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2 557J- Hamerton's Graphic Arts io?6M. Harper's Index, 164073.
Humboldt's Cosmos, 484R. Knight's England, 151-54^ Leisure
Hour [French], y. 16, 2626]; [Among the Old Masters], v. 17, 26277.
Mehagen's Universal History, i4H. Nineteenth Century [and
their patrons], v. 14, 22247. Patteson's Renaissance of Art
[on Glass], 328!). Rees' Home Decoration [on Silk Panel Painting,
&c.], 943M. Rood's Chromatics 365^. Ruskin's Works, 843R.
Young Lady's Book, 983 M. Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manu-
factures [Grinding of Paints], 8D. All the Year Round [for the
Complexion], v. 7, 17677. Cornhill [Powder, Patches], v. 7, 2877.
Fraser [Painted Glass], v. 32, 6427. Hamerton's Graphic Arts
[Tinted Papers], io 7 6M. &c._

Palace and Hospital, or the Chronicles of Greenwich, by L'Estrange I535-6O
- of Glass, and Gathering of the People, by Stoughton. 1851 ..... i66T

Palaces. See Becher's Mexico, 738K. Eden's China, 813(3. Harper's New
Monthly Magazine [of France], v. 5, 15857- Harper's Index, i64o7a, &c.
Palaeolithic Man in N.W. Middlesex, &c., by Brown. 1887.... ..... 9O5F

Palaeontology, Manual of, for the Use of Students, by Nicholson 554R
See also Brown's Science for All, 626-96. Edinburgh Review [of South
America], v. 155, 5157. Nature [Chinese], v. 29, 26897. Timbs'
Works [and Geology], 852Z. Geology, &c.

Palais Royal, A Celebrity of the. See All the Year Round, v. 43, 18237.
Palate. See Meyer's Organs of Speech, 3goR, &c.

Palermo. See Good Words [and its Neighbourhood], v. 23, 21937. Hare's Cities
of Southern Italy, i683-4R. Leisure Hour [Visit to], v. 5, 26157. Free-
man's Essays [Normans at] 4i8H, &c.



PALESTINE and Russia, by Hoare. 1877 422

Sinai, by Stanley. 1856 S4SK

Journey to, by Stewart, illustrated. 1857 839K

the East, Tour in, by Bell. 1887 I738R

by Kitto, illustrated. 1841 6ioB

Early Travels in, comprising the Narratives of Arculf, Sigurd,

Bernard, &c., edited by Wright. 1848 i5ooR

Exploration Fund, Twenty-one Years' Work in the Holy Land

[1865-1886]. 1886 10090

in its Physical Aspects, by Tristram IQ4R

- the Time of Christ, by Stapfer, translated by Holmden. 1886 477M

Later Biblical Researches in 1852, by Robinson. 1856 I47K

Lessons to my Class, by Newman. 1888 I2I4M

Life in Modern Palestine, by Oliphant. 1887 ,

Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea, Biblical Researches in, in the

year i838,3vols. 1841 148-50!^

or the Holy Land, by Conder [Modern Traveller]. 1824 534Z

Russell [Edinburgh Cabinet Library], illus. 924(5 and io6Z

- Tent Work in, a Record of Discovery and Adventure, by

Conder, illustrated, 2 vols. 1878 552-3K

See also Art Journal [Charles Wilson's Picturesque], v. 34, R.L. Bible
Lands, 5H-2A. Burton's Private Journal, 1491 R. Century Magazine
[Colonisation of], v. 2, i874j. Contemporary [Ancient and Modern
Exploration], v. 46, 2os6J. Cruise of H. M.S. Bacchante, 787!^. Edin-
burgh Review [ Natural History of], v. 163, 523J. Gordon's Re-
flections, 63sM. Harper's Index, i^oja. Inman's Faiths, O.6K.
Kitto's Land of Promise, i75oR ; Scripture Lands, 368M. Leisure
Hour [Two Months in], v. 18, 2628]. Living Age [Explorations of
Ancient], v. 164, ^ig^J. Madden's Travels, I457-8R. Maunder's
Treasury of History, 18562. Seward's Travels, 6oiB. Stanford's
Compendium, 852K. Sunday at Home [Fertility of the Soil of], v. 6,
28s6J ; [Primitive Races of], v. 12, 2862 J ; [Agriculture in], v. 26, 2876J.
Taylor's Land of the Saracens, 854R. Thomson's Land and the Book
[Central, and Phoenicia], 4oiA. Sunday Magazine [Terraced Slopes
of], v. i, 245iJ, &c.

