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Orleans (Philippe of). See Alison's Europe, 119-420. History of Pottery and

Porcelain, 936D. Greville Memoirs, &c.
Ormer, The. See Excelsior [The Ormer of the Channel Isles], v. 3, I92SR. Science

Gossip [The Ormer Shell and its Inhabitant], c., v. 9, 24147, &c.



Ornament and Dress, Art in, by Blanc, illustrated. 1877 ............ 8640

- See also Art Journal [Renaissance], v. 34, R.L. Cameron's Africa, 6os-3K.

Nature [Evolution of forms of], v. 30, 26goJ. Nadaillac's Pre-his-

toric America, SgjF. Young Lady's Book [Ornamental Work], 983^!.

Ornamental Art. See Art Journal [Museum of, at Marlborough House], v. 7,

R.L. ; [Savage], v. 23, R.L. Fortnightly Review [in England], v.

14, 2I04J, &C.

Ornamental, Manuscript and Missal Alphabets ........................ 9240

ORNITHOLOGY, a History of British Birds, by Morris, colored

plates ..................................................................... 2ioi-8R

- American, by Wilson and Bonaparte [Constable's Miscellany],

edited by Jameson, 4 vols. 1831 .................................... 707-107

- - Birds of Guernsey, by Smith, 1 879 ................................... I9$R

- [Jardine's Naturalists' Library, vols. 1-14]. 1884 ..................... 644-570

- Ornithological Biography of America, by Audubon. 1831 ...... 2ioD

- - See also Atkinson's Eggs and Nests, 6i6Q. Book of Nature, 3go-iB. Birds
in the East India Museum, jog-ioF. Brown's Science for All, 626-96.
Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. English Illustrated Magazine [at South
Kensington], v. 5, iggsJ. Excelsior, 1926-3^. Jardine's Humming
Birds, 6i7Q. Jenning's Birds' Eggs, 613 and 6i4Q. John's British
Birds, 777F. Journal of a Naturalist, 787F. Koldewey's Arctic Ex-
pedition, 6056. Seasons of the Year, 5690,. Stanley (E.), Birds, 6isQ.
Stanley (H. M.), Dark Continent, I563R. Watson's Sylvan Folk,
2ii2R. Young Lady's Book, gS^M. Blackwood [Selby's], v. 20,
R.L. ; [of North America, Audubon's], v. 30 and 37, R.L. Nature
[Popular], v. 3, 2 66 3 J ; [of New Zealand], v. 6, 2 666J. Birds, Natural
History, Names of Birds, e.g., Thrushes, Blackbirds, Canaries, &c.

Ornsby(G.), M.A., York [Diocesan Histories, S.P.C.K.] .........

Orphans and Orphanages. See Quiver [George Muller and his Orphanages],
v. 25, 3295J ; [Orphan Homes of Scotland], v. 26, 32g6J. Sunday at
Home, v. 7, 28s7j. All the Year Round [Orphan Schools], v. 31,
i79ij. Good Words [English, in Paris], v. 19, 2i8oJ, &c.

Orpheus and Eurydice. See Cornhill, v. 38, 3i8J.

Orrinsmith (Mrs.), The Drawing Room, its Decorations and Furni-

ture [Art at Home Series], illustrated. 1878 ..................... 968M

Orr's Circle of the Sciences. 1854 :

Vol. i. Structure of the Skeleton and of the Teeth, and the Varieties of the

Human Race ............................... ................. 735F

Vol. 2. Botany and Invertebrated Animals .............................. 736F

Vol. 3. Vertebrated Animals .......................................... 737F

Orsi (Count, Italian Scholar^ b. 1652, d. 1733), Recollections of the

Last Half-Century [Louis Napoleon and Napoleon Louis].... 8780

Orthodox London, or Phases of Religious Life in the Church of

England, by Davies. 1876 .......................................... 282M

Orthodoxy. See Inman's Faiths, q6Ka. Good Words [St. Paul's Standards of],

v. 14, 2i84j. Religion, &c.
Orton (J., Dissenting Minister, b. 1717, d. 1783), M.A., The Andes

and the Amazon, or across the Continent of South America.. 763!^

8rton (J. R.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640] a.
Sborn (G.), D.D., Ed. The Poetical Works of John and Charles

