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O'Connell (Mrs. M. J.), Charles Bianconi, a Biography [1786-1875] 5liO

8 'Conner (W. D.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
'Connor (Feargus E., Irish Chartist, b. 1796, d. 1855). See Harris' Radicals,

no6F. Fraser, v. 37, 6477, &c.

O'Connor (T. P., President of the Irish National League of Great
Britain, Editor of the ''Star" London, b. 1848), M.A.,
M.P., The Parnell Movement, a History of the Irish Question
from the Death of O'Connell to the Suicide of Piggott. 1889 326R

Lord Beaconsfield, a Biography. 1876... 14850

Gladstone's House of Commons. 1885 14860

October. See Hewitt's Seasons, 572Q. Leisure Hour [Antiquarian Gossip on], v.

25, 26357. Fraser [Thoughts], v. 80, 690.7, &c.
Octopus. See Buckley's Life, &c., io6R. Harper [and Sea-Serpent], v. 21,

i6oij. Leisure Hour [of the Pacific], v. 21, 26317, &c.
Odd Notions and old Ones. See All the Year Round, v. 13, i7737> &c.
Odd People, or Singular Races of Men, by Reid, illustrated. 1863... 6oiZ

See also Chambers, v. 56, 19567, &c.

Ode of Life ; and Gwen, a Drama in Monologue [Morris's Poetical

Works, vol. 3] , 308Q

Odes. See Blackwood [Talk about], v. 129, 1997. Poetry, &c.

Odillon (Barrot, French Statesman, b. 1791, d. 1873), Memoirs of. See Poole's

Index, R.L.
Odin (Mythological Hero, or Deity of the Norsemen}. See Keary's Primitive

Belief, loiK. Mallet's Northern Antiquities, ioo8M, &c.

Odo (St., Archbishop of Canterbury, b. 875, d. 961). See Freeman's Norman Con-
quest, 202-5H, &C.

Odometer, or Divining Ring. See Mayo's Popular Superstitions, goiM.
O'Donovan (E.), The Merv Oasis, Travels and Adventures East of

the Caspian, 2 vols. 1882 494'SK

O'Donovan (\V. R.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a.

Odyssey of Homer, translated by Worsley, 2 vols 1138-91! & 800- iM

See also Macmillan, v. 36, 9667. Homer, &c.

Offenbach Qacques). See Once a Week [Music of], v. 18, 22787, &c.
Office, Phonography in the, a Complete Shorthand Clerk's Guide, by

Kingston [Pitman series]. 1888 18957

Officers, Indian, by Kaye, 2 vols. 1889 1453-46

See also Army, Navy, Soldiers, Sailors, Biography, &c.

Official England. See Escott's England and its People, ioi8F.

Officialism. See All the Year Round [Official Midges], v. 19, 17797. Chambers'

7ournal [Official Mind], v. 39, 19467. Once a Week [in Government],
v. 6, 22667, &c.

O'Flanaghan (J. R.), The Irish Bar, Anecdotes, Bon-mots and Bio-
graphical Sketches. 1879 1163?-,

Ogilby (\V.), The Elephant, principally viewed in Relation to Man 7I7Z
Ogilvie (7-, Scotch Minister and Poet, b. 1733, d. 1814). See Dana's Household
Book of Poetry, 4760.

Ogilvy (W. T.), Young Collector's Handbook of Postage Stamps
'3 [5451


Oglethorpe (J. E., General under Marlborough, b. 1696, d. 1785),

Memoir of, by Wright. 1867 .................... . .................. 8760

. - See also Japp's Missionaries [and Georgia], 7700. All the Year Round,
v. 18, 1778;. Temple Bar, v. 54, 1384), c.

O' Gorman (Major). Sue Lucy's Parliaments, 316-7!!, &c.

Ogres. See All Year Round, v. 58, i8i8J, &c.

O'Hanlon (Alice). See Fiction Class Class List following the General Catalogue.