Palette, The. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M. Painting, &c.
Paley (F. A., ArcJuwlogist, b. 1816), M.A., Trans. Greek Wit, a

Collection of Sayings, &c., from Greek Prose Waiters. 1881 I232-3Z
Paley (W., Archdeacon of Carlisle, b. 1743, d. 1805), U.D., Natural
Theology, with Illustrative Notes, &c., by Brougham and
Bell, 2vols. 1845 57-8Z

Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 2 vols. 1803 590-1!!

Works, consisting of Evidences of Christianity, Moral and Politi-
cal Economy, Natural Theology, &c. 1846 !3iK

of, with Notes and Illustrations, by Paxton, 5 vols. 1845 :

Vol. i. Memoir, Evidences of Christianity IO45H

Vol. 2. Moral and Political Philosophy I046H

Vol. 3. Horaj Paulinas, Clergyman's Companion I047H

Vol. 4. Natural Theology I048H

Vol. 5. Sermons, Observations on the Character and Example of Christ

and the Morality of the Gospel

See also Sunday at Home, v. 26, 2876], &c.

Palgrave (Sir F., Historian, b. 1788, d. 1861), F.R.S., History of

England, Anglo-Saxon Period [Family Library]. 1831 ...... l648Z

Normandy and England, 4 vols. 1851-1864 :

Vol. i. General Relations of Mediaeval Europe. Carlovingian Empire.

Danish Expeditions in the Gauls. Establishment of Rollo i8oH

Vol. 2. Three First Dukes of Normandy : Rollo, Guillaume Longue Epe
and Richard Sans-Peur, Carlovingian Line supplanted by the

Capets i8iH

Vol. 3. Richard Sans-Peur. Richard le Bon. Richard III. Robert le

Diable. William the Conqueror. i82H

Vol. 4. William Rufus. Accession of Henry Beauclerc i83H



Palgrave (Sir F.), History of the Anglo-Saxons, illustrated. 1876 740
Palgrave (F. T., Art Critic, Son of above, b. 1824), Children's

Treasury of Lyrical Poetry [Literature Primers]. 1879-80.... 483-4%
Palgrave (R. F. D.), Chairman's Handbook, Rules for Meetings ... $62T
Palgrave (\V. G., Traveller, Brother of above, b. 1826), Narrative

of a Year's Journey through Central and Eastern Arabia,

[1862-63]. 1865 585-6K

Palissy (B., French Potter and Enameller, b. 1510, d. 1590), Life

of, by Morley , 99&Q

the Potter, a true tale, by Brightwell 56oQ

See also Blackwood [the Potter], v. 73, 143], &c.

Pallas (S. P., German Naturalist, b. 1741, d. 1811). See Jardine's Naturalists'

Library, 66iQ, &c.
Pallas or Minerva {Greek Goddess of Wisdom). See Homer's Iliad, Tele-

machus, &c.

Palleske (Emil), Schiller's Life and Works, translated by Lady

Wallace, 2 vols. 1860 .' 1482-30

Palliser (Mrs. Bury), Brittany and its Byways, some Account of its

Inhabitants and its Antiquities, illustrated. 1869.. ..1381 and I382R

Pall Mall. See Timbs' Works, 8ssZ. Eraser [Greater and Lesser Stars of Old
Pall Mall], v. 22 and 23, 632 and 633J. London, &c.

Palm Sunday. See Dyer's Popular Customs, I036F, c.

Palm Tribes and their Varieties 849Z

See also Good Words [Palm Tree], v. 23, 21937. Hartwig's Tropical World

[Palm Trees], 7s8F. Leisure Hour, v. 18, 26287. Science Gossip [Ac-
climatization of], v. 14, 241/7. Stanley's Dark Continent, 156311.
Sunday Magazine [Place of Palm Trees in Palestine], v. 13, 24707,
Chambers [Family of Palm-Trees], v. 7, 19277. Household Words
[Cocoa Palm], v. 2 and 15, 1742 and 17557 > &c.
Palmer (E. II., Orientalist, b. 1840, d. 1882), Life of, by Besant.... 8920

See also Living Age, v. 159, 3189.7. Leisure Hour, v. 23, 26337. Muller's

Sacred Books of the East, v. 6, s64A, &c.