Wesley, 13 vols. 1868-72 .......................................... 754-66M

Osborn (Sherard, Admiral, b. 1822, d. 1875), R.N., Quedah, or

Stray Stories from a Journal in Malayan Waters, illus. 1857 I523R
Osbome (Dorothy). See English Illustrated [and her Letters], v. 3, iggsJ, &c.
Osborne (Sir Peter, Governor of Guernsey, reign of Charles I.). See Tupper's

Castle Cornet, 15000. Guernsey, &c.
Osbome (Thomas, Earl of Danby, Statesman, b. 1631, d. 1712). See Stoughton's

Religion in England, 94-sM, &c.
OsgOOd (K. P. and S.), Works of. See Harper's Index,



O'Sliauglinessy (R.), M.P., Local Government and Taxation in

Ireland, edited by Probyn. 1882 33 R

Osier (W. R.), Tintoretto [Great Artists]. 1879 iiioO

Osman Pacha. See Turko- Russian War, 4506, &c.

Ossian (son of Fingal, Third Century], Poems of, translated by

Macpherson 477D and 4Q8Z

Sec also Blackwood [Have you Read Ossian?], v. 46, R.L. Macmillan,

v. 24, 954J, c.

Ossington (John Evelyn Denison, Lord, Speaker of the House of Commons,
1857, b. 1800, d. 1873). See Frith's Reminiscences, 6isF, &c.

Ossoli (Margaret Fuller). See Chambers, v. 17, I935J. Household Words, v. 5,

Ostrich. See All the Year Round Magazine [Farming], v. 42, 18227. Century
[Farming], v. 3, 18757. English Illustrated [Farming in the Cape
Colony], v. 3, I993J. Hartwig's Tropical World, 7s8F. Longman's
Magazine [Feathers], v. 12, 902}. Nature [Incubation of], v. 27, 2687.]".
Stanford's Compendium [Farming], 849^. Science Gossip, v. 4,
24127. All the Year Round [after an], v. 3, 17637. Chambers
[Domestication of], v. 46, 19497. Living Age [Anecdotes of], v. 34,
.30647. Once a Week, v. 17, 22777, & c -
Oswald (F. L.), M.D., Physical Education, or the Health Laws of

Nature. 1882 994^

OtagO. See Leisure Hour [and its Gold Fields], v. n, 26217, &c.
Other World, The. See Keary's Primitive Beliefs, loiK.

Worlds than Ours, by Proctor, illustrated. 1878 44OR

Othman (Sultans). See Mahomet's Successors, loojQ, &c.

Otho ( Emperor, &*c.). See Palgrave's Normandy, i8iH. Plutarch's Lives, 45oF

and ii36Q, &c.

Otis (F. N.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 o7a, &c.
Ottawa River. See Harper [Trip on the], v. 71, 16517.

Otter. See Harper [Hunting in the Hebrides], v. 71, 16517. 7 ar dine's Naturalists'
Library, 66oQ. Napier's Lakes and Rivers, 623(3. Saturday Review
[Hunting on Dartmoor], v. 58, R.L. Science Gossip, v. 5, 24127.
The Penny Magazine [Habits of], v. 3, 1416 ; v. 8, 1466. Time [Otter-
Hunting], v. 3, 14937, & c -

Otterburn, Battle of. See Living Age, v. 164, 31947, &c.
Ottley (H.), Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Recent and

Living Painters and Engravers. 1866 '. 67oB

Otto (M.). See Ashton's Nineteenth Century, 86iH.

Ottoman Empire in Europe, by Freeman. 1877 3600

The Sultans, &c. [R.T.S.] 6332

Ottomans. See Living Age [Turks and Mohammedanism], v. 153, 3183!.
O'Donovan's Merv, &c., 494-5^ Blackwood [Ottoman Empire], v.
89, 1597. Turkey, &c.
Otway (Thomas, Dramatist and Actor, b. 1651, d. 1685). See New English

Theatre, &c.
Oude. See Holmes' Indian Mutiny, 47pH. Blackwood, v. 83, 1537. Edinburgh

Review [Conquest of, and Kingdom of], v. 107, 4677. India, &c.
Oudinot (C. N.). See Alison's Europe, 124-370.