O'Hara (E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Ohio. See Harper [Earliest Settlement in], v. 71, 1651 J ; v. 77,1657.7. Nadaillac's
Pre-Historic America, 8g7F. Nature [Inscriptions in], v. 5, 2665] ;
[Geological Survey of], v. 6, and v. 15, 2666 and 26757, &c.

Ohnet (G.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Oil. See Cassell's Magazine [as a Substitute for Coal], v. 6, 23467. Chambers
[Mineral, Trade in], v. 60, io6oj. English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470.
Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 72, 16527 ; [Production of], v. 72,
16527. Macmillan [and Gas Wells of Pennsylvania], v. 51, 9817. Mar-
vin's Petroleum Region [Oil Wells], 8osK. Nature [Effect of, on
Waves], v. 35, 26957. Simmond's Products of the Vegetable Kingdom,
iF. Ure's Dictionary [Volatile, Etherous, or Essential], 8-gD ; Oil


ill], gD. Chambers [Effect of, in Stilling Waves], v. 55 and y. 58, 1955
and 19587. Living Age [Kerosene, a Good Time for Whales], v. 66,

lambers [Revival of Anointing with], v. .19, 19367. Mac-
mi'llan [Making, in Tuscany], v. 33, 9637. Art Journal [Wells of
America], v. 16, R.L. Cornhill [What are Oil-Weils], v. 5, 2857, & c -

Oil Painting. See Ellis' Sketching from Nature [Oil Colours], io67M. Girl's
Own Annual, v. 3, 25537. Hamerton's Graphic Arts, io7j5M. Art, &c.

Ointments. See South's Household Surgery, 18577, c.

O'Keefe (]., Irish Dramatist, b. 1747, d. 1833). See Dana's Household Book of
Poetry, 4760.

Okey (A. F.), Building a Home. 1882 942M

Old Age. See Argosy [Art of Growing Old], v. 3, 37. Cornhill, v. 48, 3287.

Eraser [Concerning growing Old] v. 61,6717. Living Age,v. 28, 30587;

[Advantages of, over Youth], v. 152, 31827. Stark's Life's Stages,


Old Clothes. See Wynter's Human Hive, 244R, c.

Old Comrades, or Life in the British Army, by Malan. 1879 I46T

Old Court Suburb, or Memorials of Kensington, by Hunt I34IR

Old Customs. See Blight's Land's End, 82oQ. Timbs' Works, 8si-6Z. Cus-
toms, &c.

Old English Chronicles [Bohn's Library], v.D. :

Florence of Worcester, Chronicle of, trans, by Forester 1040

Henry of Huntingdon, Chronicle of, trans, by Forester 1020

Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland, trans, by Riley 1050

Matthew of Westminster's Flowers of History, trans, by Yonge ioo-iO'

Matthew Paris' English History, trans, by Giles 94-90

Ordericus Vitalis' Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, trans.

by Forester 113-60

Roger De Hoveden's History of England, &c., trans, by Riley go-giO

Roger of Wendover's Flowers of History, trans, by Giles 92-30

Six Old English Chronicles, ed. by Giles 1170

William of Malmesbury's Chronicle of the Kings of England, ed. by Giles. . 1030

Old English Homes, Glimpses of. See English Illustrated Magazine, v. 5,

Old Faiths in New Lights, by Smyth 468M

Old Horse Gray, and the Parish of Grumbleton, a poem, by Hopper. 7O5M

Old Humphrey. See Parley (Peter).

Old Maids. See Blackwood, v. 122, 1927. Chambers [From Principle], v. 8, 19287 ;
[What she should be], v. 48, 19507. Quiver, v. 14, 32847. Good Words,
v. 3, 21737, &c.

Old Man's Thoughts about Many Things. 1872 I79T

Final Cause. Schools. Riches. Statues. Style. Books. Power. Educa-
tion. Taxation. 7 uc 'grnent of Paris, c.



