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See also Saturday Review [Museum of], v. 55, R.L., &c.

Parkes (S. H.), F.R.A.S., Unfinished Worlds, A Study in Astro-
nomy, illustrated. 1887 546R

Parkes (Mrs. W.), Domestic Duties, or, Instructions to Young Mar-
ried Ladies. 1828 9S4M

Parkinson (H. W.), Modern Pleas for State Churches Examined 487A

Parkinson (J.), Fossil Organic Remains, illustrated. 1830 734^

Parkman (F. & M. E.). Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Parks and Gardens of Paris, by Robinson, illustrated. 1878

London, by Larwood

See also Blackwood [and Gardens of London], v. 51, R.L. Contemporary

[and Commons], v. 50, 2o6oJ. Fraser [and Gardens], v. 47, 657!.
Loftie's London, 2526. Once a Week [English], v. 16, 2276}. Time
[and Pleasure-Grounds], v. i, i49ij, &c.

Parley (Peter [S. G. Goodrich], American Writer for the Young,
A J 793j d' 1860), Peter Parley's Kaleidoscope, or Parlour
Pleasure Book, consisting of many Fields of the Curious, the

Beautiful and the Wonderful, illustrated. 1858 3iD

Parley (Peter [George Mogridge], English Writer for the Young, b. 1787, d.
1854). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

PARLIAMENT, Diary of Two Parliaments [Disraeli and Glad-
stone, 1874-1885], by Lucy. 1885 3i6-7H

The Three Reforms of [1830-1885], by Heaton. 1885 4560

See also Alison's Europe, 119-370. All the Year Round [of Great Britain],

v. i, 17617 ; [Opening], v. 37, 1797.!. Blackwood [Disfranchisement
of], v. 70, 140 J ; [Decline of the House of Commons], v. 131, 2oiJ ;
[opening of Session of 1883], v. 133, 2037 ; [Session of 1883, Fran-
chise Bill], v. 135, 2osj. Brougham's Political Dissertations [Par-
liamentary Reform], 604 and 6o6R. Burton's 'Scotland [1648-1747],
336-7!!. Campbell's Chancellors, 774-20 ; Chief Justices, 7870. Cham-
bers [New Houses of], v. 16, IQ34J. Clarendon's History of the Re-
bellion, 297-3020. Cobden's Speeches, 323R. Contemporary [Cloture
in], v. 42, 2052J ; [Session of 1882, Exclusion of Irish Members
from], v. 49, 20597. Edinburgh Review [Annual], v. 28, 388J ; [Long],

Gardiner's History of England, 466-90. Green's English Peopl
i8g-92H. Grego's Elections [Parliamentary Elections], I275H. Cretes
Minor Works [Parliamentary Reform], 956H. Harper [Working Men
in], v. 73, 16537. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Help's Government [Acts
of], moF. Knight's England [Parliamentary Reform], 151-4^
Leisure Hour [Long and Short], v. 8, 26i8J. Macmillan [before Easter],
v. 13, 943J ; [Redistribution of Seats], v. 50, gSoJ. Martineau's Thirty
Years' Peace, 4496. May's Democracy [the English], 3gH. Nine-
teenth Century [Cloture in, and the Tories], v. n, 2221 J ; [Crisis of, 1882],
v. n, 2221 J ; [Parliamentary Oaths], v. 12, 2222 J ; [and the Church],
v. 18, 2228J. Pepys' Diary [1659-1669], 9020. Pike's Crime in Eng-
land, 307-8H. Quarterly Review [of 1886], v. 162, 12927. Rogers'



PARLI AME NT (continued).