Palmer (H., J. W., L., and W. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.
Palmer (Sir Roundell, Baron Selbcrne, Lord Chanellor, b. 1812). See Leisure

Hour [with portrait], v. 22, 26327, &c.

Palmer (W., Scholar, Brother of above, b. 1811, -d. 1879), M.A.,

Antiquities of the English Ritual, 2 vols. 1836 SO4-5A

Ecclesiastical History. 1847 2OiQ

Palmer (William Pitt, b. 1805). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Palmer (W. T.). See Huntley and Palmer.

Palmerston (Lord, Statesman, b. 1784, d. 1865), by Trollope [Eng-
lish Political Leaders]. 1882 12400

Life of [Sander's Statesmen Series]. 1888 I375O

See also Alison's Europe, 139-460. Cobden's Speeches, 323!?.. Ewald's

Statesmen, 472F. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Leisure Hour, v. 5, 2615! ;
[with portrait], y. 10, 26207. McCarthy's History, ig3-6H. Martin's
Life of the Prince Consort, Q2-6F. Memoirs of Ernest II., 6/4-5F.
Morley's Life of Richard Cobden, igo-iF. Raven's Parliamentary His-
tory of England, 2330. Smith's Life of Gladstone, 275 F. Thornton's
Foreign Secretaries, 2o8H. Fraser, v. 18 and 72, 628 and 6827. Mials'
Life of Richards, 424F. Quarterly, v. 143, 12737. Greville Memoirs, &c.

Palmistry. See Nature, v. ^13, 26737.

Palms and Temples, being Notes of a Four Months' Voyage upon

the Nile, by Arnold. 1882 6ooK

Palmyra, Letters from, by Ware. 1853 652Z

See also Cassell's Magazine, v. 5, 23457. Green's Bible Lands, 3286, &c.

Pampas and Andes, Journeys Across the, by Head. ..3740, 794Q and I289R
See also Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Gerstacker's Travels,
i6_32R. Nature [Barrenness of the], v. 31, 26917. Stanford's Compen-
dium, 8siK. All the Year Round [Cattle Farmers in], v. 5, 17657, &c.

[ 5 60]


Pamphlets containing various Essays, Treatises, c., v.D. :

Vol. i. Young Collectors' Postage Stamp Handbook. Handbook of
Beetles, and Handbook of Flowering Plants. Easy Lessons in
Botany. Kent's Cavern. Coals and Coal Plants. Health, Work
and Play. Bible Testimony to Use and Abuse of Wine. Adultera-
tions of Food

Pamphlets. See Chambers [Thomas on Collection of], v. 55, igssj.

Panama. See Borthwick's California, &c., 723 K. Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK.
Gallenga's America, 7^6K. Leisure Hour [Across], v. 29, 263gJ. Na-
ture [Canal], v. 32, 26g2j. Saturday Review [Canal and American Dip-
lomacy], v. 53, R.L. Chambers [to Chagres], v. 15, 1934 J. Harper
[Railroad], v. 18, isgSJ ; [and California], v. 19, isggj. Nature [Ship
Canal Across], v. 20, 268oJ. Nineteenth Century [Panama Canal
and its Progress], v. 23, 2233J. Isthmus, &c.

Pancakes. See Brand's Antiquities, loo^M. Well's Pastrycook, ggBM, &c.

Panics. See All the Year Round, v. 41, i8oij. Blackwood [of 1837], v - 4 2 > R-L-
Contemporary [and Reciprocity], v. 35, 2O45J. Nature [and Sun
Spots], v. 19, 2679J, &c.

Panizzi (Sir Anthony, Italian Bibliographer, Librarian of British

Museum, b. 1797, d. 1879), K.C.B., Life of, by Fagan, ill. 4I9-2OF

See also Cowtan's British Museum, 8g4H. Leisure Hour [with portrait], v.

30, 264oJ. Quarterly, v. 151, i28ij. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Panjafo. See Temple's India, 486K. India, &c.

Panmure (Lord). See Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, 94-sF, &c.

Panoramas. See Art Journal, v. 9, R.L. Chambers, v. 33, 1943 J. Penn
Magazine [Cosmoramas and Dioramas], v. n, i4Qj.

