [Visit to], v. 34, 26447 ; [Look at from the Sea], 26477. Living
Age [Forbes's and its Glaciers], v. 43, 30737 ; [Home Life in], v. 60,
30907 ; [and the Maelstrom], v. 134, 31647. Longman [Fjords of], v.
i, 8917 5 v. 4, 8947. Macmillan [Three Months' Holiday in], v. 46,
9767. Maunder's Treasury of History, i8s6Z. Nature [Geology of],
v. 22, 26827 '> [Du Chaillu's Land of the Midnight Sun], v. 25, 26857.
Penny Magazine [Fiords], v. 5, 1436. Science Gossip [Natural His-
tory, Notes in], v. 24, 24237. Scribner [and the Norsemen], v. 73,
18637. Stanford's Compendium, 854K. Temple Bar [Elk Hunting in],
v. 65, 13957- Good Words [Pictures of], v. 25, 21957. Harper's Maga-
zine [and its People], v. 78, 16587. Leisure Hour [a Look at from the
Sea], v. 37, 2647), &c.

Norwich, by Jessop. 1884 i6oiZ

See also Land we Live in, 4646. Edinburgh Review [Worthies of], v. 150,

5107. Harper [Some Worthies of], v. 65, 16457. Leisure Hour [City
of], v. 17, 26277. Ritchie's East Anglia, 6230, &c.

Norwood, or Village Life in New England, by Beecher. 1869 594^

Norwood (S.), B. A., Our Indian Empire. 1876 372O

Nose, The. See Blackwood [V 7 ision of Noses], v. 43, R.L. Leisure Hour [Chapter
on Noses], v. 23, 26337. Meyer's Organs of Speech, 39oR. Thomson's
Sick Room [Nose-bleeding], &c., 834 M. Physiology, &c.
Nossis (about 280 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.

Notes and Reflections during a Ramble in Germany. 1827 4i8K

on England, by Taine, translated by Rae. 1885 I676R

" and Queries, a Medium of Inter- Communication for Literary Men,

Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, &c., from vol. I. 1849... 1021]


Notices illustrative of the Drama and other Amusements of the Six-
teenth and Seventeenth Centuries, and Notes by Kelly. 1865 453^

Notre Dame, Cathedral of. See Sunday at Home, v. 12, 2862). Paris, &c.

Nottingham. Sec All Year Round [Insurrection in], v. 32, 1792; ; [Chronicles
of Nottinghamshire], v. 53. i8i 3 J. Freeman's Norman Conquest,
201-sH. Land we Live in [and the Hosiery District], 4656. Leisure
Hour, v. 15, 2625.7. Penny Magazine [Hill and Castle at], v. ic,
i5oB, &c.

Nottingham (Earls of). See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 322H, &c.

Nottingham (Lord Chancellor). See Campbell's Chancellors, 777-0, &c.

Nourse (J. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Nova Scotia, by Buckingham

Sec also Chambers [Banishment of the Acadians], v. 22, 19377 ; [Life in], v.

58, 19587. Harper [Banishment of Acadians], v. 69, 1649}. Leisure H
[Coal Fields of], v. u, 262iJ. Lyell's Geological Observations,
' '

McGregor's British America, 488H. Murray's British America, 4OO-2T.
Nature [Honeyman s Geology of], v. 3, 26637. Nineteenth Century
[Home Rule desired by], v. 20, 22307. Once a Week [Winter among
the Blue-Noses], v. 26, 22867. Stanford's Compendium, 8soK, &c.

Nova Zembla. See Good Words [Yachting Cruise to], v. 22, 21927, &c.

Novantia. See Good Words, v. 15, 21857, & c -

Novelists and Poets, French, by H. James, Jun. 1878 6580

Half-Hours with Foreign, by H. and N. Zimmern. 1882 687-80

- The, by Scott, 2 vols. 1825 IOI3-4Z

See also Authors, Books, French Novelists, 6580. French Cata. Literature, &c.

Novels and Tales, by Goethe. 1885 6QoM

See also All Year Round [Defence of, and the Drama], v. 23, 17837. Argosy

[History of the Novel and the Drama in England], v. 14, 147 5 v. 13, 137.
Atlantic [Combination], v. 54, 15447 ! [Modern Heroines in],v. 55, 15457-
Blackwood [Writing], v. 4, R.L. ; ["Novelists], v. 125, 1957. Contemporary
[Old and New], v. 45, 20557 5 [Dialogue on], v. 48, 20587 ; [The Re-
ligious], v. 54, 20647. Cornhill [Sea, and Captain Marryat], v. 27,
307}. Escott's England and its People [and Novelists], ioi8F. Fort-
nightly Review [Publication of, in England], v. 46, 21367 ; [Present
State of the Novel], v. 48, 21387. Good Words [and Novel-makers], v.
22, 21927. Hazeltine's Chats [Novelists and Poets], 977R. Lee's
Dialogues, 1325^ Living Age [and Novelists, French], y. 27, 30577 ',
[and Novelists], v. 170, 32007- Macmillan [and their Times], v. 26,
956.7/ Quarterly [Growth of English], v. 163, 12937. Robertson's
Critical Method [Howell's], I956R. Scribner [and the Drama, spoiled],
v. 6, 18567. Temple Bar [As Mirrors of Society], v. 6, 13367. Tucker-
man's Prose Fiction, H26H. Westminster [Female Novelists], v. 58,
R.L.; [ Silly Novels by Females], v. 66, R.L. Fiction Class List at end
of the General Catalogue.