Work and Wages, no2F. Routledge's Popular Progress, I034F.
Saturday Review [Payment of Members], v. 60, 61 and 62, R.L. ; [Pro-
cedure in], v. 61, R.L. Smith's Institutions, 5i7T. Stoughton's Re-
ligion in England, 92-7M. Stubbs' History, 210-20. Wall's Good
Queen's Reign, 4400. Poole's Index, R.L. House of Commons,
House of Lords, &c.
Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales, illustrated by

maps, 4 vols. 1843 5 2 '5^

Generals of the Great Civil War, by W'alford [Military Biogra-
phies]. 1886 12490

Government in England, by Bisset, 2 vols. 1877 215-6!!

History of England, from the passing of the Reform Bill of

1832, by Raven. 1885 2330

Parlour Games. See Cassell's Book of Amusements, i25gH. Games, &c.
Parmenio of Macedon (ft. about 60). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome,

474 D, &c.

Pamell (Charles S., Leader of the Irish Party in Parliament, Agitator for Home

Ride, b. 1846). See Contemporary [and Grattan], v. 49, zozgj. Lucy's

Parliament, 3-i6-7H. Saturday Review [Testimonial Fund], v. 56, R.L. ;

[Programme of], v. 60, R.L., &c.

Pamell Movement, a History of the Irish Question, from the death

of O'Connell to the Suicide of Piggott, by O'Connor. 1889 326R
Pamell (T., Poet, b. 1679, d. 1717), D.D., Poems, Life by Gold-
smith [British Poets]. 1864 45 2 Q

Poetical Works, and Life by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great

Britain], 2 vols. 1807 348-gZ

Parochial Work, by Monro. 1851

See also Contemporary [Parochial System at Fault], v. 54, 2664J. Keble's

Papers and Reviews [Parochial Work], I203H. Parsons, &c.
Parody. See Living Age, v. 42, 3072 J. Page's Vers de Soci^te", &c., 72oM.
Parole d'Honneur. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 37, i6i7j, &c.
Parr (Harriet). See Lee (Holme) in Fiction Class List following the General


Parr (Mrs. Louisa). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Parr (Katherine, Sixth Wife of Henry VIII., b. 1509, d. 1548). See Strickland's

Queens of England, 8ooO. Henry VIII., English History, &c.
Parr (Dr. S., Theologian and Critic, b. 1747, d. 1825), LL.D., and

other Writings, by De Quincey. 1863

See also Nicoll's Great Scholars, gqiQ, &c.

Parrakeet, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 653Q. Birds, &c.

Parrots and Monkeys, illustrated 6oR

See also Boy's Own Annual [and all about them], v. 4 and 7, 2954 and 2957 J.

Cornhill [I have met], v. 54, 334J. Girl's Own Annual, v. 2, 2552^.
Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6$sQ. Jesse's Gleanings, 579Q. All
the Year Round [and their Treatment], v. 43, iSosJ. Chambers, v. 51,
I 95 2 J- Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Leisure Hour, v. 10 and 12,
2620 and 2622J ; [Anecdotes of], v. 18, 2623J. Lindsay's Mind in the
Lower Animals, 7ii-2F. Science Gossip [Food for], v. 17, 242oJ.
Boy's Own Annual [Performing], v. n, 2961}, c.
Parry (E.), Cambrian Mirror, or a New Tourist Companion through

North Wales, illustrated. 1846 6i2Z

Parry (Sir W. E., Admiral, Arctic Explorer, b. 1790, d. 1855). See Adams'
Heroes, 978Q. Blackwood [Voyages], v. 4, 8, 9, R.L. Quarterly
[Attempt to reach North Pole], v. 37, n67j.

Parsees. See All the Year Round [Ancient and Modern], v. 55, i8isJ. Cornhill
[Parsee Burial], v. 48, 328 J. Household Words, v. 19, 1759 J. Satur-
day Review [History of, Karaka's], v. 59, R.L. Westminster, v. 124.
Parsimony. See Chambers [Parsimonious People], v. 56, IQ56J. Fraser [Hints
on], v. 15, 625;, &c.