" Ouida" [Louise De La Rame]. See Fiction Class List following the General
Catalogue. Frith's Reminiscences, 6i6Fa. Contemporary [and her
Novels], v. 22, 2032! ; [Her Knowledge of Italian Life], v. 40, 20507, &c.

Our American Cousins, by Adams. 1887 I7O4R

Our Bishops and Clergy, edited by Bullock [with portraits] 12910

Our Bishops and Deans, by Arnold, 2 vols. 18/5 ....". 879-00

Our Brothers and Sons, by Mrs. Reaney. 1882 973M

Our Charlie, and" what to do with him, by Stowe. 1869 I 543Z

Our Children, How to Rear and Train them I452Z

Our Coffee Room, by Cotton. 1878 526T

Our Coffee Room, More about, by Cotton. 1878 527T

Our Daughters, their Lives here and hereafter, by Mrs. Reaney. 1880 45oM
Our English Shores, Watering Places of England, by Miller, ill. 1888 1723!^



Our Farm of Four Acres, and the Money we Made by it. 1865 nooM

Our Father in Heaven, The Lord's Prayer Explained and Illustrated

for the Young, by Wilson. 1869 i65Q

Our Hundred Days in Europe, by Holmes [Atlantic Monthly] !549j

Our Kin Across the Sea, by Firth. 1888 I735R

Our Kitchen Garden, the Plants We Grow, and How we Cook Them,

by Jerrold. 1881 343T

Our Lifeboats. See Every Boy's Annual [1867], 1302!!, c.
Our Lord, Journeys of. See Sunday at Home, v. 31, 2881 J, &c.

Our Lord's Prayer, Thoughts Suggested by, by Spring 47oM

Our Lord's Resurrection, The Forty Days After, by Hanna. 1863 ... i6iM

Our Old Country Towns, by Rimmer, illustrated I349R

Our Place Among Infinities, by Proctor 444R

Our Seamarks, a Plain Account of the Lighthouses, Beacons, &c., on

our Coasts, by Edwards, illustrated. 1884 II5?M

Our Sketching Tour, by Two of the Artists 189!)

Our Social Bees, Pictures of Town and Country Life H59R

Our Woodlands, Heaths and Hedges, by Coleman, colored illustra-
tions. 1859 563(3

Our Work, at Home and Abroad [Church Sunday School Union

Magazine], from vol. I, 1878 , 987!!

Our Workshop, Amateur Carpentry and Joinery, illustrated. 1866... i^ggZ
Ourselves, Sketched from the History of the Children of Israel, by

North. 1868 , 6Q

Ouseley (Sir F. A. G., Musical Composer, b. 1825), Ed., History of

Music, by Naumann, illustrated, 2 vols 928-90

Ouseley (Gideon). See Crookshank's Methodism in Ireland, 670-7^.

Out-of-the-Way Pets. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 5, 2955).

Outbreak of the Great French Revolution, by Erckmann-Chatrian,

translated by Mrs. Cashel-Hoey, 3 vols. 1871 326-80

Oxitcasts' Havens. See All the Year Round Magazine, v. 42, i822j, &c.
Outdoor Relief. See Escott's England and its People, ioi7F. Nineteenth

Century, v. 13, 2223J. Guardians, Paupers, Poor, c.
Outdoor Sports and Pastimes. See Boy's Own Annual, from v. i. 2951],

Sports, &c.

Outfits and Outfitters. See Chambers' Edinburgh Journal, v. 20, I936J, c.
Outram (Sir J., General during Indian Mutiny, b. 1803, d. 1863),

C.B., The Conquest of Scinde, a Commentary. 1846 465! I

See also Holmes' Indian Mutiny, 47oH. Japp's Labour and Victory, 95iQ.

Leisure Hour, v. 12, 2622], Trotter's India, 538-gH. Blackwood

[the Bayard of the East], v. 128, ig8J. Good Words, v. 21, 2191 J, &c.
Outre-Mer, a Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea, by Longfellow. 1866... 797R
Outward and Homeward Bound. See Chambers, v. 61, 1961 J. Sailors, &c.
Over Siberian Snows, Paris to Pekin, by Meignan. 1885 8iiK

Overbury (Sir Thomas, Poet and Philosopher, b. 1581, poisoned 1613). See
' ajesty's Tower, 322H. All the Year Round, v.