Old Masters and their Pictures, by Ty tier. 1 880 1 1 22R

Old Red Sandstone, by Hugh Miller. 1875 8o2R

Old Regime [France, Time of Louis XV.], by Lady Jackson. 1883... 983^

Old Roads and New Roads. 1852 6i;Z

[Travelling. Stage Coaches. Tolls and Turnpikes, &c.]

Old Sights with New Eyes, by a Yankee. 1854 1754^

Old Testament and New Testament Concordance, by Cruclen I & 2A

Exposition, by Matthew Henry, 3 vols. 1843 9O-2A

Sunday School Teachers' Manual, by Gray. 1867 332M

See Sunday Magazine [How to Study the], v. 5, 2455],

and New Testament. See Bible, Commentaries, Scripture, &c.

Old Welsh Legends and Poetry. See Peasant Properties, 2004!?., &c.
Oldcastle (Sir J., Soldier and Reformer, b. 1360, burnt 1418). See Dixon's H.M.

Tower, 32iH. Pike's Crime in England, sojH, &c.

Oldenberg (H.), Trans. [Miiller's Sacred Books of the East, vol. 13]. 571 A
Oldfield (M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Olfactory Channels. See Bastian's Brain, 387^. Noses, &c.
Olin (J. F.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Oliphant (L., Barrister and Traveller, b. 1831), Episodes in a Life

of Adventure, or Moss from a Rolling Stone. 1887 I7OQR

Haifa, or Life in Modern Palestine. 1837 1717!*.

Journey to Katmandu (the Capital of Nepaul), with the Camp of

Jung Bahadoor. 1852 782 and 8;2Q

Land of Gilead, with Excursions in the Lebanon, illus. 1880.... 793 K

Khemi, Up and Down the Middle Nile, ill. 1882. 2OoJ and I562R

Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's Mission to China and Japan,

[1857-9], illustrated, 2 vols. 1859 Si6-7K

See also Time, v. 20, isioj. Fiction Class List following the General Cata-
logue, &c.
Oliphant (Mrs., Scotch Novelist and Biographer, b. 1818), Dress

[Art at Home Series], illustrated. 1878 97oM

Historical Sketches of the Reign of George II. 1870 2500

See also Blackwood's Magazine, 173.7.

Literary History of England, 3 vols. 1882 IO44-6R

Memoir of Count De Montalembert, 2 vols. 1872 1014-5(3

the Life of John Tulloch, D.D. 1888 5ooF

Sheridan [Morley's English Men of Letters]. 1883 logoR

The Makers of Florence [Dante. Giotto. Savonarola.] 1881 359O

Ed. Foreign Classics for English Readers, V.D. :

Calderon, by Hasell "74O

Cervantes, by Oliphant 11850

Cornell le and Racine, by Trol-

lope n86O

Dante, by Oliphant
" -, b : "

Goethe, by Hayward n88O

La Fontaine, and other French

Fabulists, by Collins 11760

Moliere, by Oliphant and

Tarver 11770

Montaigne, by Collins 1 1780

See also Atlantic, v. 55, I545J. JBIackwqpd, \. 113, 183]. Living Age

Pascal, by Tulloch 11796

Petrarch, by Reeve u8oO

Rabelais, by Besant u8iO

Rousseau, by Graham 11820

Schiller, by Sinie nSgO

Se"vign (Madame de), by Thack-
eray 11870

St. Simon, by Collins 11830

Tasso, by Hasell 11840

Voltaire, by Hamley 11906

[Works of], v. 101, 31317. Fiction Class List following the General

Oliphant (W.), The Decision, or Religion must be all or is nothing. i8oT

Olive, The See Leisure Hour, v. 29, 26393. Sunday at Home [and its Oil], v.
6, 28563. All the Year Round, v. 9, 17693. Once a Week [Culture
of], v. 7, 2 2 6 7 J, &c.