Parsis. The Religion of the, and the Zend-Avesta, by Mitchell

'[Present Day Tracts], v. 5 ............................................. 238T

Parsnip, The. See Science Gossip [History of], v. 10, 2414.7. Vegetables, &c.
Parsons. See Cornhill [Country], v. 42, 322.7. Fraser [Some Old- Fashioned], v.

89, 6997. Scribner [and Parsons], v. 17, 18677, &c.
Parsons (B.), Greatness of the British Empire traced to its Sources,

avolsini. 1851 ...................................................... 563T

Parsons (C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Parsons (T. W.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's

Poets of America, 4680.
Parthenon. See Cornhill [from Corinth to, in 1886], v. 54, 3347. Saturday Re-

view [Ferguson on], v. 55, R.L., &c.

Parthians. See Niebuhr's History of Rome, 88H, &c.
Parties [Habits of Good Society] ............................................. I4O8Z

Parties, Political. See Bryce's American Commonwealth [Political],

Century [and Partyism, Use and Abuse of], v. 6, 18787. Contemporary
[and Patriotism, Government by], v. 46, 2056.}. Fraser [Political], v.
5> 6is7 ; v. 6, 6i6J. Macmillan [Political, Parliament without], v. 41,
97iJ. Nineteenth Century [Spirit of, and Patriotism], v. n, 2221],
Quarterly [and Principle], v. 163, 1293}. Poole's Index [and Politics],
R.L. Government, Politics, &c.

Partington (C. F.), Lectures on the Steam Engine, illustrated. 1826 3$2T

Partnership. See Chambers [Associative], v. 15, 1934 J, &c.

Parton (]., Journalist and Author, b. 1822), Famous Americans of

Recent Times. 1869 ................................................... 6410

Life and Times of Aaron Burr, 2 vols. 1870 ........................ 546-7O

- - Ed., Humorous Poetry of the English Language, from Chaucer

to Saxe, with notes. 1867 ..... . ....................................... 72iM

- Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Parton (Mrs. Sarah P. [Fanny Fern], American N<n>elist> b. 1811, d. 1872). See
Living Age, v. 39, 3069.7. Fiction Class List following the General
Catalogue, &c.

Partridges. See Chambers [Among], v. 34, 1943.7 \ v - 5 2 > J 95 2 J- Fraser [and
Politics], v. 100, 7ioJ. Jardine's Naturalists' Library,

646 and

Jesse's Gleanings, 579Q. Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT. Birds,
Game, &c.
Pascal (Blaise, French Philosopher, b. 1623, d. 1662), Provincial

Letters of, translated with notes, by M : Crie. 1848 ............ I52T

- by Tulloch [Foreign Classics]. 1878 .................................... 11790

- Studies on, byVinet. 1859 ................................................ H25R

See also Fortnightly [Provincial Letters], v. 24, 21147. Fraser [and his
Friends], v. 22, 6327. Quarterly [and his Editors], ^148, 12787. Satur-
day Review [Pense"es], v. 58, R.L.
Poole's Index, R.L. Sunday Magazii

day Review [Pense'es], v. 58, R.L. Sunday at Home, v. 9, 28597.
Poole's Index, R.L. Sunday Magazine [his Life, &c.], v. i, 24517, &c.

Paschal Lamb. See Sunday Magazine [Blood of], v. 12, 24697, &c.

Paschal (G. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 o7a.

Pascoe (C. E.), Practical Handbook to the Principal Professions ... 25 iR

The Dramatic List, the Principal Performances of living Actors

and Actresses of the British Stage, with portraits. 1879 13230

Pasolini (Count Guiseppe). See Saturday Review, v. 60, R.L., &c.

Pasquino (Maestro). See Chambers' 7ournal, v. 8, 19287, &c.

Passion Flower. See All the Year Round, v. 15, 17757, &c.

Passion of our Lord, Sermons by Tholuck, translated. 1857 486M

See also Twining's Symbols, 507M.