Novelties, Inventions and Curiosities, in Arts and Manufactures [by

G. Dodd]. 1858 355T

November. See Good 'Words [Out of doors in], v. 24, 21947. Howitt's
Seasons, 572Q. Knowledge, v. i, 25817. Leisure Hour [Antiquarian
Gossip on], v. 25, 26357. Fraser , v. 68, 6787, &c.

Nowell (A., Reformer, b. 1507, d. 1602), Catechism Written in Latin 238A

Noyce (J.), Marvels of Nature [Juvenile Literature] 5O4R

Noyes (G. F.), Works of. Sec Harper's Index, 164073.

Nubia and Abyssinia, by Russell. 1833 394'f

See also Belzoni's Discoveries, 835-6K. Madden's Travels, I457-8R, c.

Nugent (Lord, George Grenville^ Brother of Marquis of Bucking-
ham, b. 1788, d. 1850), Lands Classical and Sacred. 1846.. 14842

Nuisances. See All the Year Round [Inspectors of], v. 51, 18117. Sanitation, &c.

Numa. See Plutarch's Lives, 445F and ii3oQ.

Numbers, Notes on the Book of Numbers !3oQ

Numbers. See Bowring's Decimal System, H23M. Clifford's Exact Sciences,
3Q2R. Humboldt's Cosmos [Indian Numerals], 484R. 7 ones> Creduli-
ties [Lucky], 902M. Nineteenth Century, v. 15, 22257. Sunday at
Home [Oriental], v. 13, 28637.

Numeration. See Cornhill [Origin of different Systems of], v. 53, 3337.

Numerical Discrimination. See Nature [Power of], v. 3, 26637"

1 Tables. See Penny Magazine [French], v. n, 149!}.



Numismatics. See Bowring's Decimal System of Coins, H23M. Harper's In-
dex, i64oja. Henry's English Silver Coins, n6oM. Humphrey's
Coin Collector, loSS-gM. Nature [Oriental], v. 12 and 13, 2672 and
2673). Michel's British Museum [Collections], 863F. See also Coins.

Nuns. See Fraser [Rule of Good], v. 51, 66iJ. Michelet;s Priests, &c.,4iiM.
Quarterly [of Port Royal], v. 99, 1229.7. Catholicism, &c.

Nuremberg. See Bellow's Europe, I398R. Blackwood [Buildings of], v. 108,
1787. Leisure Hour, v. 34, 2644], &c.

Nurseries, Healthy, by Mrs. Gladstone. 1884 99lM

See also Chambers [Public, in England], v. 23, 1938 J. Fraser [Public], v.

42, 6527 ; [Nursery Literature], v. 45, 6557. Quiver, v. 12, 3282!.

Nursery Rhymes. See Blackwood, v. 38, R.L. Leisure Hour [Old], v. 25,
2 6 3 sJ. Temple Bar [and Legends], v. 8, i 33 8J, &c.

Nurses. See Beeton's Household Management, ggjM. Cornhill [Influence of],
v. 6, 286J. Fraser [Training Schools for], v. 90, jooj. Macmillan,
v. 34, 964.7. Nineteenth Century [and Doctors m Hospitals], v. 7,
2217) ; [District Nurses], v. 13, 22237. Westminster Review [and
Nursing], v. 130, R.L.

Nursing, Handbook of, by Wood !47oZ

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [as a Profession], v. 5, 23547. Century

[as a profession for Women], v. 3, 18757. Chambers [Nursing Sisters],
v. 52, 19527 ; [for Educated Women], v. 53, 19537 ; [Mistakes in], v.
60, 19607; [Home], v. 61, 1961 and v. 62, ig62j. Fraser [as a Pro-
fession for Ladies], v. 99, 7097. Girl's Book, 1257^ Girl's Own
Annual, v. 5, 25557 J [A. few hints on health and], v. 7, 25577. Leisure
Hour [Hints on], v. 17, 26277. Once a Week [Woman's Battle Field],
v. i, 22617. Quarterly [Miss Nightingale's Notes], v. 107, 12377, & c -

Nutcracker, The. See 7ardine's Naturalists' Library, 654Q. Fraser [and jays],
v. 56, 6667. Birds, &c.