Olive Leaf, The, by Macmillan. 1886 .......................................

Oliver Cromwell. Sec Cromwell (Oliver).

Oliver (,* ; - )). Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640/3.

Olivers (T."), Works of. Sec Harper's Index, 1640);!.

Ollivier(E., French Liberal Politician, b. 1825). See King's French Leaders,

6 59 O, &c.
Olmsted (F. L., American Engineer, b. 1822), Journey through

Texas, or a Winter of Saddle and Camp Life. 1857 ......... 73oK

. - - to the Seaboard Slave States. 1856 ................................. 72QK

Olshausen (Herman), Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews.. !2gA
Gospels, 4 vols. 1847 .......................................... I22-5A

- - St. Paul's Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians

and Thessalonians. 1864 ............................................. I28A

- - - Fhilippians, to Titus and the first to

Timothy. 1866 ......................................................... i3oA

- - New Testament (Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans).

1871 .......................... , ............................................. I26A

- upon St. Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians. 1869 ............... I27A

Olympia. See Poole's Index, R.L.

Olympian Games. See Mitford's Greece, iciH. Macmillan, V. 32, g6z], &c.

Olympus, Mount. See Fraser [Ramble at the foot of], v. 36, 646], &c.

Oman (C. W. C.), B.A., The Art of War in the Middle Ages, [A.D.

378-1515]. 1885 ......................................................... iiioM

Oman (J. Campbell), Indian Life, Religious and Social. 1889 ....... I 74 1 ^

Omar (Mussulman Califih, b. 581, d. 644). See Mahomet's Successors, ioo7Q.
O'Meara (B., Irish Naval Surgeon, l>. 1778, </. 1836), Napoleon in

Exile, or a Voice from St. Helena, 2 vols. 1827 ............... 865-60

Omens. See Brand's Antiquities, loojM. Timbs' Works, 8s6Z. All the Year
Round [Fatal], v. 31, 1791 J. Blackwood [Dreams, Appearances, &c.],

V. 58, I28J, &C.

Omnibuses. See Cassell's Magazine, v. i, 234iJ. Leisure Hour, v. 19, 2629^ ;
[as a School of Manners], v. 35, 2645.^. Wynter's Human Hive
[Omnibus System], 243!^.. All the Year Round [in and on an], v. 12,
1772]. Chambers, v. 3 and 33, 1923 and i94^J ; [in a City] v. 44,
19487, &c.

Omnipotence. See Fraser [from the Sanskrit], v. 47, 6577. Creator, God. &c.
OniOO : A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas by Melville

[Sequal to " Marquesas Islands "]. 1847 ........ , ............... 775Q

On a Surf- Bound Coast, or Cable Laying in the African Tropics, by

Crouch. 1887.. .......................................................... I7I5R

Honour's Roll, Tales of Heroism, Nineteenth Century, by Valen-

tine ........................................ . ............................... I204R

the Track of the Pilgrim Fathers, by Ritchie. 1876 ............... 45iM

Once a Week : An Illustrated Miscellany, from vol I. 1859 .......... 226iJ

The serial tales and some of the principal contents will be found entered
under their proper headings in Fiction, or in the General Body of the
Catalogue, with the shelf number specified. The general contents up
to the year 1874 will be found in Poole s Index [Reference Library]
under such subjects as this Magazine deals with.

O' Neil (Miss). See Lennox's Celebrities, ioi4H. Temple Bar [the Tragic
Actress], v. 54, 13847, &c.

O'Neil (Shan, hish Chief, fl. 1559, assassinated 1567). See Froude's England,
1980. Ireland, &c.

Oliesimus. See Howson's Companions of St. Paul, 35oM. Robinson's Scrip-
ture Characters, I52K, &c.

Onestus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 474D, c.

Onomacritus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Onslow (P.), M.A., and Smith (I. G.), M.A., Worcester [Diocesan
Histories, S.P.C.K.]. 1883 ..........................................