Pansy, The. See Science Gossip, v. 2, 241 ij ; v. 7, 2413^. Botany, Flowers, &c.

Pantaloon, The. See All the Year Round, v. 8, I768J, &c.

Pantheon. See Art Journal [at Rome], v. 20, R.L. Chambers [of London], v.
44, I948J. Old Sights with New Eyes, T754R, &c.

Pantomime. See All the Year Round [Old and New], v. 42, i8a2j. Gentleman's
Magazine, N.S. [Progress of], v. 37, 757J. Good Words [Pantomime

Children], v. 26, 2ig6J. Saturday Review, v. 37, R.L. All the Year
Round, v. 17, I777J. Chambers [English], v. 47, igsoj. Fraser [History
f]j v - 33) 643J. Once a Week [Introduction of], v. 26, 2286J.

Round, v. 17, I777J. Chambers [English], v. 47,1950^. Fraser [History
f]j v - 33) 643J. Once a Week [Introduction
Temple Bar [English, Origin of], v. 55, i38sj, &c.

Pantropheon, The, or History of Food and its Preparation, by A.

Soyer, illustrated. 1853 6750

Papacy during the Reformation, by Creighton, 4 vols. 1882-7 329-32A

History of the, by Wylie. 1852 328A

The, its History, Dogmas, Genius and Prospects, by Wylie. 1888 682A

See also Arthur's The Popes, 453-4F. Blackwood, v. 73, I43J. Griesin-

ger's Jesuits [Papal Infallibility], 529H. Merivale's Church History
4ioM. Nicolini's Jesuits, 3670. Stubbs' History, 210-20. Villemain's
Gregory the Seventh, 289-oF. Edinburgh Review [and French Em-
pire, 1800], v. 128, 488J. Fraser [and Germany], v. 89, 6gg]. Popes,
Names of Individual Popes, Roman Catholics, Catholics, Ecclesiastical
History, Religion, &c.

Papendiek (Mrs.), Journals of the Court and Private Life of Queen

Charlotte, edited by Mrs. Broughton, 2 vols. 1887 946-7F

Paper. See Alison's Europe, 139-460. Chambers [and the Pineapple Fibre], v.
59, IQ59J ; [Something about], v. 60, i96oj ; [More uses of], v. 61, igo^J.
English Mechanic, v. 46, 1046!). Harper's New Monthly Magazine [asheet
f]> v - 75, I 655j. Leisure Hour [Waste], v. 30, 264oJ. Ure's Diction-
ary [Indelible Cheque], 8D ; [Japanese], gD; [Manufacture of and
Paper Cutting], 8D. All the Year Round [History of a Sheet of], v.
6, ij66J. Argosy [and its Substitutes], v. 14, i4j. Art Journal
[Staining, French and English], v. 13, R.L. Chambers [Materials for],
v. 22 and 58, 1937 and igsSJ. Cornhill [Manufacture of], v. 4, 284.7.
Household Words, v. 18, I758J. Macmillan [Pen and Ink], v. i, 93iJ.
Penny Magazine [Rice and Straw], v. 13, isiB, &c.

Paper-hangings. See Beckmann's Inventions, 6970,. Illustrated Carpenter
and Builder, from v. i, 2981 J. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, 8D, &c.

Paper-Chasing. See Shearman's Athletics, i25gR. Atheletes, Sports, &c.


Paper [Money] against Gold, or the History and Mystery of the

Bank of England, by Cobbett. 1828 3i;R

See also Jevons" Money, 36oR. Fortnightly [Modern Reforms in], v. 4,
" "" ' \ Reviev r ~ T "

20Q4J. Edinburgh Review [Depreciation of], v. 17, 377]. Money,
Currency, &c.
Papers for Thoughtful Girls. 1881 .......................................... I94Q

See Newspapers, Press, &c.

Papier-Maeh.e\ See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactuies, 8D. Art Journal

[Ceramic], v. 12, R.L., &c.
Papillon (F. ), Nature and Life, trans, by Macdonough. 1875 ...... 642!!