Passion Play. See All the Year Round [at Brixlegg], v. 20, 17807. Blackwood [His-
tory of], v. 106, 1767. Cornhill [Persian], v, 24, 3047. Harper [of
Persia], v. 72, 16527, &c.

Passion Week, by Hanna. 1866 I59M

Passions. See Bell's Expression, 8g2R. Cornhill [and Machinery] v. n, 2917
Inman's Ancient Faiths, 95K, &c.



Passover. See Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M.

Passports. See Chambers, v. 36, 1944}. Leisure Hour [Getting], v. 4, 26147.

Past and Present, by Carlyle ?4T

Past, The. See Fortnightly, v. 26, 2ii6J. Eraser [Past, Present, and the
Coming], v. 35, 645], Good Words [Past and Future], v. 9, 21797.

Pasta (G., Italian Singer, b. 1798, d. 1865). See Edwards' Prima Donna, 678F.

Pasteboard, Art of Working in, by Boileau. 1831 3S4T

Pastel. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, IO76M, &c.

Pasteur (L., French Chemist, achieved very remarkable results in
preventing hydrophobia, b. 1822), His Life and Labours, by
his Son-in-Law, translated by Lady C. Hamilton. 1885 &93O

See also Edinburgh Review, v. 156, 5i6J ; [Life and Work of], v. 162, 522J.

Fortnightly [Life and Labours of], v. 44, 21347. Leisure Hour [Dis-
coveries of], v. 13, 26237. Nature, v. 26, 26867. Nineteenth Century
[and Hydrophobia], v. 20, 22307. Tyndall's Floating Matter, 507R, &c.

Pastime Papers [by F. Saunders]. 1885 1050 and I9Q6R

Pastimes. See Brenner's Gymnastics for Ladies, IOQ5F. Cassell's Book of
Sports, &c.. I262H. Field Book, 93iF. Percy Anecdotes, qjzZ, &c.

Paston Letters [1422-1509, A.D.], edited by Gairdner, a new edi-
tion, 3 vols. 1872 293-5T

Henry VI., 1422-61 A.D., 2931?. Edward IV., 1461-71 A.D., 294!?.
Edward IV. Henry VII., 1471-1509, A.D., 295"!.

Sec also Leisure Hour, v. 2*2, 2632}, &c.

Pastorals of France, by Wedmore. 1877 I39O R

See also Cornhill [Pastoral Meditation], v. 47, 3277. Posnett's Literature,

3 94 R, &c.

Pastor's Notebook, or Preparations for the Pulpit, by Kent. 1867 365M.
Narrative, or Before and After the Battle of Worth, 1870, by

Klein, translated by Marshall. 1 879 3620

Pastrycook and Confectioner's Guide for Hotels, Restaurants, c.,

by Wells. 1889 998M

Pastry. See All the Year Round [and Entremet of Great Merit], v. 20, 17807.

Patagonia, Giants of. 1853 674Z

Life Among the Giants, by Bourne 675Z

See also All the Year Round [Captured by], v. 26, 17867. Brown's Palseo-


lithic Man [Patagonians], gosF ; Races of Mankind [Patagonians],
1550. Gentleman's Magazine, [Idle Days in], v. 33, 7537 ', [Life
in], v. 35, 75s7' Nature [Flora of], v. 30, 26907. Stanford's Compen-

Patclrwork. See Valentine's Girl's Own Book, T i87R, &c.

Patents, Law of, for all Countries, a handbook by Thompson. 1889 325R

See also Chambers [English Patent Office], v. 39, 19467 ', [and Patentees],

v. 53, 19537 j [How to Procure], v. 62, 19627. Edinburgh Review

[Laws], v. 121, 4817. Fraser [Philosophy of Invention, Laws, c.], v.