Ontario. See Lome's Canadian Pictures, 3316. Stanford's Compendium,

8soK. Canada, &c.

Ontology. See Doherty's Organic Philosophy, 567!!. Metaphysics, &c.
Onyx. See Emanuel's Precious Stones, n63M. King's Decorative Stones,

iiSgM. Blackvvood, v. 44 and 45, R.L. Chambers [and the Cameo],

v. 21, igsyj, &c.
Opal. See Emanuel's Precious Stone?, n63M. King's Decorative Stones,

iiSgM. Argosy, v. 12, 12], Household Words [Ring], v. 14, I754.L &c.
Opera. See Mathew's History of Music, 9430. Naumann's Music, 928-90.

All the Year Round [at Rome], v. 4, 17647 ; [German, and its Makers],

v. 13, I773J ; [Modern], v. 22, 17827. Chambers [Italian], v. n and

17, 1931 and 19357. Contemporary, v. 26, 20367. Macmillan [Chances

of English], v. 40, jyoj. Temple Bar [in Paris, in the i8th Century], v.

52, 13827. Fortnightly [Italian, Collapse of] v. 43, 21337. Once a

Week [Books of], v. 8, 22687. Stage, &c.
Ophelia. See Shakespeare's Female Characters, 4190.
Opie (Amelia, Poet, &c., wife of J. Opie, b. 1769, d. 1853), Poems

by. 1811 635T

See also Miss Thackeray's Book of Sibyls, $O2F. Edinburgh Review [Tales],

v. 8, 3687. Edinburgh Review [Memorials of], v. 150, 5107 ', [Poems],
v. i, 3617, &c.

Opie (J., Historical Painter, b. 1761, d. 1807), and His Works, being
a Catalogue of 760 Pictures, and a Biographical Sketch by
Rogers. 1878 S97F

Opinion. See Bryce's American Commonwealth [Public], 517-9^ Sidgwick's
Fallacies, 3giR. Chambers [Maxims on], v. 45, 19497. Nineteenth
Century [Authority in Matters of], v. i, 22117 ', [Formation of] v. i,
22117, &c.

Opium Eater, Confessions of an, &c., by De Quincey 646 and 662R

See also Church's Food, I039M. Colquhoun's South China, 54I-2K.

Contemporary [and Sir R. Alcock], v. 41, 20517. Cumming's China,
79oK. Eden's China, 8 isQ. Knowledge [Use of], v. 2, 25827. Mar-
tineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 4496. Nineteenth Century [and England's
Duty], v. n, 22217 ; [Controversy on], v. n, 22217. Simmond's Pro-
ducts of the Vegetable Kingdom, 77 iF. Temple's India, 486K.
Good Words [London Opium Dens], v. 26, 21967. Leisure Hour
[Factory at Patna], v. 2, 26127. McCarthy's History [War in China],
I93H. Blackwood [and Coleridge], v. 57, 1277. Household Words,
v. 16, 17567. Living Age [Psychology of], v. 41, 30717. Scribner
[and the Opium Habit], v. 20, 18707. Fortnight, v. 16, 21067. Fraser
[Question and Suspended trade with China], v. 21, 6317. Penny
Magazine [Use of], v. 3, 1416 ; [and Poppy Oil], v. 13, 1516, Sc.

Opossum, The. See 7ardine's Naturalists' Library, 6670,, c.

Oppert (E.), A Forbidden Land, Voyages to the Corea. 1880 584K

Optic Lobes. See Bastian's Brain, 3&7R. Eye, Optics, &c.

Optical Illusions. See Leisure Hour, v. 27, 2637). Brewster's Natural Magic,
~ ^ - ' ' Witchcra'-

I477Z. Scott's Demonology and Witchcraft, i47gZ,
Recreations. See Knowledge, v. 5, 6, 7, and 8,2585, 2586, 2587 and 25887, &c.