[Characters], v: 102, 7i2j, &c.
Overflow Pipes. See Teale's Dangers to Health, g2oK. Sanitation, Building, &c.

, .
Overland Passage. See Blackwood, v. 57, I27J. Fraser [Reminiscences of

Overland Trip], v. 40, 650 J.
Overton (J. H.), Evangelical Revival in the Eighteenth Century

[Epochs of Church History]. 1886 ..................... 43OM and 257T

Overwork. See All the Year Round [or Overworry], v. 28, i 7 88J. Macmillan,

v. 41, 97iJ, &c.

Ovid (Latin Poet, b. 43 B.C., d. 1 8 A.D.), by Church [Collin's An. Clas.] I i6sQ
Fasti, Pontic Epistles, &c. 1851 ....................................... n66H

- Heroides, Art of Love, &c., translated by Riley. 1852 ......... n65li

- Metamorphoses, Epistles, translated by Dryden, Pope, c. 302- 3Q



Ovid, translated by Dryden, Pope, &c. [Fam. Clas. Lib.], 2vols. 1833 H47-8Q

See also Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome. 4740. Temple Bar [an

Apologia], v. 66, 13967. Blackvvood [Metamorphoses], v. 109, ijgj, &c.
Owen (C. and R. D.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Owen (Glendower, Welsh Chieftain, b. 1349, d. 1415). See Howson's River Dee,
8s8K, &c.

Owen (Mrs. H.), Illuminated Book of Needlework. 1847 8840

Owen(J., Independent Theologian, b. 1616, ^.1683), D.D., Mortifi-
cation of Sin in Believers [R.T.S]. 1842 55Z

Nature, Power, &c., of Indwelling Sin in Believers, &c. [Select

British Divines]. 1826 I45 M

Practical Exposition of Psalm CXXX. [Sel. Brit. Div.]. 1826 I44M

Temptation, The Nature and Power of It, &c. [Sel. Brit. Div.] 146X1

Works of, i6vols. 1850-3 148-63A

See also Stoughtpn's Religion in England, 93-5M. Sunday at Home, v. 6,

28567. Living Age, v. 31, 3o6iJ, &c.

Owen (O. F.), Trans.) The Organon, or, Logical Treatises of Aris-
totle, with Notes, &c. [Bohn's Library I, 2 vols. 1882-3 ...1154-51!

Owen (Mrs. O. F.), Heroines of Domestic Life, colored illus. 1860 952Q
Contents : Ruth, Antigone, Panthea. Eponina, Gertrude Von Der Wart,
Margaret Roper, Anne Askew, Jeanne D'Albret, Pocahontas, Lucy
Hutchinson, Lady Rachel Russell, Grizel Cochrane, Winifred Coun-
tess of Nithsdale, Helen Walker, Flora Macdonald, Louise Schepler,
Emile De Lavalette, Elizabeth Fry, Prasca Loupouloff, Sarah Martin,
Grace Darling, Florence Nightingale.

Owen (P. C.). See Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 27, 2637.7, &c.

O wen (Sir Richard, Naturalist, b. 1804), F.R.S. See Beke's Sinai in Arabia, 59?B.
Cassell's Family Magazine [and his work], v. 10, 2360.7. Lewes' Sea
Side Studies, 822F. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 32, 2642], Re-
plies to Essays and Reviews, 663 A. Nature [With Portrait], v. 22,
26827. Once a Week [With Portrait], v. 27, 2287.7, &c.

Owen (R. D., Social Philosopher, b. 1801, d. 1877), Footfalls on the

Boundary of Another World. 1865 43iM

Life, Times and Labours of 628F

Threading my Way, Twenty-seven Years of Autobiography. 1874 13670

See also Leisure Hour [and English Socialism], v. 27, 2637 J. Edinburgh

Review [Plan for Relieving National Distress], v. 32, 392J. West-
minster [Life of], v. 74, R.L.

Owens College. See Macmillan [and Mr. Lowe], v. 35, 9657. Nature [Man-
chester], v. 2, 26627, &c.

Owenson (Miss). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Owl, The. See All Year Round Magazine, v. 43, 1823.7. Chambers [and Owlets],
v. 59, 1959.7. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6446; and 654Q. Jesse's
Gleanings, 57gQ. Jones' Bermuda, 823F. Wood's Lane and Field,
624(3. Chambers, v. 15, I934J ; v. 42, I947J. Penny Magazine
[White], v. 4, 1426. Time, v. 7, i4 97 J. Birds, &c.