67, 6777. Leisure Hour [Letters Patent], v. 13, 26237. Macmillan

[Medicines], v. 47. 9777. Quarterly, v. 105, 12357. Temple Bar

[English and Patentees], v. 16, 13467, &c.
Paterculus (Velleius, Roman Historian, b, 19 B.C., d. 31 A.D.). See Watson's

Sallust, &c., ii74H, &c.
Paternoster Row. See Chambers [and Magazine Day], v. 23,. 19387.

limbs' Curiosities, 6oqZ. London, c.

Paterson (].), Kay's Edinburgh Portraits, Scottish Biography, edited

by Maidment, illustrated, 2 vols. 1885 745-6O

Patmore (C., Poet and Assistant Librarian, British Museum, b.

1823), Ed., The Children's Garland, from the Best Poets 7;;M
The Palmer. Wreck of the Hesperus. Dream of Eugene Aram. Lord
of Burleigh. Pied-Piper of Hamelin. After Blenheim. Sweet
William's Ghost.

See also Stoddard's Late English Poets, 68?M. Macmillan [Angel in the

House], v. 3, 9337i & c -

[ 5 68]


Patmos. See Living Age v. 164, 3194!. Sunday at Home [as it is], v. 10,

2 86oJ, &c.
Patois Poems of the Channel Islands, Norman-French Text, edited

by Pitts, first and second series [Guille-Alles Library Series] 440- iD
Paton (Chalmers T.), Freemasonry and its Jurisprudence according
to the Ancient Landmarks and Charges, and the Constitutions,
Laws, and Practices of Lodges and Grand Lodges. 1872 ... III4F

its Symbolism, Religious Nature, and Law of Perfection. 1873 6ggA.

Two Great Doctrines, the Existence of God and a Future

State. 1878 7ooA

Paton (J. G.), Missionary to the New Hebrides, an Autobiography... 14490
Patriarchs, The. See Ewald's Israel, 6r-2K. Fraser [Longevity of], v. 86, 6g6J.
MacdufFs Sunsets [Deaths of], isoiR. Sunday at Home [Life of
Abraham], v. 2, 2852], &c.
Patrick (St.). See Household Words, v. 13, 1753.!. Woodhouse's Orders [Knights

of St. Patrick], 2730, &c.

Patrick's Day (St.) See St. Patrick's Day, loosM, &c.
Patrick (Mary). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Patrick (Symon, Bishop <?/ Ely, b. 1626, d. 1707), D.D., Assisted by
Lovvth, Arnold Whitby and Lowman, a Critical Commentary
on the Old and New Testaments, 4 vols 37-4OA

See also Cattermole's Literature of the Church, 549A, &c.

Patriotism. See Fraser, v. 99, 709.7. Lecky's Morals, 384-sM. Macmillan

[Patriotic Poetry], v. 46, 976J. Muller's Noble Deeds, &c., 920,.

Percy Anecdotes, gi^Z. Tweedie's Earnest Men, 6220, &c.
Patronage, Church. See Burton's Scotland [1648-1747], 336-7^ &c.
Patten (G. W.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680.

Patterson (H. S.), M.D., Health Studies, a Third Course of
Lectures, delivered in the Lecture Hall of the Young Men's

Christian Association. 1880 49&T and 14047

[Exertion. Worry. Rest and Sleep. A Merry Heart. Disease Germs.

Food. Appetite, &c.]
Patterson (J. B. ), Beauties of Jeremy Taylor, with an Essay on his

Life, &c. 1834 1124!!

Patterson (Mrs.), Why Do I Believe, or the Bible True and

Inspired [R.T.S.] 2O4Q

Patterson (J. Coleridge, Bishop of Melanesia, b. 1827, killed 1871),

Missionary Bishop, byYonge, 2 vols. 1874 ,. e 804-50

See also Boy's Own Annual, v. 7, 2057J. Gladstone's Gleanings, 882Z.

Japp's Missionaries [and the South Pacific], 7700. Quarterly, v. 137,
12677. Sunday at Home, v. 19, 286gJ, &c.
Patti (Adelini, Kalian Soprano Singer, b. 1843), Fourteen Years

with, by Lauw, translated by Brune. 1884

See also Edward's Prima Donna, 67gF. Engel's Reminiscences, 13490.