Toy Sports. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 4, 29547 ; v. 5, 29557, &c/

Optic.3, Treatise on, by Brewster. 1837 7i7Q

Griffin. 1838 735D

withput Mathematics, by Webb [S.P.C.K.] 7i6Q

See also Brown's Science for All, 626-913. Clifford's Seeing, &c., isyR.

English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. 7y ce>s Dialogues, 695Q. Lardner's
Natural Philosophy, 468R. Lockyer's Spectroscope, issR. Lommel's
Nature of Light, 454R. Tyndall's Light, sc8R. Whewell's Inductive
Sciences. 7680. Edinburgh Review [Wood's], v. i, 3617 ; [Young's], v.
5, 3 6sJ ; v. 6, 3667. Light, Sight, Eye, &c.
Optimism. See^ Contemporary [and Pessimism], v. 18, 20287. Fortnightly [The

Scientific Bases of], v. 51, 21417, &c.
Oracle. See Inman's Faiths, 96Ka. Lecky's Morals, 384^!. Salvertes'

Magic, 598-9H, &c.

Oracle, The, A Weekly Journal of Response, Research and Refer-
ence, consisting of Answers to Correspondence on all Topics,

Free of Charge, vols 8 and 9. 1883-4 235-80



Orang-Outang, The. See Penny Magazine, v. 2 and 4, 140 and 1426.

Orange, The. See Beeton's Household Management, ggjM. Leisure Hour, v.
28, 2638.). Chambers, v. 41, 19477 Penny Magazine [Orange Tree],
v. 4, 1426. Fruit, &c.

Orange, House of. See Harper, v. 70, 1650.7. May's Democracy, agH. Black-
wood, v. 31, R.L.

Orange (Princes of). See Motley's Netherlands and Dutch Republic, 350-60.
Chambers, v. 42, 1947.!. Ireland, &c.

Orange Society. See Frost's Secret Societies, 32H, c.

Orangemen. See Froude's Ireland, 2o6O. Fraser [Institution], v, 83, 6937, &c.

Oranges and Aligators, Sketches of South Florida Life, by Hardy... I72OR

Oratorio. See Matthew's History of Music, 9430. Naurnann's Music, 928-90.

ORATORY, American, edited by Johnston, 3 vols. 1885 1560-27,

British, edited by Adams. 1885 1563^

Dialogues concerning [Tacitus] , H22Q

Great Orators, byNicoll. 1880 992Q

Orations of Demosthenes on the Crown and the Embassy, trans-
lated by Kenedy. 1887 799M

Representative British Orations, with Introductions by Adams.

Printed in an easy reporting style of Phonography, with key

[Pitman series], 2 vols 1899-19007

"See also Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 2I-8F. Duncan's Cicero, 88sH.
Emerson (R. W.), 929-oR. Enfield's Speaker, 933R. Hood's Preachers,
54iM. May's Democracy, 38-gH. Fraser [Sir R. Peel], v. 31, 641 J ;
[Lord Stanley and Duke of Wellington], v. 32, 6427 ; [Lord Palmerston],

v - 33> 6437 ; [of the Shop], v. 36, 6467 ; v. 40, 6soJ. Cornhill, v. 2,
2827. Quarterly [American Orators and Statesmen], v. 67, ii97j.
Elegant Extracts, 535 and 538-90. Addresses, Eloquence, Speeches, &c.

Orbs Around Us, the Moon, Sun, &c., by Proctor. 1875 439R

Orchard and Fruit Garden, by Mclntosh, coloured illustrations. 1839 637(3

Sec All the Year Round [Houses], v. 3, 1763]". Gardening, Horticulture, &c.

Orchestra. See Naumann's Music, 928-90, &c.

Orchid-Growers' Manual, by Williams. 1862 72R

Orchids, British, by Webster, illustrated I99R

See also Chambers, v. 60, 19607. Good Words [a Gossip about], v. 25, 2195.7.