Papists and John Bull, Passages in the Life of an Anglican Rector,

by Edgar. 1846 ........................................................ 3O2M

- See also Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Catholics, Roman Catholics, Ecclesiastical

History, Religion, &c.
Papuans. See Nature [Maclay's Researches among], v. 9, 266gJ ; [Ethnology of

the], v. 14, 20747. Stanford's Compendium of Geography, 853!^, &c.
Parables from Nature, by Gatty, 2 vols. 1 880 ........................ 28-pZ

- of our Lord, by Arnot. 1883 ............................................. 224M

- - Notes on the, by Trench. 1877 .............................. I79K

Poems on, by Macdonald ................................... . ...............

- See also Burns' Sermons, 24/M. Clarke's Children's Picture Book, 241(3.

Hood's World of Proverb and Parable, 1350. Quiver [of the Old
Testament], v. 21, 32917. Robinson's Scripture Characters, I52K.
Sunday at Home, v. 4, 2854.7. Good Words [in the Light of the
Present Day], v. 4, 21747, c.

Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, by Milton, with Notes by
J. Edmondston. 1854 ................................................

- Lost, by Milton, and Life of the Author, ed. by Newton, 2 vols 480- iD
- See also Keary's Primitive Beliefs, joiK. Kitto's Scripture Lands [a Garden

ofEden], 368M. Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

ParadigO of Dante. See Dante's Divine Comedy, 713 and 8ioM, &c.
Paraffin. See Brown's Science for All, 628B. Nineteenth Century [Use of

Paraffin Oil in Orchard Cultivation], v. 14, 2224], Ure's Dictionary, 8D.

All the Year Round, v. 21, i78ij. Chambers [Candles from Peat], v.

20, 19367. Time [Lamp Accidents], v. 16, iso6J.
Paraguay under Francia, Letters on, by Robertson, 3 vols. 1839 i629-3iR

See also Gallenga's America, 756K. Stanford's Compendium, SsiK. Harper,

v. 18, I598J. Quarterly [Letters on], v. 63, ii93j, &c.
Paralysis. See Man and his Maladies, g$gK. Disease, &c.
Paraphrasing. See Living Age [art of], v. 75, 31057.
Parasites, Animal and Messmates, by Van Beneder [International

Scientific Series. 1883 ................................................ 3GiR.

- See also Science Gossip, v. 8, 24137. Nature, v. 3, 26637, & c -
Parcels Post. See All Year Round, v. 53, 18137. Chambers, v. 59, 19597.

Postal System, &c.

Parchment. Sec Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Pardoe (Miss, Novelist and Historical Writer, />. 1806, d. 1862),
Louis XIV. and the Court of France in the Seventeenth
Century, 2 vols. 1847 ............................................... 804-50

- The City of the Magyar, or Hungary and her Institutions in

1839-40, 3 vols, illustrated. 1840 ......................... ; ....... 453'SK

Sultan and Domestic Manners of the Turks, with a
Steam Voyage up the Danube. 1855 ............................. 77oQ

- See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Pardon (G. F. [Captain Crawley]), Handbook of Chess .............. I528Z

[For this author's general works see under games].
Par (Ambrose). See Fraser [Incident in the Life of], v. 51, 6617.
Parents. See Century [Training of], v. 6, 18787. Gray's China [and Children],
52o-iK. Winged Words, 1923!^. 7 eanrreson ' s Bridals [Authority of],
"Year Round [To, and Children], v. IT, 17717 ; [Parental

All the
Rights], v. 24, 17847, &c.



Parini (G., Poet, b. 1729, d. 1799). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of
Europe, 4730, &c.

PARIS after Waterloo, by Simpson. 1853 6i8Z

Ancient and Modern [R.T.S.] H3 Z

and its Historical Scenes [Lib. Ent. Know.], 2 vols. 1831 456-yT

Days near, by Hare. 1887 i?43 R

During the Siege, translated by Sarcey. 1871 I368R

Herself Again in 1878-9, by Sala, illustrated 396-7K and I367R

in America, by De Rene Lefebvre, translated by Booth. 1863...
Life, Photographs of, by Chroniqueuse [Mrs. Sikes]. 1861