Temple Bar, v. 73, 14037, &c.
Pattison (Dorothy W.). See Sister Dora.
Pattison (Mark, Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, b. 1813, d.

1884), D.D., Memoirs. 1885 8960

- Milton [English Men of Letters]. 1880 10780

Tendencies of Religious Thought in England [1688-1750]

[Essays and Reviews] 662A

See also Gatton's Urbana Scripta, 3isT. Morley's Miscellanies, 842-303.

Saturday Review, v. 58, R.L. Temple Bar [Recollections of], v. 73,
i 4 o 3 J, &c.

Pattison (Mrs. Mark), Renaissance of Art in France, illus, 1879... 327-80

Pattison (S. R.), Religious Topography of England [R.T.S.] !O5iR

Patton (W.), The Village Testament. 1834

[569] '


Pau and the Pyrenees, by Russell. 1871 !39iR

See also Health Haunts, 8ioQ. Scribner [Fox Hunt at], v. 12, i862j, c.

PAUL (St., Apostle, said to have been beheaded at Rome, about

64), at Athens, by Alexander. 1865 i6iQ

Companions of, by Howson. 1874 349M

Epistle to the Galatians, Commentary upon, by Luther. 1810... 68 A

Hebrews, Commentary on, by Olshausen. 1868 129 A

Philippians, Lectures upon, by Airay. 1866 '. 59A

&c., Practically Explained, by Neancler. 1851 i6gM

Romans, Commentary upon, by Olshausen. 1871 I26A

Critical Exposition of the Third Chapter, by

Morison. 1866 , , !3iA

Epistles of [Barnes' Notes] 4-gM

to Corinthians [Ellicott's School Commentary] 257Q

the Corinthians, Commentary on, by Olshausen. 1869 ... I27A

Philippians, to Titus and the First to Timothy, Com-
mentary upon, by Olshausen. 1866

Five Discourses by Monod, translated by Barrett. 1853 5iZ

Footsteps of, Designed for Youth, by Metcalf. 1881 IO2Q

Four Greater Epistles, Evidential Conclusion from, by the Dean

of Chester [Present Day Tracts], vol.4 237T

in Rome, by Macduff. 1871 I78Q

Life and Epistles of, by Conybcare and Howson. 1877 268M

2vols.ini. 1869 39A

Work of, by Farrar, 2 vols. 1879 387-8A

Observations on the Conversion of, by Lord Lyttleton. 1842 ... 77Q

Picture of, by Haweis. 1887 II55M

Saul of Tarsus, his Life and its Lessons, by Mackenzie. 1864 ... I234M

See also Good Words [Madness of], v. 4, 2174] ; [References to Roman

Law], v. 7, 2i/7j ; [The Apostle and Jeremiah compared], v. g, 21797 ;
[How he Lived], v. 14, 21847 [Value of], v. 20, 21907. Haweis' Christ
and Christianity, n86M. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Knight's Pictorial
Bible, io4M. Living Age [Saul of Tarsus], v. 37, 30677. Macknight's
Works [Life of], 356A. Macmillan [The Apostle], v. 20, 950.!. _ Quar-
terly [Eloquence as a Preacher], v. 15, 1145] ', [and Christianity], v.
156, I286J. Quiver [as a Friend], v. 13, 32837. Robinson's Scripture
Characters, I52K. Saturday Review [Dewe's Life of], v. 54, R.L.
Sunday at Home [Questions on the Life and Character of], v. 6, 2856,! ;
[at Cyprus], v. 25, 28757. Commentaries, Epistles, New Testa-
ment, &c.
Paul (Emperor of Russia, b. 1754, killed 1801). See Alison's Europe, 124-50.