Nutmeg. See Ure's Dictionary, 8D. Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Spices.

Nutrition in Health and Disease, by Bennet. 1877 9i8K

See also Century Magazine [Chemistry of Food and Nutrition], v. 12, 18847.

Ure's Dictionary, 8D. Warner's Physical Expression, 393R, &c.

Nuts. See All the Year Round [Edible], v. 28, 17887, &c.

Nutt (Alfred), Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail, with especial

Reference to the Hypothesis of its Celtic Origin. 1888 1324!!

Nuttall (P. A.), LL.D., Spelling Bees, how to conduct them, and a

list of 3,000 words !23iZ

Nutting (M. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.

\> AK, The. See Chambers, v. i, 19217. 7 esse ' s Gleanings, 579Q. Once a
Week [Hearne's], v. 9, 22697. Penny Magazine [Uses of], \. 12, isoB ;
[Oak-bark Peelers], \. 4, 1426. Leisure Hour [Trees], v, 23, 26337.
Trees, &c.

Oakes (7- W., Landscape Painter). See Art 7ournal [and his paintings], \. 31.

Oakey(A. F.), Home Grounds. 1881 . 9 4 8M

Oars. See Woodgate's Boating, I266R. Boating, c.

Gates (Titus, Informer, b. 1620,^.1705). See Knight's England, isoH. Pike's
Crime in England, 3o8H. Stoughton s Religion in England, 9sM.

Oaths. See All the Year Round [Curious Modes of Taking], v. 41, 18017. Black-
wood [Coronation], v. 24, R.L. Contemporary [Parliamentary and
7udicial], v. 49, 20597. Edinburgh Review [Tyler on], v. 59, 4197.
Fortnightly [What is an?], v. 5, 6157 ; [Affirmation Bill], v. 39, 21297.
Fraser [Ordeal by], v. 66, 6767. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M.
Macmillan [and Ordeals], v. 34, 9647. Nineteenth Century [Short
Tract upon], v. 17, 22277. Stubbs' History, 210-20, &c.

Oatmeal. See Bell's Food, io5 2 M. Wells' Pastrycook, 99 8M. Foods, &c.

Oats. See Science Gossip, v. 6, 24127. Smith's Foods, 38oR, &c.



Obadiah (//'>/ /V0//U'/, about 487 B.C.) and Elijah. See Sunday at Home,

v. 29, 28707
Obedience. See Quiver [Liberty of], v. 17, 3287 J, &c.

Obelisk and Freemasonry, by \Veisse. 1880 IH3 F

Obelisks. .SVr Adams' Land of the Nile, 7550.. Leisure Hour [and our Needle],

v. 27, 2637;. Once a Week, v. 6, 22 66J. Wilson's Egypt, 3750, &c.
Oberammergau Passion Play. See Blackburn's Art in the Mountains, 9030.

Black wood, v. 107, 177!. Contemporary [and Symbolic Christianity],
v. 18, 2028J. Macmillan [Passion Play in 1860], v. 2, 932_J.
Oberlin (J. F., French Philanthropist, b. 1740, if. 1826). See Living Age, v. 60,

309oJ. Penny Magazine [Memoirs of], v. 7, 1456. Sunday at Home,

v. 25, 28757, & c -
Obesity. See Kalos [Cure of], I412Z. Millingen's Medical Curiosities, 927^

Nineteenth Century Magazine [Cure of], v. 24, 22347.

Obituary [Deaths of Distinguished Persons]. See Excelsior, 1926-31^ &c.
Object Lessons. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R, &c.
Objectors. See Chambers' Journal, v. 53, 1953!, &c.
O'Brien (F. J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
O'Brien (H.). See Fraser [with Portrait], v. 12, 622J.
Observation and Memory. See Chambers' Journal, v. 55, igssJ, &c.
Observatories. See Abercromby's Seas and Skies, 843K. Edinburgh Review

[Greenwich Observatory], v. 91, 45iJ. Good Words [at Night in an

Observatory], v. 3, 2173}. Leisure Hour [Southern], v. 18, 2628!.

Nature [Greenwich and Edinburgh, Visitations of], v. 12, 2672J ;

[Vienna], v. 13, 2673J ; [Astronomical], v. 26, 2686J ; [Construction and

Equipment of, for Amateurs], v. 33, 3693J, &c.

Observer, a Paper, by Cumberland [British Essayists] 44-6T

Observing Faculties, Culture of the, by Burton. 1865 554T

Obstruction. See Nineteenth Century, v. 8, 22i8J. Parliament, &c.

O'Byrne (R. W.), The Victoria Cross, an Official Chronicle of Deeds

of Personal Valour. 1880 2700

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Names, e.g., Atlantic, Pacific, Sea, &c.

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See also Brown's Countries of the World, 1630, c.

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