Old, Its Court, &c., by Lady Jackson, 2 vols. 1878 1365-6R

Parks and Gardens of, by Robinson, illustrated. 1878 .., 6096

The Great Exhibition, by Arnold. 1868 I369R

to Pekin, over Siberian Snows, by Meignan. 1885 8ilK

See also Alison's Europe, 119-460. All the Year Round [Poor of], v. 12,

K727 ; [Restaurants], v. 33, 17937 '> [Free Lodgings in], v. 54, 18147 >
laque in Theatres of], v. 56, 18167 ; [Through the Paris Inter-
national Exhibition, 1889], v. 64, 18247. Argosy [Scenes at], v. 40, 407.
Art 7ournal [Salon of 1883], v. 35, R.L. ; [Salon of 1884], v. 36, R.L.
Bellow's Europe [First Views of], 1398!?.. Blackwood [Theatres], v.
74, 1447. Brand's Antiquities, IOO5-6M. Cassell's Family Magazine
[Paris International Exhibition and the Eiffel Tower], v. 15, 23657.
Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-7 B. Chambers [Omnibuses of],
v. 43, 19487 ', [Old], v. 44, 19487 J [Siege of], v. 48, 19507. Compayre"s
Pedagogy, 2g6R. Contemporary Review [Municipal Organization
of], v. 43, 20537. Edinburgh Review [Parks and Gardens of], v. 130,
4907. Fortnightly Review [Salon of 1882], v. 37, 21277 '> [Government
of], v. 39, 21297 5 [As an English Residence], v. 43, 21337 '> [Newspaper
Press ot], v. 44, 21347 ; [Society in], v. 45, 21357. Fraser [Newspapers
of], v. 17, 6277. Gentleman's Magazine [Sieges of], v. 6, 7267 ; [Salon of],
v. 15. ;
5. 2I 75.

v. 15, 7357 J [Some Streets of], v. 36, 7567. Good Words [Streets of], v.
757 '' [Prisons of], v. 15, 21857 '> [Ouvriers of], v. 24, 21947. Green's
ich Pictures, 334B. Harper [Prisons and Prisoners of], v. 7, 15877 ;

v. 77, 16577. Harper's Index, i64o7a. Head's Faggot of French

Sticks, 1394-sR. Household Words [Student Life in], v. 3, 17437.
Laurie's Mediaeval Education [University], 3o6R. Leisure Hour
[Locomotion in and Street Traders in], v. 4, 26147 ', [Night Adventure
in], v. 10, 26207 ; [International Exhibition, 1867], v. 16, 26267 ; [New
and Old], v. 24, 26347 I [Trees of], v. 28, 26387 ; [Annual Salon], v. 33,
26437. Living Age [Suburbs of], v. 166, 31967. May's Democracy, 3gH.
Nature [Reflector of Observatory], v. 12, 26727 ; [Report of Observatory
at], v. 28, 26887. Nineteenth Century [Palais Royal Theatre], v. 8,22187.
Once a Week [Workmen of], v. 18, 22787. Peasant Properties, 2004!?..
Penny Magazine [Wine Market], v. 5, 1436 ; [Water Carriers of], v. 6,
1446. Quarterly [Public Works], v. 99, 12297. Quiver [Gospel in], v.

33007. Sala's Journey, 8oiK. Saturday Review [Finances of and
rtifications of], v. 55, R.L. ; [Pauperism in], v. 59, R.L. ; [Shows of],
v. 62, R.L. Scribner's Monthly [in and about], v. 4, 18547. Sunday
at Home [a Sunday in] v. 2, 28527 ; [at Whitsuntide], v. 18, 28687.
Thier's French Revolution, 376-96. Freeman's Essays [Early Sieges
of], 4i6H. Chambers [Boarding Houses at], y. 6, 19267 ; [English
Working man in, 1848], v. n, 1937 ; Good Old Times in], v. 16, 19347 '>
[Bakers of], v. 41, 19477. Edinburgh Review [Morals and Manners

of], v. 78, 4387. Fraser [Two Years in], v. 26, 21967. Harper
~3urnalists of], v. 51, 16317. Household Words [Markets of], v.
17427. Once a Week [English in], v. 5, 22657. Quarterly [Dan-

T. Ter

ecerous Classes of], v. 70, 12007 ; [Fortifications of], v. 78, 12087.

Bar [Balls in], v. u, 13417. Old Sights with New Eyes,

France, Franco-German War, Germany, &c.
Paris (Comte De). See King's Leaders, 6590, &c.
Paris (Martial De [Dit d'Auvergne]). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe, 4730, &c.