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 73, 1653.7. Nature [Australian],

v. 30, 26907. Science Gossip [and How to Grow them], v. i, 24iiJ.

Once a Week [or Fir Plants], v. 2, 2262.7. Cassell's Family Magazine,

[and How to Grow them], v. 15, 1365.7. Botany, Flowers, Gardens,

Horticulture, &c.
Ordeal. See Chambers [in Asia and Africa], v. 45, 1949!- Cornhill [of Battle],

v. 22, 302 J.

OrderiCUS Vitalis (French Chronicler, b. 1075, d. 1141), Ecclesias-
tical History of England and Normandy to A.n. 1141, trans-
lated by Forester [Bonn's Library], 4 vols. 1853-6 H3-6O

Orders of Knighthood. See Woodhouse's Religious Orders, 2730. Nature

[Orders of Chivalry], v. 8, 2668J, &c.

Ordination. See Contemporary [Natural], v. 22, 20327, &c.
Ordnance. See Nature [Construction of], v. 30, 2690.7. All the Year Round

[British], v. 38, 17987. Chambers [and Large Guns], v. 31, 1942*7 ;

[Experiments with, at Shoeburyness], v. 43, 19487. Macmillan [Our

Heavy Guns], v. 18, 9487. Quarterly [Projectiles and Powder], v. 103,

i 2 33J; [Guns and Armour], v. 115, 12457. Temple Bar [Heavy, and

Iron War Ships], v. 5, 13357. Guns, Cannon, &c.

Oregon Territory, by Nicolay. 1846 66gZ

See also Fre'monts Exploring Expedition, juK. Harper [in the Wahla-

met Valley], v. 65, 16457. All the Year Round [out in], v. 7, 17677.

Edinburgh Review [Question], v. 82, 4427. Fraser, v. 27, 6377.

Harper [Wild Life in], v. 13, 15937. Living Age, v. 10, 30407, &c.
O'Reilly (H.), Fifty Years on the Trail, a true Story of Western

Life, illustrated. 1889 I749R

O'Reilly (Miles [Charles Grahame Halpine], Irish- American Writer,

b, 1846), Poetical Works, edited by Roosevelt. 1869 7ooM



O'Rell (Max [Paul Blcuet], Caricaturist], Friend MacDonald. 1887 I253R

John Bull and his Island i25iR

John Bull's Womankind I252R

Jonathan and his Continent I2 55 R

The Dear Neighbours [England and France] 1 254R

Sec also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Ores or Minerals yielding Useful Metals. See Ansted's Minerals, 62oQ. lire's

Dictionary, gD, &c.

Orford (Sir Robert Walpole, First Earl of). See Walpole (Sir Robert).
Organ. See Deschanel's Natural Philosophy [Organ pipes], 82/D. English Me-
chanic, v. 46 and 47, 1046 and 104/0. Girl's Own Book [The Amateur
Organist], 1257!!. Matthew's History of Music, g^T). National
Miscellany [Some Chit-Chat about the], loasH. Naumann's Music,
928-90. Sunday at Home [Organists and Organ Playing], v. 28,
2878;. All the Year Round [Church], v. 25, 1785.}. Fraser, v. 53,
66 3 J, &c.
Organ Songs, Poems, by Macdonald l8;2Z

Srganic Nature. See Ore's Circle of the Sciences, 735-7F.
rganic Philosophy, or Man's True Place in Nature, by Doherty... 565-oH
Organisation. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R, &c.
Organisation of the Early Christian Churches, Eight Lectures, by

Hatch. 1882 705 A

Organs of Speech, by Von Meyer 39 oR -

Oriel College and the Oxford Movement, by Moxley, 2 vols. 1882. 1039-oR
Oriental Customs, illustrating the Scriptures, by Burder. 1841 ... 2iQ

Numbers. See Sunday at Home, v. 13, 28637.

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Orleans (C., Duke of, d. 1465). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 476D.

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