Ox, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66sQ, &c.

Oxalic Acid. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Oxenford (J., Dramatist and Critic, b. 1812, d. 1877), Trans. t Au-
tobiography of Goethe, 2 vols. 1881 674-50

Tr., Conversations of Goethe, with Eckermann and Soret. 1883 6710

Oxford, Annals of, by Jeaffreson, 2 vols. 1871 980-1!!

by Boase [Historic Towns]. 1887 I663R

Marshall [Diocesan Histories]. 1882 18402

History of the University, by Brodrick [Epochs of Church His-
tory]. 1886 26oT

- Memories, a Retrospect after Fifty Years, by Pycroft, 2 vols. 1885 598-QF

Methodists, by Tyerman. 1873 2QoA

Movement and Oriel College, by Moxley, 2 vols. 1882 !O39-oR

University and Colleges, Students' Handbook. 1888 ...., 3I2.R



Oxford University, History of, by Lyte. 1886 55;H

See also Brand's Antiquities, too5-6M. Cassell's Family Magazine [The

Bodleian Library at], v. u, 23617. Fortnightly [University in 1831-33],
v. 40, 6507. Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201-5!!. Green's English
People, 189-92!!. Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life [University],
1925X1. Laurie's Mediaeval Education [and Cambridge Universities],
3o6R. Leisure Hour [the Isis at], v. 10, 262oJ ; [in Vacation], v. n,
26217; [and its Colleges], v. 15, 2625J ; [University Revisited], v.
34, 26447. McCulloch's British Empire [University], 712!!. Macmillan
[Profit and Loss at], v. 51, 981 J ; [on Classic Ground], v. 53, 9837. Quar-
terly [University under the Puritans], v. 154, 12847. Saturday Review
[Merton College], v. 54, R.L Sunday at Home [A Sunday evening at],
v. 21, 28717. Woodgate's Boating, I266R. Fraser, v. 41 and 78, 651
and 688J. Penny Magazine, v. 3 and 4, 141 and 1426 ; [Martyrs' Me-
morial at], v. 10, I48B. Good Words [in the iyth Century], v. 13,
21837, &c.

" Oxford Graduate, An." See Ruskin Qohn).

Oxfordshire, Flora of, by Walker. 1833 766F

Oxlip, The. See Science Gossip, v. 3, 24117.

Oxonian in Iceland [1860], by Metcalfe. 1861 1482R

Norway, [1854-5], by Metcalfe, 2 vols. 1856 1465!^

- Thelemarken, Norway [1856-7], by Metcalfe, 2 vols. i858...i467-8R

Oxus River. See Lansdell's Asia, 83oK ; Russian Central Asia, 82gK, &c.

Oxygen. See English Mechanic, v. 46 and 47, 1046-470. Somerville's Micro-
scopic Science, ncR. Ure's Dictionary, 8D. Nature [Industrial
Applications of], v. 13, 26737 > [Density of Liquid], v. 17, 26777.
Knowledge land Disease Germs], v. 2, 25827, &c.

Oyly (Mrs. C. D'). See D'Oyly (Mrs. C.).

Oysters. See All the Year Round, v. 4 and 46, 1764 and 18067 ; [Grounds], v.
59, 18197. Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Chambers [Ar-
tificial Rearing], y. 60, 19607 ; [Whitstable], v. 62, 19627. English
Illustrated Magazine,- v. i, 19917. Leisure Hour, v. 20, 26307. Nature
[Industry in the United States], v. 27, 26877 5 t at tne Fisheries
Exhibition], v. 28, 26887. Good Words [Oyster Culture], v. 5, 21757.
Once a Week [and Dredgers], v. 15, 22757. Time [and Oyster Cul-
ture], v. 18, 15087 ; [and Arcachon], v. 20, 15107. Mollusca, &c.

Ozanne (Capt. C. H., of Aldemey), See Girl's Own Paper, Summer Number,
[Learning to Swim], 1889, 25607.

Ozanne (J. W.) Three Years in Roumania. 1878 I486R

Ozeda (Alonzo De). See Columbus and His Companions, 986Z.