Paris (J. A., b. 1785, d. 1856), M.D., F.R.S., Life of Sir Humphry
Davy, 2 vols. 1831



Parish, The. Sec All the Year Round [Book-keeping], v. 7, i 7 6 7 J ; [Clerk], v.
46, iSo6J. Escott's England and its People, 1017^. Fraser [Priest], v.
69, 67Qj. Quekett's Reminiscences [Parish Work], 6siF. Sunday at
Home [Sketches], v. IT, 2861], &c.

Registers in England, Ireland, Scotland, &c., History of, by

Burn. 1862 5 3 6H

See also Quiver [Curiosities of], v. 14, 3284], Saturday Review [Custody

of], v. 54, R.L., c.
Park (Mungo, African Traveller, b. 1771, killed 1805). See Earth's Central

Africa, 847-8^, &c.
Parker (H. W.), Rise, Progress, and Present State of Van Dieman's

Land, with Advice to Emigrants, &c. 1833 4 2 3T

Parker (J., Minister of the City Temple and Chairman of the Con-
gregational Union], U.D., Discourses 5Q8M

Sermons at the Poultry Chapel, London, 1869-70 263K

The City Temple, a Pulpit Register, vol. I. 1872 26^K

Pulpit Analyst, vol. i. 1866 , 438M

These Sayings of Mine and other Sermons 262K

Wednesday Evenings at Cavendish Chapel, Homiletic Hints. ... 439M

Ed., Springdale Abbey, Diaries and Letters of an English

Preacher. 1869 IO49R

Parker (M., Archbishop of Canterbury, b. 1504,^. 1575), Correspon-
dence of. 1853 2igA

See also Moulton's English Bible, 4i8M. Parker Society Publications, &c.

Parker (N. H.), Iowa as it is in 1857, a Gazetteer for Citizens, &c. 15040

Parker (Theod.). See Contemporary [and American Unitarianism], v. i, soiij.
Living Age [and his Supporters], v. 36, 3o66J.

Parker (W. M.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja, &c.

Parker Society Publications-
Bale (J.), D.D., Select Works of. 1849 224 A.

Bradford (J.), M.A., Writings of, Letters, Treatises and Re-
mains, 1853 2I7A

Sermons, Meditations, &c. 1848 2i6A

Calfhill, (J.), D.D., Answer to Martiall's Treatise of the Cross. 24oA

Coverdale (M.), Remains of. 1846 2I5A

Writings and Translations of. 1844 2I4A

Fulke (W.), D.D., Answers to Stapleton, Martiall and Sanders 237A

Defence of the Translation of the Bible. 1843 239A

Grindal (E.), D.D., Remains of. 1843 225A

Hooper (J.), D. D., Early AVritings of. 1843 2i8A

Later Writings and Letters of. 1852 22oA

Hutchinson (R.), Works of. 1842 222A

Latimer (H.) Sermons and Remains of 212 and 221 A

Liturgical Services of Queen Elizabeth. 1847 226A

Liturgies of Edward VI. 1844 228A

Nowell (A. ), Catechism written in Latin. 1853 238A

Original Letters Relative to the English Reformation, 2vols. ... 235-6 A

Parker (Archbishop M.), Correspondence of. 1853 2I9A

Philpot (J.), B.C.L., Examinations and Writings of. 1842 232A

Pilkington (J.), Works of. 1842 223A

Private Prayers during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. 1851... 227A

Ridley (N.), D.D., Works of. 1841 2iiA

Rogers (T.j, A.M., Catholic Doctrine of the Church of England 213 A

Sandys (E.), D.D., Sermons of. 1841 .' 2 34A

Tyndale (W.), Answers to Sir Thomas More's Dialogue. 1850 2 30 A



Parker Society Publications (continued).

Tyndale ( W. ), Doctrinal Treatises. 1 848 22QA

Expositions and Notes of. 1849 23iA

Whitaker (W.), D.D., Disputation on Holy Scripture. 1849... 233 A .

Whitgift (J.), D.D., Works of, 3 vols. 1851-3 2o8-ioA

Zurich Letters [1558-1602], 2 vols. 1842 and 1845 2O6-7A

General Index to the Publications of the Parker Society. 1855 24iA
Parkes (Edmund A., Professor of Hygiene, b. 1819, d. 1876), M.D.,

On Personal Care of Health [S.P.C.K. Manuals of Health].. I433Z

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