Fraser, v. 72, 6827. Temple Bar [The Mad Tsar], v. 71, 14017, &c.
Paul III. (Alessandro Farnese, Pope of Rome, b. 1468, d. 1549). Sze Ward's

Counter- Reformation, 256T. Popes, Ecclesiastical History, &c.
Paul 7 ones - See 7ones (7ohn Paul).
Paul the Silentiary. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 474!), &c.

Paul (C. Kegan), Biographical Sketches. 1883 13220

[Edward Irving. 7hn Keble. Maria Hare. R. Williams. C. Kingsley.
George Eliot. ]. H. Newman.]

William Godwin, his friends and Contemporaries, 2 vols. 1876 276-7F

Paul (].), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a.

Paulding (7- K., American Poet, b. 1779, d. 1860). See Poets of America,

468D. Quarterly [Sketch of Old England], v. 30, 11607. Fiction

Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
Paull (M. A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Paull (R.), Life of Alfred the Great. 1853 4790

Paul S Cross. See Milman's St. Paul's, 32oH, &.



Pauperism or Prosperity, by the Earl of Meath. 1889 IIO5F

See also Blackwood [and its Treatment], v. 61, isij. Capital and Labour,

iii5F. Century Magazine [Suppression of], v. 5, 18777. Escott's
England and its People, xoijF. Fawcett's Essays [Charity and the
Poor Law], ioi4F. Fortnightly Review, v. 31, 2121 J. Grant's Board-
ing-out for Pauper Children, i5i6Z. Haweis' Current Coin, 974R.
Peirce's Juvenile Delinquents [United States], logoF. Quarterly
[Cause and Cure of], v. 43, ti7sj. Saturday Review [in Paris], v. 59,
R.L. Temple Bar [in England], v. 9, 13397 ; [How to Remedy], v. 13,
13437, &c.

Paupers. See Contemporary [Little], v. 24, 20347 > [Abroad], v. 27, 20377. Good
Words [Half Yearly Overhaul of], v. 14, 21847. Leisure Hour [Visit to
a School], v. 15, 26257. Saturday Review [Boarding out of], v. 55, R.L. ;
[Cottage Homes for Children], v. 53, R.L. Temple Bar [Aristocratic],
v. 32, 13627, &c.

Pavement Portraits. See Chambers, v. 59 and 60, 1959 and 19607, &c.

Pavements. See Beckmann's Inventions [Paving of Streets], 6970,. Nature
[Tar], v. 2, 26627. Wynter's Human Hive [Paving], 244^, &c.

Pawnbrokers and Pawnbroking. See All the Year Round, v. 57, 18177. Fort-
nightly Review [in England and Abroad], v. 50, 21407- Good Words
[the Poor Man's Banker], v. 5, 21757 ', [in Paris], v. 9, 21797*, [in Eng-
land], v. n, 21817. Harper [and Loan Offices], v. 39, 16197. Leisure
Hour [in Paris], v.4, 26147. Once a Week [Fawners and Pawnbrokers],
v. 10, 22707. Poole's Index, R.L. Quarterly, v. 155, 12857, &c.

Pay Deferred. See Chambers' Edinburgh 7ournal, v. 60, 19607. Wages, &c.

Pay-day at the Works. See Chambers, v. 38, 19457- Wages, &c.

Payer (Julius), New Lands within the Arctic Circle, Narrative of
the Discoveries of the Austrian Ship Tegetthoff, in the years
1872-74, illustrated. 1876 663-4!^

Payn (J., Novelist, &-Y., b. 1830), Some Literary Recollections. 1884 ii7iR

See also Harper's Index [Works of], 164073. Saturday Review [for Cash

only], v. 53, R.L. Fiction Class List following the General Cata-
logue, &c.

Payne (E. J.), M.A., Ed., Voyages of the Elizabethan Seamen to

America from Hakluyt. 1880 i69lR

Payne (G.) The Doctrine of Original Sin [Congregational Lectures] npM

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