Ozone. See Estes' Recreations in Science, 497R. Nature [at Sea], v. 32, 26927.
Science Gossip [in the Atmosphere], v. 2, 24117. Somerville's Micro-
scopic Science, noR. Ure's Dictionary, gD. Once a Week, v. 12
and 27, 2272 and 22877. Nature, v. 9, 26697, &c.

A ABODIE (W. J.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4 68D, &c.

Pacific Islands. See Fortnightly [Trouble in], v. 37, 21277. Nineteenth Century
[European Diplomacy among, with Map], v. 20, 22307. Edinburgh
Review [Proceedings of the French in Pacific Islands], v. 79, 4397, &c.

Pacific Ocean, Discovery in, &c. [Edinburgh Cabinet Library], 1836 93SQ

Four Years in the Pacific in H.M.S. Collingivood^ by

Walpole, 1850 .". 795K

Jottings from the, by Gill. 1885 I645R

Western and New Guinea, by Romilly. 1886

See also Edinburgh Review [Western Cruise in], v. 164, 524 ].

Humboldt's Cosmos, ^R. Leisure Hour [South, Mysteries of], v.
31, 26417. Seward's Travels, 6oiB. Sunday at Home, v, 27, 28777
[Forty Years in the], v. 23, 28737. Nature [Charts of Pacific Ocean],
v. p, 26697, &c.

Railroacl. See Railroads.



Packard (A. S.), Half Hours with Insects, illustrated. 1877..... 9 R

Paddiana. See Quarterly Review [Scraps and Sketches of Irish Life], v. 8r,


Paddington. See Leisure Hour [Curiosities of], v. 17, 26277, & c -

Paddy from Cork. See Chap Books, 1321!!.

Padilla. (P. De, Poet, d. 1600). See Longfellow's Poets of Europe, 4730.

Padron (R. Del). See Longfellow's Poets and Postry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Padua. See Bellow's Europe, 1399!^. Italy, &c.

Pagan Times in Scotland, by Anderson [Rhind Lectures]. 1883 ... 864F

Paganini (N., Italian Violinist, b. 1784, d. 1840). See All the Year Round,
T 775J- Bull (Ole), 5410. Engel's Reminiscences, 13490. Fraser [Cor-
respondence of], v. 105, 7isJ. Naumann's Music, 9290. Temple Bar,
v. 77, 14077. Argosy, v. 21, 2iJ, &c.

Paganism, Rome under Paganism, 2 vols. 1843 317-iSA

See also Inman's Faiths, g6K. Kurtz's Church History, 7o6A. Pressense"s

Ancient World and Christianity, H94.M. Blackwood [Pagan Oracles],
v. 51, R.L. Contemporary [and Christianity], v. 13, 20237. Heathen,
Idolatry, &c,

Page (D.), F.G.S., Geology, in its Relation to the Arts and Manu-
factures. 1874 68iD

Page (Harlan), Memoir of, by Hallock [Am. Tract Soc.] loSgZ

Page (H. A., [A. H. Japp]), Famous Men, illustrated. 1879 13290

John Coleridge Patteson, the Missionary Bishop. Charles Knight, the Pub-
lisher. Robert Chambers, the Editor. Duncan Matheson, the Soldier's
Friend. Henry Alford, the Commentator; Sir Henry Lawrence, the
Soldier. James D. Forbes, the Philosopher.

Leaders of Men, Biographies written for Youth. 1880 ?6jO

Prince Consort. R. Dick. Commodore Goodenough. George Moore. J.
Duncan. S. Gregg. J. Wilson. A. Reed. Lord Lawrence.

Literary Bye-Hours, a Book of Instructive Pastime. 1881 i5oT

Thoreau, His Life and Aims, a Study. 1878 IOO2O

Vers de Societe and Parody. 1883 , 72oM

Page (H. A.). See under Japp (A. H.).

Pages and Pagedom. See Temple Bar [in the Past], v. 42, I372J, &c.

Paget (C. E.), Healthy Schools [Int. Health Ex.]. 1884 99iM

Paget (Violet, \Vcrnon Lee]). See Fiction Class List following the General Cata-
logue. Lee (Vernon).

Paget (Sir W.). See Froude's England, 194-2020, &c.
Paging Machines. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D.
Pagodas. See Cclquhoun's South China, 54I-2K. Cumming's China, 789-90^

English Illustrated Magazine [Auricles and Umbrellas], v. 5, 1995}, &c.
Pain, Death and Sin, Mystery of, and a Refutation of Atheism, by

Voysey. 1878 68oA

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [its Prevention and Relief], v. 6, 2355J.

Contemporary [Logic of, and Pleasure], v, 45, 2055J. Quiver, v. IT,
328iJ. Warner's Physical Expression, 393R. Chambers [Do Animals
feel?J, v. 8. ig28j ; [Beneficence of], v. 28, i94oj. Contemporary Re-
view [Mystery of], v. 35, 2O45J. Living Age [Sense of, Beneficent
Distribution of], v. 15, 3945J. Macmillan [Physical], v. 8, 938J, &c.

Paine (R. T.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Paine (T., Deist, b. 1737, d. 1809). See Dixon's H.M. Tower, 3 2 4 H. Infi.
delity, &c., i68oZ. Leisure Hour, v. 2, 2612 J. Fortnightly Review,

V. 31, 2I2lJ, &C.

PAINTERS AND PAINTING Works relating to ; (See

also Art, Colottrs^ Names of Artists, &c.)

Painter's and Colorman's Complete Guide, by Tingry. 1831 .. 107 iM
Sculptors, Lives of, by Cunningham, vols. 1-2. 1846 1119-20%

Art, or Grammar of Coloring, by Field. 1850 36aT

Dictionary of Painters, by Pilkingion, 2 vols. 1829 438-9F

Five Great, by Lady Eastlake, 2 vols, 1883 650-10

Italian, Memoirs, by Jameson, 2 vols. in I. 1845 :6iiZ

Modern, by Ruskin, 5 vols. 1880-1 835-gR

TT-T Sculptors and Architects, by Vasari, 5 vols, 1855 887-910



PAINTERS AND PAINTING Works relating to : (continued.]
Painting, A Concise History of, by Heaton, revised by Monk-

house ............................................................... 1 1 65 M

- Treatise on, by L. Da Vinci, translated by Rigaud. 1835 ... IO75M

- Ancient and Modern. 1835 ....................................... M94Z

. Decorative, by Sawarcl ................................................ io66M

- Enamel, on Glass, &c., by Snell ................................... 9050

- English School of, by Chesneau. 1885 .................... ...... IO72M

- Epochs of, Ancient and Modern, by Wornum. 1847. ..1485 & I732Z

- for Beginners, First Stage, Teaching the Use of One Colour,

Facsimiles by Callow ............................................. 9IQD

- - Second Stage, Teaching the Use of Seven Colours,

Facsimiles by Callow ....................... ...................... c2oD

Geometry, &c., by Hayter. 1832 ................................. 9270

- German, Flemish and Dutch, by Buxtor and Poynter. 1881 IO79M

Handbook for Young Painters, by Leslie, illustrated. 1870 IO78M

House, Laws of Harmonious Colouring, by Hay. 1836 ...... 9040

- in England, Anecdotes of. by Walpole. 1871 .................. 1O73M

- Italy, History of, byLanzi, translated by Roscoe, 3 vols. io63-5M

- on China, by Florence Lewis, with original coloured plates Q22D

- On Colour, and on the Necessity for a General Diffusion of

Taste among all Classes, by Wilkinson, illustrated. 1858 9480
Philosophy of, by Twining. 1849

- Studies in Animal Painting, with coloured plates from draw-

ings by Tayler. 1884 ............................................. 92iD

- See also All the Year Round [Some old Masters], v. 53, 18137. Anvers'
History of Art, logsM. Art Journal [Value of, in Germany], v. 34,
R.L. ; [Mural, in Berlin], v. 35, R.L. ; [Signatures of], v. 35, R.L.
Capital and Labour, insF. Cassdl's Family Magazine [some great
English], v. n, 23607. Cassell's Popular Educator [in Water
Colours], 164-9!). Cornhill [Portrait Art of the Renaissance], v. 47,
3277. Cunningham's British Painters, &c., 1048-53(2. Dyce and
' '

Forster Collection, IO36M. Dyer's Imitative Art, Q3oD. Escott's
England and its People, ioi8F. Girl's Book, 1257]^. Girl's Own
Annual [How I Taught Myself], v. 3, 25537 ! [Mirror Painting], v. 7,

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